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1260 Lynn Coles

Location: Belfast
Date: 11.12.2016
Time: 10:16:30
Great site. Will add relatives I have traced in researching my family tree. Where can we find the newspaper announcements of deaths?

1259 Maureen R

Location: Minnesota
Date: 04.12.2016
Time: 21:43:47
THANK you for your careful work.

1258 Anne Renwick

Location: Canada
Date: 28.11.2016
Time: 19:02:15
Just found your very helpful website, and found a few people I have been looking for via your directories. Would you know how I could find what is probably an estate, called Glenebai Belmont? I am researching someone who was a gardener and someone who worked in the kitchens there.

I'd appreciate any input! smile thumbup

1257 Richard Moore

Location: Canada
Date: 25.11.2016
Time: 13:01:39
I have information from a GGF's ww1 personnel file that his father was at the sailors institute in Belfast and died there in 1918 possibly

Name was William Cowie possibly born 1833. Is there any way I could get information about him to verify a connection?

GGF was David Cowie

1256 Maurice Irvine

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Date: 20.11.2016
Time: 21:36:24
My ancestry is mostly South Armagh and North Down.
Your site is very comprehensive, and I hope I can find something of interest.

1255 Gordon Ellison

Location: Newtownards, Co Down
Date: 02.11.2016
Time: 20:32:15
Have spent many happy and interesting hours on your site learning a little more of my family history. Even got a copy of my grandfathers WW1 military record, (Canadian Field Artillary) as a result of further research.
Keep doing what your are doing, its great ! wink

1254 Sharon Leetch

Location: Belfast
Date: 31.10.2016
Time: 20:47:09
Wonderful memories xx [smiley smile

1253 Aodan Keenan

Location: Belfast
Date: 27.10.2016
Time: 20:39:59
Fantastic site! I've been using Belfast Street Directories to verify the movements of my family in addition to my family tree! When I visited Belfast many years ago, The records office didn't have all the years that I was looking for! Well Here goes... Great so far! Thank you thumbup

1252 Elsie

Location: Belfast
Date: 09.10.2016
Time: 10:41:06
Very helpful site

1251 Hugh S. McLean

Location: Canadian with Ulster roots
Date: 02.10.2016
Time: 18:59:20
I happened onto your fine website and have enjoyed it immensely this Sunday morning. I am looking for history of Hill Brothers Drapers & Tailors, the Diamond, Coleraine, Probably the time frame of 1900-closing.

1250 Graham Forbes

Location: Glaslogh/Stranorlar
Date: 28.09.2016
Time: 07:20:46
Very interesting site. I am researching the Forbes of Glasslough and Stranorlar. My grandfather was greatly involved with the Donegal Railways and with the Clougher Valley Railway for some time. Caledon was the family home, having moved from Glaslough, My great grandfather is listed as John Forbes, Accountant, I believe at the Caledon Estate.

1249 Judith

Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
Date: 18.09.2016
Time: 19:06:01
Thanks or having this on the internet, even though I did'nt find it much helpful to me in finding my Larkin family 1822-1870's. in Belfast Ireland. (Antrim) and surrounding area. I'm sure it will be helpful to many others.

1248 Terry Mc Grath

Location: Ballyfinaghy,Belfast.
Date: 07.09.2016
Time: 19:26:53
Your street directories area firm favourite of mine.I used to go to the Linen Hall Library to use their collection.I used yours as a friend of mine had given me an old clay pipe he found among junk in his garden.The pipe has a name of Michael Mc Avoy on the bowl of it and an address of 142 North Street Belfast.I check the street directories from 1843 and his business was there until 1861.

1247 Brian Dermot Miller

Location: 1 Sandhill Gardens, Belfast.
Date: 04.09.2016
Time: 20:10:49
Super helpful site! At last I have been able to begin finding some of the missing links in my family tree.

Especially in respect of the Bowden side of our family.

1246 Patricia

Location: Belfast
Date: 01.09.2016
Time: 15:36:43
Really enjoyed looking back to my Grandparents streets etc. Also remembering my childhood home and all the people who lived in he street. Good fun and good memories. Thank you! smile

1245 James

Location: Glasgow
Date: 26.08.2016
Time: 12:47:01
Thanks for your great records that enabled me to find where my father was born in Belfast Although the street number was shown as vacant on the 1901 record, the person who attended my fathers birth and appears on his birth certificate I could locate on the 1901 record at her stated address. This was a few doors down the street from where my father was born in 1902.

I hope to visit Belfast next year to visit the district and street even though it will have changed since those days in 1902. There are still shown on Google maps identifying features

1244 Gordon Walker

Location: Ilford,Essex
Date: 19.08.2016
Time: 22:40:55
My father was. .Thomas Walker 1909 brothers , Samuel, William, Andrew.

Lived at 20, Society Street, Coleraine. Mother Sarah Leeman.
I have started back on my family tree.
I think this an excellent website and I am very pleased that you have saved the records of this area.nobody realises how much time is involved in collecting all this information.
Once again thank you for all your hard wok .
Gordon Walker

1243 Juliet Byrnes

Location: Australia
Date: 19.08.2016
Time: 13:14:43
A staggering effort, thank you so much. The trade directories and newspaper articles have taken our O'Hare family tree from the mid 1800s back to the early 1700s
All the best

1242 Joan McConnell

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Date: 08.08.2016
Time: 22:32:03
Thank you for such a great website. It has been helpful in my family tree search.

I am the granddaughter of the Simpsons who lived at 25 Ava Gardens for over 50 years.

I was hoping someone would know what year the houses on Ava Gardens were built.

Much appreciated.

1241 Michael O'Reilly

Location: Belfast,Ireland
Date: 24.07.2016
Time: 22:02:55
great site

1240 Maureen Leathem Chambers

Location: Strathroy Park
Date: 24.07.2016
Time: 00:52:09
Chambers is my married name
I also went to Everton

1239 william ashe

Location: carrickfergus
Date: 14.07.2016
Time: 16:07:13
i am trying to find my old school which was the Jaffa P E ,on the cliftonvill road on the dates of 1946-1951

1238 Sharon Pritchett

Location: NY, NY
Date: 12.07.2016
Time: 23:55:17
Thanks for keeping this online. I am looking for the birth of and the records of ancestors to my ancestor Robert Roddy, about 1817-1887. Would love to collaborate.

1237 Samuel Baird

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 05.07.2016
Time: 13:00:33
The info on Rifleman Alexander Craig is wrong, he was my great uncle, there has been mix up on his service number. Some family members now believe he left Belfast too join a Scottish regiment

1236 i mallaghan

Location: cumbria england
Date: 01.07.2016
Time: 10:59:44
jack and sam mallaghan was my great uncles at gollipali minnie mallahghan was my great gand mother

1235 Mathew Gauntlett Shuter

Location: Cambridge
Date: 29.06.2016
Time: 23:43:25
I sign this guest book in memory of my Grandfather Brigadier General Reginald Gauntlett Shuter DSO, who led the 109th Brigade on 1st of July 1916 at the Battle of the Somme.

1234 Brendan Sands

Location: Ballyclare, Co. Antrim
Date: 12.06.2016
Time: 23:23:04
Good site.
Please correct caption on photo: 39124 Torrens - appears to be ID'd as on the left of photo. This is my Great Uncle Allston Neely.
I visited my Great Aunt Aggie Neely, his sister. She showed me photos of him, military, civilian, including one on the site. He is on the left.
Medical records NZ army state: 5' 8", "Florid" complexion, "Ruddy" hair colour - not soldier on right who must be Torrens.
Same mistake occurred in publication "Forgotten Heroes of Kilrea 1914 - 1918" same photograph used. Perhaps this is where confusion first arose.
Please correct caption. Thanks.

1233 Steve

Date: 10.06.2016
Time: 17:13:43
Loved your genealogy links. Very helpful for my research. Made a small donation too!!

1232 McLaughlin

Location: Ardoyne, Belfast
Date: 10.06.2016
Time: 12:24:06
This website is great!

Was able to find all my family late family in Ardoyne and there jobs, Showed my mum and she knew everyone in her street.
Great way to bring back memories. smile

1231 John Freeman

Location: Belfast/Dublin
Date: 10.06.2016
Time: 11:40:29
I lived at 74 Avoneil Road in the 1950's and I am currently researching the various addresses we lived at in Belfast.

I am particularly looking for photos around that time if they exist.
I haven't gone into your site in any depth yet.
But it's a good start!

1230 Wilma Alexander nee Starrett

Location: Bright Street, Belfast
Date: 06.06.2016
Time: 19:38:34
Excellent sight - my dad would have loved it

1229 Rosemarie Kirkpatrick Study

Location: Belfast, N. Ireland
Date: 30.05.2016
Time: 03:15:26
Loved this site. My mother remembered everyone on her street - Cairo Street -- and what their names were and who they married! We immigrated to USA in 1960's, so it is nice to stroll through this information.

1228 Bruce Wylie

Location: Belfast
Date: 08.05.2016
Time: 11:37:40
Could you please supply me with details of houses in Ava street Belfast 7 for the year 1951 showing the householders names and outpatients.

1227 Douglas J Clark

Location: Pinetown South Africa
Date: 08.05.2016
Time: 09:45:37
Came across this site by chance and not yet studied in detail. Looking for WYLIE family in Belfast. I understand family originally from Scotland and went into bank in Belfast - one was the bursar at Queens University in the 1930's.
Any info appreciated.

1226 johnny mc gahon

Location: Dundalk
Date: 07.05.2016
Time: 16:09:55
enjoyed reading the lists of car owners

1225 Vic Boyd

Location: California ex UK
Date: 01.05.2016
Time: 00:05:12
Hi Mary,
First thank you for your continuing efforts on behalf of us all and secondly I understand you lost your son so please accept my sincere condolences.
I am continuing my research into the Dunseith/Spence/McGowan/Lemon and of course Boyd families. Today I learned of the death of Mary Lemon (nee Barron) in October 1913 in the Belfast Asylum but am unable to find such a place. I was curious because she was well past childbearing age so not likely to be in the Magdalene. Anyway, I will keep searching. Best wishes

1224 Frank McHugh

Location: Fermanagh
Date: 28.04.2016
Time: 03:00:33
Thank you so much for your website. It is a brilliant resource. I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

1223 Lilyrose7

Location: Belfast
Date: 23.04.2016
Time: 17:56:15
Great wee site

1222 Rosemarie Kirkpatrick Study

Location: Belfast
Date: 22.04.2016
Time: 00:30:15
Wonderful site. Just happened upon it; was able to look up my grandfather Thomas Windrim of Cairo Street, great Aunt Lizzie Moderate of Hatfield Street and grandfather and mother from Donegall Road. Left Ireland in the 1960's and it is great to read the names of neighbors from 1943 to my mother who is approaching 90 years old. She remembers them all and who she played with and who got married, etc. Wonderful walk down memory lane. Thank you thumbup

1221 Naomi O'Leary

Location: Dublin
Date: 18.04.2016
Time: 14:41:31
Hello there, I just wanted to write to say thank you for putting up the 1913 Telephone Directory. I have found it very useful in research for two projects I have done in the past year, www.graniteandchalk.com and www.1916live.com. I visited to check a detail today and saw you had posted that your son passed away. I was affected by his photo, he looks so full of life, how awful to lose him so young. My deepest condolences, Naomi.

1220 Roberta Smith

Location: Wiltshire UK (originally Belfast)
Date: 16.04.2016
Time: 21:43:48
Not visited in a while, Mary so sorry to hear about your son, my sincere condolences.
Your work has been and , still is, essential, excellent and a real help in breaking through brick walls in genealogical research.

1219 Betty Neeson

Location: Belfast
Date: 16.04.2016
Time: 16:59:16
many thanks

1218 Trevor Jones

Location: Manchester
Date: 15.04.2016
Time: 15:29:37
Margaret Hastings born Belfast 1842 died Liverpool 1912 one of her daughters Matilda Heaps (Margaret married James Heaps at Walton on the Hill, Liverpool). Matilda is my great grandmother who married David Jones from Manchester in June 1881 after they produced my grandfather out of wedlock in November 1880. If you have a connection please email me for an interesting family history tour.

1217 Bruno Caproni

Location: Bangor/Italy.
Date: 08.04.2016
Time: 15:08:46
Belated condolences on your sad loss, thoughts are with you.
Although not living in NI anymore I love dropping into your website every so often and stepping down memory lane.
Thank you for all your work and hope you feel stronger soon even though life is different now.

1216 Bill

Location: Tampa Florida
Date: 03.04.2016
Time: 14:00:39
I have not been to your site in a couple years. I am so sorry to hear of the death of Sebastian. Our prayers are with you.

1215 joy gardner

Location: hampshire uk
Date: 25.03.2016
Time: 16:59:16
looking for an address 42 Finlay street,ligoneil belfast cant find that any ideas around 1926

1214 J

Location: Richmond Hill Canada
Date: 24.03.2016
Time: 16:30:28
Thank You - Thank You
Found My Husbands Family living in 1901 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory:Strong, James, dairyman, 260 Donegall Road

1213 hazel

Location: belfast
Date: 10.03.2016
Time: 14:47:17
thank you for letting me register

1212 Rosemary McKee (Burns)

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 02.03.2016
Time: 22:43:44
I have at last found information I was seeking on Burns family from Magheramorne. So grateful for this. Thank you so much

1211 John Gribbin

Location: Belfast
Date: 01.03.2016
Time: 16:18:26
Great resource! Thanks

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