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1160 Dorothy Dickson

Location: New Zealand
Date: 12.09.2015
Time: 06:01:52
Fabulous information. I have just found the site. You have done an extraordinary job compiling this information. It is a really good read the information. I find Ctrl F once inside the pages very quick.
Carry on the great work.

1159 Robin

Location: New Jersey, USA
Date: 05.09.2015
Time: 19:59:19
I find your information very helpful in gathering information about my grandfather's regiment of C Co. 10th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He was captured at the Somme on 22-3-18. thank you.

1158 tommy humphries

Location: n. ireland
Date: 04.09.2015
Time: 21:08:43
looking for relations from bann street belfast

1157 Thomas Calderbank

Location: Australia
Date: 03.09.2015
Time: 07:25:47
An excellent site. Found relatives I didn't know existed. Thank you. thumbup

1156 Margaret Brown

Location: South Australia
Date: 27.08.2015
Time: 02:48:15
Have only just found your wonderful website and looking forward to perusing it further - wish I had found it sooner. Thanks. thumbup

1155 Willie Brown

Location: Ndola..Zambia
Date: 25.08.2015
Time: 21:25:32
I would like to find out more about Willie Brown and the Browns in general who served with the Royal Navy during WW11.All the Brown lived in Coleraine and were born somewhere on the Long Commons..Any info would be wonderful..

1154 bobby spence

Location: belfast
Date: 07.08.2015
Time: 20:13:53
great site have thoroughly enjoyed looking through it my family were from the Shankill Road any help would be appreciated

1153 Ken Austin

Date: 03.08.2015
Time: 14:24:04
Just thought I'd pop in to see how you guys are doing and you are steaming ahead! A big thank you from lurganancestry.com for all your kindness in supplying Directory information, which has been of use to thousands of people researching their family history.

You certainly are leading the way, while others follow. Keep up the good work.

K;) thumbup thumbup thumbup

1152 Manny

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Date: 30.07.2015
Time: 20:17:47
Hello once again,
Its been awhile since I the last time I wrote, during which I've been enjoying visiting your page!
I'm writing you now as I have recently gained access to the 1911 England Census where I searched and found additional information on my grandfather (W.D. Hawthorne-private). Significant, as this was his first enlistment with the Military Unit, 1st Battn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, stationed in Hampshire, England.
During WWI, and continuing, he was listed as serving with the Royal Engineers / signals corps RN#23409.
Love the site. MANNY


Date: 30.07.2015
Time: 15:12:09
Excellent site,finding the missing pieces in the jigsaw of my family history.

1150 catherine kelly

Location: scotland
Date: 16.07.2015
Time: 23:41:01
I have just found this site,it looks very interesting.i have guite a lot of ancesters in Ireland. my gt gt grandfather was William john potts or sometimes he used poots from banbridge co down my gt gran was sarah potts b 1864 my gran left Ireland and lived in ayr Scotland where she maffied my gt grandfather john Kelly.i also have o,mellons ,Kinsella from Dublin and nelson. I am going to enjoy having a look through this site. smile

1149 colin brown

Location: runcorn cheshire england
Date: 07.07.2015
Time: 15:14:05
I am the eldest son of Cpl H. Brown excellent site has told me a lot more about my dad and his company something he never talked about unless it was funny
Thank you

1148 Nadine McFarlane nee Lennon

Location: Toronto, Ontario. Canada
Date: 01.07.2015
Time: 23:06:14
I have been trying for ages to find details of Osmond Lennon's birth parents. He was born in Belfast to a Nora Bell, her fathers name was Meredith Bell.


Location: BELFAST
Date: 25.06.2015
Time: 20:23:54
A GREAT SITE ! I am still looking for info on my grand father, Pte RICHARD ROBERTS..Royal Irish Rifles 2417. thanks

1146 Ken Broomfield

Location: Edinburgh
Date: 25.06.2015
Time: 00:20:38
Great site for locating addresses and occupations of Frazer and Elkin cousins.

1145 martha

Location: antrim
Date: 18.06.2015
Time: 09:12:10
excellent site

1144 Frances Maureen Kent (McFall)

Location: Tywyn Gwynedd Wales
Date: 17.06.2015
Time: 19:55:57
Thank you for helping me to confirm family details relating to four generations. I will be back again as it has been so easy to use.

1143 Lee Whisner

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Date: 17.06.2015
Time: 03:41:31
Great site. Some info on Roseland Place, which I was searching for. If anyone can help me further, greatly appreciated.
I am looking for old photos of Roseland Place, off Donegal Road. My GGrandparents, David and Harriet Hastings lived at #17, they left in 1874. I don't think the Carnegie Library was built yet, Griffiths lists it as "22 small houses". I don't know why a photographer would take a photo there but if one did I would love to see it. Thanks.

1142 tommy knowles

Location: belfast
Date: 09.06.2015
Time: 20:53:39
excellent site.there are many photographs and movies of my father george Knowles.nice to see comrades he mentioned but only in funny situations.never really talked about the war but I met tommy Reynolds,jim mckitterick,jim lennon and all the men who worked in Stormont.i have learnt more on this site than I could of anywhere else.thanks

1141 Di Allen

Location: Sydney Australia
Date: 04.06.2015
Time: 21:28:21
Love this informative site. While researching my ancestry, I found out My 2nd great grandfather James Purce was Station master for ballymoney smile

1140 Don Hull

Location: Co Armagh
Date: 31.05.2015
Time: 21:21:02
This resource has been an invaluable help to me in researching my family history
Many thanks

1139 Sarah Elizabeth (Bettie Thompson) Edwards

Location: United States
Date: 25.05.2015
Time: 19:05:37
Where to begin. My Grandfather Samuel Scott, (who later lived in Sandy Row)served in the Great War and then again in WWII. He was an orphan so I don't know much about him other than he fought in Italy. somewhere. My Grandfather on my father's side, Thompson was in the fuseliiers. I do have some medals of my Granda Thompson who fought in the Great War. He was one of the first to fight in the Battle of the Somme on his birthday July 1st. I think he was 17 at the time of enlisting as was my Granda Scott.


Location: Dublin
Date: 15.05.2015
Time: 15:34:58
just found this site and like it very much, I have some medals relating to a Patrick Joseph O'Hara from Antrim, I purchased them in Dublin in the 1970s. I would love to return them to relatives of this world war one hero who lies in peace in Belgium.love the site
and thank you

1137 leanna russell

Location: co down
Date: 05.05.2015
Time: 22:27:02
I have just come across this site accidentally and I wish I had known about it years ago! There is so much info! Thanks for all the hard work and research. Its really appreciated!!

1136 graham

Location: nottingham uk
Date: 30.04.2015
Time: 18:13:19
message for albert york,gulport ,mississippi
could you please contact me re albert corsacaden from ,n.i ireland

1135 Josephine Cotter

Location: Dundalk
Date: 29.04.2015
Time: 18:15:14
I came across your website and my great grandparents family bible appeared. They were Daniel and Alice Morgan from Killowen Co Down. one of the children was John Morgan who was my grandfather. I would love to know where the bible was found and if there is any other information contained in it. hoping you can give me some information. Thank You Josephine Cotter

1134 John Riddell

Location: Enfield, Middx
Date: 27.04.2015
Time: 15:55:17
Hi there,

Thanks for the great site. I'm researching the old Arts Theatre and checking out the details of the buildings it was in before Botanic Avenue. I've found several addresses from BSD on your site but wondered if you could look up the last couple for me as the years aren't published yet?

The Mask Theatre at 33 Linenhall Street from the early 1940s
Arts Theatre Studio at 153 Upper North Street from sometime about 1947

If you could look up and confirm the address and first year it appears at each it would be great!

Thanks again.

John Riddell

1133 Tom croker

Location: Belfast / glengormley
Date: 27.04.2015
Time: 15:41:19
Brilliant site , have found so much interesting and helpful info thumbup thumbup

1132 rod rainey

Location: sydney australia
Date: 27.04.2015
Time: 14:10:06

1131 Julie Sculthorpe

Location: Australia, born in England
Date: 26.04.2015
Time: 13:14:06
I would like to enter my Irish grandfather who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal on 14/11/1916 two bars. smile

1130 tim mcculla

Location: australia
Date: 20.04.2015
Time: 14:26:13
great site ,well done in compiling it.
I am looking for Edward MCCULLA and Matthew HARBISON and family between 1800 and 1900 in Newry.

1129 mike wylie

Location: belfast
Date: 09.04.2015
Time: 21:31:54
How do I reply to Jane Rooney - item 868?

1128 Sammy Craig

Location: Belfast
Date: 08.04.2015
Time: 22:27:13
We always had a street directory in our house, don't know where they came from but I loved looking through them.

1127 Susie Mortimore

Location: Portstewart
Date: 04.04.2015
Time: 21:28:45
Very interesting. Good for you for your excellent research and documentation.

1126 Susanna J Dodgson

Location: New Jersey
Date: 01.04.2015
Time: 20:23:51
My mother was Dr Patience Uprichard, later Mrs MCH Dodgson, younger sister of RB Uprichard, who is in a photo. Their parents' house was 125 Marlborough Park South. I stayed there with my grandmother and brothers and mother in 1957, before getting on a slow boat to New Zealand. About my mother,

1125 Glyn Harbinson

Location: Belfast
Date: 31.03.2015
Time: 16:36:38
Congratulations on a brilliant and well prepared site.I'm not much on my ancestry but just looking up my street back in 1943 brought back loads of memories and reminders of names I had forgotten. Keep up the good work.
I have recommended the site to friends who are into ancestry or the two world wars.

1124 michelle

Location: Australia
Date: 31.03.2015
Time: 09:48:59
I stumbled across this website can't remember how. You have made my day as I have filled in many gaps for my Irish Family. Its site's like this that makes the journey worthwhile. Thank you for all your hard work. thumbup

1123 David James Campbell

Location: Bangor
Date: 26.03.2015
Time: 19:04:16
Super website.....i have spent the remainder of the day and most likely the night viewing....super!! smile


Date: 26.03.2015
Time: 08:09:09

1121 Maureen Cook

Location: New Zealand
Date: 20.03.2015
Time: 12:20:57
Just picked up on this website Two hours browsing without any family results but very interesting and I shall spend more time and try to find my way round and maybe get some results. Congratulations on developing such a wonderful resource. smile

1120 catharine humphreys

Location: hull
Date: 14.03.2015
Time: 16:34:42
this is a good website but I cant really find anyone with the last name Humphreys or fisher to be honest. thumbup

1119 Maura Bell

Location: Sydney Australia
Date: 13.03.2015
Time: 23:05:07
Haven't had a look yet. just heard about from my sister-in-law..

1118 William Hamilton (Sinnamon-Conway)

Location: San Francisco CA
Date: 10.03.2015
Time: 18:25:44
Searching for information re Sinnamons and Raineys in and around Pomery and Dungannon. Nice collection of detailed info here! Many thanks!

1117 Eric McGowan

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 08.03.2015
Time: 21:05:20
My father was in C Section 21st Heavy A.A. 8th A.A. Regt.

1116 Dorothy Partridge

Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 06.03.2015
Time: 14:20:05
I have been on this site for years and have enjoyed it very much. I can't seem to be able to send an email to you so will post it here. A few years ago I sent a picture of someone in my family who we can't identify. It was a picture of a young man in a kilt and holding bagpipes. I believe it to be in N.I. The only name on the picture was WILL. I have found relatives now who can probably identify him but I can't find the picture on your site now. help please. smile

1115 Geoff Carruthers

Location: Belfast (now in Canada)
Date: 01.03.2015
Time: 23:01:54
I reference this site as part of my research for my family tree. I have been able to use the the addresses, names and occupations to validate other records. I have also been able to theroize on how my grandparents met. One lived on Cultra, the other on Cosgrave. I believe this is Tigers Bay. My great grandfather is noted on this sites files as a master painter. Was able to validate on government documents he was a master painter.
Great site! thanks for your dedication

1114 Paul McKeown

Location: Holywood
Date: 26.02.2015
Time: 16:52:47
Just found this site. Very interesting. I think I will be a regular visitor.

1113 Anne rice

Location: Fermanagh
Date: 24.02.2015
Time: 19:45:20

1112 Marie duff

Location: Belfast
Date: 24.02.2015
Time: 17:12:38
I only found out about this site today and have spent a good part of the afternoon looking through the directories, fascinating to see and I know many more hours will be taken up here!! I also have been looking into my grandfather's service in WW1, along with his brothers. My husband's grandfather also served so I will pass on any details I have for them all to be included on the site.
Definetly a great new resource for me, thank you!! thumbup thumbup

1111 Marilyn Folger

Location: Australia
Date: 24.02.2015
Time: 04:37:56
I have only just learnt of your site, looks very good. I am looking for my uncle, Colin Keenan who was with the Inniskilling Fusiliers (as was his father). Colin was born 1898 in Omagh,enlisted 17 Sept 1914 and was discharged 17 Jan 1919. His service no was B/203366 a Rifleman. This information came from the Silver War Badge Roll. he is buried in the family grave in Enniskillen. My father emigrated in 1926 to Australia so I would like to know more. Can anyone help?

Thank you

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