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1018 » Mark Williams

Location: Olcott Beach, NY
Date: 22.01.2014
Time: 22:57:54
I have an earthenware jug with the vendor’s address of “Richard Thompson, 17 Church Street, Belfast" and I had assumed it was from Belfast, NY but no such address or street exists. I was more than surprised that it traveled across the Atlantic and ended-up along the shores of Lake Ontario! thumbup

1017 » Gail Kyle Christensen

Location: Greenwich ct.
Date: 18.01.2014
Time: 16:02:33
Anyone knowing the where abouts of my Fathers Family members would be appreciated. Fredrick Kyle Born Oct 8th 1896 in Northern Belfast. Fathers name John, Mother MaryJane. Brothers William John, David. Herbert James, Joseph, Henry, Sisters Charlotte (Lotte), Margret. Jane, Lettita. Thank you Gail

1016 » roygrist

Location: waminserwilts
Date: 16.01.2014
Time: 12:10:37
I didnt know my dads war history until now .Thanks a great site.Recomended by my neice

1015 » Roy Grist

Location: waminsterwilts
Date: 12.01.2014
Time: 20:02:41
my niece put me on to this site .i didnt know my dads military history until now.thank you briliant..

1014 » Shaun Cheyne

Location: Lisburn
Date: 11.01.2014
Time: 18:20:05
I have just found the son of William Hare/O'Hare, the Edinburgh serial murderer, your site I was able to back up my findings. I am writing a book on the infamous twosome! Great? smile

1013 » Michael Johnston

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 09.01.2014
Time: 23:06:23
Just making a start to unravel details of ancestors who lived in the Mountjoy area of Omagh.

Amazing information which I hope will help me.

1012 » Ann Moran

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: 09.01.2014
Time: 13:54:10
Thank you so very much for taking the time to post this information. It was truly incredible to come across on the internet! Norah Haughton was a direct relation of mine. Her father's sister, Kathleen McQuillan, was my grandmother.

I am extremely interested in making contact with any other family members who can help fill in the gaps of our family's history.

Thank you!

Ann Moran

1011 » Boyd Gray

Location: Gravagh
Date: 09.01.2014
Time: 01:53:38
I am flabbergasted! I have been researching my family history for 15 years and I never knew that my grandfather only "joined the colours" in October 1918. How do you know this> have you found his army records at Kew? If so, what else do they say? How do I access them?

1010 » Barbara Kuppan

Location: Bron in Belfast, living in British Columbia, Canada
Date: 08.01.2014
Time: 21:42:57
Lots of information on this site that I found useful in my Ancestry research. Thanks

1009 » Raimondo

Location: Holland
Date: 08.01.2014
Time: 14:39:14

For my research I am looking for more info, or relatives of:
Guardsman William Gill Moore (Service Number: 7020985) served with the 2nd Battalion, the Irish Guards and was killed on 17th September 1944; he is buried in the Valkenswaard War Cemetery .

If anyone could help, please contac me. smile

1008 » Lorraine

Location: Ontario Canada
Date: 05.01.2014
Time: 23:43:33
thumbup Hi Mary, great work

Lorraine here, I sent you the information on the Love Brothers of Downpatrick NI who were killed in WW1.

my family name search includes: Sweet Cruse, Dunleavey,
The Taylors & Haworthornes (from Lugan); Love family of Downpatick; Dunn (Belfast and Donaghadee); Rea;


1007 » Carole Hull

Location: Belfast Ireland
Date: 04.01.2014
Time: 00:13:26
Trying to find anything to do with my fathers past,during war 2 he was in the Merchant Marines.I do have his book on where he went and as what he did,I know our father was the head chef.I'd like to get my father's medals and the reason he received them.Can you please help us.My Father's name is David Hull.born in Belfast.Thank's Carole

1006 » charles ireland

Location: belfast
Date: 18.12.2013
Time: 12:41:40
use your site all the time def 5stars

1005 » Craig Semplis

Location: Kent
Date: 14.12.2013
Time: 01:17:17
Found ur site by accident Directory Belfast 1940s loved the photos thought I find a connection with step grandad Raymond March when I saw rollcall but I know so little of his service in Artillery & time in the glass house?? Photo him pals - V Shorthouse, 410 Ravenhill Rd, Belfast quote no0440. I can't figure why he was in Belfast or the truth about his service record, it maybe awful but like to see for myself it might explain alot about him.If you would like to see the photo please e-mail me or any info you think may help. regards Craig Semplis

1004 » Jane Lyons

Location: Avoca, Co.Wicklow, Ireland
Date: 12.12.2013
Time: 21:01:11
My partners Grandfather was a boy soldier in the Connaught rangers. His boy soldier number is : 11202. His full name is : Robert Norman McKay. He was a soldier with the connaught rangers from (?) 1914 to (?) 1922. He mutineered under colonel H Daly in Rapay, India in 1922. We have tried to no avail to find out his service records etc - we have met a brick wall & do not know where to look. Any assistance would be appreciated. smile

1003 » Denis Lyons

Location: Be in Torontolfast, now living
Date: 04.12.2013
Time: 05:05:54
Thanks for your site. Found where my family was living until 1918 and again after 1943 but missing in between. Are there other sites that have street directories on line.

1002 » Cathal Monaghan

Location: Strabane
Date: 01.12.2013
Time: 10:42:56
|Great site, trying to finish my family tree, Leonards, GG father died 1st w.w. Patrick Leonard

1001 » Marian McErlain

Location: Bangor Co.Down
Date: 23.11.2013
Time: 00:08:25
I am one of the mcdades who were from castle square my granda was tommy mcdade and he was married to agnes Campbell. She passed when my dad was old 6 years he was also tommy mcdade.

1000 » peter van der struys

Location: New zealand
Date: 21.11.2013
Time: 01:45:06
trying to find service records for the great great granfathers nephew, William Henry byfield AKA henry byfield.
he died at somme france.
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 9th Bn. Service Number 16865

so far i have only found a medal card.


999 » jeff donnelly

Location: berkshire uk
Date: 19.11.2013
Time: 13:55:14
my dad joseph Donnelly died when I was 5,and nobody seems to know much about his early life in n.ireland,he was born in Armagh 13/5/1911 and his family moved at some stage to Belfast,they lived at 29 benares st and I have evidence of them being there until 1943,his father joseph was an engine driver on the railways,there has been talk of some brothers but without visiting proni I am stuck until more records go online,i shall just keep at it until things turn up!

998 » dwight donaldson

Location: Vancouver bc canada
Date: 19.11.2013
Time: 00:59:12
Thomas Peaxxx was married to my grandfather's sister. Was at Mountain View on Sunday and will be visiting again.



997 » George Porter

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 18.11.2013
Time: 02:18:30
You are doing a great job!

996 » Lisa B

Location: UK
Date: 11.11.2013
Time: 15:17:30
Doing my family tree, the McCabes at Lettuce Hill are my relatives. Trying to locate more info : )

995 » Richard Meeke

Location: Co Antrim. N. Ireland
Date: 01.11.2013
Time: 07:14:23
I recently viewed a posting of 'LOST PHOTO'S. RUC-RIC -B SPECIALS sent to me by a friend and to my pleasant surprise the 'Entry' regarding the 'RUC PACKING NOTE' refers to my Uncle 'JACKIE' (John) BRADLEY who was a Baker in the Ormeau Bakery, Ormeau Rd Belfast. In one of the accompanying photograhs I 'think I can pick him out' from the 1st Nth Btn; Belfast District 9.3 1922 (32). As he was born around 1910 I would guess 1932 to be more realistic date. He had a brother Richard Samuel BRADLEY who was in the RUC last serving as a Sergt; in NEWRY Co Down

994 » Carol Doherty

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Date: 31.10.2013
Time: 11:52:34
Very interesting! Just trying to find out information about my father's family, the Laffertys, that came here from Desertmartin, Derry around 1850-1860.

993 » Michelle

Location: New Zealand
Date: 27.10.2013
Time: 22:18:45
Thanks for a great site. It helps tying in people to my tree. The families I am looking at are William Hapur who married Jemima Short and John Cleland who married Margaret. Their son John married Mary Jane Harpur. It appears the Harpur's came from Newry, Lissadian, Rathcarbry area and the Cleland's from Rathcarbry. wink

992 » Marie Rink

Location: U>S>A>
Date: 25.10.2013
Time: 06:49:59
I am trying to find my ancestors from Northern Ireland maybe county Monahan? They were Hugh and Rose McQuade about 1810. Their children lived in lower N. Y. Could someone help me? marierink@yahoo.com

991 » Wanda Lennon Martin

Location: Somewhere in Ireland.
Date: 21.10.2013
Time: 05:07:15
Even ancestry.com has not been helpful in finding where we came from. Story goes: My grt grt grandfather worked stirring in a tanning vat and fell to his death. His son John Henry Lennon stowed away on a ship and came to America. He lived in Navarro Co near Corsicana, TX. He worked for RR. My grt grandfather was Lewis Lennon. He died at an early age and left my father at about 10-12. PLEASE HELP ME FIND A PLACE TO START. confused I just hit dead ends. thanks

990 » Nancy

Location: California
Date: 15.10.2013
Time: 01:28:02
I am searching my husband's genealogy. His grandfather, Thomas McCay McMurray b. 1872 came from Waringstown. His father, George McMurray was a linen manufacturer. That is about all I know.

989 » bryan bell

Location: newtonards road originally, now plymouth
Date: 12.10.2013
Time: 19:32:45
great site for looking up family ancestry

988 » Trevor Carson

Location: Belfast
Date: 09.10.2013
Time: 19:45:37
Great help in tracing people and places.
Thank you

987 » Ambre Burt

Location: Co. Tyrone
Date: 07.10.2013
Time: 23:10:40
Found your site by total chance this evening whilst searching for any information after 1911 Census on my great grandmothers brother Ernest Henry Flatman. I didn't find him but I did find out that his mother, Mrs Annie Flatman was still alive and well in 1918. So that is something! She was born in India and had her children everywhere from India to Kildare to England and seems to have ended her days in Belfast.

They would appear to have always been in the North Belfast area, a range of different streets from 1897 to 1918. Any information would be much appreciated.

986 » Helen Orchard

Location: Sydney Australia
Date: 07.10.2013
Time: 01:01:20
Born in Bangor in 1947; family moved to Belfast in 1954. I married a Bangor boy and went back to live there. In 1974 I emigrated to Australia with my two children. Now trying to create the family tree. Your website has been extremely helpful.

985 » CarolAnne Prentice Chepurny

Location: Holland Landing ON Canada, near Toronto
Date: 27.09.2013
Time: 23:12:17
What a great site.....I am finding some clues about my Wiley ancestors which is very encouraging as I have no knowledge of my gr gr grandmother's roots except that she was born in Belfast cir 1807 and married in Ontario Canada in the 1830s. Keep up the good work....

984 » Teddy Colligan

Location: Belfast
Date: 25.09.2013
Time: 22:41:27
Found you by accident. Amazed by the web sight. My wife and I have spent 11years living at the Ulster Tower. Thiepval. Teddy

983 » sandra coady

Location: canada
Date: 21.09.2013
Time: 00:39:17
family history Ireland 1 and 2 back. thx for sharing all this !

982 » Dennis Orr

Location: Belfast Northern Ireland/ Toronto Canada
Date: 17.09.2013
Time: 14:14:26
trying to find out anything on either George Cowan Orr of 16 Central street pre world war 2 and Robert Craig of Convention Street smile

981 » Hill McNeill Reid

Location: Ballyclare - Larne, Co. Antrim
Date: 16.09.2013
Time: 22:48:26
Hi. Found your site while doing some research on the McNeill family tree. Was looking for my grandfather who survived both world wars. (James Bristow McNeill) Born in Bushmills and lived in Sherwood street Belfast before marrying and moving to Ballyclare. I have no idea which regiment he was in. Possibly the same as his brother. I found his brother Robert Boyd McNeill who, according to your statistics, died on 1st July 1917. We always thought he died on 1st July 1916. I will have to try and find out more unless you can shed more light on it.
Very well done.

980 » trevor haggan

Location: Belfast (Taughmonagh)
Date: 16.09.2013
Time: 11:00:48
smile Justb Browsing will be back all the best T.

979 » Leo Nealey

Location: Dublin
Date: 11.09.2013
Time: 13:04:10
I often dip into your website. Our family used to holiday in Bangor in the sixties when it was a proper seaside resort, I have magical memories if it then. I was delighted to com across your Bangor Street Directory of 1965, it listed two of the places we used to stay in.
Best regards and good luck with the site

978 » Audrey Henderson

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date: 10.09.2013
Time: 19:29:12
Just browsing your sight, becoming familiar.

977 » Roberta Smith

Location: Originally Belfast now West Ashton Wiltshire
Date: 09.09.2013
Time: 21:44:21
Hi Mary, I have used your wonderful site before researching on behalf of my now deceased sister, it was so helpful to find out where he was commemorated -before she died we to her to see the memorial in Surrey.

Trying to trace my great, great grandfather Daniel Russell married to Sarah Wilkinson in 1844. We know from marriage certs that he was deceased by Aug 1871. He was a seaman/ sailor and am well and truly stuck any help, pointers would be gratefully accepted.

Keep up the excellent work


976 » Caldwell

Location: New Jersey, USA
Date: 09.09.2013
Time: 16:10:41
Our Caldwells were Presb.in Belfast, skilled Wallpaper craftsmen for the Moses Staunton Co. who paid their passage to Toronto, in 1866 to work in a branch there. George Caldwell and wife Sarah Eliza (nee Thompson) were m.in Belfast, and George had been bapt. at The Rosemary St. Church there in 1825.

George's father was John Calwell Caldwell was a tailor from Millfield; his wife was Rachel Walker, dau. of Hugh a weaver from Dorchester England.

I have only found the one marriage record of George and Sarah Elizabeth and their children's baptism. I am looking for more information.

975 » Mary

Location: Kent UK
Date: 08.09.2013
Time: 22:42:38
Thank you for a fascinating website. I found my husband's Gt.GT.Grandfather Samuel Hall's shop in Verner Street, he was a shoe maker and lived in St. Anne's Parish, Shankill.

974 » Kathy Farnon

Location: Martinez, california U.S.A.
Date: 06.09.2013
Time: 23:34:18
thumbdown I'm looking for family's with the name Curran, or McKay/McKey, who do genealogy, I'm looking for info on these names, these family lived in county down Area, Northern Ireland......
This is a very interesting site, finding lots of new things.

973 » william vincent

Location: belfast
Date: 22.08.2013
Time: 12:53:57
i was wondering if anyone had any information about my great grandfather thomas vincent who was born 1851 but was living in dee street 1901

972 » PK Murphy

Location: Canada
Date: 13.08.2013
Time: 00:20:05
Thank you so much for your work!

It's been a godsend in the family history search I'm doing from afar for some friends from Belfast.

971 » Rachel Harley nee Smyth

Location: Birmingham
Date: 31.07.2013
Time: 18:06:31
My grandfather Jas E Smyth was a Dentist in Belfast. My Father, WG Smyth was born in Belfast 1911. My Aunt, Rachel Collington Smyth was a member of the Sandy Row Methodist Church and died from pneomonia in about 1923.

970 » David Brown

Location: France
Date: 22.07.2013
Time: 22:08:59
Thanks for all the work on street directories. I found my father, John (Jack) Shaw M.B.E. of Ardgreenan Gardens; all I have to do now is find out where he was born

969 » Peter Cooney

Location: Derbyshire UK
Date: 19.07.2013
Time: 20:31:32
Doing my family tree. Just checked the Ulster street directory of 1887 - one of the traders, P Cooney, Harness maker, William street is my great grandfather! Result! Thanks so much for posting this.

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