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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Two-Page Advertisement in the centre of the Directory

Two-Page Advertisement at page 467

Francis Ritchie & Sons


Manufacturers of


Roofing and all other kinds of felt.

Felt Varnish

Black & Brown Paints

Coal Tar, Torch Oil, Pitch, Naphtha, Asphalte Flagging

Roofing Felt
In webs of any length by 32 inches wide
Price - 8d. Per Lineal Yard

Felt Varnish

Specially prepared by Francis Ritchie & Sons, for coating Felt Roofs, Ships' Bottoms, Old Slated Roofs
and all outside work ; impervious to moisture and does not gutter or run when exposed to the sun
Price - 8d. per gallon, in Packages of 2 Gallons and upwards

Foundation Felt
Price, applied, 9d. per Superficial Yard

Black & Brown Mineral Paints,
Ready Mixed for Outside Work, and in kegs of 2, 5 & 10 gallons each.
Price - Brown, 2s. per Gallon ; Black, 1s. 4d.

Francis Ritchie & Sons recommend these paints for every kind of Iron & Wood Work

Asphalte Flagging
Is much used for Floors of Stores, Yards, Shops, Offices, etc.

Price in Belfast, 2s.6d. per sq. yd. of 1 1/2 in. thickness

Francis Ritchie & Sons
Contract for and Design every kind of

Circular, Flat, Angular & Half Roofs
Which they guarantee will be found to be the best, either as regards strength, durability,
style of finish, or lowness of price.

The Cost per square (100 feet), from 30s. upwards, according to width

Estimates Furnished and Contracts entered into.


William Gibson & Co.

Manufacturing Watch Makers Jewellers

and Silversmiths

Donegall Place and Castle Place


Awarded PRIZE MEDALS at London, Dublin, Philadelphia and Paris, for Superior Designs and Excellent Workmanship
in Watches, Jewellery, etc.
Always on hand

A large and choice stock of

Silver Epergnes and Fruit Stands

Tea and Coffee Sets

Coffee Trays, Salters, Cups, etc., etc.

Suitable for Presentation, Wedding and Birthday Presents

Watches, Clocks, Bronzes, etc.,  etc.

Special Designs and Estimates Furnished, and Goods Forwarded To All Parts For Competition and Selection

Gold Mounted and Plain.

In Brooches, Earrings, Bracelets, Crosses, etc.


Presentation Centre Pieces and Fruit Stands

Presentation Tea and Coffee Sets

Presentation Trays and Salvers

Presentation Cups, Inkstands, Medals, etc.

Presentation Watches, Keyless Chronometers, Chronometers, etc.

Presentation Gold Chains, Alberts, etc.

Presentation Clocks and Bronzes

In Diamonds, other Gems, and Fine Gold Jewellery
Suitable for Wedding and Birthday Presents

Diamonds Re-set

Jewellery Altered or Made to Order

by Experienced Workmen




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