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Mary Ann Lennon (my paternal grandmother)

Band from the York Street Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church
associated names Mary Ann Lennon (my granny), Hetty McFall (accordion player), Sally Faulkner - Tommy and Mary Cummings, Moneypenny, Gray.


The Northern Ireland Old Time Dancers Association- Grand Charity Old Time Ball Under the patronage of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress will be held The Orpheus Ballroom, Belfast on Thursday, 9th November, 1950
Finals - Latchford Scottische Cup
The Association proudly presents Sydney and Mary Thompson "Take Your Partners" British Broadcasting Stars
Demonstration - Adjudicating Dance Directors
Mr. & Mrs. Mannis - Mr. & Mrs. McCabe
Master of Ceremonies
G. S. Archibald - Secretary of Association
Proceeds of this Dance to Lord Mayor's Coal Fund
Souvenir Programme - Threepence

Officers - 1950-51
President of Association - J. P. Gardner, Esq.
Vice-President - P. McAuley, Esq.
Chairman - R. Little, Esq.
Vice-Chairman - A. McCabe, Esq.
Secretary - G. S. Archibald, Esq.
Assistant Secretary - E. Billingsley, Esq.
Treasurer - D. G. Black, Esq.
Auditors - Mr. Bollard - Mr. Manus
Trustees - Mr. Thompson - Mr. Whyte
Committee Officers - Mr. Dougan - Mr. Lock - Mr. McDowell - Mr. Whyte - Mr. McCallum - Mr. Lismore - Mr. Greer - Mr. Gilmore - Mr. Whiteside - Mr. Doran - Mrs. McKinley - Mrs. A. Johnston - Mrs. Shaw - Mrs. R. Johnston.
Official Scrutineer - Mr. T. Lock

Prize Donors

Councillor J. H. Norritt, J.P., F.C.I.S. - Silver Cigarette Case
Messrs. Goorwitch, Castle Junction - Ladies' Hand Bag
Mr. J. Hopkins, J.P. - 2 Prizes (Lady & Gent)
T. Affolter, Poster Signs, 8 Corporation Street - Tea Tray
Alderman McGlade, J.P. - 100 Cigarettes
Brown's, of North Street - Gent's Tie
A. Gibson, Electrical Supplies, 8 Corporation Street - Table Lamp
Major W. D. Geddis, J.P. - Donation to Prize List
Ulster Chemists, North Street - Cosmetic Set
Raymonde, Hairdresser, North Street - "Permanent Wave."
G. S. Archibald (Secretary), 5 Ardgreenan Drive - 3 Silver Cups
Prize Winners
1st - R. Thompson & M. Lennon
2nd - R. Campbell & S. Brown
3rd - R. McDowell & M. Houston
programme signed by Mary Thompson & Sydney Thompson

Dancing Cups won by Mary Ann Lennon


Mary Ann Lennon

budding actors and actresses? possibly from the York Street Church or All Souls Unitarian Church, Elmwood Avenue
Rev. Arthur Linton Agnew

Where'er the Millar's daughter went,
To there the Fisher Boy intent,
To woo the maid most tenderly,
Imploring that his bride she be,
She was a rather haughty lass,
Longing to be of higher class,
Scornfully spurning her true swain,
Spoke to him in this strain...

Be not cross, Oh, be nice again,
All your wooing is but in vain,
Wedding Bells there can never be,
So Good-Bye, fare you well & think of me.

Moons came & went, the years passed by,
Oft would the Millar's daughter sigh,
Lovers of old had fled this part,
Now the cold pride had left her heart,
Passed her old love the Fisher boy,
She smiled to greet him full of joy,
But in his heart old love was dead,
He turned away as said.............

Be not cross, Oh, be nice again,
All your wooing is but in vain,
Wedding Bells there can never be,
So Good-Bye, fare you well & think of me.



When you live every hour by the grace of God's power
And know He will guide you aright,
Then day in and day out faith is stronger than doubt,
And faith puts your worries to flight.

When you walk down life's road and in spite of your load
Rejoice every step of the way,
In your heart you will feel God is present and real,
And not untold aeons away.

To believe with sweet trust, and not trust 'cause you must,
Is faith born of truth you have known
That all things will pale and then crumble and fail
Before God fails one of His own!    Jon Gilbert

Bad Woman

Oh the gladness of a Woman when she's glad!
And Oh the sadness of a Woman when she's sad!
but the gladness of her gladness
 and the sadness of her sadness
are as nothing to her badness when she's bad



God be on my left hand
And God be on my right
God be with me in the morning
And in the night

God be on the city streets
and on the walls,
God be on the Shankill
And on the Falls.


Song of freedom

Motivated, no doubt by the thought that the devil should not have all the good songs, the right wing Aims for Freedom and Enterprise group have now composed their own anthem to rival socialism's "The Red Flag."
It bears the not particularly original title "Freedom's Flag," amd is sung, so we're informed, to the tune of part of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro."
The anthem will be rendered for the first time on Free Enterprise Day (July 1), when Tory leader Margaret Thatcher is the guest speaker at a banquet in London.
We can't supply the tune, but we have managed to get an advance look at the words. All together now:
We shall fight for our rights and our freedom,
We shall fight for our lands and our children;
We shall never give in to appeasement,
Fot at last freedom's flag is unfurled.

Bureaucrats, technocrats and base "no men,"
Pessimists, Communists and "cry woe" men;
We shall fight for our land and our freedom,
Now at last freedom's flag is unfurled.

City and County Borough of Belfast
Belfast Civil Defence Authority
Welfare Branch

inside - Jim's mother 'Mary Anne Lennon'
223 Hillman Street 13th April 1942