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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Enniskillen, an inland town and Parliamentary borough in County Fermanagh, ninety three miles W. by S. from Belfast, comprising an area of 129 acres. The town is situated on an island in the river connecting the upper and lower lakes of Lough Erne, and on the adjoining mainland on both sides, which communicate with each other by two bridges. There are a Parish Church, Presbyterian and Methodist Churches, and a Roman Catholic Chapel ; the County Court House, Prison and Infirmary, a Town Hall, a Royal School, a Union Workhouse, and three Barracks. There are two tanneries and a well supplied market for corn, pork and butter. Fairs are held on the 10th of every month, on 29th May and 26th October ; markets, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Provincial, Ulster and Belfast Banks have branches here. There is also a Savings Bank. The Assizes for the county, and Quarter and Petty Sessions are held in the town. It is the head quarters of the constabulary for five stations. Two newspapers are published in the town. Population in 1871, 5,906. A new Model School has lately been opened, with accommodation for upwards of 250 pupils.

Post Office, Middleton Street - J. G. Benson. Letters from the South, including Dublin, also England, arrive twice a day, at 5.55 a.m., and 1.15 p.m., and are despatched at 12.50 and 6.50 p.m. Letters from the North, including Belfast and Scotland, arrive at 5.55 a.m., and 1.15 p.m., and are despatched at 11, 12.30 and 6.50 p.m.
Town Commissioners - Thomas Whitler, chairman ; Thomas Whittey, Thos. Plunkett, W. Teele, J. Kenny, E. McNulty, W. Trimble, James Maguire, Thomas Gordon, John Maguire, George, Willis, John Molyneux, John Verner, Anthony Cassidy, Thomas Kyle, Jas. Coulter, George Darragh, James McElgun, Edward Gamble, George Wadsworth, John Lemon, and James Dundas.
Town Clerk - John Cleland
Distributor of Stamps - Sinclair Gunning
Crown Surveyor of Income Tax - D. Quinliven
H.M. Prison, Fairview - J. Royse, gov ; T. Carleton, deputy governor ; Mrs. Beacom, matron ; Samuel Clarke, Darling Street, local inspector ; Robert P. Walsh, M.D., surgeon ; O. Ternan, apothecary ; Rev. Samuel Greer, Protestant chaplain ; Rev. A. C. Maclatchy, Presbyterian chaplain ; Rev. Mr. McMeel, Roman Catholic chaplain.
Constabulary - Henry G. Cary, county inspector ; head constable, James Bones
Barracks - Infantry Barrack, Queen Street ; Artillery Barrack, Castle Street ; Redoubt Barrack, Windmill Hill. Ordnance officer, Charles Purchas ; Commissary Officer, J. Doe ; Engineer Officer, Major Honorius Sisson Sitwell, R.E.
Officer of Excise - Mr. Hammill
Borough Surveyor & Executive Sanitary Officer, John Wray ; Sub-sanitary Officer, W. Dundas
Traffic Manager, Great Northern Railway, H. Plews, Tonystick
Newspapers - Fermanagh Mail, every Monday, and Thursday, T. R. J. Polson, proprietor ; Impartial Reporter, every Thursday, Wm. Trimble, proprietor.
Member for the Borough - Lord Crichton, Crom Castle, Newtownbutler ; 2 Mountjoy Square, Dublin ; and Carlton Club, London

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Parish Church, Church Street - Rev. S. Greer, rector ; Rev. D. O'Leary and T. Hughes, curates
Presbyterian Church, Main Street - Rev. A. C. Maclatchy
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Main Street
Roman Catholic Chapel, Darling Street - Very Rev. James McMeel, archdeacon ; Rev. Messrs. Boylan, McKenna and Hackett, curates

Public Institutions

Banks - Belfast Bank, Townhall Street, Wm. Williams, manager ; Provincial Bank of Ireland, Darling Street, Geo. Stewart, manager ; Ulster Bank, Samuel Clarke, manager ; Hibernian Bank, C. R. Hearn, manager ; Savings Bank, Church Street, Charles T. C. Jones, actuary
Royal School, Portora - Rev. Wm. Steele, D.D., head master ; one of the most flourishing schools in Ireland, there being constantly nearly two hundred pupils, and producing from time to time many very distinguishing scholars
Enniskillen Reading Rooms (in the Town Hall) - Open every day (except Sunday) from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. Fifty five newspapers and periodicals taken in. Telegrams of latest news every day at four p.m., and closing prices of corn markets of Liverpool and London every day of the week by wire. Subscription, 10s yearly ; to travellers, 5s. W. Copeland Trimble, hon. secretary.
National Model Schools - Chas. Morris, master ; J. J. Hynes, Esq., inspector
Church Education Society - Rev. Mr. Ringwood, Crom Newtownbutler ; Ulster Bank, treasurers
National School, Forthill - R. Keys, patron
Bible Society's Depository, East Bridge Street - Caretaker, John Irvine
Ladies' Seminary and Boarding School, Darling Street - Misses Bayley
Freeman's Charitable Club, Town Hall Street, for distributing loans to distressed tradesmen
Union Workhouse - (Cos. Fermanagh, Cavan, and Tyrone) - 42 electoral divisions. Board meets on Tuesdays - Right Hon. the Earl of Enniskillen, Florence Court, Enniskillen, chairman ; Lord Belmore, Castlecoole, vice chairman ; George Black, Enniskillen, deputy vice chairman ; Wm. Henry Morrison, clerk and returning officer ; Alex. Price, master ; E. Bagot, M.D., surgeon ; Rev. Samuel Greer, Protestant chaplain ; Rev. A. C. Maclatchy, Presbyterian chaplain ; Very Rev. James McMeel, archdeacon, Roman Catholic chaplain
Infirmary - Robt. Pakenham Walsh, M.D., J.P., surgeon ; Miss Morrison, matron ; C. Wilson, secretary
Dispensary, Wellington Place - Open Mondays and Thursdays, from 10 till 12 o'clock. Medical Officer, Dr. Baptist Gamble, Darling Street
Pork, corn and butter market, Market Lane

Nobility and Gentry

Archdall, Henry Mervyn, M.P., Castle Archdall
Armstrong, William, Lara
Belmore, Earl of, K.C.M.G., Castlecoole
Betty, William, Cappagh
Browne, E. F., Willoughby Place
Brien, John, Castletown
Clarke, Samuel, Darling Street
Cole, Hon. H. A., M.P., Florencecourt
Cole, Hon. John, Florencecourt
Ely, Marquis of, Ely Lodge and London
Enniskillen, Earl of, Florencecourt
Entrican, Samuel, Victoria Terrace
Gamble, Baptist, Graan
Harvey, Rodolphus, R.M., Willoughby Place
Irvine, Colonel J. G., Killadeas
Jones, Charles John, Willoughby Place
Loftus, Lord Augustus, Ely Lodge and London
Loftus, Lord George, Ely Lodge and London
Loftus, Lord Henry, Ely Lodge and London
Lowe, H. N., deputy clerk of peace, High Street
Maude, Maurice, J.P., Lenaghan
Montgomery, Hugh, Crooklean
Moore, George, Innishmore Island, Drumbad
Richardson, Henry Mervyn, Rossfad
Saunderson, Colonel, Kesh
Saurey, Lieutenant-Colonel, White Hart Hotel
Shaw, Captain, adjutant Fermanagh Militia, Victoria Terrace
Smith, E., J.P., West Bridge House
Wakeman, F., Willoughby Place
Weir, Thomas, Hall Craig
Wood, john A., Willoughby Place

Clergy, Professional, etc.

Alexander, Joseph, solicitor, 28 Townhall Street
Arnold, Matthew, professor of music, and organist, Darling Street
Bagot, E., M.D., surgeon, Carlton House
Ball, William, Church Street
Boylan, Rev. P., Darling Street
Bradshaw, Rev. D., Victoria Terrace
Collum, Captain William, Bellview
Dane, J. W., East Bridge Street
Dwyer, Rev. J., Wesley Street
Elliott, Thomas, Diocesan architect
Gamble, B., surgeon, Darling Street
Graham, John, attorney, Darling Street
Greer, Rev. S., Charterhill
Hackett, Rev. J., Darling Street
Hughes, Rev. T., LL.D.
Jones, A., attorney, Lisgoole
Keys, Robert, attorney, Fort Lodge
Maclatchy, Rev. A. Cooper, M.A., The Hill
Macniffe, J., solicitor, Church Street
Moffitt, Rev. B., Victoria Terrace
McKenna, Rev. G., Darling Street
McMeel, Rev. J., Archdeacon
O'Leary, Rev. D., Ann Street
Steele, Rev. Dr., Levelly Glebe
Steel, Rev. William, D.D., Portora
Walsh, R. P., M.D., J.P., surgeon, Darling Street
Whittaker, Rev. Gerald, Willoughby Place
Wilson, Rev. John, Derrybrusk

Traders, etc.

Austin, Thomas, publican, Darling Street
Bell, William, druggist, Church Street
Black, George, grocer and seedsman, High Street
Bleakley, John, butcher, Darling Street
Beatty, Samuel, Wellington Place
Beatty, S., coach builder, Brook Street
Boland, M., blacksmith, Brook Street
Boyd, Wm., hardware & grocer, High Street
Boyd, M., dress maker, Henry Street
Bradshaw, Hugh & Co., timber merchants, East Bridge Street
Bready, Patrick, general clothier
Brennan, Thomas, clothes broker, Main Street
Burgess, Bros., general merchants, Cross Street
Cadden, W., clog manufacturer, Darling Street
Campbell, Edwd., boot and shoe maker, Strand Street
Campbell, William, builder, East Bridge Street
Campbell, William, publican, Forthill Street
Carson, M. J. & R., milliners, Darling Street
Cassidy, Anthony, grocer and meal store, High Street
Clarke, Sam., British Commercial Life Insurance Office ; and manager of Ulster Bank, Darling Street
Clegg, John & James, Brook Street
Cleland, John, grocer and clerk, Town Commissioners, Darling Street
Coalter, James, grocer & confectioner, Church Street
Coalter, Wm., grocer & confectioner, Church Street
Colhoun, William, baker, etc., Darling Street
Cooney, William, publican, High Street
Cooney, W., draper, etc., High Street
Cooper & Co., grocers, Diamond
Corrigan, Thomas, publican, Church Street
Cox, Thomas, baker, Belmore Street
Crowder, G. F., photographer, Townhall Street
Crowe, Thomas, Darling Street
Crowe, Thomas, grocer, High Street
Crozier, Armstrong, builder, Darling Street
Crumley, ?, victualler, Townhall Street
Darragh, George, baker, Church Street
Dewane, Charles, publican, 9 Darling Street
Dick, J. & R., gutta percha boot shop, Townhall Street
Doherty, John, grocer, Anne Street
Doherty, Patrick, publican, Darling Street
Donnelly, Daniel, butcher, High Street
Downes, W. & J., brewery, Anne Street
Drysdale, M., wine and spirit merchant, Market Street
Duffy, Solomon, Belmore Street
Dundas, James, draper, Darling Street
Dundas, J. & T., drapers, Darling Street
Durnian, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, Queen Street
Elliott, John, builder, 2 Wellington Street
Fairis, Patrick, butcher
Ferguson, W. A., auctioneer, Wellington Place
Frith, Alexander, grocer and fishing tackle dealer, East Bridge Street
Frith, J., carpenter, Tonystick
Frith, The Misses, bakers, Belmore Street
Frith, William, builder, Tonystick
Gallagher, Michael, publican, Market Street
Galt, Messrs., factory, Henry Street
Gamble, Edward, grocer, Anne Street
Gibson, J. & W., printers, East Bridge Street
Gibson, R., boot and shoe maker
Gillen, John, auctioneer, Queen Street
Gillespie, J., butter merchant, Darling Street
Gilmore, J., watch maker, Darling Street
Glancy, P., watch maker, Townhall Street
Glenn, R., East Bridge Street
Goddard, J., hair dresser, Diamond
Gonigle, D., painter and glazier, Queen Street
Gordon, John, earthenware dealer, Church Street
Gordon, Thomas, grocer, Church Street
Gordon, William E., grocer and iron monger, Townhall Street
Graham, Mrs. James, grocer and iron monger, Darling Street
Gresham, David, builder, Darling Street
Gunning, J., druggist and wine merchant, Darling Street
Haren, James, grocer and publican, Darling Street
Harnan, P., coach builder, Belmore Street
Harvey, James, builder, Belmore Street
Harvey, James, marble & stone works, Forthill Street
Hempenstall, B., Belmore Street
Hughes, Thomas, baker, Darling Street
Ingram, W., spirit dealer, Ann Street
Irvine, George, auctioneer, Darling Street
Irvine, Thomas, gunsmith, East Bridge Street
Irvine, Wm., boot and shoe shop, Darling Street
Johnston, John, draper, High Street
Johnston, R., earthenware merchant, High Street
Johnston, Thomas, merchant, High Street
Johnston, William, Eden Street
Johnston, William, Wellington Place
Jordan, Jeremiah, merchant
Keenan, James, Down Street
Kenny, J., haberdasher, High Street
Kyle, Thomas, spirit dealer, Ann Street
Latimer, J., grocer, Cross Street
Law, Andrew, wine merchant, etc., High Street
Law, J., grocer and iron monger, High Street
Lemon, John, grocer, iron and coal merchant, East Bridge Street
Leonard, E., cabinet maker
Lilly, P., publican, Townhall Street
Lindsay, H. R., grocer and publican, Townhall Street
Lowe, H. W., printer and boot shop, High Street
Lowry, William, tanner, Belmore Street
Magee, Henry, publican, Church Street
Maguire, Denis, coach builder, Forthill Street
Maguire, Edward, coach builder, Brook Street
Maguire, J., draper, High Street
Maguire, John, spirit dealer, Townhall Street
Maguire, Patrick, draper, Church Street
Maguire, P. & J., drapers, Church Street
Maguire, Richard, earthenware merchant, Henry Street
Martin, John, publican, Townhall Street
Martin, Patrick, commercial traveller, Anne Street
Mayers, Joseph, grocer and baker, Church Street
Megaw, J., spirit dealer, High Street
Mitchell, T., grocer, Belmore Street
Molyneux, J., watch maker and jeweller, High Street
Monaghan, E., Royal Hotel, Townhall Street
Monaghan, E., saddler, East Bridge Street
Moore, John, plumber, Henry Street
Moreton, Andrew, spirit dealer, Church Street
Morrison, W. B., baker and confectioner, Darling Street
Muldoon, William, Fairview
Mulligan, T., publican, Fairview
Murphy, D., whitesmith, Brook Street
McBride, T., baker, Darling Street
McElgunn, James, spirit dealer, Ann Street
McKeague, T., boot and shoe maker, Townhall Street
McLean, G., saddler, Townhall Street
McNamee, Peter, Railway Hotel, Forthill Street
McNeilly, Catherine, bonnet maker, Darling Street
McNeill & Sons, spool mill, Mill Street
Nelson, R., painter and glazier, New Row
Noble, John, boot and shoe maker, East Bridge Street
O'Brien, Francis, spirit dealer, Darling Street
O'Brien, J., grocer and leather dealer, East Bridge Street
O'Donnell, W., spirit dealer, Cole's Hill
Parkinson, The Misses, plumbers, Townhall Street
Parsons, Robert, Brook Street
Pierce, Henry, slater, Eden Street
Plunket, Thomas, grocer and druggist, High Street
Polson, T. R. J., printer, publisher, insurance and ship agent, Wellington Place
Quinton, John, grocer, Church Street
Rankin, T., cooper, Schoolhouse Lane
Richards, R. J., watch maker, Townhall Street
Roberts, H. & R., drapers, Diamond
Robinson, William, draper, High Street
Shannon, Charles, Belmore Street
Shannon, John, publican, Main Street
Smith, Richard, gunsmith, Main Street
Stewart, J., Family Hotel, East Bridge Street
Teele, Wm., Townhall Street
Ternan, O., apothecary, Townhall Street
Tickle, Joseph, plumber, East Bridge Street
Torbitt, J., wine and spirit merchant and grocer, Townhall Street
Trimble, John Geo., Tonystick
Trimble, Wm., book seller, printer, publisher, East Bridge Street
Verner, John, grocer, meal and flour store, High Street
Wadsworth, George, grocer, Brook Street
Weaver, Joseph, stationer, book seller and newsagent, Darling Street
Weaver, L. & A., fancy wool shop, Ann Street
White, Wm., veterinary surgeon, East Bridge Street
Whitley Bros., general merchants, High Street
Willis, George, Imperial Hotel, Townhall Street
Wilson, Alex., Brook Street
Willis, The Misses, White Hart Hotel, Townhall Street
Wylie, T. A., draper, High Street
Whiteside, Moses, tailor and out fitter, Darling Street
Whittaker, J., boot maker, Darling Street
Whitten, Miss, fancy shop, Darling Street
White, G. B., stationer, Townhall Street

GILFORD                    top

Gilford, a market town, situated on the right bank of the River Bann, in the County of Down, and in its linen, flax spinning and bleaching trade, may be considered as a branch of Banbridge, from which it is four miles distant. Above and below the village of Gilford the banks of the Bann are adorned with handsome villas and bleach greens ; and factories are seen in various directions. Population, 1861, 2,892 ; 1871, 2,720.

Church of Ireland, Gilford - Rev. J. Harding, A.M. (Canon), Incumbent
Church of Ireland, Tullylish - Rev. R. R. Kane, LL.B., incumbent
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. Gordon
Presbyterian Church, Tullylish - Rev. John Morrison
Presbyterian Church, Newmills - Rev. Jas. Orr
Roman Catholic Chapel, Tullylish - Rev. Benj. O'Hagan, P.P., and Rev. Henry Devlin, C.C.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Gilford - Rev. John Doyle, C.C.
Petty Sessions Court - William McCormick, clerk
Auditor - Thomas Collot, Esq., Local Government Board, Dublin
Town Clerk - John Maguire
Town Commissioners - Benjamin Dickson, J.P., chairman ; Henry McBride, M.D.; Hugh Cochrane, Hugh H'Connell, (O'Connell/McConnell), Terence Fox, William Getgood, Andrew McBrinn, James Phillips, Wm. Whiteside
Belfast Bank - Saml. Macauley, manager. Open on Friday and quarterly fair days
Northern Bank (branch) - R. Harper, manager. Open on Fridays
Postmaster - John N. Hunter

GLENARM                   top

Glenarm, is a pleasant little town in the County Antrim, thirty six miles N. from Belfast, on the coast road between Larne and Ballycastle. It is delightfully situated at the foot of a deep glen opening to the sea, and surrounded by bold romantic and imposing scenery. Glenarm river flows past on the north side, emptying itself into a bay of its name. About fourteen miles distant are the lovely villages of Cushendall and Cushendun. Glenarm Castle, the family seat of the Earls of Antrim, is a noble quadrangular pile embellished with minarets, and surmounted by stately domes. The demesne is very extensive and beautifully wooded, the grounds being laid out with exquisite taste. Farther up the Glen is a walled enclosure called the Great Deerpark, which is most comprehensive, and the venison fed here is said to be the choicest in the kingdom. The Parish Church stands between the Castle and the sea with a small enclosed cemetery around. In this burying ground are the ruins of a cruciformed building formerly a Franciscan monastery of the third order, said to have been founded by the Bisset family in 1465. The water surrounding the coast is very clear and singularly free from impurities, and there are many convenient and secluded spots for sea bathing. Taken together these attractions cause a considerable influx of visitors in the summer season. The harbour is frequented by steam and sailing vessels from the coasts of England and Scotland, which bring coals, bricks, slates, etc., taking back grain, whiting, propwood, iron-ore, lime and limestone. Of the latter large quantities are exported by the Eglinton Chemical Company, and the Magheragoragh Lime Company. There are two whiting mills constantly running, one belonging to the Earl of Antrim and one to the Eglinton Chemical Company. The Antrim Iron Ore Company ship considerable quantities of iron ore. Aluminous ore is also now being shipped. There are Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Methodist, and Roman Catholic places of worship. There is a Dispensary and National Schools for the education of the children. Fairs are held on 26th January, 26th May, 30th August, and 29th October.

Post Office - S. Hunter, post mistress. Letters from Dublin, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Larne, etc., arrive at 9.45 a.m. and 8.5 p.m.; from Ballymena at 11.45 a.m.; from Ballycastle and Cushendall at 3.55 p.m. Letters are despatched to Larne, Belfast, Dublin, etc., at 6.30 a.m. and 3.55 p.m.; to Cushendall and Ballycastle at 9.45 a.m.; and to Ballymena at 1 p.m.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. Sheldon F. Dudley-Janns, A.M., rector
Presbyterian - Rev. James Scott
Roman Catholic - Rev. Joseph Delahunty
Unitarian - Rev. James Calwell
Wesleyan - Various ministers

Public Institutions

Dispensary - Lorenzo O'Connor, M.D., surgeon
National School - Male, David Kennedy, master ; female, Miss Sterrit, mistress ; infant (both sexes), Miss McDowell, mistress
National School, Seaview - (Both sexes) Patrick Maguire, master
Police Station, Toberwine Street - G. F. H. McClintock, sub-inspector
A Petty Sessions Court held in the first Monday of every month - Thomas Hunter, clerk

Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Antrim, Earl of, Glenarm Castle
Calwell, Rev. James
Delahunty, Rev. Joseph
Dudley-Janns, Rev. Sheldon F., Glebe
Jelly, Rev. John, Cairncastle
Jamieson, Walter, Esq.
Martin, Rev. Hamilton, Carnalbanagh
McClintock, G. F. H., Sub-Inspector, R.I.C.
McDonald, Alexander, Esq., J.P.
O'Connor, Lorenzo, M.D.
Scott, Rev. James

Traders, etc.

Antrim Iron Ore Co. - F. Gendall, local manager
Anderson, Lydia, Antrim Arms Hotel
Black, Archibald, tailor and clothier
Charles, Margaret, grocer
Charles, Thomas, spirit dealer
Cobain, John, grocer and hardware merchant
Conley, Charles, tailor and clothier
Daray, Loughlin, butcher
Eglinton Chemical Company - Walter Jamieson, manager
Fullerton, John, grocer and hardware merchant
Glenarm Bread Baking Co., Thos. Hunter, sec.
Hunter, S., stationer
Hatton, G. R., haberdasher
Lusk, James, saddler and leather cutter
Lowery, William, leathercutter
Magill, Patrick, spirit dealer
Magheragoragh Lime Co. - John McMullin, jun., manager
Mathews, Patrick, spirit dealer
McKay, James, spirit dealer
McKay, Neil, butcher
McNeill, Mary, spirit dealer
McNeill, Mrs. D., spirit dealer
McAuley, Mrs. B., grocer
McGalliard, H., grocer and haberdasher
McGugan, Hugh, grocer and haberdasher
McMullins, John, saw mills, corn mills, grain, slate, etc.
McNeill, A., baker, grocer and iron merchant
McEvoy, Hugh, grocer, auctioneer, emigration agent and insurance agent
McBurnie, Thomas, grocer and haberdasher
Orr, James, grocer, painter and glazier
Pullins, Wm. B., watch maker and jeweller
Wilson, Alexander, grocer


Mail Car to Larne every morning (Sunday excepted) at 6.30 ; to Ballycastle at 9.45 a.m., which goes through Carnlough, Cushendall and Cushendun ; to Ballymena every day at 1 p.m. which goes through Carnlough and Broughshane. There is also an evening mail car every week day to Larne at 3.55 p.m. on Sunday at 3 p.m. The distances from Glenarm to Belfast is 35 miles ; to Ballymena, 16 1/2 miles ; to Broughshane, 13 miles ; to Cushendall, 13 1/4 miles.

HILLSBOROUGH                          top

Hillsborough, a market town (formerly a Parliamentary borough), in County Down, ten miles from Belfast, on the road from Dublin to Belfast. Petty Sessions first Saturday of every month, in the Court House. The Parish Church is a very elegant building, consisting of a nave and cross aisles. The tower, which is upwards of 100 feet high, and the steeple, 100 more, form together a beautiful and conspicuous object at a considerable distance. There are also two smaller towers at the sides. A monument, by Nollekens, to the memory of Archdeacon Leslie, erected by the third Marquis of Downshire, is worthy of notice ; as also a monument, erected by the fourth Marquis of Downshire to the memory of William E. Reilly, Esq., a former agent ; and there is a very chaste and elegant group of statuary, erected by the Marchioness of Downshire, to the memory of her late husband, the fifth Marquis. There are also two other handsome churches in the parish, built by the third Marquis, and one endowed by him ; and there is one Presbyterian Church, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The charitable Institutions are - a Dispensary, schools for both sexes. The Boy's School has been lately brought under the National Board (conducted on the modern system of education), by the third Marquis, and a Sunday School, patronised by the Downshire family. The Downshire demesne is contiguous to the town - the mansion, garden and lawn being on the west side of it. On a hill at the Dromore side of the town is a splendid monument to the memory of the third Marquis of Downshire, erected by public subscription, and in the centre of the town, opposite the church entrance, is a bronze statue of the fourth Marquis, put up by friends and tenants. Hillsborough Fort, now in ruins, in the demesne, was built in the reign of Charles I., and is constituted a Royal Fort, of which the Marquis of Downshire is hereditary Constable. King William the Third stopped here when passing on to Drogheda, and it was here he signed the Regium Donum grant to Presbyterian ministers. Hillsborough gives the titles of Earl and Viscount to the Marquis of Downshire. The Northern Banking Company have a branch here. Recently there has been established, close to the town, a large linen factory, belonging to the Hillsborough Linen Company Limited. A public news room has been established, also a lending library, and it is now open to the people of the town and vicinity. The market is held on Wednesday, fairs, third Wednesday in each month. Population in 1877, 885.

Post Office, Postal Telegraph Office, Money Order Office, Savings Bank - rate of interest, £2 10s per cent - George Ingram, postmaster. North of Ireland, Scotch, English and foreign mails arrive at 7 a.m. First general despatch at 8.45 a.m.; second at 10.45. Scotch Letters despatched at 6.10 p.m. General despatch at 8.50 p.m. Letters delivered at 7.30 a.m.; and 1.20 p.m.
Fort and Castle Warder - Sergeant Major Reid, Downshire Office
Petty Sessions - Arthur Stanfield, clerk

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Ven John Gibbs, Archdeacon of Down, rector
Church of Ireland - St. John's Church, Kilwarlin - Rev. W. Robinson, incumbent
Presbyterian Church - Rev. G. H. Johnston
The Society of Friends Meeting House
Loughaghery Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Moorehead
Annahilt Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas Greer
The Maze Presbyterian Church - Rev. Edward Stevenson
The Methodist Church, Zion - Enoch Alty, minister
The Moravian Church, Kilwarlin - Rev. Mr. Reichel
The Moravian School - Miss Pasche

Public Institutions

Masonic Lodge, "The Star of Kilwarlin," No. 66, and Royal Arch Chapter, meets in the Masonic Hall on second Saturday of Feb., May, August and November ; and also upon the 24 th June and 27th December, at 5 o'clock p.m.
Hillsborough National School - R. Boyd, teacher
Maze National School - Robert Hanna, teacher
Hillsborough Schools - H. M. Reade and Mrs. Martin, teachers
Dispensary, Lisburn Street - Wm. Boyd, physician
Dispensary, Annahilt - Wm. Thompson, M.D., surgeon
Gas Works - Wm. Walter, manager
Markets - Henry McDowell, weigh master
The Northern Banking Company - W. C. Forbes, manager ; J. Dysart, cashier

Nobility and Gentry

Bissett, Hugh, Park, Hillsborough
Blythe, Thomas, Reilly's Trench
Brereton, W., Kilwarlin
Conn, W., Millvale
Cosby, Miss, Fortwilliam
Dagg, J., Lisburn Street
Davis, Lennox T., Ogle's Grove Nursery
Downshire, Most Noble the Marquis of, Hillsborough Castle
Forbes, W. C., Northern Bank
Fowler, R., Ravarnet
Grange, Mrs., Park Street
Green, John, Orrfield
Green, Samuel, Newport
Greer, James, Newport
Howe, Thomas S., Cromlyn Lodge
Irwin, Mrs., Lisadian
Jackson, J.
Johnston, W., St. James
Jordon, Jane, The Mill
Knox, George
Knox, John Alexander, Maze House
Lees, W.
Moreland, A., Carnbane
Mulholland, Mrs., Eglantine
McClintock, Major, J.P., Kilronlin House
McGifford, W. J., Carnreagh
McLeavy, J., Corcreevy
Nelson, George, Culcavy
Patterson, J., Ballylintogh
Phoenix, S., Kesh Bridge
Pim, J., Culcavy Cottage
Scandrett, J. H., Lisadian
Smyth, J.
Vaughan, Alex. James, Main Street
Walker, J., Corcreevy
Wardell, H. W.
Woods, J., St. James

Clergy and Professional

Boyd, Wm., M.D., surgeon
Campbell, Rev. Mr., Wellington Lodge
Hill, Mr., of the Hillsborough Linen Company
Gibbs, Rev. John
Greer, Rev. Thomas, Mountmagregor
Harty, Wm., professor of music
Henry, Wm. Tennent, C.E., Deneigh House, Lisburn
Jefferson, John, M.D., R.N.
Johnston, Rev. G. H.
Millar, Rev. T., Annahilt Glebe
Moorehead, Rev. J., The Manse, Black's Bridge
Sands, William, architect
Thompson, Wm., M.D., Annahilt Dispensary
Wardhaugh, Mark, C.E., Park Street
Young, Wellington, solicitor

Traders, etc.

Bell, George, grocer, Lisburn Street
Bell, The Misses, haberdashers
Buchanan, Moses, muslin agent, Square
Cregan, J., spirit dealer, Main Street
Crothers, James, spirit dealer
Cunningham, A., dealer, Ballynahinch Street
Davison, Adam, grocer
Foots, Jane, nailor
Gibson, Joseph, spirit dealer and grocer
Gibson, Mrs., spirit dealer
Green, Ann, haberdasher
Green, Samuel, Newport
Greer, J., Parkgate
Galley, David, spirit dealer
Halliday, John, grocer
Henderson, John, boot and shoe maker
Henderson, Robert, nailer
Ingram, James, boot and shoe maker, and leather warehouse
Johnston, Robert, carpenter
Loughlin, Mrs., Plough Hotel, Square
Macaulay, Mrs., general grocer
Magennis, George, grocer, Ballynahinch Street
Moore, James, whitesmith, Ballynahinch Street
Murray, James, tailor
McAneary, W., station master
McCandless, J., Railway Tavern
McCarthy, Robert, embroidery agent
McCauley, Mrs., grocer
McCorstin, Mrs., haberdasher
McDowell, H., saddler
McMullan, Mrs., Park Street
O'Hagan, John, tailor
Patterson, Hugh, Main Street
Rennyson, James, boot and shoe maker
Scott, James, baker, Main Street
Smith, John, Lisburn Street
Thornton, Robert, grocer
Thornton, William, Main Street
Walker, William, butcher

HOLYWOOD                     top

Holywood is four and a quarter miles distant from the Exchange, Belfast. It is beautifully situated on the east shore of the Lough, and the public road to it leads through Ballymacarrett and Sydenham, passing over Bunker Hill, for which the renowned "Bunker Hill" of America is named. Direct railway accommodation to this prosperous seaside town is afforded by the Belfast, Holywood, and Bangor Railway - trains running almost every hour from half past six o'clock in the morning until a quarter past eleven o'clock at night. It is thus one of the most accessible suburbs of Belfast, while the excellence of its climate, its rare healthiness, moderate house rents, comparative low taxation, educational and other advantages, have made it a favourite residence of Belfast merchants, professional gentlemen, clerks, and respected artisans. Holywood is remarkable as having been a place of some note so far back as the seventh century. In it was a monastery of the Franciscans, occupied by about four hundred monks, which stood somewhere about the ruins of the old Church, and was a branch of Bangor Abbey. In the graveyard there are stones dating from 1630. The celebrated Rev. Robert Cunningham, one of the first five Presbyterian ministers that came to Ireland was settled in Holywood in 1618. Within the last twenty five years immense sums of money have been expended in rebuilding and greatly enlarging the town. The places of worship of all denominations have been rebuilt, handsome and commodious edifices having been erected. Sullivan's National Schools occupy a very superior and ornamental structure in the principal street, and within the last year there has been built close to it, at the cost of £2,000, what should be one of the best and cheapest endowed Intermediate Schools in Ireland. According to the scheme of Dr. Sullivan's trustees, as amended by the Master of the Rolls, instruction is given in this important and valuable institution in ancient classics, modern languages, science, English composition, etc., at rates that enable the sons of parents of small incomes to enjoy their benefits. Dr. Sullivan's munificent bequests for these schools amounted to about £14,000, of which £4,000 are to be applied to the ordinary schools. There are several first class ladies' and boys' Boarding and Day Schools. A large number of shops - grocers'. bakers', hardware, butchers', millinery establishments, medical hall, etc. - have been opened of late years that do a flourishing business; grocers' and butchers' vans run from Belfast regularly. Fish caught in the lough is sold every morning. There is a large mussel bank close to the shore. The Pier is now in possession of the Messrs. Priestly, and coals are largely imported by others in that trade ; and it is stated that the owners of the Pier intend to have a small swift steamer plying between Belfast and Holywood. The principal hotel is efficiently conducted by Mr. Lamont ; it is an extensive building, with large stabling and carriage accommodation. A number of cars are always at the train, and boats are for hire in the summer. There is a flourishing Amateur Boating and Swimming Club. The public Baths, hot and cold, are now in connection with the railway, and are largely made use of. The Kinnegar Rifle Ground is within a short walk of the station; here some of the most distinguished marksmen in the United Kingdom have been trained. Holywood is under the provisions of the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854. The streets have been newly sewered, and the sanitary arrangements in every direction have been actively looked after. The Town Hall is a splendid building where the magistrates and commissioners hold their meetings. A very spacious Assembly Room is used for lectures and concerts. On connection with the building there is a News Room, and also a public Working Men's Library, the Loan Fund having given £400 for accommodation for the library to the enterprising and generous proprietors of the Hall. The public fountain, in Church Street, is the gift of Lord A. Edwin Hill-Trevor, M.P.; lord of the manor. From the Gas Works pipes run to Marino, and as far as Craigavad. Holywood has been always recommended to invalids on account of its superior climate, which is, winter and summer, two degrees warmer than Belfast. The late eminent Dr. Forsythe was accustomed to make his patients take up their residence there, as he did himself in old age, after amassing a large fortune. Distinguished Dublin physicians speak in the highest terms of the climate. The walks along the shore and on the hills are very numerous and attractive. From the summit of the hills there are, at different standpoints, commanding views of County Down, with its farms, lakes, rivers, and mountains stretching away to Slieve Donard ; then away to the right, from above Stormount Castle, appears the whole valley of the Lagan, with the spires of Lisburn, Hillsborough and Ballinderry, in the distance ; while from the hills above Craigavad there is afforded a wide sweep of the Scottish mountains, with the Ailsa Craig rising up like a vast sugar loaf in the middle of the deep. From the hill above Craigauntlet there is a grand view of Strangford Lough. A little nearer Holywood is Pottinger's Dog Kennel, where in olden times the father of the celebrated brothers Pottinger, of Chinese fame, kept his hounds, while he lived at Craigavad house. There are curious old caves in Cultra Glen ; and about a mile above the Episcopal Church is Schomberg's Hill, where William's army lay, proceeding from Groomsport to the Boyne. On the same road, ten minutes' walk from the Church, there has lately been discovered by Dr. Hodges a valuable mineral spring. The first house in High Holywood - "Glenside" - was built by the late Rev. Henry Henderson, in 1849, but now the whole of that greatly admired district is covered with detached mansions, terraces and plantings. Waterworks are about to be constructed in the glen above the town. The proprietor of Holywood is Captain John Harrison, J.P. The Population in 1841 was 1,500 ; in 1861, 2,422 ; in 1871, 3,462.

Post Office - Thomas T. Porter, postmaster, High Street ; Robert Geddis, assistant, High Street. Mails arrive at 6.45 a.m. and 1.45 p.m., despatched at 11.20 a.m. and 6.35 p.m.
Holywood Town Commissioners - John Anderson, J.P., chairman, Hillbrook ; Jas. M Clean, S.C.S., Plasmerdyn ; Richard Patterson, Kilmore ; Matthew McMullan, Churchfield House ; J. Gabbay, M.D., High Street ; Robt. Carlisle, High Street ; Samuel McCune, High Street ; James Alexander, J.P., Saint Clare ; Major G. Griffin, Victoria Road ; Austin Watters, town clerk
Petty Sessions Court held every second and fourth Monday of the month.
Coastguard Station, Marino - John Thompson, chief boatman ; Francis Beggs, Jas. McKeown, William Medden, Cornelius Cronin.
Gas Company Limited - J. Hunter, secretary
Church of Ireland - Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Down ; Rev. G. R. Wyane, vicar ; Rev. Robert Kenny, curate
First Presbyterian Church (Bangor Road) - Rev. Henry Halliday, minister
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Henry Osborne, minister
Unitarian Church - Rev. C. J. McAlester, minister
Wesleyan Chapel - Rev. J. Oliver
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. James O'Laverty
Bible Depository - Miss Foster
News Room, Town Hall - A. C. Hart, hon. sec.
Dispensary - A. Dunlop, M.D., medical officer
Police Office, High Street - Arthur B. Somerville, sub-inspector ; Bernard Duffy, constable

Clergy, Gentry, Professionals, etc.

Alder, Miss M. B., Kinnegar
Alderdice, Miss, Shore Street
Alexander, James, J.P., St. Clair
Anderson, John, J.P., Hillbrook
Armour, John, Hillbrook
Ash, Mrs. G., Stewart's Place
Bain, Mrs., Church Street
Barbour, James, Ardville, Marino
Bell, George, Amelia Croft
Binney, Mrs. J., Stanley House
Black, Rev. James, Anchor Lodge, Kinnegar
Black, The Misses, ladies' school, Millbank
Blew, Mrs., Seapark
Blount, Lieutenant, High Street
Blain, Mrs., Marine Parade
Boyle, James, solicitor, Ardmore
Brett, Mrs., The Crescent
Bruce, Mrs., Marine Parade
Briggs, Captain, Moffet's Terrace
Bristow, E. J., Cultra
Buckley, Michael, solicitor, Clanbrassil Terrace, Cultra
Burnett, John R., Martello House
Campbell, Mrs. Ellen, Spafield
Campbell, Mrs., Plasmerdyn
Campbell, Mrs. James, Walmer Terrace
Carson, Mrs., Fernbank
Carson, R. J., Shore Street
Caughey, Wm. B., Bath Cottage
Charley, Henry M., Farmhill
Conlon, John, Martello Terrace
Cordner, C. K., J.P., Holywood House
Crawford, Arthur Sharman, Ballymenoch House
Cumming, James, Shore Street
Curell, Daniel, Cultra
Cunningham, Mrs., Cultra
Cunningham, Leonard, Mayfield Cottage, Cultra
Davison, Miss, Ardmore Terrace
Despard, W. F., Woodley, Cultra
Dennison, Robert F., Victoria Road
Devers, Rev. Richard, Church Street
Dunlop, Archibald, M.D., dispensary, High Street
Dunville, Robert G., J.P., Redburn and Sion, Navan, Co. Meath
Erskine, Robert, Eldon House, Kinnegar
Ferrie, Miss, Fernbank
Ferguson, Robert S., Tudor Park, Holywood
Ferguson, Mrs., Tudor Hall
Fisher, Hugh S., Shore Street
Finlay, Alexander, Williesden House
Finlay, Mrs. C., Churchill Terrace
Fleming, John, Cultra
Forsythe, Miss, Ballykeel House
Forsythe, Robert, Riverside Terrace
Gaussen, Charles, Riverston Terrace
Gaussen, Mrs., Peeble Lodge
Gabbey, John, surgeon, High Street
Garrett, Joseph R., Rialto
Gilbert, Mrs., Kinnegar
Glover, Mrs., Moffett's Terrace
Gordon, Mrs., Ballymenoch House
Griffin, Major G., Victoria Road
Haig, James, Quinnville House
Halliday, Rev. Henry, Glenside House
Harrison, John, J.P., Ardtulla
Harrison, Richard, Ardtulla
Harbinson, John F., Glenbank
Harkness, James, Cultra
Harrell, Mrs., Victoria Terrace
Hart, Mrs., Marine Parade
Heron, John, Maryfield
Heron, William, J.P., Maryfield
Heron, Mrs., Cultra
Higginson, Miss Fanny, Victoria Road
Holden, John S., High Street
Houston, Thomas, Marine Parade
Hughes, Edward, Ballykeel House
Hunter, John, jun., Parkview
Hyndman, James, Cultra
Ireland, The Misses, Oakley
Irvine, James, Ardmore Terrace
Johnston, David, M.P., High Street
Kamcke, Lewis, Churchill Terrace
Keegan, James, J.P., Brooklyn
Kelly, William H., Riversdale
Knox, Right Rev. Robert, D.D., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, The Palace
Lindsay, John, Church Street
Lord, Miss, Plasmerdyn
Love, Miss, ladies' school, High Street
Macoun, John R., Woodburn
Malcolm, W. H., Stewart's Place
Malcolmson, Mrs., Marine Parade
Martin, Miss, Walmer Terrace
Martin, Robert, Church Street
Mercer, Henry, Marine Lodge, Cultra
Megaw, Robert, The Priory
Micks, Robert, Fernbank
Milford, Miss, Ardmore Terrace
Moloney, Dr., High Street
Moore, James, Dalchoolin
Morgan, Miss, High Street
Morrison, William John, High Street
Munster, Alfred M., Burnleigh
Murney, George, J.P., Tudor House
Murphy, Mrs., Burnleigh
McAfee, George, High Street
McAfee, John, High Street
McAdam, John J., Kinnegar
McAlester, Rev. Charles J., Beechcroft
McCammon, Mrs., Beechpark
McCann, John, Cultra
McCartney, Mrs., Hibernia Place
McClelland, Hugh, Kinnegar
McCullough, John, Glenside Place
McGee, John G., Spafield
McHugh, Edward B., Millbank
McHugh, Edward, jun., Martello Terrace
McLean, James, solicitor, Plasmerdyn
McMullan, Thomas, Cultra
McMullen, Matthew, Churchfield House
Neeson, Mrs., Cultra
Nelson, John, Seapark
O'Hayer, Francis, Hibernia Place
Oliver, Rev. J., Methodist minister, Church View
O'Laverty, Rev. James, High Street
Osborne, Rev. Henry, The Manse
Oulton, Rev. R., chaplain to the forces, High Street
Patterson, D. C., Ardmore Terrace
Patterson, Mrs. Robert, Ardmore Terrace
Patterson, Robert Lloyd, Croft House
Patterson, Richard, Kilmore
Payne, John Charles C., medical hall, High Street
Perrie, Miss, ladies' seminary, Ardmore Terrace
Pim, Mrs., Tudor Villas
Pim, Mrs. E., Tudor Villas
Phillips, William, Lemonfield
Praegar, W. E., The Croft
Pyper, Hugh, High Street
Rea, Francis, Croft Cottage
Read, Daniel, newspaper proprietor, The Moat
Reid, Miss, ladies' school, Hibernia Place
Ringland, Mrs., Marine Parade
Robinson, Hugh, Woodview
Robinson, W. A., Cultra
Rodman, William, Churchill Terrace
Ross, Mrs., Walmer Terrace
Sefton, John R., Tudor Hall
Shaw, William, Marmion
Slater, W. B., Cornwall Villa
Smyth, William, Brook House, The Croft
Smith, William, Seapark
Smyth, John, Churchill Terrace
Smyth, Mrs., Victoria Road
Steele, John, Cultra
Stephens, William, Loughview House
Stitt, Miss, Victoria Road
Taggart, Moses, Cultra
Thompson, Mrs., Riverside
Thompson, William, stock and share broker, Kinnegar
Thorn, Miss, Benown
Trimble, J. J., Seapark
Vallely, John L., Clanbrassil Terrace, Cultra
Ward, Miss Margaret, Martello Terrace
Ward, Charles H., solicitor, Marino
Ward, Thomas, Walmer Terrace
Ward, William H., Martello Terrace
Williamson, Miss A. J., Craigmore
Wilson, Mrs., Marino
Wilson, A. B., Martello Terrace
Wilson, Thomas H., Marino
Wynne, Rev. G. R., The Vicarage

Traders, etc.

Abernethy, Miss, dress maker, Millbrook
Allen, William, labourer, Stewart's Place
Anderson, Charles, tailor, Church Street
Anderson, John, publican, High Street
Anderson, Mrs. Ellen, publican, High Street
Anderson, Sarah, dress maker, Church View
Anderson, Thomas, tailor, High Street
Armstrong, William, Strand Street
Arthurs, Mrs., Millbrook
Bailie, John, carpenter, Church Street
Ballagh, John, plumber and gas fitter, High Street
Barr, Henry, shoe maker, Hibernia Place
Barron, Archibald, Stewart's Place
Barron, Robert, painter, Downshire Road
Barron, Miss, dress maker, Stewart's Place
Barry, John, blacksmith, High Street
Barry, William John, blacksmith, High Street
Beattie, James H., rent agent, High Street
Beattie, William, rent agent, High Street
Beggs, James, clerk, Kinnegar
Bell, Wm., grocer, High Street
Blakely, Mrs., grocer, Downshire Road
Bosence, Richard, custom house officer, Shore Street
Bosworthwick, Mrs., Church Street
Boyd, David, labourer, Church Street
Bowden, Hugh, Kinnegar
Bowden, Miss, High Street
Boyd, Robert, rent agent, Seaparks Cottage
Boyd, David, carter, Downshire Road
Boyd, Miss, lodging house, Shore Road
Boyd, Miss, grocer, High Street
Briggs, James, butler, Sullivan Street
Brown, Miss, Stewart's Place
Burns, Mrs., Railway Hotel, High Street
Burns, Thomas, grocer and car owner, High Street
Burns, Miss, Pier Hotel, Shore Street
Butler, John, grocer and baker, High Street
Butler, Mrs., lodging house, Church Street
Byers, John, carpenter, High Street
Byers, John, labourer, Downshire Road
Campbell, John, Sullivan Place
Cardy, William, butler, Spencer Street
Carlisle, Robert T. C., contractor, High Street
Carmichael, Robert, Kinnegar
Chadwick, William, butler, Church View
Christie, Mrs., Church View
Clarke, Samuel, car owner, Hibernia Place
Connelly, Mrs., Shore Street
Cooper, Hugh, High Street
Cooper, John, grocer, High Street
Cooper, James R., High Street
Cooke, James, mariner, Hayes Court
Cooke, Joseph, traveller, Downshire Road
Crozier, Francis, tailor, Shore Street
Cosgrove, Francis, carter, High Street
Cowan, Robert, labourer, Hill Street
Cowan, Robert, carter, Spencer Street
Crickard, John, mariner, Shore Street
Crickard, Mrs., laundress, High Street
Culbert, Andrew, caretaker, Town Hall
Dalzell, Samuel, gardener, Church Street
Davis, Thomas, Hibernia Place
Deverick, Thomas, tailor, Church Street
Dennison, Robert, High Street
Dickson, Ann, lodging house, Hibernia Place
Doggert, Isaac, sen., High Street
Doggert, Isaac, jun., painter, Shore Street
Doggart, James, carpenter, High Street
Donnelly, Miss, tobacconist, Shore Street
Downey, Mrs., High Street
Drimmie, George, manager Gas Works, Kinnegar
Duff, Henry, carpenter, Hill Street
Dunwoodie, Matthew, carpenter, Sullivan Street
Dunwoodie, Thomas, gardener, Church Street
Dunwoody, William, coal merchant, Shore Street
Ellison, William, watch maker, High Street
Fetherston-Haugh, Mrs., Glenside Place
Foster, Miss, stationer, High Street
Friell, William, grocer, High Street
Fullerton, Mrs., Church Street
Galbraith, Robert, Millbrook
Galloway, Margaret, laundress, High Street
Gardner, Archibald, High Street
Gardner, William, Hibernia Place
Gaunt, Wilmont (of Gaunt & Jackson, Castle Street, Belfast), Victoria Terrace
Geddis, J., letter carrier, Church View
Gilmore, James, car owner, Stewart's Place
Gilpin, Mrs., ship owner & coal merchant, Shore Street
Girvan, James, car owner, Church Street
Glancey, Edward, publican, High Street
Graham, James, mason, Spencer Street
Graham, Jane, grocer, Hill Street
Graham, Thomas, clerk, High Street
Graham, William, painter, Patton's Court
Grant, Rosina, laundress, Shore Street
Gray, Alex., coal merchant, Shore Street
Greenfield, James, rent agent, Crescent
Gresham, H., millinery, Church Street
Gribben, Edward, Farm Hill
Gunning, Mrs., stationery, Shore Street
Gunning, Mrs., Kinnegar
Hamill, Mrs., High Street
Hamilton, Wm., sea captain, Church Street
Hanna, Robert, labourer, Hill Street
Harris, Mrs., Marine Parade
Harvey, Wm. John, Shore Street
Hasleton, Miss, Church Street
Haslett, Wm., Anchor Lodge
Hayes, William, plasterer, Downshire Road
Hayes, Wm., Marino Cottage
Heron, Misses, dress makers, Sullivan Street
Heron, Wm., gardener, Sullivan Street
Holmes, John, carpenter, Downshire Road
Holmes, Mrs., Seaview Terrace, Kinnegar
Houston, Mary, lodging house, Hill Street
Houston, Robert, labourer, Spencer Street
Hunter, Thos., sec. Gas Works, Hibernia Place
Hutchinson, James, baker, Church Street
Huxley, Alexander, labourer, Spencer Street
Jackson, Thos. (of Gaunt & Jackson, Castle Street, Belfast), Roland Place
Jamison, Lowry, Hill Street
Jamison, William, plasterer, Stewart's Place
Jeffrey, Mrs., Sullivan Street
Jeffrey, William, labourer, Hill Street
Johnston, Francis, High Street
Johnston, H., umbrella manufacturer
Johnston, James, High Street
Johnston, Robert S., High Street
Johnston, William, tailor, Church View
Keag, Edward, mason, Marine Parade
Keag, Samuel, painter, Sullivan Street
Keating, John, Kinnegar
Kelly, Charles, labourer, Hill Street
Kelly, Peter, labourer, Church View
Kennedy, Miss, dress maker, High Street
Kerr, James, photographer, High Street
Keys, Robert, Gloster Terrace, Kinnegar
Kyle, William, carpenter, Millbrook
Lamont, Daniel, Belfast Hotel, High Street
Langridge, William, labourer, Church View
Lattimer, Mrs., dress maker, High Street
Lavery, Mrs., laundress, Downshire Road
Leghorn, Robert, shoe maker, Shore Street
Lemon, Henry, grocer, High Street
Lennox, David, rate collector, High Street
Lennox, James, carpenter, High Street
Lennox, James, grocer, High Street
Lennox, John, carpenter, High Street
Lindsay, Patrick, labourer, Hill Street
Low, William, Kinnegar
Lowry, John, stone cutter, Stewart's Place
Lowry, Mrs., laundress, Hibernia Place
Mack, John, photographer, Kinnegar
Magee, Ann, lodging house keeper, Hibernia Place
Magowan, Miss, grocer, High Street
Malcomson, Alexander, publican, High Street
Mallon, Mrs., nurse tender, High Street
Manning, E., Kinnegar
Martin, James, Kinnegar
Martin, Miss, High Street
Mawhinney, David, mason, Ain Hill
Maxwell, Thomas, butcher, Shore Street
Meharey, John, Cultra
Menah, Miss, Church View
Milford, Thomas, High Street
Millar, Henry, Seaside Tavern, Stewart's Place
Miller, William, cabinet maker, High Street
Milligan, R., fruiterer, High Street
Milliken, T. K., commission agent, Kinnegar
Montgomery, Miss, milliner, Church Street
Moore, John, mason, High Street
Moore, Thomas, builder, Downshire Road
Moore, W. T., brick layer, Downshire Road
Morgan, James, caretaker, Ulster Rifle Association, Kinnegar
Morgan, John, quarryman, Church Street
Morgan, Robert, Cultra Farm Yard
Morrow, William, High Street
Mullan, Wm., chimney sweep, High Street
Mulligan, Miss, School, Shore Street
Murdock, Adam, butler, High Street
Murray, Bernard, car owner, Spencer Street
Murray, Mrs., Shore Street
McCabe, Thomas, fisherman, Marine Parade
McCadden, Charles, Kinnegar Hotel
McCann, George, Star Inn, High Street
McCann, John, merchant, Cultra
McCaugherty, Robert, carter, Downshire Road
McClelland, Alex., mason, Church Street
McCourtney, Edward, gardener, Sullivan Street
McCourtney, John, carter, Morrow's Lane
McCrea, James, coachman, Cultra Street
McCreave, James, Kinnegar
McCrory, Mrs., fruiterer, Shore Street
McCullough, John, Glenside Place
McCullough, Miss, High Street
McCutcheon, David, tailor, Hibernia Place
McDonald, Miss, Church View
McDonnell, Francis, pawn broker, Church View
McDowell, Patrick, shoe maker, High Street
McFall, Mrs., Kinnegar
McGarry, John, gardener, Downshire Road
McGee, David, newsagent, High Street
McGee, John G. (of J. G. McGee & Co., clothiers)
McHugh, Edward B., Millbank
McIlroy, Mrs., Stewart's Place
McKelvey, Mrs., nurse tender, Hibernia Place
McKeown, David, labourer, Hill Street
McLaughlin, Henry, carpenter, Church Street
McMaster, George, clerk, Shore Street
McMaster, Henry, grocer, High Street
Neeson, William, carpenter, Church Street
Newell, William, labourer, Church View
Nicholl, John, Stewart's Place
Nicholson, William, Ballymenoch
Nimick, William, builder, High Street
Noble, Thomas, labourer, Shore Street
O'Neill, Christopher, Shore Street
Patterson, Fanny, High Street
Patterson, George, carpenter, Lennox Cottage
Patterson, George, saddler, High Street
Patterson, James, publican, High Street
Patton, David, shoe maker, High Street
Patton, Hugh, shoe maker, Church Street
Patton, Samuel, Bellevue
Patty, John, butcher, High Street
Pink, James, mason, Church View
Pink, James, jun., mason, Kinnegar
Pink, Misses, dress makers, Church View
Porter, Mrs., Church Street
Priestly, Robert, Kinnegar
Purdy, William, Church View
Quinn, Bernard, Marine Parade
Quinn, Thomas, provision merchant, Kinnegar
Rainey, Robert, shoe maker, Church Street
Rankin, Hugh (of Rankin Bros., watch makers, jewellers and opticians), Sullivan Place
Raymond, George, Shore Street
Rea, James, carter, Downshire Road
Robinson, George, fowl dealer, High Street
Roden, Mrs., Cultra
Roe, Miss, The Bazaar, Shore Street
Roseman, William, labourer, Spencer Street
Ross, Margaret, lodging house keeper, High Street
Savage, Hugh, carpenter, Shore Street
Savage, James, Strand Street
Schmidt, J. C., Kinnegar
Sedgwick, Richard, Church Street
Sedgwick, William, shoe maker, Church Street
Shanks, John, hardware and general merchant, High Street and Church Street
Shannon, James, mariner, High Street
Simpson, Richard, labourer, Spencer Street
Shields, William, Hibernia Place
Sloan, Hugh, car owner, Church View
Sloan, James, mason, Hill Street
Speers, Adam, teacher, Sullivan's Place
Stevenson, Hugh, tailor, Lennox Place
Stephenson, Thomas, baker, High Street
Stewart, George, carpenter, Church Street
Stewart, Hugh, mason, Strand Street
Stewart, James, Downshire Road
Sullivan, John, carpenter, Church Street
Sullivan, Mrs., Downshire Road
Symington, James, grocer, Shore Street
Titterington, Henry, watch maker, Church Street
Torney, Mrs., Marine Place, Kinnegar
Torrington, Henry, grocer, Church Street
Vance, Miss, milliner, High Street
Wardlow, Charles, sawyer, High Street
Watt, Thos., grocer and provision merchant, High Street
Watters, Joseph, Church Street
Wetheral, William, Kinnegar
White, Frederick, Kinnegar
Wiber, James, The Crescent
Wills, George C., The Café, Shore Street
Wilson, Alexander, pensioner, Hill Street
Wilson, Hugh, gardener, Ain Hill
Wilson, Hugh, plumber, gas fitter, etc., High Street
Wilson, Thomas, shoe maker, Church Street
Wilson, Thomas, labourer, Church Street
Wilson, Wm. W., clothier, Church Avenue
Wilson, William, gardener, Stewart's Place
Wilson, William, mason, Kinnegar
Withers, Mrs. Mary, Railway Hotel, Hibernia Place
Woods, Peter, gardener, Downshire Cottage
Woodcock, Henry, Marine Place, Kinnegar
Woodside, John, Spencer Street
Woodside, Thomas, Spencer Street
Worth, Joseph, Anchor Lodge, Kinnegar
Wright, John, shoe maker, High Street

KEADY                     top

Keady, is a small market and post town six miles S.S.W. from Armagh, situated on the river Callan, on the road to Castleblayney. It has been placed under the Towns' Improvement Act since January, 1862. The manufacture of linen is carried on to a considerable extent in the neighbourhood, and in the town are three flax spinning mills and three corn mills immediately adjoining. The places of worship are the Episcopal Church, churches for Presbyterian and Wesleyan Methodists, and a Roman Catholic Chapel. The town was first lighted with gas on the 20th February, 1853. Markets for corn are held on Monday and Thursday and on Friday for general commodities. Fairs, the second Friday in every month.

Post Office - Alex. Small, post master. Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South, likewise from England, arrive every morning at 6.45 ; and are despatched every morning at 10.40 and every evening at 8.10. Letters from Scotland, via Armagh, arrive every day at 2.30 ; and are despatched every morning at 10.40 and every evening at 8.10 p.m.
Petty Sessions every alternate Thursday
Magistrates - W. A. Irwin, John Douglas, Robt. Boyd, Major Thos. Simpson and Wm. McKirk
Constabulary Station - Acting constable, Edward Crossen

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Rev. R. Oulton, rector
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. Henry W. Carson, D.D.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Geo. Steen
Wesleyan Church - Various ministers
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Kelly, P.P.

Public Institutions

Northern Bank - Wm. John Duff, manager ; Isaac Graham, cashier
Hibernian Bank - Open on market days
Parochial National School - R. McKenna, teacher
National Schools - J. Patterson and Miss Potts, teachers
Roman Catholic School - Edward Quin, teacher
Roman Catholic School - Girls - The Nuns of St. Clare, teachers
Dispensary - John Dobbin, M.D., surgeon

Clergy, Gentry and Professional

Carson, Rev,. Henry W., D.D.
Donnelly, Rev. J.
Dobbin, John, surgeon
Gardiner, William, Tullyglush House
Hanratey, Rev. T., C.C.
Kelly, Rev. P., P.P.
Kirk, William, J.P., Annavale
Lepper, John, M.D., surgeon, fever hospital ; also chairman of Town Commissioners
Oulton, Rev. Richard, rector
Quinn, Rev. P., C.C.
Steen, Rev. George

Traders, etc.

Acheson, John, joiner
Barrett, Mrs., baker and grocer
Bell, D., beam master
Bell, David, grocer
Bellew, Peter, car driver
Boyle, James, shoe maker
Boyle, J., boot maker
Brannon, P., spirit merchant and hotel keeper
Cairns, Patrick, brogue maker
Callaghan, Ann, grocer
Callaghan, Owen, grocer
Campbell, A., hotel, etc.
Campbell Brothers, haberdashers
Campbell, Peter, hotel keeper
Campbell, Thomas, grocer
Campbell, Catherine, confectioner
Carbery, J., corn dealer
Carlan, P., tinsmith
Casey, Nancy, green grocer
Clark, Mrs., spirit dealer and post car establishment
Conroy, John, sen., grocer
Conroy, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Cunningham, John, blacksmith
Cunningham, John, nailer
Curry, P., general dealer
Daly, Anthony, baker
Davison, Miss, haberdasher
Devlin, Peter, buyer
Dougherty, James, brogue maker
Duffy, Francis, entertainment and lodging
Dumigan, P., spirit dealer
Dunbar, William, nail maker
Eccles, H., spirit and provision dealer
Eccles, J. J., haberdashers and undertakers
Eccles, R. I. & Co., grocers and seedsmen
English, J., draper
Feighan, Felix, grocer
Feighan, Mrs., haberdasher and draper
Feighan, John, shoe maker
Finlay, Luke, watch maker
Frikelton, Mrs., dress maker
Gallagher, William, saddler
Gibson, Samuel J., spirit dealer and grocer
Gillespie, F., civil bill officer
Gorman, P., grocer
Gorman, Patrick, haberdasher
Graham, Joseph, woollen draper
Gray, M. A., haberdasher
Halliday, John, boot maker
Heanon, J., butcher
Henderson, A. S., haberdasher
Hollywood, Patrick, baker
Houston, John, grocer
Hunter, William, tinsmith
Hughes, B., earthenware, etc.
Hughes, F., grocer
Hughes, John, haberdasher
Hughes, John, public carrier
Hughes, Patrick, baker
Hughes, M., linen dyer
Kane, Wm. & Son, general ropers
Kavanagh, Charles, spirit merchant
Kelly, Arthur, spirit dealer and grocer
Kerr, John, grocer, spirit dealer and lemonade manufacturer
Kirkpatrick, Jane, grocer
Malone, Charles, baker
Mills, W., butcher
Moan, P., spirit dealer
Morrow, J., draper
Mulgrave, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer
McAfee, Mrs., muslin agent
McArthur, J., general ware
McAteer, Patrick, blacksmith
McAughey, James, tailor
McBennett, James, tailor
McBride, G., tax collector
McBride, Joseph, baker and grocer
McCabe, Samuel, painter and glazier
McCall, J., tax collector
McCardle, Bernard, marine store keeper
McCardle, James, marine store keeper
McClung, D., cooper
McCrory, James, nail maker
McElroy, J., muslin agent
McGaughey, William, tailor
McGinn, James, butcher
McGroary, George, brogue maker
McGroary, James, nailer
McGuirk, John, painter and glazier
McIlroy, Mrs., dress maker
McKean, Sons & Co., flax spinners
McKee, Michael, victualler
McKinnite, Patrick, shoe maker
McKinney, J., spirit dealer
McKnight, Wm., boot maker
McKnight, Patrick, shoe maker
McLelland, George, coach builder
McShane, L., beam master
McWhirter, Hugh, public carrier
Nicholson, Francis and John, grocers and undertakers
Nicholson, William, grocer, delf dealer, etc.
Nugent, E., provision dealer
Nugent, Edwin, marine store keeper and car owner
Nugent, James, tailor
Nugent, William, public carrier
Oliver, Benjamin, builder
Quinn, E., clerk to commissioners
Quinn, Patrick, grocer
Reaney, John, joiner
Reilly, W. J., haberdasher and general grocer
Reynolds, P., spirit dealer
Rolston, Miss, haberdasher
Shaw, James, joiner
Shaw, Mrs., dress maker
Shevlin, B., clothes dealer
Small, A. & S., drapers and tailoring establishment
Strachran, Miss, grocer
Thompson, Edward, sheriff's officer
Thompson, J., boot maker
Thompson, Mrs., haberdasher
Thompson, Robert, petty sessions clerk and stamp office
Traynor, James, gardener
Vallely, John, joiner
Waddell, R., grocer
Walker, J., grocer
Watson, Mrs., haberdasher
Wilson, George, shoe maker
Woods, B. & T., grocers
Woods, O., spirit dealer and car proprietor
Woods, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer
Young, T., tailor


Cars leave Keady for Armagh at 7.45 and 10.45 a.m., 3.45, 6 and 8 p.m., to catch 9.12 a.m., 3.0, 5 and 7.31 p.m. trains respectively for Belfast ; arriving from Armagh at 7.0 and 7.20 a.m., 12.15, 2.30 and 8.30 p.m.; leave for Castleblayney at 12.30 and 3 p.m.; arriving from Castleblayney at 10.30 a.m., and 3.30 p.m.

KILKEEL                  top

Kilkeel, is a small thriving town in the Barony of Mourne, about fourteen and a half miles from Newry, and nearly half a mile from the open coast. The town is composed of 6 streets, Greencastle Street, Newry Street, Fountain Street, Newcastle Street, Quay Street and Bridge Street, and a new pier, capable of admitting vessels of 14 feet draught, is erected near the River Foot, which is of great advantage as a fishing station. There is now a ship building yard at the quay, owned by Mr. Painter. There is a neat Church, two Presbyterian Churches, and a Moravian Church. There is a Market House, and the Kilmorey Arms Hotel, and Royal Hotel. On the Eastern side of the town, beyond the bridge leading to Newcastle, are the ruins of the old church and its churchyard. There is a market every Wednesday, a flax market every Tuesday, and a fair the last Wednesday of each month. Petty Sessions Court is held last Tuesday in each month. There are free schools, supported solely by the trustees of the Earl of Kilmorey and the Rector of the parish. The Belfast Banking Company have opened a branch, and erected a handsome and commodious building for their office. Population in 1871, 4,338.

Post Office - Henry Vaughan, postmaster

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Parish Church - Rev. John Forbes Close, A.M., rector ; Rev. E. O'Brien Pratt, A.B., curate
Church of Ireland - Annalong - Rev. Alexander Dudgeon, incumbent
Mourne Presbyterian Church - Rev. Samuel Mateer ; Rev R. White, assistant
Kilkeel Presbyterian Church - Rev. Geo. Nesbett
Moravian Church - Rev. Mr. Oates
Roman Catholic Chapel - Very Rev. George Maguire, P.P.; curates, Rev. F. Magennis, Rev. M. O'Brien

Public Institutions

Coastguard Station - Chief Boatman, Leestone, Mr. Jones ; chief officer at Greencastle, Mr. J. Davis, R.N.
Belfast Bank - M. Wilson, manager
Hibernian Bank - W. F. Joyce, manager
Guardians of the Kilkeel Union (ex-officio) - Viscount Newry, Mourne Park, Rostrevor, chairman ; Charles A. Von Steiglitz, Knockbarragh Park, Rostrevor ; Alexander Stewart, Ballyredmond, Rostrevor ; John Q. Henry, Mourne Abbey, Kilkeel ; James Walmsley, Ballykeel House, Kilkeel ; The Earl of Roden, Tullymore Park, Bryansford ; Jas. McIlwaine, Cranfield House, Kilkeel ; David Marlen, Lecaine, Rostrevor ; John B. Kingscote, Bryansford ; John Moore, Moore Lodge, Kilkeel, vice chairman ; Fras. Horner, Strathmore, Rostrevor ; General John M. Percival, Drummondeney (Drummondoney), Kilkeel ; Major Wm. Jas. Hall, Narrow Water, Warrenpoint ; Earl Annesley, Castlewellan ; Richard K. Boyd, Ballydugan House, Downpatrick ; Viscount Bangor, Castleward, Strangford. Clerk, Mr. Thomas Graham ; master, Mr. Saml. Ormsby ; matron, Mrs. Ormsby ; Fever Hospital, Mrs. Maxwell ; relieving officer, Mr. Jas. Mackintosh ; chaplains, Church of Ireland, Rev. Edward O'Brien Pratt ; Presbyterian, Rev. George Nesbett ; Roman Catholic, Rev. George Maguire, P.P.; medical officer, Dr. Irwin ; solicitor, John Hunter Moore, Esq., Kilkeel and Newry.
Dispensary District - No. 1, Dr. H. E. Evans, medical officer ; No. 2, Dr. Irwin, medical officer - both registrars for own districts
Free School - Mr. Stanfield and Mrs. Ferguson, teachers ; infant school, Miss Maria McConnell, teacher
Constable of Police - R. Moore
High Constable of Barony of Mourne - Patrick McKey

Clergy, Gentry, etc

Atkinson, Miss, Greencastle Street
Boyle, Mrs., The Fort
Brown, John, "The House that Jack Built, Glassdrummond
Burnside, Rev. Samuel, Annalong Cottage
Chambers, Mrs., washing, etc.
Close, Rev. J. F., Mourne Rectory
Doran, R., pensioner
Dudgeon, Rev. Alex., Annalong Parsonage
Evans, Dr., Newcastle Street
Floyd, Mrs., The Nest
Greer, Mr., Eastwood
Henry, John Quin, J.P., Mourne Abbey
Irwin, Dr., Greencastle Street
Joyce, W. F., Greencastle Street
Keating, Rev. James, Lower Mourne
Lee, H., rent office
Lucas, Miss, Glenview
Matier, H. A., manager Norton & Co.'s cars
Mateer, Rev. Samuel, The Manse
Moore, John, J.P., Moore Lodge
Moore, John Hunter, solicitor
Moore, Miss, Cranfield
McIlwaine, James, J.P., Cranfield House
McNeilly, James, Glassdrummond House
McCreight, James, Packolet
McMahon, Mr., Brackenagh Hall
Needham, Francis Charles (Viscount Newry), Mourne Park, Rostrevor
Niblock, Mr., Shannon Grove
Nesbitt, Rev. George, Springfield House
Newel, W., Benagh House
Oates, Rev. Mr.
Orr, John, grocer and general merchant
Painter, Mr. W., Church View
Percival, General John Maxwell, Drummondoney
Pratt, Rev. Edward O'Brien, Greencastle Street
Senior, Mrs. Col., Glassdrummond House
Synnot, Mrs., Lisnacree Cottage
Thompson, Mr., Glassdrummond
Walmsley, Andrew, Riverside
Walmsley, James, J.P., Ballykeel House
Walmsley, Henry, The Green
Waring, Mrs., Lisnacree
Wilson, Moses, Belfast Bank

Traders. etc

Annett & Co., woollen drapers
Annett, Jane, dress maker
Annett, John, woollen draper
Annett, John, Royal Hotel and Posting Establishment
Annett, C., grocer
Baird, F., carter
Baird, J., tailor
Bingham, John, carpenter
Bond, J., pensioner
Boyd, Hugh, clog maker
Boyd, Mary, woollen draper
Boyd, James D., news agent, agent for the Belfast News Letter and Weekly News and Newry Telegraph, Greencastle Street
Boyd, Robert, watch maker and petty sessions clerk
Bragdon, Patrick, butter buyer and baker
Burns, Edward, saddler
Buchannon, ?, coal merchant
Byers, Robert, tailor
Campbell, W., shoe maker
Campbell, Ann, haberdasher, etc.
Campbell, Terence, blacksmith
Chambers, John, boot maker
Clarke, William, corn merchant
Collins, Patrick, lodgings
Crutchley, Andrew, woollen draper and spirit dealer
Cummin, Ann, haberdasher and dyeing agent
Cunningham, Patrick, grocer and leather dealer
Cunningham, Mrs., woollen draper
Cunningham, Patrick, grocer and leather dealer
Curragh, Mrs., woollen draper
Curran, Daniel, baker
Crory & Co., grocers and spirit dealers
Dalzell, Robert, dealer in china and delph
Donoughoe, James, turner
Doran, Arthur, driver of Newcastle long car
Doran, Henry, driver of Warrenpoint long car
Doran, J., car owner
Doran, Nicholas, saddler
Doyle, James, grocer and coal merchant
Doyle, John, woollen draper
Fegan, E., carter
Ferguson, J., carpenter
Flanaghan, J., grocer and butter buyer
Foy, John, boot maker
Galbraith, T., sail maker
Glenny, H., labourer
Gordon, Wm., contractor
Goodfellow, W., marine store and bill poster
Graham, James, emigration agent and registrar of marriages
Graham, Thomas, Clerk of the Union ; superintendent registrar of births, etc.
Graham, John, shoe maker
Grills, Thomas, harbour master
Gordon, A., lodgings
Hagan, James, baker, spirit dealer and grocer
Hill, Mrs., spirit dealer
Haughey, Hugh, mason
Hall, R., clog maker and shoe maker
Henderson, Mrs., spirit dealer
Henry, Mrs., dealer in china and delph
Henry, Mrs., lodgings
Hillis, Mrs., dress maker
Hamilton, William, mason
Haughy, Felix, mason
Hanna, C., mason
Hanna, T., shoe maker
Irvine, John, shoe maker
Jordan, Mrs., grocer
Kenmure, Robert, painter and glazier
Kenmure, E., painter, glazier and grocer
Larkin, Hugh, school teacher, etc.
McCann, ?, carpenter and joiner
Mackintosh, James, relieving officer
Magee, Henry, shoe maker
Martin, J., woollen draper
Martin, Matthew, baker and spirit dealer
Mathers, Samuel, nailer
Miller, Miss, dress maker
Miness, Mrs., spirit dealer and grocer
Mitchell, J., farmer, etc.
Mitchell, Mrs., confectioner
Morgan, A., grocer and coal merchant
Morgan, Edward, carpenter
Morgan, Brothers, spirit dealers, bakers and grocers
Morgan, J., carpenter
Mullingan, Miss, dealer in china and glass
McCartin, Mrs., spirit dealer, grocer and fowl dealer
McCleland, ?, school teacher and music master
McConvill, John, butcher
McCourt, John, lodgings
McCullough, George, blacksmith
McDowel, S., carpenter
McGovern, J., tinsmith
McIntosh, J., carpenter
McKee, Thomas, baker and grocer
McKee, T., carter
McKee, W., boat owner
McKibben, William, spirit dealer
McKnight, George, carpenter, grocer, spirit dealer and contractor
McKnight, William, sawyer
McMullen, Robert, civil bill officer
McMurrey, W., grocer
McVeagh, Hugh, butcher
McVeagh, James, butcher
McVeagh, James, carter
McVeagh, P., lodgings
McVeigh, Captain, grocer and boat owner
Newell, Mrs., grocer
Orr, C., farmer
Orr, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer
Orr, Miss, bonnet maker
Orr, F., grocer
O'Hare, Thomas, butcher
Pews, ?, grocer
Quin, John, carter
Reynolds, Mrs., dress maker
Rooney, C., tailor
Ross, Mrs., grocer
Russell, Hugh, saddler and lodgings
Shannon, S., grocer and spirit merchant
Sloan, W., glazier
Sloan, W., baker
Small, Peter, grocer
Sullivan, M., grocer
Thompson, Mrs., baker and grocer
Vaughan, H., woollen draper and post master
Walmsley, Hugh, saddler
Wightman, John, sexton
Wightman, John, tailor
Wilson, A., car owner
Woods, D., nailer
Woods, S., Kilmorey Arms Hotel
Wilson, Thomas, painter and glazier
Wilson, Wm., carpenter


Royal Mail from Newcastle at 11.10 a.m.; from Warrenpoint (Rostrevor), at 11.20 a.m.; a mail car leaves Newry at 4 a.m., and arrives in Kilkeel at 7 a.m.; Norton & Co.'s long car leaves Kilkeel at 7 a.m. and arrives in Newcastle at 9 a.m.; Norton & Co.'s long car leaves Kilkeel for Warrenpoint at 7.20 a.m. and arrives in Warrenpoint at 9.25 a.m. Norton & Co.'s mid day cars arrive from Newcastle and Warrenpoint ; a mail car leaves Kilkeel at 12.25 p.m.; a mail car arrives in Kilkeel at 2 p.m.; in the evening, Norton & Co.'s cars return to Newcastle and Warrenpoint ; a mail car leaves Kilkeel at 6 p.m. for Newry ; Norton & Co.'s long car returns from Warrenpoint at 6 p.m.; Norton & Co.'s long car returns from Newcastle at 8.35 p.m.; a car leaves Kilkeel at 2 p.m. for Warrenpoint (Rostrevor). Messrs Norton & Co.'s Royal Mail car leaves Kilkeel at 3.30 p.m. Newcastle car of Messrs. Norton & Co., now carries Annalong mail bag, arriving at 11.10 a.m.; leaves Kilkeel for Annalong at 3.30 p.m. with mail bag.

KILLYLEAGH                     top

Killyleagh, a  market and seaport town, formerly a Parliamentary borough, in the County Down, about sixteen miles S.E. from Belfast, situated at the head of a creek on the West shore of Strangford Lough, on the road from Downpatrick to Belfast. There are two extensive linen yarn spinning mills, containing 40,000 spindles and employing 1,500 hands. The Hamiltons, created Lords Clandeboye, and subsequently Earls of Clanbrassil, formerly resided in an ancient castle at one extremity of the town. It is now the residence of the Hamilton family, who, with Lord Dufferin, own the town and estate contiguous. The magistrates assemble in Petty Sessions monthly. The church is a handsome cruciform structure, with a tower, surmounted by a spire of good proportions. It was originally erected in 1640, in 1812 was re-built, and has lately been much extended. There are two Presbyterian Churches, a Methodist Chapel, a Roman Catholic Chapel, and two National Schools. Sir Hans Sloan, the celebrated naturalist and physician, was born here on the 16th April, 1600, and the house in which he was born, in Back Street, is still habitable. The market is held on Friday ; fairs, April 10th and October 11th. Shrigley Mills and the town contained, 1869, 2,730 inhabitants, and there is no public house in it. Shrigley Mill, the site of one of the flax spinning mills adjoining Killyleagh, has a population of 1,021 ; former proprietor, John Martin, Esq., J.P., now owned by a Limited Liability Company, under the title of John Martin Limited. There is attached to the mill an infant school, male school, and a female school, under the National Board. Patron, Lachlan Maclaine, Esq. The income from house property alone at Shrigley Mill, is upwards of a thousand pounds annually. This village was erected by the late J. Martin, Esq., and the houses are all occupied by the workers of John Martin Limited. The mill, schools, and dwellings would well repay the inspection of visitors ; they are an ornament and credit to any neighbourhood.

Places of Worship

Church of Ireland - Parish Church, Churchhill Street - Very Rev. E. B. Moeran, D.D., Dean of Down ; Rev. Richard Ray, A.B., curate
First Presbyterian Church, Plantation Lane - Rev. Andrew Breakey ; res., The Manse, Back Street
Second Presbyterian Church, Cross Street - Rev. A. McCreery ; res., The Manse
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shore Street - Ministers various
Roman Catholic Chapel, Irish Street - Rev. Edward O'Connor, P.P.

Public Institutions

Young Ladies' School, Back Street - Miss McDonnell and Miss Caroline Martin, teachers
National School, in connection with Second Presbyterian Congregation, Irish Street - William Davison, teacher
National School - Robt. Thompson and Matilda Louisa Frew, teachers
Killyleagh Gas Co. (Limited) - Capital, £2,000
Stamp Office, Front Street - H. S. Guiney, distributor
Constabulary Station, Back Street
Masonic Hall Cross, Street
Orange Hall, Irish Street

Nobility, Gentry, etc.

Bailie, Major James, J.P., Ringdufferin
Breakey, Rev. Andrew
Douglas, Captain, Ballymacarron
Dufferin and Clandeboye, Right Hon. Lord Gordon, Robt. F. Delamont and Florida
Hamilton, Gawn R., J.P., D.L., Killyleagh Castle
Heron, Francis, Irish Street
Heron, James, J.P., Tullyverry House
Hind, Joseph G., director, Killyleagh Flax Spinning Co. (Limited)
Lindsay & Sons, horticulturists and nurserymen, Killyleagh and Downpatrick
MacLaine, Lachlan, director, of John Martin (Limited), Killyleagh
McCreery, Rev. A., Manse
Orr, Adam, M.D., surgeon, Catherine Street
Ray, Rev. Richard, M.A., Ballytrim House
Shaw, Wm. C., surgeon and apothecary, Front Street
Shiel, R. G., M.D., and surgeon, medical officer of dispensary
Patterson, L., Clandeboye, agent to the Dufferin estate

Traders, etc.

Boyd, J., boatman
Davison, Wm., school master
Fury, James, hotel keeper
Jamison, Fred., saddler
Keenan, Patk., grocer
Morrison, Michael, baker
McCausland, John, merchant
McCausland, John, spirit dealer
Patterson, Misses, milliners
Tweedie, F., carpenter

Adams, John, carpenter
Morton, Alex., gardener
Martin, Henry, butler

Durphy, Henry, stone mason
Field, Wm., shoe maker
Greer, Davis, carpenter
Hamilton, John, stone mason
Heron, Francis, gentleman
Murland, John, blacksmith
National School
Rea, James, grocer
Scott, Wm. John, machinist

Gibson, Jas., carpenter, etc.
Holland, Jas., tailor
Watson, T. & J., slaters

Dick, Wm., grocer
Gordon, Arthur, mechanic
Hamilton, Geo., stone mason
Megilton, Henry, baker
McCardell, John, haberdasher
McCrea, J., nailer
Patterson, John, boatman
Police Barracks
Scott, John, machinist
Thomson, Robert, school master
Watson, Wm. John, slater

Aiken, Mrs., dress maker
Beattie, John
Blakley, James, carter
Carr, Mrs. John
Field, The Misses, dress makers
Gilmore, Joseph, ship owner
Gilmore, William, ship owner
Ingram, James, shoe maker
Johnston, Saml. & John, boatmen
Lowry, Wm., carpenter
Lowry, Robt., carpenter
Megrady, James, shoe maker
Moore, Wm., carter
Morrow, John, boatman
McClurg, A., grocer and pedlar
Nicholson, James, pedlar
Skillen, James, shoe maker
Stothert, Henry, carrier (Stotharts) maybe
Strutt, George, carter

Campbell, John, grocer and pedlar
Carlisle, Robert, grocer
Clelland, George, spirit dealer
Falkner, James, hardware merchant
Field, John, ship owner
Field, Mary, haberdasher
Furey, Francis, merchant
Furey, James, haberdasher
Furey, Wm., grocer
Guiney, H. S., post master and haberdasher
Irvine, Susan, grocer
Kelly, Wm., grocer
Lawther, Misses, milliners
Lowry, H., haberdasher
Magreavy, Miss, grocer
Martin, Alex. (high constable), merchant
Martin, Lizzie C., milliner
Morrow, John, tailor
O'Halloran, Miss, haberdasher
Patterson, James, spirit dealer and grocer
Shaw, Wm., spirit dealer
Shaw, Dickson, grocer
Stratt, Robert, grocer and spinning master (Strutt) maybe
Stewart, Robert, grocer and engineer
Stotharts, Alexander, posting establishment (Stothert) maybe
Watson, David, spirit dealer
Watson, Thos., Killyleagh Spinning Company Limited

Bain, Jas., hair dresser
Hamilton, Geddis, posting establishment and spirit dealer
Moore, Saml., confectioner
Morrow, Alexander, butcher and spirit dealer
McDonnell, Miss, teacher
McKee, Mary, grocer
McKnight, John, carpenter
Neil, John, grocer and nursery man