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1434 » Austen Lennon

Location: Belfast
Date: 10.03.2020
Time: 22:38:23
one of the best sites on the net! smile

1433 » Thomas Hughes

Location: Falls Road, Belfast
Date: 24.01.2020
Time: 11:35:14
Well done a lot of hard work went into developing this website. Keep up the good work. Tommy. wink


Date: 22.01.2020
Time: 16:51:52
Looking for army records for James Doherty Territorial Army number is (1524073) how is my father Enlisted at Belfast on (23/10/39)in to H.A.A.regt.RA. or corps 459 or134(M) BTY.RA./Place of Birth Londonderry in (17/10/1898) parish.derry. in Lisaghmore Aghadowey co Derry If you can help me with this please let me know. Desmond Doherty thumbup

1431 » James Gildea

Location: Belfast
Date: 13.01.2020
Time: 19:31:31
Excellent reading of Lost Rowan of which i am related through my late grandmother Susan Rowan, thankyou so much for your information on this great site.

1430 » Brandy

Location: Pacific NW, USA
Date: 12.01.2020
Time: 23:31:56
Great site. Thank you for your hard work and making it available to all. thumbup

1429 » Lesley Reilly

Location: Belfast
Date: 08.01.2020
Time: 08:53:00
I’ve just enjoyed a stroll down memory lane through using this site. Thank you so much for investing the time and energy into creating it

1428 » Bradley Burns

Location: Calgary, Canada
Date: 07.01.2020
Time: 07:23:15
Looking and found information regarding my great grandparents Mathew Burns and Mary Ann Black who immigrated to Canada in 1887. They were married in Belfast in 1885, July 17th.

1427 » Mal Walker

Location: Australia
Date: 21.12.2019
Time: 05:14:33
Many thanks I was able to confirm my fathers address @ birth and also addresses that my Great Grandfather and Grandmother resided. Invaluable !!!

1426 » Tommy murray

Location: Newry
Date: 12.12.2019
Time: 23:57:05
Love your sites ,,,and it's free ,,I always use your surname sites

1425 » David William Jackson

Location: Carrickfergus (born in Belfast)
Date: 09.12.2019
Time: 19:22:39
Thank you for creating this information. It has brought my father and I great joy looking through the various street directories over the generations of all our past relatives and folk he/we once knew or remember through the stories past down throughout the years. I am a Jackson descended from the Lanark street Jackson’s and the Fyffe’s from James Street. I will bookmark this site and share with friends so as they can enjoy it the same way that we have. David 👍🏽

1424 » Denise McBride

Location: New Zealand
Date: 04.12.2019
Time: 04:52:32
I have used your site a few times over the years and it is just so excellant!! I transcribe historical records myself and know what a huge effort goes into doing so. I want to thank you and your team for doing a great job.

1423 » G. McPhee

Location: USA
Date: 29.11.2019
Time: 22:39:31

I found my GGF Daniel Miller (Millar) killed WW1 here and a big thank you for posting so much information! I am interested in learning more about the people and the area.

How can I obtain a copy of Portstewart Heros?

1422 » Jimmy M

Date: 26.11.2019
Time: 10:21:34
Very nostalgic to see the names from the first street I lived in. Andersonstown Pk South 1960. RIP the good people on that list

1421 » Terry McCullough

Location: Ireland
Date: 25.11.2019
Time: 20:31:35
I'm looking for James McCullough of Lettuce Hill, heres hoping.

1420 » Kenneth Bell

Location: St Leonard's
Date: 24.11.2019
Time: 13:32:16
I am new to this and hopefully I will be able to make a comment shortly

1419 » Mark Longridge

Location: Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa
Date: 21.11.2019
Time: 06:47:41
Looking for information on my paternal Grandfather, William Longridge (53350) of the Royal Army Medical Corps who fought in the Somme and succumbed in the early 1930's from complications from mustard gas inhalation.

1418 » Glynis Sproule

Date: 21.11.2019
Time: 00:47:02
I have 3 great, great uncles, who were brothers, all died in WW1, they are not listed on your page.

1417 » Robert Cleland

Location: Lisburn, Northern Ireland, ex Royal Irish Regiment Soldier.
Date: 10.11.2019
Time: 15:53:06
Hi I am trying to research more details on my Grandfather George Eva whom served in the 8th HAA regiment.

1416 » Tom Mason

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 07.11.2019
Time: 11:23:46
Very interesting and useful site, which I picked up from a posting that I made on the Belfast Forum. I replied to a message that was over a year old. I had a very rapid response (next day!) and a fund of very useful information that will save me a lot of footslogging. So well done JimG.

1415 » Maureen McMahon Gelfer

Location: England
Date: 27.10.2019
Time: 14:50:01
I'm looking for my grandfather's family. His name was James McMahon, born in 1890 at 42 Divis Street, Belfast to James and Julia ( nee Brown or Browne)

Although I have his birth certificate and his parents marriage certificate( married at the RC Church of St Malachy) and sadly Julia's death certificate, she died when only 26, I've not been able to make any further links.
James Snr was a barber and then a pub landlord with his second wife Vinnie.
I live in France now but have Irish nationality.
I would love to hear from anyone with links.

1414 » Kay Denholm

Location: Australia via NZ
Date: 21.10.2019
Time: 02:50:58
How lovely it was to see my Great Grandmother Mrs Orr (Isabella Fisher) the school mistress mentioned in Hugh's story.

1413 » Gerard Scullion

Location: Belfast
Date: 09.10.2019
Time: 10:17:04

1412 » Helen Wilson

Location: Omagh
Date: 23.09.2019
Time: 12:43:39
Just love the photos of the bank in gortin, mu husbands great uncle was the first bank manager and I would love to include the photos in a booklet that I am compiling on the family. Would you allow me to include them

1411 » michael king

Location: freckenham suffolk england
Date: 20.09.2019
Time: 10:50:07
the gunner with the monkey on his shoulder was robert alec leach he was in the 21 battery 8 BELFAST .MEET HIS WIFE IN COVENTRY ON THE JOURNEY FROM BELFAST TO SUFFOLK the monkeys name was charlie.

1410 » Victoria Jackson

Location: Ballymena originally now Manchester
Date: 19.09.2019
Time: 18:37:35
Interesting webpage. I’m trying to trace a relative Robert Redmond (Bobby). He was allegedly a B special but PRONI and RUC police archives have no record of him. He died about 1931. He was born about 1901. I am coming up constantly to dead ends. Can anyone help please? It’s very frustrating. I cannot find a death record either. Birth and marriage- yes. Death, no. I’m trying everything I can. He was from Broughshane/Ballymena.

1409 » Liam Hutchinson

Location: Ireland
Date: 11.09.2019
Time: 18:13:44
Also Drummer James Hutchinson, Leinster regiment, service no., 8944. Killed in action, 13/8/1917, France/Flanders

1408 » William Hoey

Location: Larne, Northern Ireland
Date: 01.09.2019
Time: 13:47:21
I found this site very interesting and helpful

1407 » Noel

Location: Bangor
Date: 28.08.2019
Time: 20:57:35
You're an extremely valuable web site

1406 » Joshua Dineley

Location: Belfast (Now Western Australia)
Date: 18.08.2019
Time: 12:57:07
Located many relatives and their addresses through this web site. Many thanks for your efforts.

1405 » Fred

Location: UK
Date: 10.08.2019
Time: 11:28:55
Thank you so much for this website, I was fortunate enough to obtain some WW1 medals and found a picture of the gentleman who was awarded them (and awarded the Military Medal for bravery which wasn't in the group). I will cherish them always.

1404 » Denis Allen

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 10.08.2019
Time: 00:56:59
Great site.

1403 » Adam Wylie

Location: detroit,m.i., usa
Date: 08.08.2019
Time: 17:24:40
I'm signing because you asked. Gonna see what I find on here.

1402 » Noreen

Location: Belfast
Date: 08.08.2019
Time: 13:50:01
Love this site. So much to be found. Thank you.

1401 » marjorie baker

Location: Canada
Date: 05.08.2019
Time: 17:38:12
I would love to add my family to your "Find my Ancestors" section,
but I can't seem to find the email to send to?

I have been looking for my Andrews family for close to 30 years, the last address I have for my Uncle was 86 Botanic Ave, he owned the Crescent Private Hotel up to at least 1957, no trace of them since,
the only living Aunt I have here in Canada is having trouble with her memory and can't recall anything.

1400 » Jim

Location: Belfast Falls now N; Wales
Date: 05.08.2019
Time: 17:07:50
Lennon, you help me not just with this site but with my faith in human nature. So much hard work for the good of all. You're a star.
Wonder if you could help with a Isabella Reavey 10-2-1907 to 17-4-1934, She died at on 27 and I suspect skulduggery but I have no more info apart from she lived at 119 Lawnbrook Ave Belfast. she was my fathers mother but why do we have her maiden name and not my grandfathers?

If you cant help its OK I still think you are doing brilliant work.
All the best Jim

1399 » Colin Dickinson

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 29.07.2019
Time: 19:37:22
I am trying to find out my father's career with the RUR. His name was Richard Ridley Boileau Dickinson, and after leaving Sandhurst in 1935(?) he joined the RUR. Can you tell me anything about his service with the RUR (he was caught at Dunkirk and then went to North Africa and Italy, ending up in Greece, I think).

1398 » berni

Location: lisburn
Date: 30.06.2019
Time: 15:10:35
I found my maternal and paternal grandparents and great grandparents addresses and occupations on this site. [

1397 » ERIN

Location: belfast
Date: 19.06.2019
Time: 16:50:19
In between great website, looking for directories. 1960 + euston street, thank you.

1396 » bill

Location: glasgow
Date: 19.06.2019
Time: 11:14:42
i,m looking up my past and it has come to my attention my grandad and his brother were both bspecials my grandad was shot [william magee] his brother was killed robert magee looking for any info on this it if someone knew anything about it would be really appreciated as i,m hitting a brickwall now

1395 » William mann

Location: Bournemouth
Date: 15.06.2019
Time: 17:13:52
Great site ,so much information to be found,second to none thumbup

1394 » Dorothy Joss

Location: Belfast
Date: 15.06.2019
Time: 15:22:57
Great site. Found so many relatives here

1393 » Margaret Mooney

Location: Newtownards
Date: 06.06.2019
Time: 12:47:09
Great Website. Have just found the photo of Thomas Dowdall/Dowdell/Dowdle.
The name varied. My late mother Mary (Drysdale) Mooney, was very fond of Tommy.
He came from Magherafelt, but was often down at my Mother's home in Ballycran Beg.
His mother married my great uncle John Drysdale, who in later years worked locally. Not sure if it was Dickson's Nurseries, or Moore's of Killarn and Milecross.

1392 » Brian Robinson

Location: York England
Date: 13.05.2019
Time: 11:32:43
I'm looking for any information on the City Hospital Children's Home and also Bawnmore Children's Home on the Whitewell Road Belfast as I was placed in these astablishments back in the 1950s. Any information would be very helpful, thank you so much.

1391 » Ashley Morrison

Location: New Zealand
Date: 12.05.2019
Time: 07:52:37
Have just found this Site.I have tracked my Grandfather and other family members, this is better than the 1901 and 1911 cencus records. thumbup

1390 » A Jorgensen

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 07.05.2019
Time: 16:50:06
This is a great source of information. The only place I know that when I do a search I will find some information.

1389 » Kerry

Location: Ballynahinch
Date: 30.04.2019
Time: 07:22:09
What a wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing.

1388 » Brian F Ross-Murphy

Location: New Zealand
Date: 19.04.2019
Time: 03:21:28
Great source of information found my grandfather's and great grandfather's car index numbers plus my granduncles work phone number and my greatgrandfather's home phone number. smile

1387 » Alun Goodall

Location: Belfast
Date: 13.04.2019
Time: 18:56:32
Good site. Enjoyed a while browsing, will return. My father served in the Royal Engineers in WW2.

1386 » Anya Patterson

Location: Belfast
Date: 05.04.2019
Time: 19:11:18
Fascinating! Thank you!

1385 » Bernadette

Location: Blackpool
Date: 05.04.2019
Time: 13:20:03
This is a great resource. I am trying to find out about Hugh Macklin of 4 Penrith Street, Belfast (which is no longer around). He would have been there in 1960's.

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