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884 Emmanuel Bannon

Location: Belfast now living in Drogheda
Date: 26.04.2012
Time: 13:12:34
hoping to find my father,s links

883 Emanuel Hawthorne

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Date: 24.04.2012
Time: 19:24:02
GREAT SITE! So, so excited to have found you! Hopefully we can hook up and share information, as I see many opportunities! For starters my G.Grandfather was David Hawthorne married to Sarah Johnston ( thumbup lineage to Turtle). BTW my grandfather William-David married to Kathleen McFall, served in the Royal Engineers / Signals Corps (Ferrier / Carriage Smith) tours include France WWI, Germany, and India. I have a couple of great photos you might be interested in? My dad also William-David, married to Mary-Josephine McLaughlin, served in both the Royal Merchant Navy & Royal Navy (QM - WWII)
Did I write this was a GREAT SITE?


Location: BELFAST
Date: 23.04.2012
Time: 21:58:35

881 stephen skimin

Location: beersbridge road east belfast
Date: 23.04.2012
Time: 17:30:35
f smile antastic site. am very much interested in history of east belfast particulary the beersbridge road area. trying to find more on my surname history can you be of any help.

880 G Douglas

Location: belfast
Date: 21.04.2012
Time: 00:29:47
This is such a great site. My grandfather was in the regiment Corp A Douglas. I am trying do conduct some research to see if anyone has any photographs of him thumbup , I would love to find some thumbup

879 Sandra Douglas

Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Date: 17.04.2012
Time: 15:18:53
Fantastic website and so easy to use...a huge well done to whoever is responsible for this. Was looking for names...Moody and Heaney and found both.....will pass this on for sure...

878 Kate (nee Denison) Bell

Location: Co. Sligo, Ireland via Venice, Florida
Date: 16.04.2012
Time: 20:11:08
Informative site. Still trying to finds clues to my ancestor James T. Denison who apparently was born in 1792 and left Belfast in 1807 for Boston and settled in W. Virginia. Our family line is supposedly related to the Hertfordshire Denisons who served as deputy governor(s) in Cork, Ireland and/or Dublin during the 1600s. Help!

877 Ann Grant

Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 12.04.2012
Time: 22:17:22
Your site is marveleous, the first person was Adair, Henry Drummond who I was looking for, I was actually looking for his father.
When someone is not on the 1901 or 1911 census but does not appear to be dead where would I look.
Are there death records. Dr Thomas McC Adair and his wife Eliza jane.

876 Beth MacDonell

Location: Canada
Date: 08.04.2012
Time: 23:08:31
Researching my family tree and have hit a roadblock but thanks to your sight I have at least found an address that makes a connection!!

875 Brigid Martin

Location: Australia
Date: 06.04.2012
Time: 07:10:51
Starting the Irish Family tree and just saw your page. Hoping to be able to find members of family.

Thanks for the site


874 John O'Rourke

Location: Sligo, Ireland
Date: 05.04.2012
Time: 19:14:43
smile Ten out of ten for a great website!

Keep up the good work!

873 Ralph DeLange

Location: Montana, USA
Date: 01.04.2012
Time: 20:38:31
Just came across the site. I have 2 uncles who were in WWI and were born in Glassdrumman, Down. I will find their unit numbers and send.

872 John Magennis

Location: Brampton Canada
Date: 31.03.2012
Time: 23:20:47
Just found your site

871 Bee Hutchison

Location: Belfast
Date: 28.03.2012
Time: 21:38:57
Would love to hear from anyone researching Hutchison/Hutchinson
Also Thomas Cunningham served in Ennislilling Fuseliers WW1
at Somme reg no 13098

Thanks for your wonderful site thumbup

870 Cliff Truesdale

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 28.03.2012
Time: 14:35:57
I love using this site regular as i come from Belfast and its brilliant finding all the old names to recapture my past..and more helpful with family trees.

869 John Kelly

Location: Hampshire England
Date: 22.03.2012
Time: 20:30:11
I have read with great pleasure this memoir and wish LennonWylie al long and happy retirement. I was only a boy during the second world war and am always interested in the experiences of those people who served to keep this country free and safe.
You are gentleman sir Good Luck to you.
John Kelly

868 Jane Rooney

Location: Australia via Eccles and Kildare
Date: 22.03.2012
Time: 04:30:50
I use this page often but I am wondering If you are related to people I am doing research for who migrated to australia and are their surname if Wylie? Their Grandfather was Frederick Ernest Wylie 1886 who died 1925 in Sydney Australia?

Please contact me if you are they have a Michael Wylie in Belfast who is their cousin

Jane Rooney

867 Mark AJR Lennon

Location: Lurgan. Co. Armagh, N. Ireland
Date: 21.03.2012
Time: 16:13:13
Hi, I stumbled across your website. I ma Lennon from Lurgan, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland and currently live in Liverpool. Do you have Lennon relatives from Lurgan? Ive been trying to locate relatives called Lennon and Mc Creedy ( cready). My great grandfather was Henry Lennon from Arthur streedt in Lurgan. I have tons of info and photos. This website is great, you have done such a great job here and the info and photos are amazing.

866 Mike Leyden

Location: ENNIS
Date: 20.03.2012
Time: 23:01:24

Stumbled across this interesting site.........saw the name of a Patrick A. Marrinan listed.........this has aroused my curiosity as my mothers maiden name is also Marrinan..............this is a rare surname to be mainly found in Co. Clare....are there any other family background details available for the said Patrick marrinan ?
Would love to hear of any details !!!
Mike Leyden

info@ardan.ie thumbup

865 David Anderson

Location: St Andrews
Date: 20.03.2012
Time: 10:35:38
Sites like this are clearly invaluable to those who have the time and desire to know about their roots and connections. A big thank you to those who have established it.

864 Ralph DeLange

Location: Montana, USA
Date: 18.03.2012
Time: 22:23:48
Like what you've done to remember vets of WWI. My uncle Thomas Rogers and his brother, Patrick, who were born in Glasdrumman in Down, emigrated to US and served in WWI. Patrick was killed in the Battle of Belleau Wood on June 22, 1918. When I find a picture of him I will send so that he can be memorialized at your site.

863 Deborah L. Hopkins

Location: New York state
Date: 18.03.2012
Time: 01:22:44
I am a relative of the Canning family. My mother was Mary Gayle Canning, daughter of Dr. Charles Hewson Canning and Margaret Gayle Balsinger of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I am trying to make sense of the rest of the Canning family, but it's complicated! Very glad to visit your site and will keep searching to put the puzzle together! Thanks for the information I've gotten so far!.

Debbie Hopkins smile

862 Annie McDade-Davies

Location: Wollongong. Australia
Date: 10.03.2012
Time: 06:23:38
Enjoying your site, trying to find directories for NEWTOWNARDS, is it classed as a village, rather than part of the Belfast directories ?
Looking for McDADES of Wallace Sts / Pound St. JOHN McDade was born, married in Newtwonards (twice) to Eliza DOBBIN and Mary Elizabeth BOYD and died in Newtownards. Would love to hear from anyone researching McDades of Newtownards. biggrin thumbup question

861 Carol Smyth

Location: Co. Antrim
Date: 08.03.2012
Time: 15:28:02
Hope to find info on areas where I've hit a dead end

860 June Onyekwelu

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 06.03.2012
Time: 20:42:35
Great site, thank you!

859 Lara Young

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Date: 06.03.2012
Time: 12:33:34
Thank you, thank you, thank you! thumbup This is a real gem of a resource. biggrin

858 Major General Sir Robert Corbett

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 06.03.2012
Time: 11:09:15
I have been searching for the Regimental Medical Officer of 10th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles who cared for my kinsman, Second Lieutenant Bertram Corbett killed in action in France on 3 July 1916. With his Colonel and Company Commander dead, Captain Fullerton wrote most movingly to Bertie's Widow in Ulster. I believe this must be A. Fullerton MD, surgeon, of 8, University Square, Belfast. I will do some more research in the records of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Thank you

857 Sarah Thompson

Location: Rosneath Gdns, Dundonald
Date: 04.03.2012
Time: 15:55:42
Hi like your site, Thanks

856 Kui Downs

Location: Australia
Date: 02.03.2012
Time: 12:03:06
I wink have enjoyed my finds/proofs of Belfast family, and my grandfathers location in 1918.
thankyou for your effort, never thought trolling such a link would give up so much data.

855 Jim

Date: 02.03.2012
Time: 03:54:30
Looks good, hope I find what I'm looking for

854 Wendy Keys

Location: France
Date: 01.03.2012
Time: 19:23:16
This is a most interesting website. I found a clue to someone in my family from the 1918 Street Directory. Thank you very much!

853 John Caruth

Location: Bangor (since 1944)
Date: 27.02.2012
Time: 13:40:51
Wonderful site. Great pictures from the past that show us how things have changed ... I now collect postcards of old Bangor and surrounding area. It is proving fascinating and worthwhile. I shall keep your site logged on my pc for pleasure. Thanks for all the effort you have put into it. Cheers.

852 Kathleen

Location: USA
Date: 25.02.2012
Time: 02:00:44
Thank you again so much for your amazing work on this site! I am looking for information from the early to mid 1830's. Are there directories for this time period to be found anywhere? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

851 David Montgomery

Location: Australia
Date: 24.02.2012
Time: 12:32:19
Just found this site and have got loads of information from it. I am searching for relatives of Samuel Gardner Montgomery of Bangor who died in 1942.

850 sally copeland

Location: dublin
Date: 19.02.2012
Time: 18:52:27
Thank you for this wonderful facility. Found address for a mrs copeland around 1870s before but have lost my reference. The search is on again. Not so lucky this time but will keep trying. smile

849 George Hambly

Location: Australia
Date: 19.02.2012
Time: 06:47:17

I am researching family and am interested in Colonel G R R Savage and the 2 books mentioned. Please contact me.

Reply: George, you need to contact me as your email address is bouncing


gha1702@southernphone.com.au>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown

848 Wendy Burridge

Location: Derbyshire
Date: 18.02.2012
Time: 10:10:25
Well done this is an excellent website and after 4 years of searching I found my grandfather's regiment and service number which allowed me to obtain his service history. Thank you so much for all the hard work put into this site.

Anyone have any photo's of Gunner Thomas Armstrong 22nd Battery please? smile

847 karen keywan

Location: New Jersey, USA
Date: 18.02.2012
Time: 02:08:50
Just found this page. Was scrolling through for Doherty ancestors and had little information on Patrick Joseph Doherty. He was my great grandmother's brother. When I was scrolling I started seeing some of the info I have. Then saw much I did not and all of the sudden his picture is in front of me! Never had a picture of him, it gave me chills to see him finally. I have a letter he wrote his sister, my great grandmother, from the HMS Lion. It was probably the last communication she had from him. I really want to thank you for this site and can't wait to show family what I have found here. Thank you again.

846 Douglas Bruce Moody

Location: Grand Haven, Michigan, USA
Date: 17.02.2012
Time: 23:22:50
Found John Moody on here. I think it's a relative

845 Mary Agnes McAleenan

Location: Kinnear, Wyoming USA
Date: 15.02.2012
Time: 20:40:19
What a wonderful find. I will take some time to look over the information you have posted here for our use. I hope to find some links to my grandfather's brothers and sisters in County Down.

844 John Williams

Location: Birkenhead Merseyside
Date: 08.02.2012
Time: 13:59:42
Great site found my ggg Grandfather he was a boatman
in Down

843 Kim Allen

Location: England
Date: 07.02.2012
Time: 13:49:49
Re my post yesterday. I have just spoken to Mum and apparently Richard Shepherd Close's brother was also involved in the Henry McNeill Company, George Alfred Close. Also her mother Dorothy Shenton, nee Close, and her sister Dorothy Glover (nee Close) were also directors. Mum also remembers visiting the Manager who she thinks was called Henry? Forbes, she only ever called him Mr. Forbes. He lived in a bungalow out of town in the countryside. I would be very interested to know if anyone has any memories of them

842 Kim Allen

Location: Lancashire
Date: 07.02.2012
Time: 01:56:29
I came across your site whilst searching for Henry McNeill and found "McNeill, Henry, Limited, proprietors of Main Street Hotel, King's Arms Hotel, Lancashire and Yorkshire Hotel, Eagle Hotel, Garron Tower Hotel and Posting Establishment" My Great Grandfather Richard Shepherd Close was the Chairman of Directors of Henry McNeill Ltd. My mother remembers often visiting The Kings Arms in Larne and her mother Marjorie and Aunt Dorothy crocheting mats for the dressing tables in the hotel and visiting the Manager who used to live in a farm? Every year they used to receive a Turkey from the Hotel which used to arrive in a basket, complete with feathers! Was good to find some more information. I believe the Kings Arms has now been demolished. I've looked on Google Street View, is it now Dunnes Stores?

841 Anna McAvoy

Location: Donaghcloney
Date: 06.02.2012
Time: 00:16:20
I am looking for the family name KELL they lived in Mallusk and Ballyvessy also in Whitewell They have aburial plot at Mallusk the Grange

840 Andy Branigan

Location: Utica NY USA
Date: 04.02.2012
Time: 04:19:31
Great website. I found it hunting for information on a banner found in my wife's late Aunt's belongings.
One side of the banner is identical to the cover page on the Regimental Gazette and the other side has the Crown, Eagle, and Faugh A Ballagh on a Black, Red, Faded Green, Red, and Faded Green striped background.
If anyone has any information I'd love to hear.
I lived in the same neighborhood with the Fusiliers' families in Tripoli in 1959 to 1963. I'd just about forgotten. The memories come from the most unexpected sources.

839 W. J. Scott

Location: Manor St, Belfast 14
Date: 01.02.2012
Time: 19:13:52

You have a great site here. I only wish it went up through 1961
If you know where I can find that info, I would greatly appreciate it. thumbup ...Thank you...

Reply: Billy, your email is bouncing back, can you contact me with a new email address please? Mary


838 graeme thomas campbell

Date: 27.01.2012
Time: 10:02:49

837 Jay McAfee

Location: Hannibal, Missouri, USA
Date: 25.01.2012
Time: 08:15:53
Interested in the McQuiggs of Islandcarragh and Bushmills area along with the McAfees. (Sam McQuigg farm photo posted here).

Sarah McAfee married John McQuigg in Co. Antrim. They came over on the "New York" arriving in New York City, NY, USA in July of 1843. Sarah's father, William McAfee (or McDuffee) Sr. and his wife, Margaret "Martha" Taggart", came over on the ship, "St. Andrew", arriving in New York City, NY on June 7th, 1838. William McAfee's father was John McAfee (or McDuffee). John came from Scotland with William McQuigg as young men before 1794. John McAfee and William McAfee lived around Ballymagarry in Dunluce Parish. I descend thru William McAfee's son, Mathew McAfee. The McAfees and McQuiggs were Presbyterians and farmers. William McAfee Sr. & his family settled near Dalton, Ohio. John McQuigg & Sarah McAfee lived near Wooster, Ohio both in Wayne Co.

836 anne campfield

Location: belfast
Date: 25.01.2012
Time: 00:45:06
any one with campfield relations

835 Yvonne Allen

Location: Hammersmith London
Date: 24.01.2012
Time: 19:14:04
smile thumbup

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