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834 Tom Irvine

Location: Belfast
Date: 24.01.2012
Time: 17:55:51
Been looking for information on my grandfather on my dad's side. Don't know anything about him. My fathers name is Thomas Corr Irvine born belfast 1939. I saw the picture of Thomas Irvine posted on your website and he looks a lot like my father. Just trying to put some genealogy together for my son.

833 willie finlay

Location: New Zealand
Date: 23.01.2012
Time: 03:25:32
very good i like it a lot imformative

832 william osder

Location: haworth,nj usa.
Date: 20.01.2012
Time: 03:52:15
This is one of my favorite sites!!, found a lot of useful info on my grandfather and great grand parents.


Location: Canada
Date: 17.01.2012
Time: 00:15:36
Looking for family links, i am sure i have many relatives back home and wish i could trace the tree. My great grandfather was William McAllister, lived in New Brunswick Canada, but came from Ireland. Had my grandfather in 1900 named James Goldwyn McAllister. He worked for the railroad and lived in Chipman.

830 Bee Hutchison

Location: Belfast
Date: 10.01.2012
Time: 15:59:13

829 lesley barber campbell

Location: lisburn city
Date: 09.01.2012
Time: 18:44:12
can anyone email me i am trying to find out my f/history,stewart campbell/nancy cromie,something to do with a mill,campbells mill, possibly hilltown,lisnamullagan???? thank you

828 malachy foots

Location: belfast
Date: 03.01.2012
Time: 14:29:49
Great to see old directories

827 Bee Hutchison

Location: Belfast
Date: 02.01.2012
Time: 21:53:04
thumbup wonderful site

826 mary rodgers

Date: 28.12.2011
Time: 22:07:46
havent been on in ages stilgreat site well back to reasearchiong my past my grand father wwi was married to Isabella Mc stravick he was henry patrick smith both lived in Foundery street
he wss born in lancashire 1984.
sohave losts more in fo but love to knowq if any relatives have any otherinfo o his motherbridget was ward from moneymore in derry

825 Marie molloy

Location: London
Date: 27.12.2011
Time: 10:03:26
Fantastic site- thank you for all your hard work. My grandfather and his brothers fought in ww1. He was killed in Flanders in 1918. I have a great photo of the four brothers in uniform with their parents taken I assume before they embarked for France in 1915' his name was Lawrence molloy, I will try to send it to you as I would love the to be included on your ww1 site.

824 Marie molloy

Location: Belfast
Date: 27.12.2011
Time: 09:48:27
Great site found a number of my relatives, thank you. I would love my grandfather Lawrence molloy added to the ww1 role, he fought in France and Flanders and was killed on September 1918. I have a great photo of him and his three brothers in uniform with their parents taken I assume before they embarked for France in 1915. I hope to get help to upload it onto your site! wink wink smile

823 Llew Williams

Location: Bangor, Gwynedd
Date: 23.12.2011
Time: 15:02:16
Very interesting site - and easy to use.
Have been trying to find something about a relative - a John R Williams - who according to a short biography of him published in the USA - managed the "Ridgways (tea ??) store in Belfast" in the period 1898-1906. Didn't find him but did find a 'Ridgway' reference

822 Peter Campion

Location: Winchcombe, England
Date: 21.12.2011
Time: 17:19:32
I am researching for a book on Irish Match Manufacturers and your site has been helpful but the years I am particularly looking for are missing!
I welcome any info that might be found.
Stirling work you have done.

821 Shaun

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 21.12.2011
Time: 12:57:18
Very useful site, really grown in the last couple of years! Writing a book on Burke and Hare, William Burke of Urney near Strabane 1792 to 1829 and William Hare of Scarva Co. Down/Armagh 1778 to 1862

820 Robert McGrogan IV

Location: Cinnamond Street Belfast in 1950
Date: 20.12.2011
Time: 14:00:54
Great site I am trying to trace the McGrogan side of the family and would be grateful if you could add my GrandFather also Robert McGrogan who fought in WWI as a Private in the 7th. Leinster Reg and later the Labour Corp., roll card numbers 2977, and 371321. He returned to Belfast following the War but I have lost all trace of him since.
Keep up the great work,

819 Katherine Clark

Location: Derry
Date: 18.12.2011
Time: 16:22:30
Great site and thanks for compiling. Very proud to find reference to my Great Great Uncle Joseph Giblin. So so young and brave.
Katherine Clark

818 graeme thomas campbell

Location: australia
Date: 18.12.2011
Time: 00:54:53
very good found where my great grandfather joseph swenarton lived.

817 Ernest McCall

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 06.12.2011
Time: 22:22:56
Hi, Re the "Lost Photo" section, chancellor Dublin, It appears to be part of the RIC Reserve Force during 1920/1. The Reserve Force is not the Black & Tans or Auxiliaries. The Reserve Force had a surgeon attached to them and the picture shows an ambulance which indicates that it may be the Reserve Force. The RF consisted of 2 x Sub Inspectors, 4 Head Constables, 200 men consisting of Sgts, Constables and Sub Constables. They travelled the length & breadth of Ireland helping local police in crowd control etc.

An excellent site.

816 Carol Zandvliet

Location: Ireland
Date: 04.12.2011
Time: 21:50:13
Fantastic Mary. Sandy Mc Closkey sent me a foto of my grandfather. If it had not been for you and this site I would never know what he looked like.
Thank you so very much.
Kind regards,

815 Anne Forbes nee McBlain

Location: Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
Date: 28.11.2011
Time: 15:27:52
I have really struggled to compile my family tree but once I found your site along with Raymond Kelly and Ros Davies, I have gone forward i leaps and bounds. I keep reurning to check for other details.

Thank you so much for your hard work and kindness in sharing this information.

warmest wishes

814 Rab Butler

Location: Belfast
Date: 24.11.2011
Time: 22:27:58
Brilliant Site

813 Alan Murray

Location: Belfast
Date: 19.11.2011
Time: 17:27:12

I moved to England in '94 and now live in north Wales. I loved your site. I enjoyed the snippets you post about your life. It seems that we have similar visitors to our gardens.

But I wanted to say what a public service you perform by posting the street directories. Keep up the good work. I'm sure I'm not the only one to find these simple documents a real source of delight.


812 shannon bush

Location: melbourne australia
Date: 18.11.2011
Time: 20:15:46
Fantastic site. Was so excited to see the photos of my grandfather Thomas Mercer posted. Thanks Mary for doing such a fantastic job.

811 Joe Burns

Location: N.IRELAND
Date: 15.11.2011
Time: 22:25:29
Looking forward to ambling through this site and recall the oul days

810 Marie Conalty

Location: Dublin
Date: 15.11.2011
Time: 17:18:31
Just in looking at the name Conalty! Great resource!

809 Debera Morrow

Location: Australia
Date: 13.11.2011
Time: 04:17:56
I'm looking forward to looking through this site. It was recommended to me from a lady I 'met' on another site!!
I am trying to trace Samuel Morrow from Killinchy County Down Ireland smile who left for Australia in 1853. Fingers crossed

808 alice graden

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 11.11.2011
Time: 15:41:02
the site has been suggested to me as one of great interest

807 Annie

Location: Canada
Date: 05.11.2011
Time: 18:07:19
I wink n the 1901 street directory for Island Street specifically no. 22 it states vacant. The inhabitants were Joseph Henry McFarland, Jessie McFarland and their children.

806 Eileen Rooney

Location: British Columbia
Date: 03.11.2011
Time: 18:55:41
I am excited about this page. It has a lot of information. I am looking for any relatives of my mother, Margaret Jane McGouran, who was born in Carrickmannon in 1904. I would love to hear from any McGourans. cheers, Eileen Rooney

805 alyson

Date: 30.10.2011
Time: 20:22:05
biggrin excellent resource - many thanks, all your hard work is very much appreciated

804 Andrew Green

Location: Essex
Date: 30.10.2011
Time: 19:24:31
My grandparents on my mothers side (Savage) are from Belfast and I found their details on the 1911 census but not 1901. Having used your website I now know they were in Belafst in 1901 and indeed 1880 - really good news. Thank you. I just need to wait for updated census information assuming that it wasnn't destroyed.

Your website is really very helpful.

803 Elaine McBrine

Location: London
Date: 28.10.2011
Time: 21:31:53
Great info about relatives I have been looking for
Many Thanks
Keep up the great work

802 Elaine

Location: South Africa
Date: 27.10.2011
Time: 15:22:35
Thank you for the information
I have been searching for my Great grandparents William and Charlotte Thompson nee Yates who sere married on the 1 Dec 1840 in the Parish Church in Killowen, Coleraine, Londonderry.
My G Grandfather John Thompson was born in Coleraine in 1844 they all emigrated to South AFrica. I am battling for info about them.
William and Charlotte's marriage was reported in the Belfast News and the Sentinel
Any help would be appreciated

801 Louise Connor Wingate

Location: New Jersey, USA
Date: 24.10.2011
Time: 03:05:40
I am trying to locate relatives in the Coleraine area who are related to my grandmother's brothers Robert and Archibald Anderson who were killed in action in WWI

800 Mary Boylan

Location: Armagh City
Date: 21.10.2011
Time: 19:01:16
Its nice to stumble upon this website, and to remember those who gave their lives to War..
My Great Grandfather served with the Royal Inniskilling Fusileers, at Gallipoli, he died of wounds recieved on 4th September 1915, and is buried in Malta..
James Henry Hutchinson.,

799 Starr Williams

Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Date: 20.10.2011
Time: 23:37:19
Looking for information on Seymours, Browns & Scully who
immigrated to N.B. 1800's

798 Sara Apps-Haigh (Nee Small)

Location: Madeira - formerly Manchester area
Date: 17.10.2011
Time: 17:17:40
I have a regimental photograph of my Father, Lieutenant (later Captain) David Leonard Small, Taken by Louis Morrison of Donegall Place, Belfast. I had no idea that my father was ever posted to Belfast and I hope to learn more about his war service. I am really glad I have found this site. smile

797 username

Date: 17.10.2011
Time: 14:31:55
Awesome website,,,

796 Bruce Sloan

Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Date: 17.10.2011
Time: 00:52:15
I am trying to connect my SLOANs to those in Northern Ireland. I know I have cousins there, as our DNA matches, but we cannot connect the genealogical trail.

795 Heather

Location: Worthing,West Sussex,UK
Date: 14.10.2011
Time: 20:59:20
I am trying to locate friends of ours from the 1980s who came from Northern Ireland but lived for some time in Maidstone in Kent. they lived on the Tonbridge Road, and did some very extensive work on their house, then moved to another address in Maidstone.
I have been trying to locate Paul and Joyce Neilland so if you know them please ask them to get in touch.

794 Heps

Location: Worthing,West Sussex,UK
Date: 14.10.2011
Time: 20:53:35
Can anyone give me information about EDWARD COCHRAN(E) who was a watchmaker in Bridge Street Belfast in 1800 + and who was his wife.

Can any one who lives in Belfast find any history of him while they are in a library doing something for themselve and could spare a little time.

I have been searching this for about 14 years with still no results I really would love to know who Edward's wife was.

793 Gerald Gormley

Location: Co Donegal
Date: 13.10.2011
Time: 10:26:08
Hi I have come upon your site by chance .I was doing some research on old post cards i have and your Web site was listed .The Post cards were sent to The Honorable Mrs Cocherne. Redcastle. Co donegal .Ireland.If any one has any Info the family it would be a great help Regards Gerald

792 Richard Langford

Date: 07.10.2011
Time: 12:32:23
thumbup Great website!

If anyone can let me know what parts of Burma the regiment was based, I'd appreciate it.

791 Rose Vivien

Location: New Zealand
Date: 01.10.2011
Time: 21:31:21
Researching the Higinbotham family, from Cootehill, County Cavan who were my mother's maternal ancestors.

790 andrea lennon

Location: edmonton alberta
Date: 29.09.2011
Time: 02:36:57
this is cool

love the lennons

doreen, ephraim, carolyn, andrea, ephraim jr.

789 Craig Doran

Location: Cumbria,United Kingdom
Date: 28.09.2011
Time: 20:36:22
I`ve been looking for my g/grandfathers family (Joseph Doran, father Edward) around the Greencastle area. reading the pages in this site brings home the life they led at that time. The places mentioned and also the people make great reading, fantasic.

788 ann maguire

Location: dublin, BUT NOW NORFOLK
Date: 28.09.2011
Time: 11:21:47
Great site, finding info on my grand parents etc.

787 Tony Rea

Location: Belfast
Date: 24.09.2011
Time: 17:01:57
Hello, I have been researching my family history for a number of years now and I find your site excellent for cross referencing many of the facts and information. Incidently I actually have a Belfast Street Directory circa 1920/21. My father had it when I was a boy and I didn't realise it's use until I started researching the family. Thanks for your efforts.

Regards Tony.

786 Lang

Date: 21.09.2011
Time: 15:40:17

Charles Vernon Dicken. 1905-06. M.A. Exhibitioner, Pembroke College, Cambridge. Egyptian Civil Service, 1906-24. C.B.E. Died, 1937.

C V Dicken was my grandfather he died in 1954 in Tangiers, Morocco. His own father Charles Gauntlett Dicken died in 1937. smile

The information in the Campbell College Register must be incorrect, I have added a note at the bottom of the page.



785 Albert York

Location: Gulfport, Mississippi
Date: 10.09.2011
Time: 15:03:55
I have been trying to locate an old friend of mine in Londonderry His name is Albert Corscaden.......Iknew him when i was stationed at the Navy Communication in Londonderry................Now that was many years ago.......in the 1950's i believe............He owned considerable Real Estate in Londerry.......He should be well known if he is still living. I did find in your Tele. Book "Corporation of Londonderry". and the name Corscaden,E.F.,Mrs.........Could it be that is his wife ?.........He was single when i knew him...................As i stated before i associated with him while i was at the Navy Communication Station there...........I also rented an appsrtment in downtown Derry from him............We became great friends..........Really wish that i could contact him if he is still alive. I'l check out Corp. of Londonderry perhaps that will help.....Also if you could get any info as to his location it really would be greatly appriciated...Thanks, Al. York

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