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784 Antoinette Victory

Location: Dublin.
Date: 09.09.2011
Time: 23:44:49
I was interested in Lieutenant Barry McGusty from Skerries.
If you have any further details I would greatly appreciate you help.

Many thanks for wonderful work on this site.

783 David Miller

Location: London.England
Date: 05.09.2011
Time: 14:56:55
I am trying to trace my Grandmothers family from Ireland. Her family made Jews/Jaws Harps in Dublin and Belfast in the late 1800's.They also had a foundry, I believe in Dublin ( Church Street ) where they made Manhole covers. Those are still visible in Dublin and will have SHARKEY cast on the surface. If anybody has information on either the Jews Harps or Manhole covers, please
Contact me vie email: bootneck58@ comcast.net

Thank you


782 David Stewart

Location: Belfast, N. Ireland
Date: 05.09.2011
Time: 13:50:13
After nearly finishing research on both sides of my family (Stewart/Hill) I have now stumbled upon your site and been able to confirm a few details and also found a couple of new pieces of information. Thanks for your work.

781 David Graham Bristow

Location: Sugar Land, TX, USA
Date: 04.09.2011
Time: 22:35:58
Stumbled on your page looking for information on my grandparents who emigrated from Belfast to Connecticut in 1923. Once I started to get hits I called up my 88 y.o. aunt who made the trip in utero. She found a decaying address book that matched up well with the street directories. I will find period photos of my grandfather William Bristow (2 Bn R.I.R.) and Thompson Bristow (KIA Cambrai, 1917.. one of the Shankill Road Boys) and post them to your WWI site.

780 Diane Gray Constable

Location: Michgan USA
Date: 04.09.2011
Time: 14:33:27
I am looking for information on Mitchell Gray's parents -mother was Mary Gray-father I believe also Mitchell-died accidentally in Belfast/near Belfast I think. Mitchell Gray emmigrated to USA in mid 1920s as did his mother Mary.

Also looking for Samuel Topping-Married to Mary. Both died in Belfast area in early 1960's they were in thier 90's

779 Roger Speers

Location: Chislehurst, Kent
Date: 01.09.2011
Time: 09:02:17
I have been looking at the photos. from The Royal Irish Fusiliers Sergeants Mess on your web site and one of the photos. has my father in it. Would it be possible to obtain a copy of this please. I appreciate that there would be a cost or a donation which I would gladly make. Many thanks. Roger Speers

778 Alex Wright

Location: Oban,Argyll
Date: 29.08.2011
Time: 18:42:30
Great site,My McBRIDE CLAN COME FROM BUSHMILLS FARM.They also had McBrides Bar.They grew grain for Bushmills whiskey.Any info or help wanted on Mcbride.

777 les skelhorn

Location: liverpool
Date: 27.08.2011
Time: 00:15:54
ty looking at 42/44 anne st belfast [npo]on a token?

776 Sally

Location: France
Date: 26.08.2011
Time: 22:31:09

Thank you, very useful, but I now need more info. Can anyone help with the Doran family who were wine merchants in Roselawn, Adelaide Park, round about 1918?

Reply: Hi Sally, you haven't left an email address

email it to me meems@marylennon.co.uk
and I can add it here or please repost your message and I'll delete this one


775 Philip Boyle

Location: New Zealand
Date: 20.08.2011
Time: 03:48:44
Wonderful. Thank-you. Yours is the first site I have found W W Alderdice of Malone Park, Dublin, an ancestor. I had made searches with the usual suspects - without luck!

774 denis hyde

Location: 826
Date: 20.08.2011
Time: 02:12:05
well done on website and plenty of information here
and can anyone here tell me the old job title which family members in the past 'Tenter' ?
please let me know soon
thanks Denis

773 Tom Burnell

Location: Dublin but living in Tipperary
Date: 12.08.2011
Time: 19:09:06
My compliments, and amazing site, your efforts deserve all the best.
I wish you every success with such a brilliant military and genealogy resource.
If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind regards.
Tom Burnell

772 Owen Evans

Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: 11.08.2011
Time: 05:17:28
Good information. Looking for info on James Harvey, Banbridge, Down, Ireland.

771 patricia moohan

Location: edinburgh
Date: 09.08.2011
Time: 19:14:41
really good site, helps when looking for other family members.

770 sarah

Location: belfast
Date: 06.08.2011
Time: 22:36:14
t thumbup his is a great site, thank you for all your hard work.

769 Janet Phelan

Location: Seattle, WA USA area, roots Waterford County Ireland
Date: 04.08.2011
Time: 21:44:14
Thank you for your hard work in this. I would be interested to know about your ongoing projects if you would care to share that with me.

768 Shaun

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 25.07.2011
Time: 17:06:16
Great website! I have always enjoyed old obscure genealogical lists and directories which I have copied over the years, being a retired professional genealogist, could be supplied for your great web-site? thumbup

767 james cairns

Location: ireland
Date: 17.07.2011
Time: 20:37:03
thank you for uploading the directories info, must have taken years.

766 Mike Henson

Location: USA, Mum from east Belfast cousin of Josiah Carruthers, killed Turkey.
Date: 10.07.2011
Time: 22:04:09
Thank you for posting this information. I only wish I had a photo to add to the information
you have.

Thank you, god bless them all.

765 Fergus Hanna

Location: Rostrevor
Date: 05.07.2011
Time: 13:02:13
Looking For Soldiers from Rostrevor and Warrenpoint


Date: 30.06.2011
Time: 15:15:40

763 Margaret

Location: Australia
Date: 28.06.2011
Time: 10:04:54
Many thanks for this site, I found people I was looking for in the Campbell College list. I was disappointed that number 441, brother of others I was interested in, is not in the list (neither are number 439 or 440). But my excitement was much more than my disappointment, thanks a lot.

762 Winsome

Location: Australia
Date: 27.06.2011
Time: 13:30:03
Thank you for all the information - just starting on my Irish family. Looking for information about William Morrow born around 1820 Londonderry, County Cork, Ireland. He married Jane Edmond around 1845 Ballygowan, County Down, Ireland. Jane was born around 1817 Ballygowan, County Down. They arrived in South Australia in 1846.

761 john wright

Location: Donaghadee
Date: 23.06.2011
Time: 23:26:22
Very good to see your photographs of my 2 great uncles on your
web site. Namely John small wright and Thomas wright from
Colerain . I have visited the grave of john very emotional
experience. Thank you for your excellent book helped to find a lot about both of them.

760 Arthur Clifford

Location: Belfast,Newtownabbey
Date: 19.06.2011
Time: 09:42:42
Good site, many thanks.
i was looking for information on Alfie Clifford from 8 Wellwynne Street, Belfast.

759 Len Murray

Location: Wiltshire
Date: 18.06.2011
Time: 13:35:07
I too have a commemorative bronze roundel for Col Robert Beech mounted in green onyx, so thank you for giving me the correct name and dod. I only bought it today in a local antique shop purely for the poignancy of its inscription and that it was no longer loved as the man it remembers had once been.

758 Phyllis Gibbons

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: 18.06.2011
Time: 11:30:31
Just delighted with your street names

757 henry flanagan-kane

Location: belfast northern ireland
Date: 08.06.2011
Time: 10:25:23
Where would I get a copy of land owners for down patrick .co down from 1900 to 1980

756 florence stewart

Location: BELFAST
Date: 06.06.2011
Time: 23:18:34
trying to find imformation on my granmas family Russell from auburn st donegall pass went to cresent church brothers soldiers ww1 george and william also james I would like to know if I can getphotos

755 sandy

Date: 02.06.2011
Time: 23:07:54

still trying to find wylie,from lower oldpark rd,1960's 1970's they had two sons, and one daughter,one son joined the merchant navy,and i love this site,thank you, for all the time you spend trying to help people find,loved ones,and friends thumbup

Reply: Hi Sandy, incase anyone has information you might want to supply an email address, if you mail me I will add it here for you


754 steven malia

Location: usa utah
Date: 29.05.2011
Time: 20:40:25
william cassidy was a manager in 1911 and 1922 according to your directories he was married to caroline cassidy

753 steven malia

Location: salt lake city utah usa
Date: 29.05.2011
Time: 20:25:22
my mothers grandparents were married in 1911 antrim william and caroline cassidy they lived 6 bawnmore road i know they were there in 1922 i am also trying to find out when they both died any help would be greatly appreciated

752 Valsgirl

Location: Brisbane Aystralia
Date: 26.05.2011
Time: 22:42:08
Thank you for this great site.
My brickwall is Mrs Elsie Hood (can't find maiden name) who lived according to my Great Aunt's Will, at 23 Northwood Street Belfast in 1953. I'm guessing Elsie was born somewhere between 1910 - 1930!! Have any of you Belfast people heard of a Hood family, that might help me, please, or have any suggestions on where I should look?
Valsgirl (Brisbane Australia)

751 Carol J

Location: Ireland
Date: 20.05.2011
Time: 21:58:13
A Valuable place for anyone with a family history, or just for looking up old street names of old Belfast.
I read books then turn to lennon/wylie to see where the street was. Fascinating, totally engrossing.
Keep up the good work Mary.... smile smile smile

750 Glen Street

Location: Williamsburg, Ont, Canada
Date: 16.05.2011
Time: 20:49:20
I spent mu youth living in the Town of Mount Royal, Quebec. during the 1950's. and on. I have a United Empire Loyalist Family background, with six Families in my tree, coming from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

749 Kathy porter

Location: Albuquerque NM
Date: 14.05.2011
Time: 20:34:07
Your site is wonderful. I am writing an history on the Refords. Found Lewis Reford merchant in Belfast 1819.
Another Lewis Reford Antrim had bldgs working linen.
Thank you Kathy

748 Hugh Mc Afee

Location: ardoyne,Belfast
Date: 12.05.2011
Time: 20:34:15
just got your link of rushlight, searching for Millen, my late mothers maiden name.

747 William Ivan Ferris

Location: Belfast
Date: 12.05.2011
Time: 15:34:47
A very valuble resource in research family histories.

746 John Houston

Location: Belfast/Spain
Date: 11.05.2011
Time: 14:58:51
Re 735 Esther
i lived in eglinton street from 1950 until 1967

745 steven malia

Location: usa salt lake city family from belfast and co cork
Date: 08.05.2011
Time: 16:09:36
i love this site found ourt where my mothers grandparents lived 1911 trying to find out where they lived in 1943 though william and caroline cassidy and earlier

744 Alan Wallace

Location: Northumberland
Date: 05.05.2011
Time: 20:42:37
Good evening - cracking site.
I may have an addition.
Robert Joseph Dougal. 21st Northumberland Fusiliers. Son of Susan Dougal, 34, May St. Belfast. Member of Andrew Dougal and Son. Belfast.

743 James Burns

Location: Bangor
Date: 03.05.2011
Time: 13:55:55
I am searching for pictures or any information at all on Bangor Street in Belfast. My great grandfather lived in 20 Bangor Street. If anyone could give any more information I would be very grateful.

742 Jean

Location: Tyne & Wear
Date: 27.04.2011
Time: 11:47:57
The picture of Commonwood House, Chipperfield in Lost Photos:
One is of William and Cissy Allen of Commonwood House.
William was :
William Edward Allen, of Commonwood House, Chipperfield, co. Hertford whose 1st son, William Edward David Allen, OBE, (d. 18 Sep 1973) mar. 6 Dec 1922 (div. 1933) Lady Phyllis Edith King (b. 19 Mar 1897; d. 3 Dec 1947). She was the 2nd daughter of
Lionel Fortescue [King-Noel later King], 3rd Earl of Lovelace, DSO DL born16 Nov 1865
mar.29 Apr 1895 Lady Edith Anson (d. 8 Oct 1932), 4th dau. of Thomas George [Anson], 2nd Earl of Lichfield, by his wife Lady Harriett Georgiana Louisa Hamilton, 1st dau. of James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Abercorn.
I have pictures taken at Commonwood House during 1920s or 30s of people (probably family and staff) on my Flickr page:


My grandmother's sister (who died in 1939) was a nursemaid to the family and had the photos on my Flickr page in her photograph album.

741 Sharon

Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 25.04.2011
Time: 01:43:54
Just found your website.....so much great information. I am sure I will be able to find info about my Irish family.....I grew up on stories of Ballymenagh, Ballyclare. (forgive the spelling) My family name is Crymble.


740 Tish Mason

Location: Stoke on Trent StaffordshireUnited Kingdom
Date: 24.04.2011
Time: 20:38:32
Hello, I am looking for my husbands great uncle Harold Thomas Mason who is from SoT but on his service papers from WW1 he is described at Head Gardner living at Strathearne Lodge Dunmurry Belfast. smile

739 Jane Smith

Location: Birmingham UK
Date: 24.04.2011
Time: 15:10:15
Grandmother Mary (May) Elizabeth Ferris Grandfather Wesley James (Jim) of Seacliffe Rd Bangor. Children Alan, David and Moyra. Specially interested in finding out about Great grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles for my mother. She and David are still alive. My Uncle Alan died in WW2

738 Colin Henderson

Location: Belfast, now in Lydney Gloucestershire
Date: 21.04.2011
Time: 07:00:54
Looking for Thomas Boyle who married Annie around 1911 died in Moorfield Street, had three children my mother Jane Elizabeth was the youngest.

737 raymond lennon

Location: Coggrey, Doagh
Date: 20.04.2011
Time: 23:25:38
Hello cousin. I'm the son of Norman. Nephew of Arthur, Victor, Jack, Ronald. Grandson of John and Caroline. Know little of Arthur as he spent much time in military service in India and was an unknown uncle to an extent. Victor married Susan and lived at North Boundry Street, adopting a boy known as John. Jack (Jackie) married a Margaret Bradley from Omagh and emigrated to USA where he died on 12/05/1993. Norman, my father married Alice Duncan and died on 05/05/1993 one week before his brotheer Jack. Ronald the youngest son died in 1962.

736 Kathleen Morrison

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 20.04.2011
Time: 16:16:58
Still searching but with no luck for Graham family who lived on Tennent Street from approx 1880's-1930's. One of the sons' was called Lancelot which could help! Also decendants of Owen or Francis Guerin last known address-Whiteabbey 1919, both Owen and Francis were born in France. Also looking for Adams' who lived in the Balmoral area at least until 1950's.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
As always a great site!

735 esther

Location: Dublin
Date: 19.04.2011
Time: 10:28:48
Hi i am trying to find out information on a peron who lived carisle steet belfast 1960's and later eglinton street 1970's is there getting this information i know the person has since passed away

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