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634 » Adam

Location: Slovakia
Date: 11.10.2010
Time: 16:32:37

Witam. Good site, greetings from Slovakia.

633 » Marie Payne

Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: 11.10.2010
Time: 01:48:16
Hi! I have just discovered your site. Congratulations it is just great and you have done so much work.

I appreciate your work. I am researching a convict JAMES DEVLIN married to SARAH MCCRACKEN. James was transported to Oz in 1832. He was of 56 years of age with 3 male children and 3 female. He petitioned for his wife and children to come to Oz. In the petition Sarah is noted as residing at Upper and Main St., Antrim and the referees were: Mr. Crawley, Bishop of Belfast, Mr. Curr, Mr. Thomas Skelton, Mr. McNally, Mr. Chan, Linen Mercer and Mr. Nathanial Craig, all of Antrim. Sarah was born circa 1788 in Co. Antrim.

If anyone can assist or point me in the right direction it would be great. Many thanks.

632 » Kim Irwin

Location: Suffolk
Date: 10.10.2010
Time: 19:24:01
I was facinated to read about Major E.J.H Haughton DSO, in fact I am related by marriage. I have the christning mugs from Thomas Hutchinson Haughton as he was the godfather to my husband and aunt Hermione Patricia Irwin (young Toms Niece)Married Major Robin Wright who are both still alive and living in the west country. thumbup

I also have the book called A Famous Indian Regiment, The Kali Panchwin where he is listed. On the Irwin side the history goes back to Robert the Bruce's Armour Barer.

631 » Gwen Stirling

Location: near Austin, TX
Date: 04.10.2010
Time: 01:33:14
Thank you so much for Ballymoney Heroes 1914-1918. I have been trying to find out where 2nd Leut. John Hamilton died and when. Would it be possible to get a copy of his photo? The only one I have he is just a young boy.

He was the son of James & Lily Hamilton and brother of William, James and Margaret. Margaret married William Stirling and lived in Denver Co. William is son of Alexander Ramsey Stirling of Ballymoney.

630 » Janet Holland

Location: Newtownards, Northern Ireland
Date: 03.10.2010
Time: 11:54:36
A great site. I was looking for the whereabouts of a children's home/orphanage in Gray's Hill, Bangor (haven't found it yet) when I happened to look at the WW1 records. My sister remembered she had been taken to visit an uncle who had been wounded in the war. Lo and behold I came across the records of my uncle and perhaps a link into the background of my mother who apparently had been put into the Home when her mother died when she was quite young.

I'm delighted with this possible new source of information.

629 » Karen

Location: Lisburn
Date: 03.10.2010
Time: 08:05:10
Just starting my family history search but pages like this one inspire me to do more, but one can become so easily distracted that you lose hours of the day. Will be back again to look at directories in due course.

628 » fiona mccrea

Location: north wales
Date: 02.10.2010
Time: 21:40:02
a thumbup m searching for a george or edna watt from belfast related to my father thomas john mccrea your pages have given me new leads

627 » kathryn gregory

Location: Scotland
Date: 01.10.2010
Time: 15:53:28
I found an old water bottle whilst walking in Glen Affric.
It is stamped 'Corry & Co' Cromac Springs.
I thought I would do some research - your site very helpful.


626 » joan lennon

Location: liverpool
Date: 30.09.2010
Time: 13:35:02
Hi Would love to find out my family roots my dad who is deceased came from limerick and i believe he was born at fitzgerald cottages if there are any other Lennons out there who could recall such a place i would love to hear from them

625 » Alex McKillop

Location: South Of England
Date: 29.09.2010
Time: 20:08:00

This Web page is a wonderful resource for family research, so congratulations on your efforts and perhaps you, Mr Thompson or your Web visitors may find the following information useful. The 5 rating is TOO Low! 1000% - at LEAST!!!

I discovered your page when trying to find information regarding Joseph McKillop DSM and his name appears on the Roll of Honour on Page 4 of Mr Thompson's research. That discovery REALLY took me aback.

Beneath his listing is one Alex McKillop of the 12th Inniskilling Fusiliers, which I am positive, is my father. I would be interested to discover where Mr Thompson sourced this particular information on the part of these two individuals to confirm if this assumption is correct.

The reason is the fact is that my father's name was Samuel Alexander McKillop and he was born on the 6th February1900, in 22 Shuttle Hill, Coleraine. His mother was Margaret Graham (Maggie), who was a weaver, (her father was James Graham - a joiner and her mother I believe was Elizabeth) and she had several siblings, including a brother Hugh Graham who moved to Port Glasgow (near Greenock in Scotland) where he had a family.

Maggie's Husband and my grandfather was Alexander McKillop a newspaper compositor - a Coleraine paper - (father, Samuel McKillop and his mother was Matilda McGrotty). Unfortunately, Alexander (the compositor) died at the age of 27 years old; when his son - my father - was only four months old and his brother John McKillop (aged 21) registered his death.

Maggie then married Joseph McKillop -her husband Alex's cousin in Coleraine. This is the same Joseph McKillop DSM that is listed on Mr Thompson's Roll of Honour - immediately above the "Alex" McKillop - who was then not only Joseph's second cousin, but his step-son as well.

My father Samuel Alexander McKillop went by the name "Alex" (Alec) and his young life was disastrous as he had lost his father in 1900 when he was only four months old. His mother and Joe had a son Norman who died as a toddler, I believe another son, Michael, who died as a toddler and Maggie then died at home with complications with twins she was carrying in 1914, when she was in the company of 14 year-old Alex.

Samuel Alexander (Alec) McKillop then joined the “Skins” in 1914 as a boy soldier of 14 years old. I believed he was injured on the Somme in 1916 (aged 16) when he was blown up and he was also apparently shot in the head - but survived both incidents to join the Blackwatch Regiment and he moved to Scotland, married and had a family. He died in Scotland in 1960 aged 60.

Joseph McKillop was a great tenor singer and was apparently referred to as the second John McCormack. Joseph died in 1946 aboard a ship (the Rangemore, I believe) in Victoria Docks, Hartlepool. I believe that Joseph was awarded the DSM for sinking a German U-boat (he was a merchant seaman), although I have not established in which war this happened.


624 » clare hodgen

Location: doncaster
Date: 29.09.2010
Time: 01:57:00
im trying to find info and history of my surname :)
many thanks clare

623 » Paula McCormick

Date: 28.09.2010
Time: 10:18:00
My father (Jack O'Neill) was a long time member of the Burma Star until his recent death. I have looked at your website several times over the last year or two but have usually been too busy browsing through to notice you had a guest page! My hearfelt thanks for your site and may these brave, brave men never be forgotten - their like will never come again!

622 » dawn gallagher

Location: Gateshead
Date: 27.09.2010
Time: 21:19:30
I am trying to trace relatives of John Gallagher and Thomasine Griffiths born 1903 from Gateshead. My grandad was Thomas Henry Gallagher born 1935. His siblings were Mary, Martha, Rachel, John and James. Martha married Ralph and Rachel married Eric Scott Any information on John and Thomasine would be great. John may have been born in Donegal and came to England. thumbup smile

621 » Patrick Button

Location: South Africa (durban north)
Date: 26.09.2010
Time: 17:45:36
I have in my possession a WW1 medal belonging to my great-- uncle. it is inscribed on its edge: 9183 Pvte E. Collins R.IR. RIF. and on its one side The GREAT WAR FOR CIVILISATION 1914-1919. oddly i cannot find it in the war office records. we have no photo of him and i do not know his christian name. His sister Annie Wardlow (nee Collins) lived at Donard and then Delaware.

620 » Patrick Button

Location: Durban North South Africa
Date: 26.09.2010
Time: 17:22:34
Very interesting website. Thank you. I hope to let you have some details of my maternal great-uncle (surname Collins) who served with the RIR in WW1. I have one WW1 medal of his in my possession.His sister, Annie Wardlow (Nee Collins) was married to Charles Wardlow and they lived in Delaware and Donard Streets. They were my maternal grandparents. My mother. Margaret Wardlow was born in 1920 in Belfast and served in the WAAF in Algiers and Cairo. Prior to coming to South Africa she lived at Donard Street and then at 12 Delaware Street off the Ravenhill Road. Her own father, Charles Wardlow was a french polisher at Harland and Wollf and reputedly worked on the Titanic. Her brothers John Collins Wardlow (worked for General Electric, Canada and James Wardlow who was an Episcopalian minister emigrated to Canada (Peterboro) and USA Ste. St. Marie, Michigan, respectively, whilst her brother Charles remained in Belfast (164 Merville Garden Village) all his life working for Wiggins Teape. Her other brother Robert reputedly estranged himslef from the family and surfaced decades later in England where he died at Bexhill-on-Sea. My late mother's ashes were returned to Belfast by myself and my later sister Lorraine in the late 1990's and lie at Roselawn at the same location as her brother Charles and her mother Annie. My Mother always termed Ireland as home despite coming to Africa in about 1946 and never fully lost her Belfast accent.

619 » Maureen

Location: Perth, Australia
Date: 25.09.2010
Time: 09:54:03
This is amazing - I am a direct descendant of the Haughton's and came across your site by mere accident and I am overwhelmed. I have nearly all the links as back as 1645 when they arrived in Ireland and now this opens up more avenues for me. If anyone has a direct connection with the family please contact me. One of the best works to date! thumbup

618 » Nancy Merrill Sayed

Location: USA
Date: 25.09.2010
Time: 09:48:42
Thanks so much for sharing all your hard work. That's very generous of you. Didn't find what I was looking for, but left with something I had NOT been looking for, so it worked out fine!

617 » Alison Taggart

Location: Lisbury
Date: 19.09.2010
Time: 14:52:10
This is a very interesting site - thanks for all this hard work. I came across it because I'm looking for information on the history of Strawberry Hill on the Ballynahinch Road,Lisburn. This was purchased some time in the 19th century by my great grandfather Charles Scott.

616 » Janice Seabrook

Date: 18.09.2010
Time: 14:28:10
I was stunned to find the listing for my great grandfather and his two brothers. Great site!


Location: SUFFOLK
Date: 13.09.2010
Time: 12:04:10

614 » Ulsterboy

Location: belfast
Date: 08.09.2010
Time: 16:14:18
excellent site, been browsing around for the last hour, you've loads of stuff from all over northern ireland, but i was happy to find your street directories and they where very helpful, hopefully you'll come across the 1902/03/04/05 and 06 belfast directories as i'd like to look through beresford street.

all the best thumbup .

613 » kelly anderson

Location: Belfast
Date: 07.09.2010
Time: 20:53:45
I am looking for information and bural site for my ggf his name was Cillimon Wallace, he was born around 1846 and married Emma Dickson in st Nicholas church on 19/06/1868 they lived in upper woodburn carrickfergus. Cillimon worked as an engine driver for rodgers shipyard were he died after being entangled in a machine on the 5th of may 1886 this death was printed in the belfast news letter and there was also an inquest but I can not find a burial site. cillimons wife emma moved to Ainsworth Ave belfast with her children after his death. Cillimons father was called William wallace born around 1800 and worked in the saltmines any one with any information please contact me.

612 » Ken Austin

Location: Rootschat
Date: 07.09.2010
Time: 15:32:01
What an excellent website and believe me, I know the work that goes into it. I've just relaunched the Lurgan Ancestry website and if I can get close to what you are doing here, I won't be doing too bad!!

Keep up the good work of preserving history.

Best ~ Ken


Location: co armagh
Date: 04.09.2010
Time: 12:25:28

610 » joy mcmullan..nee leitch

Location: glengormley
Date: 02.09.2010
Time: 00:23:03
f thumbup ound your pages very intresting,but sadly i dont excist..my father was james leitch from warrenpoint,rostrevor and ponytzpas...my mother was mary adlerdice frm rugby road..adgincourt avenue...alsa i cant find anything on the web...
also my mothers brother william alderdice was killed in WW2,shot down over germany...
my search goes on..
thanks again..jo mcmullan thumbup

609 » Sharon Cook

Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
Date: 30.08.2010
Time: 21:17:16

Great site. My uncle (Father's brother) was David Cook, as shown on your site as:

T8746 Driver David Cook
Royal Army Service Corps 17th HT Coy.

Died 10th April 1921
Aged 31

Son of David & Jane Cook
Husband of Ellen, Killowen Street, Coleraine
Interred in Greenwich Shooters Cemetery, Woolwich B. 3, C 538

I do wish that I had a picture to send you but alas I do not! I can certainly provide some details about his early life if desired.

Thank you for putting him on your site. They shall never die as long as their names are read.

608 » Barbara Birney

Date: 25.08.2010
Time: 23:36:24
Totally cool.

607 » William H. Jillson

Location: Lansdowne, PA, USA
Date: 25.08.2010
Time: 02:11:32
My mother was Anne Fleming. She came to America in the 1920s. She and her family attended the Dunluce Presbyterian Church outside Bushmills. She came from a family of 13 children, 4 of whom came to the US. She had two cousins killed in WW I but I don't know their names or if they were from the Fleming or the MacMaster side of the family. I have no contact with anyone from my mother's family in N. Ireland. Those that die in wars are always so young. So sad. Bill Jillson

606 » Heather Coid

Location: Belfast
Date: 21.08.2010
Time: 12:55:02
An excellent site was delighted to see my grandfather John Coid in ww2 but disappointed not to see my two relations who were killed in ww1 Lance Corporal James Coid and Andrew Coid, could you please include these two young men who gave their lives for our freedom. Thank you

605 » lynn beattie

Location: belfast
Date: 15.08.2010
Time: 21:59:30
just found my dads name on your site and would like to have his medals re issued. My dad was sgt William (BILLY) Wilson. I have some old photos of him and a lot of his mates in burma but I don't know any of their names.

604 » Helen Atkinson

Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: 14.08.2010
Time: 05:59:58
Just happened to find your site & stayed, as the name WYLLIE is part of our family tree including BOYD, BRENNAN, MAGEE, NEVIN, GIFFEN, FORSTER, PRIESTLEY & VON SLEIGHTLY. It's 11 p.m. here, I will return at a decent hour to search your pages. Thank you. Helen

603 » maggie

Location: usa
Date: 11.08.2010
Time: 16:23:46
My Murphy family married into Keenan and lived on Cullingtree Rd and McMillan's Place in Belfast.

602 » Maggie

Location: USA
Date: 11.08.2010
Time: 15:06:32
Mary, I have a great granny named Sarah Keenan Murphy who was 65 yo in 1901 census of Belfast and lived 10 McMilan's Pl with Robert and son, Thomas. She was born in White Haven England. Sarah also lived at 28 Cullingtree Rd for years and 42 Peel St. Belfast. Robert is buried in Milltown as I am sure Sarah is too. Think she died 1909 and she isnt showing up in 1911 census. Sarah and Robert were married in St Malachy's RCC Dec 1859. We may have a common link. Any info is welcomed.

601 » Sarah Thompson nee Millan

Location: Belfast Northern Ireland
Date: 11.08.2010
Time: 14:38:38
Hi, I find your site very instresting to surf through, especially ww1 as my grandfather was in the RIR also the Labour Corps wouldlove to find out more about him.

Sarah smile

600 » Maggie

Location: USA-Missouri
Date: 11.08.2010
Time: 14:18:01
Mary, I just love what you are doing with your family's bio. Think it is smashing!

599 » Keleigh-Marie Snelgrove

Location: Southampton, UK
Date: 08.08.2010
Time: 16:50:01
Thank you. I've just found my Great, Great Grandfather in Moy, Tyrone - fab site. Keep up the good work.

598 » sharon Kelly

Date: 08.08.2010
Time: 15:19:10
Found my great great granda Turin st Belfast

597 » Chuck Keenan

Location: Groveland, NY, USA
Date: 08.08.2010
Time: 11:09:01
Wonderful site. I was attracted due to your Keenan family tree. I had a hard time finding where your Keenan's originated. I have been trying to track my Keenan roots in County Down (Ards Penninsula) for quite some time. My ggg grandparents; Felix and Sarah (McQuoid) Keenan;b. 1814/1809;IRL had a son, John who was baptized in Kircubbin, Co. Down in 1835. Felix and family immigrated to the Dearham, Cumberland, ENG area about 1845.
If you see a connection, drop me a line. Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Chuck Keenan

596 » Norman Moorhead

Location: Seattle USA
Date: 08.08.2010
Time: 03:07:10
I found your site while looking for the poem The Diagonal Steam Trap that was 3 days ago. I have been here since. Brillant site thumbup

595 » Patrick Rooney

Location: Perth W. Australia orign Belfast
Date: 07.08.2010
Time: 09:51:06
I think your site is great and hope to get a lot of info from it Thank you

594 » steve forrest

Location: scotland
Date: 05.08.2010
Time: 14:20:54
Hi Great site --I too have a WW1 autograph book and would like to get it on line so found your site to see how done --great job very interesting
Steve Forrest

593 » Morris McGiffin

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date: 03.08.2010
Time: 13:28:32
A bloody ripper of a site!!
You have done a cracken good job and you must have the patience of Jobe.
Cheers Mate.

592 » Ken Boyd

Location: Bloomfield St. East Belfast
Date: 01.08.2010
Time: 23:51:16
thumbup Don't know how I got here, but since finding this site I am riveted to it. What a site I have only praise for those who constructed it and maintain it. Keep up this valuable work. Thanks Ken.

591 » Dale Caldwell

Location: Pine Beach, N.J., U.S.A
Date: 31.07.2010
Time: 03:38:25
My husband's Caldwell Ancestors were brought to Toronto about 1866 reportedly by the Moses Staunton & Son - Wallpaper company from Belfast. His 3 X great grandfather went to Belfast from Glascow as a teenager to appretice in the trade. He and his family went to Toronto about 1866 and in 1870 the Robertson & Cooks Toronto City Directory showed him as "head block cutter & designer at M. Staunton & Son. Also listed working for the company were two sons listed as an "engineer" and "blockprinter." The family continued in the wallpaper business in Toronto, Buffalo, NY, New Brunswich, N.J. and through the early 1900'ds in York, PA.

590 » caroline

Location: australia
Date: 25.07.2010
Time: 12:24:43
smile I am trying to find any information that goes beyond the normal deaths and births for my family tree. I happened upon this fascinating webpage and forgot my family and was caught up in others.

You are a pedantic and patient person to take the time to do this.

Thank you

589 » Ken Heath

Location: Lincolnshire
Date: 23.07.2010
Time: 17:20:02
A great and interesting web site. I was in the Royal Signals and served with the group attached to the 8th Belfast from May 1942 until October 1943. Many happy memories.

588 » david mcgrugan

Location: newtownabbey antrim N ireland
Date: 22.07.2010
Time: 20:22:20
i understand the effort required to research and input data like your pages. great stuff. you have provided another little stepping stone towards building a bridge to the past of the mcgrugan family

587 » Ian Taylor

Location: Lancashire
Date: 18.07.2010
Time: 15:59:40
Very helpful. I recently visited the site of my grandfather's pub, Purdy's Bar at 14 Church Street, Belfast, with the help of the 1910 street directory. smile Photo submitted for inclusion.

586 » Michael Boone

Location: Bangor
Date: 17.07.2010
Time: 18:17:16
My grandfather served with the 8th Belfast HAA throughout the war. This is an excellent website that is bristling with information.
Thank you

585 » Kathleen McCartin Hanks

Location: US
Date: 16.07.2010
Time: 18:04:28
This site is beyond excellent! I heard that the family owned a store in Belfast, but never had any proof of it until I found your site. They owned the McCartin Store on Smithfield. It was a hardware store. I hope you might be able to help me. My great-grandfather left Belfast in 1916 with his wife and grandfather. He left his mother and many siblings, but I can't locate them past the 1911 census. Would you mind looking to see if you have anything for a James or Patrick McCartin? Any Ann Jane, John or Vera Gallagher's? Thank you so much!! I keep thinking if I can see how long the store lasted, I might know how long they stayed in the area. I can't find any McCartin's in the directories for now. smile

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