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1384 » irene cunningham

Location: Ontario. Canada
Date: 23.03.2019
Time: 16:32:34
I'm wondering if James Shaw Patton (Ballymacarrett) or his family could get in touch with me. My dad's Aunt Sarah Dunlop married a James Shaw 1875 . I have lots of info on them, they had a grocery store 392 Newtownards Rd and I would like to know if there is any connection. Thank you. Irene Cunningham

1383 » Irene

Location: Scotland
Date: 18.03.2019
Time: 19:51:03
Great site, I've found many ancestors through the street directory transcriptions as I'm sure many others have too. Thank you for all that you do.

1382 » Beverley

Location: Born Belfast, now USA
Date: 17.03.2019
Time: 12:09:51
I have 4-5 uncles who served in WW1 in Irish Rifles and Machine Gun Corps, but cannot find them listed on your site. They received medals, but don’t know what happened to them. I did locate on your site another person who referenced the Kenolty men and David Carlisle as relatives. (Cathy Brumage, great niece.). If you could assist with any information and or pass along my email to Ms Brumage I would appreciate it. Thank you. My mum has enjoyed seeing and remembering all the names listed on her family’s addresses.

1381 » Linda luke

Location: Carrickfergus
Date: 17.03.2019
Time: 10:17:53
So fascinating!! Found it really helpful and interesting

1380 » Tracy Thomson Bellamy

Location: Peterborough, UK
Date: 12.03.2019
Time: 15:19:39
Lovely to find my ancestors on here. The Cochranes of Castle st, Rathfriland. I must have cousins still in Ireland somewhere. I couldn't find the Gracey name anywhere though.

1379 » Marie McKane Answer

Location: Victoria Australia
Date: 04.03.2019
Time: 00:31:56
I have a few photos from Havana Street Belfast, taken about 1922-1930. They are from my Grandparents William Sparkes and Elizabeth Adair Sparkes from 46 Havana St Belfast. Are you able to share photos on this site? rolleyes

1378 » Lee Morton

Location: Donegall Road, Belfast. Now living in England
Date: 02.03.2019
Time: 18:31:43
I'm researching the Morton family and the Fox, Allingham and connected names.

1377 » David

Location: davegniadek@gmail.com
Date: 27.02.2019
Time: 16:42:51
I am a grandson of Sarah (Doey) Jacobs, sister to Thomas, Stewart and Samuel pictured in the 1905 Cullycapple school photograph.

Thank You from Massachusetts


1376 » Amanda (Hoogland) Garretson

Location: USA
Date: 24.02.2019
Time: 00:06:33
Hello. I’ve just found a letter that has both surprised and excited me. The letter is from the sister of a housekeeper/nanny who came from Belfast in the early-mid ‘60’s to Mannheim Germany to help my Army father with me. I was ten years old when Theresa Rafferty and her friend Margaret (?) came to stay with us after my mother left my father and me. Theresa and Margaret were an integral part of a tumultuous time for me, but for Theresa as well, as far as my memory serves and certainly confirmed by this letter. The letter is from Theresa’s sister, Patricia Conkey, written to

1375 » Sean Templeton

Location: Belfast
Date: 22.02.2019
Time: 13:28:06
Amazing website, was able to find exactly where all my grandparents lived and when.
Thanks Lennon Wylie.

1374 » James Verner

Location: Shankill Road
Date: 22.02.2019
Time: 11:51:02
I can find my family back to Hudson Street but thats all I can find my great grandfather Martin Verner aged 39 house 5 Hudson street 1911

1373 » James Montgomery

Location: Belfast Northern Ireland
Date: 21.02.2019
Time: 12:21:06
I was born in Belfast and my maternal grandmother was born in India to a solider who I believe was a member of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles. My great grandfather’s name was John McLean. My grandmother was born in India on the 26th of December 1883, her name was Ena Adeliah McLean.

1372 » William Parker

Location: Belfast
Date: 19.02.2019
Time: 14:53:53
Great site, I love going through it.

1371 » Jac McKeown

Location: Belfast
Date: 14.02.2019
Time: 17:41:03
Hello: Haven't visited the site for a time. I am really impressed and congratulate you on all the effort and time you have spent.
I see two entries in the WW1 section for my two great uncles Robert and James Dickson which I would like to correct. In the case of Robert
10/14369 10Bn, 107 Brigade R.I.R. all entries are ok except for the DoB which should be 1897. In the case of James Dickson his army number was 1/14370 10Bn 107 Brigade.R.I.R. He died on 1st July 1916 Battle of the Somme. And is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the missing Pier and Face 15Aand15B. Thanks

1370 » James Duly

Date: 06.02.2019
Time: 23:19:27
Great site. I was able to find the name of the laundry in Pim's Avenue in the sixties.

1369 » Sean Drury

Location: Simi Valley, California, USA
Date: 03.02.2019
Time: 00:26:44
Great site - it's helping me with locating many of my Northern Irish ancestors.

1368 » roy gourley

Location: new zealand before sandyrow
Date: 11.01.2019
Time: 00:04:27
great site

1367 » alan neill

Location: Belfast
Date: 02.01.2019
Time: 13:52:44
very useful information which helped me trace my family.
thank you so much for listing all this information on the web.
you're a star. thumbup

1366 » Anne-Marie Huston

Location: Portrush
Date: 20.12.2018
Time: 14:24:28
Incredible amount of research and information - I think I'm going to be 'lost' here for some time!! smile

1365 » Mickey McGrath

Location: Florida
Date: 19.12.2018
Time: 00:46:20
My great-grandfather has roots here so it seems - great site thus far - biggrin

1364 » Patricia A Winters

Location: Central & Western NY by way of Ireland & Northern Ireland
Date: 08.12.2018
Time: 21:10:57
Have been searching for information on my missing Grandfather, John McWilliams, for ten years. Have finally created a paper trail which has lead me to Maria Pl/St, here in Belfast.

1363 » S WHYTE

Location: ENGLAND
Date: 04.12.2018
Time: 18:05:52
My father remembers living with his paternal grandmother in Belfast. Search your directory and it seems the family had lived there from at least 1932!

Thank you for all the work you put into this. eek smile

1362 » Donna Houston

Location: Omagh, Northern Ireland
Date: 20.11.2018
Time: 21:08:35
Great source of information although unfortunately didn't find the soldier i was looking for.

1361 » Joe

Location: Ballymena
Date: 12.11.2018
Time: 17:41:58
Great site

1360 » Carolyn Dougherty

Location: England
Date: 11.11.2018
Time: 17:38:38
I often asked my Mother about her relatives but she didn't say much. Years later I found the story of a young boy who joined the Royal Marines and lost his life in battle in 1918. Also his brother who lived on after 4 years service. These were my grandfather's brothers.

"the pity of war".

Due to the information on this website i was able to find the young man's (my great uncle's ) grave and pay respects. Thank you for the work you have done.

1359 » John mckesg

Location: Bangor county down
Date: 11.11.2018
Time: 15:24:18
No comment

1358 » Joe Shields

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 07.11.2018
Time: 12:23:10
Great site with lots of information

1357 » Gary Skewes

Location: Australia
Date: 27.10.2018
Time: 13:36:27
Hi, just to let you know that your Ernest Smith and Col. Beech Death Pennies are modern resin reproductions. You can find numerous copies of them online. They are cast in one piece and then the frame and "bronze" medal are painted the appropriate colours.

Cheers, Gary

1356 » Mark H Elwood

Location: Alberta Canada originally Belfast Northern Ireland
Date: 25.10.2018
Time: 04:30:25
Can you confirm any of the men in the 70 battalion boxing winners picture. I'm near positive the man with dark parted hair bottom row second from left is my Granda and boxer from Belfast. Henry (Harry) Elwood. He served in 6th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and fought in Italy. Was rescued winter of 43 by Italian Partisans after being lost on patrol in mountains. Thanks

1355 » Jillian Addison

Location: North Yorkshire
Date: 23.10.2018
Time: 21:13:37
Hello, I am convinced that a photograph on your website on Park Street, Coleraine has my late Grandma Doherty, her mother and grandmother in it. I have a very similar photograph of this image on which looks like on the same day/time. However they are stood differently. My grandma is the girl on the far left, holding her dress out - next to (whom I believe to be her mother and grandma). I would love to have a copy of this photograph and frame it for my mum. Please could you advise me where I would be able to buy a copy?
Kindest Regards

1354 » Mary kelly

Location: Belfast
Date: 16.10.2018
Time: 14:36:14
Looking for family

1353 » Peggy Hart

Location: Georgia
Date: 15.10.2018
Time: 22:43:38
What a nice website! I didn't know this.

1352 » Derek McCann

Location: Oceanside, California (near San Diego)
Date: 01.10.2018
Time: 20:38:23
This page has been a great help as I trace my dad’s story. I’m writing a book about him during the First World War and the RE company he was with. Great and very useful page. Thanks!

1351 » colin Burrows

Location: Belfast
Date: 21.09.2018
Time: 23:00:46

1350 » Jane Austin

Location: York
Date: 18.09.2018
Time: 16:14:07
Looking for information about my father, Captain W.J.S. Austin, listed in nominal roll 23rd H.Y. A.A. Battery R.A. Belfast 8th. Would like to know of the campaigns he may have been involved in.
He was from Liverpool (19 Ballantrae Road Liverpool 18)

1349 » Dennis Farrell

Location: Born in Belfast
Date: 18.09.2018
Time: 11:15:29
Fantastic directories, thank you for sharing all your hard work.

1348 » Fiona

Location: Warwickshire
Date: 16.09.2018
Time: 08:27:25
Hi Mary
Your site is fantastic for research thank you! Do you have any street directories as close as possible to 1930 for Susan Street Belfast? I'm trying to find out more information on my partners family as he knows very little

1347 » Don Baxter

Location: New Zealand
Date: 16.09.2018
Time: 02:35:50
Looking for the date my parents bought their house in Belfast

1346 » carol roy

Location: belfast
Date: 07.09.2018
Time: 12:53:38
I am trying to find out some information re- my Granddad Sgt. Wm. Wilson HAA reg. who lived in Trafalgar street ( sailor town) Belfast

1345 » clifford montgomery

Location: belfst
Date: 03.09.2018
Time: 09:42:56
thanks for this. Taking Dad over to Ypres in October and wanted to check out some of the Fallen from his old haunt on the Shankill and Harrisburg Street. Maybe try and leave a few RBL crosses where appropriate. Some real stories in amongst the profiles like the Runaghans and an MC winner from my Dads own street Robert Stevens RIR MC Thank you

1344 » Roberta Smith

Location: Wiltshire UK
Date: 22.08.2018
Time: 14:03:03
Hi Mary,

I have returned having hit another brick wall in the family genealogy; so good that you are still working away at this enormous task. I know I will find the threads that I need to move on. Great work!

1343 » Kathleen McCourt Larsen

Location: North Carolina
Date: 17.08.2018
Time: 16:06:38
Looking for info on my great great grandfather and wife. Thomas McCourt, born 1792 in Armagh. Died in Buffalo, NY or possibly Canada in 1830. He married Elizabeth/Alice McGuire, born 1814 in Armagh and died in 1865 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They had 5 children, Thomas, James, Peter, Michael James and Ann. They all settled in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

1342 » Jennifer Rooney

Location: Downpatrick
Date: 09.08.2018
Time: 23:35:19
Hi, I am writing to ask if you have the actual postcards that you have transcribed, I am interested in the three that are from/to Oscar Grosse as he is the great, great uncle of my friend. It would be fantastic to have a copy of the postcards.
Thank you

1341 » Ellen Byrne

Location: Belfast
Date: 07.08.2018
Time: 12:21:05
Hi Mary
I am looking for Belfast Street Directory for 1940. My Grandmother was living at 43 Agincourt Avenue Belfast she had mother 22nd July 1940 and my Mum was then adopted. I would like to see who was living at that address at this time. I have checked 1939 Directory on your site and it says "Brelsford, J." was living there. I am just wondering if there was any change of name in 1940.
Your site is great and very helpful.

Thank you

1340 » James

Location: Florida, UA
Date: 02.08.2018
Time: 23:17:43
My great grandparents were from County Down (g grandfather, Robert Cromie) from Rathfriland). I have a great uncle who fought in the war with CEF forces somehow. I have no official records, only family lore about him being gassed, and newspaper accounts of him being in US Army in 1914 (but we have found no other records), and his obit, which indicates he fought the duration of the war (1914-1919) with CEF, and spent a year with Canadian occupation forces. The big question is why did he possibly go AWOL from US Army to serve in Canada? Might he have somehow joined relatives fr?

1339 » Penny Clarke

Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Date: 29.07.2018
Time: 18:02:26
Looking into my father's family from the Belfast area. Thank you for the great map links and directories!

1338 » Geoffrey Waterton

Location: Woking Surrey
Date: 26.07.2018
Time: 13:21:35
Dad was a volunteer from London (a bit clever really) who became Major Waterton in the 8th Belfast. He fought through several campaigns but never really talked much about it. I would like to hear from anybody who met him and hopefully have fond memories of him.

Kind regards Geoff Waterton

1337 » Nadine McFarlane

Location: Toronto
Date: 14.07.2018
Time: 02:56:47
My Dad's parents were from Northern Ireland. Osmond Lennon, was born Osmond Bell to a Nora Bell, late 1890's.

1336 » Daniel Magee

Location: California St Carrick Hill,. Belfast
Date: 09.07.2018
Time: 21:59:09
Belfast is where I'm from. I live in Deep River, Connecticut, USA now.

1335 » Ryan Smith

Location: Falls Road
Date: 30.06.2018
Time: 01:00:29
Brilliant seeing all this information. Very interesting looking through history at it all. Would be interesting finding some information on the Sandstone at the top of Beachview

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