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384 norman beverland thorpe

Location: ballykelly
Date: 27.06.2009
Time: 11:39:19
Very interesting and informative . As president of the Shackleton and Aviation Museum society and working to set up a museum at the former RAF Ballykelly i found the picture of Victor Beamish Raf very interesting. I think his sister was a dentist and pulled out some of my teeth in Limavady many years ago.

383 Grace Kelly

Location: Lisburn
Date: 21.06.2009
Time: 23:09:18
biggrin Just trying to trace the Kelly family tree, and love noseying though these wee sites

382 Kathee

Location: Boston, MA USA
Date: 17.06.2009
Time: 20:34:31
I am trying to find anyone that would know the McVeigh' from Caron Crossmaglen, County Armagh. My father was born there, and was the only one in his family to come to the states. My Uncle Jim died last year, the last one that I know of in the family. They lived on a farm

381 Elizabeth Jane Taylor

Location: Lisburn, NI
Date: 15.06.2009
Time: 17:36:06
I'm looking for six silver trowels from 1893 Methodist church corner stone ceremony. For details of my search go to...

Family names include John James Stafford, Goodwin Pratt (Pratt & Montgomery Tea).

Great site. I've just started to search the street directories!



380 dan murphy

Location: cork
Date: 07.06.2009
Time: 17:05:49
I am looking for old photo's of Little Patrick St, Belfast around 1910-1930.
Keep up the good work, great site.

379 maureen galgana williams

Location: knutsford cheshire england
Date: 06.06.2009
Time: 22:10:52
smile Just found your site hope it will be usefull, i am trying to find where i was born in april 1941 (Blitz)time )
i was born in a stable/barn on murphys farm (two Brothers) but have never been able to trace even Leggygowan saintfield. i would love to here from you if you are old enough to remember
MGT found the site interesting up to now.

378 Lillian Duncan

Location: shamrock street belfast
Date: 28.05.2009
Time: 18:28:01
I found it quite interesting going through this site
thank you

377 Sarah Tumelty

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 27.05.2009
Time: 13:32:48
website passed to me from my brother in Australia John Jameson. Enjoyed looking though photo gallery.

376 Rachel Abraham

Location: Ireland
Date: 17.05.2009
Time: 23:14:14
Thanks so much - I spent ages tonight looking for the lyrics of 'The Shawl of Galway Grey' and found it on your site! My Grandad used to sing it and we recorded him singing it actually in 1973 when he was well into his 80s - Fair dues to him, he actually knew most of it but I wanted to know the full song if I was to sing it in public (local singing club). smile Hope I do him proud!
Many thanks

375 john jameson

Location: melbourne australia
Date: 15.05.2009
Time: 10:56:39
Enjoyed every minute on your site as it took me back many years in my memory, good times, bad times. I really appreciated the military content. Keep up the great work.

374 dale heenan

Location: canada
Date: 14.05.2009
Time: 13:13:11
looking for heenans of clough presbyt. also hugh henan [henin] and hennan born 1775 clough farmer sons william and william doughter sara jane kids born late 1700,s and early 1800,s dale

373 Patti Dillon

Location: USA
Date: 14.05.2009
Time: 02:42:38
I am doing reseach on a sterling Silver Salver that has about 30 signatures engraved on it as well as a crest and the words BELFAST 1921. I found many of the names listed on your site but can't make a connection with them all signing this tray. I do have photos if you think you could help. Thanks

372 Evelyn Hamill

Location: Belfast
Date: 13.05.2009
Time: 17:06:36
Very interesting to see the various types of shops that there were long ago.

I stumbled on this site when I was looking for some information about my family who came from the Moy, Co Tyrone. I visited the area once and remembered a burial ground for the Hamill family but I have never been able to find out anything about it. Anyone have any info?

371 James Mulvenna

Location: Bangor Co Down
Date: 12.05.2009
Time: 20:56:56
Hello again Mary and thanks again you for the link in your 'supporting local business' section, it was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope you will use my company again in the future......

James Mulvenna :-)

370 Carol Peck

Location: Tasmania Australia
Date: 12.05.2009
Time: 11:20:06
r smile esearching in Belfast particularily trying to find more information on my great great grandfather Thomas McCann of Francis Street Belfast I am a direct descendant one of his daughters Annie McCann who attended St Marys School was my great grandmother her sisters were lily, Mary Elizabeth and possibly a brother Jonathon Thomas McCann was a dealer and worked at the Smithfield Markets upto the turn of the century would lke to exchange informatiion with any living relatives please thanks for putting this information up online its terrific

369 deirdre brennan

Location: ireland
Date: 11.05.2009
Time: 13:53:43

368 Ron Kerr

Location: Canberra Australia
Date: 04.05.2009
Time: 03:18:47
The Church in the 1880's picture of Enniskillen is St McCartin's Church of Ireland Cathedral. I wish I had a pound for every time I walked past it on my way to Portora School in the 1940s!

367 kathleen mc cormick

Location: belfast
Date: 03.05.2009
Time: 15:52:18
hi could anybody help me i found a will belong to my great great great grandfather bernard mccann and he live at clonard lodge and i was wondering if it was a house on its own or it was apart of clonard street or clonard gardens. Thanks if yous can. smile

366 freda hughes

Date: 02.05.2009
Time: 23:31:48
any one out there help me trace my great grandfather
KIERAN DOOLAN he was a sergeant in the RIC
I have found a birth certificate for his daughter (my grandmother) Catherine maria doolan born may 1899 in Oldcastle, county meath

My grandmother (catherine maria doolan) and her brothers moved to Belfast in 1901, I am assuming that their mother had died!!

any help would be greatly appreciate

freda hughes

365 james macky

Date: 29.04.2009
Time: 20:03:18
Great work good to see the old records my family were involved in...many thanks

364 lesley frame

Location: United Kingdom, Cheshire
Date: 28.04.2009
Time: 16:06:51
H ave just found this site - mentioned in "who do you think you are" mag. Needs lots more time than I have at this mo, but will definitely return to have a shufty for my She(a)rman family, and my hubbys Irwin lot. Looks to be a find of gold. Great. smile thumbup

363 Patrick Hogan

Date: 27.04.2009
Time: 22:32:56
Great reference and work keep it up

Patrick Hogan

362 William Stranney

Location: Downpatrick, Co. Down
Date: 25.04.2009
Time: 13:06:35
I like to research and write articles on Belfast and County Down local history and I have found this website to be an excellent source of information. Thank you for all your hard work. thumbup

361 Janet

Location: Carrickfergus
Date: 25.04.2009
Time: 01:11:35
Fantastic site, have been researching my family tree both sides for couple of years now. My grandfather came from England and have gone back to my gggrandfather but could never find much on my mother's side who are from Randalstown/Larne, but through the 1911 census have now learnt my Grandmother's christain name so I have a something now to go on. Couldn't find my Grandfather or Grandmother anywhere on census even though on the Ulster Convenant have found Grandmother maybe the census have left out Cosgrave Street, Belfast! Looking for Poole and Nichol/Nicholl

360 gearldine

Date: 23.04.2009
Time: 14:52:14
were would i find records on my grandmother ellen o reilly maiden name laverty lived in belfast st james road . no family lefted her sons and daughter have passed away she was married to thomas o reilly.would love to start a family tree,and help would be great.

359 Dana Mike

Date: 23.04.2009
Time: 03:44:01
About four years ago, I visited this site and was impressed. I didn't know diddly ( nothing has changed) but on this go-round I have a goal. Wish me luck! Thank you! From south of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

358 geraldine ooney

Location: belfast
Date: 22.04.2009
Time: 19:21:26
best site ever thank you thumbup


Date: 18.04.2009
Time: 11:31:03
hi i need you help have been researching my family tree and so far your website has help a lot but i can't find my ancestors before 1901 they lived in number 5 leeson street victor mc cann and isabella mc cann (thompson) just if you could help me. Thanks

356 ollie

Location: Belfast
Date: 15.04.2009
Time: 01:13:40
hi i think i posted on here a while back but here goes i am looking for A David Smith he was father to Rose Anne who marreid James MC Stravick they lived in Foundry street any inf on her sons Thomas , Richard,James Bella was her only girl and was my grand mother

355 Diana Jaeger

Location: Prattsville, NY
Date: 06.04.2009
Time: 22:59:10
My grandfather, John Musgrave, came to America in 1899. He was born in 1876 and was from Carrickfergus. We visited my Uncle William Musgrave in 1966. I am hoping to find information about my grandfather's family; father - John Musgrave and mother - Elizabeth Logan Musgrave and any descendants. My mother's name was Catherine.

354 freda hughes

Location: belfast
Date: 06.04.2009
Time: 19:25:32

just heard about your web page from a friend at work Kathleen mcCormick. I think my great grandmothers maiden name may have been Catherine Wylie?? My great grandfather was Henry Hughes from Glasgow born 1864. They lived in Belfast, have came to a dead end at the moment hopefully your records may help.

freda hughes



Reply: I've fixed that, now anyone called "Pearse" can sign in *chuckles


Freda if you'd like to email me directly I can add your email address here incase anyone wants to get in touch with you about your research.

353 Jackie Hughes

Location: Vermont USA
Date: 05.04.2009
Time: 17:54:06
Just discovered your website and found GGGGrandfather listed in 1861. Thank you!

352 Jo Probert

Location: Shetland
Date: 05.04.2009
Time: 17:05:08
Just been told about your site - Brilliant!!!!! smile I have been able to find my Great Grandfather John Bucknell Cooper, on the pages I was told to look for 1907/1910: even better ALSO in the Belfast/Ulster 1880...... Just wonderful, as his time in Belfast had been so elusive to trace up to now. He was Manager for the Belfast Central in the 1880's; but returned to Belfast as I have a postcard dated 1907 from Ann St, when he would have been about 69 yrs old? You have really boosted my research, many thanks......

351 John Beattie

Location: Belfast
Date: 03.04.2009
Time: 18:27:35
Dear Mary,Many thanks for your street directories,they have been an indispensible help in tracing my ancestors in Belfast.Do you happen to have in your WYLIE family tree, a marriage between ANNE KENNEY and JOHN WYLIE on 26th August 1899.She was my great grandparents niece,her father PETER KENNEY and my great grandmother ANN KENNEY were brother and sister ,siblings of TERENCE KENNEY,from MEIGH,JONESBOROUGH,SOUTH ARMAGH.
My great grandmother married OWEN MCNALLY ,from DROMINTEE,MEIGH.
Again many thanks.John [I lived originally in Andersonstown, and moved to Ormeau Road, when I married 1969]

350 Brendan Smith

Location: Belfast
Date: 02.04.2009
Time: 16:04:18
Great site and a great pleasure to find a listing for my Great Great Grandfather William Carney a Hairdesser at 128 Ormeau Road. He died in 1899.

349 kathleen morrison

Location: newtownabbey
Date: 01.04.2009
Time: 16:18:33
looking for any relations to the Guerin family who lived in Whiteabbey from the 1920's onwards. Also any members of the Graham family who lived in Tennent Street also 1920 onwards, and the whereabouts of any Adams' who lived in the Balmoral Street and Stockmans lane area. Thanks.

348 andy owen

Location: stoke-on-trent England
Date: 28.03.2009
Time: 19:22:07

great help very informative
can anyone give me info of DOYLE family from belfast especially male about 78 to 80 maybe name andrew or patrick thanks


please copy/paste above link as I don't know how to make it active - Mary

347 tom

Location: antrim
Date: 27.03.2009
Time: 20:13:24
any info on the family of William Hamilton (born abt 1840; married Margaret Brown 1868) in Kilkeel would be most welcome.

346 Maureen Seaton Richardson

Location: Canada
Date: 27.03.2009
Time: 02:24:14
Excellent! so much to read, learn and enjoy. 1911 Census says my GreatGrandfather Thomas Seaton was the Gardener at Malone Reformatory, Belfast. Can't find any information on Malone Reformatory. Would love to see pictures, are there any available. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

345 Jim McCully

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Date: 26.03.2009
Time: 22:05:07
Family were coal merchants from the Shankhill Road, Edenderry. Any McCully reference welcomed.

344 archie moore

Location: scotland
Date: 23.03.2009
Time: 21:51:40
first time on 2 nite just having a wee look cheers

343 William Caulfield

Location: Belfast
Date: 22.03.2009
Time: 14:26:13

I should like to con smile tribute but I do not want to use PayPal

Reply: Hello William, I hope the email I sent you has helped, if anyone else would like an alternative way to donate please email me and we can sort something out.
Thank you

342 netta

Location: Crossgar N.I
Date: 18.03.2009
Time: 21:11:43
Brilliant, people who compile this info for folks are just wonderful. thumbup wink thumbup

341 Candy

Location: Isle of Man
Date: 15.03.2009
Time: 23:27:04
Searching for elusive Achesons in Glenarm and thought Id look at this site so have bookmarked this site for future use.

340 kathleen morrison

Location: newtownabbey
Date: 11.03.2009
Time: 10:48:09
love logging on to your site. I found my grandfather on the 1911 census and discovered he had another brother, and also were they lived. The fact that he was born in belfast and not monaghan hopefully means that I can trace his birth.
keep up the good work Mary.

339 william ballance

Location: east belfast/ shrewsbury shropshire
Date: 09.03.2009
Time: 23:18:46
just starting to look up the ballance family, hope to find anything . thank you for your time.

338 bob taylor

Date: 09.03.2009
Time: 10:45:05
hi just to let you know i have changed my e-mail from greenwatch@ukonline to bob.taylor101167@btinternet.com .
any information on my great uncle pvt george glanfield 10285 2nd battalion leinster regiment .
can you please update this info
regards bob

337 Carol

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 08.03.2009
Time: 18:18:57
A great site, thanks Mary for all your hard work and dedication. thumbup

336 Bob Cook

Location: York UK
Date: 05.03.2009
Time: 20:52:02
The site gets better
well done


Location: WV
Date: 05.03.2009
Time: 14:32:14

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