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334 Rosemary Cullen

Date: 05.03.2009
Time: 03:39:04
Am looking for information regarding James Smith b. about 1851/52 Ballyvenny, Cookstown, married Annie Ferguson at the Registry Office, Cookstown on 15.12.1874. Annie was born on 13.7.1855 Liscausy, Cookstown, Cty Tyrone. James also had a brother called Samuel.
James parents were supposedly John Smith or a Samuel Smith and a Jane Porter.
Annie's parents were William Hughie Smith and Matilda Grant or Harkness.

333 David Cossar

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Date: 04.03.2009
Time: 11:12:42
Further to my earlier message. This site is just brilliant.

I had the names of two individuals, one of whom was my Great Grandmother and the other I believed to be her brother. I had his parents names, but not hers, so I could not be sure that they were siblings.

By looking at the 1877 Directory, I found a person with the same name as the father of the person I believed to be my Great Grandmother's brother.

The address was the same as recorded on my Great Grandmother's Marriage Certificate when she got married in the same year, 1877. (Some of the Certificate was destroyed so it was not showing her parents names).

So I now know the name of my Great Great Grandfather and have confirmed that my Great Grandmother did have at least the one sibling.

As I said, this site is brilliant.


332 richard mcearl

Location: usa
Date: 04.03.2009
Time: 02:23:03
i was in dublin in july looking at the records.i,m looking for any mcearl,s still living in ireland or mcearly in the mayo,area,balleybeg.balleymoney,or londonerry.richardmcearl@yahoo.com----your site look like it has alot of information.

331 hughconkey

Location: dublin
Date: 02.03.2009
Time: 22:35:54
dont know yet only started

330 Viv Rathbone

Location: Southport, Lancashire, England
Date: 02.03.2009
Time: 19:55:38
Hi Mary
I have just dipped my toe so far, but this looks like a superb site.
I am searching for any connections with DOLANS in particular
Michael Dolan, carpenter, son of Patrick Dolan, weaver, and Mary Dolan (Flynn). His wife Mary Dolan (Neill from Scotland) gave birth to his 5th child in Craig Street, Belfast in 1876. I have the birth certificate verifying this, the birth was registered three weeks later by his wife.
However I am finding it extremely difficult to find much more. Michael (father) had his address given as England.
So why was his young family in Belfast? If these names ring any bells I would love to hear from you.
Viv Rathbone (nee Morton, but should have been Dolan, my Dad changed his name!!!)

329 Keith Stacey

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 01.03.2009
Time: 13:25:05
I am researching my family history and part of it relates to Major Rowley Miller. He is my Great/Great/Great Grandfather, on my Mothers side.
I have found this site very interesting. Thankyou. thumbup

328 kerry hunt

Location: Perth Western Australia
Date: 28.02.2009
Time: 15:29:05
great site

327 E Taylor

Location: Antrim
Date: 26.02.2009
Time: 23:58:55
Brill site found some of my family in the street directories.
Looking for my greatgrandfather James Mitchell who was a publican and had the Standard Bar on the corner of Agnes St and Shankill Rd. I found he was there between 1890 1895 but don't know if he was there before them dates or after. Would be grateful for any information. My grandmothers name was Roseanna and she married Hugh Farnon. Many thanks Mary for all your hard work.

326 David

Location: Newcastle
Date: 22.02.2009
Time: 16:58:13
Extreemly interesting. Looking for my fathers and grand fathers homes to put background with their tree

325 Marshall Blair

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 22.02.2009
Time: 16:43:30
came across this site by accident my mothers name is Jean Wylie and married my dad James Blair his Dad Samuel Blair fought in world war1 and so did my mums dad JK Wylie would like to no more
Marshall Blair Solihull England. 22 Feb 09

324 Barb Jamison-MacAskill

Location: Highlands, Scotland
Date: 22.02.2009
Time: 16:30:07
I am researching my paternal family tree. My family are Jamison's from Ardihannon, Parish of Billy, Bushmills. My Great Grandfather was William McDowell Jamison. He married an Annie Huer [Hewer]. They had 4 children, Oswald, William, Annie & Freddie [my Grandfather]. Oswald died at Dulisk on 10/11th November 1912 at age 17. Annie died at 22 and Willie at age 37! They attended the School at the Giants Causeway, now a Museum. Any stories, photographs etc., would mean the world to me.

I love the old photographs on this site, they are amazing and in very good condition.


323 Roberta Mitchell

Location: Bloomfield Rd. Belfast
Date: 21.02.2009
Time: 04:42:55
Didnt find my family but found the search very interesting Keep it going . I am now living in Canada and love to hear anything about home

322 Liz Brown

Location: Newtownards
Date: 12.02.2009
Time: 11:56:14
Wonderful info on 1911 census pages, I have passed details of site to relatives across the world. Will other counties be added to the census pages?? Also I am trying to locate a memorial to Rifleman John (Jack)Walsh, killed 2nd July 1916 at Somme. He was from Co. Cavan but enlisted in Co.Down and was attached to 13th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles.Possibly in army before ww1???? He was about 35 yrs of age and a widower with 1 daughter. There is supposed to be a memorial plaque in a Church of Ireland Church in Co. Cavan, possibly Cloverhill area, which I would like to find. His parents were Thomas and Margaret Walsh of Farnham Co. Cavan.

321 Robert Hubbard

Location: Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Date: 10.02.2009
Time: 19:15:19
My mother's family emigrated to Canada in 1912, from Belfast (Father: William Robert Hicks). I'm trying to trace a family portrait of a gentleman of which I have no information, but is possibly of my great-grandfather. Photographer's name is believed to be Hix.

This site has my grandfather's address, and ties him to the Belfast cotton thread business, which was a family business.

The information on this site is incredible, and I'm lucky to have found it.

320 David Cossar

Location: New Zealand
Date: 09.02.2009
Time: 21:45:06
Wonderful site! Definitely found one of my Great Grandparents, William McCORMICK, in the 1907 Index in Norfolk Drive off Glen Road at Iowa Villa.

I saw this property, which has 'Iowa Villa' above the door, on a visit to Belfast some years ago. The index confirms what I had been told.

Can't wait for the second half of Cavendish Street for 1910 to appear on this site, as I know William McCORMICK also lived there.

Have also have found my Grandfather in 1907 Index at 6 Dysart Street, which is consistent with birthplace in that year of his son (my uncle).

I'm also looking for CAMBRIDGE (from the Loney Area), MOORE and FENTON plus my Grandparents in Divis Street.

Thanks for the time and effort you have put into this. It is a marvelous resource.

Best wishes.


319 C Barron

Location: Liverpool
Date: 08.02.2009
Time: 19:58:11
Thank you. I found census information on my family from Belfast.

318 David Lee

Location: Belfast originally, now in Newtownards
Date: 08.02.2009
Time: 10:50:53
I just discovered your website, it looks very good. I plan on spending many happy hours looking for information. Thank you so much. thumbup

317 Jim Russell

Location: New Jersey, USA
Date: 08.02.2009
Time: 07:19:50
Thanks so much for the street directories. Five minutes in, I've already found my great-grandparents on North Queen St.

All four of my grandparents were from Belfast, and this is an incredibly valuable resource for my research. Thanks again!

(Anyone researching Belfast families Russell, Ross, Campbell, McMullen, Hughes, Quinn, feel free to contact me at jim@jimr.us).

316 Bob Wilson

Location: USA
Date: 08.02.2009
Time: 03:14:20
Great site for Belfast and Antrim. If you ever get anything in on the Ballywatermoy Townland/Galgorm or from Cullybackey areas in the early 19th Century, especially on unions between Wiseman and Dunlap/Dunlop/Delap families, I'd be interested in knowing about it.

315 valerie heslip

Location: newtownards
Date: 07.02.2009
Time: 23:03:02
am looking for information for the name mc vea ormeau road

limestone newtownbreda

314 Cathy

Location: Rochester, NY
Date: 07.02.2009
Time: 16:03:48
I LOVE the street directories!

313 Ian Scott

Location: Australia
Date: 06.02.2009
Time: 22:38:16
Thank you

What a truly great resource

Please keep the good work going

312 Posh

Location: Wales
Date: 05.02.2009
Time: 19:50:52
I love this site...I found it quite accidentally while googling. I am trying to research my Irish roots. I have a Thomas Hyde married Douglas (female) Burrows in 1871 in Shankill.
I look forward to spending some time going through the site properly. smile

311 richard ernest haughton latham

Location: merseyside
Date: 05.02.2009
Time: 15:25:04
Very interesting..among my grandmothers effects was a cutting announcing the death of colonel John Haughton on the N W frontier.

Her mother was married to a William Haughton, chandler of Birkenhead. Have never been able to establish a link but assume there must have been one.

Only info on William that born in Ireland father a farmer.

Any leads would be welcome.

310 William Girvan

Location: Belfast
Date: 05.02.2009
Time: 14:45:41
Excellent site. Fascinating looking up old family members in old streets. The link to the Ireland 1911 census is also very useful and provides lots of interesting anomalies in what we thought we knew.

309 Dave D.

Location: Liverpool to Canada
Date: 04.02.2009
Time: 18:59:27
Great stuff, your site added another piece into the puzzle and brought me closer to breaking my brick wall.
Many thanks for your dedication and hard work.


Location: Corby, Northamptonshire
Date: 04.02.2009
Time: 14:32:20
Congratulaton on your site. Born in Belfast in 1963 to Noel Wylie and Mary Elizabeth Patrica Reilly I now live in England. I have enjoyed reading the street directory around East Belast so many of the street I use to play in as a child have been pulled down. Many Thanks

307 james gourley

Location: belfast originally now norfolk uk
Date: 03.02.2009
Time: 16:52:04
hi, great site, found it by accident, but it has helped me no end.
i admire your dedication, i have managed to find numerous relatives in and around the dock area. between your site and the 1911 census site, it has rekindled my family tree interest.
keep up the good work, greatly appreciated

306 John Beattie

Location: Belfast[born 1944]
Date: 02.02.2009
Time: 18:39:41
Dear Mary, Could you please tell me how to get the O,NEILL and other Os,on the COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES RECORDS SEARCH .I have been unable to access the name.Since I started my family genealogy,I have found your site and street directories most rewarding.As I have worked in the BELFAST POST OFFICE from 1960 [now retired]I knew where the streets were,but it was great after using your site ,I discovered my ancestors were from sailortown and Union /Kent Streets and it was later on that they moved to the Fall,s/Springfield/Grosvenor areas.I have found further names in my research and it,s A BIG THANK YOU,TO YOU AND YOUR GREAT SITE. I have also seen you giving help to others on BELFAST FORUM.

305 Simone Geier

Date: 02.02.2009
Time: 15:13:08
Thanks for some informations for my book! wink

304 Sharon Collins

Location: York, England.
Date: 02.02.2009
Time: 13:24:36
I came across this site by accident whilst looking for information on my husbands great grandparents. Rest assured it is now bookmarked for future reference. It's obvious just how much hard work has gone into this site and it's really very much appreciated. People like you make life a lot easier for internet researchers like myself....keep up the good work and thankyou.

303 Fay

Location: Lake Macquarie, NSW. AUS
Date: 02.02.2009
Time: 04:20:42
Thankyou for the information I found on this site which I found after you answered a query of mine on the Belfast History Forum

302 Roger Calvert

Date: 01.02.2009
Time: 22:20:49
Thanks for your dedication and hard work. It's great to know that there are folks out there who care enough to do what you do.

301 powell FOXALL

Date: 01.02.2009
Time: 03:23:15
Stumbled across your site looking for info on my great grandfather. My grandfather, Powell Cheveral Foxall emmigrated to Australia around 1845-47. I have traced a Powell Foxall who was the owner of Killevy Castle, Co. Armagh, but have so far yet been unable to form any link between the two. I found your site most interesting, and hopefully will one day unlock the links of my early family.

300 Kate Beggs

Location: Belfast
Date: 30.01.2009
Time: 09:09:49
Hi wink

What a wonderful research site, it has been a great asset in finding some members of our family.

I have one query though would you have any idea where I could find records on those who worked at Hillsborough Castle in the late 1800s. My great Grandfather and great Grandmother supposedly worked there as a stable hand and a cook. Any information at all would be great.

Thanks again for all your hard work in such an informative site.

Regards Kate

299 Simon Garvey

Location: Kent
Date: 28.01.2009
Time: 23:42:27

Good site !
Don't suppose you have come across ....
Robert & Margaret Garvey ( both born around 1860 ) in 1911 census they are listed at 9 Malvern street .

But in your 1910 list they are not there , do you know was the house rented to them or others ?


298 Maggie Cassidy

Location: nowadays - Turkey
Date: 28.01.2009
Time: 20:52:20
My Belfast ancestors lived in houses too humble to be listed in the street directories and certainly didn't have a telephone - but still I found a lot of background information here and I thank you kindly for making this site.

297 michelle heaney

Location: portadown
Date: 26.01.2009
Time: 19:30:21
was looking for samuel walker grocer, my great grandfather in belfast springfield rd mybe. Found on your site cupar street which led to census and confirmed family there , thankyou for a brill site now will look for other side of family Armstrong THANKS AGAIN

296 John Doyle

Location: Wicklow Ireland
Date: 25.01.2009
Time: 17:17:30
Researching my Family Tree My Grand father William White a Baker I knew lived in Eversleigh Street Belfast Found street No. in 5 Mins on this site Now thats what I call cool Any Whites related to William White or of the Beersbridge road area I would love to hear from You

295 Stephen Russell

Location: Kinallen, Dromara, Co Down
Date: 25.01.2009
Time: 12:47:19
I am very impressed with the site, its a great resource.

I am researdhing the Russell Family who came from Crumlin ceirca 1840.

Can anyone help with old photos of Russells Butchers shops on Bridge end or later 110 Newtownards Rd Belfast, I believe the Buchers shop was there from ceirca 1880

294 Patrick Glendinning

Location: Londonderry
Date: 25.01.2009
Time: 08:46:56
Excellent site, most impressive.
Can anybody help me find out when the Glendinnings,William and James,removed from Dumfries-shire to Londonderry and when they started running the Derry Standard. We are linked through marriage to the Wylie family and they keep on coming up in my searches!
Best regards,
Janet Glendinning

293 david steele

Location: glenavy
Date: 24.01.2009
Time: 00:04:44
just found your site .nice to read a bit of local poetry that actually makes sense!

292 Valerie Poole (Nee Taggart)

Location: Alberta. Canada.
Date: 23.01.2009
Time: 22:34:15
I just love this site and can see how much work has gone into getting it up and on the internet.

This is more of a plea than a request, but if there is anyone out there who knows of a Taggart who lives near or in Donegore can you please tell them I am looking for them.
Or if there is anyone visiting the site who would like to help me I would be awfully grateful.

Contact me at ureachvpalso@hotmail.com

Fingers crossed then. Val.

291 Dr Nicholas Keegan

Location: UK
Date: 23.01.2009
Time: 20:29:47
I found your website very useful in helping me track down consuls.

290 gabby

Location: dublin, ireland
Date: 23.01.2009
Time: 12:47:49
In the rain in Spain at the moment and came across your site. its a credit to you. having spent many hours trawling through directories I appreciate the work involved and find the highlight facility great. Thank you. smile

289 michelle

Date: 22.01.2009
Time: 21:39:44
I just wanted to say a big thanks for all your hard work and dedication in creating this wonderful website. I am researching the Kerr surname and it has been very helpful, especially as all the 1800-1900 census have been destroyed. I am not having much luck with the Mullan family from Johnston's Court, but I will continue plowing on.
Thanks. smile

288 john hawe

Location: belfast
Date: 21.01.2009
Time: 19:15:03
just found your site and i found it very thumbup helpfull

287 Bob McConnell

Location: Cornwall UK
Date: 21.01.2009
Time: 16:43:48
Great site.. I think I have cracked the mystery why my father did not like his S I L They lived next to each other in Belfast and she was 15 yrs older than his brother.

286 Anne Chamberlain

Location: Canada
Date: 19.01.2009
Time: 16:21:05
I smile knew one of my relatives sold pianos in Belfast. What was I able to find as a result of this website was it was in a commercial district. It gives me a better picture. Thank you.

285 maria

Location: birmingham
Date: 17.01.2009
Time: 19:39:01
your website is wonderful. i have spend hours searching and verified a few pieces of my family history.
i wonder if you could help clarify something as i keep hitting a brick wall. my dad was born at 72 loughside bungalows, shore road, antrim. when i went to visit last year i couldnt find the address as there seemed to be x2 number 72's on the shore rd. one near belfast and one more remote. it is probably me being stupid, but i would love to locate where he was born. loughside bungalows is listed on your site. can you help at all?
maria thumbup

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