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1084 Emily RAINEY

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 11.11.2014
Time: 18:55:50
someone from the belfast forum recommended your site. am looking to trace my the history of my family. my grandad was george rainey he was born in belfast in march 1923. he had two brothers william (billy) and davey. i believe he lived in fortuna street. There are also links to carrickfergus and ballyclare he came to england and married an english girl. i am the oldest english rainey and have no one to ask. any help would be greatly appreciated smile

1083 Alastair ross

Location: Moyarget
Date: 09.11.2014
Time: 20:51:24
Great website...!!! thumbup thumbup

1082 Yasmin

Location: Belfast
Date: 04.11.2014
Time: 18:12:42
m desperatley trying to find out the last few bits of my father in laws family tree. Thomas James McCaughan from Bushmills,was in the WW1 & had been injured to the extent that he had lost a leg. His other half is believed to be a Jane McGahey & whatever happened there may have been abit of wife swapping with Joseph & Mary (or margaret) McCollum. Really need info on Tj McCaughan, where he came from,his parents,what he worked as, info on this Mrs McCollum story. Any photos, docs,info would be appreciated!!!!!

Contact me via y.doyle584@gmail.com

1081 richard davis

Location: sydney nsw australia
Date: 03.11.2014
Time: 14:13:52
Dear MARY. I never seen a web site with such detail and information .the information is amazing and the format is remarkable.a fantastic work by you and your team. thank you. P.S I am a volunteer at the 1/15 royal new south wales lancers museum at Parramatta,I wish we could have a web site like yours. thank you again please keep up the good work.richard. smile

1080 Pauline Bingham

Location: Islandmagee
Date: 31.10.2014
Time: 20:32:54
I recently published a book, 'Green Pastures' about the childhood memories of Maggie Welsh, born 1906 at the Gobbins, Islandmagee. Her mother ran tearooms there and many tourists came to visit the spectacular Gobbins Marine Walk. Your guest, Caroline Rankin of New Zealand, was looking for info about the Rankins, jewellers in Belfast from the early 1900s. The Rankin family feature in my book as they stayed near the Gobbins. 'Green Pastures' is available from Amazon and http://www.pmacdeepublishing.com.
Pauline E Bingham

1079 Roger Denis Mc Ilroy

Location: Dunmurry. Belfast
Date: 30.10.2014
Time: 17:12:59
First time on site,very impressed.. smile smile

1078 Malcolm Smith

Location: Australia
Date: 19.10.2014
Time: 06:51:21
Tracing the origins of the Anzac Pub in Ballycastle, which I discovered thanks to your site, was established by John Delagy who served in the Derby Yeomanry. I am now trying to establish the connection, if there was one, between the Australian Forces AIF and John Delagy's unit, there has to be some significance for choosing that name. Of special interest is that the bar staff of the current owners were aware of the history of the name but only in general terms but how many staff of pubs in the UK would be aware of the origin of the pub's name.

1077 Richard Rathfield

Location: County Londonderry
Date: 07.10.2014
Time: 01:51:44
Great source of information !

I am researching my family history !
Any information on ,

Jack or John Rathfield
Violet Catherine Nixon, nee ( Rice )

Many thanks to Lennon Whylie and looking forward to the updates you have on the way.

1076 Andrew McFarlane e

Date: 04.10.2014
Time: 22:52:39
Interesting information, I'm researching Cunningham on Beverley Street and John McFarlane, his son Alexander, they are both from Scotland. And Alexander's son John, john is my grandfather

1075 pamela wilson

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 04.10.2014
Time: 00:32:38
An amazing site

1074 pauline sweetlove

Location: carrickfergus
Date: 30.09.2014
Time: 21:41:11
What a great page I have been trying for ages to find out about my grandfather Hugh Hamill and what regt he was in and I have found him on your page along with some photos of him thank you very much.

1073 Gordon McWhaw

Location: Canada
Date: 26.09.2014
Time: 12:08:26
Very interesting and well done site. I'm interested in connecting with anyone interested in researching the McWhaw family. Cheers

1072 Stuart Reid Montgomery

Location: ards
Date: 23.09.2014
Time: 21:47:40
Very good found a lot of family names in here..

1071 Rob Whaite

Location: Australia
Date: 04.09.2014
Time: 10:58:32
I have not found the info i need so far. However I have found your site to be a good guide.

1070 Stewart McClean

Location: Newtownards
Date: 31.08.2014
Time: 23:29:30
My late father was S/Sgt BQMS Sammy McClean BEM of HQ Battery 102 (Ulster & Scottish) Regiment RA (v) and I myself followed him to become the BQMS of the same Battery

1069 Debera Morrow

Location: Australia
Date: 31.08.2014
Time: 09:34:30
I'm researching the Morrow family from Killinchy County Down and I hope I find some on this site :) smile

1068 Beth

Location: GA
Date: 30.08.2014
Time: 14:47:21
thanks so much! what a great website!!

searching for Jamison, Little and Martin families primarily Dromore, Down.

1067 Mark Kinnon

Location: Whiteabbey
Date: 28.08.2014
Time: 13:33:15
Hi there
Found your website very helpful with some research about my grandfather (Tommy Kinnon) and his brother (Albert Kinnon) who both served in the 8 Belfast Heavy AA Regiment in WW II.
Found an extract about my great uncle in the link to Coralie Kinahan's book - it made me smile as he seems to have been a bit of a character.
I have some photos if you would like me to scan and send them to you.
Mark Kinnon

1066 Ivor Thompson

Location: Irondale, Ontario, Canada
Date: 25.08.2014
Time: 02:46:56
Wonderful site, I found it very interesting to discover who previously lived in my grandmother's house on Hill's Avenue. It's also very interesting to see the various occupations related to the linen industry and shipbuilding. Well done!

1065 Bob Gibson

Location: Belfast
Date: 20.08.2014
Time: 16:37:22
What a wonderful site , so much interesting information thumbup

1064 Colleen

Location: West Sussex
Date: 06.08.2014
Time: 09:45:59
My father purchased a similar plaque with this poem on it for my lst birthday in 1945. I still have it to this day and it is my most treasured possession. My father was adopted by a Salvation Army family at an early age and lived a wonderful life. He fought in the Second World War.

1063 Bea

Location: Banbridge
Date: 05.08.2014
Time: 23:23:23
Loved visiting this site - loads of fantastic historical information

1062 Katherine

Location: Father from Belfast
Date: 02.08.2014
Time: 22:14:51
Appreciate your wonderful website and all the hard work that has gone into it. Researching Kane's especially in Campbell Row and Christian Place. Thank you so much.

1061 Jayne Griffith Ferreira

Location: Boston, MA
Date: 28.07.2014
Time: 05:32:58
I've been lucky enough to visit Ballycastle and see the war memorial. I found it very touching to read of my grandmother's brother Charles McGoldrick's service in the R. Irish Rifles on this site. Keep up the good work. Absolutely brilliant website. thumbup

1060 janet sims

Location: Portsmouth
Date: 28.07.2014
Time: 00:56:59
Hi,hoping someone maybe able to help,all I know is that my late father was in the irish fusiliers pipes and drums regiment in the 2nd world war,he name was sidney sims,ny father came from London,and I have never seen a photo of him in his uniform,would love to see one and any other information,he was injured twice in the war.thanks is anyone can help. jan

1059 Kevin Turner

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: 26.07.2014
Time: 12:20:08
Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for all your work making this information available to us around the world.

I have found my great-grandfather, Fred Llewellyn Turner, in your transcriptions of the Belfast street directory of 1910, which has confirmed that some patent documents which I have bought online at Amazon are indeed written by him!

You are a blessing to amateur family history researchers like me!
Kevin Turner
Cape Town
South Africa

1058 Robin Gordon

Location: Broughshane
Date: 18.07.2014
Time: 21:11:16
I am checking for details of Gunner James Delaney from 1 Columbus St, Great Georges Street, Belfast.
He served in the Royal Garrison Artillery & died 24-25 December 1916 & is interred in Sainte Marie Cemetary, Le Harve
He is/was my Great Grandfather & any help or info would be appreciated wink

1057 Peter Hughes

Location: Belfast
Date: 16.07.2014
Time: 16:00:34
Lived at 115 Dunluce Ave, Lisburn Road. until 1944 and attended Fane Street PES and on leaving joined the Past Pupils Association. Was a member of the Drama Club, winning the Ballymoney and Bangor Drama Festivals in 1946. Became a golf addict when Fred Daly who lived in Dunluce Avenue became the first Irishman to win The Open Championship in 1947

1056 John McGill

Location: Colorado USA
Date: 18.06.2014
Time: 04:42:48
Researching MaGill family.....
1911 census.....address 76 Cambrai, Belfast
William James. 52
Mary Jane. 51
James 22 my grd father . Came to the US in 1912. Worked at the Edenderry Spinning Co. On Crumbling Rd
Samuel 20
John. 16
George 13
Sarah 10
David 8

The 1901 census shows them living at 18 in Shannon ( Clifton, Antrim)

Any information before 1901 or after 1911 would be appreciated.

Thank you....

1055 Anne Herdman

Location: Banbridge
Date: 10.06.2014
Time: 21:40:41
This site is a credit to all. I have just found the details of my great grandfather Joshua Lawther in Tennant Street and his son, Joshua Lawther, my grandfather in Lisburn Avenue, it brings it all to life. I daily look fondly at my grandfather's photos, whom I never knew, and would be interested if any other people are related. Thank you.

1054 christy

Location: Dublin
Date: 10.06.2014
Time: 11:19:28
I am using this site to look for Andrew Kelter who was a Gaolier in Waterford Gaul during the 19th Century no luck back to work .

Thanks for the info


1053 Deana Friel

Location: Derry
Date: 06.06.2014
Time: 22:53:04
Great site, has taught me so much about my Grandfather's regiment

1052 Brian Harvey

Location: Belfast
Date: 06.06.2014
Time: 21:53:10
I have met mr jim brennan who is 94 and have learnt that he was a member of the 8th belfast anti aircraft rgt. He served in France and Burma . He is in good form a little forgetful .

1051 michael Traynor

Location: Ireland
Date: 03.06.2014
Time: 22:15:27
Many thanks for such a tremendous effort at such an amazing site. Truly remarkable work and must have taken ye guys years to make it available to us researchers. Ive made a token donation to assist you.

1050 Neil Gourley

Location: Warrington England
Date: 02.06.2014
Time: 08:44:42
Love the site but trying to find a photo of a ww1 soldier from Belfast Daniel Cassidy from Whitehouse I've found loads about him, been to where he's buried in France but would love to add a phot of him.


Neil Gourley

1049 thomas cody

Location: United Kingdom scotland
Date: 27.05.2014
Time: 18:52:56
absolute excellent site

1048 Rachel

Location: Columbia Missouri (originally Loughborough UK)
Date: 26.05.2014
Time: 14:40:12
I'm looking for ancestors in Belfast around 1900 (my grandfather), Robert Coburn, and found his uncle's newsagent's on Divis Street in 1910. Very exciting!

1047 Lisa Brown

Location: UK
Date: 26.05.2014
Time: 12:53:59
Amazing site, unfortunately nothing on here to help me sad MARGARET (MAGGIE) MCCULLOUGH married JOHN COURTNEY then EDWARD HENRY WEST. I have 188 Cranmore Ave as an address on a birth certificate but can't even find that.

1046 Patricia Merwin

Location: Tucson, Az
Date: 24.05.2014
Time: 23:10:15
My grandfather Robert Middleton MacLetchie was born 1885.
His address was 28 Allworthy, Belfast wink . Still exploring your site.

1045 Stephen Daly

Location: Dublin
Date: 12.05.2014
Time: 00:06:47
Many thanks for your hard work. It has helped me greatly to trace neighbours of my mother's family in East Belfast. Have you done any street directories between 1918 and 1943? If so, please email details.
Many thanks
Stephen Daly

1044 Adrienne Jorgensen

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 26.04.2014
Time: 21:21:37
I've just come across your site and had a quick look. Excellent records. smile thumbup

1043 Peter Webster

Location: Manchester
Date: 25.04.2014
Time: 17:11:29
What an amazing site you have produced. A real labour of love. My family are from Belfast and surrounding areas and the information here has been invaluable in helping confirm addresses AND locations of old photographs due to shops etc in the background. Thank you.

1042 Catherine McBride

Location: Belfast
Date: 18.04.2014
Time: 23:23:33
So pleased to find information on my uncle Thomas Shields. I've managed to find his grave on find a grave.com and post his picture and leave virtual flowers. Very moving Thank you so much

1041 Janice

Location: United States
Date: 13.04.2014
Time: 20:12:49
Thanks so much! Your many photos of the Haughtons in our William Steele family tree - especially Mary Pim! - are greatly appreciated.


Date: 07.04.2014
Time: 14:03:58

1039 Yvonne Cooper

Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: 07.04.2014
Time: 03:43:17
Mary, you helped me in the past with my search for George ALLEN, 6 White Street, Belfast. Today I have found him in the 1943 Directory at 56 Moira St, a tailor. I have his marriage in Belfast to Mary Logue, 11 Apr 1911. He was in the 1Bn, 1st Cheshire regiment No.8850, at Victoria Barracks, Belfast. He was 25 & I don't know if he served in WW1.
So glad your site is continuing to add valuable information for researchers. I will make another donation today to help you continue. I hope other people who use this site will also remember to donate.
Thanks and best wishes, Yvonne thumbup thumbup thumbup thumbup

1038 Jeff Crowdey

Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: 05.04.2014
Time: 09:33:23
You have some great information - I am trying to find my Great Grandfathers ancestors - Thomas Holland married Margaret Carsons ,they had a son named Thomas Holland born 1854 in Lurgan who married Annie Wells(Wales) in Belfast 29.8. 1882 and then came to Australia to raise a family. If you have any information please let me know. thanks

1037 stephen phillips

Date: 01.04.2014
Time: 15:10:15
Hi lovely site. Looking for anything on my grandfather kia belfast blitz c'41-'44. I don't have any information other than his name Henry Phillips. Will keep looking.

1036 sheila o,hanlon

Location: england.but mother from belfast 1901
Date: 01.04.2014
Time: 15:00:25
p wink lease can you help me find details of my family. margaret fagan mother sisters mary josie and john .grandmother mary ann lived in sherffit st belfast grandfather john fagan thank you any help you can give daughter and granddaughter

1035 debbie carson

Location: England
Date: 27.03.2014
Time: 21:41:15
I have been on your page relating to the Haughton family. My dad was adopted in Dublin. My father's name is Thomas Farrell He was born Thomas Haughton on 26th March 1932 and his birth mother's name is Haughton and she was born in Athy.
It woUld be lovely for him to meet some of his relatives.if we could authenticate this link.


Debbie carson

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