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Thomas McCarthy

Robert Murphy

William James Calderbank

William David Hawthorne (top photo with Kathleen McFall)  bottom photo 3 rows up 3rd from right

George and Harry Williams

James and Joseph McKinley    Meta, Elaine, Patrick Gerard McKinley   James McKinley                                     McKinley Family Picnic                           Meta Margaret McKinley

John James Farrell - Edward William Farrell

right hand side - William James Campbell - left hand side

William and Samuel O'Hara (brothers)
photo of headstone thank you to Stephen Kerr 

William Johnston, thanks to Stephen Kerr for the photograph

Joseph Albert Dillon

William J. Dickson
photo kindly taken by Stephen Kerr

Francis and William Lewis named on Nelson Presbyterian Church Memorial    -    William Lewis wore this to Lord Carsons funeral

Samuel Lyttle

his story...

Samuel Lyttles' WW1 medal was found with the medals of Samuel Taylor, William Taylor, Samuel Taylors grandson asked me to add Samuel Lyttle to my database at the time he added his own grandfather even though he didn't know why Lyttles medal was with his own grandfathers. I added it to the page with a note explaining this, after a period of time I was contacted by Debbie Bittles-Blake (Samuel Lyttles great granddaughter) I forwarded her email to William but email and the internet being what it was he didn't receive it, another period of time passed and I was then contacted by Debbies father John (Jack) Bittles, this time when I forwarded his email to William he received it, they have since communicated and William has very kindly sent Samuel Lyttles medal back to his family, thank you so much for this William, what a lovely gesture :o)

Samuels family is....Samuel did indeed reside at 14 Lindsay Street Belfast with his older sister Elizabeth and they ran a small grocery store. In fact I was raised by Elizabeth (Lizzie) and lived at 14 Lindsay Street myself from the age of three (3) until I joined the Irish Guards at age seventeen (17).
Samuel married Susan Rea in 1919 and they had five daughters and one son. Their daughters were Lilly, Bessie, Agnes, Minnie and Susan. Their son was Billy.
Lily was my mother and she had eleven (11) children of which I am the second oldest at seventy one (71).
I know that grandpa Sammy was in the Munster Fusiliers and was a prisoner of war as he used to tell me stories as a child about how he would spend all his time picking cabbage. He used to laugh as in Germany they call cabbage "Coal" and after the war he worked for James Kingsberry a "Coal" merchant as a delivery man.


William Spence

Sapper Thomas Robinson

photo thank you to Stephen Kerr
Great Great Uncle of Karen O'Rawe of the  Castleton Lantern Project    Facebook

William Johnston 16637

James and Robert Dickson - Brothers
Robert 10/14369 and James 72877 Dickson are brothers but there is another James 10/14370 Dickson with a different address but who has the next service number to Roberts, this could possibly be a cousin but there is no proof

Gravestone of Patrick Toner