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Biography of

Anne Jane Lennon (nee Moore)

Anne Jane Lennon was born 1856, she was found in the 1901 census living at  with two of
her three children, my great grandgather Arthur Lennon2 was married and living with his
wife and children by 1901 also living wth Anne Jane Lennnon was her brother Arthur Moore

Anne Jane Lennon  -  Head  -  Pros  -  cannot read  -  54  -  born Belfast 1847 -  married
Mary Anne Lennon - daughter - pros - read/write - 32 - linen yarn - born England 1869 - spinster
Elizabeth Lennon - daughter - pros - read/write - 27 -  linen weaver - born Belfast 1874 - spinster
Arthur Moore  -  brother - pros - read/write - 52 - barber - born Belfast 1849 - widower                   

no sign of my great great grandfather (on my fathers side) at that time, were they separated ?
I'm hoping to get the birth certificate of Arthur Lennon1 1871, which will at least give me a
first name for his father. Also Anne Jane being a Moore is interesting as we have Moores on my
mothers side also, wouldn't THAT be cute if my fathers Moores and my mothers Moores were related