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Biography of

John Lennon

John Lennon was born in America 1893, he was the 1st son of Arthur1 and Margaret Lennon,
he had 3 brothers and 1 sister : Arthur 1896 : Ephraim 1900 : Albert Edward 1902 : Minnie 1904 :
 he married Carrie and had at least 2 sons, Victor and Norman.
John Lennon died during the Belfast Blitz in 1941 at the Percy Street bomb shelter. He was thought
to be home on leave at the time from the Army, but I found him listed on the CWGC site as a civilian, 
at the time of his death his address was recorded as 

32 Louisa Street

Taken from 'Bombs On Belfast'

The Shankill Road largely escaped the worst of the nights devastation, but for one major incident that
resulted in appalling carnage and that scared itself indelibly into the popular recollections of the raid.
Standing on the flat roof of a mill on North Howard Street, Kenneth Taylor, a lorry driver and member
of the auxiliary Fire Service saw a dark object drifting silently past about twenty feet above his head.
Initially he mistook it for a Luftwaffe pilot who had bailed out - until it struck the ground. In fact it was
a very large parachute mine and it fell within 15 feet of a crowded public Air Raid Shelter in Percy
Street. The suction created by the explosion seconds later was greater than the shelters walls were
built to withstand.