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1334 Barbara Hanna

Location: USA
Date: 25.06.2018
Time: 21:35:43
I saw your wonderful website and have hit a brick wall in my family history search. I don't see your e-mail address to send you an email requesting help. Thank you.

1333 Robert Moore

Location: Guelph, Ontario
Date: 25.06.2018
Time: 14:41:02
Thank you for being willing to share your work !

1332 Herb McCullough

Location: Lilliput Street Belfast
Date: 20.06.2018
Time: 01:51:39
Great work done on your site .I lived in Lilliput Street 50s 60s 70s

1331 Michael Wilgar

Location: Belfast
Date: 18.06.2018
Time: 18:08:55
Hi. I'm looking for information about my Family, I am 5th generation builder. I have a copy of my Great Grandfathers Indenture contract, signed in 1893 in Belfast. The firm he worked for was J & W Stewart of Adelaide Street Belfast. I have started writing a book and am trying to gather as much information as possible.

1330 Megan Sinni

Location: Australia
Date: 16.05.2018
Time: 13:56:46
You've done an incredible amount of work here. Fantastic! My ancestors come from Belfast and with the help of your website I'e been able to cross check names, streets and occupations. I discover more and more each time I look. Am fast becoming acquainted with Belfast of the past. Fascinating. Thank you :)

1329 John Perry

Location: Today, the Philippines, but really I'm from UK
Date: 12.05.2018
Time: 15:26:13
I see that my great-great-grandfather George Joseph Perry lived at 53 Christopher Street, in the 1877 Belfast Street Directory.

1328 Lynne

Location: New Zealand
Date: 09.05.2018
Time: 05:17:45
Thank you so much. When one doesn't live in Ireland its very hard to envisage the counties, streets etc. I've found some valuable information and am still looking. smile

1327 Edward

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 07.05.2018
Time: 16:12:20
Amazingly helpful site, thank you so much for sharing your hard work.

1326 Mark Burgoyne

Location: Co.Cork
Date: 06.05.2018
Time: 22:53:53
Fantastic information available, well done

1325 Marilyn

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 06.05.2018
Time: 00:03:12
Thank you so much for all your hard work on this site . It has helped me a lot in my family research and I have recommended it to many other researchers I have come into contact with.

1324 Karen Stewart

Location: Ballynahinch county Down
Date: 27.04.2018
Time: 17:18:04
Great info,

1323 Dorothea Hay nee Vinycomb

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 25.04.2018
Time: 10:36:10
John Vinycomb was my great grandfather. I think the Dora who is photographed is Dorothea Thorpe from Cork, John's wife.
Would it be possible to examine the book?

1322 Colleen Taylor

Location: Queensland Australia
Date: 12.04.2018
Time: 08:17:47
Great site! It is a pity I never found this site a couple of weeks ago. I have been researching my Grandfather John Alexander Graham's WW1 records. His medals inscription and Medal Roll Index has him as serving with the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, His parents were Thomas and Mary (Hunter) Graham and his Grandparents were John and Anne Eliza(Goold) Graham of Garvagh.

1321 Katelyn

Location: Canada
Date: 11.04.2018
Time: 15:52:45
I recently did a 23andme DNA test and it said I was related to a "Herbert Coulter". I googled and I think this may be the same person as my mother's family came from Ireland at some past unknown generations. Very interesting to read. Thank you for sharing.


Location: Belfast
Date: 07.04.2018
Time: 07:59:38
Thank You

1319 Les McGrath

Location: Braniel, Belfast now in Nanaimo B.C.
Date: 03.04.2018
Time: 16:39:00
Just discovered the site. Looks like it will help find some family istory.

1318 Barbara

Location: belfast now live in Australia
Date: 09.03.2018
Time: 07:33:00
excellent site. great for research. wILL NOT ACCEPT MY SURNAME

1317 D. Hayes

Location: USA
Date: 05.03.2018
Time: 07:26:22
I do family research for crash site investigators in Europe and a German researcher is investigating the crash of John Davidson, who you have posted here: http://www.lennonwylie.co.uk/ww2_soldiers_database.htm#Davidson
The gentleman you have identified as Davidson, is actually Sgt. Ealden. John Davidson is on the far right, with the photo cut off. Any chance you can re-scan the photo and correct this?
Thank you for the hard work in putting together this website. It has been helpful as we have sought out the families of the crew from 90 Squadron.
Keep up the good work!

1316 Claire Carson

Location: Belfast
Date: 02.03.2018
Time: 14:10:35
Hi, Im doing my family tree and have just learned that my Great Uncle, Thomas McLaughlin joined the RAF during WW2. Im hoping to find out some more information on him.


1315 John Steen

Location: Coleraine
Date: 02.03.2018
Time: 13:27:15
Hope to find some new information about relations. smile

1314 Patrick

Location: Belfast
Date: 23.11.2017
Time: 21:30:48
Valuable database. smile

1313 Cathy allen

Location: Dundonald belfast
Date: 23.11.2017
Time: 00:08:32

Hi I have been researching my family tree and found my great uncle tommy Irvine from east Belfast he was a German pow during the 2nd ww. Can I ask where you got the photos from I'd be really interested to know
Th aks

Reply: Hi Cathy, His son-in-law sent me the photos and the details :)

1312 wilson murphy

Location: carlisle my dad roy from bangor
Date: 19.11.2017
Time: 16:38:50
Hi I have been looking up my family tree, Thomas Wilson is my grandfather 1st mayor of bangor, his daughter Ruby marries James Milliken...thanks for all the pics and information


1311 John Lowry

Location: West Sussex
Date: 15.11.2017
Time: 20:20:58
Thank you for doing this. I was looking for any records of my God Father - William (Paddy) Baxter - Royal Irish Rifles (WW1).

1310 James Ward

Location: Belfast
Date: 21.07.2017
Time: 11:29:54
Hope to get some info from here

1309 John

Location: Australia but now Sweden
Date: 17.07.2017
Time: 10:13:26
Many thanks for your webpage and excellent information - I now feel I have a tiny bit more information on my grandfather (2nd Lt. Harold Oliver) who I believe now was 2nd Battalion and who I am still trying to research/get more info on.

Hoping to track down/get his full service record if I can.



1308 Samantha Louise

Location: dirtygirlsammie@gmail.com
Date: 14.07.2017
Time: 09:51:07
I'm a psychic medium. Last night I Dreamed that there were Shankill men who were being held captive during both wars. Do you know if this is true or not please. I do a lot of readings in the Shankill Rd and around Belfast. Twitter @Dirtygirlsammie
Anyone is free to contact me. Xx

1307 John Kennedy

Location: Cloughfern
Date: 07.07.2017
Time: 11:52:49
Most interesting.

1306 Ashley Birch

Location: Derbyshire
Date: 04.07.2017
Time: 17:53:59
Hi, I found some great tramway photos on this excellent site under the Portrush Heroes section. I would really like to get in touch with the author, Robert Thompson, but the email address is bouncing. Does anyone have up-to-date contact details that they could give me?

Cheers, Ashley

1305 Shauna

Location: Belfast
Date: 23.06.2017
Time: 18:31:08
Hi - my great great great aunt was Mary Anne Lennon (nee Thompson). Her husband was Peter Lennon. Is that any connection to your family tree?

1304 Andrew

Date: 13.06.2017
Time: 14:00:04
Thank you for an excellent resource.

1303 John Strathern

Location: Bellaghy
Date: 12.06.2017
Time: 20:05:27
I didn't come from there. My father did. Just browsing your site. Looks great!

1302 Janice Axford-Brooks

Location: Sydney Australia
Date: 10.06.2017
Time: 14:35:32
Thanks for enabling me to find my Great grandfather, Charles Nah Davis, in the street directories list of Professional, Commercial & Trades for 1861, & confirming he was a furrier at the time.

1301 Henry Gilmore (Harry)

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 04.06.2017
Time: 21:27:32
Great help in trying to piece together information about my Father who fought with the 8th Belfast HAA Regt.

1300 Terence Frawley

Location: 11 clowney st belfast
Date: 29.05.2017
Time: 19:07:37
Trying to get more info on my father Thomas Frawley and his father Michael Frawley , they all lived in Clowney st at some stage thumbup

1299 Gillian Carson

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 29.05.2017
Time: 16:33:46
First of all, I knew Seb as my daughter was a friend of his (Lauren Carson). Lovely lovely Seb.
Secondly, my sister who lives in Manchester suggested I use this site as I wanted to find out some information about who resided in my house and in neighbouring houses in the early 30's when the houses were built.
This is an excellent and informative site and I think I've gone square eyed now because I've been on it for hours now!
Thank you for supplying me with the information I needed.

1298 Sidney C Hart

Location: gt yarmouth, Norfolk.
Date: 28.05.2017
Time: 19:22:53
Seen this morning (28th May) at a car boot in gt yarmouth - mounted medalion type of Col. Robert Beech CMG; DSO, Commanding 2 Scottish Horse. Died August 1916. Asling price 14.00. Have seen all Google info. Is this another fake? It looks like the one you advertise! Thank you.

1297 Frankie

Location: Belfast
Date: 28.05.2017
Time: 15:50:53
What number was 225 park avenue in 1951, i was told a teacher lived there.

1296 john hunter

Location: Hart Street, Belfast.(originally.)
Date: 27.05.2017
Time: 10:27:47
Recommended by a friend as I was having difficulty getting started.

Your site has been a great help to a beginner.

Many Thanks.

1295 Geraldine Palmer-Henry

Location: California
Date: 26.05.2017
Time: 10:22:52
Thank you for this! My Granny Mary (Thompson) Cairns lived on Marchioness Street her whole life.

1294 John Gorman

Location: Belfast
Date: 17.05.2017
Time: 22:56:42
I would like to get in touch with Rosemary (Burns) McKee. My great grandmother was Annie (Burns) Gillespie and she came from Glynn thumbup thumbup

1293 George Gaynor

Location: Ireland
Date: 16.05.2017
Time: 15:30:19
Trying to do some research on my family. Only know my Greatgrandfathers name was Hugh and his fathers name was Patrick from Ireland...He was married to a Margaret Orielly and they left Ireland and came to Indiana..Would like to know more of them if possible. Thanks George Gaynor

1292 James Jenkins

Location: jim@oxfordcityflooring.co.uk
Date: 16.05.2017
Time: 13:28:24
Hi, Gnr Jenkins was my Father. Very touching to see pictures of him as a young man.

1291 Linda Comsa

Location: Belfast
Date: 03.05.2017
Time: 03:10:19
Brilliant site ☺

1290 Lilian Tinsley

Location: Belfast
Date: 26.04.2017
Time: 23:32:01
HI MARY I just found this site trying to see if I can find anyone of my family from the Shankill wink

1289 Helen Morrison

Location: Scotland
Date: 25.04.2017
Time: 20:10:33
My husbands family are Irish and it has been great to have been able to find some of them on your site thank you

1288 George McAllister

Location: Australia
Date: 24.04.2017
Time: 16:51:13
Mary - Your a legend. Thanks so much for this great resource.

1287 Heather penrose

Location: Carrickfergus
Date: 16.04.2017
Time: 19:57:32
Have spent hours on here and really do appreciate this info being viewable from home it's helped me wind my way through history and found it most helpful huge thanks
Is there a site anywhere where there's photos of early 1900,s in Belfast
Big into titanic history also smile

1286 Janice

Location: Canada
Date: 16.04.2017
Time: 02:04:44
Thanks for the Belfast street directory. I couldn't read the name of the street on the death certificate for my great grandma (1895) but I figured it out by using your page. Thanks so much thumbup

1285 Colin Moore

Location: Newcastle
Date: 08.04.2017
Time: 18:03:37
Could you help in finding my grandfather WW1 records he lived at 12 Dundela street Belfast, or if u could send me some tips on where to search for his records.
Thanks Colin Moore thumbup

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