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Lost Photos - Allen, Brown, Hassock, etc.

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original photographs are not my property and are not available

all these photos were together at auction

update Nov. 2011 - I've been contacted by Nick Marsh, here is what he said

Hi Mary

I know the sitters in the photo on your web site which has “Amy and Eric Allen, children of David Allen, Junior” (below left)  inscribed on the back.  They are my Great Uncle Eric and Great Auntie Amy.  His full name was Eric Henry Cook Allen and her full name was Amy Agnes Leonora Allen.  As well as being the cousins of my Great Grandfather Maurice Tyrone Workman Allen they were also the cousins of my other Great Uncle William Edward David Allen who lived at Commonwood House in Hertfordshire which is also shown on this page. Their shared Grandfather and my Great, Great, Great Grandfather is David Allen Senior, the founder of David Allen & Sons, the major printing and bill posting company in Belfast which also expanded to England.  My Grandmother was Daphne Allen who would have been their niece.  If you’re interested the attached family tree shows the connection from Nicholas Maurice Ryding Marsh (me) back to them.  This is the first picture I have seen of Eric and what struck me about him is how much he looks like my father when he was a boy and also how much he looks like my nephew now!  Absolutely incredible, so thank you so much for posting the pictures!       Best wishes - Nick Marsh

and here is the Family Tree, contact can be made with Nick through me at streets (at)

(on back) Amy and Eric Allen, children of David Allen, Junior

(on back) Mrs. Brown with Mrs. Hassard's (?) love November 1895

(on back) no idea. I think came to me through Amy Allen - would they be Carsons? I see pages 6 & 7 of David Allen History - the Carsons were prosperous and in Business in Belfast and Glasgow

(on back) Great Grandmother?   --  Amy's writing, I think. See note of companion photographs from "Hembley" studio

(on back) see note on companion photograph from "Hembley" studio ^^


(on back) Sheila and Harry or Henry Humpton?, children of William Browns sister, Milly (Aunt Milly)

(on back but scored out) Commonwood House, home of William and Cissy Allen!

The picture of Commonwood House, Chipperfield in Lost Photos:
One is of William and Cissy Allen of Commonwood House.
William was :
William Edward Allen, of Commonwood House, Chipperfield, co. Hertford whose 1st son, William Edward David Allen, OBE, (d. 18 Sep 1973) mar. 6 Dec 1922 (div. 1933) Lady Phyllis Edith King (b. 19 Mar 1897; d. 3 Dec 1947). She was the 2nd daughter of
Lionel Fortescue [King-Noel later King], 3rd Earl of Lovelace, DSO DL born16 Nov 1865
mar.29 Apr 1895 Lady Edith Anson (d. 8 Oct 1932), 4th dau. of Thomas George [Anson], 2nd Earl of Lichfield, by his wife Lady Harriett Georgiana Louisa Hamilton, 1st dau. of James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Abercorn.
I have pictures taken at Commonwood House during 1920s or 30s of people (probably family and staff) on my Flickr page:

My grandmother's sister (who died in 1939) was a nursemaid to the family and had the photos on my Flickr page in her photograph album.

Florence Corbitt, my grandmother's sister was born in 1868 in Doctor's Commons, 38 Carter Lane, City of London. 
In Mar 1923 she worked for Mrs. Allen (a Mrs. Griffith's daughter) at 7 Queensgate, Kensington as a governess and laundry maid. I don't think this is the same Allen family as those at Commonwood House.
She appears to have worked for Lady Allen at Commonwood House, near Chipperfield, (Rickmansworth) in Feb and June 1928 and had references from the family.
In 1928 she also worked as a governess and then as housekeeper for a doctor at Charterhouse School, Old St and then in Gomshall, Surrey. 
She was a well liked person - not one of our better looking family members but very well thought of by everyone she worked for. She was also an excellent dressmaker and embroideress which was probably why the families she worked for liked employing her.
In Mar 1929 she again worked for Mrs. W E Allen, David Allen & Son Ltd, Allen House, 23 Buckingham Gate, London SW1. This the company may be the one listed in The British Library book lists: David Allen & Son, David Allen: the history of a family firm, 1857-1957. [By] W. E. D. Allen. [With plates]. John Murray, 1957. Shelfmark: 11918.s.46. (Was John Murray the printing firm or publisher?
In about 1933 she was involved in an accident when she got off a tram in Stoke Newington High Street and was struck by a motor cycle. She injured her head and after that was very cantankerous which was quite alien to her normal character.

Thank you to Jean Noble for contacting me with all this great information

(on back) Dorothy Brown 6 weeks & 1 day

(on back) Miss Hossack, Castle Street - Mrs. Saunders (L) Katie W. Coles (R) Mrs. ?

(on back) J. O. Rogers and Sarah Rogers in fancy dress on trip to Holyland
postcard made in Palestine, Jerusalem

(on back and written over) Dorothy Brown? D? serving in the first World War

Family Tree of Nicholas Maurice Ryding Marsh
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