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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Ballymacarrett is immediately connected with Belfast and is united to it by the Queen's Bridge. It is situate in the County Down side
of the river, including an area of 576 acres, and consists of one main street, on the line of the Holywood Road and a number of
smaller ones. A large number of the inhabitants are hand-loom weavers and persons employed in the various factories in the
vicinity- viz., the Foundry, Flint Glass Works, Vitriol Works, Rope Works, Tileries Mills &c. Lagan Village is included in it. On account
of its immediate proximity and connexion with Belfast, the reference to its streets and inhabitants are included in the Alphabetical
Directory of Belfast.

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   1  Robert Barry, wine merchant.
   2  Mrs. Hastings.
   3  Thomas J. Martin, bookkeeper.
   4  Robt. Corry, grocer, North Street.
  ~  Rev. John Meneely, manse.
  ~  Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church, Rev. John Meneely,
  ~  Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church School House; John
       Gribbin, teacher.

off Club Row

three small houses

Holywood Road

   ~  Margaret Kinning, spirit dealer.
   ~  Alexander McAlister, builder.
         sixty small houses


   ~  Andrew Sloan & Co., fire brick and tile yard.
   ~  J. P. Corry's timber pond; office, Great George's Street.
   ~  J. & T. Brown's timber pond; office, Chichester Street.
   ~  Public Manure Yard.
   ~  Limestone depot for the Cave Hill quarry.
   ~  Samuel McMorran, carpenter and builder.


  ~  William Stewart, moulder.
  ~  Captain Blair.
  ~  David Hunter, school master.
  ~  D. Miller, in the custom house.
  ~  James Boomer, mechanic.
  ~  John Nicholl, smith.


   1  Samuel Sinclair, clerk.
   2  Thomas Jacobs.
   3  Miss Fordyce.
   4  Hugh Marshall, bookkeeper.


  ~  Archibald Blayney, spirit dealer and grocer.
  ~  James Macklin.
  ~  Captain Johnston.
  ~  John Lowry, coal merchant.
  ~  Edward Barry; shop, 5 Bank Lane.


              thirty three small house
~  Roman Catholic Chapel; Rev. J. Killen, PP.
  ~  National School; Michael Brown, teacher.
  ~  Eden Cottage, Rev. Jas. Killen, PP.


   1  VACANT
   2  Thomas Lindsay.
   3  Jas. Moore, custom house officer.
   4  Mrs. Meharg.
   5  Wm. Hughes, flax spinner.
   6  Mrs. McCleery.
   7  Mrs. Percy.
   8  Alexander McMaster, clerk.
   9  Rev. John McMurray.
 10  James Phillips; office, Victoria Street.
 11  James Lemon


   1  Margaret Holden, grocer.
   2  Thomas Wilson, mechanic.
   3  Wm. Keith, coal merchant.
   4  L. Mulholland, dress maker.
   5  Alex. McAuley, coach man.
         six small houses in rear


a number of small houses occupied by cotton weavers


twenty small houses


  ~  Margaret McMoran, grocer.
  ~  Thomas Sloan, grocer.
  ~  George Cron, grocer and spirit dealer.
  ~  R. Morrison, grocer.
  ~  Ballymacarrett Parochial Male and Female School; John
       Lamont, male teacher; Anna McClean, female teacher.
            sixty one small houses.


   5  Wm. Richardson, grocer.
   4  Andrew Thompson, labourer.
   3  James Johnston, mechanic.
   2  Daniel Savage, carpenter.

right side

  ~  Henry Moore, publican.
  ~  Ballymacarrett Pottery Works; Jas. McWade, proprietor.
  ~  Samuel Gordon, flax dresser.
  ~  Ballymacarrett Dispensary; Dr. Murray, medical officer.
  ~  Dr. Murray, surgeon.
  ~  John Stewart, sewed muslin manufacturer; office, 26
       Donegall Street.
  ~  Thomas George, coal merchant.
  ~  Rev. J. Edwards.
  ~  Queen's Bridge Mills; James Davidson, proprietor.
  ~  James Davidson's residence.
  ~  Wm. Black, miller.
  ~  Robert Patterson.
  ~  M. A. Patterson, milliner and dress maker.
  ~  George Howard, book binder.
  ~  George Finlay, watch glass manufacturer.
  ~  Jane Higgins, grocer.
  ~  David Carlisle, potato dealer, hay and straw compresser.
  ~  Constabulary Barracks; Samuel Lamb, head constable.
  ~  Wm. H. Agnew, coal merchant.
  ~  James Jones, grocer.
                                     left side
  ~  Richard Shaw, labourer.
  ~  Hans George, grocer.
  ~  James Kelly, labourer.
  ~  Robert Black, turner.
  ~  John Thompson, black smith.
  ~  James Cooke, tailor.
  ~  Joseph Scott, spirit dealer.
  ~  Henry Shannon, tailor.
  ~  Lynas & Burns, jobbing smiths.
  ~  James Hagan, labourer.
  ~  John Thompson, black smith.
  ~  William O'Hara, labourer.
  ~  Sarah Monteith, huckster.
  ~  John Kane, green grocer.
  ~  Hugh Grahame, grocer and pawn broker.
  ~  William Davis, glass cutter.
  ~  James Clarke, green grocer.
  ~  Hugh Dobbin, butcher.
  ~  Mary Ann McCracken, dealer.
  ~  Thomas McAlavay, butcher.
  ~  Jane Stewart.
  ~  Wm. Grimshaw, hackler.
  ~  Richard Kearney, basket maker.
  ~  Alexander Douglas.
  ~  Mary Douglas, dress maker and milliner.
  ~  Mrs. Marner.
  ~  William Murdoch, sewed muslin agent.
  ~  William McLeish, chemist.
  ~  John Quee, painter.
  ~  Alexander Wynn, railway guard.
  ~  Roger McAfee, engine driver.
  ~  Mr. Coburn's office.
  ~  Mrs. Crickard, dress maker.
  ~  F. Smyth, dress maker.
  ~  William Kearney, basket maker.
  ~  Patrick McGlade, wine and spirit stores.


   1  Thomas Quin, seaman.
   2  Saml. Ledley; shop, Corn Market.
   3  Francis Bailie, gate keeper.
   4  George Rodgers; office, 34 Victoria Street.
   5  T. Fisher, painter &c.
   6  Wm. Rodgers, at 34 Victoria Street.
   7  James Mourne, master mariner.
   8  Thomas Sugars, superannuated excise officer.


  ~  Herbt. Smyth, Henryville House.
  ~  Shamrock Lodge, Fras. Devlin.
  ~  Samuel Irvine, spirit dealer.
  ~  John Canmer, grocer &c.
  ~  T. Ritchie, salesman in Messrs. Hardy's, High Street.
  ~  William Busby, gentleman.
  ~  David Murray, spirit dealer.
  ~  Wm. Somersett, engineer.
  ~  Henry McCann, gardener.
  ~  Matthew Anderson, engineer.
  ~  Edward Sloan, iron moulder.
  ~  John Anderson, iron moulder.
  ~  Samuel McKelvey, mechanic.
  ~  Andrew Wilson, iron turner.
  ~  Alex. McAllister, pattern maker.
  ~  Mary Savage.
  ~  Henry Savage, moulder.
  ~  James Anderson, iron turner.
  ~  Thomas Bennet, mechanic.
  ~  Hamilton Caughey, labourer.
  ~  Alex. McFall, labourer.
  ~  Wm. Quartz, smith.
  ~  Samuel Millin, cooper.
  ~  John McDowell, grocer.
  ~  Alex. Scully, foreman moulder.
  ~  Robert Dunlop, mechanic.
  ~  Andw. Bennet, foreman moulder.
  ~  John Sloan, black smith.
  ~  John Jamison, bookkeeper.
  ~  John Dickey, moulder.
  ~  Robert Jardin, moulder.
  ~  John Thompson, mechanic.
  ~  Alexander McFall, labourer.
  ~  Edward Hewett, moulder.
  ~  Anne Warrick.
  ~  James Simpson, moulder.
  ~  John McCullough, labourer.
  ~  Richard Drake, grocer &c.
  ~  Mrs. Ross.
  ~  James McKeown, labourer.
  ~  John McKaig, labourer.
  ~  Robert Larmour, labourer.
  ~  Wm. Devenny, labourer.
  ~  Wm. Hunter, manager of Vitriol Works.
  ~  James McMillan, grocer.
  ~  John McCready, grocer.
  ~  Vitriol Works, William Boyd & Sons, proprietors; residences,
       Wm. Boyd, Sydenham; Danl. L. Boyd, Sydenham; John C.
       Boyd, 22 Lonsdale Street.
  ~  George Reid, clerk in the Lagan Foundry.
  ~  Lagan Foundry, Victor Coates, engineer, founder in iron &
       brass, mill wright and smith; residence, Glentoran.


  ~  Q. Dunlop, mechanic.
  ~  Robert Morton, seaman.
  ~  Mrs. Perceval, dress maker.
  ~  James Herron, clerk in Mercury office.
   1  Wm. Hastings, CE.; office, 64 Victoria Buildings.
   2  Rev. James Glasgow, DD.
   3  Henry Nicholl, general merchant, 1 Albert Square.
   4  Mrs. Martin.
   5  Rev. Charles Seaver, Incumbent of St. John's Church.
   6  Francis Ritchie.
   7  Robert McHinch, bookkeeper for Mr. Shaw, Ann Street.
   8  Wm. Hunter; shop, 44 Church Lane.
   9  Robert Crawley, solicitor; office, Downpatrick.
 10  James Moncreiff, commission merchant, Waring Street.
 11  Robert McGeagh, in Martin & Co.'s, Ann Street.
  ~  John B. Barry, in J. Magill's, Fountain Street.
  ~  John McKibben, inland revenue officer.
  ~  Mrs. Thompson.
  ~  Miss Patton.
  ~  Freeman Hardy.
  ~  Miss McClure's school.
  ~  James McGladdery, clerk.
  ~  G. Phillips, lithographic printer.
  ~  Gooseberry Cottage, J. Frazer, civil engineer.
  ~  Robert Birch, grocer.


  ~  Miss Barry.
  ~  Alex. McCammon, gentleman.
  ~  Beer's Bridge Cottage, Mr. Hill.
  ~  McKibbin's Mill, VACANT.
  ~  Joseph Farren, Avoneil House.
  ~  John Davidson, Mayfield Cottage; rope manufacturer,
       Queen's Square.
  ~  Elmgrove Mills; Barber & Martin, proprietors.
  ~  J. B. Houston, JP., Orangefield.
  ~  Loopbridge Flax Spinning Mill, Moreland, Cowan & Co.,
  ~  N. D. Crommelin, Greenville, York Street Flax Spinning Co.
  ~  Robert Boyd, Bloomfield, merchant.
  ~  Owen O'Cork Mill Company, Beer's Bridge, James Steen &
       Co., proprietors.


  ~  Patrick Davey, fireman.
  ~  William Murray, labourer.
  ~  David Crawford, cooper.
  ~  Hugh Cooper, iron moulder.
  ~  William Magee, labourer.
  ~  Edward McSherry, seaman.
  ~  Thomas Campbell, carpenter.
  ~  Robert Thistle, coach builder.


 14  James Phillips, weaver.
 13  Mrs. McCracken.
 12  Thomas O'Kane, spirit store.
 11  Edward Hanna, rope maker.
 10  Thomas Smyth, roper.
   9  Wm. McDonnell, car owner.
   8  Edward Turner, clerk.
   7  James Ivory, roper.


  ~  eight small houses
6  James Rea, carter.
   5  Thomas Wallace, roper.
   4  Wm. Murray, master mariner.
   3  John Russell, clerk.
   2  Mrs. Ferguson.
   1  Margaret McNally, dealer.
  ~  Mrs. Harper, Beechfield.
  ~  John Magee, plumber, Cluan Cottage.

from Glasshouse Corner to Holywood New Road

  ~  Ballymacarrett Foundry; John Reid, proprietor.
  ~  John Davidson's ropewalk.
  ~  Francis Ritchie & Sons, chemists, felt and artificial manure
       manufacturers; Francis Ritchie's residence, 6 Mount

  ~  James McQuade, potter.
  ~  Thomas Patterson, car man.
  ~  Wm. McCullough, shoe maker.
  ~  Patrick Martin, roper.
  ~  Thomas Agnew, roper.
  ~  Thomas McDonald, roper.
           Patton's Place
  ~  Robt. Hamilton, officer of excise.
  ~  Hugh Patterson, clerk.
   1  Jas. Dunwoody, ship carpenter.
   2  Arthur Atcheson, moulder.
   3  Robert McAuley, carpenter.
   4  John Steen.
   5  Archibald Patton, grocer and spirit dealer.
   6  Joseph Smith, car driver.
   7  Matthew Brown, clerk.
   8  Wm. Rennie, foreman pattern maker.

             Cluan Place
  ~  Eliza Magee.
  ~  Wm. Gracey, linen lapper.
  ~  John Meenan, mechanic.
  ~  Duncan McMillan, smith.
  ~  Thomas McIldoon, labourer.
  ~  John Conn, watchman.
  ~  James McKee, locker in customs.
  ~  James Hood.
  ~  John Nolan, process server.
  ~  Thomas Fisher, shoe maker.
  ~  John Carlisle, watchman.
  ~  James McIldoon, mechanic.
  ~  James McTear, fireman.
  ~  George Sinclair, boot and shoe maker.
  ~  John Millar, pattern maker.


  ~  James McWha, basket maker.
  ~  Ballymacarrett House.
  ~  David Carlisle.
  ~  Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House; Mrs. Magill,
  ~  Beaver Hall
  ~  John Lamont.
  ~  Charles Forsythe, grocer.
  ~  Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House; J. Sykes, caretaker.
  ~  Thomas Sturgeon, farmer.
  ~  Martha McClure, grocer.
  ~  Samuel Moore.
  ~  John McIlroy, grocer.
  ~  H. McGrady, boot and shoe maker.
  ~  Jeremiah Wilson, relieving officer.
  ~  Ballymacarrett National School; Arthur Hunter, teacher.
  ~  Mrs. Lennon.
  ~  Conswater Bridge.
          twenty five small houses

  ~  Samuel Gilbert, smith.
  ~  Adam Vance, spirit dealer.
  ~  Turf Lodge; James Davidson, proprietor of Queen's Bridge
  ~  James Gelston, spirit dealer.
  ~  Margaret Jackson, grocer.
  ~  Henry Browne, publican.
  ~  John Sloan, spirit grocer.
  ~  John Ross, grocer.
  ~  George Thompson, spirit grocer.
  ~  Mary Ann Cooper, grocer.
  ~  Campbell Sturgeon, grocer.
  ~  James Kirkpatrick, grocer.
  ~  Hugh Vance, grocer.
  ~  John Cooper, weaver.

             Club Row Lane
  ~  J. Turtle, spirit dealer.
  ~  James Gorman, grocer.
  ~  Margaret A. McBride, grocer.
  ~  James Francis, grocer.
                  thirty four small houses
~  Belville House, VACANT
  ~  Jackson Hall, Wm. Hall, gentleman.
  ~  Neill Curran, weaver.
  ~  John Reilly, bookkeeper.
  ~  James Miscampble, tailor.
  ~  Thomas McDowell, weaver.
  ~  John Halfpenny, weaver.
  ~  Richard Magennis, weaver.
  ~  John Watson, barber.
  ~  Widow Smith.
  ~  Mrs. Baxter, huckster.
  ~  Miss Jackson.
  ~  James McClurg, stone mason.
  ~  John Cochrane, weaver.
  ~  Wm. Pedan, shoe maker.
  ~  Gawn Davidson.
  ~  Hope Cottage, Mrs. Wilkinson; shop, High Street.
  ~  William Gallagher, grocer.
  ~  John Cooper, weaver.
  ~  Ashley Lodge
  ~  John McKibben, coal merchant, and Ballymacarrett Post
  ~  Jas. Byers, captain of the Bethea.

  ~  John Russell, gentleman.
  ~  Ballymacarrett Parochial Infant School; Miss McClean,
  ~  Ballymacarrett Church; Rev. T. W. Roe, Incumbent.
  ~  Curds and Cream Gardens; Jas McCourt, proprietor.
  ~  Patrick Hampson's ropewalk.
  ~  Mary Hampson's ropewalk.

  ~  Frederick H. Lewis, merchant.
  ~  Cosbrook House, William Bathurst.

Old Road

   1  Portview House; Wm. Huddleston, pawn broker.
   2  James Black, master mariner.
   3  Ann Robinson, winder.
   4  Robt. Quee, painter and glazier.
   5  James Johnston, labourer.
   6  Catherine McCartney.
   7  John Clarke, boat owner.
   8  Emanuel Milliken, seaman.
   9  VACANT
 19  Robt. Humphrey, jun., coal office.
 16  W. H. Agnew, coal office.
  "    Thomas George, coal office.
 15  Joseph Faren & Co., biscuit manufacturers; works, York St.
  ~  Hugh Craig.
  ~  Wm. Kirkpatrick.
  ~  James Stewart.
   1  John Brannigan.
   2  Samuel Kelly.
   3  James Stitt.
   4  Owen Murray.
   5  James Garland.
   6  Robert Hill.
  ~  Coal exchange news room.
   7  Hugh Kirkpatrick.
   8  Patrick Lindsay.
   9  William Massey.
 10  Philip Wright.
 11  John Doyle.
 12  John McKibben.

         Queen's Quay Coal Yards
   1  Robert McCully.
   2  James Stitt.
   3  James Garland.
   4  Samuel Kelly.
   5  Michael McDonald.
   6  John Brannigan.
   7  Philip Wright.
   8  John McKibben.
   9  John McKibben.


  ~  James Boyce, salesman.


several small houses

Ballymacarrett Old Road

 13  Wm. Stitt, weaver.
 15  James Balance, labourer.
 16  A. Aickin, publican.
 17  Edward Copeland, porter.
 18  Francis Moffett, clerk.
 19  James Cunningham, bookkeeper.
           three small houses


  ~  William Lowry, salesman.
  ~  Wm. Collins, druggist; stores, 16 Ann Street.
  ~  Roundhill House, James Glenn, grocer, Victoria Street.
  ~  Conswater flax spinning mill.


  ~  Belfast Chemical Co.'s Works, Jas. W. Moncreiff, managing
  ~  Ballymacarrett Coke Company, William John Gray,
       proprietor; residence, Dublin.
                     thirty small houses.


  ~       six small houses
   1  Richard Sugars, clerk in income tax office.
   2  Mrs. McKelvie.
   3  Hugh Anderson, clerk.
   4  Robt. W. Huddleston, auctioneer &c.; office, 58 Victoria
   5  Francis Rea.

Old Road to Castlereagh.

eighteen small houses


  ~  James Lemon's ropewalk and manufactory; offices,
       Corporation Square.
  ~  Belfast Flint Glass Co.'s Works.
          nine small houses
  ~  Lagan Felt Works, David Anderson & Son, manufacturers of
       patent roofing, sheathing, railway boiler and inodorous felt
       fire lights, asphalte flagging &c.
  ~  Ballymacarrett Lime Works, Daniel Murray, proprietor;
       residence, Lagan Village.
  ~  John Gordon, watch glass maker.
  ~  William Gaw, fireman.
  ~  Robert McQuillan, seaman.
  ~  Hugh Carnes, oil presser.


   1  Isabella Greenfield, grocer and publican.
   2  Mrs. Margaret Anderson.
   3  Mrs. Gibson, teacher of music.
   4  James Watt, mechanic.
   5  Robert McKellar, brass moulder.
   6  William Wilks, mechanic.
   7  Thomas McCullough, labourer.
   8  John Cathcart, mechanic.
   9  John Johnstone, carpenter.
 10  John Kerr, seaman.
 11  Robert McKee, carpenter.
 12  John King, mill wright.
 13  Andrew Jamison, coach maker.
 14  Henry Swaine, tobacco spinner.
 14  Hugh Swain, clerk.
 16  Wm. Yeates, in M. Ward & Co.'s.
 17  Mrs. Duff.
 18  John Beard, salesman.
 19  Wm. Campbell, school master.

Bridge End

  ~  Peter Roylan, labourer.
  ~  R. Hunter, smith.
        ten small houses


   1  Henry McCracken, gentleman.
   2  William McCracken.
   3  J. Whittaker, mechanic.
   4  VACANT
   5  Alexander Anderson, pensioner.

Castlereagh Road

  ~  Hugh Craig, shoe maker.
  ~  Thomas Bowes, grocer.
  ~  Thomas Watson, spirit dealer.
  ~  Mrs. Kidd.
  ~  Wm. Clarke, coach man.
               three small houses


   1  Richard Wylie, clerk.
   2  Mrs. Johnston.
   3  C. McDowell, mechanic.
   4  James Dewer, mechanic.
   5  James Harris, sawyer.
   6  Henry Miller, cabinet maker.
  ~  M. Hodgson, engineer.
  ~  Mrs. McCall, Mount Pottinger Post Office.
  ~  George Sinclair, boot and shoe maker.
           twelve small houses in rear


seven small houses


  ~  John Reid, wine and spirit dealer.
  ~  Thomas McCormick, grocer and haberdasher.
  ~  William White, pawn broker.
  ~  Alexander Murphy, mechanic and grocer.
  ~  Henry Murray, labourer.
  ~  Geo. Skillen, watch glass maker.
  ~  George McGowan, carter.
  ~  Robert Hanna, grocer.
  ~  Alexander Stewart, publican.
  ~  Ellen Woods.
  ~  Wm. Crickard, grocer.
  ~  Joseph Girvin, pawn broker.
  ~  James Scandrett, grocer.
  ~  John Cavanagh, spirit dealer.
  ~  Robert Magill, weaver.
  ~  Martha Moore.
  ~  Samuel Neill, carman.
  ~  John Brown, lodgings.
  ~  Patrick Keenan, farmer.
  ~  James Smith, warper.
  ~  Wm. Gilmore, sea captain.
  ~  Mary Murray.
  ~  James Reynolds, car man.
  ~  Elizabeth Curran, grocer and publican.
  ~  Mrs. Magill.
  ~  Edward Herron, grocer and publican.


   1  Mrs. Stewart.
   2  John McVicker, merchant tailor; Donegall Place.
   3  John Thomas,; office, Franklin Street.
   4  James Moore, clerk.