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1805 Belfast Traders Directory

With Many Thanks to Peter Francis Antiques, Saintfield

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Belfast, A large town and sea port of increasing importance in the county of Antrim, in Ulster, seated on Carrickfergus Bay, at the mouth of Lagan River, with a stately bridge over it of 21 arches; which, including the dead work at each end, is 2,563 feet long. A navigable canal, connecting the harbour with Lough Neagh, was completed in 1793. In 1798, this town contained 4,000 houses, and about 20,000 souls. Here are considerable manufacturers of cotton, cambric, sail cloth, and linen, with others of glass, sugar, earthenware, a large export of provisions, etc. It is 9 miles S.W. of Carrickfergus and 120 from Dublin.


Alexander, John, and Co. millers, Barrack Street (Mill Street to Durham Street)
Alexander, Samuel, tanner, 78 North Street
Anderson, Wm., druggist, 46 Chichester Quay
Andrews, Thomas, and Co., merchants, 61 Donegall Street 1s.
Archer and Ward, book seller and stationer, 22 High Street
Armstrong, Robert, cotton manufacturer, Smithfield
Auchinleck, Wm., notary public, 13 Waring Street


Bailie, James, grocer, 185 North Street
Bailie, Robert, hatter, 5 Bridge Street
Barnet, Richard, grocer, 47 High Street
Barnet, Andrew John, merchant, 14 Chichester Quay
Barnet, John, tanner, 21 Chapel Lane
Barr, Alexander, Woollen draper, 75 High Street
Batt, Narcissus and Robert, merchants, Callender Street
Bell, John, and Co., cotton manufacturers, Margaret Street 1s.
Bell, John, brewer, 5 Hercules Lane
Bell, William, Woollen draper, 20 Bridge Street
Bell, Alex., woollen draper, 2 Bridge Street
Bell, Francis, and Co., iron mongers, 41 Chichester Quay
Berwick, William, and Co., grocers, 1 North Street
Birnie, Clotworthy, ship broker and notary public, 1 Chichester Quay
Bigger, David, grocer, 5 High Street
Black, Alexander, grocer, 8 North Street
Blackwell, Alex., linen draper, 39 High Street
Blackwell, William, and Co., Haberdashers, 1 Donegall Street
Blackwell, William, cabinet maker, 46 Donegall Street
Blow, James Ward, John and Co., paper manufacturer and stationers, 97 Anne Street 1s.
Boomer and Watts, fustian warehouse, 71 Waring Street
Bradford, James, stone and slate merchant, 9 Stone Lane (Store Lane?) (East End of High Street)
Sreit and Steele, wine merchant, 12 Hanover Quay (Custom House Quay)
Brown, Samuel, and Co., merchants, Callender Street
Bullen, John, seedsman, 101 Ann Street
Burnside, John, furniture calico warehouse, 15 Donegall Street
Burton, Thomas, hatter, 5 North Street


Cain, John, woollen draper, 15 Bridge Street
Campbell, Mich., stone mason, 23 Waring Street
Campbell, John, surgeon, 68 Donegall Street
Carson, James, timber and deal merchant, 39 Ann Street
Carson, Thomas, cotton manufacturer, Hercules Lane
Carson, James, grocer, 3 Corn Market
Carson, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 141 North Street
Caven, John, grocer, 2 High Street
Chambers, Brice, and Co., grocers, 9 Ann Street
Clark, Sampson, shoe maker, 58 Castle Street
Cleland, Jane, and Co., china and glass warehouse, 10 Castle Street 1s.
Cochran, James and Folkes, Thomas, china and glass dealers, 166 North Street
Colville, James, woollen draper, 16 Bridge Street
Colville, John, woollen draper, 21 Bridge Street
Connor, Patrick, attorney, Arthur Street
Crawford, Hugh, merchant, 26 Talbot Street
Crawford, Walter, iron and timber merchant, 10 Donegall Street
Crossan, James, cotton manufacturer, 14 Browns Street (Millfield)
Cunningham, John, merchant, 52 High Street
Cunningham, John and Thomas, brewers, 36 Castle Street


Davidson, John, woollen draper, 4 Bridge Street
Davis, Joy, hatter, 31 Bridge Street
Davis, Patrick, painter and glazier, 19 North Street
Davison, William, grocer, 63 High Street
Dawson, William, boot and shoe maker, 14 Hanover Quay (Custom House Quay)
Doherty, John, book seller, 32 Bridge Street
Douglass and Sweeny, merchants, 90 Hercules Lane
Dunseath, William and John, cotton manufacturers, 95  Ann Street


Echlin, Moore, attorney, Arthur Street
Ekenhead, Thomas, rope and sail makers, 46 Ann Street 1s.
Emerson, William, merchant, 37 North Street


Fallon, Francis, grocer, 23 Church Lane
Ferguson, John Stevenson, linen factor, Linenhall
Ferguson, John and Rob., tanners, 15 Mill Street
Ferguson, John, tanner, 95 North Street
Finlay, Rob., cotton manufacturers, Mill field
Finlay, Alex., soap boiler, 10 Hanover Quay (Custom House Quay)
Fulton, Thomas, tallow chandler, 18 North Street
Fulton, Nathan, tallow chandler, 3 North Street


Gamble, Arthur and Robert, grocers and spirit dealers, 16 and 196 North Street
Gardner, James, spirit merchant, Lime Kiln Dock (Waring Street)
Gardner, John, gun maker, 10 Rosemary Lane
Gemmill, Robert, cotton manufacturer, 50 Long Lane (North Street)
Getty, Robert, merchant, 16 North Street
Getty, John, cabinet maker, 48 Donegall Street
Gibson, Samuel, merchant, 20 Donegall Street
Gibson, Sam., and Co., brewers, 179 North Street
Gibson, James, haberdasher, 80 High Street
Gibon, Robert, haberdasher, 5 Castle Street (Gibson)
Gordon, Robert and Alexander, wine merchants, 6 Castle Street
Gordon, David, and Hamilton Robert, attornies, Arthur Street
Graham, John, and Co., wine and spirit merchants, 100 Ann Street
Gray, John, Hosier, 40 High Street
Green, Samuel, grocer, 189 North Street
Green, Jas., boot and shoe maker, 2 Castle Street
Greenwood, Edmund, cotton manufacturer, Waring Street
Greenwood, Christopher, cotton manufacturer, Pipe Street
Greg, Cunningham and Blacker, William, merchants, 41 Ann Street
Grimshaw, James, cotton spinner, White House


Halliday, John, boot and shoe maker, Hanover Quay (Custom House Quay)
Hamilton, Hill, wholesale haberdasher, 14 Donegall Street
Haslett, Henry, Delap and Co., merchants, 37 Chichester Quay (High Street)
Herdman, Gibson and Co., brewers, 50 Ann Street
Herdsman, James, currier, 9 Mill Street
Heron, Thomas, provision cooper, 43 Ann Street
Herington, John M., haberdasher, 74 High Street
Hewitt, Samuel, grocer, Hewitt's Place
Higginson and Co., grocers, 32 Rosemary Lane
Hodgson, Robert and John, book sellers and stationers, 178 North Street
Hodgson, Thomas, sadler, 203 North Street
Holmes and Davis, merchants, 11 Chichester Quay (High Street)
Holmes, John, jun. & Barklie, Allen, merchants, 8 Ann Street
Houston, Robert, woollen draper, 3 Bridge Street
How, John and Thomas, muslin manufacturers, 53 Hercules Lane
Hudson, Christopher, tanner, 147 North Street
Hughes, Thomas and Gordon, John, grocers, 197 North Street
Hughes, Thomas, grocer, 26 North Street
Hunter, William, grocer, 2 Donegall Street
Hutton, Wm., hardwareman, 6 Hanover Quay (Custom House Quay)
Hyndman, James, notary public, 16 Donegall Street
Hyndman, Robert, tobacconist, (120) High Street


Ireland and Bankhead, cotton manufacturers, Smithfield


Johnson, William, merchant, 70 Donegall Street
Johnson and Fisher, woollen drapers, 34 Rosemary Lane
Johnston, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 184 North Street
Joy, Holmes, and Tomb, merchants, 4 Wine Cellar Entry
Joy, Henry, paper manufacturer, Pottinger's Entry


Kearns, Hugh, timber and deal merchant, 65 Ann Street 2.12.6
Kelso, Paul, spirit dealer, 31 Rosemary Lane
Kennedy, John, jun., merchant, Lime Kiln Dock (Waring Street)
Kennedy, James Trail, merchant, 25 Rosemary Lane
Kennedy, Seed, Hyndman and Co., porter and ale brewers, Smithfield
Kennedy, Alex., woollen draper, 6 Bridge Street
Kilbee, James, and Co., sugar refiners, 3 Rosemary Lane
Kirk, Hugh, notary public, Ann Street
Kirker, Jas., tanner and currier, 45 North Street
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, grocer, 24 Church Lane
Knox, John, grocer, 200 North Street
Knox, John, watch maker and jeweller, 15 High Street 1s.


Langtry, George, merchant, North Street
Laurence, James, perfumer, 7 Castle Street
Law, Samuel, tanner, 104 North Street
Law, James, tanner and currier, 103. North Street
Lepper, Charles, grocer, 11 Donegall Street
Lepper, Francis, watch maker, 59 Castle Street
Lepper, George, watch maker and jeweller, 9 Bridge Street
Lindsay, Edward, seedsman, 4 Donegall Street
Luke, John and Samuel, woollen drapers, 34 Bridge Street
Lunn, Thomas, paper hanger and stainer, 120 North Street
Lyle and Riddle, iron mongers, 64 High Street
Lynn, Patrick, Cross Hotel, Castle Street


Magee, William, book seller, 25 Bridge Street 1s.
Martin, John, grocer, 11 Church Lane
Martin, George, iron monger, 28 Bridge Street
Mason, James and Co., merchants, 5 Chichester Quay (2.12.6. High)
Mathews, Jas., and Fob, merchants, 57 Ann Street
May, Richard, grocer, 79 Ann Street
May, Thomas, grocer, 4 High Street
Miller, John, stone cutter, Charlemont Row (Berry Street)
Montgomery, Hugh and Co., merchants, Callender Street
Montgomery, Tennent, and Maxwell, sugar refiners, 8 Waring Street
Montgomery, Henry, linen draper and haberdasher, 13 Bridge Street
Montgomery, Henry, sadler, 2 Corn Market
Muckle, Robert, woollen card maker, 165 North Street
Munford, James, salt refiner and lime burner, Waring Street
Murray, Timothy, soap and candle manufacturer, 172 North Street


McAdam, James, iron monger, 69 High Street
McAdam, George, iron monger, 70 High Street
McAuley and Kinlay, linen drapers, 60 Castle Street
McCammon, John, tanner, 44 Mill Street
McCamon, George, calico manufacturer, 53 Hercules Lane
McClean, S. and A., merchants, (1) Sugar House Entry writing
McClean, William, spirit merchant, 188 North Street
McClean, Adam, woollen draper, 68 High Street
McCleery, James, merchant, 187 North Street
McClelland, Richard, druggist and apothecary, 41 High Street
McClure and Bailie, wine and spirit merchants, 8 Warehouse Lane (Waring Street)
McClure, William, grocer, 8 Donegall Street
McComb, Thomas, merchant, 46 Waring Street
McConnel, John, merchant, 9 Ann Street
McConnel, James, wine and spirit merchant, 63 Waring Street
McConnel, Wm., jaunting-car manufacturer and husbandry artist, William Street  (2.12.6. - Church Street)
McCosh and Irwin, grocers and spirit dealers, 7 Rosemary Lane
McCracken, John, spirit merchant, 7 Donegall Street 1s.
McCracken's and Co., rope manufacturer, Old Rope Walk
McCredie, John, sadler, 35 Castle Street
McCrum, John, cotton manufacturer, 12 Skippers Lane
McDonnell, Thomas, grocer, 11 North Street
McGee, Robert, M.D., 9 North Street
McGowan, James, and Co., wholesale haberdashers, 6 Donegall Street
McGuckin, James, attorney, South Parade
McIlwrath, Alex., woollen draper, 9 High Street
McKibbin, Hugh and Co., tanners and glue makers, Sinclair's Court, Mill Street
McLister, John, soap and candle manufacturer, 1 Ann Street
McMain, Sam., woollen draper, 1 Bridge Street
McMain, Wm., woollen draper, 16 High Street
McPherson, George, perfumer, 8 Castle Street
McIlveen, Gilbert, linen merchant, Donegall Place


Nagle, Francis, grocer and dealer in spirits, 12 North Street
Napier, Wm. brewer, Back of the River (Bank Lane)
Neilson, Wm., watch maker, 201 North Street
Neill, Robert, clock and watch maker, 1 High Street (1s.)
Newson, Wm., tobacconist, 1 Corn Market
Nicholson, James, dealer in muslins, Long Lane (1s. North Street)


O'Donnell, Charles, attorney, 12 Arthur Street
Office Post, Church Street (Donegall Street)
Office Insurance, Hanover Quay (Custom House Lane)
Office Coast brokers, 8 Chichester Quay (High Street)
Office Stamp, Skippers Lane
Office Discount, 31 Bridge Street
Office Ballast, Hanover Quay (Custom House Quay)
O'Neill, Thomas and Co., wholesale haberdashers, 66 Donegall Street


Park, James, cotton manufacturer, West Street, Smithfield
Parker and Sloane, stone cutters, John Street
Patterson, Robert, iron mongers, Bridge Street
Patton, Isaac, haberdasher, 82 High Street
Pollock, James, boot and shoe maker, 168 North Street
Porter, John and Co., distillers, Ann Street


Quin, Arthur, boot and shoe maker, 6 High Street


Ramsay, James, attorney, Castle Street
Ratcliff, William, cotton and thread manufacturer, 75 North Street
Read, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Leggs Lane (High Street)
Reid and Cavert, muslin, manchester and cotton yarn warehouse, 32 High Street
Reid, William, plumber, 40 Ann Street
Richards, Thomas, sadler, 77 Ann Street
Rider, Rob., clock and watch maker, 27 High Street
Ritchie, William, ship builder, Thomas Street (North Dunbars Quay)??
Rowan, Henry, and Co., distillers, 35 Barrack Street
Rutherford, Jordan, and Co., muslin manufacturers, 20 Waring Street


Seed, William and Bailie, Robt., and Co., merchants, 1 Weigh House Lane (82 High Street)
Seeds, Richard, tallow chandler, 42 High Street
Shanahen, Daniel, attorney, 94 North Street
Shaw, Deborah, haberdasher, 3 Castle Street
Simms, Robert and William, merchants, 6 Chichester Quay
Simpson, John, grocer, 2 North Street
Sinclaire, Thomas and Sons, linen drapers, Callender Street
Sinclare, Alexander, woollen draper, 17 High Street
Sloane, David and Co., cotton manufacturers, Smithfield
Sloan, George, grocer, 190 North Street
Smith, Samuel, and Smith, Edward, linen factors, Linen Hall
Smith, John, Galt and Co., linen brokers, and woollen drapers, 26 High Street
Smith, Samuel, grocer and tobacconist, 28 Rosemary Lane
Smyth, Henry, hosier, Smithfield
Soden, Martin, navy prize agent, Princes Street
Spence, George, grocer and spirits stores, 13 Ann Street
Standfield, James, and Co., grocers and spirit dealers, 95 High Street
Steele, Robert, attorney, Castle Street
Stevenson, William and Joseph, merchants, Donegall Street
Stewart, William, coppersmith and brazier, 14 North Street
Stewart, Thomas Ludford, attorney, Castle Street
Stitt, James, woollen draper, 30 High Street
Storey, James, book seller and stationer, 202 North Street
Suffern, John, tobacconist, 191 North Street


Taylor, Wm., cabinet maker, Donegall Street
Tennant, Knox, and Co., merchants, 11 Waring Street
Thompson, William, linen merchant, 62 Donegall Street
Thompson, Samuel, grocer, 96 Ann Street
Thomson, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Trail, Robert, woollen draper, 10 Bridge Street
Tucker, William, muslin and calico manufacturer, Castle Lane
Tucker, Samuel, cotton manufacturer, Millfield
Turnly, John and Batt, Thomas, merchants, 44 Ann Street
Turnly, Alexander, linen merchant, 52 Ann Street


Vance, John, wholesale woollen draper, 7 Waring Street


Walker, William, tobacconist, Corn Market
Wallis, Robert, woollen draper, 7 Bridge Street
Warring, Richard, attorney, South Parade
Warring, Isaac, book seller, 19 High Street
Wharton, James, grocer and spirit shop, 33 North Street
Whitla and Armstrong, woollen drapers, upholsterers, and carpet warehouse, 21 High Street
Whitla, attorney, Donegall Street
Whittle, James and John, merchants, 66 Waring Street
Wilson, Hugh and Son, merchants, 152 North Street
Wilson, Andrew, gun maker, 12 Rosemary Lane
Wilson, William, smith, Lang Lane
Wilson, Thomas, Donegall Arms Hotel, Castle Street
Woods, Wm., and Co., cotton manufacturers, Brown's Street (Millfield)
Wright, Richard, hatter, 26 Bridge Street
Wright, James, hatter, 28 High Street
Wright, Joseph, attorney, Rosemary Lane

Partners in Firms

Armstrong see Whitla
Bailie see McClure
Bailie see Seed
Bankhead see Ireland
Barklie see Holmes
Batt see Turnly
Blacker see Gregg
Brice see Chambers
Cavart see Reid
Cuningham see Gregg
Davis see Holmes
Delap see Haslet
Fisher see Johnson
Folkes see Cochrane
Galt see Smith
Gibson see Herdman
Gordon see Hughes
Hamilton see Gordon
Holmes see Joy
Hyndman see Kenedy
Irwin see McCosh
Jordan see Rutherford
Kinlay see McAuley
Knox see Tennant
Maxwell see Montgomery
Riddle see Lyle
Seed see Kenedy
Sloan see Parker
Steele see Brett
Sweeny see Douglass
Tennant see Montgomery
Tomb see Joy
Ward see Archer
Ward see Blow
Watts see Boomer