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1824 Pigot's Directory
Belfast Section

1824 Pigots Bangor

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History of Belfast

          In latitude 54° 36 north, and in longitude 5° 54 west from Greenwich, is 80 miles north of Dublin, seven north by east of Lisburn, 17 north east of Lurgan, 18 south of Larne, 8 south by west of Carrickfergus, and 12 south east of Antrim.  It stands on the southern extremity of Carrickfergus Bay, at the mouth of the river Lagan, and, though extremely low in situation, is both healthy, and well adapted for all the purposes of trade.  A chain of mountains, scarcely two miles distant towards and north and west, bestows uncommon grandeur and beauty on the general appearance of the town.  Near the site occupied by the bridge, which consists of 21 arches, was anciently a ford at low water, and a ferry at high tide.  In a map of Ireland previous to the 13th century affixed to Seward's Hibernian Gazetteer, it is marked under the name of Bealefarsad?, which means, according to some, Hurdleford town, according to others, the mouth of the pool.  Belfast Lough forms one of the safest and most commodious havens in the world, the entrance being in breadth about five English miles, and the length about 12, gradually narrowing as it approaches the bridge.  Formerly at high water there were not more than eight or nine feet of water at the town; now, by the judicious labours of the Ballast office, vessels of fourteen or fifteen feet draught may be moored close to the quays.  The first account we have of Belfast in Irish history is given by Spencer, who mentions its destruction by Edward Bruce, in the beginning of the 14th century, in his abortive attempts to overturn the power of England in this country,  At what period the castle was first built no record now remains.  We find, however, that it was twice destroyed by the Earl of Kildare in his excursions into Ulster, first in 1503, and again in 1512.  In the 13th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, it was granted with valuable tracts of land to Sir Thomas Smith and his son.  In the beginning of the reign of James the first, Sir Thomas was required to fulfill the conditions, by which he held the castle of Belfast, and, because he neglected to appear, his possessions were forfeited to the crown.  The castle, town, and manor, together with large estates, were then granted by King James in 1612 to Sir Arthur Chichester, then Lord Deputy, with the title of Baron Chichester of Belfast.  In the year 1613, Belfast was constituted by charter from James the I, a corporation, to consist of a sovereign, twelve burgesses, and a commonalty, a lord, and constable of the castle were also added, the former situation to be fulfilled by Lord Chichester and his heirs, both these officers were likewise to be burgesses with privileges similar and equal to those of the other twelve.  At this period Belfast does not appear a place of much more note, as it is styled in the patent town or village.  From its erection into a borough till the year 1641 its history exhibits a stern, inflexible spirit of opposition on the part of the Presbyterians against the established church.  In 1648 it was taken possession of by General Monk for the parliament, and during the protectorate seems to have enjoyed tranquillity.  In 1740 Lord Stafford purchased on the part of the crown, from the corporation of Carrickfergus, their privilege of importing foreign goods, at one third of the duties payable in other places.  This most judicious measure would have been of small consequence, had not Belfast and the surrounding country been at that period inhabited by an industrious people, who applied themselves closely to the manufacturer of linen, which created a demand for articles of importation; but the wars subsequent to the year 1741 caused considerable interruption to the rising prosperity of Belfast.  From the day that peace was re-established, and attention paid to its interests, a wonderful source of prosperity was then discovered, and in the beginning of the last century Belfast was well known in Europe, as a place of considerable trade.  Since that period it has risen to a degree of prosperity seldom exceeded, and it now ranks the third town in Ireland, for the extent of its commerce and manufactures, as well as for the wealth of its inhabitants.  The population, including Ballymacarrett, may be estimated at considerably above 40, 000, and the progressive improvement of its trade has kept pace with its increase in population.  The average amount of customs for five years previous to the year 1924, amounts to the sum of 365,9324.  The government of the town is vested by charter in the lord and constable of the castle, the sovereign and the burgesses.  The principal duty has devolved upon the sovereign, who holds a court for the trial of petty offences; and he has authority to make regulations with regard to the markets, weights, and some other matters of a minor description within the  borough; he is also an ex-officio magistrate of the county of Antrim; all regulations, however, respecting the  paving, lighting, and cleansing of the streets, are under the superintendence of the police commissioners and committee, who are vested with such authority by Act of Parliament.  Another board of commissioners is likewise authorised by law to regulate the supply of water, which is conveyed through the streets principally by metal pipes.  The Commercial Buildings, erected at the foot of Donegall Street, hold a distinguished place.  They are strong and substantial, chiefly composed of granite, and adorned in front with eight Ionic pillars of the same material, supported on a broad cornice above the windows of the first story; independent of the many advantages they afford to merchants, and the numerous offices they contain, they form a conspicuous and beautiful ornament.  In one of the apartments of these buildings the chamber of commerce, instituted in 1800, holds its meetings.  Its principal duties are generally understood to be the preservation of the rights and privileges of the commercial body, and the collection of documents connected with trade and commerce.  The Exchange, founded in 1769, is built of brick, partially ornamented in front with cut stone, and possesses but little architectural beauty.  There is a piazza on the ground floor, and above it a very elegant and spacious apartment, generally used either as an assembly room, for town's meetings, or for public exhibitions.  In the front of it the merchants formerly assembled on Mondays and Wednesdays at twelve, and on Fridays at eleven o'clock, to transact business; but they now meet at the Commercial Buildings, in the piazzas erected for that purpose.  The Custom House is an old, gloomy, and inelegant edifice, situated on Hanover Quay, and close to the edge of the water.  The building has appropriate offices for transacting the business of the port, but it is not such as might be expected in a town which contributes so largely to the revenue of the country; and it is at present so defective in convenience, that stores have to be rented in various parts of the town, a circumstance extremely annoying to the officers, and frequently very inconvenient to the merchants.  The Ballast Office, formed in 1795, is authorizes by Act of Parliament to exact certain sums on registered tonnage, for the purpose of improving the harbour, making docks, employing pilots, etc.  By its exertions a graving dock, capable of containing three vessels of two hundred tons each, has been made, and a second of much greater extent is begun.  Its surplus funds are appropriated to the support of the Poor House.  The Belfast Incorporated Charitable Society, or, as it is more generally denominated, the Poor House, for the reception of aged and infirm persons, as well as for the support and instruction of children destitute of protectors, has long remained a noble proof of the general philanthropy, which prevails among the inhabitants of Belfast.  Since its commencement it has preserved annually about three hundred individuals, old and young; the former from want and misery, the latter from idleness and vice.  The children are instructed in the elementary branches of education, till they are considered capable of being apprenticed out of the trades;  the old are carefully attended to, and permitted to increase their comforts by their own industry.  It is supporter by collections at charity sermons, donations, the surplus funds of the Ballast Office, etc. etc.  The House of Industry, instituted in 1809 for the suppression of mendicity and for giving employment to indigent females in spinning flax, etc. may be considered one of the best and one of the most useful institutions in the town; it is supported by voluntary contributions, donations, etc.  The Dispensary was established in 1792, for the relief of the sick at their own habitations.  The benefit of this institution will be apparent, when it is stated, that in the first four years more than 2000 persons received advice and medicines.  Connected with the Dispensary is the Fever Hospital, where, in the year 1817, in the short space of three months, 959 patients were admitted, of which number 46 only died.  This is supported in the same manner as the House of Industry, aided by a county presentment.  The Lying-in Hospital was instituted in 1794, and is supported by the ladies of Belfast and its neighbourhood. The House of Correction, erected in 1817, near the upper end of Chichester Street, is a good brick building, and possesses excellent regulations.  The White Linen Hall, build by subscription in 1783, is situated at the end of Donegall Place, to which it gives a picturesque effect.  This building is spacious, convenient and handsome, and the business transacted in it considerable.  In one of its apartments the Belfast Society for Promoting Knowledge hold their meetings, and in it they have a public library, containing a valuable collection of books, and an extensive museum.  This society is supported by annual subscriptions.  The Literary Society was instituted in 1801, and is also held in the White Linen Hall.  In the Brown Linen Market, Donegall Street, considerable quantities of fine yard-wide linens are sold on each market day.  Belfast has two markets for flesh meat, with which it is well supplied, one in Hercules Street, the other in Castle Place, better known by the name of Montgomery's Market, which has also accommodations for the sale of fish, vegetables, fruit, etc.  A market for the sale of eggs, butter and vegetables, has lately been established on May's ground, lower Chichester Street.  There is also a well supplied fish market in William Street South.  A market is held in Smithfield three days a week, for the sale of grain, and four days a week for the sale of hides.  There is an other market for grain by sample, in the Commercial Buildings, three days a week.  There are four newspapers printed in Belfast.  The Belfast News-Letter, published twice a week, is said to be, with the exception of one, the oldest periodical print in Ireland.  The Commercial Chronicle is published three times a week; the Irishman, and the Northern Whig, each once a week.  The news rooms are three; one in the Commercial Building another in the White Linen Hall, and a third in Nelson's Club-house, Donegall Place.  They are all well supplied with the papers of the three kingdoms, magazines, reviews, etc. etc.  The places of worship are numerous and well attended.  They consist of the parish church of St. Ann, and St. George's chapel of ease; four Presbyterian, three Seceding, one Covenanting, one Independent, three Methodist, one Baptist, two Catholic chapels, and a Quakers' meeting house.  At the head of the literary establishments must be placed the Academical Institution, both as evincing great zeal on the part of the Inhabitants to enjoy the advantages of education, and liberality of sentiment, from the manner in which that object is carried into effect.  The building is composed of brick, neatly ornamented with cut stone, and inspires the spectator with the idea of lightness, airiness, and convenience.  It was opened in 1814, under the superintendence of a board of managers and visitors.  The school department is conducted by several masters, and the collegiate department under the direction of a faculty, consisting of several professors.  The building itself forms a fine termination of Chichester Street.  This institution was created/erected by voluntary subscription, amounting to 22,000, and is justly considered the glory of the town, and highly beneficial to the country,  Its regulations are admirable, and the number of students and scholars amounts to some hundreds.  The Belfast Academy in Donegall Street, was founded in 1786, under the direction of a president, trustees and patrons; the branches of learning taught in this institution are the classics, the mathematics, French, English, arithmetic, and writing.  The Lancasterian School, Frederick Street, supported by subscription, is open every day in the week, except Sunday, for the instruction of children of every religious denomination.  The Brown Street School was erected, some years ago, by public subscription, donations, etc., for the purpose of a Sunday school, for such children as, being necessarily employed during the week, could not attend the Lancasterian school.  It has latterly been used as a day school, as well as a Sunday school.  It differs from the Lancasterian in this; that each pupil, who attends the day school, pays a small weekly sum for his education.  A regulation of this kind has been found to be more agreeable to the wishes of the poor of this country, than to have their children educated gratuitously.  The Belfast Savings Bank yields to few institutions in point of real substantial advantage.  No deposits, however small, are rejected; and the funds, which the poor are thus enabled almost insensibly to form, prove of inestimable benefit in time of need.  The Female Society for Clothing the Poor, commenced in 1812, is supported by voluntary contributions, and has been productive of much good.  A branch of the Association for Discountenancing Vice was established here in 1815, and distributed moral and religious tracts.  An auxiliary branch to the institution at Claremont, near Dublin, for the education of the Deaf and Dumb has also been lately established, and by its praiseworthy exertions several individuals are now receiving incalculable benefits.   The only place of amusement is the theatre, in Arthur Street; Mr. Montague Talbot, proprietor.  It may finally be observed, that Belfast is to Ireland, what Glasgow and Liverpool are to their respective kingdoms; and it has been compared to these places by intelligent travellers.  The independence, which marks the public character of its inhabitants, is equaled by their readiness to meet the calls of humanity.  One circumstance highly honourable to them is, that here the traveller sees none of those wretched objects, that too often meet his eye in large towns, nor are his ears stunned with the vociferous calls of those, who frequently are not real objects of charity.  There are daily markets at Belfast, but that, which is considered the principal one, is held on Friday; there is also two fairs, one on the 12th of August, the other on the 8th of November.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy


Aberdeen, Captain John, 27 Patrick Street
Adair, W. R. esq.
Agnew, John, esq.
Ashmore, John, esq., 14 Donegall Square East

Bainbrig, Colonel Philip, 2 Donegall Square East
Ballantine, Mrs. Jane, 9 York Street
Bateson, Sir Robert, Belvoir Park
Batt, Narcissus, esq.
Bell, John, esq.
Bell, Mrs., Henry Street
Berwick, Mrs. Martha, 21 York Street
Black, George, esq., Stranmillis
Black, Henderson, esq., 12 Donegall Square East
Blackwell, Mrs. Ann, 38 Donegall Street
Blair, James, esq., Wheatfield
Boomer, James, esq., Sea-View
Boyd, Mrs., 18 Arthur Street
Brett, Charles, esq., Charleville
Bristow, George, esq., 4 Donegall Street
Bruce, rev. Dr. Wm., 12 Chichester Street
Bruce, Rev. Wm., 18 Donegall Place
Bryce, Rev. R. J., 55 Donegall Street
Bryson, Lieut. Patrick, H.P., Lancaster Street

Cairns, Rev. Wm., 9 College Square
Cairns, Wm., esq., Parkmount
Cary, rev. James, M.V., 18 Lancaster Street
Clarke, William, esq.
Cosgrave, John, esq., 12 Castle Lane
Coulson, Colonel Foster, Rosetta
Craig, John, esq., 44 North Queen Street
Crawford, Arthur, esq., Bloomfield
Crawford, Miss, Mount Vernon
Crolly, Rev. Dr. Wm., 87 Donegall Street
Cumming, Mrs., Arthur Place

D'Arcy, Major Thos., 8 Donegall Square South
Davidson, Alexander, esq., Patrick Street
Dickson, Rev. Wm. Steele, Carrickfergus Street
Donegal, the Most Noble the Marquis of, Ormeau Cottage
Douglas, James, esq., Donegall Place
Drennan, Miss, 17 Donegall Square North
Dunbar, John G., esq., Macedon
Dunlop, Charles, esq., Edenderry
Durham, Andrew, esq., Belvidere

Edgar, Rev. John, 15 King Street

Ferguson, Mrs. H., 27 Mill Street
Ferguson, Miss, 7 Chichester Street
Ferrar, Wm. Hugh, esq., Donegall Street
Fitzclarence, Colonel, Donegall Place
Fitzsimons, Mrs., Corporation Street

Garner, Colonel, Garnerville
Gemmell, Mrs., 34 Donegall Street
Gibbs, James, esq., 11 Donegall Street
Graham, Mrs. Hugh, 78 Donegall Street
Gray, Rev. James, Donegall Street
Greg, Cunningham, esq., Ballymenock (Ballymenoch)
Gregg, John, esq., York Street

Haliday, Dr. Wm., Clifton
Hamilton, Hill, esq., Cassino
Hamilton, John, esq., Hamilton Place
Hamilton, Major, Roseland
Handcock, Arthur, esq., Arthur Street
Hanna, Rev. Dr. James, 17 Rosemary Street
Hart, Wm., 11 James Street
Haven, Miss, 14 Arthur Street
Henderson, Mrs., 10 Donegall Square East
Hill, Triver, esq., Bess-bank
Holmes, John, esq., 14 Donegall Place
Holmes, Mrs., 12 Donegall Place
Hylton, Captain W. C., 11 Talbot Street
Hyndman, Mrs., Ballymacarrett
Hudson, Christopher, esq., Mount Colyer
Hunter, Samuel, esq., 46 North Street

Jetty, John, esq., 36 Donegall Street
Johnston, Wm., esq., Fortfield
Joy, Henry, esq., 5 Donegall Square North

Kane, John, esq., Mount Kane
Kenn, Captain Wm., 36 James Street
Kennedy, James Trail, esq.
Kinahan, Rev. John, Newtown Breda

Langtry, George, esq., Fort William
Law, Mrs., 47 Academy Street
Legge, W. W., esq., Malone House
Lewis, Miss, 4 Donegall Square East
Linden, Matthew, esq., King Street
Lyle, Mrs., 7 Wellington Place
Lynn, Robert, esq., 21 Waring Street
Lynn, Robert, esq., 63 Donegall Street
Lyons, W. H., esq., Lodge

McCalmount, Hugh, esq., Abbeylands
McCance, John, esq., Suffolk
Macauley, Mrs., Arthur Place
Macdougall, Captain Archibald, Great George's Street
McCulloch, Lieut. J., H.P., Great Edward Street
McDonnell, Captain R. W., H.P., Lower Chichester Street
McEwen, Rev. Wm. D. H., College Square
McHenry, Mrs., College Square
McKedy, Misses, 11 York Street
McMinn, Mrs., 39 York Street
Mackey, Thos., esq., Wolf-Hill
M'Tier, Miss, 15 Donegall Square North
Magee, Robert, esq., Lodge
Magenis, Mrs. R., Upper Arthur Street
Manly, Captain, Lakefield
Martin, Wm., esq., Queen Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 5 Chichester Street
Mitchell, Mrs., 19 Chichester Street
Montgomery, James, esq., Bank Lane
Montgomery, Mrs., 15 Chichester Street
Montgomery, Misses, 13 James Street
Moore, Roger, esq., Abbeyville
Moore, Sharman, esq., Willow Bank

Nelson, Mrs., 11 Donegall Square North
Nicholson, John, esq., College Square
Nicholson, Mrs., 20 York Street

Ogle, Henry, esq., Solitude

Pakenham, Captain, Ballymacarrett
Paterson, John, esq., 1 Chichester Street
Paterson, Mrs., Castle Street

Quin, Peter, esq., Arthur Street

Ritchie, Mrs., Corporation Street
Robinson, Thomas S., esq., Low-Wood
Rowan, John, esq., Merville

Savage, Francis, esq., Laganvale & Glastry, Kircubben
Savage, Mrs., 21 Chichester Street
Shea, Wm., esq., Inspector of Ordnance Works, 31 Custom House Quay
Simpson, Paul, esq., Throne
Sinclair, Capt. George, 17 King Street
Sinclair, John, esq.
Sinclair, Thomas, esq., 2? Wellington Place
Sinclair, William, esq., Brookvale
Sloan, John, esq., 14 Donegall Square South
Smith, Edward J., esq., Donegall Street
Smith, Miss, 13 Donegall Square North
Smyth, Rev. ?, Upper Arthur Street
Sneyd, H. R., esq., Rookery
Spencer, William, Cromack Street (Cromac)
Stafford, B. B., esq., Willmount
Stewart, Miss, 17 Donegall Place
Suffern, John, esq., Donegall Street

Taylor, William, esq., 13 Academy Street
Thompson, Rev. John, 89 High Street
Thompson, Samuel, esq., 37 Upper Arthur Street
Thompson, Mrs. Wm., Donegall Square East
Turnly, F., esq., Richmond Lodge

Wallace, Mrs., 16 Donegall Place
Wallash, Mrs., Corporation Street
Warren, Mrs., Corporation Street
Williamson, James, esq., James Place
Wilson, Alexander, esq., Maryville

George Augustus Marquis of Donegall, Lord of the Castle
George Joy, esq., Constable of the Castle
Andrew Alexander, esq., Sovereign
George Bristow, esq.]   Burgess
Lord Edward Chichester ]   Burgess
Sir Arthur Chichester, Bart, M.P.]   Burgess
Arthur Chichester, esq. ]   Burgess
Rev. Dr. Snowden Cupples ]   Burgess
Sir Stephen May ]   Burgess
Rev. Dr. George Macartney ]   Burgess
Thomas L. Stewart, esq. ]   Burgess
Thomas Verner, esq. ]   Burgess
Rev. Richard Wolsey ]   Burgess
Thomas L. Stewart, esq., Seneschal of the Manor Court of Belfast
Andrew Henry, Serjeant at Mace
Stephen Daniel, Town Clerk
Henry Ferguson, High Constable, 27 Mill Street
Henry Allen, Coroner for the county of Antrim, Hercules Street

Places of Public Worship

Parish Church, St. Ann's, Donegall Street
Rev. A. C. Macartney, Vicar
Rev. St. John Smith, Curate
William Weir, Organist
John Cassidy senr. Parish Clerk

St. George's Chapel of Ease, High Street
Rev. Robert W. Bland, Curate
Charles Dalton, Organist
Peter Sommerville, Clerk

New Roman Catholic Chapel, Donegall Street
Old Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Lane
Rev. Dr. William Crolly, Parish Priest
Rev. Charles Hendren ]   Curate
Rev. Daniel Curoe ]   Curate

First Presbyterian Meeting House, Rosemary Street
Rev. Dr. Bruce ]   Minister
Rev. William Bruce ]   Minister

Second Presbyterian Meeting House, Rosemary Street
Rev. W. D. H. McEwen, Minister

Third Presbyterian Meeting House, Rosemary Street
Rev. Dr. Samuel Hanna, Minister

Fourth Presbyterian Meeting House, Donegall Street
Ministerial situation vacant

First Seceding Meeting House, Berry Street
Rev. William Kerr, Minister

Second Seceding Meeting House, Arthur Street
Rev. John Edgar, Minister

First Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Donegall Square S. Second Ditto, Cotton Court
Rev. John Stewart, Rev. Alex. Mackey, Ministers

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Academy Street
Preacher, Itinerant

Evangelical Meeting House, Donegall Street
Rev. William brown, Minister

Baptist Chapel, King Street
John Kilpatrick, Minister

Covenanters' Meeting House, Dublin Road
Ministerial situation vacant

Quakers' Meeting House, Frederick Street

Public Institutions and Charities

Academical Institution
The Rev. Thos. D. Hincks M.R.I.A., Classical Master
Adelbert D'Oisy, French and Italian Master
Henry Montgomery A. M. English Master
Thomas Spence, Writing Master
James Thomson, Mathematical Master
Ferdinand Besauccle, Drawing and Spanish Master
James L. Drummond, Professor of Anatomy and Medical Physiology President
Samuel Hanna, D.D. Professor of Divinity for the Students of the general Synod of Ulster
Samuel Edgar, D.D. Professor of Divinity for the Students of the Seceding Synod
John Young, L.L.D. Professor of Moral Phylosophy and Metaphysics (Philosophy)
James Thompson, A.M. Professor of Mathematics
Rev. William Cairns, A.M. Professor of Logic and Bellés Leítres
Rev. William Bruce, Professor of Greek and Latin
Rev. Thomas D. Hiucks, Professor of Hebrew
John Stevelly, Professor of Natural Philosophy
Rev. W. D. H. M. Ewen, Lecturer on Elocution

Belfast Academy, Donegall Street
Rev. James Gray, Principal
Rev. Reuben John Bryce, Mathematical and Mercantile Master and Teacher of Oriental and Modern Languages
James Mawhinny, English Master
Robert Telfair, Writing Master

Commercial News Room, Commercial Buildings
Samuel Bruce, esq. Secretary

Royal Exchange, Bottom of Donegall Street

Fever Hospital and Dispensary, Frederick Street
Samuel Stephenson ] Consulting Physician
Henry Purden ] Consulting Physician
Robert Stephenson ] Attending Physician
Samuel Thomson ] Attending Physician
Henry Forcade M.D. (Surgeon
David Moore ] Surgeon
John Aickin, Apothecary
Jane Dobbin, Housekeeper

Poor House, North Queen Street
John Wilson, Steward
Andrew Stewart, School master
Margaret Gilpin, School mistress
Mrs. Jamison, Housekeeper

House of Industry, Smithfield
Governed by an annual Committee


Bradshaw, R. S., 2 Donegall Square South
Cumming, John, Arthur Place


Arthur James, Alex. and Robt., 10 Chichester Street
Boomer, John, Donegall Square North and 7 Lower Temple Street, Dublin
Cranston & Hall, 8 Chichester Street
Echlin Hamilton, 17 Arthur Street
Garrett & Crawford, 5 York Street
Joy Robert & George, 1 Castle Lane
Macartney, Joseph, 6 Arthur Street & Glo'ster Street, Dublin
McDonnell, Daniel, Rosemary Street
Montgomery, Robert, Castle Place
Mowlds, George Frederick, 19 Rosemary Street
Orr, James Alexander, 41 Donegall Street
Seed, Stephen, 2 Chichester Street
Stewart, T. L., 6 Castle Street
Wallace, James & Sons, 16 Castle Street
Waterson, Henry, 132 Ann Street
Wright, Joseph & Son, 27 Rosemary Street

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<<<Physicians continued from previous column


Drummond, James, 36 Donegall Street
Forcade, Henry, (& staff surgeon) Castle Street
Forsythe, James, Upper Arthur Street
Hawthorne, George, 90 Donegall Street
McDonnell, James, Donegall Place

McGee, Robert, 25 North Street
Millar, James, Donegall Street
Stephenson, Robert, 6 Waring Street
Stephenson, Samuel, 6 Waring Street
Thomson, Samuel, 6 Donegall Square
Wright, James, Church Lane


Arrott, Samuel, 8 High Street
Campbell, John, 130 High Street
Campbell, John, 8 Donegall Street
Fitzmaurice, John, 12 Hercules Street
McBurney & Mulholland, 88 High Street
McCleery, James, 12 North Street
McCluney, Robert, 25 Chichester Street
McCulloch, Hugh, 29 Rosemary Street
McDonnell, Alex., Peter's Hill
McGee, William, 25 North Street
Maclurkan, Thomas, 10 Castle Lane
Marshall, Andrew, 100 High Street
Murray, James, 32 High Street
Purden, Henry, 5 Wellington Place
Quin, John, 58 High Street


Aickin, William, 31 Corn Market
Brown, Daniel, 62 Donegall Street
Bryson, Samuel, 98 High Street
Coffey, Robert, 49 Ann Street
Mawhinny, Thomas, 9 Corn market
Montgomery, James, 28 High Street
Moore, David, 1 Castle Street
Officer, Alexander, Bridge Street


French, Adelbert D'Olsy, esq. Arthur Street
Netherlands, Fortescue Gregg, esq. Ballymacarrett
United States, Samuel Luke, esq. 6 York Street
Danish, Paul L. Munster, esq. 15 James Street

Fire and Life Insurance Offices and Agents

Albion, Wm. Newsam, Cromack Street (Cromac)
Atlas, Wm. Sloane, Commercial Buildings
Beacon, Thomas G. Folingsby, 7 Hanover Quay
Belfast, Robert Simms, 18 Commercial Buildings
British & Irish, James Goddard, Calender Street
British Commercial, John Cramsie, Waring Street
County Fire & Provident Life, Henry McDowell, Commercial Bank, and 6 Great George's Street
Globe, Saml. Bruce, jun. Commercial Buildings
London Union, Thomas Whinnery, Church Street
National, John Harrison, Commercial Buildings
Norwich Union, Thomas Ward, 27 High Street
Patriotic, Wm. J. Harvey, Ritchie's Dock
Royal Exchange, Alex. A. Gordon & Son, Castle Street
St. Patrick, John & Thos. M'Tear, Hanover Quay
Sun, Morgan Jellett, Bridge Street
West of England, John Kane, Wine Cellar Entry

Commissioners for taking affidavits

Boomer, John (four courts) Donegall Square North
Doyle, John (four courts) 52 Castle Street
McDonnell, Daniel (four courts) 19 Rosemary Street
McDowell, Henry (three courts) Commercial Bank
O'Donnell, Charles (four courts) 23 Arthur Street
Walkington, E. (four courts & special bail) Rosemary Street
Waterson, Henry (common pleas) Ann Street

Custom House

Sir Stephen May, Collector
Joseph Folingsby, esq. Comptroller
James green, esq. Pro-Collector
Charles Trevor, esq. Acting Comptroller
Henry S. Harvey, esq. Port Surveyor
William Watts, esq. Acting Surveyor
George Briston, esq. Tide Surveyor
Thomas Vaughan ] Comptrollers Clerk
John Fitzpatrick ] Comptrollers Clerk
Isaac Thomson, Clerk of Chequers
Daniel Gunning, Clerk of Permits
Courtland M. Skinner, Storekeeper
Arthur Handcock ] Landwaiter
Thomas Sempel ] Landwaiter
George Duncan ] Landwaiter
John Nicholas ] Landwaiter
Foster Coulson ] Landwaiter

Excise Office
Donegall Square

Thomas Verner, esq. Collector
John Kirkwood, esq. Poor-collector
Robert Holmes, esq. Surveyor
Alexander Colhoun, Assistant
Oliver Colhoun, Assistant
Thomas Hearse, Permit Officer
Hugh Henderson ] Gaugers
Thomas Trip ] Gaugers
Charles Daly ] Gaugers
Sackville Hamilton Lovett ] Gaugers
Alexander Baker ] Gaugers

Stamp Office
Arthur Street

Anthony O'Connor, esq. County Distributor
John Corran, Pro-Distributor

Fishery Office
Ritchie's Dock

Captain A. McDougall, Inspector

Ballast Office
Chichester Quay

James Lewis, Ballast Master
G. M. Ferran, Deputy
James Caughey, Dock Master
Alexander Davison ] Deputy Dock Master
William Mateer ] Deputy Dock Master
John Shaw ] Harbour Master
Charles Courtney ] Harbour Master
James Caughey, Pilot Master
J. Duffy, Overseer of Delivery

White Linen Hall
Donegall Square

Hugh Magill, Chamberlain
Robert Garratt, Inspector

White Linen Hall Library & News Room

Hugh McGill, Secretary to News Room

House of Correction
Henrietta Street

Thomas Henry, Keeper

Brown Street Charity School, Donegall Street
Roman Catholic Sunday School, Donegall Street
Marlborough Street Sunday School, Marlborough Street


Merchants, Tradesmen, etc.



Academical Institution, Chichester Street
Auchinleck, M. (boarding) 4 Chichester Street
Barr, Mrs. 2 Nelson Street
Belfast Academy, Donegall Street
Bullick George and Samuel, (English and mercantile), 82 High Street
Bunting, J. (boarding) 3 Donegall Place
Compton, James, Telfair's Entry
Davies, Rev. J. (boarding), 32 Castle Street
Digby, Barbara & Maria, 17 Hercules Street
Featherstone, Eliza, (boarding), 9 Arthur Street
Hind, Mary, 28 Waring Street
Keenan, Ann Maria, 40 Patrick Street
Lamont, Mrs. (boarding), 25 Arthur Street
McCann, Miss, 41 Academy Street
Rabbs, Margaret E., Church Street
Shaw, Robt., Hammond's Court
Ware, Mary, (boarding), Upper Arthur Street


Armour, Andrew, 5 King Street
Auchinleck, Wm., Arthur Street
Bruce, Samuel, Commercial Buildings
Hartley, John, Waring Street
McDowell, Henry, Commercial Bank
Ross, Thos., John Street


Cramsie, John, Warren Street
Finlay, John, (forwarding), 6 Prince's Street
Goddard, James, (to Lloyd's), Calender Street
Ker, Wm. (ship), 91 High Street
Macartney, John, 3 Arthur Street
McCauley, Fred, Chichester Street
Munster, Paul L., 15 James's Street
Sloan, George, (to the Marquis of Donegal), 27 Arthur Street


Boyd, James, 2 Queen Street
Duff, Thos. J., 5 College Square
McGavigan, Michael, 51 Academy Street
Nichol, Hugh, Thomas Street
Price, Thos., 35 York Street


Bogan, James, Smithfield
Develin, John, Church Street
Drinkwater, Thos., Marquis Street
Dunlop, James, Marlboro' Street
Hamill, Owen, Berry Street
Hyndman, George & Hugh, 10 Commercial Buildings
Jaffers, Charles, Smithfield
Mateer, Samuel, North Street
Meechan, Arthur, Berry Street


Boyd, Joseph, 79 North Street
Brown, Isabella, 124 Ann Street
Coates, George, 13 John Street
Coates, James, Talbot Street
Colville, John, (ship bread), 38 James Street
Courtney, Charles, 32 Mary Street
Craig, Samuel, West Street
Crawford, John, 18 Hercules Street
Creigh, Hugh, Millfield
Galway, James, 25 Barrack Street
Gilmore, Joseph, 39 Ann Street
Harper, Robt., 19 Union Street
Johnson, Joseph, 70 Hercules Street
Johnston, Wm., 31 Mill Street
Kennedy, John, 24 Hercules Street
Kennedy, Wm., 18 Corn Market
McConnell, Robert, 27 Talbot Street
McCune, Samuel, (ship bread), 15 Mary Street
McManus, Hugh, 13 Skipper Street
McVeagh, Patrick, 19 Church Lane
McWade, Tobias, Ann Street
Martin, George, 37 Ann Street
Moffet, Joshua, Ann Street
Moffet, Thos., 2 Church Lane
Neek, Wm., Cromack Street (Cromac)
Palmer, Wm., Skipper Street
Peppard, James, 30 Talbot Street


Batt, Houston & Batt (Belfast), Donegall Square North
Orr, McCance, Montgomery and McNeil, (Northern) Donegall race?
Tennent, Callwell, Luke & Thomson, (Commercial), Donegall Street

Bellows Maker

Russell, John, 18 Little Donegall Street

Block & Pump Makers

Cooke, James, Tomb Street
Fitzsimons, Saml., 47 Waring Street
Graham, Jane, 144 High Street
Miller, Wm., 24 James Street


Cinnamond, Wm., 41 John Street
Hodgson, John, 9 High Street
McLaughlin, Wm., Rosemary Street
Searson, Henry, 10 John Street
Weir, Richd., 3 Church Lane
Winnington, James, Chapel Lane

Booksellers and Stationers

Archer, Eliza, (& circulating library), 63 High Street
Archer, Samuel, 33 High Street
Gihon, Robert, 6 Corn Market
Greer, Henry, 4 North Street
Harrington, John, 106 High Street
Harrison, George, 51 High Street
Hodgson, John, (& patent medicine, lottery office room, paper warehouse & circulating library), 9 High Street
Jellett, Morgan, (& printer), 1 Bridge Street
Lamont, Francis, (& toy dealer and circulating library), 78 High Street
McClune, John, 16 William Street South
Manning, Wm., Chapel Lane
Moore, Wm., 33 Donegall Street
Simms & McIntyre, (& printers), 20 Donegall Street
Smyth, Joseph, 36 High Street

Boot & Shoe Makers

Balie, Davis, 67 Ann Street
Balie, John, 63 Ann Street
Ballantyne, Thos., Thomas Street
Blackadder, John, 55 North Street
Burns, Thos., 84 Ann Street
Campbell, Thos., 41 Smithfield
Cinnamond, John, Corn Market
Develin, Wm., 158 North Street
Ferguson, John, (ladies), 71 High Street
Frazier, Daniel, 7 Church Lane
Gray, Wm., 116 High Street
Hector, Patrick, 21 Hercules Street
Houson, Wm., 67 North Street
Johnson, Samuel, 30 Church Lane
Knox, John, 90 High Street
Knox, Robert, 5 Castle Street
Lewis, Robt., 47 High Street
Lindsay, John, Castle Street
McClure, Robt., 10 Church Lane
McCracken, Alexander, 28 Bridge Street
McGuire, Alex., 46 Ann Street
McLaughlin, John, 37 Hercules Street
McMullen, James, 77 High Street
Milliken, Hugh, 25 Barrack Street
Palmer, Thos., 65 Ann Street
Quinn, Arthur, 11 High Street
Ryans, Lewis, 2 Ann Street
Spence, Henry, 87 North Street
Taylor, George, 9 Church Lane
Wallace, John, 123 North Street
Wharry, Robert, 59 North Street

Brass Founders

Gibson, Wm., 6 Ann Street
Holden & Pearce, (phoenix foundry), Great George's Street
Law, Andrew, 4 Fountain Street
Law, Patrick, Hercules Street
Redmond, Agnes, Pottinger's Entry
Shaw, John, 2 Queen Street

Braziers, Coppersmiths & Tin Plate Workers

Bloomfield, James, 7 John Street
Clarke, Andrew, 16 Mary Street
Ireland, James, Corn Market
Ireland, John, 11 Ann Street
Kirkwood, Hugh, 85 Castle Street
McCollough, Thos. (& plumber), 44 Waring Street
Sergison, James, 51 Ann Street
Wright, Ludford, Forest Lane


Bell, John, Hercules Street
Dobbin, Clotworthy, Smithfield
Magill, James & Co., Chapel Lane
Napier & Sons, Bank Lane
Stewart, Wm. & Co., Hercules Street


Chambers, Hugh, (ship), Chichester Quay
Finlay, John, (ship), 6 Prince's Street
Folingsby, Thos. G., Hanover Quay
Hinds, Joseph, Custom House
Holmes, Henry Joy, Ann Street
Shaw, John & Co., Donegall Quay
Shaw, John H., 6 Princes Street
Topping, John, (ship), Lime Kiln Dock

Brush Makers

Carlin, George, 69 North Street
Fox, George, 50 North Street
Jamieson, Hugh, (& bellows and wool card), 24 North Street
Morrison, John, 94 North Street

Butter Buyers

Bell, Clements, 40 Talbot Street
Bell & Johnson
Bryson, John
Coffey, James
Coleman, Thomas
Jamieson, Wm.
Kirkpatrick, Daniel
Kirkpatrick, John
McBride, Alexander
McLornan, Daniel
Maxwell, James
Moorhead, Hugh
Shaw, James
Spence, Andrew

Cabinet Makers

Boyle, Francis, 51 Castle Street
Clarke, Peter, (& upholsterer), 4 Fountain Street
Crawford, James, 25 Waring Street
Eccles, Wm., 20 Nelson Street
Gilmore, Andrew, 7 Ann Street
Graham & Lattimore, Donegall Street
Henesey, David, 35 Rosemary Street
Henesey, Edward, 37 Rosemary Street
Mines, Samuel, 3 Hercules Street
Wilson, James A., 23 Church Lane
Young, James, 15 Church Lane

Calico Printers

Batt, Samuel N. & Co., Rough Forth
Gemmell, Samuel, Lambeg
Grimshaw & Co., White House
Taylor, John, Faces

Canvass Manufacturer

McCracken, Francis, 7 James Street and Donegall Street

Carpenters & Joiners

Gardner, Wm., Montgomery Street
Hastings, Wm., 18 Academy Street
Kennedy, John, Castle Street
Killin, Adam, Wine Tavern Street
McClure, Wm., 18 West Street
McCormick, ?, James Street
McCracken, James, 11 Long Lane
Murphy, James, Hamilton Place
O'Connor, John, York Street
Rea, Robert, Thomas Street

Cart Makers

Drannan, James & Nevin, Ballymacarrett
Orr, David, West Street
Reid, James, Wine Tavern Street
Robinson, Wm., Cooney's Court
Robson, Hugh, Cooney's Court

Carvers & Gilders

Braddle, John, Hercules Street
Galll?, Charles, 102 High Street
Greig, Eliza, 3 Fountain Street
McCabe, Sarah, 4 Hercules Street

Chemical Manufacturers

McAdam, John, Donegall Street
Ross, Daniel & Co., Ritchie's Dock
Wayne, Alexander, Little Donegall Street

Childbed Linen Warehouse

Peebles, Mary, William Street South

China, Glass and Earthenware Dealers

Carey & Cooper, 120 High Street
Cleland, Jane, 33 Castle Street
Robson, Richd., 128 High Street
Shaw, James, 116 Ann Street
Wood, Enoch, Sons & Wood, 112 High Street

Coach Builders

Belfast Coach Factory, William Street
Brown & McConkey, Marlboro' Street
Flanagan, John, South Mews
Smyth & Wright, Fountain Street
Turney & Reid, South William Street

Coal Merchants

Barkley, Abigail, 3 Princes Street
Burke, Richd., 99 High Street
Delap, Wm., Tomb Street
Greenwood, Christian, Lime Kiln Dock
McCullogh, Patrick, Custom House Quay
Murray, Denis, Princes Street


Bunten, Robt., Hercules Street
Donnelly, Henry, 35 Hercules Street
Douglas, John, 84 North Street
Duplex, Deborah, 69 High Street
Gray, Mary, 78 Ann Street
Linden, Matthew B., 10 Ann Street
Linden, Wm., 15 Corn Market
McCann, John, Mary Street
Ogston, Wm., High Street


Doyle, John, (& rent agent), 52 Castle Street
Sloan, Oliver, 1 Fountain Street
Waterson, Henry, Ann Street
Wilson, Geo. McCammon, 71 Ann Street


Adams, John, 15 Talbot Street
Atkins, Wm., Bell's Row
Busby, John, 26 Tomb Street
Callcader, John, Gordon Street
Crawford, Wm., Talbot Street
Ewart, James, Prince's Street
Gillan, Patrick, 39 Talbot Street
Hoy, Samuel, 46 Waring Street
Johnston, James, 23 Green Street
Lennon, Patrick, 11 Forest Lane
McCullagh, James, 49 Forest Lane
McCunn, Wm., Barrack Street
McGee, John, Talbot Street
McGonnigal, John, 35 Talbot Street
Reid, James, Talbot Street
Wright, Wm., 23 Talbot Street

Cork Cutters

Hamilton, John, 37 Rosemary Street
Spring, Edward, Hercules Street

Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers

Bell, John & Co., John Street
Bell, John, Stoneyford
Boomer, Charles & Co., 14 Waring Street
Cochran, James, Falls Road
Crossen, William, Smithfield and Brown Square
Cunningham, Bell & Co., Millbrook
Dickey, James, Rough Fort
Grimshaw, James & Son, White House
Hannay, George & Co., Bangor
Henderson, John, Shank Hill
How, John, Glenaven (Glenavon)
How, Thomas, 12 Long Lane and 11 Church Street
McAuley, Charles, Randlestown (Randalstown)
McCracken, John, 79 Donegall Street
McCrum, John, (cotton dealer), 21 Skipper Street
McCullock, Stott, Bell & Co., Bangor
Mulholland, Thos. & Co., Union Street, Wine Tavern Street & York Street
Stevensons & Co., Springfield
Tucker, Wm., 3 Castle Lane

Cotton Yarn Dealers

Ewing, Wm., Commercial Court
Firth, Joseph, 23 Little Donegall Street
Hunter, John & Wm., Donegall Street
Reid, James, 53 High Street
Scott, Robert T., 4 John Street


King, Cunningham, 13 Church Lane
Porter, Edward, 61 High Street
Walsh, James, Rosemary Street


McKenzie, John & Co., Mill Street


Anderson, Henry & Wm., 7 Castle Street
McAdam, John, (and chemist), 37 Donegall Street
Marshall, Andrew, 100 High Street
Walkington, Edward, (& chemist), 13 Rosemary Street


Appleton, Ann, 6 Bank Lane
Brady, Jas., Salt Water Bridge
Campbell, Wm., Shankle Road (Shankill)
Dobbin, John, (fancy), 41 Wine Tavern Street
Ferrall, Walter, Brown Square
Fisher, Thos., 77 Castle Street
McCormick, Wm., 10 James Street
McCullough, James, Millfield
McLean, Jane, 7 Mill Street

Engravers and Copperplate Printers

Bell, James, (& linen stamps), 48 Donegall Street
Hill, Wm., Pottinger's Entry
Stevenson, James, Talbot Street
Stevenson, James, 14 Ann Street
Thompson, John, (& linen stamps), 30 Castle Street

Feather & Quill Merchants

Burke, Robert, (feather only), Hercules Street
McVeagh, John, 11 Church Lane

Flour Millers and Merchants

Alexander, John & Co., Belfast Mills
Boardman, Arthur, Chichester Quay
Radcliff & Munce, Bears Bridge (Beersbridge)

Glass Cutters

Davis, Wm., Millfield
Orridge, Frances, 21 Smithfield
Wicklow, Thos., Millfield

Glass Manufacturers

Belfast Glass Works Company, Peter's Hill
Edwards, Benjamin, jun., Bridge End, Ballymaconnel (is that not Ballymacarrett?)
Kean, Standfield, & Wheeler, New Glass House Company, Ballymacarrett
McCauley, Wm., Union Street

Glovers & Breeches Makers

Armstrong, John, Castle Street
Rodgers, John, 64 Ann Street

Glue Manufacturers

Johnston, Samuel, Mill Street
McCammon, Thos., King Street
Tucker, Samuel, Hill Street and Malone Road

Grocers and Tea Dealers
marked thus (*) are also wholesale

Allen, Robt., 41 Ann Street
Bain, John,. 72 Ann Street
Beatty, John, Peter's Hill
* Black, James and Henry, Church Lane
Black, Robt., Berry Street
Blair, John, 147 North Street
* Boyce, Wm., 26 Donegall Street
Boyd, Esther, 6 Curtis Street
Boyes, Sarah, 23 Waring Street
Boyle, Saml., 24 Corn Market
Bragg, Thos., 76 High Street
Bryson, John, 148 High Street
* Campbell, Samuel & Co., 20 North Street
Campbell, Wm., 90 Ann Street
Campbell, Wm., Carrick Hill
Carson, John, 54 Hercules Street
Caven, John, 7 High Street
Christie, Alex., Frederick Street
Cinnamond, Thos., Chapel Lane
* Clarke, Wm. & Andw., 45 Ann Street
Clements, David, Great David Street
* Coleman, John & Thos., North Street
Connelly, Thos., 39 Hercules Street
Crawford, Arthur, (& ironmonger), 138 North Street
Crawford, John, 21 Berry Street
* Creek, Chas., 34 North Street
Cunningham, Jas., 8 Skipper Street
Dean, Saml., 22 Talbot Street
* Dickey, Alex. & Co., 66 North Street
Donaldson, Wm., Green Street
Donnan, Jas., 48 Gordon Street
Donnelly, John, 75 High Street
Dowling, James, Smithfield
Dunn, John, Millfield
* Elliott & Blow or Bhow orBrow,32 North Street
Ewart, Thos., 2 Berry Street
Fisher, James, 35 Ann Street
Flower, James, Berry Street
* Gamble, Robt., 62 Waring Street
Gihan, Thos., 83 High Street
Gillis, Benj., 79 North Street
Gilmore, Jas., Malone Road
Gilmore, Jos., 39 High Street
Gowdy, John, 82 Ann Street
Graham, James, 25 Ann Street
Green, Allen, Skipper Street
Green, Saml., 28 Ann Street
Greer, Jos., 137 North Street
Guthrie, Edw., 126 Ann Street
Hadskis, Stewart, 16 North Street
Hagan, Edward, 50 Gordon Street
Hall, Wm., Barrack Street
Hamill, Margaret and Elizabeth, 72 High Street
Hamilton, Wm., 33 Church Lane (maybe 31)
Hanna, John, 76 Ann Street
Harper (not clear), Martin, 82 Ann Street
Hawthorn, John, 9 Skipper Street
Henderson, Jas., 1 Nelson Street
Hill, Andrew, 24 Rosemary Street
Hobson, Lawrence, 92 Ann Street
Hughes, John, Talbot Street
Hughes, Sarah, 30 North Street
Hunter, Wm., 12 North Street
Hutchinson, Robt., Berry Street
Irwin, John, Wine Tavern Street
Jameson, Wm. (& publican), 29 Little Donegall Street
Jordan, Chas., 95 North Street
Kane, Daniel, Mustard Street
Kearns, Robert, 102 Ann Street
Kelly, Andrew, 183 North Street
Kennedy, Chas. ( & fruiterer), 14 North Street
Kennedy, John, Ballymacarrett
Kirkpatrick, John, 8 Waring Street
* Kirkpatrick, Saml. (& seedsman), Church Lane
Lepper, Maxwell, (& spirits), 23 Donegall Street
McAllister, John, Graham's Entry
McBride, John, 72 North Street
McCammon, Chas., Ballymacarrett
McCammon, Jas., 46 Church Lane
McCanley, Pat., Cromack Street (Cromac)
McCleland, Francis, 10 Curtis Street
McConnell, James, Cromack Street (Cromac)
McConnell, John, Barrack Street
McCullagh, Jn. & Wm., 29 Castle Street
McDermott, Margaret, 129 North Street
McGaghran, Philip, 5 Hercules Street
McGee, Eliz., 48 Waring Street
* McGouran, Peter, Berry Street
* McHenry, Dan., 50 Donegall Street
McInninch, Jas., Grattan Street
McKean, Jas., Academy Street
McKee, Dav., North Queen Street
McKinstry, Henry, Little Patrick Street
McLaughlin, Francis, 65 High Street
* McMaster, Jas., 75 North Street
McMeekan, Arthur, Princes Street
McMullen, Saml. Wm., 2 High Street
McNinch, Jas., Talbot Street
* Marshall, John, 5 Donegall Street
* Martin & Nelson, 18 High Street
Martin, David, Barrack Street
Mateir, Saml., 48 North Street
May, Geo., 31 North Queen Street
Moreland, Arthur, 43 Ann Street
Morre, John, 2 Skipper Street
* Mullan, John, (and spirits), 202 North Street
O'Neill, Chas., 141 North Street
Orr, John, 74 Ann Street
Parke, Boyle, Malone Road
Posnett, Hutchinson, Little Patrick Street
* Raphael & Carson, 14 Corn Market
Rea, John, West Street
Realston, Jas., Malone Road
* Reford, Lewis, 54 High Street
Shaw, Jas., 116 Ann Street
Shaw, Wm., 25 Mill Street
* Standfield, Chas., High Street
Standfield, James, (& fruit & wine), 3 Corn Market
Stavely, Jas., 15 Waring Street
Stewart, Alex., 65 North Street
Thomas, Henry, 15 Nelson Street
* Thompson, Chas. and Wm., 89 High Street
Trimble, David, 18 North Street
Watt, David, 120 North Street
Webster, Ann, 118 Ann Street
Wharton, John, 18 Robert Street
Wilson, Wm., 3 Berry Street

Gun Makers

Cole, Wm., 7 Hercules Street
Holland, Wm., 12 Ann Street
Whitfield, Henry, 42 Ann Street


Armstrong, Sarah, 62 High Street
Atkinson & McKibben, 6 Donegall Street
Atkinson, Richd., 57 North Street
Bell, Helen, 138 High Street
Boyle & McIntire, 66 High Street
Carson, Mary, 21 Ann Street
Craig, Mrs., 53 North Street
Digby, Margaret & Alicia, 17 Hercules Street
Ferguson, Isabella, 4 High Street
Ferguson, R. & E., 22 High Street
Girren, E. S., 100 North Street
Grainger, Jas., 60 Ann Street
Grogan & Co., 1 High Street
Hadskis, Susanna, 24 High Street
Haliday, Robt., 2 Donegall Street
Hazelton, John, 91 North Street
Henderson, J., 3 Bridge Street
Hughes, Daniel, 4 Rosemary Lane
Johnson, Ann, 50 High Street
Johnson, Jane, 115 High Street
Kelso, Jane & Mary, 10 High Street
Lamb, John & Co., 16 Donegall Street
McAffee, Mary, 56 High Street
McBlain, Jane, 14 High Street
McHendry, Mark, 33 Rosemary Street
McKibben, Jane, 14 Donegall Street
Murray, Chas., 50 John Street
Officer, Sarah & Co., 12 Bridge Street
Patton, Sarah, 9 Castle Street
Riddles, Saml. (& linen warehouse), 10 Bridge Street
Swiney, M. & Co., (& silk mercers), 13 Castle Street
Walker, Thos., 4 Donegall Street

Haberdashers & Milliners

Acheson, Elizabeth, 70 Ann Street
Cinnamond, Martha, 19 Skipper Street
Coleman, Jane, 31 Castle Street
Crawford, Jas., 25 Waring Street
Dunn, Margaret and Jane, 39 Donegall Street
Garvey, Jane, 75 Castle Street
Haddock, Anna and Jane, 17 Castle Street
Ireland, Letitia, 7 Market Street
Jamison, Mary, 25 Castle Street
Keith, Eliz., 36 Castle Street
McCoard, Misses, 55 Castle Street
Newell, Ann, Hercules Street
Simms, Eliza & Sisters, 30 Donegall Street
Smith, Margaret, 4 Ann Street
Stover, Eliz., 21 Church Lane
Wightman, Matilda, 26 Ann Street
Wilson, Ann, 55 Donegall Street
Wimbash, E., 16 Castle Street

Hat Manufacturers

Bailey, Robt., Bridge Street
Davis, Joy, 7 Bridge Street
Foote, Wm., 178 North Street
Robinson, David, 55 Ann Street
Wright, Richd., 27 & 126 Anne Street
Wright, Robt. & Co., 15 Church Street

Hide Merchants

Hunter, Wm., 160 North Street
Nelson, Jas. (commission), Smithfield
Orr, Alex., 70 Smithfield


Gray, John, 73 High Street
Kelso, Chas., 73 High Street
Marshall, Robt., 23 Bridge Street

Inns & Hotels

Campbell, Thos. (and posting house), Ann Street
Faloon, Wm., Sugar House Entry
Higginson, Wm., Donegall Street
Jamison, Wm. (King's Arms), 47 North Street
Linn, Patrick, (White Cross), 1 Castle Street
Martin, Mrs., 51 North Street
Miskelly, Daniel, (Old Commercial), Rosemary Street
O'Neill, Francis, (Belfast Arms), Rosemary Street
Sloan, James, (Donegall Arms), Castle Street
Ward, Jas., (Commercial), Commercial Buildings

Iron Founders

Booth, Wm., 143 North Street
Boyd, Rider & Co., (Belfast Foundry), Donegall Street
Holden & Pearce, (Phoenix Foundry), Great George's Street
Knox, John, 49 North Street
Victor, Coates, Son & Young, Lagan Foundry

Iron Merchants

Getty, Wm. (& hop merchant), 45 Donegall Street
Matthews, Robt., 112 Ann Street

Ironmongers & Hardware Dealers

Baxter, Richd., 26 Bridge Street
Getty, Robt. & John, 17 Bridge Street
Hutton, Wm., 81 High Street
Ireland, Jas., 19 Corn Market
McAdam, Jas., 40 High Street
McClean, Francis, 43 Castle Street
Patterson, Robt., 42 High Street
Porter, Edw., 61 High Street
Riddel, John, 52 High Street
White, Wm., 61 Bridge Street


Grieve, John, 85 Castle Street

Jewellers & Silversmiths

Keenan, Patrick, (& lapidary), 3 Castle Street
Stewart, John, 86 High Street

Land Surveyors

Gutherie, Edw., Ann Street
O'Connor, Denis, Cromack Street (Cromac)
Pattison, Robt., Newtown Breada (Newtownbreda)
Williamson, Jas., 5 James Place

Leather Cutters & Sellers

Campbell, Saml., 38 John Street
Moore, Wm. (and currier), 122 North Street
Murray, Chas., 50 John Street
O'Neill, Pat. (& tanner), Barrack Street
Small, Hugh, 56 Ann Street


Clark, Helen, Hanover Quay
Gordon, Hugh, New Bridge
Gregg, Fortescue, Ballymacarrett
McClean, John, Grattan Street
McCleary, Jas., Hanover Quay
McCracken, John, Patrick Street
McCullough, Edw., Ballymacarrett
McCullough, Mary, Quay Lane
McCullough, Neely, Green Street
McCullough, Pat, Custom House Quay
McCullough, Saml., Marlborough Street
McCullough, Wm., Ann Street
Matier, John, Lodge Road
Ritchie & McClean, Corporation Street

Linen Drapers

Blackwell, Alex., 59 High Street
Burns, Robt., High Street
McCammon, Jane, Ballymacarrett
McKeown, Hugh, King Street
Rippard, Geo., 14 Donegall Street

Linen Merchants & Bleachers

Annsley, Lawson, 8 White Linenhall & Derramore
Arthur, Wm., Dunmurry
Charley, John & Wm., Finaghy
Currell, John & Daniel, Academy Street
Curtels or Curteis, Edw., Glenburn
Ferguson, John & Co., White Linenhall
Ferguson, Thos. & Sons, New Forge
Hunter, Alex., Dunmurry
McCance, John, Suffolk
McKibbin & Miller, White Linenhall & Ligoniel
Mackey, Thos. & Co., 5 Calender Street
Orr, Wm. & Co., Wellington Place
Roberts, John & Sons, Suffolk
Russell, John, New Forge
Sinclair, John, Donegall Place
Stevenson, Wm. & Jos., York Street and Springfield
Stewart & Cunningham, White Linenhall & Ligoniel

Linen Merchants

Andrews, Michael, Ardoyne
Andrews, Thos. John, Thompson's Court, Donegall Street
Ashmore & Co., White Linen Hall
Blackwell, Robert & Co., White Linenhall
Burns, Robt., 49 High Street
Magee, Robt., White Linen Hall
Park, John, Carrick Hill
Smyth, Edw. & Son, Ballanamore (Ballinamore)
Stewart & Nelson, (& factors), White Linen Hall

Linen  Yarn Dealers

Coaburn, Thos., North Street
Kelly, Andrew, North Street
McClein, Francis, Carrick Hill
Morgan, John, North Street
Scott, Samuel, Church Street
Thornton, Arthur Hill, Brown Street
Watt, David, North Street

Machine Makers

Baker, Richard, Old Road
Facy, David, Carrick Hill
Herbert, Reuben, Millfield
Hind, John, 77 Smithfield
Phillips, John, Fountain Lane

(General & Provision)

Arrott, Jas. & W. (provision), 53 Waring Street
Barklie, Allen, 11 Donegall Quay
Barnett, Andrew John, 146 High Street
Barnett, Jas. Hall, Store Lane
Batt, Thos., 83 Ann Street
Battersby, Richd. (provision), 81 Ann Street
Bell & Malcolmson, Donegall Quay
Bell, Wm., 5 Little Donegall Street
Berwick & Ash, 34 Waring Street
Boyd, Joseph Hall, 23 Ann Street
Brenan, Alex. (provision), 29 York Street
Caird, John, Lime Kiln Dock
Campbell, Saml. & co., 20 North Street
Casement, Hugh, Academy Street
Charley, Edw., 32 Waring Street
Cordukes, Isaac & Son, (provision), 42 Tomb Street
Cordukes, John, Hill Street
Cramsie, John, 56 Waring Street
Crawford & Wallace, 30 Hill Street
Cunningham, Josias & Barber, 4 Rosemary Street
Delap & Charlton, 3 Chichester Quay
Dickson, Alex. (fish), 54 Waring Street
Dinnen, John & Co., (provision), 19 Trafalgar Street
Ewing, Wm., Commercial Court
Gamble, Arthur, 29 North Street
Gamble, Robt., 62 Warren Street
Gaussen, John & Co., 36 Waring Street
Getty, Robert, 27 North Street
Gillies, John, 21 Custom House Quay
Gillies, Joseph, (provision), 38 Waring Street
Goddard, James, 2 Calender Street
Gordon, John, 20 Waring Street
Graham, Campbell, Ann Street
Gray, Wm., Donegall Quay
Gregg, Fortescue, (salt works), Donegall Street & Ballymacarrett
Greer, John Robert, (commission), Lime Kiln Dock
Gribbin, Edward, (provision), Maze Market
Grimshaw, Conway B., Commercial Court
Grimshaw, Robt., Waring Street
Hanlon, John, 28 Tomb Street
Hardy & Clark, Wine cellar Entry
Hayes, Halloway, 52 Upper Church Lane
Hawson, John, Donegall Quay
Heron, John, 1 Church Street
Hughes, Thos., 19 North Street
Kennedy, John, 1 Tomb Street
Kirkpatrick, Saml., 44 Church Lane
Langtry, Geo., & Co., Waring Street
Luke & Thomson, 6 York Street
Lyle, Thos., 79 Ann Street
McCapin, William, (provision), 3 Talbot Street
McCaw, William, (provision), 4 Arthur Street
McConnell, John, 33 Ann Street
McDonnell, Alex. & Co., 7 Skipper Street
McDonnell, Pirrie, & Co., 5 Skipper Street
McKibben, Geo. (provision), 14 Donegall Street & Hill Street
McLornan, Pat., (provision), Telfair's Entry
Maclurkan, Thos., & Co., 7 Tomb Street
McTear, Geo. & Thos., 7 Hanover Quay
Martin, John & Co., 26 Ann Street
Martins & Co., Church Lane
Millers & Hunter, 57 Donegall Street
Miller, S., & Sons, (provision), York Lane
Montgomery, Geo., 9 Chichester Quay
Moorhead, Josias, 90 North Street
Moreland, Alex., (provision), 21 Poultry Square
Moreland, James and James, 9 Waring Street
Mullan, John, 202 North Street
Murphy, John & Wm., 59 Waring Street
Park, Wm., 128 Ann Street
Reford, Lewis, High Street
Rowan, Henry, 7 Arthur Street
Scott, Alex., 108 High Street
Seed, Wm. John & Thompson, (& corn), Weigh House Lane
Seed, Wm., 6 Chichester Street
Shaw, John & Co., Donegall Quay
Simons, Wm. & Son, 11 Chichester Quay
Simpson, Paul, 11 Elliott's Court
Steen, James, jun., & Co., Hill Street
Stevenson, Wm. & Jos., 2 York Street
Stewart, Robt., 16 Corn Market
Suffern, Geo., (commission), Elliott's Court
Telfair and Harden, Telfair's Entry
Thompson, Rd., 60 North Street
Tomb, Henry Joy, 6 Tomb Street
Vance & Stockdale, Calender Street
Vance, John, Donegall Place
Wallace, Archibald & Co., 9 Tomb Street
Whitla, Geo. & Val., & Co., 11 Tomb Street
Wilson, Hugh & Sons, Corporation Street

Milliners & Dress Makers

Allison, Eliz., 21 Ann Street
Crawford, Misses, 4 Nelson Street
Cumming, E. & M., 61 North Street
Fox & Bourdot, 57 Castle Street
Gihon, Jane, 6 Lancaster Street
Graham, Mary, Donegall Street
Logan, Ann, Cromack Street (Cromac)
McCay, Ann, 24 King Street
McKinley, L. & A., (& stay makers), 65 Castle Street
Moonan, Mary, (& haberdasher), 97 North Street
Morrison, Ann Jane, Berry Street
Rogers, Mary, 13 Hercules Street
Ryan, B. & M., 10 North Street

Music & Musical Instrument Sellers

Bunting, John, Donegall Place
Guyriny, V., York Street
Hart, Robt., 17 Skipper Street
Munn, Saml., (& fancy warehouse), 31 High Street
Were, Wm., Cromack Road (Cromac)
Willis, John, (& music professor), 7 Talbot Street

Muslin Manufacturers

Baker, Jas., 37 Patrick Street
Bell, Abraham, 33 North Street
Bell, Rd., & Co., Mustard Street
Bell, Thomas Hugh Pritchard, 11 Church Street
Black, Jas. & Henry, Ann Street
Blizard, Conway, 32 Academy Street
Briggs, Robt., 83 Academy Street
Bryson, James, (& gingham), 16 Waring Street
Bryson, John, (and gingham), 37 Castle Street
Calvert, James, Margaret Street & 8 Lancaster Street
Carlisle, John, 10 Rosemary Street
Ewart, Jas. & Co., 49 Donegall Street
Ewart, William, (and gingham), 18 Donegall Street
Ewing, Robt., 26 Donegall Street
Grimshaw, C. B., Commercial Court
Hall, Jos., 31 Rosemary Street
Harlin, Wm., 44 Donegall Street
Hasley, Joseph, 10 Church Street
Hill, Geo., Hercules Street
Hutchinson, Jas., & Co., 2 Fountain Street
How, Thos., Long Lane
Kennedy, Jos.?, & Son, 13 Church Street
Lamb, John & Co., 16 Donegall Street
Mitchell, Jas., Hercules Street
Morrison, Alex., Donegall Street
McConkey, Jas., 24 Donegall Street
McCord, David, 38 Rosemary Street
McCulloch & Taylor, (& gingham), 18 Waring Street
McIlroy, Archibald, 25 Hill Street
McKennas?, John, 33 North Street
Magenis, Geo., 91 Castle Street
Magill, Henry, Mustard Street
Manning, Wm., Chapel Lane
Martin, James, (and merchant), 23 York Street
Mateer, Saml., York Street
Mulholland, Thos. & Co., Union Street
Noble, Jas., 16 Rosemary Street
O'Hara, John, 16 Rosemary Street
O'Neill, Thos., Elliott's Court
Osborne, Wm., 14 Rosemary Street
Reid, James, 61 High Street
Robinson, John, (& yarn merchant), 54 Donegall Street
Ross, Mary, (cambric & muslin warehouse), 59 Castle Street
Rourke, Wm., 17 Princes Street
Stirling, Jas., Commercial Court
Thornton, Arthur Hill, brown Street
Tucker, Wm., Castle Lane
Waddell, Jas., 26 Rosemary Street
Williamson, Thos., Little Patrick Street
Wilson, David, 4 Waring Street
Workman, John, Nelson Street
Workman, Robt., 20 Nelson Street
Worthington, John, Newmarket

Muslin Bleachers

Adair, Howell & Co., Old Park
Alexander, Ann, Shankle Road (Shankill)
Bell, John & Richard., & Co., John Street & at Ballyclare
Bragg & Co., Cotton Mount
McNair & Co., Creigha (Cregagh?)

Newspapers, etc. Offices

'Belfast Commercial Chronicle', Drummond Anderson, proprietor, printer and publisher, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 Wilson's Court, High Street, and 87 Ann Street
'Belfast News Letter', Alexander Mackay, proprietor & publisher, Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 Bridge Street
'Irishman', John Lawless, proprietor, printer and publisher, Fridays, 2 Pottinger's Entry & 36 King Street
'Mercantile List', John Cramsie, publisher, Thursdays, Waring Street
'Northern Whig'. Francis D. Finlay, proprietor, printer & publisher, Thursdays, 1 Corn Market

Nursery & Seedsmen

Farrell, Luke, 27 Castle Street
Lindsay, Edw., 9 Donegall Street

Oil & Colourmen

Anderson, H. & W., High Street
Cuddy, Mary Ann, Church Lane
Culbert, David, York Street
Davis, Patrick, North Street
McAdam, John, Donegall Street
Marshall, Andrew, High Street
Moore, Thos., High Street
Walkington, Edw., Rosemary Street


Atkins, James, (coach and sign), 6 Bank Lane
Clark, Wm., (plain and ornamental), Castle Street
Roads, Thos., Millfield Street

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers

Allen, Edward, 54 Ann Street
Brown, David, Mill Street
Cameron, ?, Skipper Street
Cuddy, Mary Ann, (glazier only), 42 Church Lane
Culbert, David, York Street
Davis, Patrick, 35 North Street
Hoy, John, Forest Lane
Ireland, Francis, 122 High Street
McBurney, Saml., 4 Waring Street
Steed, Daniel, Lime Kiln Dock
Stormont, Wm., 43 North Street
Toman, Hugh, 50 Ann Street

Paper Manufacturers

Blow, Jas., jun., Patrick Street
Greenfield, Rt., Ballyclare
Russell, Jane, (seller of hangings), 104 High Street
Ward, John, Arthur Street


Bailey, James, 113 North Street
Ballantine, James, 29 Patrick Street
Ballantine, James, 179 North Street
Bogan, James
Carrack, Thos., Lyna's Lane
Cinnamond, Jas., 11 Smithfield
Cinnamond, Jas., 39 Hercules Street
Gerry, Joseph, Marquis Street
Ingram, Joseph, Hill Street
Jacobs, Wm., 22 Robert Street
Kane, John, Talbot Street
Loughran, Michael, 2 Long Lane
Magees, John & Co., Academy Street
Marshall, Matthew, 62 Donegall Street
Moorcroft, Jos., West Street
Patterson, James, 13 Nelson Street
Redding, Joseph, 6 Smithfield
Scott, Joshua, 39 Smithfield
Sheils, Edw., 29 Patrick Street
Turney, Thos., Smithfield
Wales, John, Smithfield
Weir, Martha, 36 Hill Street
Williams, Wm., 12 Smithfield

Perfumers & Hair Dressers

Bourdout, John B., Corn Market
O'Brien, Edw., 22 Castle Street
O'Brien, John, 17 Ann Street


   7. Benson, Patrick, 13 Chichester Street
   8. Benson, Pat. jun., 14 Chichester Street
 10. Browne, Robt., 10 Chichester Street
   9. Carlisle, John, 14 Princes Street
   5. Graham, John, 16 Chichester Street
   4. Graham, Thos., 26 Tomb Street
   3. Hill, James, James Street
   6. Johnstone, Ringon, 8 Chichester Street
 17. McClean, ?, 6 Store Lane
 11. McClean, Alex., Grattan Street
 18. McClean, Dan., 3 Chichester Street
   1. McClean, Henry, Tomb Street
   2. McClean, John, 8 Grattan Street
 19. McClean, Jn. jun., 8 Grattan Street
 13. McClean, Wm., 17 Chichester Street
 15. McClean, Wm., 4 Lynn's Entry
 16. McClean, Wm., 45 Green Street
 14. Seeds, Thos., 1 Blakeley's Entry, Tomb Street


Cuddy, Geo., Ann Street
Cuddy, Wm., 35 Princes Street
Redmond, Agnes, Pottinger's Entry
Reid, Wm., Ann Street

Portrait & Miniature Painters

Fabbrini, Gaetano, Linen Hall
Giles, Peter, High Street
Hawkset, Saml., 45 Academy Street
Nixon, Hugh, Hercules Street
Pool, Chas., Donegall Square South

Printed Calico and Muslin Warehouse

Atkinson & McKibben, 6 Donegall Street
Bryson, James, Waring Street
Ewart, Jas. & Co., 49 Donegall Street
Ewart, Wm., 18 Donegall Street
Hay, Saml., 15 Donegall Street
Hill, Saml., 9 Donegall Street
Hunter, Sinclair, 7 Commercial Court
Lamb, John & Co., Donegall Street
McConkey, Jas., Donegall Street
McConnell, Wm. (& cotton yarn), 29 Donegall Street
McCulloch & Taylor, Waring Street
Martin, Saml., 19 Donegall Street
Morrison, Alex., Donegall Street
Neal, Jas., 22 Rosemary Street
O'Hara, John, 51 Donegall Street
O'Neill, Thos., Donegall Street
Patton, Isaac, 20 High Street
Patton, John & Co., 2 Waring Street
Pinkerton, Jas. & Anthony, 13 Donegall Street
Robinson, Dan, 27 Donegall Street
Simms, Arthur, 25 Donegall Street
Taylor, Alex., 11 Donegall Street
Walker, Thos., 4 Donegall Street

(Letter Press)

Anderson, Drummond, 9 Wilson's Court
Finlay, Francis D., 1 Corn Market
Lawless, John, 2 Pottinger's Entry
Lyons, David, Smithfield
Mackay, Alex., Bridge Street
Mairs, Thos. & Co., Donegall Street
Smith, Joseph, High Street

Professors & Teachers

Bunting, John, (music), 3 Donegall Street
Dalton, Chas., (music), James' Place
Feilding, Joshua, (dancing), 19 Arthur Street
Guerini, V., (music), 57 York Street
Willis, John, (music), 7 Talbot Street

Public Notaries

Braddell, G. W., Arthur Street
Bruce, Saml., Commercial Buildings
Hatley, John, (and accountant), 4 Waring Street
Hindman, Jas., Commercial Buildings
Kilbee & Braddell, (to Belfast bank), 18 Skipper Street
Sloan, Geo., 27 Arthur Street

Rope and Sail Makers

Campbell, Wm., 77 North Street
Ekenhead, Thos., 15 Chichester Quay
Ferguson, Thos. G., Lime Kiln Dock
McCracken, Francis, James' Street
Miller, Geo., 42 Waring Street
Moore, Thos., 134 High Street

Saddlers and Harness Makers

Byrne, Jas., 2 Corn Market
Cummin, James, 30 High Street
Fulton, James, 22 Berry Street
McCleare, Jas., 6 Castle Street
McCredie, John, 22 Ann Street
McGowan, Wm., 12 castle Street
Park, James, (& trunk maker), 128 North Street
Rea, Wm., 29 Princes Street
Redfern, Jos., (& military accoutrement maker), 83 Castle Street
Rogers, David, 102 North Street

Saddlers' Ironmonger

McAdam, Jas., 40 High Street

Salt Manufacturers

Belfast Salt Work Company, Ballymacarrett
Brown, ?, Ritchie's Dock
Gregg, Fortescue, (& exporter of rock salt), Ballymacarrett

Scotch Muslin and Fancy Shawl Warehouse

Carter, Robert, Commercial Court
Mackay, Joseph, Elliott's Court

Ship Builders

Connell, Charles, & Son, Ritchie's Dock
Ritchie & McLaine, Corporation Street

Ship Chandlers

Ekenhead, Thos., 15 Chichester Quay
Ferguson, Thos., Lime Kiln Street
Fitzsimons, Saml., 47 Waring Street
Moore, Thos., High Street


Bell, John, Mustard Street
Burns, Philip, Gregg's Row
Dobbins, John, Dam Side
Griffith, John, Little Donegall Street
Hall & Roseman, Little Donegall Street
Johnston, Wm., Wine Tavern Street
McConkey, Thos., Little Donegall Street
Milliken, Israel, Peter's Hill
Toal, Henry, 35 Wine Tavern Street
Wylie, John, Academy Row

Starch & Blue Manufacturers

Coates, Wm., Ballymacarrett
Hanna, Haus, (Hans?), Peter's Hill
McCord, Andrew, Peter's Hill
Miller, S. & sons, (starch only), York Lane
Wayne, Alexander, Little Donegall Street

Stay Makers

Agnew, Ann Jane, 40 Castle Street
Clancy, James, Rosemary Street
McLoughlin, Mary, 93 Castle Street

Stone & Marble Yards

Fergus, John & Hugh, 33 Waring Street
Gillman, Jas., Upper Arthur Street
McMullen, Alex., George's Lane
Murphy, John, 25 York Street
Murphy, Michael, 43 Academy Street
Murray, Hugh, 37 Academy Street

Straw Bonnet Makers

Aughton, Isabella, 2 Arthur Street
Cochran, Ann and Marianne, 118 High Street
Finlay, Eliz., 4 Church Lane
Fulton, Eliza, 13 North Street
Hynds, Wm., 5 High Street
Irwin, Eliza, 23 Castle Street
King, Jane, 64 High Street
McBride, Ellen, High Street
McBride, Ursula, 13 High Street
McLurkan, Jane, 25 Hercules Street
McNeill, Mary, 8 Hercules Street
Orr, Margt., Arthur Square
Shanahan, Patrick, 35 Castle Street


Burns, Wm., 136 High Street
Campbell, Patrick, 23 Hercules Street
Clarke, Robt., Wilson's Court
Copland, Wm., 14 Crown Entry
Greenfield, Jas., 5 Bridge Street
Hamilton, Robt., Wilson's Court
Hyndman, John, Marlboro' Street
McConnell, John, 68 & 142 High Street
McGill, Wm., 3 Mary Street
McKelvey, Jonathan, 18 John's Street
McNeight, Robt., 13 Wilson's Court
McVickers, John, 56 Ann Street
Mack, Robert, (& draper), 7 Bridge Street
Marshall, Hugh, Pottinger's Entry
Nocher, Wm., Wilson's Court
Rea, John, Pottinger's Entry
Rea, John, (& draper), 45 High Street
Shaw, John, Pottinger's Entry
Stewart, John, Mary Street
Talbot, Richd., (& draper), 46 High Street
Tucker, Thos. & Co., (& drapers), Bank Buildings
Watt, John, Pottinger's Court
Wilson, George, Wilson's Court

Tallow Chandlers

Alexander, Andrew, 56 North Street
Anderson, Andrew, 167 North Street
Bailie, Jas., (& soap boiler), 74 North Street
Bowden, Jas., 106 Ann Street
Browne, Wm., 36 North Street
Burrows, Timothy, 110 North Street
Byrne, Arthur, 98 North Street
Campbell, John, 14 John Street
Crawford, Jas., Ann Street
Falloon, John, 125 North Street
Finlay, Alexander, 87 High Street
Finlay, Alex., 24 Mill Street
Fletcher, Thos., 104 North Street
Glenfield, Francis, 96 High Street
Greer, Jane, 60 North Street
Law, Jas., 186 North Street
McKeating, Felix, Church Lane
Patterson, Robt., 28 Talbot Street
Seeds, Charles, 67 High Street
Thomson, John & Co., Millfield


Barnett, John, 29 Mill Street
Brown, Jas., 149 North Street
Herdman, Sarah, 17 Mill Street
Hudson, Christopher, 118 North Street
Jamison, James & Sons, North Street
Johnston, Saml., (& currier & glue manufacturer), Mill Street
Law, Samuel, North Street
McCammon, Thos., 5 King Street
McMullan, Wm., 23 Mill Street
Montgomery, Hugh, 44 Mill Street
O'Neill, Patrick, Barrack Street
Pentland, John & Co., Mill Street

Taverns & Public Houses

Algeo, John, Hanover Quay
Anderson, Thos., Great Edward Street
Andrews, John, 57 High Street
Andrews, Margt., Grattan Street
Beatty, Jas., 116 North Street
Beatty, John, Mill; Street
Bell, John, 79 High Street
Black, Eliza, 4 Long Lane
Blair, John, 1 North Street
Boyd, Wm., Smithfield
Boyle, Sarah, 47 Ann Street
Bracegirdle, Martha, Smithfield
Brannan, Michael, Caddel's Entry
Busby, John, 26 Tomb Street
Canavan, Jas., North Queen Street
Carrick, Thos., Green Street
Cinnamond, Geo., Smithfield
Cinnamond, Robt., 131 North Street
Clark, Eliz., (Oak Tavern), Hammond Court
Cleland, Wm., Lime Kiln Dock
Clotworthy, Saml., Hanover Quay
Coffey, Jas., 108 Ann Street
Cole, Wm., Hercules Street
Corbitt, John, (Masons' Arms), Hercules Street
Crawford, Henry, 23 Corn Market
Creigen, Mary, 47 High Street
Cunningham, Bernard, 122 Ann Street
Daly, Daniel, 59 Ann Street
Daniel, Stephen, 71 North Street
Davis, George, 5 Corn Market
Davis, Jane, Smithfield
Davis, Wm., 1 Hanover Quay
Downey, John, Ann Street
Duffield, Jas., 170 North Street
Dunlap, Robt., Great Edward Street
Dunlop, Wm., 88 Ann Street
Ellison, Thos., Chichester Quay
English, Charles, 24 Ann Street
Filoon, Wm., Sugar House Entry (Faloon)
Fitzpatrick, Margaret, West Street
Fitzsimons, Valentine, 1 Ann Street
Gibbs, Thos., 29 North Queen Street
Gibson, Andrew, (Wheat Sheaf), Mary Street
Given, Wm., 6 Long Lane
Gowdy, Jas., 01 High Street
Graham, Mary, 86 North Street
Graham, Robt., 20 John Street
Greenwood, Christopher, Lime Kiln Dock
Grennan, John, 45 Hercules Street
Gunning, John, Tomb Street
Halliday, Maxwell, 26 Corn market
Heather, Henry, 73 Academy Street
Heburn, John, 31 Smithfield
Higginson, Wm., 53 Donegall Street
Hudson, David, Millfield
Hunter, John, Millfield
Hunter, Wm., 160 North Street
Jamison, Hugh, 85 North Street
Johnston, Thos., 89 Ann Street
Keenan, Francis, 26 Hill Street
Kelly, Hugh, (Grapes & Cock), 12 Smithfield
Kennedy, John, Ballymacarrett
Kennedy, Martha, 10 Crown Entry
Kennedy, Michael, Wilson's Court
King, Wm., Weigh House Lane
Kirkpatrick, Daniel, 64 Waring Street
Kirkpatrick, Wm. & Hugh, 2 Arthur Street
Larkin, Edward, 69 Smithfield
Lennon, Wm., Cromack Street (Cromac)
Lightwell, Robt., (Black Bear), 150 High Street
Lynch, Ann, 28 Mill Street
Lynch, Jas., 21 Skipper Street
McAllister, Alex., Peter's Hill
McAllister, John, Graham's Entry
McAuley, John, Cromack Street (Cromac)
McBratney, Robt., 60 James Street
McBride, Alex., 6 John Street
McCam, Ann, Blue Bell Entry
McChesney, John, Robert Street
McCleland, David, Peter's Hill
McCleland, Thos., 16 or 46 Ann Street
McClelland, Jas., Waring Street
McClure, Robt., 57 Smithfield
McConnell, Samuel, 33 Edward Street
McCullough, Samuel, Marlboro' Street
McCully, S., Upper Church Lane
McCune, Arthur, 12 Nelson Street
McCune, Barnett, Edward Street
McGee, Francis, 6 North Street
McGee, John, 19 High Street
McGouran, Peter, 1 Corn Market
McKeown, John, Caddel's Entry
McLean, Daniel, (Golden Lion), 65 Ann Street
McLernan, Jas., (Duke of York), North Queen Street
McNab, Maria Jane, Wilson's Court
McQuillen, Charles, Hercules Street
Milliken, George, Ritchie's Dock
Mines, Samuel, Smithfield
Minniece, Wm., Carrick Hill
Mitchell, James, 29 Corn Market
Morrison, Hugh, 68 North Street
Murray, Wm., Gordon Street
O'Farrell, Jas., 22 John Street
O'Neill, Francis, (Belfast Arms), Rosemary Street
O'Thomas, Thomas, (Swan), Barrack Street
Parker, Andrew, Union Street
Patrick, John, 106 North Street
Pelan, Jas., 27 Corn Market
Peoples, Jas., 59 Waring Street
Prey, James, Ballymacarrett
Risk, Henderson, 3 North Street
Robinson, Jas., Robinson Place
Rodgers, Jas., Chapel Lane
Ross, Thos., (Punch Bowl), John Street
Rowan, Samuel, Waring Street
Roy, Isabella, Castle Lane
Russell, John, Patrick Street
Sheals, Jas., 177 North Street
Sheals, John, 162 North Street
Small, Wm., 60 Grattan Street
Smith, Jas., Telfair Street
Stewart, John, 10 Crown Entry
Tate, Faithful, Millfield
Taylor, John, Little Patrick Street
Thomas Sarah, (Edinburgh Tavern), 132 High Street
Thompson, Catherine, Hanover Quay
Todd, Andrew, Church Lane
Vincent, Saml., Lime Kiln Dock
Vints, Wm., 112 North Street
Walker, Thos., 9 Hanover Quay
Walker, Wm., Upper Church Lane
Watson, George, (& grocer), Barrack Street
Wheeler, John, Ballymacarrett
Wilson, Jas., 144 North Street
Wilson, Robt., Cromack Street (Cromac)
Wilson, Saml., Great Edward Street
Wood, Joseph, 5 Pottinger's Entry
Wright, Wm., Talbot Street
Young, Hugh, 44 North Street
Young, James, 15 Church Lane

Tea Dealers

Simonton, R., (wholesale), 23 North Street
Walsh, Edward, 17 High Street

Thread Manufacturer

Teeling, Mary, (linen), 13 King Street

Timber Merchants

Barnett, Charles, (& slate), Ritchie's Dock
Corbitt, Thos., (& slate), 3 Great George's Street
Ker, Wm., 91 High Street
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, Church Lane
McClean, Jas., May's Quay
MacLurkan, Thos. & Co., 7 Tomb Street
Stirling, Robert, 8 York Street
Tate, George, (& slate), 23 Tomb Street


Black, Henderson, 7 North Street
Black, Jas. & Henry, (& grocers), 29 Church Lane
Campbell, Robt. Wm., & Co., (wholesale manufacturers), 20 North Street
Cunningham, Josias & Barber, 15 Rosemary Street
Emerson, Arbuthnot, 17 North Street
Gardner, Jas. & Thos., (& starch manufacturers), 73 North Street
Harrison, Isaac, 86 Ann Street
Hill, Andrew, 24 Rosemary Street
McLaughlin, Francis, 65 High Street
Moorhead, Josias, (wholesale manufacturer), 90 North Street
Murney, Henry, (& grocer), 26 Ann Street
Wharton, Jas., 20 Church Street

Umbrella and Parasol Makers

Robertson, Wm., 118 High Street
Wilson, Wm., 63 North Street


Bell, Isaac, 43 Donegall Street
Burke, John, 71 Hercules Street
Clark, Mary, 11 Back Lane

Veterinary Surgeons

Gill, Mrs. Martha, Talbot Street
Irwin, John, Castle Street
Wimbash, Edward, 24 Chichester Square/Street

Vinegar Maker

Yelton, Thos., Gordon Street

Vitriol Manufacturers

Greg & Boyd, Rookery, Ballymacarrett
Ross, Daniel & Co., Ritchie's Dock
Shannon, John B., & Co., Ballymacarrett

Watch & Clock Makers

Addison, George, (& jeweller), 70 High Street
Bryan, John
Carruthers, Jas., 8 Castle Street
Cochran, Edward, 3 Donegall Street
Coleman, Jas., 14 Ann Street
Gardner, Henry, (& optician), 57 High Street
Grey, John, 18 Castle Street
Gribbin, Edward, 3 High Street
Hertner, Jas., 92 North Street
Kingsbury, John, 62 Ann Street
Moore, Jas., 122 High Street
Neill, Robt., 21 High Street
Russell, Robt., Hammond's Court
Shaw, Robt., 16 Bridge Street
Wallace, John, (& jeweller), 48 High Street

Wheelwrights and Turners in Wood

Curray, Jasper, Ballymacarrett
Linn, Wm., 40 Smithfield
McMurray, Wm., Ballymacarrett
Mullan, David, North Street
Murphy, Wm., Pipe Lane

Whip Makers

Barry, Wm., 159 North Street
Justiin, Richd., 188 North Street

Whitesmiths & Bell Hangers

Carr, Moses, (and coach smith), Back Lane
McCarty, Michael, (& coach smith), Castle Street
McClure, Wm., Donegall Street
McCurdy, John, Cooney's Court
McKeown, Peter & John, Cooney's Court
Rogers, James, Chapel Lane
Sloan, Wm., Little Donegall Street

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Benn, James, 56 Hercules Street
Crawford, Jas., 1 Calender Street
Cunningham, John & Thos., (& grain), 6 Mill Street
Dickson & Wylie, Little Donegall Street
Dobbin, Clotworthy, Smithfield
Elliott, Robt., 86 Hercules Street
Gordon, Alex. A., & Son, 19 Castle Street
Holden, Henry, 6 Rosemary Street
Kane, John, Wine Cellar Entry
Lepper, Maxwell, 23 Donegall Street
McLean, Saml. & Andrew, Sugar House Lane
McPherson, John, Elbow Lane and 49 Waring Street
Napier & Dunvill, Bank Lane
O'Farrell, Fergus, 31 Waring Street
Pelan, Saml., 29 Rosemary Street
Stewart, Jas., Legg's Lane
Tennent, Saml., 11 Waring Street
Thompson, Richd., 60 North Street

Wire Worker

Manks/Marks, Squire, 20 Millfield

Woollen Drapers

Black, Mathew, 18 Bridge Street
Chirmside, Thos., 6 Bridge Street
Colville, John & Son, 9 Bridge Street
Colville, Michael & John, 2 Bridge Street
Cunningham, Jas., 3 Bridge Street
Dobbin, Samuel, 29 High Street
Galway, John, 14 Bridge Street
Greer, Robert, 5 Bridge Street
Gunning, Robt., 38 High Street
Hardy, Thos. & Freeman, 37 High Street
Johnson, Jas., 43 High Street
Lindsay, John & David, 15 Bridge Street
McClean, Adam, 44 High Street
Murdoch, Thos., 33 High Street
O'Brien, John, 18 Berry Street
Reid, Jas., 11 Bridge Street
Robinson, Templeton, 2 Bridge Street
Smith & Barklie, 41 High Street
Young, Joseph, 34 High Street

Woollen Warehouses

Day & Bottomley, 10 Waring Street
Greer, Thos., Sons & Co., 18 Rosemary Street
Haliday, Robt., 2 Donegall Street
Neal, Jas., 22 Rosemary Street
Radcliff & Munce, 26 Bridge Street
Weir, Jas., 8 Rosemary Street
Whittle, John, 10 Donegall Street
Wood & Howard, 5 Pottinger's Entry
Young, James, 110 High Street


Berryhill, John, slop seller, Carrick Hill
Badell, John, (corduroy manufacturer), 67 Smithfield
Davis, John, millwright, Union Street
Griffith, Thos., surveyor of shipping for Lloyd's, Tomb Street
Hamill, Arthur J., (wine & porter store), ?3 Mill Street
Hartley, John, troop horse dealer, Ann Street
Hagney, Pat., king's store keeper, Donegall Quay
Howard, Robt., check manufacturer, Carrick Hill
Johnson, Wilson, alabaster and blue manufacturer, York Lane
Kearns, Hugh, salt store, 104 Ann Street
Kelso, Paul, spruce, pop and ginger beer manufacturer, Commercial Court
McCleary, James, director to Lagan navigation company, Hanover Quay
McCullough, Matthew, lime burner, Peter's Hill
Mullan, John, wholesale dealer in horse hair, linen rags and old metals, 202 North Street
Nelson, Alex., blacking manufacturer, 14 Castle Street
Pelan, Christopher, basket maker, 18 William Street South
Pinkerton, Andrew, bill broker, Bridge Street
Riddie, John, engineer, William Street (Riddle?)
Stafford, John, leather cap maker, 2 Rosemary Street
Whitfield, Jane, artificial flower maker, 13 Skipper Street
Wilkinson, George, bridle bit and stirrup maker, Wine Tavern Street

Bangor Pigots 1824

     In the county of Down, is an ancient town, and formerly sent two members to parliament, but at the union it was disfranchised.  It is, however, much improved, and at present in a thriving condition, under the fostering patronage of the proprietor, the Right Hon. Robert Ward, who has a very elegant and splendid residence adjoining the town, and, attached to it, an extensive demesne, interspersed with beautiful gardens and shrubberies.  Lord Dufferin has also a magnificent seat and demesne within two miles of the town.  These, with a variety of other gentlemen's seats, all highly improved, a fine beach and pleasant situation for bathing, every convenience of lodging houses, with hot and cold baths, render this one of the most agreeable summer residences in the north of Ireland.  The church is a decent structure with a lofty spire, the interior is well finished and in god repair; it contains several handsome monuments of the Hamilton family, the former proprietors of Bangor.  Near the church are the ruins of a monastery, which appears to have been very extensive.  The Presbyterians have a handsome and commodious place of worship here. The cotton trade has long been carried on in this town with success, and there are at present two extensive spinning mills, which give employment to a number of the poor of both sexes; there is also a good deal done in the manufacture of muslin.  The harbour is good, having a neat pier, and great improvements are making by Colonel Ward, at a vast expense, for the convenience of vessels touching at this port.  There are several charity schools, chiefly supported by the Ward and Dufferin families; as also a dispensary and savings bank.  The staff of the South Down militia is stationed here.  The parish of Bangor contains twenty townlands, the houses in which are about 100, and the population about 5000.  There is a market house, but without its usual accompaniment a market.  The fairs are four in the year viz: the 29th January, the 1st May, the 1st of August, and the 22nd of November.
Post Office - Post Master, Mr. James Blackwood. The Dublin and Belfast Mail arrives at one, and is despatched at nine in the evening.  The English and Scotch Mails arrive in the morning at half past eight, and are sent off at nine.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

Armstrong, Rev. George, Glebe
Birch, Captain Charles, paymaster, S.D.M.
Boyd, Capt. Wm., quarter master, S.D.M.
Clealand, James, esq., Rathgael House
Crawford, John, esq., Crawford's Burn
Dufferin & Claneboye, the Right Hon. Lord, Ballyledy
Hodgson, John, esq., adjutant, S.D.M.
McCulloch, Alex., esq., Rathgill
Neill, Capt. Wm.
Nicholson, Wm., esq., Ballow
Savage, Jas., esq., Ballysallagh
Ward, Right Hon. Robert, Bangor Castle
Woods, Rev. Hugh, Presbyterian minister, Woodville

Merchants and Tradesmen, etc.

Professional Gentlemen

Jackson, Hugh, physician
McKittrick, Robt. Orr, surgeon
Wilson, John, surgeon, S.D.M.

Manufacturers, Traders, etc.

Blain, Thos., school master
Blain, Mrs. T., boarding school
Brown, Henry, draper & grocer
Brown, John, grocer
Brownrig, Thos., agent for the Rt. Hon. Col. Ward
Dunn, John, salt manufacturer
Halliday, Jas., grocer and draper
Hannay, George & Co., cotton manufacturers
Hannay & Blackwood, muslin manufacturers
Kennedy, Wm., grocer
Lavery, Peter, grocer & earthenware dealer
McCulloch, Alex., cotton manufacturer
McGowan, John, assistant agent to Lord Dufferin
Melvin, John, grocer
Miller, Jos., & Co., muslin manufacturer
Moore, Hugh, publican
Patterson, Robert, publican
Phillips, A., baker
Russell, Nathl., grocer
Stevenson, J., inn keeper & posting house
White, John Nevan & Son, corn and flour millers