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1852 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Provincial Directory

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Post Office - Hill Street, Jas. Wilson, postmaster
Member for the Borough - Edmund Gilling Hallewell, Esq., 6 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham
Consuls - The Netherlands, H. Dalzell; Sweden and Norway, George Guy
Town Commissioners - Jas. Twigge, Richard Liddy, Peter Murphy, Wm. Kirkpatrick, Joseph Loughran, John Moore, Robt. Greer, John Best, Joseph Lupton, James Henderson, Rowan McNaghten, David Gillis, Robert Stewart, Dr. Savage, Thos. A. Kidd, Henry Murdock. Chairman, Wm. McCulla
Seneschal of the Manor - J. Boyd, J.P.
County Down Bridewell - Kilmorey Street, Thomas Guy, governor
County Armagh (Ballybot) Bridewell - James Craig, governor
Sessions' House - Trevor Hill, Isaac Parsons, clerk of Petty Sessions
Constabulary Barracks - County Armagh side, Monaghan Street; Down side, Hyde terrace, S. P. Crawford, sub-inspector
Military Barracks - Canal Quay, Barrack master, Major McQueen
Recruiting District and Staff - Nich. Maunsell, district paymaster; Major Sampson, paymaster of out-pensioners; Lieut. Thomas Shields, adjutant; Lieut. Robson, 3d Foot, superintending officer
Customhouse - Merchant Quay, E. N. Brown, collector; E. Watters, comptroller; J. Q. Henry, first clerk; Samuel Ellis, landing waiter; David Blair, port surveyor, Warrenpoint
Stamp Office - Marcus Square, James Williams, distributor for the county
Excise Office - Canal Street, J. Terry, collector; Thos. Hinds, supervisor; John Warren, clerk; Jas. Quinlan and John Logan, officers
Gas and Water Works - Kilmorey Street, George Seaton, manager
Navigation Office - Needham Bridge, W. B. Glenny, secretary
Banks - Bank of Ireland, Trevor Hill, Samuel Parsons, agent.  Belfast Bank, Trevor Hill, William Kinkead, manager.  Provincial Bank of Ireland, Hill Street, Wm. McCullough, manager.  Savings' Bank, Sugar Island, Rev. Henry Alexander, secretary and Robert Medill, actuary
Union Workhouse - Monaghan Road, Mr. Bell, master; Mrs. Bell, matron; Michael Smith, clerk.
Fever Hospital - Windsor Hill, Medical attendant, Dr. Morrison; assistant, Dr. Molloy
St. Mary's Parish Church - Hill Street, Very Rev. D. Bagot, Dean of Dromore and Vicar-General of Newry and Morne, vicar; Rev. W. R. Williams, curate
St. Patrick's Church - High Street, Rev. A. M. Pollock, chaplain
First Presbyterian (Unitarian) Church - High Street, Rev. H. Alexander
Second Presbyterian Church - Sandy's Street, Rev. John Moran, minister
Third Presbyterian Church - Downshire Road, Rev. John Dodd, minister
Covenanters' Meetinghouse - High Street, Rev. Robert Wallace, minister
Independent Chapel - Trevor Hill
Wesleyan Chapel -
Sandy's Street
Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Kilmorey Street, Rev. A. L. Dobbin
Roman Catholic (St. Patrick's) Cathedral - Hill Street, Right Rev. Dr. Michael Blake, bishop; Rev. John O'Neill, parish priest
Convent of St. Clare - High Street
Newry School - Hill Street, Henry Ribton, master
Newry Academy - Downshire Road, Samuel Hall, master
National Model School - Catherine Street, John Brady, master; Misses Gumerson and Fitzgerald, mistresses
Infant School - High Street, Mrs. Sheffield, mistress
Public News, Reading and Assembly Rooms - Hill Street
Newry Institute, Savings' Bank - Sugar Island, Charles C. Jennings, secretary
Newry Commercial Telegraph - James Henderson, proprietor; George Henderson, editor
Newry Examiner (printed in Dundalk) - Patrick Dowdall, proprietor

Gentry, etc.
Atkins, Mrs. Elizabeth, Canal Street
Bailie, Major, Canal Street
Bennie, George
Benson, Richard, Fathom
Boyd, John, J.P., seneschal
Boyle, Captain, Trevor Hill
Brabazon, W. P., Parkstone Lodge
Brady, Dennis C., Bridge Street
Brown, E. N., collector of customs
Brown, Mrs., Marcus Square
Campbell, Misses A. and E., Hill Street
Carter, Misses Mary and Charlotte, Barrack Street
Chambre, Hunt W., J.P., Hawthorn Hill
Close, Colonel, Drumbanagher Castle
Corbitt, John, Downshire Road
Corry, Isaac, D.L., J.P., Abbey Yard
Corry, Isaac W., Ivy Lodge
Crawford, S. P., sub-inspector of constabulary
Crozier, Miss Eliza, Canal Street
Ellis, John, Crieve
Ellis, Samuel, Bridge Street
Fleming, Thomas, Windsor Hill
Foxall, Powell, J.P., Killevy Castle
Glenny, Mrs. Isaac W., Kilmorey Street
Glenny, Mrs. Joseph, Marcus Square
Glenny, Wm. B., Littleton
Gordon, Alexander, Sheepbridge
Gordon, John, Sheepbridge
Gordon, Mrs. George, Maryvale
Gray, George, Eden
Greer, Mrs. Mary, Kilmorey Street
Hamilton, Robert, Downshire Road
Henderson, James, Hill Street
Henderson, George, Emyville
Henry, Thomas H., J.P., Mill Street
Heron, Miss Mary, New Street
Irvine, Hill, Drumalane
Jefferson, Miss Dorothea, Canal Street
Johnston, John, Traymount
Kinkead, William, Trevor Hill
Maguire, Dennis, Bridge Street
Martin, James, Loughorne
Maunsell, Capt. Nicholas, Trevor Hill
Maxwell, Mrs. Letitia, Trevor Hill
Mitchell, Mrs. Allan, Abbey Yard
Mollan, Mrs. Elizabeth, New Street
Moore, Miss Margaret, Canal Street
McCullough, Wm., Hill Street
McMullan, Mrs. Letitia, Trevor Hill
Newell, Mrs., Downshire Road
O'Farrell, Mrs., Hill Street
Ogle, Henry, Ashton
Parker, Robert, Mountkearney
Parsons, Samuel, Trevor Hill
Parsons, Wm., J.P., Trevor Hill
Peacock, Mrs., 9 Hill Street
Quinn, Peter, J.P., Acton House
Robson, Lieutenant
Sampson, Major, Belmont Terrace
Seaver, Thomas, Heath Hall
Seymour, Captain, Hill Street
Shields, Adjutant Thomas, Cecil Street
Smith, Lieut., Bridge Street
Speer, Misses, Downshire Road
Stevenson, Hugh, New Street
Thompson, Henry, Downshire House
Thompson, Miss Jane S., Canal Street
Thompson, Mrs. Ross, Greenwood Park
Thompson, Wm. N., D.L., J.P., Collector's Open
Todd, Mrs. Martha, Windsor Hill
Turner, Edward
Twigge, Captain
Waring, Henry, J.P., Trevor Hill
Waring, Richard, Trevor Hill
Watters, E., comptroller of customs
White, John, J.P., Divernagh
Williams, James, Hill Street
Wilson, Mrs. Anne, Sugarhouse Quay

Clergy and Professional
Alexander, Rev. Henry, The Manse
Bagot, Very Rev. Daniel, dean of Dromore, etc., Downshire Road
Black, Thomas H., surgeon and apothecary, Hill Street
Blake, Right Rev. Dr., Violet Hill
Browne, R. J., attorney, Needham Place
Carroll, Rev. John, McAlister's Terrace
Connor, Patrick, physician and apothecary, 39 Hill Street
Davis, Wm. A., surgeon and apothecary, Sugar Island
Denvir, M., jun., attorney, Hill Street
Dodd, Rev. John, Windsor Hill
Erskine, Archibald, physician, Downshire Road
Frazer, Samuel L., attorney, Downshire Road and Turner Hill
Glenny, Matthew, attorney, Marcus Square
Johnston, Robert, surgeon and apothecary, Kildare Street
Magee, Joshua M., attorney and coroner, Hill Street
Molloy, Charles, surgeon and apothecary, Upper North Street
Moran, Rev. John, Sandy's Place
Morrison, John, physician, Marcus Square
McBlaine, F. W., barrister-at-law
O'Neill, Rev. John, Hill Street
Ogle, Wm. H., attorney, Marcus Square
Parsons, Isaac, attorney, Hill Street
Pollock, Rev. Alexander M., Downshire Road
Reid, Samuel, attorney, Canal Street
Ribton, Henry, T.C.D., Newry School, Hill Street
Savage, John, surgeon and apothecary, Hill Street
Savage, Mark, attorney, Hill Street
Sharkey, John, attorney, Mall
Starkey, Wm., physician, 85 Hill Street
Taylor, Edward, surgeon, William Street
Todd, Robt. Ross, attorney, Trevor Hill
Waddell, Alexander and Wm., surgeons & apothecaries, Upper North Street
Wallace, Rev. Mr.
Williams, Rev. W. R., Hill Street

Traders, etc.
Acres, P., publican, 65 Castle Street
Allen, Richard, printer and stationer, Water Street
Anderson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 38 Water Street
Anderson, Robt., pawn broker, High Street
Arbuthnot & Co., grocers, spirit merchants and seedsmen, 54 Hill Street
Aylmer, Patrick, slater and plasterer, 29 Castle Street
Bailie, Samuel, book seller and binder, 20 Hill Street
Barre, W. J., architect, 2 Marcus Square
Beggs, John and Robt., stone and marble manufacturers, 42 Queen Street
Bell, Mrs., haberdasher, etc., 24 Hill Street
Bennie, John, and Son, iron and brass founders, Edward Street
Best, John, grocer and spirit merchant, Sugar Island
Black, James, baker, grocer and publican, Water Street
Blackham, George, watch and clock maker, 25 Hill Street
Bloxham, Mary, publican, 28 Water Street
Boyd and Daly, oil and colour merchants, 2 Margaret Street
Boyle, Michael, plumber, Kilmorey Street
Brannagan, James, butcher, Castle Street
Brown and Co., muslin manufacturers, office, Kilmorey Street
Brown, R., corn dealer, Merchants' Quay
Brown, S., slater & plasterer, Chapel Street
Brown, Wm., publican and grocer, Water Street
Bryden, James, cabinet maker, 6 Basin Walk
Burns, Ann, provision dealer, 8 Market Street
Butterfield, Mary, publican, Monaghan Street
Byrne, Bernd., publican, 34 King Street
Byrne, E., publican, Merchant's Quay
Byrne, E., tanner and currier, Boat Street
Byrne, James, publican and grocer, 11 William Street
Byrne, James, publican, Edward Street
Byrne, Michael, publican, Lower Water Street
Byrne, Patrick, butter merchant, King Street
Byrne, Wm., carpenter and builder, Kilmorey Street
Byrne, Wm., publican, Kilmorey Street
Callaghan, Patrick, hair dresser, 50 Mill Street
Campbell, Archd., butcher, Water Street
Campbell, F., publican, 116 Canal Street
Campbell, Owen, butcher, 30 Market Street
Cannavan, James, publican and grocer, Sugar Island
Cardwell and Holden, corn merchants, Edward Street
Carvill, F., iron and timber merchant and ship owner, Merchants' Quay
Cathcart, Joseph, iron merchant, Upper North Street
Clarke, Alex. A., auctioneer, Corn Market
Collins, Arthur, provision dealer, 25 Market Street
Collins, Henry, pawn broker and chandler, Castle Street
Collins, Michael, tallow chandler, 46 Water Street
Collins, Robert, butcher, 12 Castle Street
Collins, Thos., printer and stationer, 29 Hill Street
Collins, Wm., butcher, Castle Street
Conlon, M., leather seller, 41 Mill Street
Coleman, Bernard, tallow chandler and soap boiler, Castle Street
Connolly, Patrick, slater and plasterer, Shamble Yard
Connolly, Thos., blacksmith, 9 Canal Street
Connor, Fras., publican, Bridge Street
Cordner, W. H., watch maker and jeweller, 46 Hill Street
Coulter, Richard, bleacher, Carnmeen
Cowan, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 39 Water Street
Cramer, Charles A., music teacher, 40 Kilmorey Street
Crawford, Patk., butcher, 6 Castle Street
Crilly, Jas., butcher, 14 Castle Street
Cunningham, John, boot & shoe maker, 40 Upper North Street
Cunningham, Michael, tanner and currier, Needham Place
Daly & Co., seedsmen, 38 Hill Street
Daly, Dominic, publican and grocer, Mill Street
Daly, Francis, publican, 54 Water Street
Darcy, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, Merchants' Quay
Dalzell, Hugh, merchant, grocer, spirit dealer, salt manufacturer, etc., 8 Sugar Island
Davidson, Wm., rope maker, 19 Sugar Island
Dempsey, Pat., baker, 17 Sugar Island
Denvir, Michael, and Co., woollen drapers, etc., 52, 53 Hill Street
Dickson, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Canal Street
Dinsmore, Richardson, book binder, Margaret Square
Donaghy, Thos., boot and shoe maker, 50 Upper North Street
Donnelly, Peter, provision dealer, Boat Street
Donnelly, Rose, publican, 14 Sugar Island
Doran, Hugh, publican and grocer, Lower North Street
Downey, John, grocer, 17 Market Street
Downey, Richard, publican and grocer, 10 Market Street
Doyle, John, seedsman, 50 Castle Street
Doyle, John, trimming dealer, 2 Upper North Street
Doyle, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, 60 Hill Street
Dransfield, J. A., hotel keeper, 37 Hill Street
Duncan, Wm., haberdasher, 30 Upper North Street
Edgar, Jos., rope maker, 47 Water Street
Elliott, James, boot and shoe maker, 15 Upper North Street

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Newry continued

Fairfield, James, boot and shoe maker, Water Street
Farmer, Peter, provision dealer, 56 Mill Street
Farrell, Alexander, tailor, Mall
Farrell, J., provision dealer, 32 Boat Street
Fearon, James, hair dresser, 5 Water Street
Ferguson, Jas., merchant tanner and currier, 38 Merchants' Quay
Finlay, Thomas, 1 Lower North Street
Flanagan, Edward, publican, Boat Street
Flannigan, John L., cabinet maker, Kilmorey Street
Fleming, John, brazier and tinplate worker, 38 North Street
Fletcher, Thomas H., auctioneer and cabinet maker, 78 Hill Street
Forrest, Wm., tanner, Downshire Road
Fowler, Joseph, coach builder, William Street
Gass, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, Water Street
Gillis, David, woollen draper, etc., 40 Hill Street
Glenny, I., pawn broker, 146 High Street
Glenny, Joseph, pawn broker, Lower North Street
Glenny, Robert, corn and meal merchant, Kildare Street
Graham, John, publican, Hyde Terrace
Grandy, Joseph, pawn broker, Warrenpoint Road
Grant, Edward, boot and shoe maker, 45 Upper North Street
Grant, Eliza, publican, Mill Street
Grant, James, baker, 17 Market Street
Grant, Margaret, publican, Monaghan Street
Grant, Patrick, earthenware dealer, 3 Lower North Street
Greacen, George, publican, 22 King Street
Greer & Co., corn buyers, Merchants' Quay
Greer, James, Victoria Hotel, Hill Street
Greer, Robert, book seller, etc., agent for Royal Assurance Fire and Life Assurance Company, Margaret Square
Griffin, George, oil and colour merchant, etc., 21 Sugar Island
Griffin, Philip, publican, 2 Queen Street
Guy, Geo., publican, Lower Mill Street
Guy, George, general merchant, Merchants' Quay
Guy, George, jun., spirit dealer, ship broker and sail maker, Merchants' Quay
Halsall, John, publican and grocer, 3 Queen Street
Halton, Jas., leather seller, 8 Mill Street
Halyday, James, agent for Sun Assurance Company, Hill Street
Halyday, James T., woollen draper and carpet warehouse, 63 Hill Street
Hamilton, Joseph, spirit dealer and grocer, 1 Canal Street
Hancock, R., harness maker and saddler, 27 Hill Street
Hancock, William, and Son, wholesale grocers and spirit merchants, agent for Patriotic Assurance Company of Ireland, Sugar Island
Hanratty, James, publican and grocer, King Street
Harold, Wm., haberdasher, 20 Market Street
Hawkins, H., haberdasher, North Street
Henderson, James, publisher and printer, Telegraph office, agent for the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society and North of Scotland Fire and Life Assurance company, Hill Street
Henderson, John, pawn broker, Canal Street
Henderson, Wm., spirit dealer and grocer, Lower Mill Street
Henning and Co., corn, coal & butter merchants, Merchants' Quay
Henry, Mathew, carpenter & builder, grocer & publican, Kilmorey Street
Henry, Thos., carpenter and builder, 28 Canal Street
Henry, William, brewer and maltster, Queen Street
Hill, Edward, boot and shoe maker, 36 Upper North Street
Holmes, Nathaniel, provision dealer, 26 Market Street
Holywood, John, whitesmith, King Street
Hooks, Michl., haberdasher & cotton manufacturer, 46 Upper North Street
Hopper, John, publican, block maker and grocer, Monaghan Street
Howard and Co., woollen drapers, 22 and 23 Hill Street
Hudson, W., bleacher, Mount Caulfield
Hughes, Thomas, spirit dealer and grocer, Merchants' Quay
Hunter, David, publican, 45 Canal Street
Hunter, Eliza, publican, 5 Canal Street
Hunter, James, turner & block maker, 10 Canal Street
Hunter, Moses, publican, block maker and grocer, Monaghan Street
Irvine, James, grocer, etc., 16 Mill Street
Irvine, Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, High Street
Irvine, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 30 Hill Street
Irvine, Wm., grocer and spirit merchant, 53 Walter Street
Ivors, David, stationer and book binder, 44 Hill Street
Jamison, S., rope maker, 26 High Street
Jennings, Andrew, iron merchant, North Street
Jennings, John, wine and spirit merchant, Merchants' Quay
Jennings, Charles, coal, iron and timber merchant, 30 Merchants' Quay
Jennings, M. & Son, spirit merchants, 12 Mill Street
Jourdan, Mrs., publican and grocer, William Street
Kean, John, cork cutter, 45 Water Street
Kearney, John, grocer and publican, 1 Castle Street
Keating, Mary, dyer, Mill Street
Keenan, H., tailor, 1 Hill Street
Kennedy, David, linen draper and haberdasher, 19 Market Street
Kernahan, Adam, boot and shoe maker, 33 Upper North Street
Kerr, Patrick, grocer and publican, Lower North Street
Kidd Brothers, corn, meal, flour merchants, millers and bakers, Mill Street
Kidd, Robert, baker, Hill Street
Kidd, Thomas A., steam packet agent, Canal Quay
King, Thomas, merchant, Kildare Street
Kirkpatrick, W., haberdasher, Hill Street
Laing, Thos., pawn broker, Market Square
Latimer, James, hair dresser, Hill Street
Lawson, Charles, coach builder, Hill Street
Ledlie, Anna, corn dealer, grocer and spirit merchant, 4 Canal Street
Liddy, Richard, ironmonger, Upper North Street
Loughlin, T., leather seller, 20 Mill Street
Loughran, Joseph, woollen draper, 40 Hill Street
Lowry, James, publican, Castle Street
Lucas, Richard, and Son, plumbers, iron & brass founders, Sugar Island
Lupton, J., corn merchant, Bridge Street
Macdonald, Alexander, herring merchant, Canal Quay
Mackay, Donald, agent for West of England Assurance Co., Newry and Warrenpoint
MacMahon, James, stone and marble cutter, timber and coal merchant, 44 Merchants' Quay
Madine, John, baker, 38 Castle Street
Magee, Robert, carpenter and builder, Chapel Street
Magennis, D., provision dealer, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Canal Street
Magennis, Edward A., baker and flour merchant, 8 North Street
Magill, Mrs., White Cross Hotel, Margaret Street
Maginnis, Edward, engraver and copperplate printer, Hill Street
Maguire, O., blacksmith, Margaret Street
Mahood, John, painter and glazier, Margaret Street
Markey, Eliza, publican, Canal Street
Markey, Mr., saddler, 54 Water Street
Marron, Dennis, stone and marble cutter, Kilmorey Street
Marron, P., publican and provision dealer, 18 Market Street
Marron, Thos., publican and provision dealer, 3 Mill Street
Marshall, John, watch & clock maker, 1 Sugar Island
Marshall, Thos., grocer and gun powder merchant, 18 Sugar Island
Marshall, William, grocer and spirit merchant, High Street
Massy, John, provision dealer and grocer, Monaghan Street
Mathers, Francis, 13 Upper North Street
Medill, Robt., grocer, 19 Sugar Island
Moffet, Esther, publican and grocer, 7 Canal Street
Monaghan, Bernard, butcher, Castle Street
Mooney, John, blacksmith, 97 Hill Street
Moore, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 41 Hill Street
Morgan, Mrs., milliner, 45 Hill Street
Mulholland, Charles, butter merchant, King Street
Murdoch, Henry, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Sugar Island
Murphy, Michl., publican, 28 King Street
Murphy, Peter, tanner and currier, Marcus Square
Myers, Mr., publican, Canal Quay
McAlinden, Henry, confectioner and provision dealer, 17 North Street
McAlinden, William, confectioner, 11 Hill Street
McAll, John, butcher, 20 North Street
McAllister, Mr., publican, Lower North Street
McAlpin, R., merchant tailor, 71 Hill Street
McArevey, John, cabinet maker, 87 Hill Street
McAvoy, D., hair dresser, 2 Water Street
McBlain, Robert, and Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants and seedsmen, 32 Hill Street
McBride, Misses, boarding and day school, Trevor Hill
McCann, J., publican, Merchants' Quay
McCann, T., publican, 13 Water Street
McCann, T. and J., bakers, 20 Castle Street and Victoria Mills
McCarroll, S. and R., pawn brokers, Castle Street
McClelland, Mrs., grocer and seed dealer, 59 Hill Street
McClelland, R., tailor, New Buildings, 36 Hill Street
McCormick, Mr., tailor, 14 Canal Street
McCracken, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 2 Canal Street
McCracken, Robt., steam packet agent, 27 Merchants' Quay
McCulla, Mrs., boarding and day school, Kildare Street
McCulla, Wm., grocer and spirit merchant, 2 Lower North Street
McDonald, D. and J., sewed muslin manufacturers, River Street
McDonald, Patrick, grocer, spirit dealer and baker, Canal Street
McElroy, P., and Co., ironmongers, North Street
McGeorge, James, haberdasher, 4 Lower North Street
McGinnis, Matthew, publican and grocer, 64 Lower North Street
McGinnis, Patrick, provision dealer, 27 Market Street
McGivern, John, publican, carpenter and builder, Canal Street
McGrath, James, sheet iron, copper and tin worker, 44 Canal Street
McGrath, James, brazier and tinplate worker, Canal Street
McGrath, John, confectioner, 2 Sugar Island
McGrath, Robert, butcher, Margaret Street
McGrath, Wm., whitesmith, 22 Mill Street
McGuiggan, J., butcher, 55 North Street
McGuiggan, Thos., butcher, 8 Castle Street
McKee, Sam., publican, Monaghan Street
McKenna, James, tanner and currier, 24 Mill Street
McKenna, Jas., hair dresser, 5 Mill Street
McKenna, Wm., cork cutter, 58 Lower North Street
McKeown, John, coach builder, 95 Hill Street
McKevitt, B., provision dealer, chandler and publican, 12 Market Street
McLoughlin, Thomas, tanner and currier, 40 Mill Street
McMahon, Hugh, grocer, publican, sail maker & ship broker, 3 King Street
McMinn, Robert, chandler and soap boiler, 22 Sugar Island
McNaghten, Rowan, wholesale grocer, wine and spirit merchant and salt manufacturer, 51 Water Street
McNally, Anthony, publican and chandler, Hill Street
McNally, J. and J. D., publicans, grocers and bakers, 7 Kildare Street
McNeill, John, watch and clock maker, Margaret Street
Nesbitt, Joseph, butter merchant, 6 Edward Street
Osborne, Mrs., confectioner, 56 Hill Street
O'Hagan, John, and Son, woollen drapers, 13 & 14 Upper North Street
O'Hare, John, wheelwright, Needham Street
O'Hare, Owen, publican, Hill Street
O'Hair, John, baker, 11 Market Street
O'Rorke, Robt., haberdasher, 6 Upper North Street
Parsons, Wm. and James, corn and flour merchants and millers, 1 Trevor Hill and Templegowran Mills
Paton, Mrs., confectioner, High Street
Pattison, William, brazier and tinplate worker, 1 Margaret Street
Peacock, Misses, boarding and day school, 9 Hill Street
Peatt, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Hill Street
Peden, Mary Anne, haberdasher, 43 Hill Street
Polin, Thomas, publican, 16 Castle Street
Postley, Alex., rope and sail maker, Ballybot Bridge
Quigley, Misses, boarding and day school, 80 Hill Street
Quin, Edward, ironmonger, 34 Upper North Street
Quin, M. A., publican and grocer, Queen Street
Quin, Thomas, publican, Boat Street
Quin and Co., publicans and grocers, Lower North Street
Quinn, Patrick, & Co., bakers, Lower North Street
Radcliffe, James, tailor, Margaret Square
Radcliffe, John, iron & brass founder, Canal Street
Rankin, D., tailor, Sugar Island
Rea, Arthur, saddler, 11 Lower Water Street
Reilly, Philip, butcher, Upper North Street
Reside, Henry, painter and glazier, Talbot Street
Reynolds, James, book seller and stationer, 5 North Street
Rice, Mr., saddler, Hill Street
Rice, Pat., pawn broker, 17 Castle Street
Rogan, Pat., publican, 29 Water Street
Rogan, Mr., publican, 4 Water Street
Rogers, Samuel, and Co., bakers, 30 Castle Street
Rooney, Henry, grocer and publican, 90 Hill Street
Ruddy, Stephen, grocer and publican, 28 Market Street
Russell, M. A., publican, Hyde Market
Ryan, Anne, grocer and publican, Boat Street
Ryan, Michael S., tanner and currier, 60 Kilmorey Street
Ryan, Peter, trimming dealer, 7 Upper North Street
Savage, Jas., china, glass and earthenware merchant, 23 Upper North Street
Savage, Patrick, tailor, Mall
Scott, Benjamin, publican and grocer, 4 King Street
Scott, George, wholesale and family grocer and gun powder merchant, agent for Atlas Assurance Company, New Buildings, 35 Hill Street
Sinclair, William, corn and meal merchant and miller, Sugar Island
Small, John, grocer and publican, Margaret Street
Small, Matthew, veterinary surgeon, Margaret Square
Smith, John, provision dealer, Lower North Street
Smith, Michael, clerk to Board of Guardians, Bridge Street
Stewart, James, herring merchant, Merchants' Quay
Stewart, Robert, woollen draper, 47 Hill Street
Sturgeon, Wm., wheelwright, Canal Street
Sturgeon, Wm., publican, 35 Canal Street
Thomson, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, Kildare Street
Thompson, J., painter and glazier, 10 Hill Street
Thompson, James, grocer and baker, 23 Market Street
Thompson, John, gunsmith, 25 Lower North Street
Todd, David, and Co., wholesale grocers, agents for Royal Exchange Fire and Life Assurance Company, 118 Canal Street
Todd, R. R., agent for Scottish Equitable Assurance Co., Trevor Hill
Torley, James, boot and shoe maker, Upper North Street
Treanor, John, clerk to town commissioners, Canal Street
Trenor, Patrick, trimming dealer, 29 Market Street
Waddell, Miss, confectioner, North Street
Wallace, H. J., corn and meal merchant, Merchants' Quay
Wallace, Henry W., agent for Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Company, Hill Street
Wallace, John H., and Co., wine and spirit merchants, 66 Hill Street
Warburton, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 4 Upper North Street
Watson, Susan, publican, 1 Kiln Street
Weir, Samuel, whitesmith, 3 Basin Walk
Weir, Samuel, painter and glazier, 15 Hill Street
West, Mary, baker, 20 Sugar Island
White, Christopher, auctioneer, 4 Mall
White, Francis, brazier and tinplate worker, Margaret Street
Wiggins, Thomas, cabinet maker, Hide Market
Williams, James, publican and grocer, Merchants' Quay
Williams, James, agent for United Kingdom Fire and Life Assurance Company, Marcus Square
Wiseman, James, cabinet maker and servants' registry office, 92 Hill Street
Woods, James, wine and spirit merchant, 86 Hill Street
Wright, Wm., publican and grocer, 51 Upper North Street


Post Office - Francis Street, S. White, postmistress
Railway Station - foot of Church Street, William Hill, manager
Constabulary Station - Francis Street, John Kelly, sub-inspector
Court House - Court Street
Stamp Office - High Street, Thomas Rogers, sub-distributor
Union Workhouse - off Church Street, John Gordon, master; Miss Quinn, matron; Robert Brown, clerk of Union; John Ritchie, school master; Margaret Thompson, school mistress; Miss Bowman, head nurse, fever hospital; W. S. Crawford, M.P., chairman of Board of Guardians
Parish Church - Church Street, Rev. T. B. Price, incumbent; Rev. Mr. Cuppage, curate
Presbyterian Church - Francis Street, Rev. Julius McCullough, minister
Presbyterian Church - Mary Street, Rev. D. Maxwell, minister
Presbyterian Church - Regent Street, Rev. Thomas Watters, minister
Unitarian Meetinghouse - Francis Street, Rev. Hugh Moore, minister
Covenanters' Meetinghouse - Ann Street, Rev. John McVickers, minister
Wesleyan Chapel - Regent Street, Rev. Mr. Black and Rev. Mr. Howie, ministers
Wesleyan Chapel - (New Connexion), Zion Place
Roman Catholic Chapel - Ann Street, Rev. Wm. McLea, parish priest
Erasmus Smith's School - Francis Street, Arthur Bell, master; Miss Bingham, mistress
National School - George's Street, Edward Darley, master
National School - East Street, Wm. Thompson, master
National School - Mark Street, James Charles, master
Academy - West Street, Mr. Douglas, master; Miss Olive, mistress

Gentry, etc.
Bradshaw, Robert, Milecross Lodge
Cassidy, R., seneschal
Dobson, Peter, Derry Hall
Dundas, George, Regent Street
Evans, Silas, manager of lead mines, Francis Street
Kennedy, David, East Court
Londonderry, most noble Marquis of, Mount Stewart
Montgomery, Hugh, Rosemount
Montgomery, Major Fras. O., D.L., J.P., Regent Street
McLeroth, Captain
Pirrie, Wm., Conlig
Powell, John K., J.P., High Street
Quaile, Capt., Regent Street

Clergy and Professional
Black, Rev. Mr., Wesleyan minister, High Street
Cuppage, Rev. Mr., curate, Francis Street
Howie, Rev. Mr., Wesleyan minister, Court Street
Jamison, David, M.D., Francis Street
Johnston, John, M.D., High Street
Martin, James, surgeon, High Street
Martin, Robt., surgeon, High Street
Maxwell, Rev. David, East Street
Moore, Rev. Hugh, Church Street
McCullough, Rev. Julius, Presbyterian minister, Church Street
McLea, Rev. Wm., Ann Street
McVicker, Rev. John, Covenanting minister, Francis Street
Parr, Mr., Belfast Bank
Price, Rev. Townley B., incumbent, Parsonage
Simpson, Wm., surgeon, R.N., Conway Square
Watters, Rev. Thos., High Street
Whitlaw, Henry E., surgeon, Francis Street

Traders, etc.
Adams, Wm., grocer, Little Francis Street
Alexander, Eleanor, grocer and delf dealer, Castle Place
Alexander, Jane, woollen draper, High Street
Alexander, Peter, reed maker, Sough Street
Anderson, James, baker and confectioner, High Street
Andrews, Jas., cabinet maker, High Street
Arnott, Alex., grocer and publican, Movilla Street
Bain, James, grocer, North Street
Baird, Wm., woollen draper, Conway Square
Bartley, R., grocer, Church Street
Bashford, Jane, dress maker, Francis Street
Beatty, George, registrar of marriages, Regent Street
Beck, Margaret, grocer, Conway Square
Bell, Jas., provision dealer, Zion's Place
Bennett, James, grocer, Frederick Street
Bennett, Joseph, grocer, Regent Street
Bennett, Wm., baker, North Street
Black, Andw., boot and shoe maker, Regent Street
Black, S., woollen draper, Conway Square
Blackstock, James, grocer, Ann Street
Boak, Anne Jane, grocer, Conway Square
Boomer, Robt. and Thos., grocers, druggists and hardware merchants, High Street
Boyd, Mary, grocer, Conway Square
Boyd, Robert, spirit dealer, Francis Street
Boyle, James, corn merchant, grocer, publican, provision and hardware merchant, Castle Place
Boyle, Jane, bonnet maker, Conway Square
Boyle, Wm., grocer, Greenwell Street
Braine, Mary, publican, Conway Square
Brennan, Jeremiah, publican, Mill Street
Brown, Hugh, grocer, George's Street
Brown, John C., baker, Francis Street
Brown, John, provision dealer, Church Street
Brown, Robert, clerk to union
Brydone, Samuel, lodging house keeper, Francis Street
Cairns, Hugh, grocer, Regent Street
Campbell, Archibald, carpenter, High Street
Campbell, Jane, grocer, West Street
Campbell, John, woollen draper, High Street
Carr, George, grocer, Little Francis Street
Caughey, Francis, painter, Regent Street
Clarke, John, publican, William Street
Collins, John, printer, book seller and stationer, Francis Street
Conley, James, publican, Francis Street
Cooper, Gawn, delf merchant, grocer & timber merchant, Regent Street
Cork, Robert, rope and twine spinner, High Street
Craig, James, watch and clock maker, Regent Street
Crawford, Samuel, publican, Frederick Street
Crawford, Thos., grocer, Francis Street
Croft, James, baker, Castle Place
Dalzell, Andrew, inn keeper, Francis Street
Dalzell, Robert, cooper, Mill Street
Dalzell, Wm., cooper, Movilla Street
Davidson, James, chandler, High Street
Davidson, Margaret, milliner, High Street
Davison, David, shoe maker, Movilla Street
Davison, Mrs., milliner & dress maker, Frederick Street
Dickson, Alexander, seed merchant, High Street
Dickson, James, boot and shoe maker, Mill Street
Ditty, Wm., grocer, Francis Street
Dobbin, Richard, muslin agent, East Street
Dobbin, Wm., muslin agent, East Street
Drysdale, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Duggan, Joseph, freestone quarry proprietor, Scrabo
Edgar, Mrs., grocer, William Street
Finlay, Isaac, corn merchant, publican & grocer, Movilla Street & Castle Place
Finlay, James, grocer and publican, Court Street
Finlay, Samuel, tailor, Greenwell Street
Finlay, Wm., publican and leather seller, Greenwell Street
Finlay, Wm., corn merchant, Court Street
Fleming, Mary A and Agnes J., embroiderers, East Street
Frederick, John, Railway Hotel, Church Street
Frederick, Margaret, spirit dealer, Francis Street
Freeman, Robert, grocer, North Street
Gaw, Wm., inn keeper, Francis Street
Gibson, Wm., hardware dealer, High Street
Gilfillan, Thomas, grocer and muslin agent, West Street
Gilmore, Patrick, tinsmith and gasfitter, High Street
Gordon, James, tailor, Regent Street
Grant, Jane, provision dealer, Mill Street
Halliday, Robert, woollen draper, Conway Square
Hamilton, Alexander, sewed muslin agent, Little Francis Street
Hanna, Hugh, clothes dealer, Francis Street
Harrison, Anne, publican, Mill Street
Harrison, George, miller, Manor Mills and Francis Street

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Newtownards continued

Hayes, Charles, confectioner, Francis Street
Henry, Jane, grocer, Little Francis Street
Heron, Alex., watch maker, Mill Street
Iveston, John, grocer, Little Francis Street
Jackson, Mary, provision dealer, Little Francis Street
Jamison, James, woollen and linen draper, Francis Street
Jamison, Wm., deal and timber yard, Castle Place
Jeffrey, James, auctioneer, Conway Square
Jelly, Robert, publican, High Street
Johnston, John, grocer, Little Francis Street
Johnston, John, brewer, Regent Street
Johnston, Mary, bonnet maker, Conway Square
Johnston, Sam., muslin agent, East Street
Jones, J., grocer, Church Street
Jordan, James, clogger, Little Francis Street
Keenan, James, spirit dealer, Regent Street
Kennedy, Hugh, woollen draper and haberdasher, Conway Square
Kennedy, Hugh, tailor, Mill Street
Kennedy, Wm. J., grocer and publican, Mill Street
Kirk, Wm., grocer, Mark Street
Kirker, Agnes, grocer, Mill Street
Ledgewood, W., boot and shoe maker, Frederick Street
Long, Letitia, publican, Mill Street
Lowry, Jane, grocer, Regent Street
Magill, James, butcher, Conway Square
Mallon, Mathew, publican, Conway Square
Malone, Edward, publican, Church Street
Martin, Alexander, grocer, Church Street
Martin, Dorothea, publican, Zion Place
Mayne, Wm., grocer, High Street
Mena, Elizabeth, grocer and haberdasher, High Street
Montgomery, Alexander, blacksmith, Little Francis Street
Montgomery, David, spirit dealer, Francis Street
Montgomery, George, pawn broker, Francis Street
Moore, Andrew, grocer, High Street
Moore, Hugh, delf merchant, Little Francis Street
Moore, James, corn merchant, publican and grocer, Movilla Street
Moore, John, grocer, High Street
Moore, John, shoe maker, Mary Street
Moore, Margaret, milliner and dress maker, High Street
Moore, Wm., cutler, East Street
Morrison, James, publican, Regent Street
Muir, John, and Co., gingham manufacturers, Court Street
Munce, Robert, corn merchant, Mill Street
Murdock, John, cabinet maker, High Street
Murphy, William, hardware dealer, Francis Street
Murphy, Wm., grocer, Mill Street
Murray, Wm., publican, Mill Street
McAllister, Mr., muslin agent, West Street
McAlpin, James, tailor, Church Street
McAlpin, Margaret, clothes dealer, Little Francis Street
McAuley, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Francis Street
McBride, James, grocer, Movilla Street
McBride, Mary, grocer and delf dealer, Regent Street
McBride, Wm. H., boot and shoe maker, High Street
McCance, Sarah, bonnet maker, Francis Street
McCandless, Andrew, barber, East Street
McClure, Nessy, spirit dealer and saddler, Conway Square
McCormick, John, sewed muslin agent, Francis Street
McCracken, Elizabeth, milliner, High Street
McCracken, Wm., woollen draper, High Street
McCulla, Elizabeth, grocer, Zion Place
McCully, James, grocer, Movilla Street
McCutcheon, Andrew, saddler, High Street
McCutcheon, Thomas, grocer, Mill Street
McDonnell, Alex., freestone quarry proprietor, Scrabo
McDonnell, Alexander, grocer, Mill Street
McFerran, Robert, grocer, Greenwell Street
McGrattan, David, boot and shoe maker, Little Francis Street
McIlvenna, James, pawn broker, High Street
McJilton, Martha, grocer, George's Street
McKean, David, sewed muslin agent, Little Francis Street
McKee, John, spirit dealer and saddler, Conway Square and High Street
McKee, John, publican and corn merchant, Castle Place
McKeown, Francis, and Co., woollen drapers, High Street
McKittrick, John, woollen draper, Conway Square
McLaughlin, Bernard, grocer, West Street
McLoughlin, John, grocer and publican, Regent Street
McMahon, James, tailor, West Street
McMahon, Wm., tailor, East Street
McMahon, Wm., blacksmith, North Street
McWha, Jane, provision dealer, Mill Street
McWhinney, Hugh, grocer, Little Francis Street
McWhinney, Kenneth, publican, Frederick Street
McWilliam, David, baker, Francis Street
McWilliams, Wm., grocer and publican, Regent Street
McVane, John, sewed muslin agent, Francis Street
Neill, James, car owner, Church Street
Nelson, Charles, pawn broker, Regent Street
Orr, Thomas, publican, George's Street
O'Neill, Edward, grocer, Francis Street
O'Neill, John, grocer, Mill Street
Parr, Wm., manager of Belfast Bank, Regent Street
Patterson, Alexander, grain merchant, Court Street
Patterson, John, grocer and publican, Mark Street
Patterson, Maria, grocer, High Street
Patterson, Mary, haberdasher and stationer, High Street
Patterson, Thomas, spirit dealer, Regent Street
Patton, James, watch and clock maker, Francis Street
Patton, James, grocer, Frederick Street
Patton, Wm., blacksmith and publican, Castle Place
Platt, David, boot and shoe maker, Conway Square
Potter, John, saddler, Francis Street
Powell, Thomas, provision dealer, William Street
Price, John, corn and butter merchant, Francis Street
Purse, Hans, publican, Castle Place
Rea, James, spirit dealer, Russell Place
Rea, James, painter & glazier, Mill Street
Rea, John, spirit dealer, Francis Street
Robinson, John, grocer and delf merchant, High Street
Robinson, Isabella, spirit dealer, Francis Street
Rogers, Thomas, grocer and stamp office, High Street
Russell, Robert, tailor, Regent Street
Russell, Robert, grocer, Conway Square
Russell, Samuel, grocer, High Street
Saunderson, Wm., hotel keeper, High Street and Railway Station
Savage, Isabella, dress maker, Little Francis Street
Scott, Thomas, muslin agent, Greenwell Street
Shaw, James, grocer, North Street
Shaw, Wm., publican, Conway Square
Simmons, Ezekiel, grocer, North Street
Simpson, Robt., publican, Castle Place
Skilling, Stephen, grocer, Mill Street
Small, David, sewed muslin agent, Francis Street
Smith, James, grocer, South Street
Smith, John, grocer, High Street
Stewart, Martha, publican, Zion Place
Stewart, Michael and Wm., grocers, Francis Street
Stewart, Robert, spirit dealer, Regent Street
Stitt, Agnes, bonnet maker, Francis Street
Taylor, John, corn merchant, grocer and woollen draper, High Street
Taylor, Nathaniel, publican and corn merchant, Castle Place
Thompson, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, Zion Place
Thompson, John, surveyor, Frederick Street
Towell, Wm., publican, George's Street and Castle Place
Tummelty, Wm., publican, Castle Place
Vance, John, muslin manufacturer, High Street
Vance, Margaret and Jane, haberdashers, High Street
Wallace, James, corn merchant, High Street
Wallace, John, grocer and corn merchant, High Street
Wallace, Joseph, grocer and publican, Francis Street
Waugh, Francis, woollen draper and haberdasher, Francis Street
Waugh, Thomas, publican, Francis Street
Waugh, Wm., grocer and corn merchant, High Street
White, James, corn merchant and flour dealer, North Street
White, Mrs., grocer, Frederick Street
Wilson, John, boot and shoe maker, Mill Street
Wilson, Margaret, sewed muslin agent, Francis Street
Worrell, James, miller, Glen Mills
Wright, Hugh, grocer, Mark Street


Post Office - High Street, Richard Edgar, postmaster

Atkinson, Joseph, J.P., Crowhill, Loughgall
Atkinson, Woolsey, Eden Villa
Blacker, Lieut.-Col. William, D.L., J.P., Carrick
Boyd, Samuel, Clonnagh
Carleton, Cornelius
De Salis, Hon. Peter John, Fane Court
Druit, Joseph, Corcrain
Henry, James, William Street
Hutchinson, Mrs., Woodside
Langtry, William
Little, Mr., Devon Lodge
Little, Wm., sub-inspector constabulary, Woodside
Miller, William Moore, R.M., Posttown, Loughgall
Nicholson, Joseph, J.P., Crannagill
Nicholson, Rawdon, J.P., Stramore House
Pepper, George J., Ballyworkan House
Pepper, Richmond, Ballyworkan House
Shillington, John, High Street
Shillington, Thos. A., Tevanagh House
Trotter, Wm., Drumcree Cottage
Waddell, Thomas, Drumcree
Wakefield, Charles Frederick, Corcrain Villa
Woodhouse, John Obins, seneschal
Woolsley, Joseph G., Clonnagh House

Clergy and Professional
Alexander, Rev. Charles, rector of Drumcree
Annesley, James, M.D.
Annesley, Wm., surgeon, High Street
Best, Rev. Edward, Wesleyan minister
Bredon, Alexander, M.D., High Street
Carleton, Thomas, solicitor, High Street
Carlisle, J. P., Wesleyan minister
Crawford, Rev. Francis, incumbent
Crolly, Rev. Eugene, P.P., Drumcree
Elliott, Rev. L. D., Presbyterian minister, Manse, Edenderry
Hunt, Rev. George, Drumgoon Cottage
Leebody, Wm., M.D., Church Street
Massaroon, Rev. Robert, Wesleyan minister
Morrison, Thomas, Bridge Street
McLoughlin, P., surgeon, High Street
O'Toole, Rev. D., C.C., Drumcree
Pepper, George J., attorney, High Street
Proctor, Rev. H. P., curate
Saurin, Ven. James, archdeacon of Dromore, Seagoe Glebe
Searight, James, solicitor, Church Street
Woodhouse, John O., solicitor, High Street
Woolseley, Rev. Capel

Traders, etc.
Adams, Edward, shoe maker, John Street
Albion, Alex., carpenter, West Street
Alexander, John, blacksmith
Allen, John, blacksmith, West Street
Annesley, William, grocer, Obins Street
Armstrong, M., haberdasher, High Street
Ballard, Misses, boarding school, etc., Thomas Street
Barris, Isaac, driver maker, Church Street
Barrett, Walter, carpenter, Woodhouse Street
Bassier, E., publican, Church Street
Bechan, James, linen manufacturer, Bridge Street
Boals, Samuel, shoe maker, Church Street
Bowman, Richard, shoe maker, West Street
Boyd, James, publican, Bridge Street
Boyd, Samuel, reed maker, Obins Street
Bready, George, painter
Bright, David, inn keeper, Bridge Street
Brown, James, shoe maker, John Street
Brown, Matthew, blacking manufacturer, Woodhouse Street
Bulla, Daniel, publican, Church Street
Bunting, Edward, publican and grocer, West Street
Bunting, Eleanor, milliner, Church Street
Bunting, Jane, milliner, Church Street
Burns, Daniel, publican, Hugh Street
Burns, John, butcher, Obins Street
Carleton, Cornelius, insurance agent, Bridge Street
Carleton, Thos. H., manager of Ulster Bank
Carroll, Patrick, baker, High Street
Carroll, William, shoe maker, John Street
Carter, John, butcher, Bridge Street
Carter, William, delf and glass merchant, Bridge Street
Casey, John, saddler, Woodhouse Street
Chambers, James, linen manufacturer and grocer, Thomas Street
Clarke, James, mechanic, West Street
Cochran, John, tinsmith, West Street
Cochran, Robert, shoe maker, West Street
Conn, William, publican and grocer, West Street
Cosgrove, John, cooper, Thomas Street
Coulter, Mr., clerk, High Street
Cowdy, Anthony, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Cowdy, Anthony, linen manufacturer, Thomas Street
Cox, Mary Anne, milliner, Church Street
Coyle, Edward, publican and boot and shoe maker, High Street
Cullin, Edw., farrier and blacksmith, Thomas Street
Cunningham, Edward, wheelwright, Obins Street
Cunningham, John, loom maker, West Street
Darragh, R., temple maker, Thomas Street
Dawson, Wm. J., publican, High Street
Devlin, John, publican, Woodhouse Street
Devlin, Owen, Harp Hotel, High Street
Dines, Valentine, butcher
Donnelly, John, publican, Woodhouse Street
Donnelly, William, teacher, John Street
Dowie, Robert, shoe maker, John Street
Downing, Mary Jane, bonnet maker, Woodhouse Street
Downing, Thomas, provision dealer, Woodhouse Street
Duffy, Bernard, publican, Church Street
Dyer, Mr., manager gas works, Bridge Street
Dynes, Henry, tailor, Bridge Street
Edgar, Richard, post master, seed merchant, Mandeville Arms, High Street
Fergus, Samuel, nailer and publican, Bridge Street
Ferguson, David, linen manufacturer, Obins Street
Flavell, Wilson, pawn broker, Church Street
Fowler, Henry, tinsmith, Church Street
Frazer, Thomas, mechanic, Thomas Street
Fulton, John, grocer and publican, Church Street
Gallagher, Chas., blacksmith, Bridge Street
Geatings, Patrick, carpenter, Thomas Street
Gibson, John, carpenter, William Street
Gibson, John, boot and shoe maker, William Street
Gilbert, James, grocer, Castle Street
Gillespie, John, publican, Church Street
Grant, Patrick, publican, Church Street
Greenleigh, Matthew, cart maker and sawyer, John Street
Grew, James, tailor, High Street
Grew, James, Queen's Arms Hotel, High Street
Grey, Thomas, teacher, Church Street
Grimason, David, tailor, Church Street
Grimes, Patrick, publican, Woodhouse Street
Hall, William, publican, Woodhouse Street
Hamilton, Robert, linen manufacturer, Bridge Street
Hennan, Bernard, publican, Bridge Street
Henry, Patrick, publican, High Street
Henry, Thomas, baker, Woodhouse Street
Hill, James, carpenter, John Street
Hollywood, James, boot and shoe maker, Obins Street
Hollywood, John, boot and shoe maker, Bridge Street
Hollywood, Robert, boot and shoe maker Obins Street
Holmes, John, Farmer's Inn, High Street
Hoy, James, butcher, West Street
Hoy, Wm., butcher, West Street
Hughes, Edward, butcher, Church Street
Irwin, J. & J., linen yarn spinners
Jelly, Henry, woollen draper, High Street
Jelly, Seth, grocer and leather dealer, Castle Street
Jennet, James, boot and shoe maker, William Street
Jennet, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Woodhouse Street
Jenkinson, Thos., shoe maker, Bridge Street
Johnston, John, builder and pawn broker, Church Street
Joyce, Wm., woollen draper, High Street
Kelly, Francis, shuttle maker, West Street
Kennedy, Robt., reed maker, John Street
Kernahan, John, boot and shoe warehouse, High Street

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Portadown continued

Kilpatrick, James, publican, Woodhouse Street
Kinkead, George, bank, High Street
Kinkead, Joseph, roper, Bridge Street
Kinney, Edward, wheelwright, West Street
Lock, George, blacksmith, Woodhouse Street
Logan, John, carpenter, Church Street
Lamb, James, marine store, High Street
Langtry, William, miller and grain merchant
Lappin, John, cart maker, Woodhouse Street
Lappin, John, brick maker, John Street
Lavery, Pat., chandler, Woodhouse Street
Laverty, Wm., reed maker, John Street
Leany, John, publican, Woodhouse Street
Lewis, John, shoe maker, Obins Street
Leyers, Samuel, delf dealer, Obins Street
Loughran, Michael, butcher, Church Street
Lowland, John, blacking manufacturer, William Street
Macoun, Thomas, grocer and weavers' warehouse, John Street
Madden, James, publican, Church Street
Magee, James, sawyer, Thomas Street
Magee, Robert, sawyer, Obins Street
Magee, Robert, blacksmith, Obins Street
Maginnis, John, sawyer, Woodhouse Street
Mahaffey, James, boot and shoe maker, Thomas Street
Mallagh, John, publican and linen manufacturer, Obins Street
Marley, John J., merchant, Bridge Street
Martin, Thomas, publican and grocer, High Street
Matchett, Wm., town sergeant, William Street
Mathews, David, chandler, West Street
Mathews, Robert, painter and glazier, Church Street
Mathews, Wm., grocer, High Street
May, David, watch and clock maker, High Street
May, Ellen, grocer, High Street
May, Thomas, hardware merchant, High Street
May, Wm., watch and clock maker, Bridge Street
Medcalf, John, wheelwright, Obins Street
Mitchell, John, boot and shoe maker, Woodhouse Street
Montgomery, Hartford, grocer and baker, Woodhouse Street
Montgomery, John, merchant, Bridge Street
Mooney, Edward, blacksmith, Obins Street
Moore, Robert, linen draper, Church Street
Morgan, John, publican and grocer, High Street
Morrison, Edward, publican and grocer, High Street
Morrison, Isaac, publican and grocer, High Street
Morrison, Misses, seminary, Bridge Street
Morrison, Robert, tailor, Bridge Street
Morrison, Robert, pawn broker, Woodhouse Street
Morrison, Robert, tailor, Castle Street
Mulholland, Michael, butcher, West Street
Munro, Stewart, grocer, High Street
Murray, Patrick, hair dresser, William Street
McCann, Owen, publican, Woodhouse Street
McCardle, John, slater, Woodhouse Street
McCart, Wm., shoe maker, Thomas Street
McCaughey, Joseph, tanner
McClelland, Thomas, blacksmith
McConnell, James, grocer, Church Street
McConvill, Edward, mason, Obins Street
McCormick, Charles, merchant, Obins Street
McCullough, Samuel, Railway Hotel, Woodhouse Street
McCullen, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, Woodhouse Street
McCurry, Hugh, butcher, Church Street
McCusker, John, cooper, Thomas Street
McCutcheon, Hugh, carpenter, Bridge Street
McDowell, Wm., marine store, Obins Street
McEldoon, John, shoe maker, West Street
McFadden, Sarah, milliner, Thomas Street
McGee, Charles, blacksmith, Obins Street
McGee, Edward, sawyer, Obins Street
McGee, James, sawyer, Thomas Street
McGee, Robert, sawyer, Obins Street
McGladdery, John, butcher
McGowan, Mr., tailor, John Street
McGowan, Robert, grain and spirit merchant, Bridge Street
McGregor, John, engineer, John Street
McGurk, John, shoe maker, Bridge Street
McIlveen, Samuel, baker and grocer, High Street
McKenna, Terence, butcher, John Street
McKinley, James, saddler, Woodhouse Street
McLogan, John, dealer in foreign clocks, Thomas Street
McMannus, Eliza, milliner, High Street
McMullan, James, cooper, John Street
McNamara, Richard, mason, William Street
McNight, Robert, nailer, West Street
McShane, Charles, nailer, William Street
Neal, James, shoe maker, Church Street
Neill, Edward, shoe maker, Church Street
Nelson, Charles, shuttle maker, High Street
Norton, Thomas, tailor, Thomas Street
O'Hanlon, Felix, publican, High Street
O'Hanlon, James, grocery and hardware, High Street
O'Hanlon, John, sen., mason, West Street
O'Hanlon, John, jun., mason, Castle Street
Paul, W., & Son, woollen drapers, High Street
Pauley, John, linen manufacturer, Bridge Street
Porter, Robert, cooper and publican, Woodhouse Street
Porter, Samuel, brick layer, West Street
Patton, John, gardener, John Street
Potterton, Mr., teacher, High Street
Reavy, John, shoe maker, William Street
Renshaw, James, delf and glass warehouse, Woodhouse Street
Rice, Bernard, publican, Woodhouse Street
Rice, John, reed maker, John Street
Robb, Benjamin, grocer
Rooney, James, cooper, Castle Street
Rooney, James, publican, Castle Street
Rooney, Mathew, carpenter & builder, Bridge Street
Rooney, Sarah, milliner, Bridge Street
Rowland, John, carpenter, Obins Street
Ruddell, John, linen manufacturer, Bridge Street
Ruddell, J., spirit store, Castle Street
Saunderson, Francis, clothes dealer, Woodhouse Street
Saunderson, Henry, painter & glazier, Woodhouse Street
Saunderson, Robert, painter & glazier, West Street
Sheppard, Elizabeth, haberdasher, High Street
Shilcock, Hugh, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Shillington, Averel, woollen draper, High Street
Shillington, John, chandler, High Street
Shillington, Thomas A., slate, coal, iron and timber yard, Woodhouse Street
Sinclair, John, grocer, High Street
Sinnamon, Thomas W., haberdasher and publican, High Street
Sitherwood, Wm., watch and clock maker, West Street
Sloan, James, upholsterer, Woodhouse Street
Smart, Henry, fowl and butter merchant, Thomas Street
Stanley, John, grocer, High Street
Stewart, Dawson, grocer, Woodhouse Street
Stewart, Wm., dealer, Church Street
Stothers, Joseph, carpenter, Church Street
Summerville, John, shoe maker, West Street
Sutton, John, publican, Church Street
Sweeney, Patrick, whitesmith, Thomas Street
Sweney, Jas., whitesmith, Thomas Street
Sweney, Patrick, whitesmith, Thomas Street
Taylor, John, publican, Church Street
Tedford, George, auctioneer, High Street
Totten, Wm., butcher, Church Street
Totten, Wm., shoe maker, John Street
Twinem, John, grocer & spirit dealer, Woodhouse Street
Vallely, John, blacking manufacturer, Bridge Street
Vaughan, John, coal agent, Bridge Street
Walker, Robert, manager Ulster Railway, Bridge Street
Watson, John, hotel keeper, Bridge Street
Waugh, David W., grocer, High Street
Weir, Hugh, grocer, publican and leather seller, Church Street
Wentworth, Catherine, haberdasher, High Street
Williamson, Wm., publican, High Street
Wilson, George, printer and stationer, Bridge Street
Wilson, John, publican, Obins Street
Wilson, John F., publican and posting establishment, Church Street
Wilson, Ludovick C., publican, Church Street
Wilson, Mary Anne, milliner, Church Street
Wilson, Thomas, brewer, Obins Street
Woodhouse, Wm., publican, Woodhouse Street
Woolsey, John, engineer, Castle Street
Wright, James, publican, Church Street
Wright, Joseph, painter and glazier, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Joseph, cabinet maker, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Joseph, pawn broker, Woodhouse Street


Post Office - Alex. McDowell, postmaster

Nobility and Gentry
Alexander, Miss, Shane Lodge
Houghton, Captain, Clermont
Kennedy, Lieut.-Col., Hollybrook
Larmour, Robert, Park Cottage
Macaulay, Patrick, Neill's Brook
Markham, Alexander, county coroner, Duneden Lodge
McClintock, Henry Stanley, J.P., Mill Mount
O'Neill, Right Hon. Lord Viscount, Shane's Castle

Clergy and Professional
Crawford, Rev. Alex., Maine Mount
Curoe, Rev. Daniel, P.P.
Denham, Rev. Wm., Craigmore
Hogg, Rev. Robert, LL.D., vicar of Drummaul
Marr, Rev. Robert, Drumminaway
McAulay, Rev. N. J., C.C.
McDonnell, Michael, surgeon and apothecary
McDowell, Alexander, surgeon and apothecary
McKee, James, M.D.
Neeson, Andrew, surgeon
Neeson, Horace, surgeon
O'Neill, John, surgeon and apothecary
Smythe, Rev. Hugh, Craigmore

Traders, etc.
Adams, Hugh, baker and grocer
Butler, John, haberdasher and draper
Cashell, John, O'Neill Arms Hotel

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Randalstown continued

Conway, Rose Anne, haberdasher
Corry, James, assistant county surveyor
Craig, J., linen merchant, Craigstown
Crawford, Alexander, grocer, spirit dealer and ironmonger
French, Anne, publican
French, Samuel, baker and grocer
French, Thomas, publican
Gaine, James, publican
Hannan, Mrs., publican
Hart, Charles, grocer & leather cutter
Howard, Whiteside, spirit dealer
Johnston, Thomas, builder, grocer and provision merchant
Kelly, James, boot and shoe maker
Kerr, Jane, milliner and haberdasher
Laughlin, Alexander, woollen draper
Macaulay, Patrick, mill owner and linen merchant
Moore, Andrew, grocer
Moore, Samuel, saddler and harness maker
McAulay, Bernard, inn keeper
McCann, Rose, publican
McCartney, Wm. John, publican
McCleary, John, boot and shoe maker
McEwen, Margaret, grocer
Neeson, Peter, painter and glazier and grocer
Nesbitt, Sarah, milliner & haberdasher
O'Kane, John, grocer
Robinson, Edward, grocer, tobacconist, ironmonger and timber merchant
Scott, John, publican
Scott, Mrs., grocer and earthenware dealer
Stevenson, John, grocer and haberdasher
Swan, Thomas, grocer & weigh master
Swan, Thomas, watch and clock maker
Wallis, Thomas, railway station master and parish clerk
Wright, Robert, grocer


Post Office - Main Street, J. F. Lowry, postmaster
Established Church - Main Street, Rev. George Edmonson, vicar
Presbyterian Church - Ballynahinch Road, Rev. John Mecredy, minister
Presbyterian Church - Main Street, Rev. Robert McEwen, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel -  Main Street, Rev. Rowland Magill, P.P.

Hawkins, Francis, Model Farm
Price, James C. B., Saintfield House
Price, Jas., D.L., J.P., Saintfield House
Price, Wm. B., J.P., Tonaghnieve
Walker, Richard, Tullygirvin House
Ward, Francis, The Cottage

Clergy and Professional
Bindon, John V., surgeon of Dispensary, Millview
Edmonson, Rev. George, Glebe House
Gordon, Alex., surgeon and apothecary, Main Street
Gordon, William, surgeon and apothecary, Main Street
McCaw, Rev. John, Ravarra
McCredy, Rev. John, Lisdalgin
McEwen, Rev. Robert, Main Street
Magill, Rev. Rowland, P.P., Main Street
Reid, Samuel, surgeon and apothecary, New Street

Traders, etc.
Bailey, Alex., bailiff for Petty Sessions and Manor Court
Barry, John, hotel keeper, Main Street
Bell, George, grocer, Downpatrick Street
Bell, James, publican and woollen draper, Main Street
Bradley, Alex., hotel keeper, Main Street
Clark, Hugh, publican, Main Street
Colhoun, Jane, publican, Main Street
Coyle, George, teacher Church Education School, Comber Road
Craig, Jane, provision dealer, Main Street
Craig, Thomas, publican, Main Street

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Saintfield continued

Dick, Eliza, bonnet maker, Main Street
Duff, Samuel, baker, Main Street
Dumfy, Bernard, butcher, Market
Gibson, Wm., shoe maker and sewed muslin agent, Main Street
Holmes, Robert, publican, Main Street
Hynds, Arthur, publican, Main Street
Jennings, Henry, woollen draper and haberdasher, Main Street
Lane, Joseph, publican, Main Street
Linas, Wm., grocer and sewed muslin agent
Lowry, J. F., land surveyor, Main Street
Lowry, Jas., carpenter, Crossgar Road
Lowry, Jos., teacher, National School
Massey, John, publican, Main Street
Miller, Adam, saddler, Main Street
Miller, Edward, saddler, Main Street
Moody, George, woollen draper and haberdasher, Main Street
Munce, Andrew, butcher, Main Street
Murray, Felix, publican, Main Street
Murray, Pat., publican, Main Street
Murray, Peter, publican, Main Street
McBurney, Alex., miller, Killinchy Road
McDade, Robert, baker and grocer, Main Street
McRoberts, A., hotel keeper, Main Street
Newell, Mr., publican, Main Street
Oswald, Andrew, woollen draper and ironmonger, Down Street
Priestly, Wm., woollen draper, Down Street
Quinn, Isabella, dress maker, Main Street
Ross, James, civil bill officer
Savage, James, publican, Main Street
Shaw, Eliza, grocer, Main Street
Spratt, Wm., watch and clock maker, Main Street
Stewart, Robert, publican and grocer, Main Street
Thompson, Jas., woollen draper, Main Street
Thompson, John, grocer and ironmonger, Main Street
Thompson, Wm., publican and leather seller, Main Street
White, James, carpenter, Main Street
Wilson, Andrew, woollen draper and petty sessions clerk, Main Street


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