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1852 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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MacAdam, and Co., oil and bone mills, 31 Donegall Street and Ballymacarrett
MacAdam Brothers, and Co., engineers and iron founders, Soho Foundry, Townsend Street
MacAdam, John, merchant, Beaver Hall, Ballymacarrett
MacAdam, James, of MacAdam Brothers & Co., 18 College Square East
MacAdam, James, jun., secretary to the Royal Flax Society, Vice-Consul for Portugal, 7 Commercial Buildings, Beaver Hall, Ballymacarrett
MacAdam, Robert, of MacAdam Brothers & Co., 18 College Square East
Macartin, James, whitesmith, 27 Green Street
Macartney, Andrew, gilder, 29 Academy Street
Macartney, Bernard, dealer, 3 Durham Street
Macartney, Henry, fish dealer, 5 Kennedy's Place
Macartney, James, baker, 58 Union Street
Macartney, John N., watch maker, jeweller and optician, 6 Donegall Place
Macartney, John, forge and proprietor of Ship Hotel, 27 Pilot Street
Macartney, Thomas, fireman, 25 Police Place
Macartney, Thomas, foreman, Vindicator office, 1 Trafalgar Street
Macartney, William, carpenter, 17 Torrens' Market
Macartney, William M., barrister-at-law, 40 Upper Arthur Street
Macaulay, Adam, of Belfast bank, 6 Linenhall Street
Macaulay, Jasper, & Co., grain merchants, brokers and commission agents, 9 Albert Quay and 7 Corporation Square
Macaulay, Jasper, merchant, 15 College Street South
Macaulay, P., flax and tow spinner and commission agent, 75 Donegall Street; residence, Mills, Randalstown
Macauley, George, shoe maker, 55 Durham Street
Macauley, Thomas, whitesmith, 53 Brown's Square
Macdonald, D. and J. and Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 2 York Street; residence, Glasgow
Macdonald, James, ship broker and commission merchant, 59 Waring Street and Prince's Dock; residence, 20 Dock Street
Macdonald, Peter, grocery and spirit store, 81 Green Street
MacElheran, W. F., residence, Belfast Bank
Mack, James, dealer, 2 Dayton Place
Mack, Miss Margaretta, 101 North Queen Street
Mackan, Mary, lodgings, 73 Millfield
Mackay, Arthur, tailor, 29 Bradbury Place
Mackay, Mrs., Mount Collyer Park
Mackenzie and Saunders, drapery, silk mercers and haberdashers, 36 High Street
Mackenzie, Alexander, Stag Tavern, 5 Smithfield
Mackenzie, Alexander, May Street
Mackenzie Brothers, brass founders, gasfitters and patent axle manufacturers, 23 May Street, shop, Regent Buildings, Victoria Street
Mackenzie, John, posting establishment, May Street
Mackenzie, J. and Co., Belfast distillery, 39 Barrack Street
Mackenzie, Robert, draper and haberdasher, 4 Abbotsford Place
Mackenzie, Shaw, and Co., brewers, 84 Hercules Street, Corn Mill, 51 Mill Street
Mackeown, George D., solicitor, 55 Donegall Street
Mackeral, Peter, grocer, 16 Albert Square
Mackey, Mrs., 5 College Square east
Mackie, William, water works, 16 Sussex Street
Mackin, Ellen, 89 Little York Street
Mackin, Thomas, tobacconist and spirit dealer, 27 Corn Market
Mackintosh, Robert, upholsterer, 7 Pottinger's Entry
Macklin, James, 44 Boyd Street
Macklin, James, gentleman, 24 Trafalgar Street
Macklin, Thomas, turner, 15 New Durham Street
Mackwood, John, cooper, 32 Green Street
Macloskie, C. H., travelling clerk, News-Letter office, 13 Catherine Street North
Macloskie, Paul, classical teacher, 13 Catherine Street North
Macloskie, William, flax dresser, 16 Duffy's Place
Maclurcan, James, rent office, 42 Sussex Street
Maclurcan, John, silk mercer, 2 Donegall Place Buildings, 14 Victoria Place
Macmullan, Surgeon Charles Clarke, medical hall, 48 Donegall Street
Macnamara, James, J.P., merchant, 29 Tomb Street, residence, Holywood
Macnaughtan, Rev. John, Duncairn House
Macnaughtan, Miss, Cliftonville, Antrim Road
Macoon, Charles, matrass maker, 43 Talbot Street ( mattress )
Macnish, Jn. O., & Co., cotton yarn agent, 7 Donegall Street Place, 7 Prospect Terrace
Macoun, George, furrier, silk mercer and milliner, 23 and 25 Castle Place; residence, 19 College Square North
Macpherson, Major, Fountainville Cottage, Botanic Road
Macqueen, Thomas, upholsterer, 4 Rochfort Place
Macrae, Feaquhea, butler, 5 Downshire Place
Macrory, Adam J., solicitor, 23 Rosemary Street; residence, Duncairn
Madden, Eliza, dealer, 51 Millfield
Madden, Henry, sawyer, 8 Union Street
Madden, John, dealer, 192 North Street
Madden, Michael, quay porter, 27 North Ann Street
Madden, Mrs. Susan, 25 Stanley Street
Madden, Nancy, huckster, 47 Hill Street
Madden, William, haberdasher, Bradbury Place, Old Malone Road
Madden, William, carpenter, 41 Stanhope Street
Maddox, James, tailor, Eliza Street
Madill, Isabella, boarding house, 5 New Lodge Road
Madill, James, carter, Shankhill Road
Madine, Daniel, fireman, 3 Pound Street
Madine, George, funeral undertaking and posting establishment, 7 York Street
Magan, John, carpenter, 17 Lower Stanfield Street
Magee, Adam, book seller, 8 Thomas Street
Magee, Bartholomew, optician and mattrass maker, 66 Union Street
Magee, Bernard, entertainment and lodging, 119 Millfield
Magee, Daniel, grocer, 27 Old Lodge Road
Magee, Edward, sailor, 27 William's Row
Magee, Edw., commission agent and auctioneer, McLarnon's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Magee, Henry Bell, proctor, 3 Garden Place, Cromac Road
Magee, H., stabling, 164 North Street
Magee, John, oyster house, 3 Joy's Entry
Magee, James, blacksmith, 7 Antrim Road
Magee, James, grocer, 40 Brown's Square
Magee, James, grocer, 16 John Street
Magee, James, grocer and publican, 21 Union Street
Magee, John, builder, 11 Trafalgar Street
Magee, James, brick layer, 11 Wilson Street
Magee, John, coach painter, 10 Stanley Place
Magee, John, brick layer, 134 Old Lodge Road
Magee, John, plumber, 32 Ann Street
Magee, John, butcher, 3 Hercules Street
Magee, Joseph, harbour commissioners' constable, 30 Trafalgar Street
Magee, John, moulder, Boundary Street
Magee, Jane, grocer, 32 Hercules Street
Magee, Mary, sewer, 88 Peter's Hill
Magee, Mrs., 85 Old Lodge Road
Magee, Miss Sarah, 32 King Street
Magee, Miss, 47 Lancaster Street
Magee, Miss, dealer, 17 Long Lane
Magee, Mrs., wine and spirit dealer, Larne, Derry, Antrim and Crumlin mail coach office, 6 North Street
Magee, Margaret, fowl dealer, 4 Lower Stanfield Street
Magee, Richard, aerated water manufacturer, 9 Johnston's Court
Magee, Robert, clerk, 10 College Street South
Magee, Robert, nail manufacturer, 21 Winetavern Street
Magee, Robert, spirit dealer, 16 Caddell's Entry
Magee, Robert, gentleman, 7 Donegall Square West
Magee, Tully, huckster, 50 Cromac Street
Magee, Thomas, boarding house, 9 Marquis Street
Magee, Thomas, cabinet maker, 35 Verner Street
Magee, William, coach maker, 29 Pottinger's Entry
Magennis, John, 1 Economy Place
Maghaham, Rev. John, Dean of Seminary, 97 Donegall Street
Magill, Archibald, weaver, 43 Devis Street, Falls Road
Magill, Catherine, dress maker, 31 Old Lodge Road
Magill, George and James, brewers, 25 Bank Lane
Magill, Hugh, Linen Hall; residence, Bellevieu, Malone
Magill, James, book seller, stationer and print seller, 2 Castle Buildings; residence, 33 King Street
Magill, James, brewer, Bank Lane; residence, 16 College Square North
Magill, John, baker, 3 Friendly Street
Magill, Joseph, commission merchant and Mexican Consul, 34 Fountain Street; residence, Marino, Holywood
Magill, James, millwright, 4 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Magill, James, mechanic, 7 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Magill, James, teacher National School, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Magill, Mrs., 10 Ormeau Place
Magill, Miss, 14 Queen Street
Magill, Miss Grace, 35 King Street
Magill, Miss, 14 Victoria Place
Magill, Robert, woollen draper and hatter, 1 Castle Buildings; residence, 1 Posnett's Place, Donegall Pass
Magill, Wm., pensioner, Ballynafeigh
Magill, Wm., brewer, Bank Lane; residence, 6 Downshire Place
Magill, Wm. John, mariner, 1 Union Place
Magin, Teresa, haberdasher, 135 North Street
Maginnis, James, stone cutter, 10 Robert Street
Maginnis, James, brick layer, 14 Black's Place
Maginnis, James, porter, 28 Hill Street
Maginnis, Mary, grocer and upholsteress, 113 and 115 Millfield
Maginnis, Patrick, custom house officer, 12 Stanhope Street
Maginnis, Rev. David, 23 Eliza Street
Magorian, Matthew, publican, 6 Little Patrick Street
Magowan, Margaret, marine store, 67 Union Street
Magrath, Mrs., nurse tender, 30 Henrietta Street
Magreevy, Hugh, car man, 25 Lagan Street
Maguire, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 11 High Street
Maguire, Ann, grocer and publican, 20 Chapel Lane
Maguire, Arthur, porter, 47 Hill Street
Maguire, Anne, washer woman, 24 Little Patrick Street
Maguire, Bernard, baker, 5 Torrens' Market
Maguire, G., boot and shoe maker, 28 Church Lane
Maguire, Hugh, tailor, 2 New Lodge Road
Maguire, Henry, pawn broker, 20 and 24 Chapel Lane
Maguire, Isaac, hair dresser and wig maker, 20 Talbot Street
Maguire, John, dyer, 15 Castle Street; house, 17 Cromac Street
Maguire, John, cooper, 56 Conway Street
Maguire, John, spirit store, 13 Frederick Street
Maguire, J., dyer, 14 Bank Lane
Maguire, James, linen merchant, 49 Joy Street
Maguire, James, provision dealer, 7 Hill Street
Maguire, James, carpenter, 1 Wall Street
Maguire, Michael, brick layer, 2 Trinity Street
Maguire, Patrick, shoe maker, Fall's Road
Maguire, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, 44 Union Street
Maguire, Sylvester, brick layer, 28 Mill Street
Maguire, Thomas, pawn broker, 17 Cromac Street
Maguire, William, boot and shoe maker, 30 Church Lane
Maguire, William, nailer, 38 Talbot Street
Mahaffey, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 121 North Street
Maharg, Arthur, cooper, 21 Bank Lane
Mahir, P. H., confectioner, 74 Donegall Street
Mahon, Andrew, clerk in Ballymena Railway office, 15 North Ann Street
Maine, Matthew, engineer, 1 California Street
Major, James, flax bundler, 8 College Place North
Major, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 13 Great Patrick Street; office, 10 York Street
Major, Mrs., 32 York Street
Major, Thomas, 9 Donegall Square West
Major, T. S. & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 13 Donegall Street, Dunmurry
Maken, Charles, car driver, 6 O'Hagarty Street
Makepeace, Wm., excise officer, Cranstone Place
Malcolm, Dr. Andrew, 49 York Street
Malcolm, William, of Charley and Malcolm, 49 York Street
Malcolmson, Mary Anne, boarding house, 72 Millfield
Malcolmson, Margaret, boarding house, 4 Cullingtree Street
Mallagh, John, lodgings, 58 Peter's Hill
Mallaghen, Henry, auctioneer, 26 Berry Street and 67 Smithfield
Mallart, Osly, grocer and publican, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
Mallon, Bernard, 44 Old Lodge Road
Mallon, Felix, carpenter, 82 Carrickhill
Mallon, Fanny, boarding house, 7 Portland Place
Mallon, Hugh, grocer, Shankhill Road
Mallon, Peter, shoe maker, 13 Smithfield
Mallon, Timothy, pensioner, 126 Carrickhill
Malloy, William, land steward, Beers Bridge, Ballymacarrett
Malone, Eliza, washer woman, 26 Catherine Street North
Malone, Mrs. Sarah, 17 King Street
Maloney, Miss, milliner and haberdasher, 9 Hercules Place
Maltseed, Halliday, machine smith, 9 North Queen Street
Maneely, Samuel, watchman, 1 McTier's Street
Mann, George, carpenter, 2 Kennedy's Entry
Manning, Edward, attorney's clerk, 19 Russell Street
Manning, Mrs., 31 Cromac Street
Manning, Patrick, moulder, 63 Little York Street
Mansfield, George, salesman, 72 Joy Street
Mansfield, James E., gentleman, Pottinger Place, Ballymacarrett
Mariner, Bernard, lodging house, 81 Academy Street
Mariner, Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Corporation Street
Mark, David, cheese merchant and grocer, 28 Skipper Street
Mark, Rev. John, Academy, 39 Chichester Street
Mark, Sarah, dealer, 70 Green Street
Markely, Hugh, lath cutter, 4 Morrow Entry
Marley, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 10 Devis Street
Marlour, James, rope and twine manufacturer, 70 North Street
Marlin, Robert, publican, 40 Verner Street
Marlow, Patrick, mechanic, 78 Carrickhill
Marmon, Bernard, flax buyer, 15 Michael Street
Marr, John, publican, 6 Little George's Street
Marrs, Daniel, publican, 26 Millfield
Marrs, John, publican, 19 Michael Street
Marrs, Lewis, clerk, 3 Cromac Road
Marrs, Patrick, coach man, 5 Arthur Lane
Marshall, A. & J., hosiers and glovers, 18 Bridge Street
Marshall, Brown and Co., muslin manufacturers, 7 Elliott's court
Marshall, Dr. Andrew, 3 Wellington Place
Marshall, James D., chemist in ordinary to her Majesty, apothecary and druggist, 8 High Street; residence, Holywood
Marshall, James, turner, 41 Grove Street
Marshall, James, clothier and draper, 5 Donegall Street; residence, Holywood
Marshall, J., house steward Old Poorhouse, North Queen Street
Marshall, Joseph, delf warehouse, 16 Rosemary Street
Marshall, Mary, white worker, 8 William's Row
Marshall, Mrs., 27 Queen Street
Marshall, Sturgeon, dealer, 49 Durham Street
Marshall, Thomas, shoe maker, 17 Berry Street
Marshall, Wm., & Co., Medical Hall, 67 and 100 High Street, residence, Carrickfergus
Marson, Catherine, spirit dealer, 57 North Queen Street
Martin, Allen, grocer and flour merchant, 145 North Street
Martin, Agnes, boarding house, 8 Great Edward Street
Martin, Archibald, press and machine man, News-Letter office, 6 Carrickhill
Martin, Campbell, sizer, 25 Little Donegall Street
Martin, Donald, publican, 18 Peter's Hill
Martin, David, nailer, 4 Robert Court
Martin, David, coach man, 21 Valentine Street
Martin, George, carter, 1 Pound Street
Martin, Henry, porter, 26 Gordon Street
Martin, John and James, and Co., ship owners, 23 Donegall Quay; John Martin's residence, Glenview
Martin, James, grocer, 3 Bradbury Place
Martin, John, 31 Lancaster Street
Martin, John, hay and straw dealer, 121, 164 Millfield and 2 Great Edward Street
Martin, John, and Co., merchants, 29 Ann Street
Martin, John, boot and shoe maker, 36 Boyd Street
Martin, John, bundler, 9 Sackville Street
Martin, Joseph, marble polisher, 33 Friendly Street
Martin, J., cotton and flax spinner, Killileagh Mills; office, 28 Ann Street
Martin, Jane, 13 Wilson Street
Martin, James, shoe maker, 3 Lower Stanfield Street
Martin, Mrs., 5 Renwick Place
Martin, Margaret, dress maker, 40 Great Edward Street
Martin, Mary, dress maker, 26 Henrietta Street
Martin, Matthew, publican, 69 Nelson Street
Martin, Miss Letitia, boarding house, 25 Joy Street
Martin, Mrs., 5 Belvidere Place
Martin, Mrs., 52 Great George's Street
Martin, Rev. John, principal Ulster Deaf and Dumb Institution, Lisburn Road
Martin, Rev. Jas., minister Presbyterian Church, Alfred Place and Eglinton Street
Martin, Robert, grocer and publican, 32 Great Patrick Street
Martin, Robert, publican, 40 Verner Street
Martin, Samuel, of John Martin and Co., 29 Ann Street, 7 Franklin Place
Martin, Samuel, spirit store, 20 Little Donegall Street; starch works, No. 29
Martin, Thomas, pensioner, 27 New Durham Street
Martin, Thomas, printer, 84 Old Lodge Road
Martin, Thomas, John, traveller, Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett
Martin, William, cooper, 26 Mustard Street
Mason, Hugh, grocer, 10 Barrack Street
Mason, Miss, 7 College Street South
Massey, Mrs., 157 Durham Street
Massey, Sarah, lodging house, 6 Bradford Square
Massey, William, coal office, Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett
Masson, Edward, professor of Greek, Assembly's College, 3 Camden Terrace
Massy, Fergus, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 24 North Street
Massy, George, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 12 North Street, 7 Rosemary Street
Mateer, Cunningham, grocer, 1 Wesley Place
Mateer, George, Malone toll keeper, 39 Bradbury Place
Mateer, John, 61 Verner Street
Mateer, John, school master, 72 Cromac Street
Mateer, John, clerk, 7 Grattan Place
Mateer, Robert, master mariner, 81 Nelson Street
Mateer, Samuel, muslin manufacturer, 33 York Street
Mathers, Samuel, brick layer and grocer, 1 Welsh Street
Mathers, Thomas and Sons, block and pump makers, 17 and 19 Pilot Street
Mathews, Mrs., 12 Catherine Street North
Matthews, Abraham, grain merchant and starch manufacturer, 51 (three quarters) Cromac Street; residence, 45 Cromac Street
Matthews, John, hair dresser, Shankhill Road
Matthews, John, writing clerk, 9 Cromac Road
Matthews, John, hat and cap manufacturer, 26 Waring Street
Matthews, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Commercial Court, 5 Riley's Place
Matthews, William, pensioner, 3 Galway Street
Matthews, William, shoe maker, 9 Chapel Lane
Matthews, William, hair dresser and wig maker, 106 North Street & 49 John Street
Matthewson, Robert Kelso, gentleman, 24 North Queen Street
Mathison Brothers, tea and coffee merchants, 3 Donegall Place Buildings; residence, 1 Brunswick Street
Mawhinney, Isaac, porter, 8 Washington Street
Mawhinney, Isabella, spirit dealer, 1 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Mawhinny, J., preparing master, 1 Campbell's Buildings, Conway Street
Mawhinney, James, surgeon and licentiate apothecary, medical hall, 42 Mill Street and 113 Millfield; residence, 8 College Square East
Mawhinney, James, coach maker, 3 Johnston's Court
Mawhinney, James, 24 Townsend Street
Mawhinney, Robert, clerk, 14 Wall Street
Mawhinney, Robert, pork cutter, 28 Cargill Street
Mawhinney, Thomas, plasterer, 27 Melbourne Street
Maxwell, Archibald, carpenter, Conway Street
Maxwell, James, cabinet maker, 41 Donegall Street
Maxwell, John, dealer, 47 Alexander Street
Maxwell, Miss, 21 Chichester Street
Maxwell, Robert, dealer, 37 and 39 North Queen Street
Maxwell, Wm., slater, 74 Green Street
Maxwell, Wm., builder and undertaker, Queen Street; residence, 38 Fountain Street
May, James, butcher, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
May, James T., professor of music, 59 Upper Arthur Street
May, Lawrence, pensioner, 4 Lancaster Street
May, Sinnamon, brick layer, 2 Sackville Place
Maybin, Wm., carpenter, 36 Trafalgar Street
Mayne, Alexander S., book and tract depository, 1 Donegall Square East
Mayne, Andrew, in Wm. Dobbin's, North Street; residence, 9 Glengall Street
Mayne, Alexander, printer and publisher, 34 High Street
Mayne, Alexander, hair dresser, 7 King Street
Mayne, Thomas, millwright, 62 Stanhope Street
Mearns and Co., room paper manufacturers, 22 Donegall Street and 10 Castle Place, manufactory, Low Lodge, Old Park and Indian Corn Mills
Mearns, Andrew, paper stainer, 22 Donegall Street; residence, 8 Frederick Street
Mearns, Wm., master mariner, 9 Joy Street
Meek, David, porter at G. C. Hyndman's, 7 Millfield
Meek, Robert, baker, 5 Barrack Street
Meenan, Bernard, fish monger and publican, 9 Castle Market & 7 Hammond's Court
Meenan, Jane, poulterer, 3 Castle Lane
Meenan, Patrick, dealer, 26 Barrack Street
Megarry, George, carter, 19 Peter's Hill
Megaw, John G., of W. McClure and Son, Corporation Street, 12 Alfred Street
Meharey, Robert and John, grocers, 154 Queen's Square
Meharg, James, auctioneer and appraiser, 63 Smithfield, 36 Mill Street
Meharg, James, baker, 8 Townsend Place
Meharg, Wm. C., clerk, 37 Conway Street
Melvin, James, blacksmith, 5 Trafalgar Street
Melville, Samuel, eating house, 3 Lemon's Lane
Melville, William, sawyer, 25 Lower Malone
Menarry, William, mariner, Fleet Street
Meneely, Rev. John, Manse, Ballymacarrett
Mercer, Andrew, 19 Waring Street
Mercer, James, linen merchant, 3 Commercial Buildings, 8 Upper Queen Street
Mercer, John, butcher, 67 Hercules Street
Metcalf, Matthew, dealer, 67 Green Street
Methuen, James, herring, fish and salt stores, 12 Tomb Street
Middleton, Samuel, mail coach guard, 21 Russell Street
Midgley, John, reed maker, 23 New Durham Street
Milbey, James, stone cutter, 12 Grace Street
Milford, Henry, solicitor, 29 Donegall Street
Milford, John, corn and flour merchant, 83 North Street & 86 Hercules Street
Milford, Miss, 58 Great George's Street
Millford, Thomas, assistant draper, 7 Unity Street
Millar, James, in Messrs, Herdman's Mill, 1 Wilson Street
Millar, John, engineer, Ulsterville, New Lisburn Road
Millar, Mrs. Arthur, 17 Wellington Place
Millen, Alexander, house carpenter, 10 Bond Street
Millen, H. & J., wholesale and retail spirit store, 12 Great Edward Street
Millen, Hugh, spirit dealer, Downpatrick, Portaferry, Bangor, etc., coach office, 68 Ann Street and 46 Church Lane
Millen, John, salt merchant, 5 and 11 Marlborough Street
Millen, Robert, bookkeeper, Fleet Street
Millen, William, school master, 32 Nelson Street
Millen, William, haberdasher, 21 Castle Place, 14 Fountain Street
Millin, Adam, publican, 32 and 34 Prince's Street
Millin, Ann, publican, 25 Prince's Street
Miller, Ann, 91 Durham Street
Miller, Clendinning and Co., Manchester & Scotch warehouse, 36 North Street
Miller, Francis, shoe maker, 30 Old Lodge Road
Miller, George, manager in J. Hind and Son's Mill, 3 Malone Place
Miller, G. L., Henry Street
Miller, George L., of Miller and Clendinning, North Street, 49 Nelson Street
Miller, James, night constable, 155 Durham Street
Miller, John, painter, 2 Grace Street
Miller, J., dress maker, 65 Academy Street
Miller, John, carpenter, 32 Friendly Street
Miller, Matthew, mechanic, 13 Little May Street
Miller, Mrs., 18 Moffet Street
Miller, Mary, dealer, 50 Carrickhill
Miller, Robert, dealer, 15 Lower Malone Road
Miller, S. E. W., of Day and Bottomley, Fitzwilliam Street
Miller, Rev. Thomas F., Vicar of Belfast; The Vicarage, 2 Talbot Street
Miller, Thomas, pensioner, 21 Trafalgar Street
Miller, Thomas, butcher, 66 Hercules Street
Miller, Wm., stone cutter, 4 Smith Street
Miller, Wm., sewed muslin agent to Park and Thompson, 29 Great Patrick Street
Miller, Wm., dealer and mill worker, 45 Millfield
Miller, Wm., Northern Coach Factory, 30 Gloucester Street
Miller, Wm., engraver and linen ornament manufacturer, 22 Castle Street
Miller, Wm., of Day and Bottomley, William's Place
Milligan, Alexander, nailer, 7 Robert Street
Milligan, Francis, spirit dealer, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
Milligan, James, porter, 1 New Lodge Road
Milligan, John, shoe maker, 3 Leed's Street
Milligan, Robert, pawn broker, 41 Barrack Street
Milligan, Wm. H., grocer and tobacconist, 33 Ann Street
Milligan, William, shoe maker, 4 McTier's Street
Milliken, Emanuel, master mariner, 7 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
Milliken, Elizabeth, 48 Little Patrick Street
Milliken, George, publican, Falls Road
Milliken, Israel, warm, vapour and shower baths, 87 Peter's Hill
Milliken, James, hatter, 65 Green Street
Milliken, Jane, lodging house, 4 Gordon Street
Milliken, James, boot and shoe maker, 44 Cromac Street
Milliken, Margaret, dress maker, 64 Donegall Street
Milliken, Robert, grocer, Falls Road
Milliken, Robert, saddler, 49 North Street and 21 Long Lane
Milliken, William, ostler, 11 Little Donegall Street
Milliken, William, tailor, 5 Pottinger's Entry
Mills, Alexander, clerk, 25 Queen Street
Mills, Hugh, tinsmith, 19 Smithfield and 12 Charlemont Street
Mills, Henry, pattern maker, 63 Grove Street
Mills, John, mechanic, 2 Sarah Street
Mills, John, provision dealer, 49 Stanley Street
Mills, John, pilot, Little Patrick Street
Mills, Matthew, stone cutter, 17 Charlemont Street
Mills, Rev. Thomas, Methodist minister, 13 Great George's Street
Mills, William, pilot, 29 North Thomas Street
Mines, Rose, lodging house, 68 Millfield
Mines, Thomas, accountant, 10 Seymour Street
Minniece, William, pawn broker, 23 and 25 Peter's Hill
Miskelly, John, shoe maker, 47 Verner Street
Mitchell, Alexander, bleacher, 45 McTier's Street
Mitchell, Alexander, civil engineer, 2 Alfred Street
Mitchell, Sarah, mangler, 25 William Street
Minteith, Sarah, grocer, McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
Mitchell, Andrew, block maker, 4 Dock Lane
Mitchell, George, Navy Hotel, 10 Prince's Dock
Mitchell, George, ship chandler and sail maker, 5 Prince's Dock
Mitchell, G. T., director Belfast Bank, 6 Wellington Place
Mitchell, John, plasterer, 12 Mitchell Street
Mitchell, John, chimney sweeper, McMaster's Court, Millfield
Mitchell, John, fireman, 17 Police Square
Mitchell, Mary, spirit dealer, 57 Hill Street
Mitchell, Mary, lodgings, 39 Grattan Street
Mitchell, Robert, flax and tow dealer, 26 Grattan Street
Mitchell, Robert, pensioner, 11 Mary's Market
Mitchell, Thomas, mariner, 46 Little Patrick Street
Mitchell, Thomas, pensioner, 55 Millfield
Miskimmons, Thomas, carpenter, 5 Sackville Street
Mitton, John, grocer, 42 Henry Street
Moffatt, George, guard Holywood Railway, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Moffatt, Mrs., boarding house, 1 North Boundary Street
Moffatt, Rev. William, Ashley Place, Ballymacarrett
Moffat, Samuel, car man, 10 Leed's Street
Moffat, Thomas, shoe maker, 31 Boyd Street
Moffet, Joshua, custom house, 7 York Street
Moffet, Miss, milliner and straw bonnet maker, 7 York Street
Moffett, Dr. William, surgeon, 20 Wellington Place
Moffett, John, chandler, 76 Ann Street
Moffett, John, grocer, 113 Durham Street
Molloy, Daniel, publican, 24 Torrens' Market
Molloy, Thomas, flax dresser, 34 Conway Street
Molyneux and Ferguson, starch manufacturers, 4 and 21 York Lane; W. R. Molyneux's residence, Carrickfergus
Moody, Joseph, Hibernian Tavern and spirit store, 10 Pottinger's Entry
Monaghan, Bernard, delf shop and broker, 21 Smithfield
Monaghan, Bernard, dealer, 9 Kennedy's Row
Monaghan, Daniel, blacksmith, 6 Riley's Place
Monaghan, David, hair dresser, 5 Gamble Street
Monaghan, Luke, 21 Alexander Street
Monaghan, Thomas, clothes dealer & auctioneer, 14 Berry Street & 65 Smithfield
Monair, William, grocer and Scripture reader, 17 Frederick Street
Moonan, Mary, haberdasher, 101 North Street
Moncrieff, Alexander, clerk, 10 North Queen Street
Moncrieff, James W., vitriol works, Gregg's Row, Ballymacarrett
Moncrieff, James, vitriol works, Ballymacarrett, 8 Aughton Terrace
Mones, James, grocery and spirit store, 52 Grattan Street & 54 Talbot Street
Mooney, Bernard, block and pump maker, 43 Tomb Street & Bedford Square
Mooney, Catherine, delf shop, 32 Smithfield
Mooney, John, shuttle maker, 21 Talbot Street
Mooney, John, Ballynafeigh
Mooney, Mary, 11 Chichester Lane
Mooney, Patrick, butcher and publican, 98 North Street
Mooney, Roseann, lodgings, 65 Grattan Street
Mooney, Robert, editor of the News-Letter, 81 North Queen Street
Moneypenny, Joseph, moulder, 4 North Thomas Street
Monteague, Thomas, waiter, 62 Cromac Street
Monteith, John, sail maker, 25 North Ann Street
Monteith, Mrs., 7 Ormeau Place
Montgomery, Ann, lodging house, 78 Great George's Street
Montgomery, Charlotte, dress maker, 4 Cromac Street
Montgomery, Daniel, seaman, 32 Gordon Street
Montgomery, Daniel, clothes dealer, 33 Smithfield
Montgomery, George, deputy harbour master, 22 Earl Street
Montgomery, Hugh, car driver, 14 North Boundary Street
Montgomery, James, linen and cotton manufacturer, 34 Durham Street
Montgomery, James, shoe maker, 35 Little Donegall Street
Montgomery, John, bookkeeper, 125 Durham Street
Montgomery, John, dealer, 11 West Street
Montgomery, John, pork cutter, 22 Cargill Street
Montgomery, John, and Son, merchants, Elmgrove Mills and Wolfhill, office, 11 Corporation Street
Montgomery, Mrs., 126 Old Lodge Road
Montgomery, Mrs., Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Montgomery, Miss, dress maker, 125 Durham Street
Montgomery, Mrs., 109 York Street
Montgomery, Mary Anne, bonnet maker, 21 Hercules Place
Montgomery, Matthew, spinning master, 4 Greenland Street
Montgomery, Miss, 8 Queen Street
Montgomery, Mrs., 4 Adelaide Place
Montgomery, Mrs., boarding house, 1 Wellington Street
Montgomery, M., dress maker, 22 Cargill Street
Montgomery, Mary Ann, dealer, 3 Park Street
Montgomery, Miss, Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett
Montgomery, Mrs. Mary, 3 King Street
Montgomery, Nancy, green grocer, 57 Millfield
Montgomery, Samuel, publican, 63 Union Street
Montgomery, Thomas, spirit dealer and tavern, 57 North Queen Street
Montgomery, Thomas, painter, 18 Lagan Street
Montgomery, Thomas, tailor, 9 Edward Street
Montgomery, William, baker, 44 Stanhope Street
Montgomery, William, sen., shoe maker, 7 Vere Street
Montgomery, William, jun., shoe maker, 5 Vere Street
Montgomery, William, gentleman, Victoria Terrace
Moore, Alex., house painter and decorator, 19 Arthur Street, Mount Pottinger
Moore, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Millfield
Moore, Alexander, carpenter, 5 Queen Street
Moore, Archibald, carpenter, 6 Little May Street
Moore, David, flax dealer, 54 Market Street
Moore, David, writing clerk, 33 Dock Street
Moore, David, 11 Sackville Place
Moore, Dr. James, surgeon, 7 Chichester Street
Moore, Edward, writing clerk, 1 King Street
Moore, Ezekiel, smith, 59 Old Lodge Road
Moore, George, family boot and shoe warehouse, 20 High Street
Moore, Hugh, porter Queen's College, 4 Renwick Place
Moore, Henry, butcher and poulterer, 59 Hercules Street
Moore, Hugh, surgeon and licentiate apothecary, 28 Tomb Street
Moore, Henry, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Moore, Hugh, master mariner, 10 Michael Street
Moore, Hugh, butcher, 83 Hercules Street
Moore, James, carpenter, 77 Market Street
Moore, James, brick layer, Ross Street
Moore, James, carpenter, 132 Millfield
Moore, John, sawyer, 14 Sussex Street
Moore, John, Donegall Arms Hotel and posting establishment, 11 Castle Place
Moore, James, stationer and account book manufacturer, 5 Donegall Place
Moore, James, mechanic, 1 Hamilton's Place
Moore, James, printer, 1 Castle Court, Castle Place
Moore, John, reporter Mercury, 46 Joy Street
Moore, John, weaver, Shankhill Road
Moore, Margaret, lodgings, 5 William Street
Moore, Mrs. Wm. John, 3 Albion Place
Moore, Mrs. F., 20 College Square East
Moore, Mrs., Linfield Road, Lower Malone
Moore, Mrs., 2 Hamilton Street
Moore, Robert, carpenter, 20 Murphy Street
Moore, Sarah Ann, publican, 105 Peter's Hill
Moore, Samuel, butter merchant, 13 Butter Market; residence, Eliza Place
Moore, Samuel, overseer, 12 Campbell's Buildings, Conway Street
Moore, Samuel, solicitor, 25 Arthur Street
Moore, Samuel, tailor, 39 Peter's Hill
Moore, Samuel, spirit dealer, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
Moore, Samuel, grocer, 13 Ann Street and 13 Great Patrick Street
Moore, Thomas, brick maker, 161 Lower Malone
Moore, Thomas, carding master, New Lodge Road
Moore, William, brush maker, 10 King Street
Moore, William, currier and leather merchant, 143 North Street
Moore, William, chandler, 66 Millfield
Moore, William John, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Church Street
Moore, William, shoe maker, 13 Talbot Street
Moore, William, gardener, 18 Lower Malone
Moore, William, architect, 18 Chichester Street
Moore, Wm., stone yard, May Street; residence, Crawford Street
Moore, William, furniture dealer, 3 Smithfield
Moran, William, spirit dealer, 31 Townsend Street
Moorcroft, Mrs., school, 42 Nelson Street
Moorehead, James, cooper, 25 Earl Street
Moorehead, James, grocer, 18 Gardner Street
Moorehead, James, cooper, 93 Nelson Street
Moorehead, Ross, cooperage, 30 Little Patrick Street
Moreland, Andrew, dealer, 33 Pound Street
Moreland, Dr. James, surgeon, 55 Corporation Street
Moreland, Ellen, 28 Gloucester Street
Moreland, John, weaver, 51 Smithfield
Moreland, John, grocer, 20 Henry Street
Moreland, Miss, Cromac, Ormeau Road
Moreland, Mrs., vest maker, 27 Caroline Street
Moreland, Robert, grocer and meal and flour dealer, 8 Little Patrick Street
Moreland, Samuel, millwright, 51 Stephen Street
Morgan, Charles, trimming shop, 26 Castle Place; residence, 71 Joy Street
Morgan, Francis, 16 Lagan Street
Morgan, Hiram, butcher, 4 Castle Market
Morgan, Henry, book binder, 8 Telfair's Entry
Morgan, James, general dealer, 11 Charles Street
Morgan, John, porter and lodging house, 2 Police Place
Morgan, Miss Alicia, milliner and dress maker, 22 King Street
Morgan, Mrs., dress maker, 71 Joy Street
Morgan, Rev. James, D.D., 13 Howard Street
Morgan, Susan, 17 Wall Street
Morgan, Thomas, salesman, 26 Brown Street
Morgan, William, gentleman, 1 Victoria Terrace
Morrell, Andrew, butcher, 75 Hercules Street
Morrell, John, butcher, 38 Hercules Street
Morrell, James, butcher, 5 Hercules Street
Morrell, Rose, butcher, 11 Hercules Street
Morrell, Thomas, butcher, 35 York Street
Morris, Bridget, clothes dealer, 23 Academy Street
Morris, George, glass cutter, Hudson's Row
Morris, Roseann, boarding house, 1 Dock Lane
Morris, Wm. Henry, chandler, etc., 42 and 44 North Street
Morrison, Elizabeth, white worker, 15 McTier's Street
Morrison, Hugh, Belfast Tavern and posting establishment, Montgomery Street
Morrison, Hugh, tailor, 12 Academy Street
Morrison, Hugh, wood turner, 23 Melbourne Street
Morrison, James, milkman, 73 Boundary Street
Morrison, James, publican and grocer, 52 Cromac Street
Morrison, John, clerk, Herdman's Buildings
Morrison, James, tailor, 14 Little York Street
Morrison, James, coach painter, 32 Russell Street
Morrison, Kennedy, clerk, 54 Nelson Street
Morrison, Robert, brush and trunk maker, 1 Cullingtree Place
Morrison, Robert, brass founder, 99 Lower Malone Road
Morrison, Robert, porter, 48 Brown Street
Morrison, Robert, spirit dealer, 19 William Street South
Morrison, Thomas, printer, 9 Hamilton Street
Morrison, William, weaver, 12 Cargill Street
Morrison, William, master mariner, 16 Stanhope Street
Morrison, William, sawyer, Ballynafeigh
Morrow, Andrew, publican, 53 Great Patrick Street
Morrow, Hugh, inspector Belfast Bank, 3 Belvidere Place
Morrow, John, boot and shoe maker, 48 Edward Street
Morrow, John, porter, 34 Annette Street
Morrow, Mrs. Anabella, grocer and publican, 13 Union Street
Morrow, Mary, teacher, 26 Stanhope Street
Morrow, Patrick, publican and grocer, 30 North Thomas Street
Morrow, Thomas, horse shoer, Ballyhackamore, Ballymacarrett
Morrow, Thomas, confectioner, 4 Millfield
Mortimer, James, boot and shoe maker, 5 Church Lane
Mortimer, John, boot and shoe maker, 4 Church Lane
Mortimer, Margaret, lodging house, 9 Little Donegall Street
Mortimer, William, boot and shoe maker, 8 Church Lane
Morton, Andrew, carpenter, 34 Stanhope Street
Morton, James, English and mathematical seminary, 20 Kennedy's Place
Morton, Thomas, moulder, 2 Alexander Street
Morton, Thomas, sen., over looker, 2 Alexander Street
Morton, Thomas, carpenter, 18 Stanley Street
Moskimmon, John, mechanic, 1 Gavin's Buildings
Moskimmon, William, tin plate worker, 10 Marquis Street
Moyne, Patrick, publican, 22 Albert Square
Muckian, Bernard, cooper and grocer, 82 Cromac Street
Muir, Speirs, book binder, 18 Boundary Street
Muirhead, William, iron monger, 73 Corporation Square
Muldoon, Thomas, porter, Anderson's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Mulgrave, Joseph, dealer, 31 Trafalgar Street
Mulgrew, John, blacking manufacturer, 19 Old Lodge Road
Mulgrew, Patrick, hackler, 92 Carrickhill
Mulholland, Andrew, York Street flax spinning mills, 21 Henry Street; residence, Springvale, County Down
Mulholland, Cunningham, surgeon, 11 Prospect Terrace
Mulholland, Dr. Joseph S., surgeon, 80 High Street
Mulholland, Daniel, hardware dealer, 59 Smithfield
Mulholland, Edward, roving master, 100 Lower Malone
Mulholland, Elizabeth, grocer and spirit dealer, 62 Grattan Street
Mulholland, Edward, cooper, 16 William Street South
Mulholland, Henry, linen buyer, 73 Joy Street
Mulholland, James, cabin steward, Shankhill Road
Mulholland, John, dealer, 34 Valentine Street
Mulholland, James, in provision store, 17 Trafalgar Street
Mulholland, John, merchant, 75 Barrack Street
Mulholland, James, starch worker, 17 Boyd Street
Mulholland, John, York Street flax spinning mills; residence, Craigavad
Mulholland, Michael, lodgings, 64 Great Patrick Street
Mulholland, S. K., & Hind, proprietors of Durham Street Mill, Albert Street; S. K. Mulholland's residence, Eglantine, Hillsborough
Mulholland, William, shopman, 6 Stanley Place
Mullan, Ann, dealer, 7 McTier's Court
Mullan, Anthony, grocer and publican, 55 Lancaster Street
Mullan, Bernard, carter, 2 Meetinghouse Lane
Mullan, Charles, carpenter, 6 New Lodge Road
Mullan, Daniel, entertainment, 38 Great Patrick Street
Mullan, Edward, grocer and spirit dealer, 95 Millfield
Mullan, Edward, spirit dealer, 44 Samuel Street
Mullan, Francis, lodging house, 5 Carrickhill
Mullan, Hugh, saddler, 10 Bank Lane
Mullan, John, nailer, McAdam's Court
Mullan, James, sawyer, 25 Catherine Street North
Mullan, James, 16 McTier's Street
Mullen, James, clothes dealer, 20 Marquis Street
Mullan, James, linen merchant, 6 Cromac Street
Mullan, James, weaver, McTier's Street
Mullan, John, porter, 83 Boundary Street
Mullan, John, book seller, 8 Castle buildings, Donegall Place, 11 Joy Street
Mullan, Mary L., grocer, 10 Stanfield Street
Mullan, Michael, porter, 12 William's Lane
Mullan, Margaret, 14 Wall Street
Mullan, Matthew, of Fordyce and Mullan, brewers, 27 Eliza Street
Mullan, Mary, lodgings, 90 Peter's Hill
Mullan, Neill, sweep, 5 McTier's Court
Mullan, Patrick, confectionery, Antrim Road
Mullen, Peter, book seller, Smithfield, 19 Marquis Street
Mullan, Thomas, provision dealer, 167 North Street
Mullan, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 4 Edward Street
Mullan, William, shoe maker, Ballynafeigh
Mullan, William, wholesale grocer, Victoria Street; residence, Brookvale
Mullan, William, master sweep, 22 Torrens' Market
Mulligan, J. & T., wholesale warehouse, 6 Donegall Street, 2 Antrim Place
Mulligan, Misses, school, 7 College Street South
Mulligan, Mrs., 3 Cumberland Place, Donegall Pass
Mullin, Mrs., 47 Corporation Street
Mullins, Thomas, provision dealer, 167 and 169 North Street
Mulrine, William, smith, 9 George's Lane
Mulryan, Robert, auctioneer, Kennedy's Row and 63 Smithfield
Munce, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 17 High Street
Munce, David, tailor, 1 Little May Street
Munce, David, stone mason, 67 Ship Street
Munce, George, clerk, 44 Townsend Street
Munce, James, builder, Eliza Street
Munce, James, butcher, 12 Grattan Place
Munce, Robert, butcher, 32 Verner Street
Munro, George, dealer, 58 Carrickhill
Munro, Hannah, bonnet maker, 2 Stanley Street
Munro, James, dealer, 61 Mustard Street
Munster, P. L., ship broker, commission merchant, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Consul, Corporation Street; residence, Holywood
Muntz, Robert, furniture dealer, 62 Smithfield and Cunningham's Court
Murdoch, Hugh, compositor, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Murdoch, Mrs., Glenfield Place, Ormeau Road
Murdoch, Thomas, dealer, 1 Verner Street
Murdock, Alexander, writing clerk, 20 Sarah Street
Murdock, George, weaver, 18 McTier's Street
Murdock, H., house agent, 4 Annette Street
Murdock, John, boarding house, 16 and 18 Marlborough Street
Murdock, John, cork manufacturer, 15 Hercules Street
Murdock, James, weaver, 80 Old Lodge Road
Murdock, John, board and lodgings, 27 Prince's Street
Murdock, Thomas, cloth lapper, 15 Coates Street
Murnaghan, Hugh, grocer, publican and engineer, 26 Great Edward Street
Murney, Dr. Henry, surgeon, 10 Chichester Street
Murney, Edward, fireman, 8 Durham Street
Murney, H., tea, wine & gun powder merchant & tobacco manufacturer, 18 High Street
Murney, Patrick, musician, 38 Little Donegall Street
Murphy, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 9 Bradbury Place
Murphy, Arthur, confectioner, 122 North Street
Murphy, Arthur, publican, 56 John Street
Murphy, Alexander, grocer, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett
Murphy, Bernard, clerk, 45 Verner Street
Murphy, Charles, gardener, 37 Lagan Street
Murphy, Christie, painter and glazier, 93 Lower Malone Road
Murphy, Dr. Washington, surgeon, 11 Donegall Street
Murphy, Daniel, grain merchants, 7 Gamble Street
Murphy, Daniel, grocer and publican, 7 Gamble Street & 17 Corporation Street
Murphy, Duncan, mariner, 28 Green Street
Murphy, Ellen, dealer, 17 Verner Street
Murphy, Hugh, 28 Townsend Street
Murphy, Henry, master mariner, 8 Prince's Street
Murphy, Hugh, grocer, 43 Gardiner Street
Murphy, James, working chandler, 18 Black's Place
Murphy, John, grain merchant, 4 Catherine Street North
Murphy, James, butler, 3 Union Place
Murphy, John F., Union Foundry, 17 May Street
Murphy, Jane, haberdasher and grocer, 99 North Queen Street
Murphy, James, pensioner, 1 Gamble Street
Murphy, Joseph, carpenter, 7 Ritchie's Place
Murphy, John, timber & slate merchant, 3 Hamilton Street; brick and tile yard, Murphy Street; residence, 1 Hamilton Street and Martillo, Holywood
Murphy, John, & Co., flax spinners, Linfield Mill; office, 4 Waring Street Place
Murphy, John, hackler, 13 Lower Malone Road
Murphy, John, marble and stone yard, 18 York Street, 2 Frederick Street
Murphy, John, master mariner, 18 Tomb Street
Murphy, John, dealer, Artillery Street
Murphy, Miss, 36 Earl Street
Murphy, Miss Catherine, grocer, 16 Little May Street
Murphy, Mrs., 1 Glengall Place
Murphy, Nancy, green grocer, 41 Dock Street
Murphy, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Barrack Street
Murphy, Robert, seaman, 35 Little York Street
Murphy, Rev. James, D.D., professor, 5 University Square
Murphy, Timothy, blacksmith, 9 Grace Street
Murphy, Wm., of J. Murphy & Grimshaw, flax spinners, Linfield, 10 Howard Street
Murphy, William, grocer and publican, 21 Little Patrick Street
Murray, Mrs. Anne, tobacco manufactory, 8 Calender Street, 15 Arthur Street
Murray, Anne, 38 Millfield
Murray, Daniel, surgeon and apothecary, medical hall, 5 Mill Street
Murray, Daniel, marine store, 74 Little Patrick Street
Murray, David, lighterman, 23 Pound Street
Murray, Daniel, shoe maker, 7 Lower Stanfield Street
Murray, Dr. James, surgeon, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Murray, Daniel, lime works, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Murray, Edward, cooperage, 25 Green Street
Murray, George, jun., merchant, 8 Calender Street, 15 Arthur Street
Murray, George, mariner, 5 Short Strand
Murray, Greene, & Lloyd, silk mercers, haberdashers, etc., 13 Donegall Place
Murray, George, wholesale grocer and tobacconist, Queen's Square, Strandtown
Murray, Henry, grocer and publican, 61 Little Patrick Street
Murray, Hugh, millwright, 20 Boyd Street
Murray, Henry, painter, 37 Brown Street
Murray, Henry, grocery and provision store, 61 Green Street
Murray, Hugh, spinning master, 17 Michael Street
Murray, James, printer, 14 Murphy Street
Murray, John, weaver, 17 Caddell's Entry
Murray, John, stone cutter, Falloon's Court
Murray, James, carpenter and dealer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Murray, James, tailor, 62 New Lodge Road
Murray, James, grocer and porter, 70 Millfield
Murray, Mrs., 2 Botanic View, Botanic Road
Murray, Malcolm, stone mason, 72 New Lodge Road
Murray, Michael, carpenter, 5 Collingwood Street
Murray, Mrs., 15 Arthur Street
Murray, Owen, grocer and provision dealer, 18 North Thomas Street
Murray, Owen, grocer, 59 Green Street
Murray, Owen, master tailor, 15 Hercules Place
Murray, Robert, publican, 37 Prince's Street
Murray, Samuel, painter, 43 Boyd Street
Murray, William, moulder, 13 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Murray, William, grocer and publican, 8 Verner Street
Murray, William, clerk, 10 Catherine Street North
Musgrave Brothers, iron mongers and hardware merchants, 59 High Street
Musgrave, Mrs., 1 Donegall Square South
Musgrave, William, barrister-at-law, 1 Donegall Square South


McAdam, John, cabinet maker, 2 Cargill Street
McAdam, James, painter and glazier, 11 Roy Street
McAdam, Miss J., boarding house, 11 Joy Street
McAdam, Robert, of A. and S. Henry and Co., 1 Windsor Place
McAdorey, John, grocer, 38 Barrack Street
McAfee, Charles, dealer, 146 Millfield
McAfee, George, boot and shoe shop, 2 Ann Street
McAfee, John, boot and shoe maker, 18 Corn Market
McAlarney, Hugh, baker, 20 Russell Street
McAlarry, John, eating house keeper, 38 John Street
McAleavy, Hugh, butcher, Ballymacarrett
McAleavy, Thomas, butcher, Ballymacarrett
McAleece, Elizabeth, boarding house, 4 Chichester Lane
McAleer, Michael, engine driver, 11 Hamilton's Place
McAleer, Patrick, carpenter, 30 Market Street
McAleese, Thomas, clothes dealer, 3 Torrens' Row and 43 Smithfield
McAlespie, Charles, stokerer and plasterer, 52 John Street
McAlister, Alexander, gentleman, 8 May Street
McAlister, Alexander, pattern maker, Lagan Village
McAlister, Alex., spirit dealer & posting establishment, 23 Little May Street
McAlister, Catherine, commercial boarding house, 22 Gamble Street
McAlister, Hugh, baker, 46 John Street
McAlister, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Gamble Street
McAlister, Joseph, soap and candle manufacturer, 58 North Street
McAlister, James, slater, 15 Mill Street
McAlister, Mary, board and lodgings, 55 Talbot Street
McAlister, Sarah, lodgings, 20 Stanfield Street
McAlister, William, spirit dealer and stabling yard, May Street
McAllister, Alexander, gentleman, Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett
McAllister, Isabella, Wellington Square
McAllister, John, clerk, 4 Malone Place
McAllister, Joseph W., wine and spirit stores, 75 North Street
McAllister, Thomas, day constable, 58 Little York Street
McAlinden, Edward, carpenter, 25 Lower Stanfield Street
McAlinden, Felix, butter merchant, 11 Great Patrick Street, 43 Great Patrick Street
McAlinden, Jas., pork buyer, for J. & T. Sinclair, Tomb Street, 43 Great Patrick Street
McAlinden, Patrick, cow dealer, 7 Durham Street
McAlish, James, car man, 3 Conway Street
McAllen, Thomas, pawn broker, Shankhill Road
McAllen, William, carter, Shankhill Road
McAlpin, Allen, travelling clerk, 5 Alexander Street South
McAnally, Agnes, bandbox maker, 22 Grattan Street
McAnally, B., butcher, 63 Barrack Street
McAnally, Catherine, washer woman and dealer, 82 Sussex Street
McAnally, Francis, dealer, 68 Union Street
McAnally, Hugh, lodging house, 41 Carrick Hill
McAnally, Henry, spirit dealer, 118 North Street
McAnally, John, lodging house, 12 Winetavern Street
McAnally, James, Shankhill Road
McAnally, James, linen lapper, 9 Townsend Place
McAnally, Joseph, ship agent, 56 Tomb Street
McAnally, John, shoe maker, 25 Boyd Street
McAnally, John, canvass weaver, 32 Grattan Street
McAnally, Patrick, nailer, McAdam's Court, Carrickhill
McAnally, Patrick, shoe maker, 52 Peter's Hill
McAnally, Patrick, butcher, 71 Hercules Street
McAnally, Simon, butcher, 83 Hercules Street
McAndrew, Robert, carpenter, 24 Cullingtree Street
McAnulty, Patrick, porter, 4 Stanfield Court
McAnulty, Susan, boarding house, 6 Orr's Entry
McAnulty, Thomas, boarding house, 2 Short Strand
McAreavey, John, butcher, 21 Hercules Street
McAreavey, John, grain merchant, 22 Cromac Street
McAreavey, John & James, hay exporters and provision dealers, East Street
McAreavey, Patrick, lighterman, 77 Nelson Street
McAreavy, Ann, 7 Pound Street
McAreavy, Daniel, weaver, 22 Sackville Place
McAreavy, James, shoe maker, 5 Stanfield Street
McAree, John, dealer, 23 Verner Street
McAree, John, car keeper, Chapel Lane
McArthur, Miss, 19 Hamilton Street
McAtamney, John, stone cutter, 4 Glentilt Place, Old Lodge Road
McAteer, Francis, butcher, 8 Malone Road
McAteer, Hugh, delf dealer, Drummond's Court, 28 Smithfield
McAteer, John, blacksmith, 47 Verner Street
McAteer, James, tailor, 23 Friendly Street
McAteer, Patrick, grocer and publican, 59 Cromac Street
McAteer, Patrick, carpenter, 28 Catherine Street
McAteer, Patrick, blacksmith, 10 McMillen's Place
McAteer, Thomas, grocer and publican, 114 North Street
McAteer, William, carpenter, 15 New Durham Street
McAulay, Charles, linen and cotton factory, 27 Lancaster Street, 115 York Street
McAulay, Con., carpenter, 4 Wellington Court
McAulay, Edward, ostler, 7 Orr's Entry
McAulay, Joseph, bandbox maker, 26 Alexander Street
McAulay, John, paper stainer, 18 Stanfield Street
McAulay, Samuel, flax and tow spinning factory, 4 May Street
McAulay, William, pork cutter, 24 McMillan's Place
McAulay, William, brick layer, 19 Boyd Street
McAulay, William, 4 May Street
McAuley, Ann Jane, white worker, 26 Peter's Hill
McAuley, James, lodgings, 12 Prince's Street
McAuley, James, mariner, 1 Meadow Lane
McAuley, John, musician, 24 John Street
McAuley, James, brush and bellows maker, 74 Mustard Street
McAuley, Mrs., 61 Cromac Street
McAuley, Patrick, 115 York Street
McAuley, Peter, carpenter, 3 Thomas Street
McAuley, Robert, carpenter, 11 Bond Street
McAuley, Stewart, musician, 17 William Street
McAuley, Thomas, shoe maker, 17 Stephen Street
McAuley, Thomas, basket maker, 11 Morrow's Entry
McAuley, William, manager of steam saw mills, 3 Riley's Place
McAvoy, Hugh, foundry man, 13 Robert Street
McAvoy, James, printer, 7 Torrens' Market
McAvoy, Michael, pipe manufacturer, 142 North Street
McBlain, James, leather merchant, 139 North Street
McBlain, John, weaver, 2 North King Street
McBlain, James, sailor, 39 Green Street
McBlain, John, currier and leather merchant, 40 Donegall Street
McBlain, William, weaver, 14 Mitchell Street
McBratney, Alexander, weigh master, 14 East Street
McBratney, William, 20 Catherine Street North
McBride, Archibald, miniature painter, 6 Back Ship Street
McBride, Edward, porter, 45 Verner Street
McBride, Captain, 57 Tomb Street
McBride, George, muslin manufacturer, 7 Elliott's Court, May Street
McBride, Henry, compositor, 22 Catherine Street
McBride, Isabella, 41 Little York Street
McBride, James and co., ship brokers, 59 and 57 Tomb Street
McBride, James, spirit dealer, Shankhill Road
McBride, James, fish dealer, 65 Market Street
McBride, Joseph, sewed muslin manufacturer, 59 Academy Street
McBride, Matthew, pensioner, New Lodge Place
McBride, Mary Ann, grocer, 23 Boyd Street
McBride, Margaret A., grocer, Ballymacarrett
McBride, Patrick, harbour master, 5 Earl Street
McBride, Robt., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 4 Commercial Court
McBride, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 19 Fountain Place
McBride, Thos., of Thos. & Geo. McBride, Elliott's Court, May Street
McBride, Thomas, publican, carpenter and builder, 15 Police Square
McBurney, Mary, washer woman, Ballynafeigh
McCabe, Edward, carpenter, 31 Stanhope Street
McCabe, James, carter, 3 Morrison's Place
McCabe, Patrick, grocer, 85 Boundary Street
McCabe, Peter, book binder, 28 Mustard Street
McCabe, S., carver and gilder, 15 Academy Street
McCafferty, Charles, hatter, 4 Smithfield
McCaffery, Charles, sawyer, 55 Green Street
McCafferty, Rose, dealer, 35 Millfield
McCaffrey, James, bleacher, 52 Townsend Street
McCaffrey, Patrick, porter, 77 Millfield
McCaghan, William J., in pork store, 69 Little York Street
McCahan, Robert, grocer, 21 Cullingtree Street
McCahern, Robert, carpenter, 32 McMillen's Place
McCahey, David, starch manufacturer, Boyd Street; residence, 1 College Street
McCaig, Robert, salesman, Eliza Street
McCaldin, James, hat and cap manufacturer, 18 Waring Street, 4 Frederick Street
McCaldin, John, gentleman, 2 Ormeau Road
McCall, Charles, spirit dealer, 4 Marlborough Street
McCall, Elizabeth, white worker, 61 Durham Street
McCall, Hugh, sewed muslin manufacturer, 23 York Street, Lisburn
McCall, Hugh, pawn broker and jeweller, 1 & 3 Curtis Street and 23 York Street
McCall, James, oyster house, Winecellar Entry
McCall, John, grocer, Henry Street
McCall, Margaret, 8 Catherine Street North
McCall, Patrick, gardener, 28 Pound Street
McCall, Robert, tailor, Pottinger Place, Ballymacarrett
McCall, Robert, brick layer, 13 McTier's Street
McCallin, Bernard, 4 Cromac Road, agent Gray & Co.'s tile works, Coalisland
McCallion, John, scripture reader, 25 Cromac Road
McCallum, James, merchant draper, 9 Dock Street
McCamisky, John, marine store, 11 Cromac Street, 34 Market Lane
McCammon, Alexander, gentleman, Mount Pottinger Cottages, Ballymacarrett
McCammon, Mrs., 4 Victoria Place
McCammon, Mary, grocer, 4 Park Street
McCammon, Misses, Antrim Road
McCammon, Mrs. S., dress maker, milliner, etc., 36 King Street
McCammon, Thomas, tanner and corn miller, 23 King Street
McCammon, Thomas, Belfast Bank, 12 Gloucester Street
McCance, Henry, carding master, 2 Falls Road
McCance, James, cooper, 52 Frederick Street
McCance, John, 6 Donegall Square East
McCance, Patrick, engine driver, 45 Conway Street
McCann, Arthur, saddler, 19 Verner Street
McCann, Bernard, brass founder and gasfitter, 7 and 9 Victoria Street
McCann, Daniel, printer, 20 Russell Street
McCann, Daniel, chandler, 9 Donegall Place Buildings, 97 York Street
McCann, Daniel, flax merchant, 4 Grace Street
McCann, Daniel, car owner and spirit dealer, 51 John Street
McCann, Francis, pilot, 29 North Ann Street
McCann, Hugh, butcher, 17 Old Lodge Road
McCann, Henry, coach driver, 7 Cromac Street
McCann, James, hair dresser, 18 Great Edward Street
McCann, John, iron moulder, 2 Little Ship Street
McCann, John, flax dresser, 17 Valentine Street
McCann, James, master mariner, 59 Talbot Street
McCann, James, hair dresser, 15 Castle Lane
McCann, James, machine maker, 2 Marquis Street
McCann, James, boot and shoe maker, Conlon Street
McCann, John, baker, 11 Grove Street
McCann, James, soap and candle manufacturer, 11 North Street
McCann, James, dealer, 46 North Queen Street
McCann, James, brass founder, 53 Hill Street
McCann, James, weaver, 28 Vere Street
McCann, James, master mariner, 59 Talbot Street
McCann, Luke, dealer, 196 North Street
McCann, Mary, dealer, Artillery Street
McCann, Mrs. Mary Ann, white worker, 1 North King Street
McCann, Margaret, dealer, 65 Lancaster Street
McCann, Patrick, carter, 24 Annette Street
McCann, Patrick, green grocer, 53 Millfield
McCann, Patrick, butcher, 28 Hercules Street
McCann, Patrick, car driver, 11 Grace Street
McCann, Patrick, maker of cordials, 49 Little Donegall Street
McCann, Samuel, spirit dealer, 28 Chapel Lane and 71 Smithfield
McCann, Susan, 25 Pottinger's Entry
McCann, Samuel, Railway and Steamboat Tavern, 6 Castle Street
McCann, Samuel, baker, 15 Catherine Street North
McCann, Thomas, writing clerk, 68 Joy Street
McCann, Thomas, Irish woollen warehouse, 41 High Street
McCappin, Adam, hay and straw dealer, 30 Peter's Hill
McCarroll, Jane, lodgings, 47 Grattan Street
McCarroll, Rev. Wm., College Street South
McCartan, James, general jobbing smith, 27 Green Street
McCarten, John, nailer, 92 North Street
McCarten, Joseph, clerk, 27 Castle Street
McCarter, Wm., grocer and baker, 21 and 22 Carrickhill
McCartney, Daniel, dealer, 31 McTier Street
McCartney, Francis, linen lapper, 15 Devis Street
McCartney, John, sailor, 8 Collingwood Street
McCartney, Mrs. Jane, 9 Stanley Street
McCartney, Thomas, clerk, 11 Talbot Street
McCartney, Wm., pilot, 52 Green Street
McCartney, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Shankhill Road
McCarty, Jane, cow keeper, 14 Charlemont Street
McCarty, M., coach smith and grocer, 36 Verner Street
McCaskey, Samuel, mechanic, 31 Stanley Street
McCaslin, John, cooper, 24 Mustard Street
McCaughtry, Robert, shoe maker, 7 Charles Street
McCauley, B., boot and shoe shop, 90 and 94 North Street
McCauley, Hugh, shoe maker, 9 Robert Street
McCauley, John, smith, 7 Gavin's Buildings, Shankhill
McCauley, James, brick moulder, 128 Old Lodge Road
McCaull, James, publican, 89 Durham Street
McCausland, Samuel, wholesale grocer, tobacco manufacturer and seed merchant, 34 North Street; residence, Lodge Cottage
McCausland, Wm., compositor, 3 Upton Street
McCaverty, Ellen, dress maker and milliner, 47 Devis Street
McCaw, James, merchant, 2 College Square North
McCaw, Mrs. Isabella, 93 Joy Street
McCaw, Wm., wholesale grocer, Victoria Street; residence, 1 Franklin Place
McCaw, Wm., 3 Howard Street
McCay, Hamilton, bookkeeper, 87 Joy Street
McCay, John, car man, 18 Mary's Market
McClarnon, James, carpenter, 50 Boyd Street
McClarnon, James, carpenter, 20 Eliza Street
McClarnon, James, dealer, 124 Millfield
McClarnon, John, carpenter, 26 Boyd Street
McClarnon, Michael, porter, 37 Greenland Street
McClaverty, Hanan, dealer, 55 Carrickhill
McClean, A. & A. T., gentlemen, 4 Donegall Square South
McClean, Charles, pilot, 21 Green Street
McClean, C., grocer, 47 North Thomas Street
McClean, Henry, mariner, 12 Corporation Street
McClean, Henry, pilot, 9 Little Corporation Street
McClean, Hugh, marine store, 38 Grattan Street
McClean, James, letter carrier, 1 Wellington Court
McClean, James, solicitor, 3 Arthur Street; residence, 3 Chichester Street
McClean, John, mariner, 56 Vere Street
McClean, Laughlin, nailer, 30 Brown Street
McClean, Mrs. Jane, silk dyer and milliner, 7 Mill Street
McClean, Mrs., Mount Charles, Malone Turnpike
McClean, Mary, 5 Meadow Street
McClean, Mrs., dealer, 6 Smith Street
McClean, Sarah, clothes dealer, 29 Berry Street
McClean, Thomas, 20 Alexander Street
McClearns, James, and Cp., curriers and wholesale & retail leather merchants, 60 North Street
McCleave, J., hardware dealer, 56 and 58 Smithfield, 5 Charlemont Street
McCleave, James, & Son, saddler and harness makers, 6 Castle Place
McCleave, Mary, 18 Devis Street
McCleave, S. R., stone seal engraver, 18 Corn Market
McCleave, Stewart, clerk, 17 Gloucester Street
McCleery, Hugh, writing clerk, 3 Michael Street
McCleery, James, pawn broker, 74 Nelson Street
McCleery, James, surgeon, 19 York Street
McCleery, Wm., rent agent and accountant, 28 Castle Street and 2 Queen Street
McCleesh, Henry, spirit store and scantling yard, 1 Millfield
McCleevy, William, weaver, 119 Durham Street
McCleland, Charles, belt sewer, 3 Valentine Street
McCleland, Thomas, servant, 7 Union Street
McClelland, Catherine, dealer, 18 Ritchie's Place
McClelland, Charles, shoe maker, 10 West Street
McClelland, Frederick W., clerk, 3 York Road
McClelland, Henry, linen lapper, 7 Washington Street
McClelland, Hugh, yarn and flax merchant, 22 Hill Street
McClelland, John, carpenter, 13 Wellington Street
McClelland, Mrs., 10 College Street
McClelland, William, shoe maker, 43 Boundary Street
McClelland, W. R., grocer, 37 Church Lane
McClements, Hugh, 29 Cromac Street
McClements, James, green grocer, 187 North Street
McClements, John, carpenter, 3 Dock Lane
McClements, Susan, boarding house, 64 Little Patrick Street
McClenaghan, James, mechanic, McClenaghan's Court
McClenaghan, Jacob, engineer, 3 Letitia Street
McClenaghan, Robert, master of Belfast, steam tug, Collingwood Street
McClenaghan, Thomas, 3 Johnston's Buildings
McClenaghan, Wm., mechanic, Old Lodge Road
McClenaghan, Wm., mechanic, 5 Fairy Place
McClenaghan, William, machine maker, 38 Townsend Street
McClenaghan, Wm., millwright, 8 Meadow Street
McClinchy, John, baker, 8 Torrens' Market
McClintock, Wm., grocer and provision dealer, 36 Great George's Street
McClinton & Thompson, soap and candle manufacturers, 47 & 49 Academy Street
McCloskey, Patrick, barber, 42 Great Patrick Street
McCloskey, Wm., grocer, 54 Union Street
McCloskie, Edward, warper and grocer, 28 Union Street
McCloy, John, painter, 17 Castle Street
McCloy, James, house and rent agent, 128 Carrickhill
McCloy, John, ship carpenter, 35 Trafalgar Street
McCloy, Wm., publican, 2 Carrickhill
McCloy, Wm., spirit store and butcher, 1 Peter's Hill
McClune, Eliza, 5 Henrietta Street
McClune, Miss, boarding and day school, 23 Hamilton Street
McClurcan, Samuel, cooper, 8 Nelson Street
McClure, Andrew, pensioner, 107 Millfield
McClure, David, butcher, 16 West Street
McClure, James, provision dealer, 10 Great Patrick Street; store, 5 Hill Street
McClure, John, tailor, 75 Vere Street
McClure, John, brick layer, 14 Union Place
McClure, John, boot and shoe maker, 10 Peter's Hill
McClure, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 31 Church Lane
McClure, Robert, shoe maker, 48 Ann Street
McClure, Samuel, grocer, Ballymacarrett
McClure, Wm., & Son, general merchants, Corporation Street, Belmont
McClurg, Robert, weigh master, 11 Sarah Street
McCluskey, Felix, brass turner, 33 Grove Street
McCluskey, Michael, foreman flax dresser, 3 Campbell's Buildings, Conway Street
McCluskey, Mary, dealer, 79 Union Street
McCluskey, Patrick, dealer, shoe maker and lodgings, 31 Winetavern Street
McClusky, John, salesman, 61 Old Lodge Road
McClusky, Wm., blacksmith, 20 Stephen Street
McClusky, William, butler, Ballynafeigh
McCollough, James, porter, 4 Valentine Street
McCollum, Archibald, weigh master, 40 Smithfield, 4 Killen Street
McCollum, James, pensioner, 130 Carrick Hill
McCollumb, James, stone mason, 31 Nelson Street
McComb, Francis, reeling master, 11 Vere Street
McComb, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, 11 Mustard Street
McComb, Isabella, white worker, 7 North Queen Street
McComb, James, ship carpenter, 54 Vere Street
McComb, James, butter merchant, 8 Butter Market, 20 Cargill Street
McComb, James, ship carpenter, 59 North Thomas Street
McComb, Robert, carpenter, 25 Durham Street
McComb, Wm., book seller and publisher, 1 High Street, 3 Clarence Place
McComish, Arthur, drill weaver, 8 Welsh Street
McComish, James, butcher, 17 Cromac Road
McComisky, John, rag dealer, 34 Market Street
McComisky, Robert, dealer, 86 Nelson Street
McComley, John, lapper, 8 Shipboy Street
McConaghy, Hiram, copper and tinsmith, 12 West Street
McConagill, Daniel, boiler maker, 45 Boyd Street
McConagil, James, jeweller and watch maker, 37 Castle Place
McConkey, Hiram, tinsmith, 9 Charlemont Street and 13 Smithfield
McConkey, James, book canvasser, 26 Melbourne Street
McConkey, James, gentleman, 2 College Street South
McConkey, John, weaver, 20 Brown Square
McConkey, Mrs., 4 Ingram Place, Donegall Pass
McConkey, Robert, machine maker, 3 Hutchinson Street
McConnell and Kennedy, flax and tow spinners, Millvale, Falls Road
McConnell, Bernard, builder, 27 Townsend Street
McConnell, Bernard, plasterer, 16 Greenland Street
McConnell, Charles, shoe maker, 81 Little Patrick Street
McConnell, David, merchant office, High Street, Charleville
McConnell, Francis, delf & hardware dealer, 7 Kennedy's Row & 22 Smithfield
McConnell, Francis, dealer, 7 Kennedy's Place
McConnell, George, blacksmith, Ballynafeigh
McConnell, Henry, butcher, 22 John Street
McConnell, Isaac, carpenter, 102 Peter's Hill
McConnell, James and J., wine & spirit merchants and rectifying distillers, 28 Tomb Street
McConnell, James, carter, 157 Lower Malone
McConnell, James, commission agent, 7 Corporation Street
McConnell, James, publican and car driver, 5 Eliza Street
McConnell, John, calico printer, Conway Street
McConnell, John, tavern, 26 Frederick Street
McConnell, John and James, muslin manufacturers, 95 Donegall Street
McConnell, Joseph, grocer, 23 John Street
McConnell, John, weaver and sail cloth manufacturer, 45 Talbot Street
McConnell, John, pawn broker, 66 Peter's Hill
McConnell, John, omnibus driver, 20 Lagan Street
McConnell, James, linen lapper, 10 Cromac street
McConnell, Samuel, grocer, 77 Green Street, 33 Edward Street
McConnell, Samuel, grocer, butter and provision merchant, 18 Great Patrick Street, 33 Edward Street and 22 and 24 Academy Street
McConnell, Thomas, painter, 66 Vere Street
McConnell, Thomas, ship carpenter, 21 Joy's Entry
McConnell, William, wholesale grocer, 7 Skipper Street
McConnell, William, calico printer, 2 Bath Place
McConnell, Wm., and Co., wholesale woollen merchants, etc., 25 Donegall Street
McConnell, William, of W. McConnell & Co., Charleville
McConville, James, sawyer and dealer, 5 Store Lane
McCool, Henry, brick layer, 46 Millfield
McCoppin, Howie, pensioner, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
McCord, John, leather dealer, 16 Church Lane
McCord, Samuel, surveyor, 9 College Place North
McCormac, Dr. Henry, 4 Wellington Place
McCormac, Hamilton, gentleman, Royal Hotel, Donegall Place
McCormack, Hugh, dealer, 13 Curtis Street
McCormack, John, dresser in foundry, 5 North Thomas Street
McCormack, James and co., linen drapers and haberdashers, Victoria Street
McCormack, William, brass founder, 21 Wall Street
McCormick, Hugh, jeweller, 15 Henry Street
McCormick, John, butcher, 11 Market Street
McCormick, James, woollen draper, 11 Johnston's Buildings, Victoria Street
McCormick, John, printer, 3 Killen Street
McCormick, John, boot and shoe maker, 14 Chapel Lane
McCormick, John, grocer, Shankhill Road
McCormick, James, cooper, 18 Welsh Street
McCormick, Miss Margaret, 2 Great George's Street
McCormick, Mary, dealer, 9 Barrack Street
McCormick, Miss Susanna, 4 Hamilton Street
McCormick, Miss Sarah, dress maker, etc., 11 Hercules Place
McCormick, Miss, school, 7 Stanley Place
McCormick, Mrs., 11 Lagan Street
McCormick, Patrick, stone mason, Keenan's Place, Ballymacarrett
McCormick, Patrick, spirit dealer, 25 Donegall Quay
McCormick, Thomas, leather warehouse, 49 Mill Street
McCormick, Thomas, stone cutter, 4 Mitchell Street
McCormick, Thomas, grocer, 23 Prince's street
McCormick, Thomas, grocer and haberdasher, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett
McCormick, William, cooper, 16 William Street
McCormick, Wm., cork cutter, 13 Lancaster Street
McCorry, James, publican, 60 Boundary Street
McCottery, John, cabinet maker, 11 Wesley Place
McCoubery, James, sailor, 56 Grattan Street
McCoubry, Mary, dress maker, 2 Campbell's Buildings, Shankhill Road
McCoubry, Wm., carpenter, 10 Gloucester Street
McCoulery, M., dress maker, 6 Campbell's Buildings, Shankhill Road
McCourt, David, drayman, 5 Police Square
McCourt, James, horse shoeing establishment, 35 York Street
McCourt, John, dealer in old books, 3 Bond Street
McCourt, Mary, huckster, 20 Caddell's Entry
McCourt, Peter, dealer, 9 Samuel Street
McCourtney, James, carpenter, 9 Sarah Street
McCoy, Frederick, Professor in Queen's College, Patterson's Place
McCoyd, Wm., bookkeeper, 39 Joy Street    ---    continued next column

McCracken, Alexander, foreman boot and shoe maker, 23 Russell Street
McCracken, A., boot and shoe maker, 28 Bridge Street, 2 Rosemary Street
McCracken, Anne Jane, milliner, 3 Crown Entry
McCracken, Francis, jun., cotton spinner, 8 York Lane, 91 Donegall Street
McCracken, Henry, grocer and publican, Trainview Cottage, Ballymacarrett
McCracken, James, weaver, 53 Old Lodge Road
McCracken, James, carpenter, 37 Stanley Street
McCracken, James, scantling yard, Falls Road
McCracken, James, builder and grocer, 29 and 31 Barrack Street
McCracken, John, general dealer, 15 Brown Street
McCracken, James, brick layer, 14 Little Edward Street
McCracken, John W., notary public, 25 Corporation Street, 141 York Street
McCracken, Joseph, spirit dealer, 66 Brown Street
McCracken, Joseph, day constable, 81 Durham Street
McCracken, Malcolm, boot and shoe maker, 3 bridge Street, 54 Great George's Street
McCracken, Samuel, weigher in mill, 1 Meadow Street
McCracken, Samuel, publican, 43 Carrick Hill
McCracken, Thomas, and Co., engravers, 5 Crown Entry
McCracken, William, dealer, 24 McTier Street
McCracken, William, of Northern Bank, 93 Donegall Street
McCracken, William, carpenter, 36 McMillen's Place
McCrea, Ann, white worker, North Queen Street Place
McCrea, Archibald, builder, 53 Peter's Hill
McCrea, Alexander, stone cutter, 75 Little York Street
McCrea, James, plasterer, 8 Murphy Street
McCrea, Samuel, emigration agent, 37 Waring Street, 57 Corporation Street
McCrea, Robert, grocer, 76 Cromac Street
McCready, John, chandler, 16 Wall Street
McCready, Janet, Fleet Street
McCready, John, tailor, 15 Caddell's Entry
McCready, John, manager of Co-operative grocery, Lagan Village
McCready, Robert, carpenter, 4 Nelson Court
McCreanor, Patrick, spirit dealer and stabling, 3 Marlborough Street
McCreavy, John, carpenter, 20 Shipboy Street
McCredie, Miss, boarding house, 10 Joy's Place
McCredie, Martha, washer woman and mangler, 16 Hamilton's Place
McCreedy, Joseph, clerk, 79 Joy Street
McCreedy, Robert, stone cutter, Garmoyle Street
McCreedy, William, stone sawyer, 37 Green Street
McCreight, Adam, shoe maker, Shankhill Road
McCreight, Patrick, car man, 23 Charlemont Street
McCrisken, John, servant, Little May Street
McCrory, Charles, porter, 24 Boyd Street
McCrory, Charles, bleacher, Ashmore Street, Conway Street
McCrory, John, engine driver, 2 North Thomas Street
McCrory, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 3 Old Lodge Road
McCruden, Robert, shoe maker, Falls Road
McCudden, John, tailor, 11 Short Street
McCudden, Robert, onion dealer, 31 Smithfield and Bell's Lane
McCulla, Francis, grocer and publican, 11 William Street
McCullagh, Wm., rag store, 59 Millfield
McCulloch, D., shoe maker, 126 Ann Street
McCulloch, Mrs., dealer, 32 Barrack Street
McCullough, Catherine, lodgings, 14 Prince's Street
McCullough, Edward, porter, 8 Stephen Street
McCullough, George, furniture dealer, 11 Bell's Lane and 22 Smithfield
McCullough, G., carpenter, 41 Bell's Lane
McCullough, Hugh, smith, 104 Millfield
McCullough, Hugh, blacksmith, 46 Frederick Street
McCullough, James, cooper and tinsmith, 1 Albert Street
McCullough, James, engineer, 49 Boundary Street
McCullough, James, woollen draper, 113 York Street
McCullough, James, carpenter, 71 Grove Street
McCullough, James, grocer, tea & coffee merchant, 63 High Street, 36 Nelson Street
McCullough, John, marine store, 91 Millfield
McCullough, John, painter, 74 Old Lodge Road
McCullough, John, publican, 42 Prince's Street
McCullough, J., and Co., solicitors, 44 Donegall Street
McCullough, John, sea captain, 40 Earl Street
McCullough, Joseph, publican, 68 New Lodge Road
McCullough, Joseph, publican and grocer, 79 Durham Street
McCullough, J., cart maker, Shankhill Road
McCullough, John, clerk, 43 Townsend Street
McCullough, James, board and lodgings, 35 Prince's Street
McCullough, James, porter, 18 Raphael Street
McCullough, Jane, 25 Sackville Street
McCullough, James, spirit dealer, 41 Samuel Street
McCullough, John, wood turner, 18 York Lane
McCullough, Mary, dealer, 13 West Street
McCullough, Matthew, currier, 8 Coates Street
McCullough, Mrs., piano forte manufacturer, 9 Arthur Place, 3 George's Lane
McCullough, Patrick, lighterman, 14 Friendly Street
McCullough, Patrick, carpenter, 45 Edward Street
McCullough, Robert, porter, 30 Annette Street
McCullough, Robert, Courthouse Tavern, Crumlin Terrace
McCullough, Sarah, boarding house, 1 Johnston's Buildings
McCullough, Stevenson, cashier Belfast Flour Mills, Wellington Square
McCullough, Samuel, shoe maker, 93 Carrickhill
McCullough, Thomas, publican, 140 Carrickhill
McCullough, Thomas, market constable, 7 Falls Court, Durham Street
McCullough, Thos., carman's yard, Antrim Road
McCullough, William, shipwright, 11 North Thomas Street
McCullough, William, lithographic printer, 31 Friendly Street
McCullough, W., starch manufacturer and grain merchant, 105 Millfield
McCullough, William, mechanic, 12 McTier's Street
McCullough, William, bookkeeper, 61 Joy Street
McCullough, William, shoe maker, McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
McCully, John, cooper, 12 Washington Street
McCully, Mrs., boarding house, 10 College Square East
McCully, Robert, grocer, Shankhill Road
McCully, Thomas, car owner, 60 Peter's Hill
McCune, Alexander, ship builder, 10 Pilot Street
McCune, E., milliner, 17 Academy Street
McCune, Isaac, in Mr. Gelston's spirit store, North Street, 3 Ingram Place
McCune, John, engineer, Falls Road
McCune, Mrs., 12 Queen Street
McCune, Richard, spirit dealer, 17 Albert Square
McCune, William, builder, Castle Street
McCurley, Mary, boarding house, 46 McTier's Street
McCurry, Ann, grocer, 4 Carrickhill
McCurry, Catherine, clothes dealer, 3 Smithfield
McCurtin and Riley, grocers and flour merchants, 31 Chichester Street
McCutcheon, Eliza, white worker, Murphy Street
McCutcheon, John, pilot, 16 North Ann Street
McCutcheon, Samuel, fancy box maker, 34 Joy Street
McDade, Mrs. Mary, 12 Welsh Street
McDermot, Matthew, horse shoer, 9 Seymour Lane and 1 Seymour Street
McDermott, Patrick, dealer, 49 Alexander Street
McDermott, William, tobacco spinner, 56 Green Street
McDonald, Alexander, Scrabo stone yard, Police Square, Newtownards
McDonald, Alexander, stone cutter, 46 York Street; residence, Newtownards
McDonald, Alexander, clerk Harbour Commissioners' office, Queen's Square
McDonald, Bernard, haberdasher and cap manufacturer, 78 North Street
McDonald, Christie, slater, 53 North Queen Street
McDonald, Francis, flax dealer, 6 Lower Kent Street
McDonald, Henry, car driver, 39 Vere Street
McDonald, James, ship broker, 20 Dock Street
McDonald, Jas., agent to Fullarton & Sons, publishers, 45 Upper Arthur Street
McDonald, John, tobacconist, 4 North Street and 25 Eliza Street
McDonald, James, clerk, 32 Mustard Street
McDonald, John, starch maker, 25 Mitchell Street
McDonald, John, carpenter, 151 Lower Malone
McDonald, James, pensioner, McClenaghan's Court
McDonald, Mrs., 23 Queen's Square
McDonald, Mrs., 4 Pakenham Place
McDonald, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 81 Green Street
McDonald, Samuel, spirit dealer, 20 Hill Street
McDonald, Sarah, dealer, 16 Pottinger's Entry
McDonald, William, store, 33 North Thomas Street
McDonald, William, clerk Harbour Commissioners' office, Queen's Square
McDonald, William, shoe maker, 17 Alexander Street
McDonnell, Charles, tobacconist, 5 High Street; residence, 1 May Street
McDonnell, David, barber, 5 Prince's Street
McDonnell, Edward, cheese and bacon dealer, Falls Road, Police Square
McDonnell, Francis, dealer, 24 Millfield
McDonnell, Francis, pawn broker, 29 Rosemary Street
McDonnell, Hugh, teacher of the Irish language, 88 Millfield
McDonnell, James, sawyer, 32 Academy Street
McDonnell, James, porter, 44 Cromac Street
McDonnell, Jane, shirt maker, 44 Joy Street
McDonnell, James, cooper, 26 Caxton Street
McDonnell, John, and Co., merchants, 5 Skipper Street
McDonnell, John, butler, 3 Earl Street
McDonnell, John, tea, tobacco and snuff warehouse, 4 North Street
McDonnell, John, green grocer, 17 Castle Market
McDonnell, Mrs., shoe maker, 18 Alexander Street
McDonnell, Mrs., 2 Abbotsford Place
McDonnell, Thomas, Q.C., Eglantine, Lisburn Road
McDonnell, William, publican and boarding house, 5 Upper Church Lane
McDornan, Esther, 1 Wellington Square
McDornan, John, pawn broker, 28 Durham Street and 14 College Street South
McDowell, Hugh, brick layer, Old Malone Road
McDowell, John, sailor, 11 Union Place
McDowell, John, carpenter, 133 Durham Street
McDowell, John, cow keeper, Welsh Street
McDowell, John, blacksmith, 54 Frederick Street
McDowell, John, grocer, wholesale and retail, Victoria Street, 16 Hamilton Street
McDowell, John, carding master, 27 Wall Street
McDowell, John, cooper, 71 Millfield
McDowell, John, chandler, 37 Little Donegall Street
McDowell, John, green grocer, 21 May Street
McDowell, Margaret, lodgings, 3 Gamble Street
McDowell, Mrs. Susanna, 23 Roy Street
McDowell, Mrs., 34 Upper Arthur Street
McDowell, M., haberdasher, 6 Ann Street
McDowell, Robert, clothes dealer, 45 Berry Street
McDowell, Samuel, clerk, 14 Russell Street
McDowell, Samuel, saddler, 11 Police Square
McDowell, Sarah, 10 Riley's Place
McDowell, Timothy, coach maker, 19 Stanfield Street
McDowell, Thomas, builder and scantling yard, 58 York Street
McDowell, William, shoe maker, 41 Hudson's Entry
McDowell, William, mechanic, 18 Nile Street
McDowell, William, sea captain, 19 North Ann Street
McElherron, Eneas, sailor, 49 Tomb Street
McEntee, Francis, grocer, 42 Hercules Street
McEntee, Patrick, teacher, 4 Fountain Street
McEntire, John A., silk manufacturer, 14 Commercial Court, Carrickfergus Road
McEntire, John, merchant, 15 Fountain Street, 10 Albion Place
McEvoy, T., grocer, 34 Barrack Street
McEwen, Daniel, ship carpenter, 69 Ship Street
McEwen, John, mariner, 8 Little Ship Street
McFadden, James, cooper, 20 Charles Street
McFadden, Jas., stave merchant and ship owner, 26 Tomb Street, Great Patrick Street
McFadden, Mrs., leather dealer, 74 Ann Street, 21 Gloucester Street
McFall, Cornelius, shoe maker, 64 Little Donegall Street
McFall, Charles, blacksmith, 47 Grove Street
McFall, John, porter, 50 Townsend Street
McFall, William, porter, 58 Frederick Street
McFarland, Adam, cooper, publican and grocer, 56 and 58 Great Patrick Street
McFarland, Joseph, grocer, 2 Wesley Place
McFarland, James, mechanic, 15 Wilson Street
McFarland, James, revenue boatman, 46 North Thomas Street
McFarland, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 and 14 Old Malone Road
McFarland, William, warper, 6 Wesley Place
McFarlane, John, clock and watch maker, 93 North Street, 30 Sandy Row
McFarlane, John, watch maker, 30 Lower Malone
McFarley, Patrick, pensioner, 55 North Queen Street
McFerran, James, coal yard, Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett
McFerran, James, ship broker, 39 Corporation Street
McFerran, Miss, dress maker, 43 Little May Street
McFerran, Robert, ship carpenter, 20 Little Corporation Street
McFerran, William, publican and lodging house, 18 Albert Square
McGaghey, William, blacksmith, 6 Moffett Street
McGahan, Robert, grocer, 21 Cullingtree Place
McGallarty, Daniel, lodging house, 14 Curtis Street
McGarrell, John, butcher, 71 Peter's Hill
McGarry, Bridget, dealer, 25 Henrietta Street
McGarry, John, spirit dealer, 19 John Street
McGarry, John, grocer and publican, 39 Lancaster Street
McGarry, Robert, fisherman, 45 Tomb Street
McGarry, William, pensioner, 15 Curtis Street
McGartland, Sylvester, coal dealer, etc., 34 Talbot Street
McGaughey, George, brick layer, 5 William's Lane
McGawley, William, porter, 10 Grattan Street
McGeagh, R. T., woollen draper and haberdasher, Hercules Place, 3 Franklin Place
McGeaghan, Hugh, dealer, 36 Market Street
McGeary, Thomas, sawyer, 62 Alexander Street
McGee, Ann, 17 Lagan Street
McGee, Bridget, 7 Renwick Place
McGee, Catherine, washer woman, Shankhill Road
McGee, John, butler, 4 Shipboy Street
McGee, J., boot and shoe maker, 23 Church Lane
McGee, John G., & Co., Pantechnetheca, clothiers and outfitters, 46 and 48 High Street
McGee, John G., 8 Sussex Place
McGee, Jeremiah, brick layer, 18 Greenland Street
McGee, John, porter, 22 Moffett Street
McGee, Jane, 18 Nelson Street
McGee, James, weaver, 29 Samuel Street
McGee, Miss Eliza, 10 Stanley Place
McGee, Robert, in foundry, 9 Unity Street
McGee, William, M.D., surgeon, R.N., 10 Donegall Square East
McGenarty, Hugh, green grocer, 11 Ormond Market, Great Patrick Street
McGennity, Hugh, grocer, 114 Millfield
McGennity, Michael, provision dealer, 13 Hill Street
McGeough, Charles, butcher, 64 Barrack Street
McGeough, M., baker, 62 Barrack Street
McGibbon, Samuel, night constable, Smith Street
McGibbon, Valentine, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 and 7 North King Street
McGiffen, Henry, overseer, 55 North Thomas Street
McGilaway, James, shoe maker, 6 Townsend Street
McGimpsey, A., publican, 11 Brown Street
McGimpsey, John, 6 Durham Street
McGinley, George, clothes dealer, 19, 21 and 34 Berry Street
McGinnis, Denis, printer, 22 North Queen Street
McGinnis, James, warper, 25 McTier's Street
McGinniss, Miss, teacher, 5 Sarah Street
McGirvan, Matthew, publican, 6 Little Patrick Street
McGladdery, James, Post Office, Rosemary Street
McGladdery, Samuel, provision dealer, 31 Union Street
McGlade, Charles and Patrick, grocery and spirit store, Caxton Street, 34 and 26 Edward Street and 8 Green Street
McGlade, Henry, spirit store, 55 Edward Street, Mill Street
McGlenn, Margaret, lodgings, 12 Black's Place
McGoff, James, pensioner, 65 Carrick Hill
McGlone, William, porter, 6 Stanfield Court
McGonigal, John, cooper, 25 Green Street
McGonigal, John, cooper, 40 Edward Street
McGonigill, Thomas, writing clerk, 19 Robert Street
McGookin, Mary, lodging house, 54 Carrick Hill
McGoughey, Isabella, provision dealer, 27 Smithfield
McGouran, Peter, spirit store, 1 Berry Street and 2 Hercules Street
McGouran, Richard, spirit dealer, 9 Frederick Street
McGovern, James, bleacher, 43 Conway Street
McGovern, Robert, porter, 69 Union Street
McGowan, Charles, hatter, 106 Millfield
McGowan, Edward, shoe maker, 41 Stephen Street
McGowan, Edward, foreman timber yard, 1 Stanhope Street
McGowan, James, flax dresser, 31 Conway Street
McGowan, James, mechanic, 4 Duffy's Place
McGowan, John, clerk, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
McGowan, Margaret, marine store, 67 Union Street
McGowan, Mrs., boarding house, 1 Joy Street
McGowan, Thomas, mariner, 89 Nelson Street
McGowan, Wm., day constable, 19 Stanhope Street
McGrade, James, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 26 Marquis Street
McGrady, John, car owner, 6 Welsh Street
McGrady. Patrick, hostler, 17 Galway Court
McGrannell, Neal, shoe maker, 15 Alexander Street
McGrath, John, hay and straw dealer and lodging house, May Street
McGrath, Thomas, caravansary, 17 George's Lane
McGraw, Hugh, waste dealer, 13 Edward Street
McGraw, Wm., servant, 8 Economy Place
McGredy, Robert, fruiterer, 10 Hammond's court
McGreevey, Michael, stone sawyer, 71 Grattan Street
McGreevy, Hugh, water man, 25 Upper Lagan Street
McGreevy, Richard, pilot, 27 North Thomas Street
McGreevy, Thomas, tailor, 158 Millfield
McGregor, Dr., accoucheur, 27 Barrack Street
McGregor, J. B., surgeon, 34 Upper Arthur Street
McGregor, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 23 Mary's Market
McGrim, James, car driver, 34 Upper Lagan Street
McGrillan, Jane, mangler, 66 Verner Street
McGrillan, Thomas, horse dealer, 7 Seymour Lane
McGrory, Denis, tobacco spinner, 4 Torrens' Market
McGrotty, John B., & Co., woollen drapers, hatters & clothiers, 23 Bridge Street
McGrotty, John B., 26 College Street
McGuickan, Hugh, boiler maker, 42 North Thomas Street
McGuickan, John, master mariner, 10 Shipboy Street
McGuickan, Wm., smith, 13 Gordon Street
McGuigan, Hugh, publican, grocer and butter merchant, 62 Great Patrick Street
McGuigan, James, lodgings, 65 Barrack Street
McGuigan, James, locksmith, 4 Long Lane and Falloon's Court
McGuigan, John, yarn carrier, 4 Moffet Street
McGuigan, Wm., rope maker, McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
McGnirk, Patrick, goldsmith, jeweller and bog-oak carver, 66 High Street
McGurk, Arthur, pensioner, 43 Old Lodge Road
McGurk, Archibald, brick layer, 29 William Street
McGurk, Thomas, publican, 44 North Queen Street
McGurk, Terence, green grocer, 68 Mill Street
McHannay, Francis, dealer, 1 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
McHenry, Daniel, publican, 2 Church Street and 50 Donegall Street
McHenry, Paul, civil engineer, 31 Arthur Street
McHinch, Robert, wholesale and retail grocer, 33 Church Lane, 6 Sussex Place
McHugh, Bernard and Edward, wholesale and retail Manchester and Glasgow warehouse, 12 Rosemary Street; residence, 24 Upper Arthur Street
McHugh, Edward, hat and cap warehouse, 26 Bridge Street
McIlhatton, Miss, 17 Moffet Street
McIlhayney, Dennis, carpenter, Shankhill Road
McIlheron, Daniel, publican, 1 Durham Street
McIlherron, Jane, dress maker, 32 Vere Street
McIlrea, Wm., patters printer, 5 John Street
McIlneel, James, day constable, 5 Annette Street
McIlroy, Andrew, carman's yard, 137 North Street
McIlroy, Charles, car driver, 7 Thomas Street
McIlroy, Daniel, dealer, 5 New Lodge Road
McIlroy, Elizabeth, lodgings, 14 Round Entry
McIlroy, Esther, 25 Nelson Street
McIlroy, Hugh, night constable, 10 Melbourne Street
McIlroy, Mrs. E., dress maker, 12 Lancaster Street
McIlroy, Patrick, grocer and publican, 41 Gardner Street
McIlroy, Robert, book deliverer, 9 McTier's Street
McIlroy, Wm., publican and grocer, 137 North Street
McIlveen, Arthur, cloth lapper, 17 Cullingtree Place
McIlveen, Bernard, watchman, 14 North Ann Street
McIlveen, Joseph, carpenter, Roy Street
McIlveen, John, engine man, 70 Brown Street
McIlveen, John, haberdasher, 116 North Street
McIlveen, James, mechanic, 20 Boundary Street
McIlveen, Thomas, nailer, 29 Carrickhill
McIlveen, Wm., spirit dealer, 1 Moore's Place
McIlveen, Wm., carpenter, 11 Lower Stanfield Street
McIlvenna, Alexander, revenue officer, 6 Trafalgar Street
McIlveeny, Thomas, car man, 4 Dayton Place
McIlvogue, Felix, shoe maker, 2 McMillen's Place
McIlwaine, Agnes, 46 Brown Street
McIlwaine, Alexander, revenue boatman, 39 North Thomas Street
McIlwaine, Rev. Wm., 4 Royal Terrace
McIlwaine, Samuel, car owner, 16 Bond Street
McIlwee, John, printer, 61 Carrickhill
McIlwrath, Wm., grocer, 34 Boundary Street
McIlwrath, Wm., and Co., canvass, sheeting, sacking, damask, etc., manufacturers, 4 Donegall Street Place, factory, Sackville Street
McIlwrath, Wm., of Wm. McIlwrath & Co., 3 Ardmoulin Place
McIndoe, Thos. C., sewed muslin manufacturer, 7 Waring Street, 8 Albion Place
McInnes, John, seaman, 8 Robert Street
McIntosh, Robert, bookkeeper, 5 William's Place
McIntyre, Archibald, engineer, Grove Street
McIntyre, James, of Simms and McIntyre, 19 College Square East
McIntyre, James, head constable, Edward's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
McIvor, Wm., brass founder, brazier and gasfitter, 11 Castle Street
McKavana, Patrick, marine store, 11 Old Lodge Road
McKavanagh, Henry, timber merchant, 15 Queen Street
McKavanagh, James, spirit dealer, Falls Road
McKavanagh, John, timber merchant, 13 Queen Street
McKay, Bernard, grocer and publican, 62 Millfield
McKay, Francis, carpenter, 17 Henrietta Street
McKay, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Lower Chichester Street
McKay, Henry, pensioner, 12 Mary's Market
McKay, James, weigh master in custom house, 2 Johnston's Place, Ballymacarrett
McKeag, James, brick layer, 10 McTier's Street
McKean, David, agent for S. R. and T. Brown of Glasgow, 82 Donegall Street
McKeating, Edward, saddler, 6 Nelson Street
McKeating, John, boot and shoe maker, 9 Little May Street
McKechnie, James, compositor, 10 Grace Street
McKedy, Miss, 11 York Street
McKee, Alexander, tailor, 23 Pottinger's Entry
McKee, Ann, lodgings, 12 Union Street
McKee, Arthur, painter, Ross Street
McKee, Arthur, tide waiter, Little Ship Street
McKee, Daniel, master of vessel, 12 Caroline Street
McKee, Ellen, white worker, 52 Great Patrick Street
McKee, Francis, chandler, 7 Black's Place
McKee, Henry, car man, 16 Little Patrick Street
McKee, James, designer, 3 James's Place
McKee, James, pawn broker, 112 High Street
McKee, James, sewed muslin manufacturers, 2 Gamble Street and 19 Corporation Street; residence, 13 Dock Street
McKee, James A., of Jennymount Flax Mill, York Road
McKee, John, confectioner, 30 Union Street
McKee, J. and J., wholesale and retail grocers, 69 High Street, 34 Gloucester Street
McKee, John, chandler, 15 Morrow's Entry
McKee, Mrs., bonnet maker, 45 Mill Street
McKee, Mrs., 32 North Queen Street
McKee, Mrs., 5 Sussex Place
McKee, Mary, 9 Cullingtree Street
McKee, Robert, plumber, 45 Mill Street
McKee, Samuel, sewed muslin manufacturer, 45 Great Patrick Street
McKee, Sarah, washer woman, 61 Pound Street
McKee, Thomas, cooper, 52 Barrack Street
McKee, William, book binder, Pottinger's Entry
McKeever, James, tobacco spinner, 21 Campbell's Buildings, Townsend Street
McKeever, John, gate keeper in Messrs. Herdman's Stores, 65 Brown's Square
McKeever, John, butcher, 20 Shankhill Road
McKeever, James, seaman, 58 Little Patrick Street
McKeith, Daniel, boot maker, 7 Boyd Street
McKeldin, John, clothier, 24 Corporation Street
McKellar, Robert, brass moulder, 9 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
McKelvay, David, book binder, 15 Stanfield Street
McKelvey, David, pattern drawer, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
McKelvey, John, water man, 1 Steam Mill Lane
McKelvey, John, whitesmith, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
McKelvey, Mrs. Jane, 37 Joy Street
McKelvey, Robert, shoe maker, 47 Tomb Street
McKelvey, Samuel, mechanic, Lagan Village, Ballymacarrett
McKelvey, William, carpenter, Bradbury Place
McKembly, Rose Ann, dealer, 34 Winetavern Street
McKendry, Denis, grocer, 98 Carrickhill
McKendry, Hugh and Co., wholesale and retail glass, paint, oil and colour merchants, 6 Waring Street
McKenna, Francis, carpenter, Ballymacarrett
McKenna, James and John, grocers and spirit dealers, 15 Lagan Street
McKenna, James, provision dealer, 35 Smithfield
McKenna, John, spirit dealer, 200 North Street
McKenna, John, grocer, foreign fruit and wine and spirit merchant, etc., 73 Donegall Street and 1 York Street, 39 and 41 Academy Street
McKenna, John, draper & haberdasher, sign of the "golden lamb," 20 Bridge Street
McKenna, John, ship carpenter, 3 Meadow Lane
McKenna, John, provision dealer, Hudson's Entry and 36 Smithfield
McKenna, John, butcher, 31 Edward Street
McKenna, John, butcher, 3 Albert Square South
McKenna, James, nailer, McAdam's Court
McKenna, Mary, lodgings, 16 Marquis Street
McKenna, Michael, brass founder, 30 Friendly Street
McKenna, Mrs., dealer in wool, 1 Chapel Lane
McKenna, Owen, dealer, 19 Durham Street
McKenna, Patrick, lumper, 12 North Ann Street
McKenna, Patrick, publican, Falls Road
McKenna, Patrick James, dealer, 1 Winetavern Street
McKenna, Patrick, flax scutcher, 48 Union Street
McKenna, Rev. Francis, 97 Donegall Street
McKenna, Stephen, clothes dealer, 27 Berry Street
McKenna, Terence, sawyer, 34 Verner Street
McKenna, Thomas, dealer, 26 New Lodge Road
McKenna, Thomas, & Co., linen and woollen drapers, 12, 14 & 16 Bridge Street
McKenna, Thomas, car man, 67 Millfield
McKenna, Wm., horse bazaar, veterinary surgeon, 47 Gloucester Street, 2 May Street
McKenney, Peter, butter merchant, 47 Edward Street
McKenny, Tully, solicitor, 3 Arthur Street
McKenzie, John, clerk Northern Bank, 8 Hamilton Street
McKenzie, James, painter, 75 Grattan Street
McKenzie, James, blacksmith, 82 Nelson Street
McKenzie, John, brass founder, 16 Catherine Street
McKenzie, Matthew, pattern drawer, etc., 21 Nelson Street
McKenzie, Shaw and Co., corn mills, 61 Mill Street
McKenzie, William, boot and shoe maker, 8 Melbourne Street
McKeown, Daniel, custom house officer, 50 Frederick Street
McKeown, Daniel, and Son, muslin manufacturers, 8 Elliott's Court
McKeown, Eliza, dress maker and white worker, 4 Union Street
McKeown, Francis, pensioner, 10 Sussex Street
McKeown, Hugh, house painter, 52 Ann Street
McKeown, Hugh, lodging house, 67 Carrickhill
McKeown, Hugh, painter, 32 Talbot Street
McKeown, John, tailor, 7 Chapel Lane
McKeown, John, clerk, 10 Wall Street
McKeown, James, musician, 33 and 35 Carrickhill
McKeown, Margaret, 57 Verner Street
McKeown, Mrs., dealer, 99 Carrickhill
McKeown, Mrs., 121 York Street
McKeown, Michael, hackler, Ashmore Street, Conway Street
McKeown, Margaret, dealer, 4 New Lodge Road
McKeown, Margaret, lodging house, 68 Carrickhill
McKeown, Rose, dealer, 25 Millfield
McKeown, Robert, weigh master, 2 Union Place
McKeown, William, dealer in old books, 4 Smithfield
McKeown, William, butler, 12 Sarah Street
McKeown, William, Fountain Street Tavern, 6 Fountain Street
McKey, Francis, grocery and spirit store, 2 Great Edward Street
McKibbin, A., of Northern Bank, 51 Donegall Street
McKibbin, Dr. Robert, 13 Chichester Street; residence, Avoneil
McKibbin, Frances, boarding house, 11 Gloucester Street
McKibbin, George & Hugh, provision merchants, 83 York Street
McKibbin, Hugh, gentleman, Woodstock Place, Ballymacarrett
McKibbin, James, dealer, 80 Lower Malone
McKibbin, James, reeling master, 6 Campbell's Buildings, Conway Street
McKibbin, John, tailor, 4 Francis Street
McKibbin, Jane, lodgings, 33 Stanley Street
McKibbin, James, grocer and publican, Charters' Buildings, Falls Road
McKibbin, John, & Co., engravers and lithographers, 67 High Street
McKibbin, M. & A., & Co., milliners and dress makers, 51 Donegall Street
McKibbin, Robert, Conn's water flax spinning mill, Ballymacarrett, Avoneil
McKibbin, Thomas, bundler, 1 O'Hagarty Street
McKinlay, James, ship carpenter, 34 North Thomas Street
McKinney, Cornelius, last maker, 14 Ritchie's Place
McKinney, Elizabeth, boarding house, 7 Telfair's Entry
McKinney, James, last maker, Hudson's Entry
McKinney, John, last maker, 19 Ritchie's Place
McKinney, Peter, butter merchant, 6 Butter Market, 47 Edward Street
McKinney, William, hardware and timber merchant, 42 Rosemary Street
McKinney, William, stone mason, 49 New Lodge Road
McKinstry, John, painter, 20 Russell Street
McKinty, Samuel, coal carrier, 9 Little York Street
McKisack, James, 47 Upper Arthur Street, office, 10 Corporation Street
McKittrick, Henry, in Mr. McCaldin's, Waring Street, 4 Trafalgar Street
McKnight, James, LL.D., editor of the Banner, 4 Linenhall Street
McLaine, Alexander and Sons, ship builders, Graving Dock, Corporation Street
McLaine, John, weaver, Harmony Place
McLarnin, Andrew, sawyer, 39 Market Street
McLarnon, David, timber dealer, 93 Peter's Hill
McLarnon, David, carpenter and dealer, 40 Winetavern Street
McLarnon, Henry, publican, 31 Devis Street
McLarnon, Henry, spirit dealer, 26 Smithfield
McLarnon, James, spirit dealer, 28 Southwell Street
McLarnon, James, hair dresser, 6 Gamble Street
McLarnon, John, mechanic, Ashmore Street, Conway Street
McLarnon, Patrick, brick layer, 18 Mitchell Street
McLarnon, Patrick, shoe maker, 11 Devis Street
McLaughlin, Arthur, Millfield
McLaughlin, Charles, cart maker, 31 West Street
McLaughlin, Edward, mariner, 12 Store Lane
McLaughlin, Esther, 18 Melbourne Street
McLaughlin, Francis, tobacconist & grocer, 65 High Street, 2 Donegall Square South
McLaughlin, Gregory, block printer, Ashmore Street, Conway Street
McLaughlin, Henry, builder, 4 Wall Street
McLaughlin, Hugh, coach maker, 36 Mustard Street
McLaughlin, James, cart maker and smith, 20 West Street
McLaughlin, John, cooper, 31 Mustard Street
McLaughlin, John, grocery and spirit stores, 1 Brown Square & 43 Brown Street
McLaughlin, J., publican, undertaker, hay and straw dealer, 17 West Street
McLaughlin, John, wholesale tobacconist, 4 Donegall Street
McLaughlin, John, store keeper, 28 Shipboy Street
McLaughlin, James, barber, 31 Peter's Hill
McLaughlin, John, spirit store and grocery, 5 Curtis Street
McLaughlin, J., curds and cream house, Antrim Road
McLaughlin, John, currier, 16 Staunton Street
McLaughlin, Maxwell, publican and auctioneer, 28 Marquis Street
McLaughlin, Neill, mariner, 23 Green Street
McLaughlin, Patrick, brick layer, 63 Boundary Street
McLaughlin, Robert, mechanic, 5 Upton Street
McLaughlin, Terence, carter, Shankhill Road
McLaughlin, Thomas, painter and glazier, 20 Melbourne Street
McLaughlin, Wm., writing clerk, 7 Russell Street
McLaughlin, William, clothes dealer, 36 Berry Street
McLaughlin, William, mechanic, 91 Boundary Street
McLaughlin, William, smith, 42 Brown Street
McLaverty, Henry, night constable, 21 Wall Street
McLean, Bernard, clerk, 6 York Road
McLean, David, railway porter, 3 Moore's Place
McLean, James, clerk, Old Malone Road
McLean, James, card fitter, 8 Raphael Street
McLean, James, copper smith, 13 Cullingtree Place
McLeish, William, manufacturing chemist, Gregg's Row, Ballymacarrett
McLorinan, Henry, delf, china and glass warehouse, 42 Smithfield
McLorinan, Hugh, grocer, spirit dealer, etc., 46 Institution Place
McLornan, Patrick, marine store, 50 Union Street
McLurcan, William, 2 Ship Street
McMahon, John, butcher, 73 Hercules Street
McMahon, John, coach maker, 27 West Street
McMahon, James, provision dealer, 49 Hudson's Entry and 34 Smithfield
McMahon, Miss M., milliner and straw bonnet maker, 24 Stanhope Street
McMahon, Mary A., 7 East Street
McMahon, Owen, grocer and plasterer, 28 Grattan Street
McMahon, Patrick, hostler, 26 Moffet Street
McMahon, Patrick, tailor, Hudson's Row
McMahon, Thomas, moulder, 18 Michael Street
McMahon, Thomas, butcher, 82 John Street
McMahon, William, sea captain, 57 Nelson Street
McMahon, William, butcher, 55 John Street, North Street
McManamy, Charles, porter in brewery, 2 Chapel Lane
McManus, Eliza, 14 Charles Street
McManus, Francis, grocery and spirit shop, 8 Corporation Street
McManus, James, porter, 38 Winetavern Street
McManus, John, publican, 54 Hercules Street
McManus, James, spirit store, 1 Birch Street
McManus, Mrs., boarding house, 25 Cromac Road
McMaster, Alexander, clerk, Anderson's Houses, Ballymacarrett
McMaster, A., carpenter, 73 Barrack Street
McMaster, Robert, carpenter, McMaster's Row
McMaster, Thomas, pork cutter, 34 Little Donegall Street
McMeekan, James, marble and stone yard, 5 Victoria Street
McMeekan, Margaret, grocer, 28 Prince's Street
McMeekan, Robert, shoe maker, 45 North Thomas Street
McMeekan, William, porter, 8 Greenland Street
McMenamy, Edward, spirit dealer, 14 Hercules Street
McMichael, Hugh, lodgings, 7 Prince's Street
McMillan and Smyth, bakery, 66 Great Patrick Street
McMillan, Duncan, blacksmith, 20 Telfair's Entry
McMillan, James, grocer, Lagan Village, Ballymacarett
McMillan, James, provision store, 150 North Street
McMillan, John, publican, 17 North Queen Street
McMillan, John, saddler, 3 Edward Street
McMillen, John, tailor, 15 Gordon Street
McMillan, Jane, upholstress, 8 Hercules Place
McMillan, Ruth, grocer, confectioner and upholstress, 89 York Street
McMillan, Robert, spirit merchant, 10 Johnston's Buildings, Victoria Place
McMillan, Samuel, dealer in tow, etc., 2 Washington Street
McMillan, William, cabinet maker, 35 Joy Street
McMillen, Samuel, tow merchant, 14 Academy Street
McMinn, A. and M., dress makers, 9 Nelson Street
McMinn, James, warper, 9 Nelson Street
McMinn, Robert, shoe maker, 1 Charles Street
McMoran, James, linen weaver, 8 Wesley Place
McMoran, Margaret, grocer, Gooseberry Corner, Ballymacarrett
McMoreland, James, spirit dealer, 26 and 28 Gamble Street
McMonagle, painter and glazier, 42 Great George's Street
McMullan and Co., linen merchants, 8 Rosemary Street, 46 Great George's Street
McMullan, Alexander, painter, 11 Castle Street
McMullan, Andrew, rope maker, 9 Boundary Street
McMullan, Ann, stay and corset maker, 10 Mill Street
McMullan, David, clerk, 3 Unity Street
McMullan, David, boot and shoe maker, 1 Stanfield Street
McMullan, David, clerk, 3 Unity Street
McMullan, Hugh, spirit dealer, 53 Carrick Hill
McMullan, Hugh, pensioner, 6 Hamilton's Place
McMullan, Hugh, clerk, 59 Verner Street
McMullan, Isabella, white worker, 3 William Street
McMullan, John, lapper, 7 Michael Street
McMullan, John, tailor, 1 Cambridge Street
McMullan, John, iron moulder, 14 Sackville Place
McMullan, James, flax dresser, 49 Currel's Place
McMullan, Mary, boarding house, 30 Stanhope Street
McMullan, Matthew, chandler and soap boiler, Corn Market, 15 Gloucester Street
McMullan, Michael, posting establishment, 14 Wellington Street
McMullan, Michael, 10 Wellington Street
McMullan, Mary, bonnet maker, 3 Charlemont Street
McMullan, Patrick, tanner and leather merchant, 36 Mill Street
McMullan, Samuel, tailor, 10 Mill Street
McMullan, William, sea captain, 44 Earl Street
McMullan, William John, reporter, Agnes Place, Shankhill Road
McMullen, James, stone cutter, 27 Gordon Street
McMullen, William, warper, 4 Telfair's Entry
McMurdie, Margaret, bag sewer, 23 Sackville Street
McMurray, Edward, in Rowan's foundry, 18 Nile Street
McMurray, Hugh, tailor, 5 Coates Street
McMurray, Mrs., Ormeau Street
McMurray, Mrs., 70 Little Patrick Street
McMurray, Margaret, 65 Little Patrick Street
McMurray, Robert, tailor, 14 Mustard Street
McMurray, Samuel, tailor, 3 Russell Street
McMurray, Wallace, carpenter, 45 Market Street
McMurtry, James, provision dealer, 50 Edward Street
McMurtry, Mary, publican, 8 Great Patrick Street
McNabb, John, carpenter, 26 Little York Street
McNair, Thomas, writing clerk, 3 Glentilt Place, Old Lodge Road
McNally, Agnes, lodgings, 22 Grattan Street
McNally, James, bookkeeper, 10 Upton Street
McNally, Miss, dress maker, 30 Little May Street
McNally, Robert, ship agent, 12 Short Street
McNamara, Daniel, 1 New Lodge Road
McNamara, H., rope and sail maker, 26 Church Lane
McNamee, John, flax dresser, 3 Duffy's Place
McNamee, Thomas, day constable, 21 Brown's Square
McNaughtan, Miss, 8 Ormeau Place
McNaughtan, Rev. John, Duncairn House
McNaughten, John, constable, Board of Health, 8 Lancaster Street
McNea, James, architect and surveyor, 93 York Street
McNeice, Conway, cow keeper, 1 Campbell's Place, Old Lodge Road
McNeice, Robert, cabinet maker, 29 Boyd Street
McNeight, James, gardener, 19 Friendly Street
McNeilage, A., Captain of Prince of Wales, 10 Henry Street
McNeill, Daniel, dealer, 64 Carrickhill
McNeill, Hugh, commission agent and sugar broker, 29 Waring Street; residence, 14 Great George's Street
McNeill, Hugh, dealer, Keenan's Place, Ballymacarrett
McNeill, James, clothes renovator, 11 Lancaster Street
McNeill, John, pilot, 5 Shipboy Street
McNeill, Mary, straw bonnet maker, 2 Henrietta Street
McNeill, Mrs., 3 Robert Street
McNeill, Neill, brick layer, 19 Brown Street
McNeill, Owen, publican, 13 Mary's Market
McNeill, Wm., linen lapper, 38 Peter's Hill
McNeill, Wm., hardware merchant, 4 Adelaide Place
McNeilly, John, paper maker, 5 Staunton Street
McNeilly, Rebecca, dress maker, Harmony Place
McNeilly, Samuel, smith, 75 Green Street
McNichol, James, dealer, 48 North Queen Street
McNichol, William, boot maker, 9 Stanfield Street
McNiece, W. J., medical hall, 29 Corporation Street
McPeak, Edward, 31 Catherine Street North
McPeak, Eliza, grocer, 30 Charlemont Street
McPeak, James, pedlar, 190 North Street
McPeake, John, sawyer, 22 Millfield
McPherson, Daniel, engineer, 6 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
McPherson, Major, Fountainville Cottage
McPherson, Peter, & Co., sugar brokers & commission agents, 15 Rosemary Street
McPhilips, John, mariner, 2 Sussex Street
McPoland, Michael, dealer, 8 Lagan Street
McPolin, Hugh, dealer, 22 Stanfield Street
McQuade, Tobias, baker, 28 Barrack Street
McQuaide, John, porter, Caxton Street
McQuaide, Patrick, cooper, 13 Millfield
McQuaide, Robert, spirit dealer, 41 Millfield and 30 West Street
McQuaide, Robert, spirit dealer, 30 West Street
McQuigan, Thomas, ropewalk, New Road, Ballymacarrett
McQuillan, Charles, shoe maker, Falls Road
McQuillan, Cornelius, butcher, 7 York Street
McQuillan, Edward, shoe maker, 24 Pound Street
McQuillan, Hugh, grocer, 3 Barrack Street
McQuillan, Patrick, grocer, 13 North King Street
McQuillan, Patrick, pawn broker, 39 Gardiner Street
McQuillan, Robert, writing clerk, 55 Grattan Street
McQuilland, Alexander, engraver, 5 Napier's Place
McQuilland, John, boot and shoe maker, 7 Peter's hill
McQuilland, Margaret, washer woman, 59 Vere Street
McQuilland, Wm., tailor, Falls Road
McQuilland, Wm., gold printer, etc., Falls Road Tavern, Devis Street
McQuiston, John and Thomas, painters, 16 Arthur Street
McQuiston, John, house painter, 8 Cullingtree Street
McQuiston, Robert, gentleman, 4 Cumberland Place, Donegall Pass
McQuiston, Thomas, painter, 2 Arthur Place
McQuoid, John, caretaker water works, Antrim Road
McQuoid, U., boot and shoe maker, 9 Church Lane
McReynolds and Knox, gingham and check manufacturers, 13 York Street
McRoberts, George, provision dealer, 25 Cromac Street
McRoberts, Hugh, green grocer, Ormond Market, Lower Staunton Street
McRoberts, Hugh, dealer, 27 Lower Stanfield street
McRoberts, Joseph, hackle maker, 2 Meadow Street
McRoberts, Samuel, publican, Downpatrick and Newtownards coach office, 11 Great Edward Street
McRoberts, Wm., Scripture reader, 1 Garden Place, Cromac Road
McSally, John, spirit dealer, 20 Gamble Street
McSally, Owen, boot and shoe maker, 45 Hudson's Entry
McShane, Charles, brick layer, 108 Millfield
McShane, P., lodging house, 75 Carrickhill
McShane, Patrick, auctioneer, 64 Smithfield
McSherry, Edward, carter, 41 Peter's Hill
McSherry, Richard, master mariner, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
McSorley, John, butcher, 51 Hercules Street
McSorley, John, in foundry, 25 Valentine Street
McSparron, Alexander, car owner, 24 North Thomas Street
McSperren, Charles, carter, Shankhill Road
McStay, Wm., grocer, 60 New Lodge Road
McStay, Wm., grocery, wine and spirit stores, 71 Smithfield
McTear, Ellen, 81 Nelson Street
McTear, George, merchant and steam packet agent, 33, 35 and 37 Donegall Quay; residence, Hazlebank
McTear, John, grocery, spirit and provision stores, 1 Gamble Street
McTear, John, grocer, publican and provision merchant, 19 Corporation Street
McTear, Margaret, 29 Lower Malone Road
McTier, Alex, master mariner, 12 North Thomas Street
McTier, David, book seller, 25 McTier's Street
McTier, James, gentleman, Vermont Lodge, Old lodge Road
McTier, Thomas, grocery and spirit store, 114 North Street
McTrustery, John, carpenter, 48 Boundary Street
McTurk, David, turner, 57 Grove Street
McVarnon, Elizabeth, white worker, 9 Little Patrick Street
McVea, David, green grocer, Cromac Street
McVey, Daniel, smith, 3 Hopeton Place
McVey, David, lodgings, 2 Prince's Court
McVeigh Brothers, feather merchants, 13 Church Lane; factory, 6 Gregg's Lane
McVeigh, Mary, washer woman, 14 Stanfield Street
McVeigh, Mary, 11 Galway Court
McVicker, Alexander, foreman boot and shoe maker, 64 Joy Street
McVicker, John, merchant clothier, 3 Donegall Place
McVicker, John, constable, 13 Chapel Lane
McWade, Francis, proprietor of Pottery Works, Ballymacarrett
McWade, James, brick and tile works, New Road, Ballymacarrett
McWade, James, grocer, 94 Carrickhill
McWade, Patrick, soap boiler, 22 Little Corporation Street
McWha, James, basket maker, Ballymacarrett
McWilliam, Mrs., confectionary, etc., Queen's Island
McWilliams, James, slip keeper, Queen's Island
McWilliams, John, watchman, 6 Brown Street
McWilliams, Mary Ann, 158 North Street, proprietress of the Eagle Inn
McWilliams, Robert, lodgings, 142 Millfield
McWilliams, Stewart, detective officer, 8 Gloucester Street
McWilliams, Sarah, 28 Old Lodge Road


Nannetti, Giacomo, statuary and artificial stone manufacturer, of 16 Brunswick Street, Dublin, 20 York Street
Napier, Hugh, shoe maker, 26 Lower Malone
Napier, James, tailor, 21 Wilson Street
Neeson, Francis, spirit store, 40 Mill Street and 1 King Street
Neild, James, commission agent, 3 Castle Chambers
Neill, Abraham, night constable, 32 Boundary Street
Neill & White, wine and spirit merchants, 7 Winecellar Entry
Neill Brothers, watch makers, jewellers, silversmiths & opticians, 23 High Street
Neill, Henry, and Co., grain merchants, 17 Albert Square, 2 Albion Place
Neill, John, gun maker, fishing tackle warehouse & bird preserver, 78 High Street
Neill, James, night constable, 20 Lower Stanfield Street
Neill, James, wine and spirit merchant, Winecellar Entry, Ballyrobin
Neill, John, salesman, 38 Gloucester Street
Neill, John, at Richardson, Sons and Owden's, 5 Calender Street and 6 May Street
Neill, John, starch maker, 3 Mitchell Street
Neill, James, mechanic, 4 Nile Street
Neill, James, lodgings, 4 Grattan Street
Neill, Mrs., 15 Dock Street
Neill, Robert, 40 Little York Street
Neill, Robert, jeweller, High Street; residence, 2 Albion Place
Neill, Robert, gentleman, 6 Murray's Terrace
Neill, Samuel, car man, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett
Neill, Wm., nailer, 73 Union Street
Neilly, Wm., spinning master, 53 Grove Street
Nelson, Adam, spirit dealer, 4 Garmoyle Street
Nelson, Andrew, tobacco spinner, 13 Kennedy's Place
Nelson, George, tailor and clothier, 12 Pottinger's Entry, Newtonbreda
Nelson, George, publican, 64 Great George's Street
Nelson, James, tailor, 42 Durham Street
Nelson, James, shoe maker, 35 Stanley Street
Nelson, James, smith and chain maker, 36 Winetavern Street
Nelson, Jane, dealer, 23 Winetavern Street
Nelson, Mary, 10 Mustard Street
Nelson, Mrs., dealer, 64 New Lodge Road
Nelson, Rev. Isaac, Presbyterian Church, Donegall Street, Sugarfield, Shankhill
Nelson, Robert, provision dealer, 50 Peter's Hill
Nelson, Samuel, West India merchant, Linen Hall; residence, Glendevis
Nelson, Wm., blacksmith, 9 Grove Street
Nelson, Wm., foreman printer, 2 Michael Street
Nelson, Wm., grocer, 2 Shankhill Road
Nesbit, David, designer and lithographer, 63 Academy Street
Nesbit, Joseph, writing clerk, 59 Joy Street
Nesbitt, Robert, 59 Joy Street
Nettleton, Miss Eliza, dress maker, 28 King Street
Neville, Cornelius, publican, 66 Smithfield
Neville, Robert, publican, 3 Marquis Street
Nevin, David, car driver, 7 Johnston's Court
Nevin, Wm., hair dresser, 23 Robert Street
Newberry, George, pensioner, 4 Upton Street
Newell, John, porter, 81 Boundary Street
Newell, John, school master, Ballynafeigh
Newell, Thomas, market man, 10 Renwick Place
Newell, Thomas, boarding house, 12 Skipper Street
Newett, Robert, coal merchant, 15 Unity Street
Newett, Robert, coal agent, 4 Queen's Square; office, 4 Queen's Quay
Newett, Wm., ship chandler, 2 Corporation Street, 9 Queen's Square
Newett, Wm., stone yard, 9 Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett
Niblock, Ann Jane, dealer, 59 Mill Street
Niblock, David, ship carpenter, 57 North Thomas Street
Niblock, Robert, mechanic, 70 Brown Street
Niblock, Wm., grocer and pork cutter, 82 Market Street
Nichol, Daniel, mechanic, 17 Cullingtree Street
Nichol, Jas., tavern, 21 Albert Square; soda water manufactory, 34 Gordon Street
Nichol, James, baker, 27 Donegall Street
Nichol, Susan, dealer, 140 Millfield
Nicholl, James, pork cutter, 17 Grace street
Nicholl, Mrs., fishing tackle and gunsmith warehouse, 10 High Street
Nicholl, Richard, mariner, 52 North Thomas Street
Nicholl, Samuel, pork cutter, 20 Little Edward Street
Nicholis, Wm., excise officer, 3 Windsor Place
Nicholson, John, carpenter, 141 Lower Malone
Nicholson, John H., wholesale grocer, 89 Queen's Square
Nicol, Henry, bookkeeper, Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett
Nimack, Joseph, cabinet maker, 12 Castle Street
Nimack, John, cabinet maker, Arthur Street and 16 Crown Entry
Nimmins, Andrew, millwright, 39 Melbourne Street
Nimoe, Jane, Ballymacarrett
Nixon, James, inland revenue officer, Donegall Pass
Nixon, James, travelling clerk, Donegall Pass
Nixon, James, boot and shoe maker, 145 Lower Malone
Nixon, Samuel, flax dresser, 10 Vere Street
Nixon, Samuel, shoe maker, 88 Old Lodge Road
Noble, Hugh, sawyer, 29 Pilot Street
Noble, James, haberdasher, 22 Robert Street
Noble, John James, medical student, 1 Spamount
Noble, James, dealer, Keenan's Place, Ballymacarrett
Noble, Miss, boarding house, 57 North Street
Noble, Margaret, 7 Long Lane
Nocher, John, linen and damask warehouse, 16 Arthur Street
Noel, Michael, car driver, 28 Pottinger's Entry
Nolan, Cornelius, servant, 27 Tomb Street
Nolan, George, publican, 120 Carrickhill
Nolan, Isaac, dealer, 44 Frederick Street
Noland, Miss, boarding house, 19 North Queen Street
Noon, Henry, publican and grocer, 54 Mill Street
Noon, Patrick, shoe maker, 1 Bell's Lane
Norris, James, pork cutter, 65 Vere Street
Norris, John, lime burner, 23 Mitchell Street
Norwood, David, assistant in lapping room, 18 Back Ship Street
Nugent, John, pensioner, 2 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Nugent, James, baker and grocer, 16 Curtis Street
Nugent, Mrs., boarding house, 75 Corporation Square
Nursey, Claude, head master School of Design; residence, Lower Crescent


Officer, Alexander, surgeon and licentiate apothecary, 43 York Street
Officer, Elizabeth, white worker, 1 Stanley Place
Ogle, Frederick, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Waring Street, 16 Victoria Place
Ogston, Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 39 High Street
Oldham, Edward, 5 Melbourne Street
Oldrin, James, tailor, 53 Joy Street
Oldrin, Mary and Sarah, children's linen warehouse, 20 Castle Place
Oliver, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister, 5 Joy Street
Oliver, Stewart, grocer and spirit dealer, 26 Eliza Street
Orem, Jane, clothes dealer, 25 Black's Place
Orr and Montgomery, solicitors, 3 The Castle, Castle Buildings; A. Montgomery's residence, Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett
Orr, David, carpenter, 4 Eliza Street
Orr, David, tailor, 29 Lancaster Street
Orr, David, butler, 49 McTier's Street
Orr, Henderson, writing clerk, 4 Joy Street
Orr, Hugh, sawyer, 7 Eliza Street
Orr, Hugh, clerk of petty sessions, 16 Queen Street
Orr, John, clerk, 4 North Queen Street
Orr, John, horse shoer and blacksmith, 10 and 16 Prince's Street
Orr, Joseph, seedsman, 5 Castle Place, 1 Little Victoria Street
Orr, John, confectioner and fancy biscuit maker, 18 Robert Street
Orr, Mrs., 13 Torrens' Market
Orr, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 4 Joy Street
Orr, Mrs., 1 Johnston's Place, New Road, Ballymacarrett
Orr, Mrs., Mount Pottinger, Ballymacarrett
Orr, Margaret, lodgings, 6 McMillan's Place
Orr, Matthew, ship carpenter, 14 Little Corporation Street
Orr, Mrs., servants' registry office, 1 Academy Street, 4 North Queen Street
Orr, Robert, linen merchant, 1 Glengall Street
Orr, Robert, excise officer, 1 Downshire Place
Orr, Robert, grocery and spirit store, 204 North Street
Orr, William Robert, clerk, Fleet Street
Orr, William, grocer, 50 North Queen Street
Orr, William, sawyer, 149 Lower Malone
Orr, Wm., & Sons, bleachers, Genalina; office, 3 Glengall Street
Orr, William, currier, 53 Mill Street
Osborne, Rodger, ship carpenter, 29 Vere Street
Osborne, Rodger, watchman, 22 Mary's Market
Oswald, William, 8 Gordon Street
Oulton, Mrs., 36 College Street
Oulton, Plato, clerk Water Commissioners, 36 College Street
Oulton, Rev. Richard, military chaplain, inspector county gaol, Holywood
Owden, John, of J. N. Richardson & Sons, Brooklands
Owen, Hugh, cabinet maker, 58 Mill Street
Owen, James B., pawn broker, 29 Townsend Street
Owen, John, civil bill officer, Anderson's Houses, New Road, Ballymacarrett
Owen, Robert, cabinet maker, 3 King Street Court
Owen, Thomas, sawyer, 10 Little Corporation Street
Owen, William H., pawn broker, 24 Henry Street
Owens, Dorothea, marine store, 47 and 49 Union Street
Owens, J. B., pawn broker, 19 Barrack Street
Owens, John, slater, 17 Robert Street
Owens, Michael, carpenter, 25 Wall Street
Owens, Mary, washer woman, 15 Cromac Road
Owens, Margaret, marine store, 87 Millfield
Owens, Samuel, gentleman, 55 Nelson Street
Owens, Thomas, provision dealer, 64 Nelson Street
Owens, William, stone mason, Ballymacarrett
Oysten, John, fireman, Falls Mill, Charters' Buildings, Falls Road
Oyston, Thomas, manager of Falls Mill; residence, 65 Durham Street


O'Brie, Thomas, gilder, 10 Catherine Street
O'Brien, Andrew, lodgings, 26 Prince's Street
O'Brien, Christopher, clerk, 1 Reilly's Place
O'Brien, George, 19 Donegall Place
O'Brien, Laurence, hair dresser and wig maker, 159 North Street
O'Brien, Miss, dress maker, 3 Catherine Street
O'Brien, Terence, general merchant, 1 and 3 Store Lane, Donegall Place
O'Connor, Anthony, of Ross, O'Connor, & Co., High Street, Mount Pottinger
O'Connor, Hugh, teacher, 7 Arthur Place
O'Connor, James D., accountant Savings' Bank, 1 College Place North
O'Connor, Sarah, green grocer, 23 Castle Market
O'Donnell, Patrick, publican and coal dealer, 29 Smithfield
O'Donohoe, James, cement manufacturer, Newport, 26 York Street
O'Farrell, Fergus, spirit store, Little Patrick Street, 84 Corporation Street
O'Flaherty, Francis H., proctor, 13 Arthur Street
O'Hagan, Bernard, clothes dealer, 22 Marquis Street and 7 Smithfield
O'Hagan, Charles, sawyer, 3 Union Street
O'Hagan, John, clothes dealer, 30 Marquis Street and 8 Smithfield
O'Hagan, James, dealer, 45 Old Lodge Road
O'Hagan, James, dealer in old iron, 18 New Row and 60 Smithfield
O'Hagan, John, hardware and tool dealer, 18 Smithfield
O'Hagan, Margaret, bonnet maker, Devis Street
O'Hagarty, Charles, publican, 34 Shankhill
O'Hanlon, John, tailor, 45 Castle Street
O'Hanlon, Michael, hackler, 17 Sarah Street
O'Hanlon, Rev. Wm., Independent minister, 11 Great George's Street
O'Hanlon, T., proprietor Ulster Railway Tavern, Great Victoria Street
O'Hara, Amelia, mill worker, 27 Charles Street
O'Hara, Ellen, white worker, 40 Mustard Street
O'Hara, Henry, car man, Conlon Street
O'Hara, John, butcher, 41 Union Street
O'Hara, Owen, foreman baker, 70 Hercules Street
O'Hara, Rose, washer woman, 13 Earl Lane
O'Hara, William, coachman, 5 College Place North
O'Hare, Catherine, egg dealer, 30 Stanfield Street
O'Hare, John, brick layer, 15 Lower Stanfield Street
O'Hare, Rose, fruit dealer, 13 Smithfield
O'Hare, William, fruit dealer, 15 Market Street
O'Hayer, Francis, saddler, 1 Donegall Place Buildings, 2 Fountain Street
O'Kane, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, McRory's Row, Ballymacarrett
O'Kean, James,. shoe shop, 7 Barrack Street
O'Leery, John, custom house officer, 15 Nile Street
O'Loughran, Rev. Henry, 97 Donegall Street
O'Meely, Timothy, haberdasher, 3 Barrack Street
O'Neile, Daniel, dealer, 6 Mustard Street
O'Neile, John, dealer, 28 New Lodge Road
O'Neill, Alexander, teacher, 12 Little Patrick Street
O'Neill, Bernard, blacksmith, 23 Old Lodge Road
O'Neill, Bernard, publican, 5 Peter's Hill and 2 Lodge Road
O'Neill, Charles, brick layer, 6 North King Street
O'Neill, Charles, carpenter, 23 Lancaster Street
O'Neill, Charles, carding master, 12 Townsend Place
O'Neill, Con., publican and grocer, 20 Michael Street
O'Neill, Daniel, block maker, 23 Greenland Street
O'Neill, Edward, shipwright, 11 Little Patrick Street
O'Neill, Elizabeth, provision dealer, 33 Union Street
O'Neill, Edward, cooper, 46 Tomb Street
O'Neill, Elizabeth, 17 Earl Street
O'Neill, Henry, dealer, Shankhill Road
O'Neill, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, 3 North Queen Street
O'Neill, James, book seller, stationer and printer, library and fancy toy warehouse, 4 Castle Place
O'Neill, James, butcher, 50 Barrack Street
O'Neill, James, lumper, 26 Green Street
O'Neill, James, confectioner, 35 Great Edward Street
O'Neill, James, publican, 68 Great George's Street
O'Neill, James, barber, 30 Robert Street
O'Neill, James, dealer, 24 Barrack Street
O'Neill, James, brick burner, Ballymacarrett
O'Neill, Jane, lodgings, 26 Little Donegall Street
O'Neill, John, dealer, 67 Barrack Street
O'Neill, John, tanner, 11 Meetinghouse Lane
O'Neill, John, coach trimmer, 5 Little May Street
O'Neill, John, corn dealer, 4 Lemon's Lane
O'Neill, John, haberdasher, 28 Great Edward Street
O'Neill, John, grocer, 44 Lettuce Hill
O'Neill, John, carter, 78 Brown Street
O'Neill, John, lodgings, 85 Millfield
O'Neill, John, butcher, 7 Devis Street
O'Neill, John, overseer in mill, 14 Sarah Street
O'Neill, John, bundler, New Lodge Place
O'Neill, John, sawyer, 40 Sussex Street
O'Neill, John, plasterer, 5 Devis Street
O'Neill, Mary, lodgings, 11 John Street
O'Neill, Mrs., 10 College Place North
O'Neill, Mrs., 29 William's Row
O'Neill, Mrs., 42 Union Street
O'Neill, Mrs., lodging house, 17 Little Donegall Street
O'Neill, Owen, publican, 24 Greenland Street
O'Neill, Patrick, boot and shoe shop, 111 North Street
O'Neill, Patrick, publican and grocer, 31 Smithfield
O'Neill, P., carpenter, 51 Barrack Street
O'Neill, Patrick, publican, 109 North Street
O'Neill, Wm., draper and clothier, Victoria Street, Robert Street
O'Neill, William, pawn broker, 20 Robert Street
O'Prey, Patrick, sawyer, 37 Hill Street
O'Regan, Simon, engineer, 15 Eliza Place
O'Reilly, Thomas, clothes dealer, 4 Berry Street
O'Rorke, Alexander & Daniel, solicitors, 14 Donegall Street; residences: A. O'Rorke, 4 College Square North; D. O'Rorke, Howard Street
O'Rorke, Jeremiah, bookkeeper, 1 College Street South
O'Rorke, Robert, shoe maker, 11 Long Lane


Pace, Robert, jun., Belfast Plate Iron Works, Eliza Street, 43 High Street
Page, Wm., hair cutter, wig maker, perfumer and chiropodist, 19 Castle Place
Paisley, James, classical, English and mercantile seminary, 33 King Street
Pake, Hugh, spirit dealer, 51 Lancaster Street
Palliser, Mrs. Sarah, boarding house, 45 Joy Street
Palmer, H., boot and shoe shop, 2 Church Lane
Palmer, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 6 Church Lane
Palmer, William, boot and shoe maker, 3 Church Lane & 88 High Street
Palmer, William, baker, 9 Wesley Place
Park, Andrew, sea captain, 65 Nelson Street
Park, George, brass founder, 14 Grace Street
Park, James, publican and grocer, 45 North Queen Street
Park, Lewis and Charles, sewed muslin manufacturers, 61 York Street
Park, Samuel, mate of Erin's Queen, 4 Nelson Street
Park, Wm. John, tailor, 2 Stanhope Street
Parker, Ellen, 15 Charles Street
Parker, George, publican, Falls Road
Parker, James, tailor, Old Lodge Road
Parker, James, butcher, 11 Cromac Street
Parker, James, Fairy Place
Parker, Margaret. washer woman, Fleet Street
Parker, Margaret, boarding house, 9 Portland Place
Parker, Thomas, butcher, 47 Hercules Street
Parker, Thomas, jun., butcher, 63 Waring Street, Hercules Street
Parker, Wm., over looker, Falls Mill Company, Falls Road
Parkhill, David, gentleman, 7 Brougham Street
Parkhill, Robert, baker, 14 Sussex Street
Parkinson, John, night constable, 126 Lower Malone Road
Parkinson, John, dealer, 75 Millfield
Pascoe, Captain Wm., 16 Garmoyle Street
Patterson, Alexander, baker, 7 Queen's Street
Patterson, Doctor James, 4 Donegall Square East
Patterson, David, smiths' helper, 85 Little York Street
Patterson, Eliza, dress maker, 30 Church Lane
Patterson, Francis, chandler and soap boiler, 24 Mill Street
Patterson, Francis, car driver, 1 Hutchinson Street
Patterson, Hugh, porter, 7 Friendly Street
Patterson, Jos., picture frame manufacturer, 23 and 25 Hercules Place
Patterson, John, stone cutter, 29 Catherine Street North
Patterson, John, carter, 130 Old Lodge Road
Patterson, Miss E., dress maker, 2 Joy Street
Patterson, Mrs., shoe shop, 30 Church Lane
Patterson, Mrs., 2 Breadalbane Place
Patterson, Robert, of R. & D. Patterson, hardware merchants, High Street, College Square North
Patterson, Samuel, grocer and provision dealer, 37 Union Street
Patterson, Robert, lodgings, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Patterson, Thomas, cabinet maker, 54 Brown Street
Patterson, William, dealer, Welsh Street
Patterson, William, painter, 6 Raphael Street
Patterson, William, chandler, 170 North Street
Paton, Alexander, mariner, 35 Pottinger's Entry
Patton, Archibald, grocer and publican, Ballymacarrett
Patton, Ann, 10 Nelson Street
Patton, George, house agent and accountant, 30 Corporation Street
Patton, James, carpenter, Earl Lane
Patton, Thomas, bleacher, 9 Cullingtree Street
Patrick, Jane, dealer, 101 Carrickhill
Patrick, John, porter Queen's College, 27 Bradbury Place
Patrick, Margaret Jane, haberdasher, 91 North Street
Patrick, Robert, pawn broker, 38 Henry Street
Paul, Anthony, cloth lapper, 2 Rochfort Place
Paul, Mary, lodgings, 5 Robert Street
Paul, Robert, grocer, 18 Union Street
Peacock, John, currier, 41 Boyd Street
Peak, Michael, grocer and publican, 30 Edward Street
Peake, B., Commercial lodging house, 24 Ann Street
Peake, Thomas, sawyer, 18 Wall Street
Pearce, James & William, Phoenix Foundry, 16 Great George's Street, Pebble Lodge
Pearce, William, warper, 4 Hopeton Place
Pearce, William B., of Phoenix Foundry, York Road
Pearson, Nathaniel, mechanic, 13 Upton Street
Peebles, Hans, spirit dealer, Campbell's Buildings, Shankhill
Peden, Joseph, blacksmith, 79 Little York Street
Peel, Robert, bakery and flour stores, Shankhill Road & 151 and 153 North Street
Pelan & McMullan, soap and candle manufacturers & window glass merchants, 26 Corn Market; George Pelan's residence, Lisburn
Pelan and Rankin, toy and basket merchants, 6 Bridge Street
Pelan, George, clerk in Messrs. Richardson's, 17 Great Patrick Street
Pelan, James, grocery and spirit store, 36 Durham Street
Pelan, James, 5 Glengall Street
Pelan, John, hackler, 1 Collingwood Street
Pelan, Mrs. Ellen, 3 College Street
Pelan, Richard, chandler, 42 Market Street
Pelan, Robert, 15 York Street
Pelling, Charles, sewed muslin manufacturer, 30 Donegall Street; residence, 16 Great Patrick Street
Pelling, Peter, & Co., weaving commission agents, 37 John Street, 3 College Street
Pentland, Mrs., 1 Belvidere Place
Penton, Wm., seedsman, 2 Donegall Street; residence, Holywood
Percy, Robert, tailor, 20 Peter's Hill
Perry, George, tide waiter, 23 Collingwood Street
Perry, John, carpenter, 35 Edward Street
Perry, Martin, grocer, Ballymacarrett
Perry, Stewart, cooper, 9 Morrow's Entry
Perry, Samuel, pork cutter, 29 McTier's Street
Perry, Wm., letter carrier, 18 North Ann Street
Pescoe, John, retired coastguard officer, 56 Ship Street
Pescoe, John, jun., sea captain, 60 Ship Street
Pettigrew, Daniel, millwright, 28 Boyd Street
Pettigrew, James, weaver, 91 Lower Malone Road
Peyton, Charles, gentleman, 6 Howard Street
Peyton, James, sail cloth weaver, 15 Shipboy Street
Peyton, James, sail maker, 13 Pilot Street
Phillips, Alexander, farmer, Seymour Street
Phillips, F., mechanic, 4 Alexander Street
Phillips, George, and Co., proprietors cocoa mat manufactory, Ballymacarrett
Phillips, George, book seller, stationer and librarian, 27 Bridge Street; residence, 3 Linen Hall Street
Phillips, John, whitesmith, 30 Carrickhill
Phillips, James, weaver, McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
Phillips, James, clerk, Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Phillips, Jane, washer woman and mangler, 18 Russell Street
Phillips, Rebecca, 3 Mustard Street
Phoenix, Miss E., dress maker, 50 Joy Street
Pierce, Peter, engineer, 54 Tomb Street
Pike, Mrs., Crumlin Terrace
Pim, Edward and George, tea dealers, wine importers and general grocers, 27 and 29 High Street
Pim, Edward, merchant, High Street; residence, 6 Royal Terrace
Pim, George C., merchant, High Street and Donegall Quay, 7 University Square
Pim, Hamilton, warehouseman, 2 Windsor Place
Pim, John, commission merchant, 20 Waring Street, Crumlin Terrace
Pim, Joshua, of Richardson Brothers and Co., Sans Souci
Pinkerton, Francis, soda water manufactory, 31 William Street, 27 Edward Street
Pinkerton, George, passenger agent, 28 (three quarters) Great George's Street
Pinkerton, James, police rate collector; office, Police Place, Chichester Street
Pinkerton, James, boarding house, 24 Carrickhill
Pirrie, Dr. John M., physician and surgeon, 66 Donegall Street
Pirrie, Wm., ship owner, 66 Donegall Street; residence, Conlig
Pitchoni, Signor, artist, 6 Castle Lane
Plunket, James, plasterer and builder, 30 Durham Street
Plunket, Jane, 32 Union Street
Plunkett, Francis, commission merchant and agent, St. Anne's Buildings, Donegall Street
Pollin, John, mechanic, 23 Sackville Place
Pollin, Wm., carpenter, 4 Raphael Street
Pollock, Charles, brick layer, 28 Millfield
Pollock, Jane, dress maker, 62 North Street
Pollock, Mrs., boarding house, 51 Nelson Street
Pollock, Mrs., haberdasher, 66 Ann Street
Pollock, Margaret, lodgings, 23 Alexander Street
Pollock, Margaret, huckster, 124 Carrickhill
Pollock, Mary, book seller, 62 North Street
Pollock, Sarah, dealer, 106 Lower Malone
Pollock, William, pensioner, 63 North Queen Street
Popham, Jeremiah, suspender manufacturer, 53 Mill Street
Porteous, Christopher, sewed muslin manufacturer, Church street
Porteous, James, of James Porteous & Co., 9 Brougham Street
Porteous, J., & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 15 Church Street
Porter, Andrew B., teacher Mechanics' Institute, 17 Queen Street
Porter, Charles, ship carpenter, 8 Back Ship Street
Porter, David, borough accountant, 22 Hamilton Street
Porter, Eliza, 40 Wilson Street
Porter, Edward, & Son, iron stores, Albert Square
Porter, Hugh, clerk, 84 Donegall Street
Porter, James, ship carpenter, 4 Little Ship Street
Porter, James, porter, 14 Back Ship Street
Porter, John, rent office, Hamilton's Court; residence, Cromac Lodge
Porter, James, day constable, 54 John Street
Porter, John, smith, 60 Great Patrick Street and Covent Garden
Porter, John, pork cutter, 20 Sussex Street
Porter, Mrs., boarding house, 12 Hamilton Street
Porter, Matthew, cow keeper, Shankhill Road
Porter, Rev. John Scott, 16 College Square East
Porter, Rev. John, 5 Murray's Terrace
Porter, Sarah, green grocer, Garmoyle Street
Porter, Tobias, manager of Belfast flour mill, 4 Ardmoulin Place
Porter, William, & Son, wholesale clothiers and general outfitters, 28 Berry Street
Posnett, Hutcheson, agent for Viscount Dungannon, Rose Lodge, Donegall Pass
Potbury, Mary Jane, boarding house, 87 Nelson Street
Pott, John, 17 Leeds Street
Potter, Mrs., Marine Hotel and Tavern, 69 Corporation Square
Potts, Ellen, 14 Francis Street
Potts, John, grocer, 112 Carrick Hill
Potts, Joseph, green grocer, egg and fowl merchant, 3 Great Patrick Street
Potts, John and Robert, iron merchants, 31 North Street; residences: John Potts, 25 York Street; Robert Potts, Rosemount, Antrim Road
Potts, Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Henry Street
Powell, John, engineer, 2 Spencer Street
Powell, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Talbot street
Praeger, Francois, of J. Praeger & Co., Fountain Street, 10 Chichester Street
Praeger, John, and Co., linen and yarn merchants, Fountain Street
Praeger, John, Austrian & Bremen vice-consul, Fountain Street, 7 Donegall Square South
Pratt, Benjamin, and Co., Wellington boot and shoe house, Victoria Street
Pray, Nicholas, ginger ale maker, 7 Wall Street
Prenter, N. A., oil and colour merchant, 8 and 10 Cotton court, Waring Street; residence, Harryville, Lisburn Road
Prenter, W. Emerson, wholesale tea & coffee agent, Victoria Street, 6 William's Place
Press, Thomas, carpenter, 19 Melbourne Street
Pressley, James, porter, 8 Roy's Court
Preston, John & Co., linen yarn and flax merchants, 12 Calender Street
Preston, John, 5 Pakenham Place
Preston, S., dealer, 39 Alexander Street
Pretty, Edward, landing waiter, inland revenue, Mount Prospect
Prey, Rose Ann, spirit store, 156 Queen's Square
Price, Archibald, iron founder, 10 Campbell's Buildings, Townsend Street
Price, Henry, butcher, 99 Peter's Hill
Price, James, pensioner, 37 Friendly Street
Price, Thos., accountant, Harbour Commissioners' office, 38 North Queen Street
Price, Wm., master mariner, 13 Shipboy Street
Prince, Samuel, lodgings, 9 Marlborough Street
Pritchard, Mary Ann, lodging house, 16 Hercules Street
Pullan, Charles, gardener and steward, 19 Frederick Street
Purdon, Dr. C. D., 17 College Square East
Purdon, Dr. Henry Thomas, surgeon, 5 Wellington Place
Purdon, Mrs., 9 University Square
Purdy, Mary, 2 William's Lane
Purdy, Robert, shoe maker, 10 William's Lane
Purkis, Matthew, hackle maker, 6 Washington Street
Purkis, Richard and Joseph, hackle makers, 36 Joy Street; works, Joy's Court
Purse, Arthur, builder, grocer and spirit dealer, 58 York Street and 24 Henry Street
Purse, John, builder, 27 Pilot Street
Purse, John, house carpenter, 7 Little York Street
Pursely, Thomas, 139 Durham Street
Purvis, Eliza, provision dealer, 93 and 95 Little York Street
Purvis, Oliver, gardener, 36 Little York Street
Purvis, Thomas, commission agent, Ballynafeigh
Pye, W. B., manager soda ash manufactory, Friendly Street, 70 High Street