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1852 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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in red you will see listed several entries - these are the 'little people' those that weren't important enough to be listed, for most of us
these are our ancestors

     Note:- It is necessary to explain, that the principal streets of Belfast are numbered by taking the houses on both sides alternately, and not consecutively, on each side.  Thus, in these streets, No. 1 is the first house on the right side, No. 2 the first house on the left side, and so on to the opposite extremity of the street.

Abbey Street, Peter's Hill

   1. George Jamieson, night constable
   2. Valentine McGibbon, publican
       Several small houses

Abbotsford Place
Lower End of York Street

   1. Robt. S. Lepper, proprietor of cotton spinning mills, New Lodge Road
   2. Mrs. McDonnell
   3. Abraham Bell, ship agent
   4. Robert Mackenzie, merchant
   5. Samuel Woolsey, flax merchant
   6. Edmund Getty, Secretary Harbour Commissioners

Academy Street
from 61 Donegall Street to 83 Great Patrick Street

       J. Walker, confectioner, hall door
   1. Mrs. Orr, servants' registry office
   3. Sampson Kennedy, clerk post office
   5. Thomas Bruce, gas fitter
   7. Dr. Robert Bryce, surgery
   9. William Ross's seminary
 11. Fraser, Tanner & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers
 13. Mrs. Lorimer, grocer
 15. S. McCabe, carver and gilder
 17. E. McCune, milliner
 19. Mrs. Holmes
 21. John Richardson, clerk post office
 23. Bridget Morris, clothes dealer
 25. Charles Tumbelty, tailor
 27. St. Anne's Parochial School; Mr. Robinson, master; Mrs. Morrow, mistress
 29. Andrew Macartney, gilder
 31. Benjamin Alcorn, loom and general carpenter
 33. Edward Walsh, plasterer
     [Academy Court
 35. Samuel Adams, sailor
 37. Dr. Warren
  "   House and shop vacant
     [ Robert Street
39, 41. John McKenna, grocer and spirit merchant
 43. John Armstrong, painter
 45. John Fulton, provision merchants
47, 49. McClinton & Thomson, chandlers
51, 53. Vacant
 55. Letham, Blyth and Letham, muslin manufacturers
 57. John Briggs, plain and ornamental painter and decorator
57. Miss Kane, milliner
 59. John Cuddy, spirit store
       Joseph McBride, sewed muslin manufacturer
     [Green Street
 61. H. Clements, dress maker
 63. David Nesbit, designer and lithographer
 65. J. Millar, dress maker
 67. John Stewart, shoe maker
 69. James Smylie, tailor
71, 73. Pat. Coleman, spirit merchant
     [Little Edward Street
 75. Miss Sharkey, dress maker
  "   Mathew Scott, brick layer
 77. Gawn Robb, sea captain
 79. Alex Rutherford, cabinet maker
 81. Bernard Mariner, lodging house
 83. Wm. Hamilton's hall door
     [Great Patrick Street
 50. Mrs. Bruce, provision dealer
     [Brown's Row
46, 48. Thomas Shields, pawn broker
 44. Baptist Chapel
 42. Rev. Mr. Eccles, Baptist minister
 40. Alexander Johnston, painter
 38. Francis Kean, carver
  "    A. Kean, milliner
 36. Vacant
 34. Stephen Ryan, sailor
 32. James McDonnell, sawyer
 30. Vacant
     [Curtis Street
 28. J. Caldwell, muslin manufacturer
 26. J. and W. Gamble, mill owners
22, 24. Samuel McConnell, provision merchant
18, 20. Vacant
 16. James Hutcheson & Co., muslin manufacturers
 14. Samuel McMillen, tow merchant
 12. H. Morrison, tailor
 10. Dr. Gooden
   8. Jas. Dowling, provision merchant
   6. Vacant
   1. Belfast Academy, Rev. Dr. Bryce, Principal

Academy Court
off 33 Academy Street

   5. John Graham, chimney sweep
       Five small houses

Adelaide Place
from Donegall Square South to Franklin Place

   1. F. D. Finlay, proprietor of Northern Whig
   2. Charles Fiers, gentleman
   3. Colonel Brough, assistant adjutant General
   4. Mrs. Montgomery
   "   Rev. R. Knox, Presbyterian minister
   "   William McNeill, of Ireland and McNeill's, corn market
   5. John Aickin, surgeon
   6. Mrs. Campbell
   7. Mrs. Craufurd's school

Albert Place
Donegall Pass

   1. James Aiken, merchant, 6 York Street
   2. James Blain, damask manufacturer, Corry's Crescent
   3. Mrs. Jamison
   4. Charles Finlay, tea merchant, 5 Waring Street
   5. Vacant
   6. Henry Dickson, wine, spirit, flax and corn merchant, Victoria Street

Albert Square
(formerly Donegall Quay)
foot of Waring Street
North side

   1. John Harrison, merchant; residence, Mertoun, Holywood
   3. Robert Grogan, bonded warehouse; residence, 19 Dock Street
   9. Jasper Macauley & Co., merchants, brokers and commission agents; residence, 15 College Street South
 11. John Gaussen & Co., merchants; residence, 6 Victoria Place
 13. Wm. C. Heron & Co., merchants; residence, Maryfield, County Down
 15. T. G. Folingsby & Co., commission merchants, ship and insurance agents; T. G. Folingsby's residence, 1 Clarence Place; A. Forrester's, 51 Corporation Street
 17. Henry Neill & Co., grain merchants; residence, 2 Albion Place

South side

   1. Francis Campbell, spirit dealer
   3. John McKenna, butcher
   5. Vacant
   7. James Scott, provision merchant
   9. William Larmour, flour and grain stores
       Edward Porter & Son's iron stores
 13. James Hamilton, bark and oil stores
 15. James Lemon's patent rope and canvas stores
 17. Richard McCune, spirit dealer
 19. Bernard Fitzpatrick, spirit dealer
 21. James Nichol, tavern keeper

West side

 16. Peter Macherall, lodging house
 18. William McFerran, publican and lodging house keeper
 20. James Shields, grocer
 22. Patrick Moynes, publican
 24. William Hanvey, publican

Albert Street
off Durham Street

       Durham Street Flax Spinning Mill, John Hind & Sons, proprietors; residences; John Hind, The Lodge; John Hind, jun., Chichester Street; James Hind, The Lodge
   1. James McCullough, tinsmith
   7. Sarah Boyd
   9. John Hanlon, house carpenter
 15. Bernard Lenaghan, pensioner
       Machine works - Jas. Scrimgeour, proprietor
     [ North Queen Place
       Twelve small houses

Albert Street Place

   3. John Burgess, shoe maker
       Eleven small houses

Albion Lane
West corner of Donegall Pass

   1. Mrs. Waring, dealer
   2. Henry Hamill, green grocer
   3. Mrs. Robinson
   4. John Dickson, labourer
   5. Alexander Adams, blacksmith
       Edward Brown, revenue officer
       Henry Adams, car owner

Albion Place, Botanic Road

   1. Arthur Collins Weir, merchant, 24 Bridge Street
   2. Robert Neill, jeweller, High Street
   3. Mrs. W. J. Moore
   4. Wm. Neill Blow, paper merchant, office, Rosemary Street
   5. Mrs. Halliday
   6. Rev. Robert Wilson, D.D.
   7. Wm. Simms, agent; office, Linen Hall
   8. Thos. C. McIndoe, sewed muslin manufacturer, Waring Street Place
   9. Jas. Torbitt, wine merchant, North Street
 10. John McEntire, merchant; office, 15 Fountain Street
 11. Forster Green, tea & coffee dealer, 3 High Street
 12.John Blackwood, Northern Bank
 13. Miss Ross
 14. Miss Caughey
 15. William Kerr, merchant

Alexander Street
from no. 7 Frederick Street to 68 Great George's Street

   1. John Bradley, whitesmith
3, 5. John Christy, starch manufacturer
   7. Mrs. Barnes
   9. James Walker, labourer
 11. Widow Kane
 13. Henry McKean, labourer
 15. Neal McGrannell, shoe maker
     [Walker's Lane
 17. William McDonnell, shoe maker
 19. Singleton Wilson, dealer
 21. Luke Monaghan, labourer
 23. Margaret Pollock, lodgings
 25. Joseph Blair, tailor
 27. Alexander Kerr, carpenter
 29. Thomas Grimmea, grocer
     [here Lancaster Street intersects
 31. John Kennedy, spirit dealer and grocer
 33. Mary Ann Willis, shirt maker
 35. John McCann, labourer
 37. Michael Trollan, carter
     [Mary's Lane
 39. Samuel Preston, dealer
 41. John Hatton, labourer
 43. Hugh Holmes, blacksmith
 45. John McCrisk, labourer
 47. John Maxwell, dealer
 49. Patrick McDermott, carter
 51. Robert Magee, labourer
 53. James Hughes, pensioner
 55. Anne Crawford, eating house
 57. Michael O'Neill, labourer
     [Great George's Street
 68. Michael Carraher, cow keeper
 66. James Walls, labourer
 64. Rebecca Boyd, lodging house
 62. Thomas Magarry, sawyer
 60. Toal Boyle, dealer
 58. James Wright, dealer
 52, 54. Hugh Burns, grocer
 50. Ellen Boyd, confectioner
     [ Drake's Lane
 44. William Trelford, baker
 42. Matthew Boyle, pensioner
 40. John Johnston, grocer
 38. James Brennan, dealer
 36. William Davis, coach painter
 34. Hugh Cooper, cow keeper
 32. Peter Mohan, labourer
     [Magee's Lane
 30. Hugh Britton, rag merchant
 28. Patrick Sheridan, pensioner
 26. Joseph McAuley, bandbox maker
 24. John McAlister, pensioner
 22. Daniel Hunter, labourer
 20. Thomas McClean, pensioner
 18. Mary McDonnell, shoe shop
 16. Patrick Feran, spirit dealer
12, 14. Samuel Walker, grocer
 10. Samuel Kelly, shoe maker
   8. Margaret Wild, lodgings
   6. Thomas Loney, brick layer
   4. James Ritchie, shoe maker
   2. Robert Boyle, labourer

Alexander Street South
Peter's Hill

   1. Susannah Patton, winder
   3. Thomas Stevenson, warper
   5. Allen McAlpin, travelling clerk
   7. James Shanks, millwright
   9. Andrew Young, watchman, Mr. Howie's bleach green
 11. John Lappan, writing clerk
 12. James Kerr, damask weaver
 10. James Stirling, mechanic
   8. Jane Milliken, sewer
   6. John Stevenson, caretaker at Mr. Tilley's, Matier Street
   4. Francis Philips, mechanic
   2. Thomas Morton, moulder
   "   Thomas Morton, sen., overlooker

Alfred Street
continuation of Arthur Street

       Alfred Place Presbyterian Church, Rev. Jas. Martin, Minister
   1. Rev. George Shaw
       Alfred Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. George Shaw, Minister
   2. Vacant
   4. Wm. Lowry, linen merchant
   6. Samuel Thompson, merchant; office, Corporation Street
   8. Henry Charley, merchant; office, Donegall Quay
 10. Mrs. Hanlon
 12. John G. Megaw, merchant; office, Messrs. W. McClure and Sons, Corporation Street
 14. Miss Burden
 16. Dr. Wm. Burden

Ann Street
Corn Market to Queen's Bridge

   1. H. W. Donaldson, spirit dealer
   3. Vacant
   5. James Bremner, upholsterer
   7. James T. Campbell, cabinet maker
   9. John Kelly, cabinet maker
 11. Robert Henderson, whitesmith
 13. Samuel Moore, grocer
     [Cooney's Court
15, 17. William Haddock, spirit dealer and grocer
 19. Robert Gilmore, grocer and spirit dealer
 21. Charlotte Kerr, Star saloon
 23. James Shaw, soap and candle manufacturer
     [ Telfair's Entry
 25. John Kennedy & Co., umbrella and parasol manufacturers
 27. David Connor, flax and yarn commission agent; residence, Dundonald
 29. John Martin & Co., merchants
  "    John Martin, Killileagh Mills
  "    Sam. Martin ; residence, 7 Franklin Place
 31. John Finlay, soap & candle manufacturer; residence, Holywood
 33. William H. Milligan, grocer and tobacco and snuff manufacturer
 35. Hugh Hamilton & Co., grocers
  "    Joseph Richardson, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Upper Church Lane
 37. Lough and Gregg, iron merchants
 41. John Wightman, grocer
 43. Vacant
 45. W. and T. Hunter, leather merchant
 47. Andrew Clarke, grocer
 49. John Fetherston, publican; Portaferry and Downpatrick coach office
     [ Upper Church Lane
 51. Vacant
 53. John H. Brown, wholesale grocer
 55. Vacant
       New houses building
     [Victoria Street intersects
       Entrance to Pork Market
       Yards, stores, offices, etc., Town Council
     [Queen's bridge
136. Philip Jordan, publican
134. Catherine Birkmyre, bakery
132. W. T. and R. S. Waterson, solicitors; Dublin address, 26 Lower Ormond Quay; W. T. Waterson's residence, Seville Lodge, Strandtown
132. Burned
130. Ann Street Brewery, Ledlie Clarke, proprietor; residence, Pakenham Place
130. Jane Fee, publican
  "     David Fee, lighter owner
128. James Dixon, publican
126. Daniel McCullough, shoe maker
124. Bernard Reilly, grocer and provision merchant
122. Anne Webster, grocer
     [Princess Street
120. Ann Hill, publican
116. Allan R. Long, publican
114. William Bell, iron merchant
        Space of vacant ground; W. Mullan, owner
     [ Victoria Street intersects
 82. Vacant
 80. Edwd. Stockdale, Victoria Hotel, and commercial boarding house
 78. Wm. Carroll, grocer
 76. John Moffett, chandler and soap boiler
 74. Mrs. McFadden, leather seller
 72. James Sergison, copper and tinsmith
  "    Eliza Sergison, furrier
 70. Amelia Bain, grocer
 68. Hugh Millen, publican; Downpatrick, Portaferry, Bangor, etc., coach office
     [Church Lane
 66. Mrs. Pollock, haberdasher
 62. John Graham, hair cutter
 60. James Reid, grocer and publican
 58. Isaac Bailie, boot and shoe maker, and leather seller
 56. Jane Hepburn, haberdasher
 54. John Lynn, painter and glazier
 52. H. McKeown, painter and glazier
 50. Anne Ingle, bonnet and straw warehouse
 48. R. McClure, boot and shoe maker
 46. Sarah Crawford, milliner
     [Cole's Alley
44. Robert Greenhill, currier and leather merchant
 44. R. Ridgeway, boot and shoe maker
 42. A. W. Budge, publican
     [Pottinger's Entry
 40. Thomas Rainey, publican
 38. T. H. Aikin, apothecary
36. James Barry, dealer
 36. Hugh Cuddy, spirit dealer
 32. John Magee, plumber
30. John Toman, grocer
 30. William Hogg, grocer
     [Joy's Entry
 26. James Black, boot and shoe maker
 24. Bernard Peak, publican and lodging house keeper
     [Wilson's Court
 22. Mrs. Hazleton, haberdasher
 20. Wm. Smylie, boot and shoe maker
 18. Robert Feris, boot and shoemaker
 16. Samuel Boyle, wine, spirit, ale, and porter merchant
 14. Robert Hamilton, hair cutter
8 & 10. Vacant
 12. Robert Heron, hair dresser
     [Crown Entry
   6. Matilda McDowell, haberdasher
   4. Joseph Sands, grocer
   2. Geo. McAfee, boot and shoe maker

Annette Street, off Verner Street

   3. James Hall, porter
   5. James McIlneel, day constable
   7. James Jamison, labourer
   9. Bernard Doran, cow keeper
 44. Mrs. Hamilton, shirt maker
 42. Henry Campbell, sawyer
 38. Charles Jamison, porter
 36. Samuel Campbell, porter
 34. John Morrow, porter
 32. Samuel McNally, labourer
 30. Robert McCullough, porter
 28. William Hogg, shoe maker
 26. John Hatrick, sawyer
 24. Patrick McCann, carter
 22. William Wylie, boot and shoe maker
 20. John McKittrick, carter
 18. James Brown, porter
 16. John Campbell, sergt. day police
 14. John Duffy, tailor
 12. Henry Carroll, fancy biscuit manufacturer
  "    Joseph Lemon, iron founder
 10. John Hutton, carter
   8. Hugh Carson, brick layer
   6. Richard Hutton, labourer
   4. Hugh Murdock, house agent
   2. Patrick Greenan, sawyer

Antrim Road
from head of Donegall Street

   1. James Carlisle, timber yard, 85 Donegall Street
   3. John Kennedy, publican
       Thos. McCullough, carman's yard
       Thomas Wilson, cart maker
       Abel Gamble, stone yard, 19 Shipboy Street
     [Trinity Street
   5. John Kennedy, cart maker
   6. William Crawford, builder
   7. James McGee, horse shoer and general jobber
       Lying in Hospital, and Court house post office, receiving office
       Cassino - Vacant
       New Burying Ground
       Several small houses (Henry's Place)
       Mr. Henry's residence
     [Henry's Place
       Patrick Mullen, confectionary
       Roman Catholic Seminary
     [Domingo Place
       Lime Kiln
       Rev. Wm. Bruce's, Farmhill
     [Antrim Place
       J. Beath, commission merchant
          Antrim Place Cottage
       P. Dale, Antrim Cottage
       Margaret Thompson, grocer
       Mrs. Bruce, Thorndale
       Mr. Pearce, iron founder, Pebble Lodge
     [Halliday's Row
       Constabulary Barracks
           Eagleston Place
   1. Misses Houston
   2. Mrs. Copeland
   3. Misses McCammon
          Plunket's Place
   1. Wm. Gillespie, pensioner
   2. Mary Blair
   3. Mrs. Smith
       Gilbert Weir, Lodge View; muslin manufacturer, corner of Great Patrick Street
       James Hunter, (Denis Wilson's), publican
       J. McLaughlin, curds and cream house
       Belfast Water Works - John McQuoid, caretaker

Antrim Place
Antrim Road

   1. Sam. Burns, commercial traveller
   2. Thomas Mulligan, merchant; 6 Donegall Street
   3. Miss Berwick
   4. Elias Thomson, linen and yarn merchant
   5. William Hamilton, manager at Messrs. Sinclair's, Tomb Street
   6. Mrs. Hodgens
   7. Mrs. David Ferguson, commission agent
   8. Lamont Carson, glass manufacturer, High Street
   9. Mrs. Fleming

Apsley Place
Donegall Pass

   1. Thomas Gaffikin, butcher, 13 Corn Market
   2. Mrs. Atkinson
   3. John Anderson, merchant; office, 19 Donegall Street
   4. Alfred Brownless, sea captain
   5. William Tidd, master of Union Workhouse
   6. Hugh Larmour, gentleman
   "   William Larmour, grain merchant, Victoria Street
   7. William Rodgers, general commission merchant, 31 Waring Street
   8. Alexander Knox, gentleman

Ardmoulin Place
Falls Road

   1. James Combe, Falls Foundry
   2. Robert Hamilton, engraver; office, Castle Place
   3. William McIlwrath, manufacturer; office, 4 Donegall Street Place; factory, Sackville Street
   4. Tobias Porter, manager, Belfast four mills

Arthur Lane
off 26 Upper Arthur Street

   1. Vacant
   2. Anne Megarry
   3. Vacant
   4. Edward Hearty
   5. Patrick Mars, coachman
   6. Samuel Thomas, bell hanger
   8. Samuel Kennedy, car owner
 10. William Logue, coach washer

Arthur Place
off 14 & 16 Arthur Street

   1. Thos. K. Lowry, barrister-at-law; and Ballytrim, Killyleagh
   "   Thos. McQuiston, painter
   3. William Beattie, rent agent
   5. Frederick Joy, solicitor
   7. Hugh O'Connor, teacher
       Plough Hotel Stables
   9. Mrs. McCullough, piano forte manufacturer
   8. Jas. Keegan, rectifying distillery
   6. William R. Black, teacher
   2. John Clendinning, merchant; office, Donegall Street Place
   "   Orr R. Gamble, solicitor; Dublin address, 22 Middle Gardner Street and Train View, Whiteabbey

Arthur Square
Corn Market to Arthur Street

   1. David Dunlop, confectioner
   3. James Young, solicitor; Dublin address, 51 Camden Street; residence, 5 Dock Street
   5. Samuel Edgar, woollen draper and haberdasher
   7. Robt. Gaffikin, carver and gilder; residence, 32 Arthur Street Upper
   9. William Reid, haberdasher
 11. Modesto Silo, craver and gilder
       Charles Blackwood, butcher; shop, Corn Market
 10. A. Welsh, printing office
   8. Miss Donaldson, milliner
   "   William Donaldson, horse repository, Chichester Street
   6. John Hart, professor of music
   4. Sam. Hanna, military boot maker
   2. Eliza Gossan, provision dealer

Arthur Street
from Arthur Square to Chichester Street

   1. Theatre Royal, Thomas Cunningham, lessee
   3. Tully McKenna, solicitor; Dublin address, 107 Capel Street
   "   James McClean, solicitor; Dublin address, Leinster Chambers, and 43 Dame Street
3. John Dyer, Northern servants' registry office
   5. Mrs. Horswill, baby linen and children's dress establishment
   "   John Cinnamond, boot and shoe maker; shop, 9 Castle Place
   7. Chemico Agricultural Society Rooms, Dr. Hodges, chemist
   "   Mrs. J. Haslett, millinery and dress warehouse
   9. Miss Culloden, baby linen warehouse
   "   Joseph Culloden, gentleman
 11. Thomas K. Wheeler, physician and apothecary
 13. John Kennedy, house and general agent, conveyancer, master extraordinary in chancery, and commissioner for taking affidavits
   "   John Keenan, solicitor; Dublin address, 18 Fleet Street
   "   Francis H. O'Flaherty, proctor
 15. Mrs. Ann Murray
 17. Samuel Kennedy, solicitor; Dublin address, 26 Lower Ormond Quay
   "   Samuel Stevenson, tailor and clothier
 19. Alex. Moore, house and ornamental painter
   "   James Tittle, solicitor; Dublin address, 19 Upper Ormond Quay
 21. Hugh H. Boyd, agent; residence, 1 Fitzwilliam Street
   "   William M. Collins, solicitor; Dublin address, 103 Capel Street, residence, Fitzwilliam Place
 23. William Davis, solicitor; Dublin address, 185 Great Brunswick Street; residence, Greenville
 25. Samuel Moore, solicitor; Dublin address, 19 Upper Ormond Quay
 27. Thomas B. Johnston, solicitor; Dublin address, 103 Capel Street
 29. John Coates, solicitor; Dublin address, 25 Upper Meckleburg Street, and Newtownards
 31. William Dillon, proctor and solicitor; Dublin address, 22 Middle Gardiner Street; residence, Roseville, Whiteabbey
   "   Paul McHenry, Civil Engineer
 33. William and Alex. J. Cranston, solicitors; Dublin address, 29 Upper Ormond Quay
     [Chichester Street
 28. Alexander Kilpatrick, agent for Blackie & Sons, publishers, Glasgow
 26. George Browne, ladies' silk dyer, artificial florist, etc.; Arthur Street district post office receiving house
 24. Crawford and Russell, solicitors; Dublin address, 46 Lower Gardner Street; W. Crawford's, Dalchoolin, Holywood
 22. Charles Davis, dentist
*20. John Nocher, linen and damask warehouse
 18. John Dinnen, solicitor; Dublin address, 22 Middle Gardner Street
   "   Surgeon Smith
+16. Thomas and John McQuiston, glaziers and house painters
     [ Arthur Place
 14. Mrs. Clendinning, (late Miss Lorimer) millinery warerooms
 12. Saml. McDowell Elliott, solicitor, and Seneschal of Belfast; Dublin address, 15 Lower Ormond Quay; residence, the Old Lodge
 10. Robert Campbell, baker
   8. Robert Galbraith, hair dresser, wig maker, perfumer, etc.
                     Chronicle Place
6. Commercial Chronicle office, J. C. Anderson, proprietor; residence, 51 Upper Arthur Street
   6. Alexander Robb, tailor
   4. Joseph Gibson, solicitor; Dublin address, 103 Capel Street
2. William Young, shoe warehouse
   "   Patrick Savage, solicitor; Dublin address, 82 Jervis Street
   2. Samuel Edgar; shop, 5 Arthur Square

Arnon Street
off Trinity Street

new street - no houses yet built

Arthur Street Upper
continuation of Arthur Street

     [ Patterson's Place
35, 37, 39. Vacant
 41. Miss Grattan, milliner
 43. Vacant
 45. James McDonald, agent for A. Fullarton & Co., publishers, Edinburgh
   "   Mons. Jules Festu, French master
 47. James McKisack, linen  and yarn agent; office, 10 Corporation Street
 49. Mrs. Henry, milliner
 51. John C. Anderson, proprietor of Belfast Commercial Chronicle
 53. Mrs. Keith, milliner and dress maker
 55. Dr. Henry Ferguson, surgeon
 57. Mrs. Allen
 59. James T. May, professor of music
59. Jas. Brown, land agent                       {   Court
 60. John Workman & Sons, manufacturers { round corner, 59
       Side of Music Hall
 42. Dr. R. S. Dill, surgeon
 40. William M. Macartney, barrister-at-law
 38. Miss Lamont and Miss Rook's boarding and day school
 36. William Gilbert, watch maker and jeweller; shop, 15 High Street
 34. Mrs. McDowell
   "   J. B. McGregor, surgeon
 32. Robert Gaffikin, carver and gilder; shop. 7 Arthur Square
 30. Miss Knowles, seminary
 28. Miss A. J. Williamson
 26. Mary Sparling, dress maker
     [ Arthur Lane
 24. Edward McHugh, haberdasher; shop, 12 Rosemary Street

Artillery Street
Artillery Barracks, North Queen Street

   2. Charles Raverty, labourer
   4. Michael Malone, labourer
6. John McIlvoy, pork cutter
   8. Randal McDonnell, bricklayer
 10. Patrick Roddy, labourer
 12. James Woods, night constable
 14. James Irvine, labourer
 16. Fanny Tumbelty
 18. James Maxwell, mill worker
 20. James McCoubrey, labourer
 22. Mary Doran
       John McVeigh, flax dresser
       Rose Loughran
       James Hamilton, mill worker
       James Milliken, carter
       John Logan, labourer
       William Hall, labourer
       John Connor, labourer
       John Edgar, mill worker
       Thomas Tierney, labourer
       Martin Higgins, labourer
       Thomas Curley, carter
       John Murphy, dealer
       Thomas Middleton, labourer
       Joseph Farley, labourer
       Francis Maxwell, labourer
       Mary McCann, dealer
       Thomas Walsh, moulder
       Alexander Ellis, caretaker grain store
       James Hughes, labourer
       John Doyle, labourer
       Samuel Smith, muslin printer
       Joseph Dodds, ship carpenter

Aughton Terrace
Donegall Pass

   1. George Holmes, Lieutenant Royal Engineers
   2. Captain Allworthy, formerly in constabulary
   3. Robert Greer, merchant, 13 Donegall Street
   4. William Agnew, solicitor
   5. James McDonald, agent to Fullartons, publishers and printers, Edinburgh
   6. Mrs. Fitzgerald
   7. Mrs. Isabella Aughton
   8. James Moncrief, vitriol works, Ballymacarrett

Allen's Court
off Peter's Hill

about fifteen small houses

Anderson's Court
Shankhill Road

a few small houses

Anderson's Court
off Millfield

about fifteen small houses



Back Lane
West side Prince's Street

       Mr. Bell's grain store and stable
       Mr. Ireland's grain store and stable
 21. Vacant

Bairn's Court
off Curtis Street

eight small houses

Balmer's Court
Verner Street

   1. Charles McMullan, seaman
   3. Mrs. Storey
   5. Samuel Best, dealer
   8. Robert Townsend, dealer
   6. Robert McKee, fowl dealer
   4. Anne McGinnity
   2. John Mitchell, tanner

Bank Lane
from 29 Castle Place to Chapel Lane

   1. M. Taggart, commercial traveller
   3. Surgeon John Quin
5, 7. Cochrane, Brothers & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers
   9. James Stirrat, sewed muslin agent
 11. Mrs. Torney
 13. Mathew Doland, whitesmith
 15. James Sloan, car driver
 17. Daniel McCann, labourer
 19. Edward Gilmour, shoe maker
 21. Arthur Maherg, cooper
 23. Robert McQuillen, servant
 25. Geo. and James Magill, brewers
 27. Store vacant
 29. Mrs. Hamill
 31. John Donnelly, dyer
 33. Bernard Brady, maltsman
 35. James Fitzpatrick, coachman
 37. Henry Slane, coach maker
 39. Rose Black
     [Chapel Lane
       Side of Cunningham's brewery
 42. Mrs. Glasgow
 40. Store vacant
 38. John Brooks, servant
 36. Hugh Kelly, wine and spirit store; residence, 13 North Queen Street
30, 32, 34. Vacant
 28. Susan Lee
 26. Wm. Butler, boot closer
 24. Edward McAnally, labourer
 22. Henry Dillon, basket maker
 16. Robert Saunders, carpenter
 14. John Maguire, dyer
 12. Robert Ross, dealer
 10. Hugh Mullan, saddler
   8. J. Rutherford, painter and glazier's stores
4, 2. Vacant

Barnet's Court
North side Peter's Hill

ten small houses

Barker's Court
South side Pilot Street

six small houses

Barnes Court
Brown's Row, South side Millfield

nine small houses

Barrack Street
from Mill Street to Durham Street., Falls Road

   1. Isabella Erwin, grocer
   3. Timothy O'Meely, haberdasher
   5. Robert Meek, baker
   7. James O'Kane, shoe maker
     [ Meek's Court
   9. Mary McCormac, dealer
 11. John Hayes, butcher
 13. John Higgins, shoe maker
 15. William Kelly, butcher
 17. P. Murphy, grocer and spirit dealer
 19. James B. Owen, pawn broker
     [ Galway's Entry
23, 25. Chas. Hilland, grocer and spirit dealer
 27. Dr. McGregor, accoucheur
29, 31. James McCracken, builder and grocer
 33. Andrew Barnett, spirit dealer
     [ Brown's Entry
 35. Henry Davis, cooper
37, 39. J. Mackenzie, Shaw & Co., Belfast Distillery
       A. M. Shaw's residence
 39. John Russell, grocer
. Philip Hamilton, labourer
 41. Robert Milligan, pawn broker
     [ Kennedy's Entry
 45. Ann Hagan, grocer
 47. Patrick Cochrane, carman
 49. James Devlin, tailor
 51. Patrick O'Neill, carpenter
 53. Francis Campbell, grocer
 55. Henry Rippet, cattle dealer
 57. William Hughes, do
 59. Henry Cochrane, labourer
 61. Ann McGrady
 63. Bernard McAnally, butcher
 65. James McGuigan
 67. John O'Neill, grocer
 69. David Campbell, pig dealer
 71. Alexander Spence, dealer
 73. Archibald McMaster, carpenter
 75. John Mulholland, merchant
 77. Richard Graham, merchant
 79. Bernard Campbell, mason
 81. Patrick McKenna, labourer
 83. Patrick Grant, grocer
85, 87. Robert Williams, grocer
     [ Durham Street
 76. John Close, grocer
 74. Felix Connelly, carman
 72. Wm. J. McCormack, carman
 70. Robert Williams, hay dealer
 68. Patrick Grant, grocer
 66. Samuel Coleman, grocer
 64. Charles McGeough, butcher
 62. Mathew McGeough, baker
 60. Wm. Connolly, mill worker
 58. Betty Clarke, lodging house
     [ Murphy's Row
 56. Francis Harvey, carman
       Old Barracks
 52. Thomas McKee, cooper
 50. James O'Neill, butcher
 48. G. Rafferty, grocer and publican
 46. Hugh Harper, pawn broker
42, 44. Vacant
 40. Bernard Lenard, engineer
 38. John McAdorey, grocer
 36. H. Trelford, publican and grocer
 34. Thomas McEvoy, grocer
 32. Sarah McCullough, dealer
 30. William Mallen, weaver
 28. Tobias McQuade, baker
     [ Dyas Court
 26. Patrick Meekan, dealer
 24. James O'Neill, dealer
 22. William Gardner, green grocer
 20. Thomas Mills, labourer
     [ Donaldson's Court
 18. James Carnes, watchman
14, 16. Alexander Withers, grocer
 12. Patrick Woods, grocer
 10. Hugh Mason, grocer
     [ Lettuce Hill
   8. Hugh McQuillan, grocer
   6. Robert Wright, publican
   4. Peter Battersby, rag store
   2. Elizabeth Savage, grocer

Bath Place, Falls Road

   1. Patrick Savage, Bath House Tavern
   2. Wm. McConnell, calico printer
   3. Wm. Spence, writing clerk
   4. George Sibbin, pawn broker
       Public Baths and Wash Houses, W. J. Livingston, superintendent

Beattie's Entry
South side Mill Street

twenty two houses

Bell's Lane
East side of Smithfield

   1. Patrick Noon, shoe maker
   3. Wm. Ellis, school master
   5. Patrick Kerr, shoe maker
   7. Robert McCudden, huckster
   9. Mary Frim, green grocer
 11. George McCullough, carpenter
 13. Vacant
 15. Francis Frys, bailiff
 17. Patrick Fox, dealer
 19. Margaret Magee
 21. Francis McCormack, shoe maker
 23. Rodger McQuillan, labourer
     [ Torren's Row and Market at End
 24. Mary McKavanagh, huckster
 22. Ellen Hogshaw, fish monger
 20. Mick McConaghy, huckster
 18. John Burns, dealer
 16. Edward McGarry, shoe maker
 14. Samuel Robinson, shoe maker
 12. Wm. Halliday, porter
 10. Bernard Connor, tanner
   8. James Brady, jun., shoe maker
   6. James Brady, sen., shoe maker
4, 6. Henry Chapman, shoe maker

Belvidere Place
opposite Victoria Place

   1. Mrs. Pentland
   2. Richard Atkinson, book keeper
   3. Hugh Morrow, Inspector, Belfast Bank
   4. Mrs. Arthur
   5. Mrs. Martin
   6. Robt. Hamilton, in Messrs. Richardson, Brothers' office, Corporation Street

Berryhill Court
off 76 Little Donegall Street

thirty-four small houses

Berry Street
from Hercules Street to Smithfield

   1. Peter Magouran, spirit dealer
   3. Peter Harkin, clothes dealer
   5. James Griffith, do.
   7. George Gordon, do.
   9. Michael grimes, do.
 11. John Reilly, do.
 13. John Stewart, do.
 15. John Sheals, do.
 17. Thomas Marshall, shoe maker
19, 21. Geo. McGinley, clothes dealer
 23. George Fulton, clothes dealer
 25. John Crawford, jun., grocer and publican
     [ New Row
 27. Stephen McKenna, clothes dealer
 29. Sarah McClean, clothes dealer
 31. Richard Ledgett, clothes dealer
 33. Vacant
 35. John Drummond, clothes dealer
     [ Charlemont Street
 37. Sarah Stewart, clothes dealer
 39. James Griffith, clothes dealer
 41. Elizabeth Griffith, do.
 43. James Bogan, publican
 45. Robert McDowell, clothes dealer
 49. Ellen Hughes, do.
 51. James Lyons, do.
 53. James Stewart, do.
 55. Hugh ward, stocking dealer
     Chapel Lane]  [ Millar's Lane
       Berry Street Presbyterian Church Teetotal Hall
 38. John Byrne, auctioneer
 36. Wm. McLaughlin, clothes dealer
 34. George McGinley, clothes dealer
 30. Vacant
 28. William Porter and Son, clothiers and general outfitters
 26. Henry Mallaghan, clothes dealer and auctioneer
 24. vacant
 22. Richard Lennon, clothes dealer
 20. Anne Jane Fulton, clothes dealer
 18. Patrick Keenan, confectioner
 16. Edward Stritch, haberdasher
 14. Thomas Monaghan, clothes dealer
12. Thomas Mallaghan
 12. Samuel Campbell, grocer
 10. John Gordon, clothes dealer
8. Alexander Hamill, do.
   8. Miles Dolan, do.
   6. Richard Jones, do.
   4. Thomas O'Reilly, do.
   2. Peter Harkin, do.

Birch Street
off Little Donegall Street

   1. James McMannus, spirit store
 45. Thomas Graham, chimney sweep
       and 57 other small houses

Black's Place
off Hercules Street

   1. James Strickland, labourer
   3. Hugh McGrath, labourer
   5. Robert Welsh, fish monger
   7. Francis McKee, fish monger
   9. Jane Menim
 11. Michael Adrain, labourer
 13. Mary Bradley, fish monger
 15. William Collins, fish monger
 17. Felix  Cowan, labourer
 19. Patrick Butler, coal factor
 21. John Fee, labourer
 23. Alice Finnigan
 25. Jane Orem, clothes dealer
 27. Patrick Lucas, comb maker
 29. Patrick Mulholland, labourer
 31. James Stewart, labourer
 30. Mary McConnell
 28. Bryan Rock, labourer
 26. John Woodward, cabinet maker
 24. Robert Woods, labourer
 18. James Murphy, chandler
 18. Mrs. Orem
 16. Isabella Stitt
 14. James Maginnis, brick layer
 12. Margaret McGlenn, lodgings
 10. William Butler
   8. William Dogherty
   6. William Stit
   4. John Hungerford, carpenter
   2. Michael Pentleton, labourer

Blakely's Lane
West side Tomb Street

eight houses and a store

Bogan's Row, Falls Road

fourteen small houses

Bond Street
off Cromac Street

   1. John Rogers, labourer
   3. John Martin, labourer
   5. John McCourt, dealer in old books
   7. John Devenny, labourer
   9. Daniel Moore, tile burner
 11. Robert McAuley, carpenter
 13. John Doherty, labourer
 15. Mrs. McAree, mill worker
 17. J. Caruthers, boot and shoe maker
 19. John McCafferty, labourer
 21. Widow Crean
 23. Christopher Noddings, flax dresser
 25. Daniel Barniff, carpenter (Braniff)
 27. William Steed, tailor
 29. Hugh Henan, baker
 31. John Kearns, fowl dealer
 33. John Thompson, porter
 35. Felix Quin, servant
 36. Lewis Cross, mechanic
 34. William Gordon, labourer
 32. Adam Hampton, cooper
 30. John Sharkey, labourer
 28. Richard Keys, labourer
 26. Aaron Smith, labourer
 24. Robert Donaghy, lamp lighter
 22. Henry Jordan, caretaker
 20. Henry Doonegan, plate layer
 18. Mary McKigan, cow keeper
 16. Samuel McIlwaine, car owner
 14. John Stevenson, porter
 12. Mrs. Osborne
 10. Alex. Millen, house carpenter
   8. Henry McConvill, labourer
   6. Thomas Jones, writing clerk
   4. Robert Crooks, grocer
   2. James Clarke, dealer

Bond Street, New
continuation of Bond Street to Eliza Street

   1. Thomas Frith, flax spinner
   3. Thomas Rice, meal dealer, Castle Market
   5. James M. Fordyce, brewer, Cromac brewery
   7. Thomas Gibson, travelling clerk, Belfast Chemical Works Company
   9. Wm. Greig, delf merchant, High Street
 11. Thomas Carnes, travelling clerk, Messrs. Dobbin's. druggists, 18 & 20 North Street
 15. John Gregg, buyer to Jas. Young & Co., woollen drapers, 19 Donegall Street
 17. Thomas Gilmore, pawn broker, Cromas Street (Cromac)

Botanic Road
Right side from Victoria Place

   1. Vacant
   2. John Percival Hudson, gentleman
   3. Vacant
   4. John Hoy, wine and spirit merchant; shop, Victoria Street
5, 6. Vacant
   7. John Hartley, notary public' office, Castle Buildings
   8. James Ewart, muslin manufacturer
   9. Miss Hume
 10. Dr. Robert John Black, surgeon
 11. Mrs. Henderson

Botanic Cottage

       Rev. George Hill

Botanic Garden

       D. Ferguson, curator
       William McKechnie, gate keeper

Botanic View
Botanic Road

   1. David Reimbach, second master in School of Design
   2. Mrs. Murray
   3. Mrs. Hall
   4. Doctor Dickie, professor of natural history, in Queen's College
   5. Mrs. Stewart
   6. Miss Greaves
   7. Doctor James Thompson
   8. James Connor, Ulster Bank
   9. Mrs. Cooper

Bolton Street
east side Verner Street

four small houses

Boundary Court
off Boundary Street

eight small houses

Boundary Street
from Falls Road to Peter's Hill

   1. Samuel Todd, smith
   3. Johnston Fleming, grocer
   5. John Burnside, rope maker
   7. Samuel Johnston, rope maker
   9. Andrew McMullan, rope maker
 11. Richard King, rope maker
 13. Andrew McMullan, rope maker
 15. Martha Henry, confectionery
 17. William Rice, shoe maker
 19. Robert Robinson, boot maker
 21. P. Devlin, labourer
     [ Reid's Place
 23. Robert Windsor, labourer
 25. James Magill, weaver
 27. Nathaniel McAdam, labourer
 29. William Bickerstaff, labourer
31, 33, 35. William Spence, provision dealer and publican
 37. William Arlow, carman
 39. William Dickey, carpenter
 41. Henry Louden, carpenter
 43. William McClelland, shoe maker
 45. Moses Livingstone, weaver
 47. William Craw, rope maker
 49. James McCulloch, engineer
     [ Upper Cargill Street
 51. Alexander Green
 53. William McNamee, labourer
 55. Peter Clarke, labourer
 57. James Harvey, dyer
 59. Denis Gartins, baker
 61. John O'Neill, labourer
 63. Mary Ann Ferguson
   "   Charlotte Campbell, mill worker
   "   Patrick McLaughlin, brick layer
 65. Patrick McEvoy, labourer
 67. Owen Doyle
     [ Henrietta Court
 69. Mary Ann Jackson
 71. Patrick Henry, labourer
 73. James Morrison, milkman
 75. Michael Leonard, mechanic
 77. Daniel Dougherty, mechanic
 79. Edward Donnelly, engineer
 81. John Newell, porter
 83. John Mullan, porter
     [ Duffy's Place
 85. Patrick McCabe, grocer
 87. James Lemon, rope maker
 89. Hugh Agnew, mechanic
 91. William McLaughlin, mechanic
 93. Eliza McClusky, mill worker
 95. George Wilkinson, engineer
       Wall of Campbell and Boomer's mill
     [ Waste ground
 60. James McCorry, publican
 58. Henry Donnelly, stone mason
 56. James Porter, labourer
 54. James Johnston, moulder
 52. Mary Cronin
 50. James Boyd, grocer
     [ Cargill Street
 48. John McTrustery, carpenter
 46. William Hall, cabinet maker
 44. Archibald Leinster, porter
 42. Francis Green, watchman
     [ Boundary Court
 40. Eliza Bunting, green grocer
 38. Hugh Montgomery, labourer
 36. Abraham Grattan, shoe maker
      [ O'Haggarty Street
 34. Wm. McIlwrath, grocer
 32. Abraham Neill, night constable
  "   John McKnight, night constable
 30. Wm. Humphreys, pork cutter
 28. Alex. Blair, designer
 26. Edward Linn, boot maker
 24. Wm. Rodgers
  "    Patrick Woods
 22. William Johnston, carman
 20. James McIlveen, mechanic
 18. Spiers Muir, book binder
 16. Hugh Sales, night constable
     [ Gable Street
 14. Mary Bell, green grocer
 12. Michael Halpan, tailor
 10. Matthew Quail, starch maker
   8. John Whisker, butcher
   6. John McCartney, scavenger
   4. Jeremiah Smith, shoe maker
   2. John Savage, grocer
       John Magee, moulder

Boyd's Court
at Boyd's Blackstaff Mill

eleven houses

Boyd's Court
off Nile Street

ten houses

Boyd Street
from Peter's Hill to Mitchell Street

   1. John Hanna (grocer and spirit merchant) hall door
   3. W. Sloane, smith
   5. James Hall, constable
   7. Daniel McKeith, boot maker
   9. Robert Lithgow, shoe maker
 11. Vacant
     [ Boyd's Court - 13 small houses
 13. William Boal, cabinet maker
 15. Jane Gilliland, bonnet maker
 17. James Mulholland, starch worker
 19. William McAuley, brick layer
 21. John Wilson, baker
 23. Mary Ann McBride, grocer
     [ Glasshouse Street - 24 small houses
 25. John McAnally, shoe maker
 27. James Crow, plasterer
 29. Robert McNeice, cabinet maker
 31. Thomas Moffett, shoe maker
 33. John Smith, blacksmith
35, 37. Starch Works, James Boyd, proprietor; residence, Beech Lodge
 39. James Boyd's office
 41. John Peacock, currier
 43. Samuel Murray, painter
 45. Daniel McConagill, boiler maker
 47. John Harley, starch worker
 49. Mary Blackburn, sempstress
 51. Miss Cooper's school
     [ Mitchell Street
 60. John Lemon, porter
 58. John Bell, printer
 56. William Cooper, carpenter
 54. Robert Newell, labourer
 52. John Lockhart, smith
 50. James McClarnen, carpenter
 48. Robert Wiggins, blacksmith
 46. John Harlin, carpenter
 44. James Macklin, baker
 42. Richard Jennings, carpenter
 40. James Treaner, carpenter
 38. Thomas Heaney, baker
 36. John Martin, boot maker
 34. Robert Long, millwright
 32. Patrick Davison, porter
 30. Samuel Anderson, hackler
 28. Daniel Pettigrew, millwright
 26. John McClarnen, carpenter
 24. Charles McCrory, porter
 22. David Ferguson, harness maker
 20. Hugh Murray, millwright
 18. Alexander Vint, stone cutter
 16. Archibald Adair, carpenter
 14. Edward Echlin, cabinet maker
 12. James Doyle, baker
 10. George White, carpenter
   8. Andrew Corrigan, painter
   6. William Hincks, pensioner
   4. Hugh Lappen, porter
   2. E. Connor, grocer, hall door

Bradbury Place
from Botanic Road to Lisburn Road

   1. William Fawkner, grocery and spirit dealer
   3. James Martin, grocer
   7. Thomas Johnston, carpenter
   9. Alex. Murphy, boot and shoe maker
 11. Wm. Goodwin, boot and shoe maker
 13. John Rodgers, gardener
 15. Alexander Stewart, gardener
 17. Robert Carson
 19. George McIlveen, labourer
 21. William McKelvey, carpenter
 23. Hugh Larmour, grocer
 25. James Kennedy, linen inspector
 27. John Patrick, porter Queen's Col.
 29. Arthur Mackay, tailor
 31. James McVey, labourer
 33. Jane Homes, lodging house
 35. Constabulary
 37. Robert Kennedy, spirit store
 39. George Mateer, Malone toll gate keeper

Bradford's Entry
West side Millfield

       seven houses
   7. Alex. Crawford's Starch Works

Bradford Square
East side Tomb Street

   1. Bernard Mooney, block and pump maker
   3. Ann Lamb, lodging house
   5. Margaret Black, lodging house
     [ Steam Lane across east end
   6. Sarah Massy, lodging house
   4. Mary Dickson, lodging house
   2.Jane Haddock, lodging house

Bradford Street
off Dock Street

some new houses

Breadalbane Place
opposite Victoria Place

   1. Mrs. J. A. Wilson
   2. Mrs. Patterson
   3. Jas. Siebert, linen, yarn merchant; office, Linen Hall

Bridge End

       Ulster Canal Company's stores and landing

Bridge Street
from High Street to Belfast Bank

   1. Cooke Johnston & Co., hat warehouse
   3. M. McCracken, boot and shoe maker; residence, 54 Great George's Street
   5. John Jennings, woollen draper
7, 9, 11. John Arnott & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers, silk mercers and general warehousemen; D. Taylor's residence, 2 Lower Crescent
 13. Riddel & McCallum (late Brown's), haberdashers and lacemen, and hosiery and Berlin wool establishment
 15. John Craig, wholesale and retail iron monger; residence, Great George's Street
17, 17. John Arnott & Co. (see above)
 19. David Walker, confectioner and restaurant
 21. Geo. W. Kyle, hosier, glove, shirt and stock maker, outfitter, etc.
 23. John B. McGrotty & Co., woollen drapers, hatters, outfitters, and clothiers; residence, 26 College Street
 25. Thomas Ward, sub-stamp distributor; residence, Cherryhill, Malone
 27. George Phillips, book seller, stationer, and librarian; residence, 3 Linen Hall Street
     [ Commercial Buildings
28. Hugh Graham & Co., hat and cap warehouse
 28. A. McCracken, boot and shoe maker
 26. Edward McHugh, hat and cap warehouse
 24. A. C. Weir & Co., Manchester woollen warehouse; residence, 1 Albion Place
 24. John Kelly, brush, comb, and trunk manufacturer
 22. Waring Curran, oil, colour and dye stuff warehouse; residence, Donegall Street
 20. John McKenna (sign of the Golden Lamb), draper and haberdasher
 18. A. & J. Marshall, hosiers and glovers
16, 14, 12. Thomas McKenna & Co., linen and woollen drapers
 10. News-Letter Office (estd. 1737), James Alex. Henderson, publisher; residence, Mount Collyer Park
   8. Alexander Wilson, basket manufacturer and toy merchant; residence, 76 Joy Street
   6. Robt. Pelan & Co., Prince of Wales Bazaar, and basket manufactory; residence, 15 York Street
   4. Robert Donnelly, confectioner and cigar dealer; residence, 9 Joy Street

Bridge Street Place
off No. 22 Bridge Street

       Falls Mills Co., flax spinners

Brougham Street
left side of York Street

   1. Alexander Douglass, salesman
   3. Mrs. Eliza Everett
   5. Mrs. Elizabeth Carr
   7. David Parkhill, gentleman
   9. James Porteous, sewed muslin manufacturer
 11. James Sullivan, shipowner
 13. John Smith, butter merchant
       Waste ground
 21. Rev. Samuel Downing, Methodist minister
       four new houses building

Brown's Entry
north side of Barrack Street

nineteen houses

Brown's Row

eleven houses

Brown's Square
from Peter's Hill to Brown Street

   1. John McLaughlin, spirit dealer
   3. William Bunting, market constable
   5. Andrew Walker, carman
     [ McKee's Court
 11. Walter Cahoon, pensioner
 13. James Bell, weaver
 17. John Hare, carpenter
 21. Thomas Macnamee, day constable
 25. Francis Williamson, day constable
 29. James Hamilton's rag store
31, 33. Robert Carnduff, bakery establishment
 53. James Macauley, whitesmith
 55. Thomas Carmichael, carman
 65. John McKever, gate keeper Messrs. Herdman's stores
       S. Bamford, spirit store (hall door)
     [ Peter's Hill]
 40. James Magee, grocer
26 to 20. S. & W. Thompson, foundry
     [ Lewis Court - 18 small houses ]
     [ McConkey's Court ]
 10. Daniel Hall, brush manufacturer
     [ Rowentree Court
   2. Robert Humphrey, house and rent agent
     [ Humphrey's Court
       The remainder of the houses in this street are principally occupied by weavers

Brown Street
from Millfield to Melbourne Street

   1. Geo. Hopes, grocer and spirit dealer
   5. Ralph Russell, labourer
   7. Samuel Walker, labourer
   9. Thomas Hayes, house painter
 11. Andrew McGimpsey, spirit dealer
 13. William Bruce, wood turner
 15. John McCracken, general dealer
 17. Vacant
 19. Neill McNeill, brick layer
 21. Michael Conway, weaver
 23. Robert Wilson, weigher at Smithfield weigh bridge
 25. John McIlveen, engine man
 27. Archibald Dixon, car man
 29. Francis McCann, labourer
29. Andrew Crozier, servant
 31. Robert Canning, tailor
 33. Thomas Hill, weaver
 35. William Hall, house painter
 37. Henry Murray, house painter
 39. James Girven, weaver
 41. John Downey, writing clerk
 43. John McGlaughlen's stores
 45. John McGlaughlen, grocer and spirit dealer
 78. John O'Neill, carter
 76. Samuel McBurney
 74. Sarah Irvin
 72. Andrew Shaw, grocer
 70. Robert Niblock, mechanic
 68. Nathaniel Fleeton, day constable
 66. Joseph McCracken, spirit dealer
 64. Eliza Ewing
 62. Robert Boyd, bleacher
 60. Anne Coates
 58. John Withers, carman
 56. John Loughran, mechanic
 54. Thomas Patterson, cabinet maker
 52. John Steen, house painter
 50. James Black, labourer
 48. Robert Morrison, porter
 46. Agnes McIlwaine
 44. Mary McIvor
 42. William McGloughlen, whitesmith
 40. Thomas Burnside, brick layer
 38. Wm. Channon, garrison librarian
 36. Charles Hagan
 34. Wm. John Davis, nailer
 32. Wm. Crook, carpenter
 30. Laughlin McClean, nailer
 28. Isaac Hayburn, rope maker
 26. Thomas Morgan, salesman
 24. Charles Crawford, smith's helper
 22. Sarah Connor
 20. Charles Donoghey, shoe maker
 18. John Leitch, sawyer
 16. Charles Shiels, boot and shoe maker
 14. John Short, labourer
 12. Jane Daley
 10. Henry Stewart, tanner
   8. John Shaw, car driver
   6. John McWilliams, night watchman
   4. Eliza Reid, dealer
   2. Eliza Scott, dress maker

Brunswick Lane
west side Henry Square

nine houses

Brunswick Street
between Howard Street and House of Correction

   1. James Mathewson, grocer; shop, Donegall Place
   2. Wm. White, linen commissioner
       Ulster Female Penitentiary

Burn's Court, off Mill Street

 ten small houses

Byrnes Lane
off Lower Lagan Street



five houses

Caddell's Entry
from High Street to Rosemary Street

   1. Peter Hughes, porter
   3. Rose Campbell, huckster
5, 7. James Barnes, spirit dealer
   9. Peter Fox, labourer
 11. Vacant
 13. Arthur Ward, boarding house
 15. John McCready, tailor
 17. John Murray, weaver
 19. William Agar, butcher
 21. Betsy Hammond, washer woman
 23. James Martin, labourer
 25. David Hood, boarding house
 27. Samuel Haddock, labourer
 29. Vacant
 30. James Hughes, cork cutter
 28. Alexander Robinson, car man
 26. Alexander Kerr, pensioner
 24. James Hughes, waiting house
 22. Jane Rafferty, huckster
 20. Mary McCourt, huckster
 18. William Stewart, shoe maker
 16. Robert Magee, spirit dealer
 14. Catherine Hanna, boarding house
 12. Mary Kearns, boarding house
 10. Margaret Forster, boarding house
   8. Feenan, boarding house
   6. Jane Anderson, boarding house
   4. Mary Gibson, eating house
   2. John Henderson's printing office

Cahoon's Court
off Brown's Square

four small houses

Calendar Street
from Castle Lane to Donegall Square

   1. James Crawford, wine and spirit merchant; residence, 26 Donegall Place
   3. James Coey's wholesale and retail boot and shoe warehouse
   5. Richardson, Sons, and Owden's stores
   7. Day and Bottomley, wholesale woollen merchants; Wm. Bottomley's residence, Fortbreda, County Down
   9. William Stevenson, jun., and Co., general merchants; residence, Dunmurry
   "   J. Cameron, linen and ribbon manufacturer; residence, 15 Victoria Place
 11. Stables, vacant
 13. A. & S. Henry & Co.'s back entrance to Donegall Square North
     [ Donegall Square
 16. John Ladley, solicitor; and 74 Dame Street, Dublin; residence, 99 Joy Street
 14. Connolly Sherrard, house and land agent; residence, 2 Chichester Street
 12. John Preston and Co., linen yarn and flax merchants; residence, 5 Pakenham Place
 10. John Dunville and Co., wholesale wine, tea and spirit merchants' William Dunville's residence, Richmond Lodge, County Down
   8. Anne Murray's tobacco manufactory; residence, 15 Arthur Street
   6. Northern Whig Office, F. D. Finlay, proprietor; residences, 1 Adelaide Place and Ballynafeigh Cottage, County Down
   4. Peter Keegan, rectifying distiller, and wine and spirit merchant; residence, 12 Victoria Place
   2. Arthur Carmichael, Fox Tavern
       Samuel Clay, poulterer; residence, 6 Wellington Street

California Street
19 Wall Street to Old Lodge Road

   1. Mathew Maine, engineer
   3. William Knox, plumber
   5. Alexander Dixon, millwright
   7. Robert Lawson, writing clerk
   9. Richard Robinson, school master
 11. Samuel Gordon, linen lapper
       five new houses
     [ Park Street
     six new houses
       William Davis, message porter
       Hugh Campbell, linen lapper
       William Lavery, linen lapper
       Oswald Reid, blacksmith
       four new houses
     [ Park Street
 20. Moses Hutchinson, labourer
 18. Andrew Thompson, linen lapper
 16. Hugh Glass, linen lapper
 14. Robert Fleming, tailor
 12. Robert Carswell, book binder
 10. William Sweeney, mechanic
   8. John Black, shipping clerk
   6. William Campbell, book binder
   4. John Ritchie, foreman in muslin manufactory
   2. James Scott, grocer and salesman

Cambridge Street
off Canning Street, York Road

   1. John McMullan, tailor
   2. Hugh Renton, foreman hackler

Camden Terrace, Botanic Road

   1. Rev. Charles Reichel
   2. William G. Bell
   3. Edward Masson, professor of Greek, Assembly's College
   4. Mrs. Savage
   5. George Sibbald, Belfast Bank

Campbell's Buildings
Peter's Hill to Townsend Street

   1. Alex. Edgar, foreman carpenter
   3. David Imray, foreman in muslin warehouse
   5. Wm. Guy, poor rate collector
   7. Robert Clements, builder
   9. Henry Johnston, engraver
 11. George Wilson, mechanic
 13. Robert Reynolds, warper
 15. Robert Campbell, carpenter
 17. James Withers, editor Belfast Commercial Chronicle
 19. John Hodgson, grocer
 21. James McKeever, tobacco spinner
 12. James Sinclair, street inspector
 10. Archibald Price, iron founder
   8. John Dornan, manager in foundry
   6. E. Whitla, dress maker
   4. Noah, Longworth, engineer
   2. M. McCoulery, dress maker

Campbell's Court
off Carrick Hill

several small houses

Campbell's Place
off The Old Lodge Road

   1. Conway MacNeice, cow keeper
   3. Mrs. Saunders
   5. Mathew Fulton, cow keeper
   4. William Balloon, blacksmith
   2. John Saunders, horse dealer

Campbell Street
off Old Lodge Road

twenty-two small houses

Canning Street
off York Road

   1. John Williamson, carter
       seven new houses building

Cargill Street
off Townsend and Boundary Street

   1. Addison Briggs, clerk
   3. George Cameron, goldsmith
   5. William Warnock, tobacco spinner
   7. Robert McMahan, labourer
   9. James Russell, grocer and publican
 11. Mary McClusky, widow
 13. William Bell, mechanic
 30. David Law, brass founder
 28. Robert Mahoney, pork cutter
 26. Stephen Houston, mill Wright
 24. John Donaldson, smith
 22. John Montgomery, pork cutter
  "    M. Montgomery, dress maker
 20. James Macomb, dealer in butter
 18. Susan Taylor, widow
 16. Robert Taylor, iron moulder
 14. Joseph White, mechanic
 12. William Morrison, weaver
 10. Alexander Riddell, shoe maker
   8. George Ireland, tinsmith
   6. Arthur Douglas, labourer
   4. David Gamble, tinsmith
   2. John McAdam, cabinet maker

Caroline Street
from Great George's Street to Little Patrick Street

   1. Elizabeth Hunter, grocer
   3. Edward Hughes, labourer
   5. John Hawthorn, sailor
   7. Hamilton Rowan, ship carpenter
   9. Joseph McFarland, cooper
 11. William Lemon, ship carpenter
 13. Alexander McKay, cooper
 15. William Lattimore, sail maker
 17. Charles Wardlow, sawyer
 19. Matthew Shanks, carpenter
 21. James Humphreys, porter
 23. Edward Murray, cooper
 25. Hugh Bole, stokerer
 27. Mrs. Moreland, waistcoat maker
 26. John Kelly, sawyer
 24. John Kelly, master of vessel
 22. Samuel Reynolds, porter
 20. Jane Hunter
 18. Charlotte Brown, mill worker
 16. James McCormick, cooper
 14. James Tosh, cooper
 12. Danuel McKee, master of vessel
 10. Robert Gill, master of vessel
   8. Robert Carmichael, sailor
   6. James McClure, sawyer
   4. Charles Webb, rigger
   2. Robert Hunter, rag store

Carrick Hill
from North Street to Donegall Street

   1. James Graham, hair dresser
   3. Isaac Griffith, dealer in hay
   5. Francis Mullan, lodging house
   7. Hugh Casey, dealer in hay
   9. Vacant
 11. Hugh Kearney, lodging house
 13. Alice Hegarty, lodging house
 15. Elizabeth Kernaghan
 17. John Lennon, grocer and baker
 19. John McBride, labourer
21, 22. Wm. McCarter, grocer and baker
 25. James Brennan, dealer
     [ Upper Kent Street
 27. Francis Sherry, dealer
 29. Thomas McIlveen, nailer
 31. John Dougherty, labourer
33, 35. James McKeown, musician
 37. Patrick Rogan, spirit dealer
 39. James Bruce, carter
 41. Hugh McAnally, lodging house
     [ Pepperhill steps
 43. Samuel McCracken, publican
 45. James Hutton, marble polisher
 47. Bridget Kellen, spirit dealer
 49. Simon Dickson, bleacher
 51. John Dogherty, labourer
 53. Hugh McMullan, spirit dealer
 55. Hannah McClaverty, dealer
 57. Maria Montgomery, grocer
 59. Mary McGookin, lodging house
 61. John McIlwee, letterpress printer
 63. Thomas Taylor, iron moulder
 65. James McGoff, pensioner
 67. Hugh McKeown, lodging house
 69. Thomas Garrity, lodging house
 71. John Stewart, lodging house
 73. James Armstrong, shoe maker
 75. P. McShane, lodging house
 77. Denis Toal, shoe maker
 79. John McKee, labourer
 81. E. Cushnahan, grocer
 83. Peter Murphy, labourer
 85. Laurence Flanagan, pensioner
 87. John Hanley, shoe maker
 89. John Carmichael, baker
 91. Anthony Kennedy, musician
 93. Samuel McCullough, shoe maker
 95. Robt. Kennedy, boot and shoe maker
 97. Mary Ann McNair, mill worker
 99. Mrs. McKeown, dealer
101. Jane Patrick, dealer
103. Mary Sheals, dress maker
105. Patrick Graham, grocer
107. Patrick Graham, cotton spinner
109. James Dunlop, grocer
     [ Little Donegall Street
111. W. Vance, Indian corn steam mill; residence, 15 Great George's Street
     [ Donegall Street
140. Thomas McCullough, publican
138. Henry Rogan, carter
136. John Kirker, tailor
134. Sarah Canning, widow
132. James Kelly, labourer
130. James McCollam, pensioner
128. Jas. McCloy, house and rent agent
     [ Campbell's Court
126. Timothy Mallon, pensioner
124. Margaret Pollock, huckster
122. Charlotte Corrigan, widow
120. George Nolan, publican
     [ Plunket's Court
118. R. Shields, boot and shoe maker
116. George Smith, grocer
     [ James's Court
114. William Scott, publican
112. John Potts, grocer
110. John Whilford and Neill Johnston, curriers (Whitford)
108. John McBlain, tanyard; 40 Donegall Street
108. Vacant
106. Catherine Martin, widow
104. John McCrudden, labourer
102. Mary Cassidy, widow
100. John Brady, sail maker
 98. Denis McKendry, grocer
 96. John Williamson, dealer
 94. James McWade, grocer
 92. Patrick Mulgrew, hackler
 90. Sarah Gordon, widow
 88. Alex. Bain, boot and shoe maker
 86. Vacant
 84. Patrick McCann, labourer
     [ Drummond's Court
 82. Felix Mallon, carpenter
 80. John Johnston, clerk
 78. Patrick Marlow, mechanic
 76. Patrick O'Donnell, servant
 74. Vacant
     [ Wall Street
 72. Hugh Taylor, publican and grocer
 70. Ann Taylor, widow
 68. Margaret McKeown, lodging house
 66. Ann Johnston, grocer
 64. Daniel McNeill, dealer
 62. Nelson Russell, publican and grocer
 60. James Connor, pipe maker
 58. George Munro, dealer
 56. John McGlaughlin, labourer
     [ McAdam's Court
 54. Jane Rowan, widow
 52. Peter Overend, plasterer
 50. Mary Miller, dealer
 48. Sarah Tucker, widow
 46. John Wilson, labourer
 44. James Malone, labourer
 42. John Jamison, labourer
 40. John Smith, labourer
 38. H. Thompson, publican and grocer
 36. John Robinson, confectioner
 34. Alexander McCreight, labourer
 32. John Jones, stone cutter
 30. John Phillips, whitesmith
 28. John Whiteside, sail maker
 26. Eliza Wilson, widow
     [ Carrickhill Place
 24. James Pinkerton, boarding house
 22. Ann McKechnie, widow
 20. John Burke, labourer
 18. William Crothers, labourer
 16. Walter Wheeler, lime burner
 14. Samuel Wilkinson, lime burner
 12. Ann Hackett, widow
 10. Edward McQuillan, butcher
   8. Robert Boyd, labourer
   6. Archibald Martin, press and machine man, News-Letter office
   4. Ann McCurry, grocer
   2. William McCloy, publican

Carr's Row, or Dublin Bridge
Old Malone Road

   1. James McKane, labourer
   2. John Duff, porter
   3. Robert Huston, linen lapper
       six small houses

The Castle, Castle Buildings
Castle Place

       John Cunningham; warehouse, Linen Hall; residence, Macedon, Carrickfergus Road
       Young Men's Christian Association
       Back entrance to Union Club
   1. John Hartley, notary public; residence, 7 Botanic Road
   "   Wm. Hartley, agent and accountant; residence, 25 Chichester Street
   2. Robert Gunning, (private office) of Gunning & Campbell's mills, Falls Road
   3. Geo. K. & F. Smith, solicitors; residence, 3 Glengall Place
   "   Orr & Montgomery, solicitors; A. Montgomery's residence, Mount Pottinger
       Gunning & Campbell, of Mills, Falls Road
        Upper landings vacant
       The Marquis of Donegall's rent and Cave-hill Railway officers, T. Verner, receiver; residence, Ormeau
                                                The Castle Yard
       John Grogan, Veterinary Institution and Horse Repository

Castle Buildings
Castle Place

   1. Robert Magill, woollen draper and hatter; residence, 1 Posnett's Place, Donegall Pass
   2. James Magill, print seller and stationer, artist and colourman; residence, 33 King Street
   3. Daniel John Allen, French and English hat warehouse; residence, 2 Wellwood Place
   4. James Boucher, tea and coffee importer and family grocer; and 6 Castle Buildings, Donegall Place
   5. M. Riddel, Berlin wool and fancy warehouse
                                              DONEGALL PLACE

   6. James Boucher, grocer
   7. Taken by Mr. Magill, stationer
   8. John Mullan, book seller
   9. Union Club, James Russell, resident attendant
 10. Ross O'Connor & Co., glass manufacturers and china warehouse

Castle Chambers
from Castle Place to Rosemary Street

   1. Gordon and Crawford, agents to the Royal Exchange Assurance Office of London; R. F. Gordon's residence, Craigdarragh, County Down
   "   Bernard Ranaghan, hair cutter, wig maker, and ornamental hair worker
   3. James Neild, commission agent
   3. William Boyce, general commission merchant; residence, Laganville, County Down
       Robert Irwin, caretaker to the Castle Chambers
   5. Vacant
     [ Rosemary Street
   6. John M. Johnston, land agent, High-Sheriff's office
   "   Geo. Stephenson, solicitor, Lisburn
   7. Sir William G. Johnson's office
 17. Alexander Gordon and Son, wine merchants
 16. Vacant
 13. John Forsythe, land agent
   4. People's Reading, Newspaper and Library Rooms
       William Page's back hall door
       Joseph Braddell's back hall door

Castle Court
north side Castle Place

   1. James Moore, printer
       four houses

Castle Lane
from Donegall Place to Arthur Square

   1. Imperial Hotel Restaurant, Dr. Hurst, proprietor
       Bonded warehouses  [ Calendar Street
 11. John Gordon, spirit dealer
 13. James Carland, rent agent; residence, Ballynafeigh
 15. James McCann, hair cutter
 17. James Stewart, Theatre Tavern; residence, Bryansburn Cottage, near Bangor
 21. Edward Prior Grey, Shakspeare Hotel
       Manager's residence, Theatre
     [ Arthur Square
       William and Gilmore Agnew, letterpress, copperplate, and lithographic printers; booksellers, bookbinders and stationers
 18. Henry and Wm. Seeds, solicitors; Railway Street, Lisburn and 54 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin
 16. Henry James Ramsey and Thos. Garrett, solicitors; and 8 Inn's Quay, Dublin
 14. Alex. Charles Dobbin, solicitor; and 8 Inn's Quay, Dublin
 12. Adam Black, hotel keeper
 10. John B. Kennedy, solicitor; and 5 Summerhill, Dublin; residence, Holywood
   8. James Kennedy Jackson, solicitor, coroner for the district of Belfast; and deputy clerk of the crown for Antrim; Dublin address, 37 Blessington Street
   6. John & Francis Teeling, solicitors
   "   Signor Pitchoni, artist
   4. Mary Trevor, spirit dealer
     [ Castle Market
3 3/4 Market Office, Francis Rea, clerk
3. Jane Meenan, poulterer
       Castle Yard Veterinary establishment, John Grogan, proprietor
   3. George Wm. Braddell, notary public, insurance office; residence, Howard Street
   2. John Devlin, auction mart

Castle Market
from Calendar Street to Hammond's Court

   1. David Ferguson, butcher
   3. James Dinnen, butcher
   4. Hiram Morgan, butcher
   5. David Dinnen, butcher
   6. A. Kennedy, meal and flour dealer
   7. Thomas Rice, meal and flour dealer
   8. Vacant
   9. Bernard Meenan, fishmonger
10, 11. Vacant
12, 13. Catherine Curran, fruit dealer
 14. Mrs. Glasgow, green grocer
 15. Patrick Flinn, flour dealer
 16. Ann Loughran, butcher
 17. John McDonnell, green grocer
 18. Alexander Dickson, nurseryman and fruit dealer
19, 20, 21. Vacant
 22. Hannah Torrens, green grocer
 23. Sarah O'Connor, green grocer
 24. Mary Henry, green grocer
25, 26. David Ferguson, green grocer

Castle Place
from High Street to Castle Buildings

   1. James Cochran, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant; residence, 6 Queen Street
   3. James Rolleston, watchmaker
   5. Joseph Orr, seedsman; residence, 1 Little Victoria Street
   7. George Crawford Hyndman, broker, auction and commission mart; residence, 5 Howard Street
   9. John Cinnamond, boot and shoe warehouse; residence, 5 Arthur Street
9. Donegall Arms Posting Establishment
 11. Donegall Arms Hotel, John Moore, proprietor
 13. John Henderson, printer and stationer
 15. Dublin Coach Office, Edward Greer, proprietor; residence, Newry
15. John Davidson & Co., grocers
     [ Castle Chambers
 17. Joseph Braddell, gun and pistol manufacturer
 19. Wm. Page, hair cutter, wig maker, perfumer and chiropodist
 21. Wm. Millen, haberdashery; residence, 14 Fountain Street 
23, 25. George Macoun, furrier, silk mercer and millinery
     [ Castle Court
27, 29. Archer and Sons, wholesale stationers, paper makers, book binders, printers and lithographers; proprietors of Ballyclare, Carnanee and Kilgreel Paper Mills; residence, Milltown, Ballyclare
 31. Eliza Gardner, confectioner
 33. Archibald Sloan, cabinet maker
 35. David Brown, hardware merchant and iron monger
 37. James McConagil, jeweller and watch maker
     [ Hercules Place
       Front of the Northern Bank
     [ Castle Buildings
 26. Charles Morgan, trimming shop; residence, 71 Joy Street
 24. Charles Noah Davis, furrier, and boot and shoe warehouse; residence, 3 Posnett's Place, Donegall Pass
 22. John Currie, hair dresser, wig maker and perfumer
 20. Mary and Sarah Oldrin, children's linen warehouse
 18. John Gray, watch and clock maker and jeweller
 16. Geo. Quin, surgeon and apothecary
 14. Joseph Hart, pianoforte and music warehouse
 12. Daniel Kerr, saddle and harness maker
 10. Vacant
8. Mary Banks, milliner
   8. Henry Fegan, boot and shoe maker; residence, 57 Hill Street
   6. James McCleave and Son, saddle and harness makers
   4. James O'Neill, printer and stationer, fancy toy warehouse
   2. Patrick Read, tobacconist and cigar dealer; residence, Crown Entry

Castle Street
from Castle Place to Mill Street

   1. Northern Bank
   3. William B. Caughey, Northern Bank
   "   Surgeon Lamont
   5. James Rutherford, painter, glazier, and paper hanger
   7. Ann Smith, stay maker
   9. George L. Hill, engraver
 11. Alexander McMullan, painter
11. William McIvor, brazier and gasfitter
 13. Thomas Forbes, upholsterer and Venetian blind maker
   "   Mrs. Forbes, stay maker
 15. John Maguire, dyer; residence, 17 Cromac Street
 17. John McCloy, painter
 19. Robert Gibson, haberdashery establishment
 21. Belfast Gas Company's Office; Alex. Turnbull, collector
 23. William Alldritt, brass founder and gas fitter
 25. J. and T. Smith, engravers
 27. Joseph McCarter, clerk
 29. Thos. Stewart, provision merchant
   "   John White, carver
30. William Adamson, hair dresser
 31. Thomas Ferguson, house and rent agent
 33. Robert Hamilton, engraver
 35. Jacob Halliday & Co., hardware warehouse; residence, No. 20
37, 39. Francis Coates, house, sign and ornamental painter and stained glass warehouse
 41. John Hood, surgeon
 43. Barclay and Wallace, milliners, etc.
 45. John O'Hanlon, tailor
 47. Thomas Galloway, painter
 49. Patrick Kennedy, tanner
     [ Mill Street
 28. William McCleery, rent agent
 26. Misses Byrne's school
 24. Wm. Gavin, rent and house agent
 22. William Miller, engraver and manufacturer of linen ornaments
 20. Jacob Halliday, hardware merchant
18. David Carty, coach maker
 18. Robert Thompson, manager in linen office
 16. Robert Hughes, ribbon merchant
 14. John Trueman, English baker and fancy biscuit manufacturer
12. William McCune, builder
   "   Joseph Nimack, cabinet maker
 12. William Coates, tinsmith, coppersmith and gasfitter
 10. William Thomson, engraver
   8. Vacant
   6. Samuel McCann, spirit dealer, Railway and Steam Packet Tavern
     [ Fountain Street
   4. Robert Thomson, engraver, dye-sinker and copperplate printer
   2. Hugh B. Carr, Venetian and wire blind manufacturer and general upholstery and bedding establishment

Catherine Street
from Henrietta Street to Cromac Street

     [ Catherine Court
   1. Isabella Read, dress maker
   3. Mary O'Brien, dress maker
   5. John Graham, coach maker
   7. Vacant
   9. Sarah Stafford
 11. James Lowry, linen measurer
 28. Patrick McAteer, carpenter
 26. Arthur Gaffikin
 24. William Brown, clerk
 22. Henry McBride, compositor
 20. Margaret Wilson
 18. Hamilton Allan, mechanic
 16. John McKenzie, brass founder
 14. Vacant
 12. John Brock, compositor
 10. Thomas O'Brie, gilder
   8. Vacant
   6. Mr. Williamson
   4. Edward Graham, clerk
   2. Henry Downey, coach driver

Catherine Street North
from Little May Street to Henrietta Street

   1. Joseph Garner, servant
   3. Alexander Jackson, musician
   5. Wm. McCrea, servant
   7. Joseph Tottem
   9. Mrs. Scott
     [ Hamilton Street intersects
 11. Mrs. Fletcher
 13. Paul Macloskie, classical teacher
   "   C. H. Macloskie, travelling clerk
       News-Letter office
 15. Samuel McCann, baker
 17. James Colvin, lapper
 19. Wm. Saunders, shopman
 21. Mr. Vance, cabinet wareroom
     [ Russell Street intersects
 23. Daniel McCann, printer
 25. James Mullan, sawyer
 27. David Johnston, plasterer
 29. John Patterson, stone cutter
 31/ Edward McPeak
     [ Henrietta Street intersects
 26. Eliza Malone, washer woman
 24. Mrs. Dunlop
 22. G. Russell, tailor
 20. Wm. McBratney
 18. Edward Lloyd, cabinet maker
 16. John Brown, boot and shoe maker
 14. John Flood, carpenter
 12. Mrs. Mathews
 10. Wm. Murray, clerk
   8. Margaret McCall
   6. Henry Bradford, bookkeeper
   4. John Murphy, grain merchant
   2. Adam Smyrl, clerk

Catherine Court
off Catherine Street

   2. James Campbell, joiner
   4. Rose Ann McGivern
   6. Edward Killen, sawyer
       Mr. Moss, mill worker

Caxton Street
from Robert Street to Green Street

   1. Robert Stewart, labourer
   3. Edward McDermott
   5. Daniel Crenard, guard on Ballymena Railway
   7. Stables
   9. Catherine Miller
 11. Ann Smith
 15. Ellen Crawford
 21. Margaret Kearney
 23. Patrick Smith, labourer
 27. Wm. Fitzgerald, smith
 29. Harvey Stanley, sawyer
     [ Green Street intersects
       C. & P. McGlade's spirit store
 33. Mary Crummie, sewer
 35. John Hutchinson, carpenter
       John McQuade, porter
       Daniel McCormack, labourer
 28. Thomas Lynas, lumper
 26. James McDonnell, cooper
     [ Ireland's Court
 24. Charles McGlaughlin, ferryman
 22. Wm. John Kirkpatrick, blacksmith
 20. Edward Gore, labourer
       P. McDonald's spirit store
 14. Bernard Collins, mason
 12. James Dargan, shoe maker
 10. Wm. Spence, nailer
   8. James Dargan, shoe maker
   6. Wm. Reilly, labourer
   2. Ann Smith

Chapel Lane
from Mill Street to Berry Street

   1. Mrs. McKenna, dealer in wool
       William Fegan, tailor
       Thomas Clements, drayman
       John McAree, car keeper
       J. & T. Cunningham's grain stores
     [ Bank Lane
   5. Rose Black, publican
   7. John McKeown, tailor
   9. William Mathews, shoe maker
     [ back entrance to Bank Lane brewery
 11. Samuel Keatley, clothes dealer
 13. John McVickar, constable
 28. Samuel McCann, spirit dealer
 26. James Lyons, clothes dealer
 24. Henry Maguire, pawn broker
 20. Henry Maguire's pawn broking establishment
20. Ann Maguire, grocer and publican
 18. Owen Kerr, Catholic book seller
 16. Hugh Hinds, sawyer
 14. John McCormick, boot and shoe maker
 12. John Edmonston, wood turner
 10. St. Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel - John Marley, sexton
   8. Henry Dugan, car owner
   6. William McKee, book binder
   4. William Miller, stained paper manufactory
   2. Chas. McManamy, porter in brewery

Charlemont Street
from 35 Berry Street to Torren's Row

   1. Sarah Stewart, clothes dealer, 37 Berry Street
   3.Mary McMullan, bonnet maker
   5. John McCleave, dealer in old iron, Smithfield
   7. James Hughes, cork cutter
   9. Hiram McConkey, tinsmith
 11. Hugh Hall, porter
 13. David Wilard, painter
 15. James Clements, slater
 17. Mathew Mills, stone cutter
 19. Widow Cochrane, tin worker
 21. Patrick Reilly, labourer
 23. Patrick McCreight, card maker
 25. Margaret Garrett, washer woman
 27. Peter Cunningham, breweryman
 29. Jas. Ramsey, grocer and provision dealer
 30. Elizabeth McPeake, grocer
 28. James Feris, carpenter
 26. Mrs. Erwin, fruit dealer
 24. John Fea, pensioner
 22. John Donnelly, gas fitter
 20. Bernard Donaghy, labourer
 18. Samuel Kilpatrick, labourer
 16. John Burns, car owner
 14. Jane McCarty, cow keeper
 12. Hugh Mills, tinsmith
 10. James Black, painter
   8. Samuel Thompson, dealer
   6. Mrs. O'Neill
   4. Mary Godfrey, confectioner
   2. Jas. Williamson, clothes dealer

Charles Street
from 21 Union Street to Stephen Street

   1. Robert McMinn, shoe maker
   3. William Stevenson, butcher
   5.  ? Higgins
   7. Robert McCaughtry, shoe maker
   9. James Black, chandler
 11. James Morgan, general dealer
 13. Mary Perry
 15. Henry Killen, porter
 17. John Hamill, stoker
 19. Eliza McManus
 21. Francis Brady, carpenter
 23. Arthur Woods, baker
 25. John Duffey, labourer
 27. Amelia O'Hara, mill worker
 30. Alex. Henderson, grocer and spirit dealer
 28. James Ash, stoker
 26. Thomas Donaghey, chandler
 24. John Jones, carpenter
 22. William Jones, cloth lapper
 20. James McFadden, cooper
 18. Mary Carlisle
 16. Ellen Parker
 14. William Crow, carpenter
 12. David Gibson, chain maker
 10. Thomas Hill, market man
   8. John McGlade, labourer
   6. John Johnston, labourer
   4. Samuel Craig, labourer
   2. William Craig, labourer

Charlotte Street
Donegall Pass

twenty-two houses
{ Little Charlotte Street

Chichester Lane
west side of Albert Square

   1. Ann Shaw, boarding house
   3. William Andrews, shoe maker
   5. Vacant
   7. Bernard Vallely, shoe maker and boarding house
   9. Sarah Fallon, boarding house
 11. Mary Mooney
 12. Hugh Donnelly, labourer
 10. David Lindsay, labourer
   8. Ann Kane, boarding house
   6. John Clark, boarding house
   4. Elizabeth McAleece, boarding house
   2. John Robinson, boatman

Chichester Street
from Donegall Square East

   1. Alexander S. Mayne, book and tract depository
   "   William Reid, piano forte tuner
   3. James McClean, solicitor
   5. Miss Barklie, milliner and dressmaker
   7. Doctor James Moore, surgeon
   9. Andrew Cowan, J.P., County Down
 11. J. Hind, jun., flax spinner and linen manufacturer, Durham Street Mill
     [ Upper Arthur Street
 13. Doctor Robert McKibbin; residence, Avoneil
   "   James Turner, dentist
 15. Mrs. Grogan
 17. Richard Hooke, artist
 19. William H. Haslett, solicitor; office, 14 Chichester Street
 21. Miss Maxwell
 23. Doctor John Brennan, M.D.
 25. Wm. Hartley; office, The Castle, Castle Buildings
 27. Miss Cassidy, professor of dancing
   "   Mrs. Irwin, professor of dancing
 29. Miss Simms' boarding school
     [ Montgomery Street
 31. Vacant
31. McCurtin and Riley, grain and flour merchants
 33. Wm. Donaldson, horse repository
33. John Grattan & Co., aerated water manufactory
   5. Luke Eagle, Northern racket court and billiard room ( 35 )
 37. Samuel Vance, secretary of Chamber of Commerce, 36 Waring Street
 39. John Mark, Chichester Street  Academy
 41. L. & T. Brown, timber and slate merchants; and Queen's Bridge
     [ Seymour Lane
       Samuel McRoberts, spirit dealer
     [ Great Edward Street
 34. T. S. Corry, surgeon, Victoria Street medical hall
 34. James Agnew, timber and scantling yard; residence, 12 Hamilton Street
 32. Charles Devlin, stabling yard
 30. Vacant
 28.William Bathurst, coach factory
 26. Graham and Magee, coach makers; Mr. Graham's residence, 5 Catherine Street; Mr. Magee's residence, Pottinger's Entry
 24. James Low, spirit and alabaster stores
      [ George's Lane
 22. Residence of Messrs. Smith & Waugh
 20. Smith and Waugh, coach builders
 18. William Moore, architect
 16. John B. Shannon, gentleman
 14. Wm. Henry Haslett, solicitor, office
 12. Samuel Black, solicitor; and 54 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin
     [ Arthur Street
 10. Dr. Henry Murney, surgeon
   8. Mrs. Hill
   6. Miss Lambert, boarding school
   4. Miss Auchinleck
   2. Connolly Sherrard, house and rent agent

Chichester Street Lower

   1. Francis McKay, grocer and spirit dealer
   3. Mary Stewart, boarding house
       May's Market
       Potato and vegetable Market
                                                     left side
       Pork, Bogwood, and Turf Market; John brown, gate keeper
       St. George's Market
       [ Victoria Street

Church Lane
High Street to Upper Church Lane

   1. Archibald Ferguson, watch and clock maker
   3. William Palmer, boot and shoe maker
   5. James Mortimer, boot and shoe maker
   7. Arthur Atkinson, boot and shoe maker
   9. Robt. Brown, boot and shoe maker
 11. J. McQuoid, boot and shoe maker
 13. Macveagh Brothers, feather merchants
 15. William Howard, wire worker
 17. J. Riddell and Son, iron merchants
 19. William Cowan, grocer and spirit retailer
 21. Henry Love, wholesale grocer and commission agent
   "   John A. Clarke's flour stores
 23. W. Kennedy, baker
 25. Francis Raymond's boarding house
27, 29. James Wilson, wine and spirit dealer
     [ Cole's Alley
 31. Joseph McClure, boot and shoe maker
 33. Robert McHinch, wholesale grocer
 35. Vacant
 37. W. R. McClelland, grocer
 39. M. Pollock, haberdashery
     [ Ann Street
 46. Hugh Millen, spirit dealer
 44. Martin Harper, wholesale grocer
 42. John Cuddy's plate and crown glass, paint, oil and colour warehouse; residences, Summerhill, County Down and 1 Clarendon Place
 40. William Fisher, wholesale and retail grocer
 38. Samuel Shaw, hatter
 36. John Brice, spirit dealer
 34. J. Archer, comb manufacturer
 32. John Allen, haberdasher
 30. Eliza Patterson, dress maker
   "   Wm. Maguire, boot and shoe maker
 28. G. Maguire, boot and shoe maker
 26. Henry McNamara, roper
 24. Isabella Hyndman, confectioner
 22. J. McGee, boot and shoe maker
 20. William Hay, confectioner
 18. R. Kirner, watch and clock maker
 16. John McCord, leather dealer
 14. A. Anderson, tailor
 12. William Fox, haberdasher
 10. Vacant
   8. William Mortimer, boot and shoe maker
   6. Thomas Palmer, boot and shoe maker
   4. John Mortimer, boot and shoe maker
   2. H. Palmer, boot and shoe maker

Church Lane Upper

   1. J. Fetherson, spirit dealer
   3. James Grant, spirit dealer
   5. Wm. McDonnell, boarding house
   7. R. Stewart, baker
       Hugh Gelston, wholesale wine and spirit , and 35 Ann Street
   9. J. Cuddy's alabaster and Roman cement mills
 11. E. Rodgers, spirit dealer & stabling
     [ left side
       two new houses, not finished
       J. Richardson's wine and spirit stores

Church Street
from Donegall Street to North Street

   1. Coleman and Dobbin, wine and spirit merchants; Mr. Coleman's residence, 2 Crumlin Terrace
   3. Crawford and Co., aerated water manufacturers
   5. Vacant
   7. Robert Clements, publican
       [ William Street
   9. Town Council's store yard
 11. Thomas Waugh, sewed muslin manufacturer; residence, 10 Lancaster Street
 13. William Hicks, sewed muslin manufacturer
 15. James Porteus & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers; residence, 9 Brougham Street
 17. Richard Thompson, wine and spirit merchant; residence, The Mount, near Carrickfergus
17. Vacant
 19. Vacant
 21. Eliza Robinson, milliner
 20. Samuel Titley, publican
 18. Nathaniel Dickey, grocer
 16. William J. Elliott, manager of Belfast Public Bakery Company
 14. Belfast Public Bakery
12. W. Rodgers, auctioneer and valuator
 12. Wm. John Moore, wine and spirit merchant
 10. Vacant
     [ Long Lane
   8. James Sheils, publican
   6. William Brown, grocer
   4. Samuel Lattimore, cabinet maker
   2. Daniel McHenry, publican

Clarence Place
from Alfred Street to Donegall Square South

   1. T. G. Folingsby, merchant; office, Albert Square
   3. William Macomb, book seller, 1 High Street
   5. Samuel Browne, surgeon, R.N.
   7. Henry Clarke
   9. Dr. Samuel Hunter, surgeon and physician
   2. James Stirling, gentleman

Clarendon Place
from Alfred Street to Joy Street

       May Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. Dr. Cooke, minister; residence, Ormeau Road
   1. John Cuddy, merchant; office, Church Lane
   3. Andrew J. Barnett, merchant
   5. Thomas Corbitt, merchant
   7. James Reid, gentleman
   9. Miss Haloran
       Hugh Morrison's undertaking and posting establishment
       Music Hall

Clark's Lane
from Great Patrick Street to Curtis Street

   1. back entrance to Henry Loughran's spirit store
       twenty small houses

Cliftonville, New Lodge Road
off Antrim Road - left side

       Thos. Armstrong, writing master, Belfast Academy
       Thomas Jackson, architect; office, 16 Donegall Place
       James Reid, of Messrs. William Browne & Co., Waring Street
       George Ash, merchant; office, 40 Waring Street
       George Smith, engineer to Harbour Corporation
       Rev. William Gibson, professor of Christian Ethics, Assembly's College
       Miss Macnaughtan
       William Herdman, of Messrs. Langtry & Herdman's, Waring Street
       Robert Lindsay, of Messrs. Lindsay Brothers, Donegall Place, and Robert Lindsay and Co., Victoria Street
       C. Hoffmeister, collector, Custom House

Coates Street
off Townsend Street

   1. John Hunter, waiter
   3. William Freebairn, shoe maker
   5. Hugh McMurray, tailor
   7. James Donnelly, sawyer
   9. James Rowan, servant
 11. Theophilus Bole, cabinet maker
 13. Joseph Heasley, weaver
 15. Thomas Murdoch, cloth lapper
 17. William Baird, brick layer
   8. John Fitzpatrick, hackler
       Mrs. Gibson, widow
       Mathew McCullough, currier
   6. Robert McCullough, flax dresser
   4. William Ritchie, mechanic
   2. Lewis Ritchie, grocer

Cole's Alley
west side Church Lane

       James Wilson, spirit stores
       James Reid, wholesale and retail wine and spirit store
       twelve small houses

College Court
behind College Square North

   1. Robert Hamilton, weaving factory, Hamilton Street
   2. Henry Garrett, contractor and builder
   3. John Hughes, labourer

College Place North
off College Square North

   1. James D. O'Connor, Savings' Bank
   2. George Little, clerk
   3. Robert Gamble, merchant
   4. James Harrison, clerk
   5. William O'Hara, coachman
   6. George Terrier, mechanic
   7. Alex. Thompson, coachman
   8. James Major, flax bundler
   9. Samuel McCord, surveyor
 10. Mrs. O'Neill

College Square East
opposite Academical Institution

   1. Ann Boyd
   2. Alexander Gordon, surgeon
   3. Dr. James Seaton Reid
   4. James Keegan, wine merchant; High Street
   5. Mrs. Mackay
   6. Nathaniel Henry
   7. Susanna Allen
   8. James Mawhinny, surgeon; 113 Millfield
   9. Vacant
 10. Mrs. Ann McCully, boarding house
     [ Wellington Place
 11. Thomas Grattan, dentist
 12. John Clarke, J.P.
 13. Mrs. Rosetta Harrison
 14. Wm. Booker, merchant
 15. Richard Connery, agent
 16. Rev. J. Scott Porter
 17. Dr. Charles D. Purdon, surgeon
 18. James McAdam, Soho Foundry, Townsend Street
 19. Jas. McIntyre, publisher, of Simms & McIntyre, Donegall Street

College Square North
King Street to Durham Street

   1. Thomas Chermside, flax merchant
     Pottinger's entry
   2. James T. McCaw; merchant
   3. Robert Patterson, hardware merchant, High Street
   4. Alex. O'Rorke, solicitor, 14 Donegall Street
   5. James Campbell, flax spinner, Falls Mills
   6. John Taylor, Ulster Bank
   7. Museum - William Darragh, caretaker
   8. Dr. James Drummond
   9. Samuel Graeme Fenton, J.P., Mayor of Belfast
 10. Mrs. Mary Ann Sloan
 11. Mrs. Sloan
 12. Sir William G. Johnson
 13. Russell Kennedy, merchant
  14. Mrs. Stewart
 15. Adam Dickey, poor rate collector
 16. James Magill, brewer, Bank Lane
 17. Miss Anne Torbett
 18. William Stevens, clerk
 19. George Macoun, haberdasher, 23 and 25 High Street
 20. James Campbell, clerk
     [ Killen Street
21, 22, 23. new houses, not finished
 24. William Cooper, linen merchant
 25. William Ross, architect and builder
       College Square Presbyterian Church - Rev. Joshua Collins, minister
     [ Durham Street
                                                  left side
       Christ's Church - Rev. Dr. Drew, Incumbent; residence, Victoria Place
       Entrance to the Government School of Design

College Street
from College Square East to Fountain Street

   1. David McCahey, starch manufacturer; Boyd Street
   3. Mrs. Ellen Pelan
   5. Mary Ball
     [ Queen Street intersects]
   7. Vacant
   9. Miss brown, teacher of music
 11. Eliza Carmichael, dress maker
     [ Fountain Mews
 13. Bernard Hughes' stables, Fountain Mews
 15. Miss Stewart
 17. John Armstrong, surgeon
  "    Miss Kennedy, teacher of music
 19. Miss Johnston, dress maker
 21. Miss Bridge
 23. Lawson Brown, timber yard, Chichester Street
 25. Mrs. Lyons
 27. Mr. Johnston's writing school
     [ Fountain Street at end ]
 38. James Bristow, Bank of Ireland
 36. Mrs. Oulton
 34. Wm. H. Sproull, solicitor; and 19 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin
 32. Mrs. Eleanor Sproull
 30. Wm. Low, Commission Office
 28. Miss Disney
 26. Mrs. Bennett
 24. J. B. McGrotty, woollen draper; Bridge Street
 22. Martin Harper, grocer; 44 Church Lane
 20. Miss Stavely's seminary
 18. Miss Sueter's Paris and London stay house
 16. Misses Roe's boarding day school
 14. Vacant
 12. Vacant
 10. Mrs. McClelland
   8. Daniel Hanna, civil engineer
   6. Thomas Harroworth, brewer
   4. Mrs. Margt. Dunlop, boarding house
   2. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson

College Street South
from Howard Street to Durham Street

   1. Jeremiah O'Rorke, bookkeeper
   3. Mrs. Ellen Lowry
   5. Lieutenant Calder
   7. Miss Mason's and the Misses Mulligan's school
   9. Mrs. Alice Knox
 11. Henry N. Smith, attorney, 9 Donegall Street
 13. Foster Connor, linen manufacturer
 15. Jasper Macauley, grain merchant, 9 Albert Quay
 17. not finished
 19. not finished
 21. Robert Cotter, grocer
 14. John McDornan, pawn broker, Durham Street
 12. Mrs. Ridgeway
 10. Robert Magee, clerk
   8. Catherine Fox
       Rev. Wm. McCarroll
                                     Covenanter's Meeting House
   6. Mrs. Margaret Linn
   "   Henry Linn, engineer
   4. John Willis, professor of music
   2. James McConkey

Collingwood Street
from Earl Street to Ship Street

   1. John Pelan, hackler
   3. Philip Burns, iron moulder
   5. Michael Murray, carpenter
   7. Vacant
 11. Jane Gillespie, lodging house
 13. Alexander Dunlop, foreman, Banner, jobbing office
 15. Isabella Chignell, lodging house
 17. Hugh Atkins, painter
 19. James Cooke
 21. Robert Kennedy, pilot
 23. George Perry. tide waiter
 25. Crawford Grattan, guard on the Ballymena Railway
       seven new houses
       Robert McClenaghan, master of the Belfast, steam tug
       Frederick Spiller, clerk
       James Adamson, clerk
 26. Eliza Camac, grocer
 24. Emily Gibson
 22. James Bracegirdle, clerk
 20. Mrs. Wilson, lodgings
     [ Fleet Street
 16. Mrs. Bell
 14. Charles Frazer, spirit store
 12. Edward Hall, ship smith
 10. Vacant
   8. John McCartney, sailor
   6. Alexander Duff, book binder
   4. John Cooper, sawyer

Commercial Buildings
Rosemary Street to Waring Street

   1. Jackson S. Stevenson, bill and share broker and commission agent; residence, 6 Mount View Terrace
   2. Vacant
   3. J. M. Mercer, linen merchant; residence, 8 Upper Queen Street
   4. Ulster Deaf and Dumb Society's office; Rev. John Kinghan, assistant secretary
5, 6. Valentine Holmes, United States Consul
   7. Royal Flax Society's office; James MacAdam, jun., secretary and Vice Consul of Portugal; residence, Beaver Hall, Ballymacarrett
   8. Water Commissioner's office; Plato Oulton, secretary and clerk; residence, 36 College Street
       Commercial News Room; Henry Boyd, secretary
       Commercial Hotel; P. Echlin, proprietor

Commercial Court
off Donegall Street

   4. Robert McBride & Co., muslin manufacturers; R. McBride's residence, 19 Fountain Place
   6. James Hart, muslin manufacturer; residence, 26 Queen Street
   7. Clark and Drummond, cotton yarn merchants; residence, Glasgow - Samuel Hart, general manager, 5 Franklin Place
 13. J. & T. Kennedy, muslin manufacturers and bleachers; Jas. Kennedy's residence, Wellington Place
 14. John A. McEntire, silk manufacturers; residence, Carrickfergus Road
 20. Robert Hannay, porter
       the remainder stores unoccupied

Conley's Court
off Millfield

seven small houses, one occupied

Conlon Street
off Old Lodge Road

       Conway Minniece, labourer
       John Saunders, horse dealer
       Mrs. Saunders, widow
       William Balloon, blacksmith
       Mathew Fulton, cow keeper
       James McCann, boot and shoe maker
       Henry O'Hara, carman
       Hugh Quin, carman
       Edward Shillington, law messenger

Conway Street
Falls Road to Shankhill Road

   1. Patrick Campbell, watchman
   3. Thomas Rodgers, bundler
   4. Mrs. Hamilton
   5. Widow McSherry
   6. John Fishbourne, store keeper
   7. Robert McCoy, linen bundler
   8. Denis Connery, machine master
   9. John Walsh, labourer
 10. John Thompson, labourer
 11. Matthew McQuillan, labourer
 12. Michael Kelly, pensioner
 13. Margaret Magee, widow
 14. John McArdle
       Kennedy's mill buildings
 26. James Connor, grocer
 27. James Stevenson, spinning master
 28. Fanny Hanna, widow
 29. Mrs. Corry
 30. Patrick McCance, weaver
 31. James McGowan, flax dresser
 32. Jane Campbell
 33. Alexander Dunwiddy, carman
 34. Thomas Molloy, flax dresser
 35. Mary Gutter
 36. Eleanor McMullan
 37. William C. Meharg, clerk
 38. William Duncan
 39. Mary Courtney
 40. Francis Beatham, carman
 41. Bernard McGow, weaver
 42. Bernard Collins
 43. Alexander Beverley, flax dresser
 44. Francis Neill
 45. Patrick McCance, engine driver
 46. Daniel Curran, sawyer
 47. Eliza Hawthorn
 48. Hugh Finlay, hackler
 49. Mrs. McCance
 50. John Harrison, labourer
 52. Francis McKay
 53. Patrick Dowd, overseer
 54. Robert Lappan, labourer
 55. Peter Hay, block printer
 56. John Maguire, cooper
 57. William Duncan, labourer
 58. Owen Butler, hackler
 59. John Boyd, flax dresser
 61. William Fagan, gardener
                                        Campbell's Buildings
         1. J. Mahoney, preparing master
         2. Thomas Aikin
         3. Michael McClusky, foreman flax dresser
         4. George McCann, flax dresser
         5. Michael McPhillips
         6. Jas. McKibbin, reeling master
         7. Wm. McCamilly, time keeper
         8. Robert Orr
         9. Catherine Mahoney
       10. Patrick Lamb, engineer
       11. Thomas Quillan, flax dresser
       12. Samuel Moore, overseer
             Eliza Black, seamstress
             William Coates, publican
                     Ashmore Street
             Alexander Wyley, cooper
             George Duncan, carman
             James Hughes, labourer
       Samuel Alexander, bakery, grocery, and provision store
       Michael McKeown, hackler
       William Thompson, bleacher
       James Geddis, watchman
       William Hinch, bleacher
       James Trimble, teacher
       Samuel Rainey, bleacher
       Conway Street National School
       John McLarnon, mechanic
       Nevin Drennan, carpenter
       Alexander Elliott, shoe maker
       Patrick Devlin, shoe maker
       Henry Haslett
       Charles McCrory, bleacher
       John Roberts, labourer
       Ann Lake
       Anna Little
       Gregory McLoughlin, block printer
       John Davison, block cutter
       Benjamin Crowther, mechanic
       Nathaniel Kirk, mason
 36. R. Carson, grocer and publican
 37. James Donaldson, cow keeper
 38. John Mallin, fireman
 39. Robert Gordon, tow bundler
 40. Vacant
 41. John Bell, flax bundler
 42. Vacant
 43. James McGovern, bleacher
 44. James Todd, farmer
 45. Robert Bell, overseer
 46. Jane Adams, widow
                                       Maxwell's Houses
       Ann Jane Adams, widow
       John McConnell, calico printer
       John Lafferty, calico printer
       Jonathan Blake, mechanic
       Joseph Greenwood
       Robert Humphries, machine maker
       Margaret Shiels
       Alexander Reid, musician
       Archibald Maxwell, carpenter
       Ellen Black, shop keeper
       Thomas Cameron, cooper
       John Bryson, clerk
       John Adams, labourer
       Benjamin Moore, weaver
       William Gorman, colporteur
 14. Thomas McIlroy, yarn bundler
 13. William Lowden, weaver
 12. Rosanna Wallace, seamstress
 11. Mary Jane Chapman
 10. David Horner, mechanic
   9. William Kirkwood, mechanic
   8. John Tolan, labourer
   7. Thomas Keogh, brick maker
   6. Nancy Lilburn, widow
   5. Thomas McMullan, flax dresser
   4. Eliza Corry, seamstress
   3. James McAlish, carman
   2. James Ferran, watchman
   1. Michael Riley, hackler
     [ Shankhill Road ]

Cooney's Court
South side Ann Street

 43. Robert Henderson, whitesmith
   7. George Todd, shoe maker
       James Agnew, carpenter
       several small houses

Corn Market
from Castle Place to Ann Street

   1. John Colgan, butcher and poulterer
   3. William Downing, Grape Tavern
5 to 9. Davis' Plough Hotel, George Davis, proprietor
 11. Arthur Dowling, poulterer and feather warehouse; residence, 1 Apsley Place, Donegall Pass
 13. Thomas Gaffikin, butcher; stores, Thomas Court; residence, 1 Apsley Place, Donegall Pass
 15. Thomas Bell, cutler and surgical instrument maker
17, 19. Ireland and McNeill, house furnishing ironmongers; James Ireland's residence, Clifden, Holywood; William McNeill's, 4 Adelaide Place
 19. John Fehrenbach, clock maker, etc.
 21. James D. Gaffikin, poulterer
 83. Cuming Brothers, tea dealers, grocers, etc. [ 23 ]
23. Vacant
 25. John Gaffikin, butcher & poulterer
 27. Thomas Mackin, publican and tobacconist
 29. Surgeon Smyth, apothecary, medical hall
     [ Arthur Square ]
 32. William Bell, London Tavern
 30. Joseph Whitaker, boot and shoe maker
 28. Martha Yeates, baker
 26. Pelan and McMullan, soap and candle manufacturers; window glass merchants; George Pelan's residence, Lisburn
 24. Hugh Clarke & Co., letterpress printers
 20. Charles Blackwood, victualler and poulterer, by special appointment, to her Majesty; residence, 11 Arthur Square
 18. S. R. McCleave, seal engraver
   "   John McAfee, boot and shoe maker
 16. William Linden, confectioner to the Queen
 14. William Carson, wholesale grocer and general merchant; residence, 1 Howard Street
 12. Medical Hall, Grattan & Co., apothecaries and chemists
 10. John Grattan's residence
8, 6. Marcus Ward & Co., wholesale & retail stationers, lithographers, binders and account book manufacturers; John Ward's residence, 21 King Street
   2. Forster Green and Co., tea and coffee merchants

Coronation Place
off Little York Street

five small houses

Corporation Square
foot of George Street - east side Corporation Street

   1. James P. Corry and Co., timber and slate yard; residence, 4 Franklin Place
       Store and office vacant
   7. Michael Hanlon, scantling yard
   "   Jasper Macauley's grain stores; office, 9 Albert Square; residence, 15 College Street South
 61. The Longford Arms Hotel and Tavern, Mrs. Graham
 63. Robert Austin, steam flour mills
     [ Steam Mill Lane
 65. Charnock Brothers, wine and spirit merchants
 67. Arthur Dickson, spirit dealer
 69. Mrs. Potter, Marine Hotel and Tavern
     [ Tomb Street
 71. Thomas Wilson, spirit dealer
 73. William Muirhead, iron monger
 75. Mrs. Nugent, boarding house
 77. Allen Waters, baker
 79. Neill Blaney, boot and shoe maker
 81. Captain Henry Harston, R.N., marine shipping office

Corporation Street
from Victoria Street to Garmoyle Street

1, 3. Samuel Thomson, merchant; residence, 6 Alfred Street
   5. Robert Watters, engineer
   7. Jas. McConnell, commission agent
   9. Joseph Abbott, ship chandler, patent rope maker, and canvass manufacturer residence, Holywood
 11. J. Montgomery & Son, merchant; residence, Holywood
13, 15. James Crawford, ship chandler
 17. Daniel Murphy, grocer and publican
 19. John McTear, grocer, publican and provision merchant
     [ Gamble Street
19. Jas. McKee, muslin manufacturer; residence, 13 Dock Street
 21. Joseph Scott, commercial traveller
 23. William Weir, butter merchant
 25. John W. McCracken, notary public; residence, 141 York Street
 27. Thos. Waters, copper and tinsmith
 29. Dr. Warwick, surgeon
   "   Wm. J. MacNeice, medical hall
 31. Peter Clarke, ship chandler
 33. William Johnston, surgeon
 35. William Connell, land agent
 37. William Carlisle, emigration agent
 39. James McFerran, ship broker
 41. O'Neill Bayley, provision merchant
 43. David Kirwan, ship builder, of Thompsons and Kirwan, Queen's Island
 45. Mrs. Russell
 47. Mrs. Mullin
 49. J. A. Alexander, surgeon
 51. Alex. Forrester, of T. G. Folingsby and Co., Albert Quay
 53. T. Fraser
 55. Dr. Moreland, surgeon
 57. Samuel McCrea, emigration agent
59, 61, 63. Wm. Douglass, provision merchant & general emigration office
 65. James Trotter, seaman's clothier
 67. Marine Board office, Commander Harston, R.N., examiner and shipping master
     [ Corporation Square ]
 69. Capt. John Gowan, harbour master
                                             Graving Docks
         Thomas Maguire, harbour police, gatekeeper
         Alex. O'Neill, overseer of workers
         Edward Connor, boat rigger

         Alex. Connell & Co. (late Charles Connell & Sons), ship builders, etc.; residence, Rifle Lodge, Whiteabbey
         Alexander McLaine & Sons, ship builders, etc.; Alex. McLaine's residence Corporation Street

                                            Clarendon Dock

 71. Alex. McLaine, ship builder
 73. Miss Richey
     [ Garmoyle Street ]
 38. Jane Gibson, clothier
 36. Alexander Britten, plasterer
 34. James Rutherford, publican
 32. Wm. Redpath, boarding house
 30. George Patton, house agent and accountant
 28. Mary Mariner, grocer and publican
      North Ann Street ]
 26. Timothy Bell, provision dealer
 24. John McKeldin, clothier
 22. James Junk
 20. Thomas Webb, machinist
 18. Richard Clarke, spirit dealer
 16. Patrick Rice, spirit dealer
     Trafalgar Street ]
       Enclosed ground
 14. Dr. Samuel Snowdon
 12. Thomas Brown, sea captain
 10. Miss Clarke, boarding house
       Enclosed ground
     Henry Street ]
       Nicholas Fitzsimons, Lloyd's agent, and general merchant; residence, Dunsona, Whiteabbey
       Paul L. Munster, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian consulates; residence, Holywood
       Richardson Brothers & Co., linen, flax, linen yarn, grain and general commission merchants; residences; Joseph Richardson, Bessbrook, Newry; Wm. Valentine, Whiteabbey; Joshua Pim, Sans Souci
     Little Corporation Street ]
   8. Francis McManus, grocer & publican
   6. I. & J. Wallace's sewed muslin warerooms; residence, 44 Nelson Street
   4. J. Scott, ship chandler; residence, 4 Meadow Street
   2. Wm. Newett & Co., ship chandlers; residence, 9 York Street
       side of Mrs. Arnold's clothing establishment
     Great George's Street ]
 98. John Gillies, grocer and publican
 96. Rt. Creen, rope, iron & rag stores
 94. J. & H. Wardlow & Co.'s timber yard
92, 90, 88. Vacant
 86. Wm. J. and A. Duffield, provision store; Wm. J. Duffield's residence, 53 York Street
 84. Fergus O'Farrell, spirit dealer
     Little Patrick Street ]
       Side of Ormond's market
     Great Patrick Street ]
       Side of Butter market
       Wm. McClure & Son, merchants; residences; Thos. McClure, Belmont; John G. Megaw, 12 Alfred Street
       Geo. A. Carruthers, wine and spirit merchant; 17 College Square North
       Rt. Workman & Co.'s sewed muslin warerooms; residence, 52 York Street
       Young & Stevenson, coal and iron commission merchants; Andrew Young's residence, 4 Upper Crescent

Corporation Street Little
Corporation Street to Nelson Street

   1. Henry Cameron, sea steward
   2. Michael Lennon, shipwright
   3. John Kane, brick layer
   4. Thomas Ryan, pilot
   5. John Young, ship carpenter
   6. John Sanderson, pattern maker
   7. William Gordon, ship carpenter
   8. Alexander Christie, mariner
   9. Henry McLean, pilot
 10. Thomas Owen, sawyer
 11. Michael Rafferty, lath cutter
 12. John Kennedy, sawyer
 13. Robert Sloan, mariner
 14. Martha Rails
 16. James Loughrey, sawyer
 18. John Fagan, sawyer
 20. Robert McFerran, ship carpenter
 22. Patrick McWade, soap boiler
 24. William Auld mariner
 26. Edward Robinson, warper
                                             Opposite Side
       Richardson Brothers & Co.'s stores

Cotton Court
off Waring Street

   1. Thomas Starret, smith
   2. Francis Hart, labourer
   4. Robert Hart, labourer
   6. Hugh McManus, labourer
8, 10. N. A. Prenter, drysalter, paint, oil and colour stores
                                                      Other Side
       J. Hoy, Waring Street
   9. Thomas Collins, sailor
   7. Robert Lindsay, labourer
   5. Michael Aree, labourer
   3. Mary Kane

Court Street
at side of New Court House

       Alexander Hunter, warehouseman

Covent Garden
south side Little Patrick Street

       John Porter, whitesmith
       five small houses

Cranstone Place
(formerly Domingo Place)
Antrim Road

       William Leck, of D. & J. Macdonald & Co.'s, York Street
       new house belonging to W. Leck, unoccupied
       Thos. Dowling, customhouse officer
       William Makepeace, excise officer
       five mew houses building in the rear, by Daniel Murray, of Ballymacarrett

       Robert Hope, book binder

Crawford Street
off Welsh Street, Verner Street

fourteen small houses

Crescent Lower
Malone Road

       four new houses
       Mrs. Andrews
       Claude Nursery, head master School of Design
       Thomas A. Barnes
       David Taylor, of Arnott & Co.'s, Bridge Street
       Wm. Bryson, manufacturer

Crescent Upper
Malone Road

   1. John Workman, muslin manufacturer
   2. Professor Wm. P. Wilson, Queen's College
   3. Thomas Grueber, merchant
   4. Andw. Young, commission merchant
   5. James Green, custom-house
   6. Robert Boag, of Albion cloth company; office, 22 High Street
   7. William Browne, merchant; office, Waring Street
   8. Henry Smith, of Smith & Weir, Donegall Place
   9. Robert Cassidy, solicitor; office, Donegall Place
 1-. Robert Corry, merchant

Cromac Road
Cromac Bridge to Donegall Pass

       Old Paper Mill
   1. Robert Anderson, sawyer
   3. Lewis Marrs, clerk
   5. Robert Hennan, linnen lapper (linen)
   7. Thomas Brown, jeweller
   9. John Mathews, clerk
 11. Miss Fletcher, dress maker
 13. John Coyle, grocer and spirit dealer
     [ Little Howard Street
 13. John Taylor, grocer and spirit dealer
 15. Mary Owens, washer woman
 17. James McConrid, butcher
 19. Patrick Garrigan, slater
 21. John Clarke, gas fitter
 23. Henry Hull, civil bill officer
 25. Mrs. McMannus
 27. James Ferris, carpenter
 29. Henry Magee, proctor
   1. David Malcolm, yarn merchant ( 31 )
                                                     left side
       four small houses
 22. Rachael Ewart, grocer and spirit dealer
 20. William Stott, jobbing smith
 18. Alexander Bingham, labourer
 16. Samuel Baxter, labourer
       Belfast Gas Company's Works, William Barlow, manager
 12. John Johnston, labourer
 10. Samuel Lindsay, coal merchant
   8. Patrick Lindsay, grocer
   6. Cunningham King, cutler
      King's Place - five small houses
   4. James Gray & Co., Coal Island firebrick and tile works, Bernard McCallin, agent
   2. Edward Martin, labourer

Cromac Street
from Great Edward Street to Cromac Road

   1. G. Duncan, grocer and spirit dealer
   3. Mary Strain, washer woman
   "   Elizabeth Hanna
   5. James Stewart, butcher
   7. Henry McCann, coach driver
   9. John Quart, green grocer & mason
 11. James O'Neill, spirit dealer
     [ Little May Street
11. John Cavanagh, professor of music and provision dealer
11. William Williams, builder; residence, 129 Cromac Street
11. James Parker, butcher
11. George Witherhead, grocer and spirit dealer
11. John Dunlop, butcher
11. John McCamisky, marine store; residence, 34 Market Lane
       David McVea, green grocer
 13. Mrs. Agnes McRoberts, shirt maker
13. John Adams, painter and glazier
 15. Wm. Reid, grocer
17. Fullerton Brothers, grocers and spirit dealers
     [ Hamilton Street]
 17. Thomas Maguire, pawn broker
 19. William Williams, builder
 21. William Haffern, linen measurer, Linen Hall
   "   Margaret Haffern, milliner and dress maker
 23. William Finlay, linen yarn dealer
 25. Mrs. Mary Ann Spiller
 27. Ann Thompson, thread manufacturer
 29. Hugh McClements
 31. Sarah Manning
 33. James Rice, auctioneer
 35. Margaret Shaw
     [ Russell Street
 37. Archibald Kirker, baker and flour merchant
 39. Anna Eid, milliner and dress maker
 41. Wm. Lenaghan, sawyer and provision dealer
 43. Samuel Kelly, grocer and commission coal merchant
 45. Abraham Mathews, grain merchant
 47. John Jones, grocer and spirit dealer
     [ Henrietta Street
 49. James Smith, pawn broker
 51. Mary Burke, fruiterer and confectioner
51. William Gowdy, spirit dealer
51. Abraham Mathews, grain merchant; residence, 45 Cromac Street
53. Thomas Rogan, blacksmith
 53. John Wallace, printer and publisher of the General Advertiser; office, 6 Waring Street
 58. Archibald Kirker's flour store
 55. Chancellor's Ladies ' Day School
 57. Bernard Quin, reporter, Mercury
 59. Patrick McAteer, builder and spirit dealer
     [ Catherine Street
 57. Gateway, vacant
 59. Bernard Smith, labourer
 61. Margaret McAuley, grocer and spirit dealer
 63. Cromac Street Constabulary Station
 65. James John Hannan, attorney's clerk
 67. Richard Aicken, architect
 69. Michael Boomer, spirit dealer
 71. Mary Verner
 73. Catherine Smith
       new houses building
112. Joseph Campbell, grocer
110. George Anderson, sewed muslin manufacturer
108. Thomas Sessions, excise officer
106. Robert Graham, linen manufacturer
104. John Ranson, writing clerk
102. Ellen Dunlop, boarding house
100. Mrs. Ann Crymble
  98. Vacant
     Raphael Street ]
  96. Joseph Anderson, foreman of works to the Town Council
  94. William Adams, car owner
  92. Martin Simpson, car owner
  88. William Carlile, car driver
  86. Vacant
  84. Fordyce and Mullen, brewers and wholesale spirit merchants; residences; Mr. Mullen, 27 Eliza Place; Mr. Fordyce, 5 New Bond Street
  82. Bernard Muckian, cooper and grocer
  80. Patrick Mooney, labourer
     Eliza Street ]
  80. Edward Gordon, dealer
78. Neal Clarke, spirit dealer
  78. Young Clarke, grocer
  76. Robert McCrea, grocer
  74. Thomas Gilmore, pawn broker
  72. John Mateer, evening & day school
  70. John Clarke, confectioner
  68. John Copeland, carpenter
  66. Wm. Fletcher, silver plater
  64. Hugh Young, chandler
  62. Thomas Monteague, waiter
  60. Mary Ann Crothers, grocer
  58. Bernard Ferguson, provision dealer
  56. Eliza Hunter, grocer
  54. Robert Beggs, pawn broker
  52. Jas. Morrison, grocer and publican
  50. Tully Magee, huckster
  48. Patrick Roche, grocery and spirit dealer
  46. Henry Savage, grocer and spirit dealer
  44. James Milliken, shoe maker
    "   Hugh McDonnell, porter
  42. John Jordan, leather cutter
  40. William Russell, grocer and spirit dealer
  38. Thomas Cochrane, saddler
  36. Thomas Kilmartin, writing clerk and spirit dealer
     Lagan Street ]
  34. Alexander Johnston, grocer and spirit dealer
  32. John McKechnie, servant
30, 28. Nathaniel Duncan, grocer, provision, wine and spirit merchant
  26. Wm. Hull, grocer and spirit dealer
  25. George McRoberts, provision dealer ( 24 )
  22. John McAreavy
  20. Jane Steed, grocer and spirit dealer
     Pump Entry ]
  18. Samuel Quigley, grain merchant
  16. William Quigley, grain merchant
  14. William Corbett
   "   Jane and Eliza Corbett, dress makers, and milliners
  12. John Campbell, accountant
  10. James McConnell, linen lapper
    8. William Rorke
    6. James Mullen, linen merchant
    4. Charlotte Montgomery, dress maker
    2. Richard Atkinson, spirit dealer

Crown Entry
17 High Street to Anne Street

   3. Ann Jane McCracken, milliner
   5. Thomas McCracken & Co., engravers
       Charles Hunter, Crown Tavern
 11. William Gracey, oyster house
       R. and D. Read, printers and publishers
 16. John Nimack, cabinet maker, of Arthur Street

Crumlin Place
Crumlin Road, left side

   1. George Druitt, clerk
   2. Robert Stitt Benson, manager of bleach green
   3. Jas. Robie, jun., reporter Banner
   4. Joseph Eaton, warehouseman
   5. Alexander Fortune, plumber

Crumlin Terrace
Crumlin Road, right side

       John Pim, merchant; office, Waring Street
       James Coleman, merchant of Coleman and Dobbin's, Church Street
       Mrs. Pike
       Thomas Scott, gentleman - Judges lodgings

Crumlin Road
right side

     [ Mountview Terrace
       Gordon Thomson, gentleman, Bedeque House
       New County Prison - J. Forbes, governor
     [ Crumlin Terrace
     [ Old Lodge Road
                                                       left side
       James Cameron, Glentilt Lodge
       John Ritchey, printer
       Thos. Haddock, turnkey in Gaol
       Robert McCulloch, Court House Tavern
       New County Court House - A. Rule, court keeper
       Mrs. Blair
       Mrs. Law, Fairview Cottage
       Eglinton Street - building
       Presbyterian Church - building; Rev. James Martin, minister

Cuddy's Row
off New Lodge Road

eight small houses

Culbert's Court
middle of Little York Street

fifteen small houses

Cullingtree Street
from Durham Street to Stanley Street

   1. William Sheppard, mechanic
   3. Robert Middleton, labourer
   5. Adam Greer, weigh master
   7. James Moore, labourer
   9. Thomas Patton, bleacher
 11. Robert Hammond, weaver
 13. John Stewart, night watchman
 15. Charles Woods, reeling master
 17. Daniel Nicholl, mechanic
 19. William Lightbody, scutcher
 21. James Falkner, porter
 23. Alexander Livingston, labourer
 26. John Craig, engineer
 24. Robert McAndrew, carpenter
 22. Robert Kerr, warper
 20. Timothy Bell, accountant
 18. Ferrard Boyles, coachman
 16. John Jamison, grocer
 14. George Gibson, linen lapper
 12. Richard Johnson, linen lapper
 10. Samuel Elder, compositor
   8. John McQuiston, house painter
   6. John Usher, butler
   4. Margaret Malcomson, boarding house
   2. Mary Brown, grocer

Cullingtree Place
off Cullingtree Street

   1. Robert Morrison, brush maker
   3. Hugh Smyth, butler
   5. John Boyd, carpenter
   7. William Armstrong, carpenter
   9. Mary McKee
 11. Michael Boomer, carpenter
 13. James McLean, coppersmith
 15. Thomas Wilson, engineer
 17. Arthur McIlveen, cloth lapper
 19. Samuel Haynan, brass founder
 21. Robert McCahan, grocer
 16. Mrs. Creegan
 14. William Hyde, mechanic
 12. Elizabeth Gibson
 10. James Reynolds, engineer
   8. Thomas Kimpson, lapper ( Simpson )
   6. Joseph Bruce, brass founder
   2. Samuel Todd, book binder

Cumberland Place
Donegall Pass

   1. George Smyth, cashier in Lindsay, Brothers.
   2. Thomas Lloyd, haberdasher, of Murray, Greene and Lloyd's, Donegall Place
   3. Mrs. Mulligan
   4. Robert McQuiston, gentleman

Cunningham's Court
off Mill Street

thirty-five small houses

Cunningham's Court
off Mustard Street

four small houses

Currel's Place
Townsend Street

 47. William Ferris, spirit store
 49. James McMullan, flax dresser
 51. Ann Kane, widow
 53. Patrick Hall, flax dresser
 55. Edward Lanyon, coach painter
       several small houses

Currel's Row
off Townsend Street

six small houses

Curtis Street
from 23 York Street to 28 Academy Street

   1. Hugh McCall, pawn broker
   3. Vacant
   5. John McLaughlin, spirit store and grocery  [ Harper's Court
   7. Thomas Leeburn, clerk and huckster
   9. William McConnell, labourer
 11. James Dooley, stone cutter and huckster     [ Bairn's Court
 13. Hugh McCormack, dealer
 15. William McGarry, pensioner
 17. James Caldwell, sewed muslin manufacturer; residence, 28 Academy Street
 20. Eliza Donaldson, lodging house
 18. Arthur Douglas, house painter
 16. James Nugent, baker
 14. Daniel McGallarty, lodging house
 12. James Brown, plasterer
 10. Robert Gracey, millwright
   8. James Harrison, mechanic
     Corr's Lane ]
   6. John Chancellor & Co., sewed muslin manufacturer
   4. Daniel Kennedy, gingham manufacturer
     Clark's Lane ]
   2. Vacant


     * This house is lettered 16 both on shop and hall door, but stands No. 20 in the streets, and is so rated.
      + Numbered 14 but stands 16


Dam Side
off Millfield

15, 17. Robert Campbell, Dam Side Foundry

Davidson's Court
off Durham Street

thirty small houses

Dayton Place
from Townsend Street to Greenland Street

   1. Thomas McIlvenny, carman
   3. James Mack, dealer
   5. William Reid, pensioner

Devis Street ( Divis )
Barrack Street to Falls Road

1, 3. side of John Russell's grocery and spirit store
   5. John O'Neill, plasterer
   7. John O'Neill, butcher
   9. Margaret Cook, green grocer
     [ Kennedy's Entry
 11. Patrick McLarnon, shoe maker
 13. Isaac Reid, labourer
 15. Francis McCartney, linen lapper
 17. Rodger Kane, labourer
 19. Ann Dillon, lodgings
     [ Houston's Entry
 21. John Houston
 23. Mark Benn, boarding house
25, 27. John Young, flax, tow and yarn dealer
 29. James John Belshaw, pawn broker
 31. Henry McClarnon, spirit dealer
       Wm. Smith, carpenter
       Mary Doyle
       Emily Birch, teacher
 22. Thomas Kirker, grocer and spirit dealer, receiving house of Post Office
 20. John Beatty, blacksmith
 18. Mary McCleave
 16. John Girvan, foreman in distillery
 14. Hugh Beggs, miller
   "   Rice Beggs, dress maker
 12. Michael Curran, miller
 10. Joseph Marley, boot and shoe maker
   8. James Quinn, green grocer
   6. Hugh Kerr, car driver
   2. James O'Neill, labourer

Dock Lane
South Side Dock Street

   1. Rose Ann Morris, boarding house
   3. John McClements, carpenter
   5. James Dunn, sail maker
 10. James Ferguson, master porter
   8. Alexander Shaw, sawyer
   6. James Hood, cooper
   4. Andrew Mitchell, block maker
   2. James Dougherty, tide waiter

Dock Street
York Street to Corporation Street

   1. Robert Stevenson, grocer and publican
     .....[ Little York Street intersects ]
   3. Vacant
   5. James Young, solicitor
   7. John Young, iron merchant
   9. James McCallum, merchant draper
 11. Miss Bell
 13. James McKee, muslin manufacturer
 15. Mrs. Neill
 17. William Cairncross, gentleman
 19. Robert Grogan, ship broker
 25. Thomas Robinson, grocer and publican
     [ Nelson Street
 27. Robert Crawford, clerk
 29. Henry Tousseant, foreman tailor
 31. Robert Henry, blacksmith
 33. David Moore, clerk
 35. Arthur Gaffikin, provision merchant
 37. James Smyth, gentleman
 39. Samuel Houston, ship owner
       new houses building
 41. Nancy Murphy, green grocer
 43. Oswald Roberts, boat builder
 45. Ellen Charters, publican
 22. Wm. Keegan, gardener
 20. James McDonald, ship broker
 18. Hy. Hazard, custom house officer
 16. Miss Balloon
 14. Thomas Green, street inspector
 12. Thomas Casement, ship carpenter
 10. Rev. David Hamilton
   8. Robert Hanna, salesman
   6. James Behan, clerk
   4. Wm. Vint, provision merchant
   2. James Ferguson, linen draper

Dominick Street
( Formerly Cricket Place )
Bolton Street to Annette Street

seven small houses

Donaldson's Court
off Barrack Street

seven small houses

Donegall Lane
Donegall Street to York Lane

       two offices vacant
       side of Roman Catholic Seminary

Donegall Pass
Cromac Road to Old Malone Road

     [ Aughton Terrace
   1. James Johnston
   2. Hugh Carruthers, linen ornament printer
   3. Mrs. Briggs
   4. Isabella Clark
   5. Robert Smith, in distillery
   6. George Biggar, gentleman
     [ Charlotte Street
   1. Jn. Dowling, law commissioner
   2. Miss Larkin
   3. Mrs. Rook
   4. Mrs. Rippingham
                                                 Ingram Place
        1. Samuel Bullick, academy, 82 High Street
        2. Mrs. Heron
        3. Isaac McCune, in spirit store
        4. Mrs. McConkey
        5. Wm. Boyce, clerk of the Union
        6. James A. Crozier, gentleman
        7. Francis Plunkett, commission agent, Donegall Street
     [ Cumberland Place
     [ Apsley Place
       Magdalene Episcopal Chapel; Rev. E. J. Hartrick, parsonage
     [ Albert Place
       Andrew Gilmore, gentleman
                                                   South Side
   1. Wm. Finlay, Donegall Pass Tavern
       eight small houses
       Rose Lodge - Hutchinson Posnett, agent for Viscount Dungannon
                                                 Posnett's Place
       1. Robert Magill, woollen draper, Castle buildings
       2. Wm. Adamson, manager and agent for J. and W. Bradley's muslin warerooms, Waring Street
       3. Chas. N. Davis, furrier, Castle Place
       Cromac Lodge - Samuel Cowan, gent
        J. Nixon, inland revenue officer
        James Dixon, travelling clerk

Donegall Place
Castle Place to Donegall Square North

   1. Lindsay Brothers, retail silk mercers, haberdashers, woollen drapers, etc.
   3. Lindsay Brothers, wholesale warerooms and offices
   "   James Lindsay's residence
   3. John McVicker, merchant clothier
   5. Bernard Hughes, Railway bakery; residence, 35 Queen Street
     [ Fountain Lane
   5. Jas. Moore, stationer and account book manufacturer; agent for John Cassell's coffee
   7. Rev. Wm. Batt
   9. Moses Staunton, wholesale and retail room paper, carpet, damask, and house furnishing warehouse
   "   Wm. Benn, commission merchant; residence, Fitzwilliam Street
   "   Robert and Alfred Cassidy, solicitors; residence, 9 Upper Crescent
 11. Smith, Weir & Co., linen manufacturers, bleachers, and merchants; Hy. Smith's residence, Crescent
   "   Thos. Henry Weir's residence
 13. Murray, Greene and Lloyd, silk mercers, haberdashers, etc.; residences ; Mr. Murray, Limerick; Mr. Greene, Ballymena; Mr. Lloyd, 2 Cumberland Place
 15. Masonic Hall - Thomas Harper, steward
 17. P. Lynch, M.D. and surgeon
 19. George O'Brien
 21. Gilmore Brothers, cabinet makers and upholsterers
 23. Davison and Torrens, solicitors; residences; Richard Davison, The Abbey, Whiteabbey; James Torrens, Woodbank, Whiteabbey
 25. Wm. Coffey, piano forte and music warehouse
 27. Royal Hotel - C. Kerns, proprietor
     [ Donegall Square North ]
 28. John F. Ferguson, D.L., J.P., linen merchant; office, Linen Hall
 26. James Crawford, wine merchant; stores, Calendar Street
 24. Robert Arthur, solicitor
 22. Bank of Ireland - Edward Geoghegan, agent; J. Bristow, sub-agent
 20. Vacant
 18. Johnsons & Co., wholesale London and Manchester warehousemen
 16. Thomas Jackson, architect; residence, Cliftonville Cottage
   "   John Taylor, agent for Standard Life Assurance Company, & for British Guarantee Association; residence, 6 College Square North
   "   J. H. Burgess, drawing instructor
 14. J. N. Richardson, Sons, & Owden, Lisburn & Newry, flax spinners, linen manufacturers and bleachers; residences; Jonathan Richardson, Glenmore, near Lisburn; John Grubb Richardson, Lisnegarvey, near Lisburn, and Bessbrook, near Newry; William Richardson, 4 Prospect Terrace, Belfast; Jn. Owden, Brooklands
 12. J. Coey, Northern boot and shoe house
 10. Imperial Hotel, Dr. C. Hurst, proprietor; and Locust Lodge, Ballynafeigh
     Castle Lane ]
   8. Vacant
 8. John Devlin, auctioneer, etc.
   6. J. N. Macartney, watch maker, jeweller, and optician; residence, 1 Pakenham Place
       Methodist Chapel and School
   4. Jane Billsland, glass and china warehouse; residence, 23 Fountain Street
   2. C. Thompson, cook & confectioner

Donegall Place Buildings
Donegall Place and Castle Street

   1. Francis O'Hayer, saddler; residence, 2 Fountain Street
   2. John Maclurcan, silk mercer; residence, 13 Victoria Place
   3. Mathison Brothers, wholesale and retail grocers; James Mathison's residence, Brunswick Street
5, 6. James Armstrong & Co., tea importers and dealers
   7. entrance to offices
   8. Miss Hill, milliner; residence, 8 Fountain Street
   9. Daniel McCann, soap and candle manufacturer; residence, 97 York Street
 10. Timothy Ivers, cabinet maker; residence, 21 Eliza Street
1, 2. Stamp Office - Thos. R. Stannus, distributor of stamps; residence, Lisburn
3, 4, 5. Inland Revenue Offices - Evan Cameron, collector
6, 7. Vacant
   8. Thomas Turner, architect; residence, 21 Queen Street
9, 10. Vacant
 11. Messrs. Lynch, professor of dancing
12, 13. Arthur K. Forde, Stamp Office

Donegall Quay
Corporation Square to Queen's Bridge

 61. The Longford Arms - Mrs. Graham
 59. Langtrys and Herdman's yard
 57. Belfast Arms, W. Young, proprietor
49, 51, 53, 55. Charley & Malcolm, general steam packet & forwarding agents; John Charley's residence, Donegall Square South; W. H. Malcolm's residence, 49 York Street
 45. Sinclair and Boyd, West India and general merchants; R. Boyd's residence, Bloomfield
 43. George C. Pim, broker and commission merchant; residence, University Square
     [ Gamble Street
 41. Crown and Anchor Hotel - John Blakley, proprietor
 39. Charles Duffin & Co., flax and yarn stores; office, 28 Waring Street
33, 35, 37. George McTear, merchant and steam packet agent; residence, Hazlebank
29, 31. John and Thomas Sinclair's stores
23, 25, 27. Robert Henderson, general steam packet forwarding and commission agent; residence, 74 York Street and Willow Bank, Malone
     [ Albert Square
 13. James Hamilton & Co.'s stores; office, 11 Queen's Square
 15. Royal Victoria Yacht Tavern -  John Colville, proprietor
       Side of Harbour office - entrance in 23 Queen's Square, Edmund Getty, secretary; residence, 6 Abbotsford Place
     [ Queen's Square
       side and stores of Custom House
     [ Marlborough Street
 17. James Lemon, merchant; warehouse and stores, 15 Queen's Square
 23. John and James Martin and Co., ship owners; John Martin's residence, Glenview
 25. Patrick McCormick, spirit dealer
 27. Catherine Birkmyre's bakery, back entrance
 29. James Tedford, ship chandler and provision dealer; residence, 34 Chichester Street
 31. Margaret Hughes, spirit dealer
 33. Cherry Byrne, wine and spirit dealer
 35. Queen's Bridge Tavern - Philip Jordan, proprietor

Donegall Square East
Chichester Street to Clarence Place

   1. Alexander S. Mayne, depository of Ulster Tract and book Society, etc.
   1. A. and J. Elliot & Co., general commission merchants and sewed muslin manufacturers, and Elliot Brothers & Co., Glasgow
   2. Wm. Watson, wholesale merchant; stores, 11 Hercules Street
   3. Vacant
   4. Dr. James Patterson
   5. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Schools
   6. John McCance, gentleman
   7. John Finlay, flax merchant; stores, Police Square
   8. Mrs. Ashmore
   9. John Workman, of Messrs. J. and R. Workman, manufacturers
 10. Wm. McGee, M.D., surgeon, R.N.

Donegall Square North
Calendar Street to Fountain Street

1, 2. A. and S. Henry & Co. (of Manchester), linen merchants
   3. Charles Duffin, merchant; office, 28 Waring Street
   4. J. Dickinson & Co. (of Nottingham), wholesale stationers; manager, John Hutchinson
     [ Donegall Place
       Public billiard room
   5. Vacant
   6. Edward Bruce, gentleman
   7. Mrs. Agnew
   8. David Herd, linen manufacturer
   9. Mrs. Campbell
 10. Robert Calwell, hardware merchant; 14 Waring Street

Donegall Square South
Adelaide Place to Linenhall Street

   1. Wm. Musgrave, barrister-at-law, and 67 Lower Mountjoy Street, Dublin
   "   John R. and Jas. Musgrave, ironmongers; shop, High Street
   2. Francis McLaughlin, tobacconist; shop, 65 High Street
   3. John Ferguson, linen merchant; office, 10 Waring Street
   4. A. and A. T. McClean, gentleman
   5. Major General Bainbrigge
   6. Edward Tucker, starch & glue manufacturer; warehouse, 27 Waring Street
   7. John Praeger, linen merchant, Vice Consul for Austria and Bremen; office, Fountain Lane
   "   A. and A. T. McClean's office
   8. John Charley, merchant and steam packet agent; office, Donegall Quay
   9. J. W. Anderson & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers
   "   Anderson and Gray, muslin manufacturers and Linenhall Street
     [ Linenhall Street
                                             Bedford Street
       Thornton Huggins & Co., linen merchants; P. Ewing's residence, Bankmore
       R. & J. Workman, manufacturers; Robert Workman's residence, 10 Pakenham Place; J. Workman's, The Crescent
       J. and T. Kennedy, muslin manufacturers and bleachers, and 13 Commercial Court
       John Leadbetter and Co., linen manufacturers, and York Street

Donegall Square West
Wellington Place to Howard Street

   1. Mrs. Thompson
   "   Robert Thompson, merchant; residence, Holywood
   2. Robert Alexander, linen merchant; Vice-Consul for Venezuela
 1. Robert Alexander's office
   3. Chas. W. Shaw, merchant; office, 52 Waring Street
     Wellington Street ]
   4. T. Greer, merchant; warehouse, 18 Rosemary Street
   5. Dr. T. Read, surgeon
   6. James Girdwood, merchant; warehouse, High Street
   7. Robert Magee, gentleman
   8. James Campbell, gentleman
   9. Thomas Major, gentleman

Donegall Street
Commercial Buildings to Antrim Road

       Belfast Bank
   1. Hill Smyth, stationer, book binder, and lithographer
   "   Clerical Rooms
   "   Robert Waring, woollen draper, etc.
   3. James Grant, confectioner, pastry and biscuit baker; residence, Cregagh Cottage, Castlereagh
   5. James Marshall, clothier and draper; residence, Holywood
   7. H. Blain, linen and damask house
   9. Moses Cherry, saddler and American trunk manufactory
 11. Dr. Washington Murphy, surgeon
11. James Watt & Co., seedsman
 13. Hugh H. Hannay, wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse; residence, 14 York Street
13. T. S. Major & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers; residence, Dunmurry
13. Greer and Oakman, Manchester and Scotch woollen warehouse; Robert Greer's residence, 3 Aughton Terrace
 15. Robert Gray and Co., woollen drapers, mercers, etc.
 17. Thomas M. Sharp, general broker
 19. James Young & Co., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse; William Young's residence, 18 Wellington Place
 21. Robert King, merchant tailor and hatter
     [ Elliott's Court
 23. Alexander Hunter, confectioner
 25. William McConnell & Co., wholesale woollen merchants, etc.; Wm. McConnell's residence, Charleville, near Castlereagh
     [ Commercial Court
 27. James Nichol, baker
 29. Thomas Jackson, linen manufacturer
   "   James Ewart, architect
   "   Henry Milford, solicitor; 26 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin
   "   J. and J. Beath, commission merchants; J. Beath's residence, Antrim Place Cottage
 31. MacAdam & Co., oil and guano merchants; Mr. MacAdam's residence, Beaver Hall
 33. James Quirey and Co., wine and spirit merchants, leather dealers, etc.
   "   G. W. Kyle, hosier; shop, Bridge Street
 35. Banner of Ulster office
 37. F. Todd, umbrella maker
     [ Donegall Street Place
 39. Dr. Fryer, surgeon and apothecary
 41. James Maxwell, cabinet maker
 43. H. Bourns and Sisters, ladies' repository
 45. John Reynolds, toy and fancy warehouse
 47. James Cameron, plumber, lead merchant, etc.; residence, Glentilt Place, Crumlin Road
 49. John Barclay & Co., boot and shoe maker
 51. M. and A. McKibbin & Co., silk mercers, milliners and dress makers
   "   A. McKibbin, of Northern Bank
 53. J. and N. Carson, grocers and wine merchant
 55. J. Cuming, grocer, wine and spirit merchant
   "   George D. MacKeown, solicitor; 26 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin
     [ Talbot Street
 57. The Vicarage - Rev. T. F. Miller, Vicar
       St. Anne's Parish Church
 59. Dr. Halliday, surgeon
 61. John Walker, confectioner
     [ Academy Street
 63. Belfast Academy - The Rev. R. J. Bryce, LL.D., principal
   "   Robert Bryce, M.D., surgeon
 65. John Robinson's, marble and stone establishment
 67. Jenning's & Co., iron merchants
 69. Moses Crothers, grocer
 71. B. Hughes, bakery establishment
 73. John McKenna, foreign fruit, tea, and Italian warehouse
      [ York Street
 75. The Queen's Hotel - Thomas Cunningham, proprietor
   "   P. Macaulay, flax spinner, foreign agent; residence, Mills, Randalstown
 77. Surgeon Henry M. Johnston
       Independent Meeting House
 79. James B. Ferguson, starch manufacturer
 81. Mrs. Brown's commercial boarding house
 83. Dr. Thos. Thompson, R.N., surgeon
 85. James Carlisle, builder and mill owner
 87. J. Robinson, marble and stone yard
 89. J. C. Graham & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers
89. J. Arnott & Co.'s assistant boarding house
 91. F. McCracken, jun., mill owner
 93. Wm. McCracken, of Northern Bank
 95. John McConnell, muslin warehouse, Kent Street
     [ Donegall Lane
       Donegall Street Male and Female National Schools, erected by the Right Rev. Dr. Crolly, 1833
       St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel
 97. Right Rev. Dr. Denvir, Roman Catholic Bishop
   "   Rev. Henry O'Loughran
   "   Rev. Francis McKenna
   "   Rev. John Gallogly
   "   Rev. William Curoe
   "   Rev. John Maghaham, Dean of Seminary
   "   Edward Kelly, Professor of Classics and Mathematics
 99. W. Curran, druggist; shop, Bridge Street
101. Mrs. Cruikshank's school
103. Robert Gilmore, pawn broker; shop, North Street and Carrick Hill
105. Elizabeth Lynn
107. Samuel Douglass
109. John Knox, manufacturer
111. John Black, gentleman
     [ North Queen Street
112. William Vance, starch manufacturer and miller
110. Belfast Foundry - Samuel Boyd, proprietor; residence, Little Donegall Street
108. Horse Bazaar and Veterinary establishment - James King, veterinary surgeon, proprietor
   "    M. Folie, farrier
106. George Emerson, gentleman
   "    William Emerson, merchant
104. Mr. Crang, surgeon
     [ Union Street
102. William Dobbin, druggist, etc.; shop, North Street
100. Thomas Elliott, accountant
  98. Francis Rea, clerk of markets
  96. Dr. Black, surgeon
  94. Miss bell, upholsterer
   "    Mrs. Eccles
  92. Mr. Thompson, electropist
  90. Dr. John Clarke, surgeon
  88. Joseph Bigger, provision merchant
  86. William Suffern, gentleman
  84. Hugh Porter, clerk
  82. S. R. and T. Brown, of Glasgow
    "   David McKean, agent for ditto
  80. Protestant Hall - James Dixon, caretaker
    "   Wm. Greer, muslin manufacturer
  78. John Suffern's residence
  76. John Suffern, solicitor; Dublin office, 12 Upper Temple Street
  74. P. H. Mahir, confectioner
     John Street ]
  72. Bernard Fitzpatrick, grocer, wine and spirit merchant
  70. Hitchcock and Black, solicitors
  68. Edward Dorrian, surgeon and apothecary
  66. Dr. Pirrie, surgeon
  64. Margaret Milliken, dress maker
  62. Mrs. Robinson, milliner and dress maker
  60. James Andrews, solicitor; Dublin office, 103 Capel Street
       Donegall Street Presbyterian Church - Rev. Isaac Nelson, Minister
  58. Mary Wilson, linen and damask warehouse
       Wm. Eakin & Co.'s stores
  56. James Gaskin, painter and glazier
  54. Unoccupied
  52. Wm. Eakin and Co., drug, oil and colour merchants; residence, Great Patrick Street
     Church Street ]
  50. Daniel McHenry, spirit dealer
  48. Surgeon Charles Clarke Macmullan's medical hall
  46. George Harrison, ladies' boot and shoe maker
    "   Andrews and Smith, solicitors; Dublin office, 103 Capel Street
  44. J. McCullough & Co., solicitors
  42. John Smyth, solicitor; Dublin office, 43 Dame Street and branch office, Carrickfergus
  40. John McBlain's leather warehouse; tan yard, 108 Carrick Hill
  38. J. S. Johnston, baker
  36. Provincial Bank of Ireland office; manager, Robert Trotter
  34. William Quaile, cabinet maker
  32. John Holden & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers; J. Holden's residence, Royal Terrace
  32. William and Robert Druitt, linen manufacturers and bleachers; Wm. Druitt's residence, Mount Pottinger
     Thompson's Court - David' buildings ]
  30. Johnston and Pelling, sewed muslin manufacturers; C. Pelling's residence, 16 Great Patrick Street
28, 26. Simms and McIntyre, publishers; John Simms' residence, Holywood; James McIntyre's, 19 College Square
  24. Ewart and Son, manufacturers; residence, Mountview Terrace
    "   M. A. Quirey and co., haberdashers, etc.
     St. Anne's buildings ]
  22. Mearns and Co., paper stainers and room paper manufacturers
        Removed to 10 Castle Place
  20. Brown Linen Hall
  18. Robert Roddy, linen and damask manufacturer and bleacher, wholesale and retail family linen warehouse
  16. Robert Bowman, solicitor; Dublin office, 8 Inn's Quay; residence, Carrickfergus
  14. Alexander and Daniel O'Rorke, solicitors; Dublin office, 39 Blessington Street; Alexander O'Rorke's residence, 4 College Square North, and High Street, Ballymena; Daniel O'Rorke's residence, Howard Street
  12. E. Hunter, confectioner
    "   John Rea, solicitor; Dublin office, 22 Middle Gardiner Street
8, 10. Dublin Bakery, James Canning, proprietor
    6. J. and T. Mulligan, Manchester warehouse, cap manufacturers, etc.; T. Mulligan's residence, 2 Antrim Place
    4. John McLaughlin, wholesale tobacconist
    "   William Dale, broker, auctioneer, etc.; residence, 109 Donegall Street
    2. William Penton, seedsman, etc.; residence, 6 North Street and Holywood

Donegall Street Little
John Street to Carrick Hill

   1. Duncan Campbell, jobbing smith
   3. Alexander Guy, publican
   5. Joseph Bigger, provision merchant
   7. S. R. & T. Brown's sewed muslin warerooms, D. McKane, agent; residence, 82 Donegall Street
   9. Margaret Mortimer, lodging house
 11. William Milliken, ostler
 13. Isabella McKay, lodging house
 15. Terence Devlin, labourer
 17. Mrs. O'Neill, lodging house
 19. H. Thomson, file cutter
 21. Wm. Kelly, labourer
 23. R. & J. Bells's flax store
 25. C. Martin, sizer
       A. Rutherford's sizing works
 27. Saml. Martin, starch manufacturer
 29. James Irvin, spirit dealer
     [ Union Street intersects ]
 31. John Hunter, lodging house
 37. John McDowell, chandler
 39. James Steen, labourer
 41. James Reid, cooper
 43. Agnes Campbell, lodging house
 45. David Watt, publican
 47. Samuel Boyd, machine maker
 49. Patrick McCann, maker of cordials, etc.
 51. Wm. Scott, in Dublin mail coach office
       Side of Wm. Vance's corn mill
                                                 [ Carrick Hill ]
 74. John McClure, labourer
 72. Mary Conway
 64. Cornelius McFall, shoe maker
 62. Allen Campbell, lodging house
 60. John Crawford, lodging house
 58. James McLorinan, labourer
     Stephen Street ]
 56. Robert Gilmer, pawn broker
 54. Jonathan Vint, wine and spirit store
 52. Anthony Campbell, carpenter
 50. Anthony Houston, carpenter
     Russell's Court ]
 48. Paul Semple, shoe maker
 46. Thomas Gourly, baker
 44. Gilbert Robinson, labourer
 42. John Hamilton, paper works
 40. David Blaney, labourer
 38. Patrick Murney, musician
 36. James Montgomery, shoe maker
 34. Thomas McMaster, pork cutter
 32. Robert Watson, grocer
 30. Mr. Russell, huckster
 28. John Gibson, nailer
 26. Jane O'Neill, lodging house
 24. Roddy Gillan, paver
 22. Vacant
 20. Starch Works, Mr. Martin, owner
 18. Joseph Stevenson, labourer
 16. William Duncan, night constable
 14. John Conolly, flax and waste dealer
       seven small houses

Donegall Street Place
between 37 and 39 Donegall Street

       back entrance to Banner office
   5. Gamble and Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers; residence, 2 Prospect Terrace
   7. John O. Macnish & Co., cotton yarn agent; residence, 7 Prospect Terrace
9, 10. John Cuppage and Co., flax and yarn stores, flax spinners; residence, Lurgan
   4. William McIlwrath and Co., linen manufacturers; residence, 2 Ardmoulin Place
   2. White and Clendinning, commission agents; Mr. White's residence, 6 Brunswick Street; John Clendinning's residence, 1 Arthur Place
       Dr. Fryer, surgeon, hall door

Downshire Place
opposite Victoria Place

   1. Robert Orr, excise officer
   2. Elizabeth Campbell
   3. George Smith, dentist in Mr. Barnett's, Wellington Place
   4. Miss Mary Reid
   5. Feaquhea Macrae, butler
   6. Wm. Magill, brewer in Bank Lane
   7. Margaret Dunlop, nurse tender
   "   Misses Rodgers, dress makers and milliners

Drake's Lane
off Union Place, Great George's Street

thirteen small houses

Drummond's Court
off Carrick Hill

twenty eight small houses

Dublin Bridge, or Carr's Row
Old Malone Road

   1. James McKane, labourer
   2. John Duff, porter
   3. Robert Houston, linen lapper
       six small houses

Duffin's Court
off Winetavern Street

six small houses

Duffy's Place
off Boundary Street

   1. Joseph Armstrong, night constable
   2. James Magee, labourer
   3. John McNamee, flax dresser
   4. James McGowan, mechanic
   5. Charles Byrne, joiner
   6. Hugh Shields, carpenter
   7. Richard Dowling, mill worker
   8. Mary Kirkwood, widow
   9. Margaret Cooper, widow
 10. Maria Olden, widow
 11. William Armstrong, flax dresser
 12. Patrick Heburn, widower
 13. James Fitzpatrick, carpenter
 14. James Fitzpatrick, carpenter
 15. Thomas Gallagher, labourer
 16. Wm. Macloskie, flax dresser

Durham Court
off Durham Street

fourteen small houses

Durham Place
Lepper's Mill Row, off Durham Street

thirteen small houses

Durham Street
from south end of Barrack Street to Sandy Row

   1. Daniel McIlherron, spirit dealer
   3. Bernard Macartney, dealer
   5. John Kennedy, pork cutter
   7. Patrick McAlinden, cow keeper
   9. Margaret Kean
     [ Durham Place
11, 13. Felix Kinney, grocer and spirit dealer
 15. John Hanlon, whitesmith
 17. William Quee, butcher
 19. Owen McKenna, dealer
     [ Durham Court
 21. J. Brown, ostler, Donegall Arms
 23. Francis Donnelly, carpenter
 25. Robert Macomb, carpenter
 27. Thomas Reilly, coachman
 29. Andrew Coulter, grocer and spirit dealer
 31. William Grubb, mechanic
 33. Patrick Flanagan, labourer
 35. William Cooper, labourer
 37. James Larmour, labourer
 39. William Gilmore, cattle dealer
 41. S. Collier, grocer
 43. John Hull, weaver
 45. Margaret Hill, dealer
 47. Catherine Hayes, house keeper
 49. Sturgeon Marshall, dealer
 51. Wm. King, spirit dealer
 53. Ellen Fitzsimons, shop keeper
     [ Falls Court
 55. George Macaulay, shoe maker
 57. Margaret Stavely, grocer
 59. Clark Gray, nailer
 61. Elizabeth McCall, nailer
 63. Miss Ferguson
 65. Thomas Oyston, manager of mill
 67. Samuel Thompson
 69. Constabulary Station - Head Constable, Henderson
     [ Albert Street
 71. Alex. Glenn, grocer     [ Fox's Row
 73. Wm. Steenson, weaver
 75. Joseph Dugan, weaver
 77. Thomas Kirker, spirit dealer
     [ McMaster's Row
 79. Joseph McCullough, grocer and spirit dealer
       two new houses building
 81. Joseph McCracken, day constable
 83. Robert Clugston, weaver
 85. James Patterson, labourer
 87. John McMillen, labourer
 89. James McCaul, spirit dealer
     [ Cullingtree Street
       six houses building
 91. Ann Miller
 93. Thomas Goodfellow, labourer
     [ New Road leading to Falls Road
109. Elizabeth Vincent
111. John Frew, publican
113. John Moffett, grocer
115. Wm. Alderdice, civil bill officer
117. David Alderdice, Victoria Tavern
     [ Victoria Court
119. Wm. McCleevy, warper
121. John Stewart, dealer
123. Robert Shaw, dealer
125. John Montgomery, bookkeeper
    "   Miss Montgomery, dress maker
127, 129. Mrs. Lattimer
131. John Smyth, teacher
133. John McDowell, carpenter
     [ McDowell's Entry
135. John Campbell, spirit dealer
137. John Davison, builder
     [ Davison's Court
139. Thomas Purdy
141. John Hall, lodging house
143. Matthew Tewton, carpenter
145. David Law, publican
     [ Stormont Court
147. Isaac Duffy, soap boiler
149. Thomas Rollands, carter
151. Henry Gregory, labourer
153. John McCaw, labourer
155. James Millar, night constable
157. Mrs. Massey     [ Massey's Court
159. Robert Erskine, grocer
     [ Erskine's Court
        Ulster Railway goods stores
.......[ Ulster Railway intersects ].......
161. John Boyd and Son, flax and tow spinners; residence, 4 Glengall Place
       Pelan's Row - 10 small houses
 46. James Watson, grocer and publican
 44. Thomas Shanks, tailor
 42. Joseph Shane, car keeper
 40. James Nelson, tailor
 38. James Pelan, grocer and publican
     Glengall Street ]
       James Montgomery, gentleman
 34. James Henry, weigh master
 32. Mrs. South, dress maker
 30. William Dougherty, teacher
 28. John McDornan, pawn broker
     College Street South ]
       Robert Cotter, grocer
       Robert Thompson, mechanic
       Thomas Clarke, butler
       Jas. Plunkett, plasterer and builder
       Christ Church School Rooms
     College Square ]
     Galway Street ]
 28. Robert Wood, tailor
 26. Arthur Galway, gentleman
 24. Samuel Douglass, butler
 22. William Strain, publican
 20. John Wiley, boot and shoe maker
 18. Moses Graham, boot and shoe maker
 16. John Todd, labourer
 14. Hugh McMullan, labourer
 12. Bernard Monaghan, labourer
 10. James Horner, publican
   8. Edward Murney, fireman
   6. John McGimpsey
   4. Hugh Robinson, cow keeper
     Robinson's Court ]
   2. Vacant

Durham Street New
Townsend Street to Pound Street

   1. John Corr, flax dresser
   3. David Walker, fireman
   5. James Cahoon, turner
   7. Eliza Boyle, shop keeper
   9. Ann Donaghy
     McMillan's Place ]
 11. Henry Taggart, carpenter
 13. Thomas Macklin, turner
 15. William McAteer, carpenter
 17. James Chapman, tailor
 19. John Fitzsimons, labourer
 21. Philip Burns, hackler
 23. John Midgley, reed maker
 25. Hugh Allen, hair dresser
 27. Thomas Martin, pensioner
 29. Thomas Scott, grocer and publican
                                                     left side
       fourteen small houses
       Samuel Kelly, spirit dealer
       James Mahoney, surgeon

Dyet's Entry
off Barrack Street

four small houses



Earl Lane
off Earl Street

       Robert Wilson, labourer
       Robert Fulton, carpenter
       John Devlin, blacksmith
       George Reynolds, sea captain
       James Paton, carpenter
       Rose O'Hara, washer woman
     [ North Thomas Street
       ten small houses

Earl Street
Corporation Street to York Street

   1. Daniel Jacobson, clothier
   3. John McDonnell, butler
   5. Patrick McBride, harbour master
   7. Hugh Burnett, labourer
   9. Elizabeth Ann Victor
 11. Robert McCullough, labourer
 13. Daniel Symington, teacher
 15. Benjamin Duff, store keeper
 17. Elizabeth O'Neill
 19. Robert Wilson, ship owner
 21. Rebecca Burnett, boarding house
 23. James Daly, ship owner
 25. James Moorehead, cooper
     [ Little York Street
 27. James Loughead, clerk
 29. Charles Grant, carpenter
 31. Thomas Leggit, sea captain
 33. George Gainford, Custom-house officer
 35. Martha Craig
 50. Wm. Alexander, Mercury office
 48. John Smyth, sea captain
 46. William Smyth, commercial traveller
 44. William McMullan, sea captain
 42. Edward Ring, doctor
 40. Captain McCullough
 38. Captain Wilson
     Earl Lane ]
 36. Miss Murphy
 34. Wm. Keir, gentleman
 32. Thomas Berkley, ship smith
 30. Joseph Henderson, in the Water Commissioners' office
 28. Simon Chapman
 26. James Roger, sea captain
 24. Charles Bell, cabinet maker
 22. George Montgomery, deputy harbour master
 20. D. Smith, ticket writer
 18. Miss Kirk
 16. Hugh Brown, cooper
 14. Hugh Liddy, accountant
 12. Samuel Jamison, clerk
 10. John Close, joiner
     Nelson Street ]
   8. William Harper, cooper
   6. Thomas Williamson, sea captain
   4. Robert Bakewell, carpenter
   2. Jas. Barrett, Custom-house officer

East Street
East side Verner Street

   1. John Connor, grocer
   3. Bernard Smith, clerk
   5. Wm. Finlay, plasterer
   7. Mary A. McMahon
   9. Jane Stewart, white worker
 11. Samuel Kerr, carpenter
 13. Grace Jamieson, quilter
 15. Richard Anderson, sawyer
 17. Vacant
 19. Alex. McBratney, weigh master
 21. Wm. Fenton, car driver
       seven small houses
       new house building
       John McAreavy's store
     [ Byrnes Lane
 10. Wm. Dougherty, lapper
   8. Neill Byrne, labourer
   6. Margaret Connelly
   4. Susan Brannan
   2. Bernard Kelly, labourer
       side of Fordyce and Co.'s new stores

Economy Place
off Henry Street

   1. John Magennis
   3. Samuel Lyle, porter
   5. Wm. Kidd, carpenter
   7. Wm. Thompson, stone cutter
   9. Bernard Curran, ship carpenter
 11. Wm. Croan, brush maker
 12. Henry Hamill, cooper
 10. Margaret Reid
   8. Wm. McGraw, servant
   6. James Shannon, spinning master
   4. Joseph Roberts, spinning master
   2. John Smith, blacksmith

Edward Street
from Robert Street to Great Patrick Street

   1. Hugh Dornan, musician
   3. John McMillan, saddler
   5. Thomas Hughes, carver
   7. James Thompson, cooper
   9. Thomas Montgomery, tailor
 11. David Smylie, grocer
 13. Hugh McGraw, flax dealer
 15. Patrick Reddington, servant
 17. Robert White, confectioner
 19. Francis Lyons, tailor
 21. Joseph Hanna, shoe maker
 23. John Conville, car driver
 25. James Donaldson, sail maker
 27. Francis Pinkerton, clerk
 29. James Black, provision shop
 31. John McKenna, butcher
     [ Green Street
 33. Samuel McConnell, grocer
 35. John Perry, carpenter
 37. Miss Anna Rea, milliner
 39. William Vance, carpenter
 41. Elizabeth Ferguson
 43. Robert Adams, butcher
 45. Patrick McCullough, carpenter
 47. Peter McKenney, butter merchant
 51. Wm. Rosbotham, grocer and spirit dealer
     [ Little Edward Street
 53. Thomas Downey, iron monger
 55. Henry McGlade, publican
 57. Charles Goudy, cabinet maker
 54. Samuel Todd, grocer
 52. Samuel Johnston, tailor
 50. James McMurtry, provision dealer
 48. John Morrow, shoe maker
     Little Edward Street ]
 46. Clement Bell, butter merchant; residence, 22 Great Patrick Street
 44. Vacant
 42. Vacant
 40. John McGonical, cooper
 38. James Devlin, porter
 36. C. and P. McGlade's residence
 34. Charles & Patrick McGlade, grocers and spirit dealer
     Green Street ]
 32. Michael Peak, publican
 30. Richard Rawe, shoe maker
 28. John Hamill, labourer
 26. Margaret Alexander, milliner
 24. James Thompson, letter carrier
 22. James Hill, carpenter
 20. Mrs. Bingham, lodgings
 18. Vacant
 16. Jane Scott, lodging house
 14. William Rogers, porter
 12. George Bruce, coal factor
 10. William Higgins, car driver
   8. Edward Hector, boot closer
   6. William Roy, carpenter
   4. Thomas Mullan, shoe maker
   2. John Campbell, publican

Edward Street Great
Victoria Street to May Street

 11. Samuel McRoberts, publican and stabling yard
11. Alexander Rea, hair cutter
 13. John Graham, boarding house
 15. James Frazer, stabling yard
 17. James Frazer, spirit store
    [ Johnston's Court
 19. Thomas Largy, butcher
19. Patrick Carrol, butcher
 21. John Scott, butcher
 23. Edward D. Gribben, surgeon
 25. Jane Anderson, Ballynahinch and Castlewellan coach office
     [ Gloucester Street
 27. Alice Thompson, haberdasher
 29. Robert Riley, boarding house
31, 31. Denis Smyth, horse repository and publican, also Ballynahinch coach office
 33. Benjamin Gordon, saddler
 35. James O'Neill, confectioner
 37. George Thompson, haberdasher
 39. Daniel Browne. grocer
 42. George Houston, boarding house
 40. Margaret Martin, dress maker
   "   Rose Reilly, stay maker
 38. Sarah J. Thompson, haberdasher
 36. James Warnock, tallow chandler
34, 34. William Bell, baker & grocer
 32. Thomas Harvey, grocer
 30. John Griffith, pawn broker
 28. John O'Neill, haberdasher
 26. Hugh Murnaghan, grocer, spirit dealer and engineer
     Lennon's Lane ]
 22. Margaret Gillespie, spirit dealer
 20. Andrew Stewart, butcher
 18. J. McCann, hair cutter
 16. James Brady, butcher
 14. William Cochran, tinsmith
 12. Hugh & Joseph Millen, wholesale and retail spirit stores
 10. Thomas Quigley, fruiterer
   8. Agnes Martin, boarding house
   6. Jane Chambers, boarding house
   4. William Shaw, boarding house
2. Mary Wilson, boarding house
   2. Francis McKeys, publican

Edward Street Little
East Side Edward Street

       two small houses
 20. Samuel Nicholl, pork cutter
 18. Jane Cowan, boarding house
 16. Hugh Houston, canvass weaver
 14. James McCracken, brick layer
 12. Wm. Dolway, tobacco spinner

Eglinton Street
Crumlin Road

       new houses building, Robert Henderson, owner
       Presbyterian Church (building) - Rev. James Martin, Minister

Eliza Court
Eliza Street

eleven small houses

Eliza Place
Eliza Street

 15. Simon O'Regan, engineer
 15. Samuel Moore, gentleman

Eliza Street
East Side Cromac Street

   1. Hugh Strain, dealer
   3. Wm. McConnell, labourer
   5. James McConnell, car driver
     [ Eliza Court
   7. Hugh Orr, sawyer
   9. Robert Tweedly, painter
 11. John Workman, boot maker
 13. Richard Robinson, agricultural implement and bobbin manufacturer
     [ Eliza Place
 19. Mrs. Ferguson
 21. Timothy Ivers, cabinet maker, Castle Street
 23. Rev. David Maginnis
 25. John McDonald, tobacconist, 4 North Street
 27. Matthew Mullan, brewer, Cromac brewery
 29. Richard Robinson, machine maker, 13 Eliza Street
       Thomas Firth, Eliza Street flax mill; residence, 1 Bond Street
       The Belfast Iron Works - Robert Pace, jun., and Thomas N. Gladstone, managers; Robert Pace's residence, 43 High Street
                                                     Left side
       Gilbert Robb, clerk
       Robert Stevenson, grain merchant, 5 Gloucester Street
       James Munce, builder
       Miss Cahoun
       Robert McCaig, salesman in J. & D. Lindsay's, Donegall Place
       James Maddox, tailor
       new house building
       four small houses
 24. Stewart Oliver, grocer and spirit dealer
 22. Daniel Dyer, labourer
 20. James McClarnon, carpenter
       Lindsay Brothers & Co., silk manufactory establishment
 18. James Entwisle, architect
       five new houses building
    Murphy Street ]
 16. John Johnston, gardener
 14. Elizabeth Girvan
 12. Agnes Watson, dress maker
 10. Charles Bell, broker
   8. George Johnston, sawyer
   6. Joseph Harrison, clerk
   4. David Orr, carpenter
   2. Thomas Freeman, carpenter

Ellen's Court
off Nile Street

six small houses

Elliott's Court
off Donegall Street

   6. Thomas Wallace, commission merchant; residence, 3 Ormeau Place
   7. Marshall Brown & Co., muslin manufacturers; Robert Huston, agent; residence, Sarah Street
   "   George McBride, muslin manufacturer; residence, May Street
   8. Daniel McKeown & Son, muslin manufacturers; residence, 13 Great George's Street
   9. Samuel Tierney, muslin manufacturer, agent for Messes. Chaine and Son, Muckamore, Antrim; residence, Ballymacarrett
 11. John Dougherty, painter
       The other numbers are either stores (nameless) or unoccupied

Erskine's Court
off Durham Street - South Side

eleven small houses



Fairy Place

   1. John Quin, foreman in Mercury office
   3. James Parker
   5. Wm. McClenaghan, mechanic

Falloon's Court
off Fleet Street

       John Murray, stone cutter
       James McGuigan, locksmith
       Edward Dawson, plasterer
       John Ewins, shipsmith
       Patrick Stewart, mariner
       Mallice Scullion, foundryman
       Charles Bradley, labourer
       Frederick Fike, labourer
       Samuel Wilson, labourer

Falls Court
Falls Road

       Joseph Waterhouse, mechanic in Combe's Falls foundry

Falls Court
off Durham Street

   1. Michael Finlay, labourer
   3. Hugh Daly, turner
   5. Vacant
   7. Thomas McCullough, day constable
   8. George Savage, cow keeper
   4. Mrs. Hamill
   2. James Mullin, labourer

Falls Road
from Townsend Street

     [ Bath Place
       James Boomer and Co.'s flax spinning mill; James Boomer's residence, Seafield; James Campbell's residence, 5 College Square North
     [ Boundary Street
     [ Hamilton's Place
     [ Ardmoulin Place
       James Alexander and Co., Ardmoulin flour mills; Tobias Porter, manager
     Maiden's Row ]
       Hull, Hart and Co., Flax spinning manufactory; office, 17 Victoria buildings, Waring Street
       A. W. Craig and Co., flax spinners and manufacturers; town office, 17 Rosemary Street
       Samuel Elsler, grocer and haberdasher
       John Charters and Co., Falls flax spinning manufactory, J. Charter's residence, Ardmoulin house
       J. Combe and Co., Falls foundry and machine shop; J. Combe's residence, 1 Ardmoulin Place
       Gordon and Co., flax and tow spinners
       Gunning and Campbell's flax and tow spinning manufactory; John Campbell's residence, 5 College Square North
       James Kennedy and Son, flax and tow spinners, Millvale
       McConnell and Kennedy, flax and tow spinners, Millvale
       John Robinson, mill manager
            Charters' Buildings
         Henry Boyd, overlooker Falls mill
         William Parker, ditto
         John Oysten, foreman Falls mill
         John Duncan, spirit dealer
         James McKibbin, grocer and publican
       Constabulary Station, Constable Baxter
       Clonard Print Works, Lewis Delawney, manager; proprietor, Robert Thompson, 1 Donegall Square West, & Holywood
       Howie's bleachfield
       Springfield works - Stevenson and Co.
       District Lunatic Asylum, Robt. Stewart, M.D., Physician and Manager
       George Milliken, publican
       James McKavanagh, publican
       John Wilson, publican
       Robert Milliken, grocer
       Richard Carson, publican
       Margaret Bush
       John Mallin
       Henry McCance, carding master
       Charles McQuillan, shoe maker
       John Stewart, flax dresser
       Robert McCrudden, school master; James Trimble, assistant; residence, Conway Street
       Mrs. White
       John McCune, engineer
       William Douglass, yarn bundler
       Maxwell Drennan, labourer
       George Ritchie, grocer and muslin warper
       Paul Higgins, blacksmith
       Edward Crossley, flax dresser
       David Robinson, carpenter
       Ann Canavan
       James Toole, flax dresser
       W. McQuillan, tailor
       Hamilton Quin, publican
       William Duffy, grocer and publican
       David Adams, land surveyor
       Thomas Somerset, mechanic
       S. Kirkwood, publican
       Patrick McKenna, publican
       James Trainor, publican
       Edward Savage, publican
       Patrick Maguire, shoe maker
       Robert Hanna, gardener and provision shop
       John Adair, grocer
       John Daniel, provision store
       Patrick Boyle, provision shop
       George Parker, publican
       John Burrows. miller
       William McQuillan, Falls Road Tavern
       William Gill, excise office
       James McCracken, scantling yard
                             [ Devis Street ] ( Divis )
 47. Ellen McCaverty, dress maker and milliner
 45. James Dougherty, machine master
 43. Archibald Magill, weaver
 41. James Ireland, labourer
 39. Edward Doran, stone mason
 37. Margaret O'Hagan, bonnet maker
 35. Susan Hagan, dress maker
 33. Edward Thomas, mill manager
     [ Townsend Street

Ferguson's Court
off Smithfield

       nine small houses
       James Barnett's spirit store

First Street
Between Falls Road and Shankhill Road ( Shankill )

five small houses

Fisherwick Place
College Square South

   1. Misses Whittle's boarding school
   3. Wm. Home, Captain, half pay, 86th Regt.
   5. Mrs. Ellen Graham
   7. Adam Duffin, of Duffin and Co.'s, flax spinners
   9. Rev. George Hutton
 11. Adam Hill, sub-treasurer for the Borough of Belfast, and notary public
       Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church - Rev. Dr. Morgan

Fitzwilliam Street
Old Malone Road

       Charles Bessel, gentleman
       Rev. Isaiah Steen
       Mrs. Duncan
       Jas. Elliott, muslin manufacturer, Donegall Square East

       James Benn, wine merchant
       William Benn, general commission merchant; 9 Donegall Place
       Mrs. Wardle
       Hugh Henry Boyd, land agent; office, Arthur Street

Fleet Street
East Side York Street

       new house building
       enclosed ground
     [ Little York Street
 11. Margaret Campbell, boarding house
 13. William Henry Allen, clerk
 15. William Robert Orr, clerk
 17. James Clarke, custom house officer
       enclosed ground
     [ Collingwood Street
       Aaron Vernon, boiler maker
       Robert Millen, bookkeeper
       John Creen, mate
       Janet McCready
       James Ingles, book publisher
       Wm. Menarry, mariner
   7. Alice Gillespie
   5. Thomas Clinton, boiler maker
     [ Falloon's Court
       Wm. Cooper, labourer
       Daniel Bonner, mariner
       John Ewins, labourer
       House vacant
       enclosed ground
       George Dunbar's yard and side of store
 28. Francis O'Neill, labourer
 30. Margaret Parker, washer woman
 32. Baptist Trimble, labourer
 34. Robert Gibson, labourer
       waste ground
       three new houses building
     Collingwood Street ]
       new house building
       waste ground
       side of David Fulton's (carpenters) workshops and sawpits
     Little York Street ]
 10. Samuel Wallace, clerk
   8. Wm. Charnock, dry salter, Corporation Square
   6. Wm. Todd, bookkeeper
   4. Wm. John Beatty, printer and engraver
   2. Mrs. Stirling

Forcades' Entry
North side of Berry Street

sixteen small houses

Fountain Lane
Donegall Place to Fountain Street

       side of Bernard Hughes' Railway Bakery
   4. Thomas Ford, shirt and shirt collar maker; residence, 11 College Street
   6. National Infant School; teacher, Miss Lambert
       John Praeger & Co., linen and yarn merchants; John Praeger, Austrian and Bremen Vice-Consul; residence, Donegall Square South
       two small houses
       side of James Moore's paper warerooms

Fountain Place
Old Dublin Road

 18. Vacant
 19. Robert McBride, muslin manufacturer; Commercial court
 20. Miss Dorrian
 21. Hugh Rea, of Messrs. Sinclair and Boyd's; office, Donegall Quay

Fountain Street
Castle Street to Wellington Place

   1. side of Saml. Kerns' Tavern, Castle Street
   3. Craig, Liddle and Crymble, piano forte manufacturers; residences; James Liddle's residence, 83 Academy Street; Matthew Crymble's residence, 9 Lancaster Street
   5. William P. Clarke, cabinet and upholstery warerooms
   7. Thomas Butler & Son, plumbers; 29 Castle Street
   9. Law & Co., gas fitters and brass founders; residence, No. 12
 11. Duprey's coach making establishment
 13. Alexander Hoy, whitesmith
         Donegall Arms Hotel stables
         Water Commissioners' yard
 15. National Male School; Hugh M. Kelly, teacher
15. John McEntire, general and commission merchant; residence, 10 Albion Place
 17. Surgeon Alexander Harkin
     [ College Street
 19. Rev. Charles Allen, Incumbent, St. Paul's Church
 21. Miss Simms
 23. Mrs. Billsland, glass and chine shop, 4 Donegall Place
 25. Francis Wilson, accountant
 27. William Clarke, plain and ornamental painter
 29. side entrance to Mr. Barnett's, dentist
          [ Wellington Place ]
 40. Thomas Bell, provision merchant; office and stores, Queen Street
 38. Wm. Maxwell, builder and undertaker, Queen Street
 36. Lyle and Kinahan, wine and spirit merchants; S. Lyle's residence, 2 Victoria Place; F. Kinahan residence, Knockbreda
 34. Joseph Magill, commission merchant and Mexican Vice-Consul; residence, Marino, Holywood
 32. Robert Yeates
 24. Hugh Wallace & Co., solicitors; Dublin address, 30 North Great George's Street and Downpatrick
 12. Mrs. A. Law
     [ Fountain Lane
 20. National Female School;  Mrs. Hayes, teacher
 18. Andrew Keatinge, carpenter
 16. Thomas Roche
 14. Mrs. Milne, milliner, Castle Place
 10. John Reid, car owner
   8. John Hill, pillbox manufacturer, 8 Castle Street
   6. Wm. McKeown, Fountain Street Tavern
   4. Patrick McEntee, teacher
   2. Francis O'Hayer, saddler, 1 Donegall Place Buildings

Old Malone Road

   1. Wm. Thompson, gentleman
   2. Vacant (scored out)
   3. Charles Thompson, gentleman

Fountainville Cottage

       Major McPherson

Fowl Market
St. George's Market

       John Brown, collector

Fox's Row
off Durham Street

       side of Foster Connor's linen factory
       twenty small houses

Francis Street
from Smithfield to Millfield

       John Fisher and Co., flax spinners; residence, Glengall Place
       Wm. Hicks, weaving factory; residence, 15 Church Street
       John and J. Herdman & Co.'s flax stores
 24. Malcolm Scott, preparing master
 22. Rachael Smith, dealer
 20. Alex. Stafford, skinner
 18. Edward Dougherty, labourer
 16. Mathew Johnston, shoe maker
 14. Ellen Potts
 12. Patrick Hughes, cutler
10, 8. Thos. Hodges, furniture broker
   6. Rose Dowd
   4. John McKibbin, tailor
   "   Samuel Kennedy, cabinet maker
   2. John Hamilton, plumber

Franklin Place
Linen Hall Street to Adelaide Place

       side door of the Misses Gillis' preparatory school
   1. Robert McCaw, wholesale grocer, Victoria Street
   2. William Shannon, grocer in Mathison Brothers, Donegall Place
   3. Robert T. McGeagh, woollen draper and haberdasher, Hercules Place
   4. James P. Corry, timber merchant; Corporation Square
   5. Samuel Hart, cotton yarn warehouse, 7 Commercial Court
   6. Andrew Downing, poultry shop, Corn Market
   7. Samuel Martin, of John Martin and Co., flax spinners and general merchants; 29 Ann Street
       side of Mrs. Craufurds' day school

Frederick Lane
off Frederick Street

       Robert Latham, cooper
       twenty small houses
       side of John Christie's starch and blue works

Frederick Place
off Frederick Street

   1. John Harper, clerk
   2. Wm. Woods, saddler
   3. Robert Shaw, hair dresser
   4. Moses Jamieson, constable
   5. Daniel Rooney, iron moulder

Frederick Street
York Street to North Queen Street

       John Hall, grocer and stone cutter
       Henry Hunter, clerk
       Andrew Redmond, printer
       Hugh Fulton, cabinet maker
       Samuel Shaw, boot and shoe maker
       Ann McGoughey, wash woman
       Industrial and National School; Miss Orr, teacher; Mrs. Talbot, matron
       General Hospital and Dispensary
       Dispensary Station
       Society of Friends' Meeting House
   1. Peter Doyle, labourer
      [ Frederick Lane
   3. John Christie, starch and blue works
   5. William J. Williamson, painter
   7. Arthur Adams, clerk
     [ Alexander Street
   9. Richard McGouran, spirit dealer
 11. James Donnelly, pensioner
 13. John Maguire, spirit dealer
 15. James Bond, grocer and spirit dealer
 17. William Monair, grocer and Scripture reader
 19. Chas. Pullen, gardener and steward
 21. R. D. Kirk, wine and spirit dealer
                   [ North Queen Street ]
       Thomas Biggan, pavier
 60. Mary Fitzsimmon, boarding house
 58. William McFall, porter
 56. Samuel Scott, labourer
 54. John McDowell, blacksmith
 52. James McCance, cooper
 50. Daniel McKeown, custom house officer
 48. John Conn, book binder
 46. Hugh McCullough, blacksmith
 44. Isaac Nolan, dealer
 42. Jane Delany
     Frederick Place ]
       three small houses
       Hugh Reavy, ship carpenter
       three small houses
       Thatched House Tavern - John McConnell, proprietor
 24. James McBride, labourer
 22. George Smyth, pork cutter
 20. Andrew Mearn's stables
 18. Molyneux and Ferguson's starch works
       Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
 16. Rev. William Lupton
 14. Rev. Benjamin Bayley
     Sarah Street ]
 12. Alexander Bell, gentleman
 10. James Wilson, watch maker, jeweller, silversmith & optician; 7 High Street
   8. Andrew Mearns, paper stainer; 22 Donegall Street
     Washington Street ]
   6. Alexander Galt, grocer and spirit dealer
       Robert Clements, boarding house
     George's Court ]
   4. James McCaldin, hat and cap manufacturer; 18 Waring Street
   2. John Murphy, stone cutter, 12 York Street
       side of Giacomo Nannetti's emporium of fine arts

Friendly Street
off Welsh Street

   1. Jane Johnston, dress maker
   3. John Magill, baker
   5. James Carr, chandler
   7. Hugh Patterson, porter
   9. Edward Fitzpatrick, dealer
 11. John Smith, stone cutter
 13. James McKnight, gardener
 15. William Stewart, tailor
 17. William Gilly, mariner
 19. James McGrath, labourer
 21. Hugh McShane, labourer
 23. James McAteer, tailor
 25. James Davison, constable
 27. David Melville, labourer
 29. Hugh Burns, sawyer
 31. William McCullough, lithographic printer
 33. Joseph Martin, marble polisher
 35. Thomas Erskine, millwright
 37. James Price, pensioner
 39. Wm. Dunn, horse trainer
 41. William Tonchal, boiler maker
       Francis Burden, soda ash manufacturer; residence, 16 Alfred Street; Wm. R. Pye, manager; residence, 70 High Street
 36. Vacant
34. Hanes Anderson, sawyer
 32. Patrick Loughran, brass founder
30. Michael McKenna, brass founder
28. James Rice, shoe maker
26. Samuel Dorman, weaver
 30. Patrick Denvir, carpenter
 32. John Miller, carpenter
 30. James Lewis, printer
 28. William Fleming, turner
 26. Charles Horner, blacksmith
 24. James Gooden, labourer
 20. James Beatty, butler *
 18. James Barr, dealer *
 18. George Caldwell, printer cutter * (22 missing may be a typo?)
 16. Patrick Shanley, printer
 14. Patrick McCullough, lighterman
 12. James Adams, porter
 10. Alexander Campbell, porter
   8. John Rainey, chandler
   6. Thomas Sinclair, shoe maker
   4. James Conn, clerk
   2. William Gorman, porter
   "   Mary Smyth, grocer

Fulton's Entry
off Hercules Street

a lot of old houses roofless and not tenanted



Gable Street
Boundary Street to Greenland

   1. James Murphy, pensioner
   2. Vacant
   3. Adams Ellwood, labourer

Galway Court

       five small houses
 11. Mary McVeigh, widow
 13. Margaret Woods, widow
 15. James Savage, brick layer
 17. Patrick McGrady, hostler
 19. John Downey, pensioner

Galway Street
off Durham Street

   1. Andrew Steen, tanner
   3. Wm. Mathews, pensioner
   5. Patrick Berry, pensioner
   7. Richard Gordon, carpenter
   9. Robert Donnelly, servant

Gamble Street
Corporation Street to Donegall Quay

   1. John McTear, grocer and spirit dealer
   3. Margaret Marriot McDowell, boarding house
   5. David Monaghan, hair dresser
   7. Daniel Murphy, grain merchant
   "   Daniel Murphy, grocer and spirit dealer
   9. Wm. Vint, provision merchant; 4 Dock Street
 11. Mary Gilles, spirit dealer
 13. Samuel Carmichael, grocer and boarding house
 15. Michael Hall, boarding house
 17. Elizabeth Stafford. grocer
 19. Arthur Young, Caledonian Hotel
  ..... [ Here Tomb Street intersects ] .....
 21. Edward Coey, provision merchant; residence, Merville
 23. (Stores) Sinclair & Boyd; 45 Donegall Quay
 25. Vacant
 27. Charles Duffin's flax store (rere entrance)
   "   William Hughes, corn store; office, 13 North Street
 29. John Blakley, Crown and Anchor Hotel
 34. George C. Pim & Co.'s stores
 32. Jane Keys, boarding house
 30. Thos. Clay, hotel keeper, Crown Inn
     [ Steam Mill Lane
28, 26. James McMoreland, spirit dealer
 24. Robert Brown, spirit dealer
 22. Catherine McAlister, commercial lodging house
 20. John McSalley, spirit dealer
 18. John McAlister, grocer and spirit dealer
  ..... [ Here Tomb Street intersects ] .....
16, 14. John Feeney, spirit dealer
 12. Patrick Cunningham, seaman
 10. Hugh Bailie, ship carpenter
   8. Wm. Thomas, butcher
   6. James McLarnon, hair dresser
   4. Patrick Fowler, yard and stabling
   4. Samuel S. Rankin, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant; residence, Ballymacarrett
2. John Small, writing clerk
   2. James McKee, sewed muslin manufacturer; residence, 13 Dock Street

Garden Place
Cromac Road

   1. Mrs. Margaret McManus, boarding house
   "   Wm. McRoberts, Scripture reader
   "   John McCallion, Scripture reader
   2. Vacant
   3. Henry Magee, proctor

Gardiner Street
Peter's Hill to Brown Street

 18. James Moorehead, grocer
 39. Patrick McQuillan, pawn broker
 41. Patrick McIlroy, grocer and publican
 43. Hugh Murphy, grocer
 49. J. Duff, grocer and publican
       several small houses

Garmoyle Street
North End Corporation Street

       Robinson Welsh, butcher
       Sarah Porter, green grocer
       Fanny Bonner, clothier
     Pilot Street ]
       Thomas Louden, ship bread baker
       John Woods, tailor and grocer
       George Strings, tailor
       Robert Stevenson, engineer
       Charles Butler, sea captain
       Robert McCready, stone cutter
       Enclosed ground
       Steam Saw Mills - John Low, proprietor; residence, 71 Ship Street
 22. Thomas Vernon, foreman boiler maker
     Ship Street ]
       yard and office vacant
 18. Thomas Wells, boiler maker
 16. Wm. Pascoe, sea captain
 14. William Coates, clerk
       George Dunbar's stores
     Fleet Street ]
       Enclosed ground
     Dock Street ]
 10. James Bradford, block and pump maker
   8. Robt. Carmichael, grocer and spirit dealer
       two new houses building
     North Thomas Street ]
   4. Adam Nelson, spirit dealer
   2. Thomas Irvine, green grocer
       Enclosed ground

George's Court
Frederick Street to York Lane

eighteen small houses

George's Lane
from Montgomery Street to William Street South

   1. John Dillon, publican
       side of Messrs. Waugh and Smyth's coach factory
   5. John Cockburn, superintendent of fire engines
   7. John Blades, coach maker
   9. William Mulrine, blacksmith
 11. Patrick Reilly, clerk, Plough Hotel
 13. Mrs. McCullough, piano forte manufacturer
 15. J. Brown, horse shoer and farrier
 17. Thomas McGrath's caravansary
       side of Mr. Bathurst's coach factory
 12. Mary Brown, grocer and publican
 10. J. Allen, tailor
   8. John Campbell, whitesmith
   6. Mr. Blackwood's stores and slaughter yard
   4. entrance to Mr. Low's spirit store
   2. James Crawford, grocer

George Street Little
West side York Street

   1. James Charley, ship carpenter
   3. John Hunter, grocer and publican
     [ Molyneaux Street
   5. Eliza Wilson, grocer
   7. Michael McMorran, labourer
   9. Margaret Brady
 11. Edward Gillis, ship carpenter
     [ Southwell Street
 13. Robert Harper, grocer
 15. Ann Rooney
 17. Mary Gregory
 19. James McFerran, labourer
 21. John Gunning, grocer and publican
23 to 31. five small houses
 33. Joseph Henesey, grocer
     [ Economy Place
35 to 47. six small houses
 49. James Donnelly, publican
34 to 10. thirteen small houses
     Union Place ]
       three small houses
     Michael Street ]
   6. John Marr, publican
   4. Wm. Savage, seaman
   2. Eliza and Jane Wyley, boarding house

George's Street Great
Corporation Square to North Queen Street

   1. Jane Arnold, haberdasher and seaman's outfitter; Post Office Receiving House
   3. William Lewis, merchant of the firm of F. and W. Lewis
   "   F. and W. Lewis, timber and slate merchants; F. Lewis' residence, Nettlefield, Ballymacarrett
   5. John Low, timber and slate merchant; residence, 1 Ship Street
   5. Daniel Bell, timber merchant
  ..... [ Here Nelson Street intersects ] .....
       Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas Toye, minister
   7. The Manse - Rev. Thomas Toye
7. John Strachan, carpenter and builder
   9. Thos. Devlin, druggist and grocer; place of business, North Street
 11. Rev. William O'Hanlon, Independent minister
  ..... [ Here Little York Street intersects ] .....
 13. Rev. Thomas Mills, Methodist minister, new connexion
  ..... [ Here York Street  intersects ] .....
       Cooke & Porter, muslin gas singers; James Cooke's residence, 19 Collingwood Street
     [ Michael Street
 13. D. McKeown, manufacturer
 15. William Vance, merchant; office, Donegall Street
     [ Union Place
 17. John Craig, hardware merchant, Bridge Street
          [ North Queen Street ]
 82. James Ford, labourer
 80. James Daley, pensioner
 78. Ann Montgomery, lodgings
 76. Alexander Skinner, painter
 74. Jane Johnston, lodgings
 72. Mrs. Dickson, lodgings
 70. James Welsh
     Alexander Street ]
 68. James O'Neill, publican
 66. Robert Miller, labourer
 64. William Greer, labourer
     Magee's Lane ]
64. George Nelson, publican
 62. Vacant
 60. James Davidson, miller
 58. Miss Milford
 56. Mrs. Grott
     Thomas Street ]
 54. Malcom McCracken, boot maker, Bridge Street
 52. Mrs. Martin
 50. Mrs. Cooper
 48. Samuel Thompson, lodgings
     Portland Street ]
 46. Robert McMullan, linen yarn merchant, Rosemary Street
 44. Mrs. Connell
  .....[ Here York Street intersects ].....
 42. Henry McMonagle, painter and glazier
 38. William Johnston, spirit dealer
 36. Vacant
34. John Wilson
 34. Michael Smith, spirit dealer
  .....[ Little York Street intersects ].....
 36. William McClintock, grocer and provision dealer
32. Pierce Hayden, spirit dealer
   "   Samuel Crawford, builder
 32. Thomas Byrne, builder
 30. James Roden, marble store
28. Geo. Pinkerton, passenger agent
28. Alexander Kerns, boot and shoe maker
 28. Hugh Shaw, stabling yard
 28. Hugh Shaw, spirit dealer
  .....[ Here Nelson Street intersects ].....
 24. Robert Lyons, commission agent
 22. Hugh Andrews, water inspector
20. John Scott, ship owner
20. Samuel Taylor, spindle, flyer, and screw bolt maker
 20. John Hill, spirit dealer
     Caroline Street ]
 18. Shaw and Dickson, provision merchants; residence, 21 Ship Street
 16. James & William Pearce, Phoenix foundry; residence, Pebble Cottage
 14. Hugh McNeill, commission merchant
 12. John Lowry, builder
 10. Charles Connell
8. Wm. & J. Campbell, provision merchants; residence, 8 Donegall Square West
   8. William Gelston, tobacconist
   6. Hugh Wardlow, merchant
   4. James Boyle, spirit dealer
   2. Miss Margaret McCormick
2. Wm. Hopkins, writing clerk

Gibb's Court
Alexander Street, off Frederick Street

eleven small houses

Glasshouse Street
Boyd Street to Gardiner Street

twenty-seven small houses

Glenfield Place
Ormeau Road

   1. John Arnold, woollen draper, High Street
   2. Joseph Bain, rectifying distiller; office, Seymour Street
   3. William Douglass, iron and coal agent; office, 20 Waring Street
   4. Vacant
   5. Mrs. Vaughan
   6. Mrs. Caroline Irwin
   "   James Irwin, wine merchant
   7. Andrew Lyle, distiller & brewer; of the firm of A. Mackenzie, Shaw & Co.
   8. Archibald Campbell Colvil, merchant; office, 74 Waring Street

Glengall Place
West side Great Victoria Street

   1. Mrs. Mary Murphy
   2. John Fisher, of Campbell & Fisher flax spinners, Smithfield
   3. Mrs. Smith
   "   Geo. K. Smith, solicitor; office, 3 The Castle
   4. Captain John Boyd, flax spinner, Blackstaff mill

Glengall Street
Great Victoria Street to Durham Street

   3. Robert Orr's residence
   "   Robert Orr, linen manufacturer, (office)
       enclosed ground
   5. John Scott, woollen draper
   7. George Woodhouse, clerk in Northern Bank
   9. Andrew Mayne, in Wm. Dobbin's, North Street
 11. Thomas Ridgeway, minister
       Constantine S. Cullen, solicitor, in Mr. Wallace's (solicitor) office, Victoria Street
       side of James Pelan's grocery and spirit store
       James Pelan's residence

Glentilt Place
Old Lodge Road

   1. William Wilson, warehouseman
   2. James Downey, foreman hackler
   3. Thomas McNair, writing clerk
   4. Joseph Bigger, jun., provision merchant; store, Little Donegall Street
   5. David Gregg, traveller for Messrs. Lindsay Brothers
   6. John Cochrane, sewed muslin manufacturer; warehouse, Bank Lane

   1. Mary Campbell, milliner
   2. William Cunningham, stone mason
   3. James Cameron, brick layer
   4. John McAtamney, stone cutter
   5. William Courtenay, stone cutter
   6. William Curry, stone cutter
   7. Vacant

Gloucester Street
Great Edward Street to Montgomery Street

   1. James Anderson, grain merchant
  .....[ Here Seymour Street intersects ].....
   3. John Brown, sen., builder
   5. Thomas Hume, grain and general commission merchant; residence, Ballynafeigh
   7. John Ritchie, salesman
   9. James Anderson, grain merchant; store, 1 Gloucester Street
 11. Hugh White, spirit merchant; Winecellar Entry
 13. James Ledlie, gentleman
 15. Mathew McMullan, chandler and soap boiler; Corn Market
 17. Stewart McCleave, writing clerk
 19. John Wilson, gentleman
 21. Isabella McFadden, leather dealer; shop, 74 Ann Street
 23. Mary Brown, boarding and day school
 25. Modesto Silo, carver and gilder; shop, Arthur Square
 46. Robert Frew, writing clerk
 44. Richard Thompson, writing clerk
 42. William McKenna, veterinary surgeon; offices, 2 May Street
 40. William Granz, professor of music
 38. John Neill, salesman
 36. J. P. Branker, salesman
 34. Joseph McKee, grocer; shop, 69 High Street
 32. John Worthington, accountant
 30. Northern Coach Factory; William Miller, proprietor
 28. Ellen Moreland
 26. Samuel Rea, surgeon
 24. Hugh Hamilton, grocer; shop, Ann Street
 22. John Robson, posting master; office and stables, 31 Chichester Street and Montgomery Street
 20. John Brown, jun., timber merchant
 18. Margaret Galway
 16. Hamilton Cherry, gentleman
 14. Frances McKibbin, boarding house
 12. Thomas McCamphill, Belfast Bank
 10. William McCoubrey, carpenter
   8. Stewart McWilliams, detective officer
   6. Eliza Gamble, school mistress
   4. Denis Smith, jun., horse dealer, New Market Horse Repository; Denis Smith, proprietor
   2. James Barry, entertainment and lodging

Gordon Street
Hill Street to Corporation Street

   1. Samuel Cochrane, spirit dealer
3, 5. Vacant
   7. George Shannon
   9. Bruce Gelston, seaman
 11. William Kane, butter buyer
 13. William McGuickan, smith
 15. John McMillan, tailor
 19. William Ewart's flax store
 21. Back entrance to Mr. George Ashs' stores
     [ Cotton Court
 27. James McMullen, stone cutter
 29. John Beattie, emigration agent
       New Corn Exchange - side entrance
 36. John Beattie, spirit dealer
34. James Nicholl, soda water, ginger beer and lemonade manufacturer; residence, 21 Albert Square
 34. Joseph Brownlee, porter
 32. Daniel Montgomery, seaman
 30. George Kane, cooper
 28. James Allen, coach smith
 26. Henry Martin, porter
 24. Francis Bailie, groom
 22. Mrs. Jane Bruce, dress and bonnet maker
 20. Robert Scott, cooper
 18. William Cleland, cooper
 16. William Davison, marine store
 14. John Mullen, labourer
 12. Wm. Gibson, boot and shoe maker
 10. Thos. Gibeon, boot and shoe maker (Gibson)
8. William Oswald
   8. Thomas Friel, tobacco spinner and dealer
   6. Richard Ferguson, turner
   4. Jane Milliken, lodging house
   2. John Johnston, nailer

Grace Street
Hamilton Street to Henrietta Street

       side of Catherine Dunlop's spirit shop
   3. Luke Farrell, carpenter
   5. Robert Thistle, coach maker
   7. Ann Kerney
   9. Timothy Murphy, blacksmith
   "   James Smyth, coach painter
 11. Patrick McCann, car driver
 13. John Brown, carpenter
 15. Thomas Agnew, carpenter
 17. James Nicholl, pork cutter
 19. Thomas Gilliland, grocer and spirit dealer
 26. Wm. Gregg, gilder
   4. John Shields (24)
 22. John George, boot and shoe maker
  .....[ Russell Street ].....
 20. Joshua Campbell, watchman
 18. John Donaldson, butler
 16. Patrick Devlin, butler
 14. George Park, brass founder
 12. James Milbey, stone cutter
 10. James McKechnie, compositor
   8. John Heron, mariner
   6. Ellen Hanna, nurse tender
   4. Daniel McCann, flax merchant
   2. John Miller, painter

Graham's Entry
from High Street to Rosemary Street

   1. Andrew McCallum, porter
   3. back entrance to James Call's shellfish tavern
   5. George Johnston, labourer
   7. Andy Downey, labourer
   9. Samuel Bogan, labourer
 11. Daniel Kain
 13. Wm. Bain
 15. Patrick Quinn, butler
 17. Patrick Mulholland, cooper
 19. Dennis Sullivan, porter
 21. Wm. McGaghey, brick layer
       side of James Marshall's delph warerooms
 12. Hugh Graham & Co., hat manufactory
       Andrew Clendinning, draper; 10 Rosemary Street
   8. Nicholas Cavanagh, dealer
6, 4, 2. Mary Ann Brady, hotel and tavern

Grattan Court
off Grattan Street

   1. Denis Kane
   3. Phillip Ross, sailor
   5. James Storey, labourer
   7. Charles Crawford, cooper
   9. Margaret Dickson
 11. William Cannon, cooper
 13. Patrick Mullan, tailor
 15. William Bell, porter
 18. John brown, labourer
 16. Edward Ingram, labourer
 14. George Clarke, labourer
 12. William Steed, painter
 10. John McKay, carpenter
   8. John Connor
   6. Alexander McKenna, cooper
   4. Arthur Moore
   2. vacant

Grattan Place
between 45 and 47 Grattan Street

   1. Margaret Preston
   3. Jane Smith
   5. Robert Busley, carpenter
   7. John Mateer, clerk
   9. Thomas McKenna, porter
 11. John Hood, shoe maker
 14. Thomas Legget, musician
 12. James Munce, butcher
 10. Wm. Boylan, mason
   8. Sarah Loughry
   6. Wm. Hawthorn, labourer
   4. John Donagan, labourer
   2. John Lyons, labourer

Grattan Street
Gordon Street to Green Street

       the houses in this street from No. 1 to 37 have been pulled down
       two new houses not numbered
     [ Poplar Court
 39. Henry Jordan, labourer
 41. Jane Haughey, boarding house
 43. John Jennings, carpenter
 45. John Greer, cooper
     [ Grattan Place
 47. Jane McCarroll, boarding house
 49. Vacant
 51. Richard Galloway, cooper
 53. Thomas Ingram, brick layer
 55. Robert McQuillan, writing clerk
     [ Grattan Court
57. Mary Mitchell
 59. Bernard Smith, cart owner, lodging house
 61. Hugh Kernaghan, grocer and spirit dealer
     [ Talbot Court
 63. William Dickson, labourer
 65. Rose Ann Mooney, lodgings
 67. John Phillips, labourer
 69. Joseph Smith, school master
 71. Michael McGreevy, stone sawyer
 73. James Blakely, seaman
 75. Mary Livingston, huckster
   "   James McKensey, painter
 64. Peter Kearney, wine and spirit dealer
     [ Brady's Row
 62. Elizabeth Mulholland, grocer and spirit dealer
 60. John Agnew, provision dealer
 58. Edward McGuigan, labourer
 56. James McCoubrey, seaman
 54. Samuel Baird, labourer
 52. James Mones, grocer and spirit dealer
     Talbot Street ]
48, 50. Robert Loughry, spirit dealer
 46. Jas. Kennedy, boot and shoe maker
 44. Thomas Dyer, nailer
   "   Matthew Lambert, nailer
 42. John Johnston, tailor
 40. Elizabeth Collins, green grocer
 38. Hugh McClean, marine store
 36. John Smith, sawyer
 34. Daniel Allen, grocer
 32. Mary Boyle, grocer
   "   John McAnally, canvass weaver
 30. J. McConkey, labourer
 28. Owen McMahon, grocer and plasterer
     [ Morrow's Entry
 26. Robert Mitchell, flax and tow dealer
   "   John Kelly, canvas weaver
 24. Hugh Hamill, sail maker
   "   Charles Graham, tobacco spinner
 22. Agnes McAnally, bandbox maker
 20. Daniel Connor, sawyer
18, 16. James Connor, builder
 14. Margaret Fulton, lodging house
 12. Daniel Lamp, grocer and lodgings
 10. William McGawley, porter
   8. Alexander Leitch, shoe maker
   6. Vacant
   4. James Neill, lodging house
   2. John Beattie, spirit dealer and emigration agent

Greenland Street
Shankhill Road to Cargill Street ( Shankill)

   1. Jeremiah Thompson, fireman
   3. Nathaniel Beggs, sawyer
   5. James Thompson, labourer
   7. James Whiteside, plasterer
   9. William Hill, porter
 11. John Ewing, grocer and spirit dealer
 13. David Shields, flax dresser
 15. Sarah Livingston
 17. John Thompson, carman
 19. William Hinchy, smith
 21. John Coleman, smith
 23. Daniel O'Neill, block maker
 25. Sarah Campbell, shoe binder
 27. Richard Boyd, smith
 29. John Keaton, shoe maker
 31. Charles Smith, labourer
 33. James Stewart, watchman
 35. John Smyth, labourer
 37. Michael McClarnon, porter
 26. Patrick Donaghy, baker
 24. Owen O'Neill, publican
 22. Margaret Addis, widow
 20. John Douglas, engine driver
 18. Jeremiah McGee, brick layer
 16. Bernard McConnell, plasterer
 14. John Douglas, engineer
 12. Thomas Johnston, book binder
 10. John Gorman, porter
   8. William McMeekan, porter
   6. William Fitchie, labourer
   4. Matthew Montgomery, spinning master
   2. John Cullen, mechanic

Green Street
Corporation Street to Academy Street

       the south side of the Butter market occupies the space on which were formerly houses up to No. 21
 21. Charles McClean, pilot
 23. Neal McLoughlan, mariner
 25. Edward Murray and John McGonigell's cooperage
25. Courtland Cummings, carpenter
 27. James McCartan, general jobbing smith
 27. James McCartan's residence
 29. Robert Brady, pensioner
 31. Charles Kelly, labourer
     Green Court or Cooper's Entry ]
 33. Francis Rooney, mariner
 35. Patrick Smith, salesman
 37. Wm. McCreevy, stone sawyer
 39. James McBlain, mariner
 41. Edward Kerr, pensioner
 43. Henry Magill, labourer
 45. Michael McMaster, labourer
 47. Thomas Craig, labourer
 49. Andrew Roy, mariner
 51. Patrick Gales, porter
 53. Samuel Johnston, moulder
 55. Charles McCaffrey, sawyer
 57. James Smith, pawn broker
 59. Owen Murray, grocer
     Lynas' Lane ]
 61. Henry Murray, grocer
 63. John McLaughlin, porter
 65. James Milliken, hatter
 67. Matthew Metcalf, dealer
     William's Lane ]
 69. Daniel Dugan, sail maker
 71. Joseph Rea, baker
 73. David West, boot and shoe maker
 75. Samuel McNeilly, smith
 77. Samuel McConnell, grocer and 33 Edward Street
  .....[ Edward Street ].....
 79. Chas. and Patrick McGlade, grocers and spirit dealers, and 34 Edward St.
  .....[ Caxton Street ].....
 81. Peter McDonald, grocer and spirit dealer
 83. John Gibson, boot and shoe maker
 85. Andrew Dugan, boot closer
     [ Academy Street ]
 76. Mathew Cowden, cooper
 74. William Maxwell, slater
 72. John Brown, grocer and cooper
 70. Sarah Marks, dealer
 68. John Carland, pensioner
 66. James Reany, grocer
 64. John Kane, chart reviser
 62. William McCluney, labourer
 60. James Campbell, dealer
 58. Margaret Lynn
 56. Wm. McDermott, tobacco spinner
 54. Daniel Gilmore, grocer
     [ Grattan Street and Henry Square
 52. William McCartney, pilot
 50. John Yeates, mariner
 48. Thomas Logan, harbour constable
 46. Hugh Hamilton, canvas weaver
 44. Bernard Hardy, weaver
 42. John Canning's cooperage
 40. John Canning's residence
 38. Wm. Colburn, grocer and dairyman
   "   Wm. Colburn's stores
 36. James Devlin, carman
 34. Charles Jones, ticket writer and label maker
 32. John Mackwood's residence and cooperage
 30. Archer Fitzsimmons, labourer
 28. Duncan Murphy, mariner
 26. James O'Neill, lumper
 24. Jas. Kirkwood, lithographic printer
       building ground

Green's Court or Cooper's Entry
north side of Green Street

   1. Robert Donnelly, labourer
   3. Vacant
   5. Steel Laverty, porter
   8. John Dixon, carman
   6. Patrick Higgins, pensioner
   4. John Kearons, labourer
   2. Margaret Connor, china mender

Gregg's Lane
West Street to Samuel Street

eleven small houses

Grove Street
North Queen Street to York Street

       John Flannigan, millwright
       Archibald McIntyre, engineer
       John Holings, preparing master
       James Johnston, wood turner
   1. William Clements, labourer
   3. William Graham, blacksmith
   5. James Livingstone, machine master
   7. Charles Rafferty, labourer
   9. William Somerset, millwright
 11. John McCann, baker
 13. Stanley Stewart, moulder
 15. Samuel Rushton, moulder
 17. Peter Rankin, confectioner
 19. John Irvine, mechanic
 21. Hugh Ewing, mechanic
 23. John Sloan, blacksmith
 25. William Alexander, mechanic
 27. Solomon Bailey, engineer
 29. William Nelson, blacksmith
 31. Joseph Adamson, dealer
 33. Felix McCluskey, brass turner
 35. James Hamilton, carpenter
 37. Thomas Rusham, metal plainer
 39. Simon Steele, stone mason
 41. James Marshall, turner
 43. William Renwick, labourer
 45. William Emerson, mechanic
 47. Charles McFall, blacksmith
 49. Alexander Carr, labourer
 51. James Rennick, porter
 53. Wm. Neilly, spinning master
 55. John Hook, brass moulder
 57. David McTurk, iron turner
 59. John Lamont, gardener
 61. Mary Ferguson
 63. Henry Mills, pattern maker
 65. Wm. Galt, ship joiner
 67. Thomas Ferris, spinning master
 69. Torrens Robinson, moulder
 71. James McCollough, carpenter



Hagan's Court
14 Grattan Street

1. Daniel Lamp, labourer

Hamill Court
off Hamill Street

six small houses

Hamill Street
off Barrack Street

   1. William Woods, grocer
 16. John Elliott, grocer
 32. Hugh Dougherty, grocer
       forty-eight small houses

Hamilton's Court
57 High Street

       Henry Jas. Devlin's bottling house
       Rose Canty
       John Porter's rent office; residence, Cromac Lodge
       James Loughran, printer
       John Riddel & Son, successors to Edw. Porter & Co., iron, steel, tinplate, and cast iron merchants.
       Musgrave Brothers' workshops
       Mr. Lee's hall door

Hamilton Place
off Stephen Street

eight small houses

Hamilton's Place
off Boundary Street, Falls Road

   1. James Moore, mechanic
   3. Archibald Dickson, blacksmith
   5. Joseph Crilly, flax dresser
   7. Peter Gartland, fireman
   9. Rose Jennings, dealer
 11. Michael McAleer, engine driver
 13. Margaret Robinson, reeler
 15. Wm. Taylor, servant
 17. Robert Simpson, saw sharper
 19. Samuel Hayes, machine maker
 21. John Killey, clerk
 23 James Coyne, pensioner
 25. Widow Smyth
 27. John Hamilton, labourer
 20. Wm. Clarke, lithographic printer
 18. Wm. Smith, plasterer
 16. Martha McCreedy, washer woman and mangler
 14. Robert Arbuthnot, labourer
 12. John Branigan, owner of coal carts
 10. Mary Armstrong, widow
   8. James Young, carpenter
   6. Hugh McMullan, pensioner
   4. Elizabeth Rafferty
   2. Wm. John Crawford, linen lapper

Hamilton Street
Cromac Street to Joy Street

       John Fullerton, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Cromac Street
   1. John Murphy, merchant, residence
   3. John Murphy, timber and slate merchant, stores and office
   5. John Freeman, rope maker, 14 Pottinger's Entry
   7. Hay Grieve, watch maker in Mr. Gilbert's, High Street
   9. Thomas Morrison, printer
 11. John Russell, clerk
 13. Miss Sophia Quaile
 15. Miss Elizabeth Benson, dress maker
 17. Mr. Frazer
 19. Miss Letitia McArthur
 21. George Kennedy, cloth cutter
 23. Mrs. Johnston and Muss McClune, boarding and day school
 25. Mrs. Sinclair, boarding house
     [ Catherine Street North
 27. Hugh Hanna, surveyor
 29. James Craig, gentleman
 31. James Wilson, wholesale and retail spirit merchant, 27 Church Lane
 33. Robert Wilson, linen merchant, Linen hall
 35. James M. Conville, clerk
 37. Henry Kingsmill, clerk in Charley and Malcolm's, Donegall Quay
 34. Mrs. Coleman, boarding house
 32. Mary Clarke
 30. Richard Creeth, commission merchant, Waring Street
 28. Misses Elizabeth and May Stitt, day school
 26. James Anderson, portrait painter
 24. Mrs. Charles Stewart
     Catherine Street North ]
 22. David Porter, Borough accountant
 20. James Sempill, boarding house
 18. Mrs. Margt. Edgar, boarding house
 16. John McDowell, wholesale grocer, Victoria Street
 14. James Agnew, timber merchant, Chichester Street
 12. Mrs. Porter, boarding house
 10. Thomas Armour, cashier at John McKenzie and Co.'s, Barrack Street
   8. John McKenzie, clerk in Northern Bank
8. John Adams, jeweller, in Mr. Gilbert's, High Street
6. Catherine Dunlop, spirit dealer
     Grace Street ]
   6. Borrowes Lucas, perfumer
   4. Miss Susanna McCormack
   2. Mrs. Moore

Hammond's Court
Corn Market

       Thomas Kane, fruiterer
   1. William Annesley, green grocer and fruiterer
   3. William Andrews, victualler
   5. Edward Colgan, butcher
   7. Bernard Meenan, spirit dealer
 10. Hugh Dickson and Robt. McGredy, fruiterers
   8. William Annesley, fruiterer
   6. Robert Walls, cheese monger
   4. Richard Thompson, spirit dealer
   2. Thomas Kane, fruiterer
       back entrance to Mr. Downing's spirit store
       side entrance to John Colgan's, butcher

Hanna's Court

       Francis Hanna, spirit dealer
       twelve small houses

Hanna's Lane
Peter's Hill

twenty small houses

Harmony Place
Old Dublin Road

   4. Matthew Kennedy, spirit dealer
   5. Margaret Kane, in factory
   "   Robert Higgins, in factory
   6. Samuel Fleming, shoe maker
   7. Elizabeth Smith
   8. Rachael Houston
   9. Rebecca McNeilly, dress maker
 10. Miss Hopkirk, school mistress
 11. John Stewart, carpenter
 12. John  Booth, gentleman
 13. Nathaniel Wood, draper
 14. Alexander Hill, gentleman
 15. James Frith, engineer
 16. Miss Robinson, dress maker
       Robert Hamill
       Margaret Crawford
       John McLean, weaver

Harper's Court
off Curtis Street

eight small houses

Henrietta's Court
off Boundary Street

nine small houses

Henrietta Street
from Cromac Street to Joy Street

       John Jones, grocer and spirit dealer, 47 Cromac Street
   1. Catherine Robinson
   "   Catherine Brown, dress maker
   3. David Gilmour, designer
   5. Eliza McClune
     [ Grace Street
   7. Moses Brown, dealer
   9. Ann Johnston, bonnet maker
 11. George Wright, chandler
 13. James Luckie, tailor
     [ Catherine Street North
 15. Mary Davidson
 17. Francis McKay, carpenter
 19. William Dempster, carpenter
 21. John Gribben, tailor
 23. Bridget McGarry, dealer
 25. John Smyth, car driver
     [ Joy Street ]
 30. Anna Kirker, dress maker
   "   Sarah Magrath, nurse tender
 28. James Smyth, linen lapper
 26. Mary Martin, dress maker
 24. James Sullivan, clerk
 22. Thomas Legg, tailor
 20. William Reynolds, carpenter
 18. William Irvine, porter
 16. George Woods, foreman of a grain store
 14. John Welsh, tailor
 12. George Campbell,  butcher
 10. David Kennedy, grocer and spirit dealer
     Catherine Street ]
   8. Samuel Taggart, grocer and spirit dealer
   6. Thomas Burns, horse dealer
   4. William Watson, builder
   2. Mary McNeill, straw bonnet maker

Henry Square
off Green Street

sixteen small houses

Henry Street
from Corporation Street to North Queen Street

   1. Gustavus Heyn's residence
   3. Gustavus Heyn's office, Prussian Consulate, Consulate for Holland, Ottoman Consulate, Spanish Consulate, Consulate for Russia, Consulate for Hamburg, Consulate for Greece, and Consulate for the Two Sicilies; ship broker and general merchant
       Gustavus Heyn's stores
   5. James Bodel, provision merchant; residence, 14 Henry Street
   7. Charles Barnett's general stores and office
   9. John Campbell, provision merchant; and 8 Great George's Street; residence, Donegall Square West
 11. Charles Barnett, general merchant
     [ Nelson Street
 11. David Grainger, ship owner and general merchant, residence
 13. John Dunn, ship owner and general merchant, residence
 15. John Dunn's office and stores
       Hugh McCormick, jeweller
       Thomas Tilly, master mariner
15. James Surplus, grocer and spirit dealer
     9 Little York Street
 17. Henry Brown's pawn office
   "   Henry Brown, pawn broker
 19. Stores of Richardson Brothers
  .....[ Here York Street intersects ].....
       The York Street flax spinning mills and offices; A. Mulholland's residence, Springvale, Co. Down; John Mulholland's residence, Craigavad
     [ North Queen Street ]
 52. James Barber, spirit dealer
       eight small houses
       John McCall, grocer
       seven small houses
 42. John Mitton, grocer
       waste ground
 40. Wm. Galt, school master
 38. Robert Patrick, pawn broker
     Southwell Street ]
36 to 32. three small houses
 30. Letitia Young, grocer and spirit dealer
     Molyneaux Street ]
       two small houses
     William's Row ]
 24. Arthur Purse, builder and grocer and spirit dealer
  .....[ Here York Street intersects ].....
       Richard Warren's provision store
     Little York Street ]
 24. Wm. H. Owen, pawn broker; also, agent for Hill Hamilton, Hill Street
 22. William Kennedy, bookkeeper
 20. John Moreland, grocer
     Little Berry Street ]
 18. Samuel Walker, house agent, in Hill Hamilton's office, Hill Street
 16. Margaret Potts, grocer and spirit dealer
 14. James Bodel, general merchant
 12. Ralph Green, grocer, Waring Street
 10. Archd. McNeilage, captain Prince of Wales steamer
   8. Mrs. Reid, boarding house
     Nelson Street ]
       enclosed ground
       stores of Richardson Brothers & Co.
   6. Vacant
   4. J. Faren, of Richardson Brothers & Co.

Hercules Place
Castle Place to Hercules Street

1, 3. R. T. McGeagh & Co., woollen and fancy warehouse, drapers and haberdashers; R. T. McGeagh's residence, 3 Franklin Place
   5. Mary Ryans, milliner
   7. Alexander Harkin, surgeon and apothecary
   9. Miss Maloney, milliner and haberdasher
 11. Sarah McCormick, dress maker and baby linen warehouse
 13. George Flannigan, picture frame maker and butcher
 15. Owen Murray, master tailor
 17. Mrs. Rose Rice, confectioner
17. Mrs. Hoy, leech importer
 19. Hugh Campbell, butcher
 21. Mary Ann Montgomery, bonnet maker
23, 25. Joseph Patterson, picture frame manufacturer
 25. Edward Lord, manager of Mr. McCracken's mill
   "   Miss M. Lord, milliner
 27. Miss S. Russell, straw bonnet maker
 29. Francis Campbell, clothes dealer
 31. James Whisker, butcher
     [ Rosemary Street
     Berry Street ]
 10. Peter Harkin, clothes dealer
   8. Stewart and Cleery, butchers
   6. John Bodel, carver and gilder
     [ Boyd's Court
   4. Patrick Campbell, clothier
   2. Robert James Tennant, M.P.

Hercules Street
from Hercules Place to North Street

   1. James Close, butcher
   3. John Magee, butcher
   5. James Morrell, butcher
   7. Arthur Hamill, butcher
 11. Wm. Watson, wholesale clothier; also, 21 Merchants Quay, Dublin; 6 Phil's Building, Houndsditch, London; and 56 Bridgegate Street, Glasgow
 11. Rose Morrell, butcher
 13. James Davy, butcher
 15. John Murdock, cork cutter
15. Patrick Branagh, butcher
 17. David Branagh, butcher
 19. Charles Davy, butcher
 21. John McAreavy, butcher
 23. James Cooney, butcher
 25. Mary Garrett, butcher
 27. (Yard James Canning, baker)
 29. Vacant
 31. James Dugan, butcher
 33. John Rice, butcher
 37. William Stokesberry, butcher
 39. Samuel Shaw, butcher
 41. William Davy, butcher
 45. James Boston, butcher
 47. Thomas Parker, butcher
 49. Mary Britton, butcher
 51. John McSorley, butcher
 53. John Burke, butcher and feather dealer     [ Round Entry
 55. John Drain, butcher
 57. James Burns, butcher
 59. Henry Moore, butcher & poulterer
 61. John Hennessey, butcher
 63. (Yard Thos. Quin, passenger agent)
 65. Vacant
 67. John Mercer, butcher
 69. James Burke, butcher
 71. Patrick McAnally, butcher
 73. John McMahon, butcher
 75. Andrew Morrell, butcher
 77. Vacant
 79. John Davy, butcher
 81. Charles Stokesberry, butcher
 83. Hugh Moore, butcher
83. Simon McAnally, butcher
 85. James Rice, butcher
 87. John Davy, butcher
 89. Denis Toley, butcher
       James Evans, spirit dealer, corner of North Street and Hercules Street
     [ North Street ]
       Adam Duncan, spirit dealer, corner of North Street and Hercules Street
 86. John Milford, dwelling house
84. John White, spirit dealer
 84. Mackenzie, Shaw & Co.'s brewery
 82. Tate and Bell, soap and candle manufacturers
 80. Daniel Shearon, butcher
 78. Henry Broe, saw maker
 76. James Roney, butcher
 74. Arthur Davy, butcher
 72. James Ramsay, butcher
 70. Owen O'Hara, foreman baker
 68. (Yard, Daniel McCann)
 66. Thomas Miller, butcher
 64. John Gordon, butcher
 62. Vacant
     Fulton's Entry ]
60, 58. Vacant
 56. Charles Franklin, butcher
 54. John McManus, spirit dealer
 52. Esther Agnew, grocer
     Torren's Market ]
 50. John Giles, spirit dealer
 48. Thomas Grimes, butcher
 46. Vacant
 44. Patrick Brannigan, butcher
 42. Francis McEntee, grocer
     Torrens' Row ]
 40. Davidson & Co., grocers and spirit dealers
 38. John Morrell, butcher
 36. Vacant (yard)
 34. David Ferguson, butcher
 32. Jane Magee, grocer
 30. (Gateway, John Magee)
 28. Patrick McCann, butcher
 26. William Armstrong, green grocer
     Law's Court ]
 24. John Branagh, butcher
 22. Thomas Boyland, butcher
 20. David Keys, butcher
 16. George Scott, butcher ( probably 18)
 16. Ann Rice, butcher
     McCoubry's Entry ]
 14. Edward McMenamy, spirit dealer
12, 10. James Canning, baker
   8. William Anderson, grocer
     John's Court ]
   6. Mary Ann Pritchard, lodging house
   4. William Hamilton, cork manufacturer
   2. Peter McGouran, spirit dealer

Herdman's Buildings
Shankhill Road (Shankill)

       Hugh Watson, labourer
       Edward Greig, shopman in John Arnott and Co.'s, Bridge Street
       Thomas Jacobs, officer of Inland revenue
       Samuel Armstrong, ditto
       John Wallace, sawyer
       Henry Atkinson, brass moulder
       James A. Dobbie, draper in J. Young's, Donegall Street
       John Morrison, clerk
       John Boyd, moulder
       Henry Taylor, clerk
       John Teale, blacksmith
       Union Tavern - John N. Hemsley, proprietor
       five small houses in rere

High Street
Castle Place to Queen's Square

   1. William Macomb, book seller and publisher; and registrar of marriages in Belfast district; residence, 3 Clarence Place
   3. Forster Green and Co., (Golden Canister tea house) tea and coffee dealers and grocers; residence, 11 Albion Place
   5. Charles McDonnell, tobacconist; residence, 1 May Street
   7. James Wilson, watch maker and jeweller; residence, 10 Frederick Street
   "   William Crawford, tailor
7. Glasgow Hotel - Robert Scott, proprietor     [ Hodgson's Entry
   9. John Hodgson, book seller, print seller, stationer, and room paper warehouse; residence, Holywood
 11. Alexander Maguire, old-established boot and shoe warehouse
     [ Quin's Entry
 13. Edward Gribben, watch maker, jeweller, etc.
 15. Wm. Gilbert and Son, silversmiths, jewellers, and watch makers, wholesale and retail; residence, 36 Upper Arthur Street
 17. Alex. Munce, tailor and clothier
     [ Crown Entry
 19. Greenfield and Harris, haberdashers, hosiers, etc.; residence of Mr. Greenfield, 111 York Street; Mr. Harris', 89 Joy Street
 21. Haslett and Frazer, woollen, hat, and Manchester warehouse; residence of Mr. Haslett, Anchor Lodge; Mr. Frazer's, 17 Hamilton Street
 23. Neill Brothers, watch and chronometer makers; jewellers, silversmiths, and opticians
 25. Hudson and Co., tea and coffee merchants and general grocers
     [ Wilson's Court
27, 29. Edward and George Pim, tea dealers, wine importers and general grocers; residences, Edw. Pim, Royal Terrace; Geo. Pim, University Square
 31. Henry Greer, book seller, stationer and fancy warehouse
     [ Joy's Entry
 33. Thomas Wheeler, surgeon and apothecary
35, 37. Thomas Hardy, draper, haberdasher, hosier and silk mercer
 39. Mrs. Mary Ogston, confectioner
 41. Thomas McCann, Irish woollen warehouse
 43. Edward Gilbert, watch maker, jeweller, and silversmith
 45. John Arnold, (Heimatemporion) woollen draper, clothier, and hatter; residence, Glengall Place
 49. John Wallace, watch maker, jeweller, and silversmith
     [ Pottinger's Entry
 51. George Harrison, book binder, stationer, etc.; residence, Holywood
 53. Charles Howden, seedsman, nurseryman, florist; residence and nursery, Malone
 55. Wm. Trimble, boot and shoe warehouse
     [ Hamilton's Court
 57. Lee and Son, jewellers to the Queen; watch makers, silversmiths, and opticians
 59. Musgrave Brothers, ironmongers; residence, 1 Donegall Square South
 61. M. Levy & Co., tailors, drapers, clothiers and hatters
 63. James McCullough, grocer, tea and coffee dealer; residence, 36 Nelson Street
 65. Francis McLaughlin, tobacco manufacturers and grocer; residence, 2 Donegall Square South
 67. John McKibbin & Co., engravers and lithographers
 67. William Marshall & Co., druggists, apothecaries, and wholesale perfumers; residence, Carrickfergus
 69. John and Joseph McKee, wholesale and retail grocers and wine merchants
 71. Vacant
 73. Charles Kelso, hosier
     [ Church Lane
 75. Hamilton & McCullough, clothiers
       St. George's Church
  .....[ Here Victoria Street intersects ].....
     [ The remaining portion of this streets, from the Royal Arch to the quay, is now called Queen's Square]
       Wm. Spackman )corner of Victoria Street and High Street), tailor, draper and hatter
114. Henry Robinson, chemist and druggist
     Stonecutter's Entry ]
112. James McKee, pawn broker
110. James and William Greig, cut glass, china and delf warehouse
108. John Wilkinson, earthenware manufacturer, china and glass warehouse
106. James Blake, boot and shoe maker
104. Francis Glenfield, soap and candle manufacturer
102. Thomas Keenan, rope manufacturer; residence, Lodge Road
100. William Marshall & Co. (Belfast Medical Hall), surgeons, apothecary, wholesale and retail druggists; residence, Carrickfergus
 98. Dr. Samuel Bryson, surgeon
 96. Eliza David, umbrella, parasol, bonnet, and haberdashery establishment
     Skipper Street ]
 92. James Byrne, boot and shoe maker
90. William Gibson, boot and shoe maker
 88. William Palmer, boot and shoe maker
 86. Kennedy Stewart, boot and shoe maker
 84. Wm. Bailie, boot and shoe maker
 82. Samuel Bullick's academy
     Bullock's Entry ]
 80. Dr. Joseph Stevenson Mulholland, surgeon
 78. John Neill, gun maker, fishing tackle warehouse, and bird preserver
 76. John Greenfield, wholesale and retail hosiery, haberdashery, and woollen warehouse; residence, Jackson Hall, Holywood
 74. James Keegan, tea, wine, and spirit merchant; residence, 4 College Square East
 72. Hugh Currie, ironmongery and hardware merchant
 70. James Wilson, printer and publisher; residence, 10 Frederick Street
   "   William Sinclair, linen lapper
   "   James Rutherford, room paper manufacturer
 68. William Killen, woollen draper, clothier, and hatter; residence, 3 Victoria Terrace
 66. Patrick McGuirk, goldsmith, jeweller, and bog oak ornament manufacturer
 64. James Chapman, chronometer, watch and clock maker
 62. Catherine Ashenhurst, ready made linen warehouse
 60. John and Robert Knox, boot and shoe makers
 56. James Harkness, cut glass, china and delf warehouse
      Sugarhouse Entry
 54. Riddel and Co., ironmongers and hardware merchants; residence, Vermont
 52. John Riddel, wholesale ironmonger; residence, Vermont
 50. John and James Dysart, provincial boot and shoe house; residence, 71 North Street
48, 46. John G. McGee & Co., (Pantechnetheca) tailors, clothiers, and general outfitters; woollen drapery, and London hat warehouse; residence, Sussex Place
 44. James Girdwood, carpet, damask, and room paper warehouse; residence, No. 6 Donegall Square West
     Bridge Street ]
 40. Robert and D. J. Patterson, wholesale and retail hardware and house furnishing ironmongery warehouse; residence, 3 College Square North
 38. Nathaniel Ferguson, woollen draper; residence, 6 Arthur Street
 36. Mackenzie and Saunders, drapers, silk mercers, and haberdashers; residence, 4 Abbotsford Place
 34. Alexander Mayne, printer and publisher (late J. Smyth's)
   "   James Dillon, hat manufacturer
 32. Thomas Wilson & Co., hosiery and trimming warehouse
     Orr's Entry ]
30, 28. Ross, O'Connor, & Co., Ballymacarrett flint glass manufactory warehouse; residence, Holywood; Mr. O'Connor, Mount Pottinger
 26. Close Brothers, woollen drapers
     Graham's Entry ]
 24. John Dunlop. boot and shoe maker
 22. Robert Boag, Albion Cloth Company; residence, The Crescent
     Winecellar Entry ]
 20. George Moore, family boot and shoe warehouse
 18. Henry Murney, East India tea warehouse, and tobacco and snuff manufactory
16, 14. William Gilmore, grocer, tea, wine, fruit, and spirit merchant
 12. Commercial Journal and Family Herald office, and reading room
 10. Mrs. Nicholl, gunsmith, fishing tackle warehouse, and bird preserver
     Caddell's Entry ]
   8. James D. Marshall, M.D., apothecary and druggist, Chemist in Ordinary to her Majesty; residence, Holywood
   4. William Coffey, music shop; warerooms, 25 Donegall Place
   2. S. Farrell & Co., nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists; nursery, Ballycloughan

Hill Street
from Waring Street to Robert Street

1, 3. Jane and Eliza Finlay, straw bonnet and millinery establishment
3. Charles Duffin & Co.'s stores
   5. James McClure, provision dealer
   7. Wm. Cunningham, coach trimmer
   9. James Cairnes, porter
 11. Thomas Shannon, porter
 13. Michl. McGennity, provision dealer
 15. Isaac Arnott's provision stores
15. John Henderson, provision dealer
 17. Wm. Hodgkinson, provision dealer and hackle maker
 19. Alexander Smith, manufacturer
 21. Samuel Bradley, provision dealer
23, 25. Hill Hamilton's rent office; residence, Seaview
 25. Fortune & Co., plumbers and lead merchants
 27. Vacant
 29. Samuel Bradley's provision dealer
 31. John Hutton, storeman
 33. Samuel Cochrane, spirit dealer
 35. Frederick Cowan, master tailor
 37. Patrick O'Prey, sawyer
 39. John Carlisle, boot closer
 41. George Duffin, car driver
 43. John Lemon, carpenter
     [ Vinegar Court
 45. Nancy Madden, huckster
     [ Morrow's Entry
 47. Arthur Maguire, porter
 49. Wm. Rainey, cooper
 51. Henry Fegan, boot and shoe maker
 53. James McCann, brass founder
 55. Daniel Weir, tailor and huckster
 57. Mary Mitchell, spirit dealer
 42. James Thompson, grocer and spirit dealer
 40. Francis Campbell, grocer and spirit dealer
38, 36. Hugh McCall, pawn office
 34. Wm. Larmour (yard)
32. William Sloan, carter
32, 30. Jas. & Wm. Steen, merchants
 28. James Maginnis, porter
 26. Wm. Henderson, grocer and carpenter
 22. Hugh McClelland, yarn and flax merchant
 20. Samuel McDonnell, spirit dealer
 18. John Bryson, confectioner
     [ Commercial Court
 16. J. T. Kennedy's back entrance to stores
     [ Elliott's Court
 12. Sinclair Ramsay, haberdashery and trimming warehouse
 10. Robert Atkinson, commission merchant, general agent, and broker; residence, Holywood
   8. William Bryson's (yard)
   6. James Maguire, provision dealer
4. Vacant
   4. Bridget Harkin, spirit dealer
   2. Margaret Walker

Holmes' Court
off Verner Street

four small houses

Hopes Court
off Millfield

fourteen small houses

Hope Street
Bredalbane Place

   1. Robert Simpson, clerk in Ulster Railway Office
   2. John Clifford, excise officer
   3. Henry Arthur, gentleman

Hopeton Place
off Shankhill Road (Shankill)

       back entrance to William Bunting's spirit shop
   1. Robert Smyth, pensioner
   2. Charles Leinster, iron moulder
   3. Daniel McVey, smith
   4. William Pearce, warper
   5. Mary Ellison, machine winder
   6. John Young, brick layer
       Eleanor Anderson, widow
       Joseph Hayes, mechanic
       James Connor, gardener
       John Rafferty, smith

       Messrs. Wallace and Campbell's brickfields
       Damask Factory - James Blain & Co., proprietors; James Blain's residence, Albert Place, Donegall Pass; John Blain, sen.'s residence, Hopeton Place

Houston's Lane
off Seymour Street

three small houses

Howard Street
Donegall Square South to Fisherwick Place

   1. William Carson, wholesale wine merchant and grocer; 14 Corn Market
   3. Wm. McCaw, gentleman
   5. Geo. C. Hyndman, auctioneer; Castle Place
   7. Richard Hull, of Hull, Hart & Co., flax spinners, Falls Road
   9. Dr. Frings, professor Queen's College
 11. George Dundas, gentleman
     [ Upper Queen Street
 13. Rev. James Morgan, D.D.
       side of Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church
       Court House and Old House or Correction
       College Station Dispensary
     Brunswick Street ]
 16. Reuben Simms, poor law auditor
   "   James Simms, proprietor and editor of Mercury
 14. Dr. J. Ferguson, professor Queen's College
 12. Clotworthy Dobbin, brewer; Smithfield
 10. William Murphy, of Murphy and Grimshaw, flax spinners; Linfield
   8. James Young, collegiate school
   6. Charles Peyton, gentleman
   4. Wm. Boyd, Vitriol works, Lagan Village
   2. Wm. D. Henderson, merchant; 42 Waring Street

Howard Street North
between Falls Road and Shankhill Road (Shankill)

       John Stevenson, grocer
       five small houses

Howard Street South
off Cromac Road

twenty small houses

Hudson's Court
off Hudson's Entry

six small houses

Hudson's Entry
off North Street

   4. James McKinney, last maker
   8. John Jordan, tobacco spinner
 10. William Scott, carpenter
 12. Robert best, tobacco spinner
 41. Wm. McDowell, shoe maker
 45. Owen McSally, boot and shoe maker
 56. James Gallagher, boot and shoe maker
 58. James Curran, boot and shoe maker
 53. Kirkwood Hayney, boot and shoe maker
       forty-one small houses besides

Hunter's Row
New Lodge Road

eleven small houses

Hutchinson Street
off Stanley Street

       Henry Laverty's hall door
       two houses building
   1. Francis Patterson, car driver
   3. Robert McConkey, mechanic
   4. Joseph Forsythe, porter
   2. Rich. McClelland, railway labourer



Improvement Place
Lancaster Street

two small houses

Institution Place
off Lettuce Hill

 46. Hugh McLorinan, grocer and spirit dealer
   2. Thomas Welsh, grocer
       thirty-nine small houses



Jacobson's Court
off Mill Street

nine small houses

James' Court
off Carrick Hill

nine small houses

James' Place
Nelson Street

   1. Captain James Adams
   2. James Davidson, compositor
   3. James McKee, designer
   4. William Barnett

James's Street South
off Howard Street

   1. Mrs. Amelia Dalton
   3. Thomas Russell, writing clerk
   5. John Kelly, writing clerk
   "   D. Holland, editor Northern Whig
 10. William Allen, civil engineer
   8. George Russell, officer of Inland revenue
   6. Mrs. Margaret Calwell
   4. Thomas Kirkwood, plasterer
   2. Rev. James Glasgow, Presbyterian Minister

Johnny's Entry
Talbot Street

ten small houses

Johnston's Buildings
Shankhill Road (Shankill)

   1. Sarah McCullough, boarding house
   2. William Thomas, toll collector, in butter market
   3. Thomas McClenaghan
   4. Wm. John Barnett, writing clerk
   5. Wm. Littlejohn, stereotype founder
   6. John A. Dupree, writing clerk
   7. John Patrick
   8. Charles Lang, first clerk, Inland Revenue office
   9. James Wallace, brick manufacturer
 10. Robert McMillan, spirit merchant, Victoria Place
 11. James McCormick, woollendraper; Victoria Street
 12. John Kavanagh, writing clerk
 13. Thomas Kean, post office clerk

Johnston's Court
off Great Edward Street

   1. Butter store - Mr. Frazer, proprietor
   2. Patrick Quinn, carpenter
   3. James Mahoney, coach maker
   4. Wm. Davis, labourer
   5. Wm. Stavely, cheese monger
   6. John Black, car driver
   7. David Nevin, car driver
   8. Patrick Reid, coach maker
   9. Richard Magee, aerated water manufacturer

Johnston's Court
off Millfield

fourteen small houses

John Street
Donegall Street to North Street

   1. Paul Henry Mahir, confectioner
   3. Matthew Dickson, jeweller
   5. Wm. McIlrea, calico printer
   7. Charles Collins, painter and glazier
   9. Richard Carroll, shoe maker
 11. Mary O'Neill, lodging house keeper
   "   Bernard Caulfield, tailor
 13. Thomas Gribben, painter, glazier, and confectioner
 15. John Timbey, shoe maker
 17. William John Shaw, watch and clock maker
 19. John McGarry, spirit dealer
     [ Little Donegall Street and Mustard Street
 21. Edward Fegan, spirit dealer
 23. Joseph McConnell, grocer
 25. Elizabeth Wilson, boarding house
25. Thomas Irvine, spirit store
 27. Wm. Bloomfield, tinplate worker
 29. Hugh Smith, carrier
 31. John Kennedy, car driver and huckster
     [ Kent Street
 33. James Campbell, hair dresser
 35. William Boucher, porter
 37. Peter Pelling and Co., weaving commission agents; residence, 3 College Street
   "   Alexander Riddel, reed maker; residence, 3 Ship Street
 37. William Harrison, sewed muslin manufacturer; residence, 11 Hamilton Street
   "   James H. Young & Co., Glasgow, muslin manufacturers - agent, John Jamieson; residence, 2 Reilly's Place
   "   Charles Tennant and Co., of St. Rollox Chemical works, Glasgow, manufacturing chemists, and general merchants
       T. and D. Wilson, sewed muslin manufacturers - Jas. Adamson, agent
 39. John Brown, boot and shoe maker
 41. Edw. Bloomfield, tinplate worker
 43. William John Taylor, butcher, house painter, etc.
 45. William Ritchie, carpenter, haberdasher, milliner and bonnet maker
 47. Joseph Luke, lodgings
 49. William Mathews, hair dresser
 51. Daniel McCann, car owner and spirit dealer
 53. John Campbell, labourer
 55. William McMahon, butcher, North Street
 56. Arthur Murphy, spirit dealer
 54. James Porter, day constable
 52. Charles McAlespie, stokerer and plasterer
 50. Hugh Farrell, lodging and eating house
 48. Sarah Lyness, lodging and eating house
 46. Hugh McAlister, baker
 44. Joseph Bigger, provision merchant; residence, 88 Donegall Street
 42. Patrick Douris, labourer and eating house keeper
 40. Thomas Jefferson, starch maker and eating house keeper
 38. John McAlarry, labourer and eating house keeper
 36. Mrs. Dorothea Cannavan, spirit dealer and victualling house
 34. William Cook, spirit dealer
 32. Thomas McMahon, butcher
   "   Robert Brown, spirit dealer
 30. John Doody, boot and shoe maker
 28. John Fitzpatrick, huckster and eating house keeper
 26. John Devlin, writing clerk
 24. John McAuley, musician
 22. Henry McConnell, butcher
     William Street ]
 20. Henry Loughran, grocer and spirit dealer
 18. Robert Dugan, soap and candle manufacturer
 16. James Magee, grocer
 14. Jas. Stewart, painter and grocer
 12. John Dyer, grocer and provision dealer
 10. Hugh Dyer, grocer and provision dealer
   8. Hugh Dunn, leather cutter
6, 4, 2. Bernard Fitzpatrick, grocer and spirit dealer

Joy's Entry
off High Street

   1. Henry Greer's residence
   3. John Magee's oyster house
   9. Wm. Hall, lithographic writer and printer
       James Black, spirit dealer
 21. Thomas McConnell, ship carpenter
       twenty-one small houses

Joy's Place
Dublin Bridge

   8. Denis Joiner, labourer
   9. Andrew Cochrane, pensioner
 10. Miss McCredie, boarding house
 11. Thomas Henry, compositor

Joy Street
Montgomery Street to Old Paper Mill

   1. Mrs. McGowan, boarding house
   3. Miss Margaret Boyd, milliner
     .....[ Little May Street intersects ].....
   5. Rev. John Oliver, Wesleyan minister, Donegall Square East
   7. Robert Donnelly, confectioner, etc.
   9. William Mearns, sea captain
     [ Sussex Place
 11. Miss I. McAdam, boarding house
  "    John Mullan, book seller
 13. Mrs. Julia Ann Fetherstonaugh
 15. Mrs. Crawford
  "    William John Crawford, Northern Bank
 17. Mrs. Eliza Russell, boarding house
  "    Samuel Black, solicitor
 19. Mrs. Mary Service, boarding house
 21. Miss Elizabeth Allen, dress maker
 23. Alexander Smith, builder
 25. Miss Letitia Martin, boarding house
 27. John Ross, builder
 29. John Scott, boarding house
 31. Eleanor Dalzell, dress maker
 33. William Ewing, gentleman
 35. Wm. McMillin, cabinet maker
 37. Mrs. Jane McKelvey
 39. William McCoyd, bookkeeper
 41. Robert Wallace, tailor
 43. D. Walls, salesman & bookkeeper
 45. Mrs. Sarah Palliser, boarding house
 47. Henry Reid, salesman, Mr. Riddel's, High Street
 49. James Maguire, linen merchant
 51. Mrs. M. A. Davison, boarding house
 53. James Oldrin, tailor
 55. Charles Swan, salesman
 57. James Ross, clerk
 59. Robert Nesbitt, superintendent in Arnott & Co.'s, Bridge Street
 61. William McCullough, bookkeeper
 63. Robert Taylor, carpenter
 65. Mrs. Helen Craig
 67. Thomas Carroll, salesman
 69. Francis Bunting, foreman tailor
 71. Mrs. Mary Morgan, dress maker
 73. Henry Mulholland, linen buyer for Richardson Sons and Owden
 75. Mrs. Ann Jane Dickson
 77. John Rose, muslin manufacturer
 79. Joseph McCreedy, clerk
 81. John Salters, clerk in Linen hall
 83. Arthur Hennan, linen lapper
 85. James Hamilton, carpenter and builder
 87. Hamilton McCay, bookkeeper
 89. Henry Harris, of Greenfield and Harris
 91. James Stevelly, commercial agent
 93. Mrs. Isabella McCaw
 95. Robinson Ireland, clerk
 97. John Atkinson, bookkeeper
 99. John Ladley, attorney, Calendar Street
101. Alexander Chambers, builder
     [ Old Paper Mill ]
 92. John Conland, commission merchant
 90. Edward Gibson, draper
 88. Edward Gilmore, provision merchant
 86. Mrs. Mary Gaffikin
 84. Mrs. Mary Boyce, boarding house
 82. Martin Downey, excise officer
 80. John Beattie, gentleman
 78. Bankhead Boyd, builder
 76. Alexander Wilson, toy and basket warehouse
 74. William Jones, tailor
 72. George Mansfield, clerk
 70. William Wilson, builder
 68. Thomas McCann, clerk
 66. William Scott, linen lapper
 64. Alexander McVicker, foreman boot and shoe maker
 62. Robert Gray, shop keeper, Donegall Street
 60. James Anderson, carpenter and builder
 58. James Nesbitt, bookkeeper
 56. William Taylor, builder
 54. Mrs. Jane Coey
 52. Patrick Ellis, commercial traveller
 50. Miss E. Phoenix, dress maker
 48. Mrs. R. A. Gorman, boarding house
 46. John Moore, reporter, Mercury
 44. Mary Curry, shop woman, and Jane McDonnell, shirt maker
 42. Thomas Johnston, brick layer
     Henrietta Street ]
 40. John Smith, car driver and shop keeper
 38. James Bagnell, clerk
 36. Richard Purkis, hackle maker
 34. Saml. McCutcheon, fancy box maker
 32. John Russell, commercial traveller
 30. Samuel Haig, foreman book binder
     Russell Street ]
 28. M. A. Sutherland & Co., Alabaster and cement manufacturers
 26. D. G. Sutherland, publisher and book seller
 24. Mrs. Elizabeth Tannahill, boarding house
 22. Miss Dorcas Johnston, dress maker
 20. Richard Carroll, clerk
  "    John Carroll, professor of music
     Hamilton Street ]
 18. Miss Catherine Lawther, milliner and dress maker
 16. Maria Wetherhead, boarding house
 14. David Duff, Northern Bank
 12. John Adam White, bookkeeper
 10. Miss Henrietta Green
   8. Mrs. Harriet Crawford
   6. John Abbott, clerk
     Little May Street ]
4. Archibald Simpson, coach maker
   4. Mrs. Mary Orr, lodging house
   "   Misses Orr, milliners  & dress makers
   "   Henderson Orr, writing clerk
2. Alexander Grant, draper
   2. Miss E. Patterson, dress maker
   "   William Savage, cloth lapper



Keenan's Court
off Millfield

four small houses

Kennedy's Court
off North Street

eight small houses

Kennedy's Entry
Devis Street (Divis)

   1. Ann O'Neill
   3. Patrick Collins, labourer
   5. Ann Duggan
   7. Michael McQuiggan, labourer
 12. Catherine Devlin
 10. Daniel Ward, brick layer
   8. Joseph Heale, weaver
   6. Margaret Loughran
   4. Michael Brannigan, labourer
   2. George Mann, carpenter

Kennedy's Place
Shankhill Road (Shankill)

   1. Sophia Stewart, lodging house
   2. Hugh Ward, weaver
   3. Thomas Kerr, weaver
   4. John Haslett, manager of Mr. W. Hick's factory, Francis Street
   5. James Watson, miller
   6. David Corbitt, labourer
   7. Mrs. Kennedy, huckster
   8. Wm. Walker, spirit dealer
   9. Thomas Taylor, warper
 10. James brown, house agent
 11. Wm. Kirk, mechanic
 12. Robert Wardlow, travelling clerk
 13. David Nelson, tobacco spinner
 14. Wm. Ross, tobacco spinner
 15. James Graham, clerk
 16. Wm. Watters, rent agent
 17. Thomas Scott, clerk
 18. Jane Armstrong
 19. Arch. Simmington, cabinet maker
 20. James Morton's English and mercantile school

Kennedy's Row
off Smithfield

   1. Robert Mulryan, auctioneer
   3. Edward Kelly, auctioneer
   5. Henry Macartney, fish dealer
   7. Francis McConnell, dealer
   9. Bernard Monaghan, dealer
 11. Arthur Halfpenny, grocer
     [ Miller's Lane
 20. Mary Killian, old clothes dealer
 18. James Ward, shoe maker
       there are eight other small houses occupied by small dealers

Kent Street Lower
John Street to Union Street

   6. Francis McDonald, flax dealer
   4. John Stewart and Co., (Kent Street Factory) muslin manufacturers; John Stewart's residence, Silver Stream
 25. Saml. Russell, forge bellows maker
   7. John and Jas. McConnell, muslin manufacturers; residence, 95 Donegall Street
       twenty-two small houses

Kent Street Upper
Union Street to Carrickhill

       Wm. McCanter's, flour store; shop and residence, 23 Carrickhill
   8. Robert and Jacob Bell's size works
   4. Rodger Lynch, cooper
       twenty-nine small houses
       four small houses not tenanted

Killen Street
off College Street

   1. John Beatty, tobacco spinner
   3. William Thompson, painter
     [ Institution Place
   5. Hugh O'Neill, labourer
   7. John Connor, weaver
     [ Hamill Street
   6. Richard Christian, night constable and shoe maker
   4. Archibald McCollum, weigh bridge keeper, Smithfield
   2. Robert Thompson, weaving master
       Martin and Hamilton's starch yard; Samuel Martin's residence, 20 Little Donegall Street; John Hamilton's residence, 42 Little Donegall Street
       John McCormack, printer
       James Ferris, boot closer

King's Court
off Lancaster Street

thirteen small houses

King Street
Mill Street to College Square East

   1. Francis Neeson, spirit dealer
1. Edward Moore, writing clerk
   3. Mrs. Mary Montgomery
   5. Thomas Roberts, engraver
   7. Alex. Mayne, hair dresser
   9. James Hanna, apothecary's assistant     [ King Street Court
 11. Robert Dornan, grocer and spirit dealer
 13. Mrs. Mary Heron, boarding house
 15. Mrs. Jane Ainsworth, nurse tender
 17. Mrs. Sarah Malone
 19. John Lowry, chronometer and watch manufacturer
 21. Mrs. Ellen Ward, of the firm of Marcus Ward & Co., stationers, book binders; 6 Corn Market
 23. Thomas McCammon, tanner and corn miller
 25. Miss S. Roberts, ladies' seminary
   "   Richard Ross, M.D., surgeon
 27. Mrs. Davis
 29. Belfast Savings' Bank, John Borthwick actuary
     [ King Street Mews
 33. James Paisley, classical, English and mercantile seminary
 35. Miss Grace Magill
 37. Miss Frances Barkley
     [ College Square North
 42. George C. Hyndman's timber yard
 40. George Stevelly, shopman
 38. Miss Mary Ann Magee
 36. Mrs. S. McCammon, dress maker
 34. Joseph Scott, manager linen hall
 32. Miss Sarah Magee, boarding house
 30. William Charles Stancliff, officer of inland revenue
 28. Miss Eliza Nettleton, dress maker
 26. James Walsh, brick layer
 24. Miss Agnes Lemon, lodgings
 22. Miss Alicia Morgan, milliner and dress maker
 20. Robert Lynn, house carpenter
 18. John Reynolds, boot and shoe maker
       Mormonite Meeting House
 16. Alexander Wilson, town traveller
 16. Mrs. Margaret Smith
   "   James Hanna, stone mason
 14. Mrs. Rose Ann Reilly, huckster
 12. Isaac Goldstein, general dealer
   "   Mrs. Mary Goldstein, dress maker
 10. Jane Bradley
   "   William Moore, brush maker
   8. George F. Stevenson, professor of music
   6. John Sinclair, carpenter
4. John Toman, brass founder, gas fitter, etc.
   4. Alexander Boucher, tailor
   2. Henry Greer, book binder

King Street Court
off King Street

   1. James Gray, waiter in hotel
   2. James McGovern, labourer
   3. Robert Owen, cabinet maker
   4. Matthew Heron, upholsterer
   5. William Ireland, boot and shoe maker

King Street North
Brown Street

   1. Mrs. Mary Ann McCann, white worker
   3. Andrew Edwards, weaver
5, 7. Valentine McGibbon, grocer and spirit dealer
     [ Abbey Street
   9. James Smith, boot and shoe maker
 11. Samuel Tedford, labourer
 13. Patrick McQuillan, grocer
     [ Gardiner's Street
 16. Mrs. Mary Ann Gorman
   "   James Thorpe, brush maker
 14. James Hare, damask weaver
     [ Gorman's Court
 12. Thomas Stewart, brick layer
 10. Mrs. Margaret Magill, mill worker
   8. Mary Ward, quilter
   6. Charles O'Neill, brick layer
   4. William Sands, street sweeper
   2. John McBlain, weaver



Lagan Street
Cromac Street

       Thomas Kilmartin, spirit dealer
   1. John Brown, tailor
   3. John Turney
   5. Henry Smyth, tailor
   7. Richard Turney, spirit dealer
     [ Market Street
   9. William Lindsay, grocer
 11. Mrs. McCormack
 13. Robert Connelly, dealer
     [ Lagan Court
 15. James and John McKenna, grocers and spirit dealers
 17. Ann McGee
 19. Michael Heeley, confectioner
 20. John McConnell, omnibus driver
 18. Thomas Montgomery, painter
 16. Francis Morgan
 14. James Barker, shoe maker
 12. James Smith
 10. John McKe,, labourer
   8. Michael McPoland, dealer
     [Market  Street
6, 4. James Clements, pawn broker
   2. Alexander Johnston, spirit dealer

Lagan Street Upper
East End Lagan Street

 21. Joseph Warnock, carpenter
 23. John Johnston, turner
 25. Hugh McGreavy, waterman
 27. John Freeman, shoe maker
 29. Daniel Killen, car driver
 31. Catherine Fenton
 33. David Linn, car driver
 35. Michael Burns, car driver
 37. Charles Murphy, gardener
       five houses building
       six new houses, not tenanted
 38. William Campbell, shoe maker
 36. Cornelius Keenan, packer
 34. James McGrim, car driver
 32. Joseph Robinson, sawyer
 30. Gilbert Johnston, labourer
 28. James Parkinson, sawyer
 26. Grace Jennings
 24. Henry Carson, saddler
 22. Henry Smith, shoe maker

Lancaster Street
York Street to North Queen Street

   1. Robert Gibson, brass founder; 5 McClennaghan's Court
   3. Mrs. Catherine Gibson
   5. John Sloan, carpenter
     [ Portland Street
   7. James Caldwell, pensioner
   9. Lucius Crimble, precentor
 11. James McNeill, clothes renovater
 13. Wm. McCormack, cork cutter
 15. Abel Hadskins, custom house officer
 17. James Wilson, grocer
     [ Thomas Street
 19. Louisa Barlow, boarding house
 21. Hugh Kerr, grocer
 23. Charles O'Neill, carpenter
 25. Elizabeth Cranston, spirit dealer
 27. Charles McAuley, weaving factory; residence, 115 York Street
 29. David Orr, tailor
 31. John Martin     [ Union Place
 33. Wm. Benson
 35. David Gill, labourer
 37. James Savage, cooper
 39. John McGarry, grocer and spirit dealer
     [ King's Court
 41. James Caruth, grocer and spirit dealer
 43. Robert Shaw. bundler
 45. Wm. Hodge, carman
 47. Mary Ann Magee
 49. Alex. Allen, grocer and spirit dealer
 51. Hugh Pake, spirit dealer
 53. John Thompson, grocer
     [ Alexander Street
 55. Anthony Mullan, grocer and spirit dealer
 57. Eliza Devlin, dealer
 59. Mary Hill, dealer
 61. James Scott, weaver
 63. Wm. Welsh, carpenter
 65. Margaret McCann, dealer
       side of Richd. Lavery's spirit store
 34. Patrick Haggerty, pensioner
 32. Mary Ann Cross
 30. James Ritchie, shoe maker
 28. Peter Hendron, car driver
 26. ? Ellard, labourer
     Alexander Street ]
 24. Eleanor Woods, grocer and spirit dealer
 22. Jane Cameron
20, 18. Isabella Young, pawn broker
 16. Henry Hughes, blacksmith
 14. Neill Donnelly, labourer
 12. Ellen McIlroy, dress maker
 10. Thomas Waugh, muslin manufacturer, 11 Church Street
   8. John McNaughten, Constable Board of Health
   6. Eliza McGaghey
   4. Lawrence May, pensioner
   2. Thos. Dugan, boot and shoe maker
       rere of Frederick Street General Hospital

Law's Lane
off North Street

twelve old houses, not tenanted

Leadbetter Place
Old Lodge Road

   1. James Clendinning, grocer and spirit dealer
2 to 9. seven small houses
 10. Mary Ann Brown, dealer

Leeds Street
Cullingtree Street

   1. Wm. Campbell, baker
   3. John Milligan, shoe maker
   5. John McBriar, labourer
   7. James Freeburn, labourer
   9. Richard Moore, labourer
 11. James Brakey, labourer
 13. Joseph Patterson, labourer
 15. Rebecca White
 17. John Potts
 19. John Poland, labourer
 20. Alexander Rankin, sawyer
 18. Jane Campbell, dealer
 16. Nancy Rainey
 14. Robert Sands, preparing master
 12. James Richardson, butler
 10. Samuel Moffat, carman
   8. Arial Leaky, labourer
   6. John Corry, hackler
   4. James Kerns, porter
   2. Thomas Mitchell, labourer

Legg's Lane
from High Street to Rosemary Street

       Shell Fish Tavern - James Bradley, proprietor
       Carter and Martin's toy stores
       side of Post Office - Money Order Office up stairs
 10. Vacant
   8. James Bradley's oyster house
   6. Vacant
   4. Edward Foley, spirit dealer
       side of Jas. Cochran's grocer shop

Lemon's Court

ten small houses

Lemon's Lane (should be Lennon's Lane)
Great Edward Street

   1. William Rice, eating house
   3. Samuel Melville, eating house
   4. John O'Neill, corn dealer
   6. Margaret Gillespie, spirit dealer

Letitia Street
off Wilson Street, Millfield

   1. John Gowdy, plasterer
   3. Jacob McCleanaghan, engineer
   5. John Henderson, weaver
   7. Thomas Perrie, butler
   9. William Harrison, carpenter
 11. Richard Caughey, butcher
 12. Samuel Beck, mechanic
 10. Margaret Scott
   8. Ellen Jamieson
   6. Holmes Scott, plumber
   4. James Carr, coach maker
   2. James Coey, flax dresser

Lettuce Hill
Barrack Street

 50. Samuel Boyd, grocer and spirit dealer
 44. John O'Neill, grocer
       sixty small houses

Lewis's Court
Brown Square

seven small houses

Liddy's Court
Little Donegall Street

four small houses

Old Carrickfergus Road

       George K. Kennedy, clerk Petty Sessions, and clerk Lord Donegall's office, Lilliput Cottage
       Thomas George, general merchant, Lilliput House

Lindsay's Place
Cromac Road

   1. Mary Haggerty
   3. James Ginn, lamp lighter
   5. James Murray, labourer
   7. Magdalen Church daily Scriptural school, Wm. Black, teacher
   9. Wm. Lynass, stokerer

Linen Hall
North Side

       John S. Ferguson & Co., linen merchants; residence, 28 Donegall Place
       William Simms, rent agent and accountant, agent to the London Union Insurance Company; residence, 7 Albion Place, Botanic Road
       Library - Jas. Stewart, librarian
       News-Room - W. Simms, treasurer
                                                     West Side
       Jas. Siebert & Co., linen and linen yarn merchants, and commission agents; residence, 3 Breadalbane Place
       Thomas Ferguson & Son, linen merchants and bleachers; residence, Whiterock
       William Gillilan, linen merchant; residence, 15 Wellington Place
       Saml. Nelson, West India merchant; residence, Glendavis
       Foster Connor, linen manufacturer and bleacher; residence, 13 College Street South
                                                    South Side
       Edward J. Smith & Son, linen merchants
       Valentine Whitla, chairman of Harbour Commissioners; residence, Ben Eden
       John Conland, commission merchant, etc.; residence, 92 Joy Street
       Storars, Fortescue, & Co., linen merchants
       John Cunningham; residence, Macedon
       J. & M. Curell & Co., linen merchants; residence, 4 Murray Terrace
       Fenton, Son, & Co. (late Sadler, Fenton & Co.), linen manufacturers and bleachers, and 120 Wood Street, London; S. G. Fenton's residence, 9 College Square North
                                                      East Side
       Samuel G. Fenton and Co., linen bleachers, linen yarn, and general merchants

Linen Hall Street
South of Linen Hall

       Linenhall St. Presbyterian Church - Rev. Robert Knox, minister
       Vacant ground
       Daniel Curell, jun., & Co., linen and cotton manufacturers; Danl. Curell's residence, 8 Royal Terrace
       Eastern Reformed Presbyterian Meeting House - Rev. J. Alexander, D.D., minister, Rev. Robt. Henry, assistant
       Tow Spinning Mill, C. Duffin & Co., proprietors; Town office, 28 Waring Street
   8. The Misses Gill's preparatory school
   7. Richard Waite, bookkeeper in J. Preston & Co.'s flax stores
   6. Adam Macaulay, Belfast Bank
   5. Alexander C. Davidson, flax merchant
   4. James McKnight, LL.D., Editor of the Banner
   3. George Phillips, book seller, 27 Bridge Street
   2. Miss Mary Jamison
       back entrance to J. W. Anderson & Co.'s sewed muslin warerooms


       Conway B. Grimshaw's residence

Linfield Road
Lower Malone

       John Murphy & Co., Linfield Mill; office in Waring Street
       Arthur Leonard, guard Ulster Railway
       Mrs. Moore
       twenty two small houses

Lisburn Road

       Belfast Union Workhouse and Hospital - Wm. Boyce, clerk and returning officer; William Tidd, master
       Ulster Deaf and Dumb Institution - Rev. John Martin, principal
       John Millar, engineer, Ulsterville
       R. T. Usher, gentleman, Mount Prospect
       Edward Pretty, landing waiter, Inland Revenue, Mount Prospect
       John Lamb, commission agent, Devis View (Divis)
       N. O. Prenter, dry salter, Harryville
       Samuel Johnston, tanner, Railway Cottage
       Thos. McDonnell, Q.C., Eglantine
       John Owden, linen merchant, Brooklands
       Edward H. Clarke, bank director, Elmwood
     Royal Terrace ]

Long Lane
from Church Street to North Street

   1. John Foster, Ulster Servants' Registry Office
   5. Neill Ennis, car driver
   7. Margaret Noble
   9. William John Moore's wine and spirit stores
 11. Robert O'Rorke, shoe maker
 13. Henry Cregan, butcher
 15. John Fulton, provision merchant; residence, 45 Academy Street
 17. Miss McGee
 19. Michael McGee, labourer
 21. Residence of Robert Milliken, saddler, 47 North Street
 12. Patrick Stewart, marine stores
 10. Miss Halliday
   8. John Reid, spirit dealer, and proprietor of the Robert Burns' concert rooms
   6. Vacant
   4. John McGuigan, lock smith
   2. side of James Shield's spirit store

Lynas's Lane
off Great Patrick Street

 18. James Brown, spirit dealer
       twenty-three small houses