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1877 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Street Index
with Private Residences


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Abbey Street, Peter's Hill
Abbey Street West, St. Paul Street
Abbotsford Place, see York Street
Abbot Street, Peveril Street
Abercorn Basin, Queen's Quay
Abercorn Buildings, see Victoria Street
Abercorn Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Abercorn Street, Claremont Street
Abercorn Street North, Leeson Street
Abercorn Terrace, see Brookvale Avenue
Aberdeen Street, Shankhill Road
Abingdon Terrace, Lisburn Road
Abyssinia Street, Leeson Street
Academic Institution, see College Square East
Academy Court, Academy Street
Academy Street, Donegall Street
Addition Place, Coates Street
Adela Place, Duncairn Street
Adela Street, Duncairn Street
Adela Terrace, see Duncairn Street
Adelaide Lodge, see Malone Road
Adelaide Place, Donegall Square South
Adelaide Row, see Malone Road
Adelaide Street, Franklin Street
Agincourt Terrace, Rugby Road
Agnes Street, Crumlin Road
Albany Street, Agnes Street
Albert Bridge Road, Mountpottinger
Albert Crescent, Durham Street
Albert Place, Albert Street
Albert Place, see Donegall Pass
Albert Square, Waring Street
Albert Street, Falls Road
Albert Street Place, Albert Crescent
Albert Terrace, see Divis Street
Alberta Terrace, see Malone Road
Albertview, see University Street
Albertville, see Crumlin Road
Albion Buildings, see York Street
Albion Place, see Dublin Road
Albion Street, Great Victoria Street
Alexander Street, Frederick Street
Alexander Street West, Pound Street
Alexander Terrace, see Albert Bridge Road
Alexandra Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Alexandra Terrace, Ashley Avenue
Alexandraville, see Crumlin Road
Alfred Street, May Street
Alfred Terrace, see Mountpottinger Road
Alma Cottage, Rugby Road
Alma Street, Falls Road
Allworthy Street, Duncairn Avenue
Alma Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Altmore, see Antrim Road
Altoona, see Windsor Avenue
Alton Street, Old Lodge Road
Ambrose Street, Little York Street
Amelia Street, Great Victoria Street
Anderson, Court, Millfield
Anderson Street, Short Strand
Andersontown ( Andersonstown )
Andrew Street, Nelson Street
Andrew Street New, Nelson Street
Anglesea Street, Beresford Street
Annadale, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Annadale Street, Old Lodge Road
Annavale, see Windsor Avenue
Annesley Street, Duncairn Street
Annette Street, Verner Street
Annie Court, Court Street West
Ann's Place, see Lodge Road Old
Ann Cottage, see Ballynafeigh New Road
Ann Street, Arthur Square
Ann Street North, Nelson Street
Annsworth Street, Shankhill Road
Antigua Street, Oldpark Road
Antrim Place, see Duncairn Street
Antrim Road, Limestone Road
Antrim Street, Wall Street
Antrim Terrace, see Duncairn Street
Antrimville, see Duncairn Street
Applevale House, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Apsley Place, see Donegall Pass
Apsley Street, Basin Lane
Ardeen Villa, see Antrim Road
Ardilea Street, Oldpark Road
Ardmoulin Place, see Divis Street
Ardmoulin Street, Divis Street
Ardriven, see Antrim Road
Ardsallagh, see Fortwilliam Park
Argyle Place, see Shankhill Road
Argyle Street, Shankhill Road
Ariel Street, Agnes Street
Arkwright Street, Tamworth Place
Arnon Street, Old Lodge Road
Arthur Lane, Arthur Street
Arthur Place, Arthur Street
Arthur Square, Arthur Street
Arthur Street Lower, Arthur Square
Arthur Street Upper, Chichester Street
Arthur Street News, Arthur Street
Artillery Street, North Queen Street
Arundel Street, Grosvenor Street
Ashfield, see Antrim Road
Ashfield Cottage, see Ballynafeigh Old Road
Ashfield House, see Ballynafeigh Old Road
Ashley Avenue, Lisburn Road
Ashley Lodge, Ballymacarrett, see Newtownards Road
Ashley Place, Mountpottinger, see Albert bridge Road
Ashmore Street, Conway Street
Athol Street, College Street South
Atlantic Avenue, Antrim Road
Atlantic House, see Limestone Road
Atlas Chambers, see Skipper Street
Auburn Street, see Elm Street
Auburn Cottage, see Thorndale Avenue
Auburn House, see Vernon Street
Auburn Villas, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Aughton Terrace, see Donegall Pass
Avoca Terrace, see University Street
Avondale Terrace, see Castlereagh Street
Avoneil House, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Road
Avoniel Street, Beersbridge Road
Avonmore Terrace, see Lisburn Road


Baggot Street, McClure Street
Bain's Place, Amelia Street
Baker Street, Cullingtree Road
Balaklava Street, Falls Road
Ball's Buildings, see St. Lawrence Street
Balmer's Court, Verner Street
Balmoral, see Lisburn Road
Balmoral Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Balmoral House, see Lisburn Road
Balmoral Nursery, see Lisburn Road
Balmoral Terrace, see Great Victoria Street
Balmoral Villas, see Lisburn Road
Baltic Avenue, Duncairn Street
Baltic Street, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Baltic Street East, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Ballymacarrett House, see Newtownards Road
Ballymurphy, see Falls Road
Ballynafeigh Road New, Ormeau Bridge
Ballynafeigh Road Old, Lagan Village
Bank Buildings, see Castle Place
Bankmore, see Dublin Road
Bank Street, Hercules Place
Banna Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Bann Street, Crumlin Road
Barnes' Court, Curtis Street
Barrack Lane, Alexander Street
Barrack Street, Durham Street
Barrack Street Court, Barrack Street
Barrow Street Lower, Shannon Street
Barrow Street Upper, Shannon Street
Basin Lane, Ormeau Road
Bathurst Court, Durham Street
Bath Place, Divis Street
Baxter's Place, see Club Row Lane
Beaconsfield Terrace, see University Street
Beaumont, see Malone Road
Bedeque House, see Crumlin Road
Bedeque Street, Old Lodge Road
Bedford Street, Howard Street
Bedford Terrace, see Sandy Row
Beechpark, see Oldpark Road
Beechfield Street, Mountpottinger Road
Beechfield, Mountpottinger
Beechmount, see Falls Road
Beech Street, Vernon Street
Beehive, see Falls Road
Beersbridge Cottage, see Beersbridge Road
Beersbridge Road, Mountpottinger
Begg's Street, Linfield Road
Belfast Castle, see Antrim Road
Belfast Municipal Buildings, see Victoria Street
Belgrave Cottage, Windsor Avenue
Belgrave Street, Mansfield Street
Belgrave Terrace, Lisburn Road
Bell's Lane, Smithfield
Belmont Street, Woodstock Road
Belmore Street, McClure Street
Bellevue, Shankhill Road
Bellevue House, see Newtownards Road
Belleville House, see Strandmillis Road
Bellevue Street, Shankhill Road
Belvidere Place, see Great Victoria Street
Belvoir Court, Newtownards Road
Belvoir Hall, see Newtownards Road
Belvoir Place, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Belvoir Street, Newtownards Road
Belvoir Terrace, see University Street
Belvoir Terrace, Ballymacarrett, see N'Ards Road
Bennett's Place, Lagan Village
Bentham Street, Utility Street
Bentinck Street, York Street
Benvue, see Malone Road
Benwell Street, Oldpark Road
Benwell Terrace, see Oldpark Road
Beresford Street, Shankhill Road
Berlin Street, Shankhill Road
Berryhill Court, Little Donegall Street
Berry Street, Hercules Street
Bertha House, see Malone Road
Bertie Place, Milford Street
Beverley Street, Percy Street
Bilton Court, Wilson Street
Birch Street, Little Donegall Street
Black's Cottages, see Ballynafeigh Old Road
Black's Place, Torren's Row
Blackstaff Road, Sandy Row
Blackwater Street, Grosvenor Street
Blayney Street, Grosvenor Street
Blayney Street, Agnes Street
Blenheim Street, Malvern Street
Blondin Street, Napier Street
Bloomfield, Beersbridge Road
Bloomfield House, see Bloomfield
Blythe Street, Sandy Row
Bogmeadow Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Bolton Street, Verner Street
Bond Street New, Eliza Street
Boomer Street, Bath Place
Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass
Botanic Cottage, see University Road
Botanic Gardens (Royal), University Road
Botanic Hill Cottage, see Malone Road
Botanic Lodge, see Strandmillis Road
Botanic Terrace, see Dublin Road
Botanic Road, see Great Victoria Street
Botanic View, see University Road
Boundary Court, Boundary Street
Boundary Street, Divis Street
Boundary Street North, Peter's Hill
Bower's Hill, see Shankhill Road
Bow Street, Cullingtree Road
Boyd's Buildings, see Bloomfield
Boyd's Court, Hercules Place
Boyd's Place, Boyd Street
Boyd's Row, Ballyhackamore
Boyd Street, Peter's Hill
Boyle Street, Lawther Street
Boyne Square, Sandy Row
Braemar Street, Broadway
Bradbury Place, see Dublin Road
Bradford Square, Tomb Street
Bradford Street, Old Lodge Road
Brady's Lane, Peter's Hill
Brady's Row, Grattan Street
Braemar Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Breadalbane Place. see Great Victoria Street
Bread Street, Derby Street
Brennan Street, Agnes Street
Bridge End, Ballymacarrett, Queen's Bridge
Bridge Street, Waring Street
Britton Street, Byron Street
Broadbent Street, Lodge Road Old
Broadway, Falls Road
Broadway Place, Falls Road
Brookhill Terrace, see Cliftonville
Brookfield Place, see Crumlin Road
Brookfield Place, Tennent Street
Brookfield Street, Crumlin Road
Brooklands, see Lisburn Road
Brook Street, Cullingtree Road
Brookhill Avenue, Cliftonville
Brookvale House, see Cliftonville Avenue
Brookvale, see Duncairn Street
Brookvale Avenue, Duncairn Street
Brookvale Lodge, see Lisburn Road
Brookvale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Brougham Street Court, Brougham Street
Brougham Street, York Street
Brownlow Street, Blenheim Street
Brown's Entry, Divis Street
Brown Square, Brown Street
Brown's Row, Academy Street
Brown Street, Millfield
Bruce Street, Dublin Road
Brunel Street, Agnes Street
Brunswick Street, Howard Street
Brunswick Street Little, Bruce Street
Bruslee Street, Lodge Road New
Butler Street, Crumlin Road
Byrne's Lane, East Street
Byron Street, Oldpark Road
Byron Place, Bryon Street


Cairns Street, Leeson Street
Caledonia Street, Rugby Road
Caledonia Terrace, see Caledonia Street
Calender Street, Castle Lane
California Street Lower, Peter's Hill
California Street, Lodge Road Old
Calvin Street, Mountpottinger
Camberwell Street, Antrim Road
Camberwell Terrace, see Camberwell Street
Cambrai Place, see Crumlin Road
Cambrai Street, Crumlin Road
Cambridge Street, Meadow Street
Cambridge Terrace, see Ormeau Road
Camden Street, Lisburn Road
Camden Terrace, see Camden Street
Camden Villa, see Lisburn Road
Cameron Street, Botanic Avenue
Campbell's Place, Staunton Street
Campbell's Row, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Campbell's Row, Townsend Street
Campbell Street, Lodge Road Old
Campbell Street South, Johnston Street
Canmore Street, Shankhill Road
Canning Court, Shankhill Road
Canning Place, Canning Street
Canning Street, York Street
Canning Street Place, Canning Street
Cargill Court, Cargill Street
Cargill Street, Townsend Street
Cargill Street Upper, Boundary Street
Carlisle Circus, Clifton Street
Carlisle Place, see Carlisle Street
Carlisle Street, Lodge Road Old
Carlisle Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Carlow Street, Shankhill Road
Carnarvon Terrace, see Donegall Street
Carnmoney Street, Lodge Road New
Carntall Street, Lodge Road New
Caroline Court, Caroline Street
Caroline Street, Patrick Street Little
Carraghdarragh, see Windsor Avenue
Carrickhill, North Street
Carrickhill Place, Carrickhill
Carson's Place, see Lisburn Road
Carson's Row, see Lisburn Road
Castle Arcade, Corn Market
Castle Buildings, see Castle Place & Donegall Place
Castle Chambers, Rosemary Street
Castle Lane, Arthur Square
Castle Market, Castle Lane
Castle Place, High Street
Castlereagh Avenue, Mountpottinger
Castlereagh Place, Mountpottinger Castlereagh Street
Castlereagh Road, Ballymacarrett, Loop Bridge
Castlereagh Street, Mountpottinger, Albert Bridge Road
Castlereagh View, Mountpottinger, Castlereagh Road
Castle Street, off Castle Place
Castle, The, off Castle Place
Castle Yard, off Castle Lane
Castleton, see Shore Road
Castleton Park, see Antrim Road
Castleton Street, Camberwell Street
Castleton Villa, see Antrim Road
Catherine Court, Catherine Street
Catherine Street, Henrietta Street
Catherine Street North, May Street Little
Cavehill Road, Antrim Road
Cavour Street, Lodge Road Old
Caxton Street, Robert Street
Ceara, see Windsor Avenue
Central Street, Newtownards Road
Chambers Street, Donegall Pass
Chapel Lane, Castle Street
Chaplin Street, Lisburn Road
Charlemont Street, Berry Street
Charles Street South, Hope Street
Charles Street, Union Street
Charlotte Court, Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street, Donegall Pass
Charlotte Street Little, Charlotte Street
Chatham Street, Crumlin Road
Check Street, Carlow Street
Cherryhill, see Malone Road
Cherrymount, see Crumlin Road
Cherryvale, see Ballynafeigh Old Road
Cherryvale, see My Lady's Road
Chichester Park, see Antrim Road
Chichester Street, Donegall Square East
Chlorine, see Malone Road
Chlorine Villa, see Malone Road
Christian Place, Irvine Street
Christopher Street, Peter's Hill
Church Lane Lower, High Street
Church Lane Upper
Church Street East, Ballymacarrett Newtownards Road
Church Street, Donegall Street
Church Street (back) East, Ballymacarrett, N'Ards Road
Churchville, see Newtownards Road
Cinnamond Street, Cullingtree Road
City View Terrace, see falls Road
Clanbrassil Terrace, see Castlereagh Street
Clanchattan House, see Limestone Road
Clandeboye Street, Ballymacarrett, Castlereagh Street
Claremont Lane, Ballymacarrett, Woodstock Road
Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Road
Claremont Street, University Road
Claremont terrace, see Claremont Street
Clarence Place, Alfred Street
Clarence Street, Bedford Street
Clarendon Dock, see Corporation Street
Clarke's Lane, Patrick Street Great
Clements Street, Hopeton Street
Clifton Lodge, see Cliftonville
Clifton Park Avenue, Crumlin Road
Clifton Park Cottage, Summer Street
Clifton Street, Donegall Street
Clifton terrace, see Duncairn Street
Cliftonview Terrace, see Clifton Park Avenue
Clifton Villas, see Clifton Park
Cliftonville, Duncairn Street
Cliftonville Avenue, Cliftonville
Clinkhill, see Malone Road
Clonallon Street, Newtownards Road
Clonard Street Upper, Falls Road
Clonard Street Lower, Falls Road
Cluan House, see Cluan Place
Cluan Place, Mountpottinger
Club Row Lane, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Club Row Lower, Ballymacarrett
Club Row Upper, Ballymacarrett, Short Street
Clyde Terrace, Ballymacarrett, see Short Street
Coal Exchange, Ballymacarrett, see Queen's Quay
Coar's Lane, Patrick Street Great
Coates Place, off Coates Street
Coates Street, Townsend Street
Coates Row Place, Lagan Village Road
Coburn Court, Cargill Street
Cole's Alley, Ann Street
Colfield House, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Colin Street, Falls Road
Colinview, Lisburn Road
Colinview Terrace, see Colinview
College Court, College Street
College Garden, Malone Road
College Green, Fitzroy Avenue
College Park, College Park East
College Park East, University Avenue
College Place North, College Square North
College Square North, King Street
College Street, Fountain Street
College Street South, Howard Street
College Street West, Durham Street
Colligan Street, Waterford Street
Collyer Street, Lawther Street
Columbus Street, Union Place
Comber Place, Crumlin Road
Combermere Street, Albion Street
Commercial Buildings, see Waring Street
Commercial Chambers, see Telfair Street
Commercial Chambers, see Waring Street
Commercial Court, Donegall Street
Concord Street, Unity Street
Conlig Street, Lodge Road Old
Conlon Street, Lodge Road Old
Connaught Terrace, University Road
Connolly's Court, McTier Street
Constabulary Lane, Queen Street North
Constance Street, Templemore Park, Mountpottinger
Conswater Street, Newtownards Road
Conway Street, Falls Road
Cooke Street, Ormeau Road
Cooke Terrace, see Ormeau Road
Coolavin, see Malone Road
Coolgreany House, see Fortwilliam Park
Coomassie Terrace, see Strandmillis Road
Cooney's Court, Ann Street
Cooper's Row, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Copeland Street, Basin Lane
Corn Exchange Buildings, see Victoria Street
Corn Market, Castle Place
Cornwall Street, Byron Street
Coronation Court, York Street Little
Corporation Square, Corporation Street
Corporation Street Little, Corporation Street
Corporation Street, Victoria Street
Corunna House, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Cosgrave Street, North Queen Street
Courtrai Street, see Cambrai Street
Court Street, Crumlin Road
Cowan's Court, Hutchinson Street
Coyle Place, Ormeau Road
Coyle Street, Ormeau Street
Craigmore Street, Basin Lane
Craig Street, Falls Road
Craig's Terrace, Northumberland Street
Cranburn Street, Duncairn Street
Crane Court, Cullingtree Road
Cranston Place, see Duncairn Street
Craven Street, Shankhill Road
Crawford Street, Welsh Street
Crecy Terrace, Agincourt Terrace
Crescent Lower, University Road
Crescent House, see Crescent Upper
Crescent Terrace, see University Road
Crescent Upper, university Road
Creswick, see Malone Park
Cricket Grounds, Ormeau, see Ormeau Road
Cricket View Cottage, see Ormeau Road
Crimea Street, Shankhill Road
Cromac Buildings, see Police Square
Cromac Cottages, Ormeau Street
Cromac Park House, see Ormeau Road
Cromac Park Terrace, see Ormeau Road
Cromac Street, May Street
Cromwell Street, Byron Street
Cromwell Terrace, see Cromwell Road
Cromwell Road, Botanic Avenue
Cromwell House, see Cromwell Road
Crone Court, Pilot Street
Cross Street, Sussex Street
Cross Street South
Crossley Street, Templemore Park
Crown Terrace, Ormeau Road
Crown Entry, High Street
Crosier's Row, Duffy's Place
Crozier's Row, Byron Street
Crumlin Place, see Crumlin Road
Crumlin Road, Carlisle Circus
Crumlin Street, Flax Street
Crumlin Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Culbert Court, York Street Little
Culfeightrin House, see Botanic Avenue
Cullingtree Place, Stanley Street
Cullingtree Road, Pound Street
Cullingtree Street, Durham Street
Cumberland Street, Percy Street
Cupar Street, Falls Road
Currel Place, Townsend Street
Currier's Court, Mill Street
Currie Street, Irvine Street
Curtis Street, York Street
Cussick Street, Lisburn Road
Custom House Square, Queen Square


Dagmar Street, Lodge Road Old
Dale Street, Sussex Street
Dalriada Terrace, see Donegall Pass
Daly's Place, North Street
Dalton Street, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Dan's Row, Lagan Village
Dane Street, Hemsworth Street
Danesfort, see Malone Road
Davison Court, Durham Street
David Street, Conway Street
Dayton Court, Dayton Street
Dayton Street, Townsend Street
Deesa Place, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Deerpark, see Antrim Road
Dee Street, see Club Row Lane
Denmark Street, Lodge Road Old
Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Road
Derby Court, Divis Street
Derby Place, see Divis Street
Derby Street,, Divis Street
Derryvolgie Avenue, Lisburn Road
Derryvolgie House, see Malone Road
Derry Street, Crimea Street
Devonshire Street, Albert Crescent
Diamond Street, Shankhill Road
Dickson Street, Grosvenor Street
Disraeli Street, Crumlin Road
Distillery Street, Grosvenor Street
Distillery Street Little, Distillery Street
Divis Street, Mill Street
Divis View, see Lisburn Road
Dock Lane, Thomas Street North
Dock Street New, Ship Street Little
Dock Street, York Street
Dock Yard, see Corporation Street
Dominick Street, Annette Street
Donaldson's Court, Divis Street
Donegall Lane, Donegall Street
Donegall Pass, Dublin Road
Donegall Place Buildings, see Donegall Place
Donegall Place, Castle Place
Donegall Quay, Queen's Bridge
Donegall Square East, Chichester Street
Donegall Square Mews, Adelaide Place
Donegall Square North, Chichester Street
Donegall Square South, Adelaide Place
Donegall Square West, Wellington Place
Donegall Street Little, John Street
Donegall Street Place, Donegall Street
Donegall Street, Waring Street
Donegall Street Court, Donegall Street
Donegall Terrace, see Duncairn Street
Donegore Street, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Donore Court, Donore Street
Donore Place, Lodge Road New
Donore Street, Lodge Road New
Dover Street, Shankhill Road
Downing Court, Downing Street
Downing Street, Shankhill Road
Downshire Place, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Road
Downshire Place, Victoria Street Great
Drain's Court, Durham Street
Drake's Lane, Union Place
Drumglass House, see Malone Road
Drummond's Court, Carrick Hill
Dublin Road, Bedford Street
Dufferin Dock, Garmoyle Street
Dufferin Street, Ballymacarrett, Templemore Park
Duffy's Court, Samuel Street
Duffy's Place, Boundary Street
Duncairn, see Lodge Road New
Duncairn Street, Carlisle Circus
Duncairn Terrace, see Duncairn Street
Dundee Street, Shankhill Road
Dunedin, see Antrim Road
Dunedin Terrace, see Antrim Road
Dunesk House, Strandmillis Road (Stranmillis)
Dunluce Street, Lisburn Road
Dunmore, see Antrim Road
Dunowen, see Cliftonville
Dunraven Court, Shankhill Road
Dunville's Buildings, Falls Road
Durham Court, Durham Street
Durham Place, Durham Street
Durham Street, Divis Street
Duncairn Avenue, Duncairn Street
Duncairn House, see North Queen Street
Dundela House, see Antrim Road
Dunlambert, Fortwilliam Park
Dunluce Terrace, see Chaplin Street
Dunluce Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Dunraven, see Malone Road
Dyet's Court, Divis Street
Dysart Street, Alexander Street West


Eagleson Place, see Earl Lane
Earl Court, see Earl Lane
Earl Lane, Earl Street
Earl Place, Earl Street
Earl Street, York Street
Earl Street Upper, North Queen Street
Easton Lodge, see Cliftonville
East Street, Verner Street
Economy Place, George's Street Little
Eaton Terrace, see Rugby Street
Eblana, see University Street
Edenbank, see Windsor Avenue
Edenderry House, see Shankhill Road
Edenderry Street, Tennent Street
Edenmore House, see Cavehill Road
Eden terrace, see Shankhill Road
Edith Street, Ballymacarrett, Templemore Park
Edward Street Great, Chichester Street
Edward Street Little, Academy Street
Edward Street, Robert Street
Eglinton Cottage, see Ventry Street
Eglinton Place, see Crumlin Road
Eglinton, see Antrim Road
Eglinton Street, Crumlin Road
Eglinton Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Eglinton View, see Malone Road
Eia, see Duncairn Street
Eldon Court, McTier Street
Eldon Street, see Riversdale Street
Elgin Terrace, see Limestone Road
Elizabeth Street, Albert Crescent
Eliza Court, Eliza Street
Eliza Place, Eliza Street
Eliza Street, Cromac Street
Ellenborough Terr., Ballymacarrett, see Castlereagh St.
Ellen's Court, Nile Street
Ellerslie, see Windsor Park
Elliott's Row, Springfield Road
Elmgrove House, Ballymacarrett, see Beersbridge Road
Elm Street, Pine Street
Elmwood Avenue, Lisburn Road
Elmwood, see Elmwood Avenue
Elmwood Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Elmwood Manse, see University Road
Emily Place, George Street Great
Emma Court, College Street West
Enfield House, see Crumlin Road
English Street, Cullingtree Road
Eno House, see Falls Road
Erin Street, Charlotte Street
Essex Street, Ormeau Road
Eton Street, Hemsworth Street
Ettrick Street, Peveril Street
Eureka Street, Blackstaff Road
Everton Street, Crumlin Road
Everton Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Ewart's Row, Crumlin Road
Exchange Buildings, see Waring Street
Exchange Place, Donegall Street


Fairview Street, Crumlin Road
Fairfax Street, Benwell Street
Falloon's Court, Fleet Street
Falls Court, Durham Street
Falls Road, Divis Street
Fanny's Cottages, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Farm, The, see Kinnaird Street
Faulkner Street, Glenalpin Street
Felt Street, Utility Street
Ferguson's Court, Smithfield
Fern Cottage, see Malone Road Upper
Fernleigh, see Malone Road
Fifth Street, Howard Street North
Firmount, see Fortwilliam Park
First Street, Howard Street North
Fisherwick Place, College Street South
Fitzroy Avenue, Botanic Avenue
Fitzroy Crescent, see University Street
Fitzroy Terrace, see University Street
Fitzwilliam Place, see University Road
Fitzwilliam Street, University Road
Flannagan's Court, Melbourne Street
Flax Street, Crumlin Road
Fleet Street, York Street
Fleetwood Street, Crumlin Road
Fleming Street, Boundary Street North
Florenceville Avenue, Ballynafeigh Road Old
Florence Place, Crumlin Road
Forcade's Entry, Berry Street
Foreman Street, Lodge Road Old
Forthingale Street, Lodge Road Old
Fortwilliam Park. Shore Road
Fortwilliam Terrace, see Duncairn Street
Fortwilliam, see Shore Road
Fortview House, see Antrim Road
Fortview Terrace, see Duncairn Street
Foundry Row, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Fountain Lane, Donegall Place
Fountain Square, see Donegall Street Little
Fountain Street, Castle Street
Fountain Street North, Lodge Road New
Fountainville Cottage, see University Road
Fountainville Park Cottage, see University Road
Fountainville Terrace, see University Road
Fountainville Avenue, University Road
Fountainville House, see Chaplin Street
Fourth Street, Howard Street North
Fox Lodge, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Fox's Row, Cullingtree Street
Foyle Street, Crumlin Road
Francis Street Place, Francis Street
Francis Street, Smithfield
Franklin Place, see Franklin Street
Franklin Street, Alfred Street
Frank Street, Mountpottinger, Castlereagh Street
Frank Street Upper, Castlereagh Street
Frank Place, Frank Street Upper
Frazer Street, Newtownards Road
Frederick Lane, Frederick Street
Frederick Place, Frederick Street
Frederick Street, York Street
Frederick terrace, see Posnett Street
Friendly Street, Welsh Street#


Gable Street, Greenland Street
Gaffikin's Row, see Malone Road
Gaffikin Street, Sandy Row
Galway Court, Galway Street
Galway Street, Durham Street
Gamble Street, Corporation Street
Gardenhill, see North Queen Street
Garden Place, Meadow Street
Garden Street, Cambridge Street
Gardiner's Row, Conlig Street
Gardiner Street, Brown Street
Garland's Court, Agnes Street
Garmoyle Street, Corporation Street
Garston Street, York Street Little
Gas Court, Howard Street South
Gasfield House, see Ormeau Road
Gasfield Lodge, see Ormeau Road
Gaskin Place, McTier Street
Gavin's Court, Shankhill Road
Gay Street, Mayne Street
George's Court, Frederick Street
George's Lane, Police Place
General Assembly's Buildings, see May Street
George's Place, George's Street Great
George Street, Lagan Village
George's Street Great, Corporation Street
George Street Little, York Street
Getty Street, Leeson Street
Gertrude Street, Newtownards Road
Ghent Street, Cambrai Street
Gibson Street, Grosvenor Street
Gilbert Street, Byron Street
Gilford Street, Divis Street
Glasshouse Place, see Mountpottinger Road
Glasshouse Street, Boyd Street
Glenalpin Street, Victoria Street Great
Glenariff Street, William's Place
Glenallon Street, Mountpottinger, Albert Bridge Road
Glenburn Alley, Sandy Row
Glencoe House, see Antrim Road
Glenfield Place, see Ormeau Road
Glengall Place, College Street South
Glengall Street, Victoria Street Great
Glenpark Street, Oldpark Road
Glenravel Street, Clifton Street
Glentilt Place, Lodge Road Old
Glentilt Street, Lodge Road Old
Glentoran, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Glenwood House, see Shankhill Road
Glenview House, see Camberwell Street
Gloucester Villa, see Duncairn Street
Gloucester Street, Edward Street Great
Gordon Street, Hill Street
Goudy's Court, William Street South
Gosford Street, McClure Street
Gosford Place, Gosford Street
Grafton Street, Beresford Street
Grace Street, Hamilton Street
Grafton Street, Beresford Street
Graham's Entry, Rosemary Street
Graham's Place, Ballymacarrett, Bridge End
Granville House, Sandhurst Road
Granville Street, Grosvenor Street
Granville Terrace, see Magdala Street
Grasmere Terrace, see Hopefield Avenue
Grattan Court, Grattan Street
Grattan Place, Grattan Street
Grattan Street, Gordon Street
Greenhill Cottage, see Mountpottinger Road
Greenhill Terrace, Ballymacarrett, see Mountpottinger Rd
Greenland Street, Cargill Street
Greenmount, see North Queen Street
Greenmount Road, see North Queen Street
Green Street, Academy Street
Green Street Court, Green Street
Greenville House, Ballymacarrett, Beersbridge Road
Gregg's Quay, Queen's Bridge
Gregg's Row, West Street
Grosvenor Place, Grosvenor Street
Grosvenor Street, Durham Street
Grosvenor Street Little, Grosvenor Street
Grosvenor Terrace, see Grosvenor Street
Grove Cottage, see Shore Road
Grove, The, see Shore Road
Grove Street East, Ballymacarrett, Beersbridge Road
Grove Street, Cross Street
Grovefield, Ballymacarrett, see Woodstock Road
Grovefield Terrace, see Woodstock Road


Haldane Place, Haldane Street
Haldane Street, Hampden Street
Halliday's Road, Duncairn Street
Hamill Court, Hamill Street
Hamill Place, Hamill Street
Hamill Square, Lettuce Hill
Hamill Street, Mill Street
Hamill Street Place, Hamill Street
Hamilton's Court, High Street
Hamilton Place, Ballymacarrett, Lagan Village Road
Hamilton Place West, Boundary Street
Hamilton Street, Cromac Street
Hampden Street, Agnes Street
Hampden Terrace, see Rugby Street
Hampden Villas, see Rugby Road
Hampstead, see Cavehill Road
Hampton, see Derryvolgie Avenue
Hampton Cottage, see Ormeau Road
Hampton Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Hamptonville, see Ormeau Road
Hanna's Court, Shankhill Road
Hanna's Lane, Peter's Hill
Hanna Place. Melbourne Street
Hanna Street, York Street
Hanover Street, Lodge Road Old
Hardinge Street, North Queen Street
Harland Street, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Harmony Place, see Dublin Road
Harmony Street, Dublin Road
Harper's Court, Curtis Street
Hartley Street, Lodge Road Old
Hartrick Place, Annette Street
Hartwell Street, Annadale Street
Hastings Street, Divis Street
Havelock Cottage, see Havelock Place
Havelock Place, Ormeau Street
Havelock Street, Ormeau Road
Havelock View, Vernon Street
Hawthorn Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Hazelfield Cottage, Hampden Street
Hemsworth Street, McTier Street
Henrietta Street, Cromac Street
Henry's Lane, Henry Street Little
Henry Place, Clifton Street
Henry Square, Green Street
Henry Street, Corporation Street
Henry Street Little, Henry Street
Henryville House, Ballymacarrett, see Lagan Village Rd.
Herbert Street. Crumlin Road
Hercules Place, Castle Place
Hercules Street, Hercules Place
Herd's Court, Coates Street
Heron's Row, Beresford Street
Hertford Place, see Dublin Road
Hertford Street, Grosvenor Street
Hibernia Place, see Lisburn Road
Hibernia Terrace, see Lisburn Road
High Street, Castle Place
Hill Street North, Henry Street
Hill Street, Waring Street
Hilland Street, Blackstaff Road
Hillview, see Duncairn Street
Hillview Street. Oldpark Road
Hodgson's Entry, High Street
Hollymount, see Duncairn Street
Hollymount, see Osborne Park
Holmes' Court, Verner Street
Holmes Street, Bruce Street
Holyrood, see Malone Road
Hope Cottage, Ballymacarrett, see Newtownards Road
Hope Court, Hope Street
Hopefield, see Antrim Road
Hopefield Avenue, Antrim Road
Hopefield Terrace, see Antrim Road
Hope House, College Park East
Hope's Place, Melbourne Street
Hope Street, Victoria Street Great
Hopeton Street, Shankhill Road
Hopewell Street, Shankhill Road
Hopp's Court, Millfield
Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Hornidge Street, Short Strand
Howard Street, Donegall Square South
Howard Street North, Falls Road
Howard Street South, Ormeau Road
Huddleston's Place, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Rd.
Hudson's Court, Hudson's Entry
Hudson Place, Hudson Street
Hudson's Entry, North Street
Hudson Street, Shankhill Road
Hughes' Buildings, see Divis Street
Humber Street, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Humphrey's Court, Brown Square
Huntley Villas, see Derryvolgie Avenue
Hurst Street, Sandy Row
Huss Street, Agnes Street
Hutchinson Street, Stanley Street
Hutton's Court, Annette Street


Improvement Court, Magee's Lane
Independent Street, Ballymacarrett, Short Street
India Street, Botanic Avenue
Inkerman Street
Innis Place, Blackstaff Road
Institution Court, Lettuce Hill
Institution Place, Killen Street
Inverness Place, Coates Street
Ireland Court, Raphael Street
Ireland Row, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Irvine Street, Cullingtree Road
Irvine Terrace, see University Street
Irvine Terrace, see Ormeau Road
Irwell Street, Broadway
Isabella Street, Henry Street


Lombard Street, Rosemary Street
Long Lane, Church Street
Lonsdale Street, Crumlin Road
Lonsdale Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Lorne Cottage, Rugby Road
Lorne Terrace, see Albert bridge Road
Lord Street, Ballymacarrett, Albert bridge Road
Louden Street, Dover Street
Loughview House, see Bridge End
Low's Court, Magee's Lane
Lowwood, see Shore Road
Ludlow Street, Lodge Road New
Luke Street, Northumberland Street
Lyle Street, Crumlin Road
Lynas Lane, Patrick Street Great
Lyons Court, McTier Street
Lyons Street, Ballymacarrett, Bridge End
Lys Marie, see Ballynafeigh Road New


Macaulay Court, Macaulay Street
Macaulay Street, Cromac Street
Macaulay Terrace, see Cliftonpark Avenue
Mackay Street, Lawther Street
Madrid Street, Albert Bridge Road
Magdala Street, Caledonia Street
Magee's Lane, George's Street Great
Malcolm Lane, Ballymacarrett, Claremont Lane
Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett, Albert Bridge Road
Malcolmson Street, Waterford Street
Malone Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Malone House, see Malone Road Upper
Malone Park, Malone Road
Malone Park House, see Malone Park
Malone Place, Lisburn Road
Malone Road, University Road
Malone Road Upper, Strandmillis Road
Malt Street, Grosvenor Street
Malvern Place, Hopeton Street
Malvern Street, Shankhill Road
Malvern Street Upper, Hemsworth Street
Manderson's Row, Ballymacarrett, see Newtownards Rd
Manor House, see Duncairn Street
Mansfield Street, Brownlow Street
Maria Place, Hudson Street
Maria Street, Leadbetter Street
Marine Street, Ship Street Little
Market Street, May Street
Marlborough Street, Victoria Street
Marlborough Terrace, see University Street
Marquis Street, Mill Street
Marsden Villa, see Antrim Road
Marshall's Place, Townsend Street
Marshall Square, Lynas Lane
Martello Tower, see Antrim Road
Martha Place, Conlon Street
Mary's Market, Townsend Street
Mary's Place, Wylie Street
Mary Street, Lemon Street
Maryvale, see Malone Road Upper
Masonic Buildings, see Arthur Square
Massareene Street, Cullingtree Road
Matilda Street, Blackstaff Road
Matlock Street, Hemsworth Street
Maurice Street, see Springfield Road
Mawhinney's Court, Melbourne Street
Maxwell Court, Maxwell Street
Maxwell Place, Maxwell Street
Maxwell Street, Sandy Row
Mayfield Cottage, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Rd.
Mayne Street, Linfield Road
Mayo Street, Shankhill Road
May's Lane, North Queen Street
May Street, Clarence Place
May Street Little, Cromac Street
Meadowbank Street, Wardlow Avenue
Meadow Lane, Meadow Street
Meadowlands, see Lisburn Road
Meadow Street, York Street
Meenan Street, Agnes Street
Meetinghouse Lane, William Street
Melbourne Court, Melbourne Street
Melbourne Street, Brown Street
Melrose Terrace, see Wolseley Street
Melrose House, see Fortwilliam Park
Melville, see Malone Park
Melville's Buildings, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Rd
Memel Street, Bridge End
Mercer's Court, Divis Street
Merrion Street, Leeson Street
Merview, Duncairn, see Halliday's Road
Michael Court, Hamill Street
Michael Street, George's Street Great
Midland Street, Wilton Street
Middlepath Street, Ballymacarrett, Bridge End
Milford Street, Pound Street
Millar's Lane, Berry Street
Mill Street, Castle Street
Millfield, North Street
Millfield Place, Millfield
Milliken Street, Falls Road
Millview Place, Townsend Street
Milton Street, Ross Street
Milton Terrace, see Wolseley Street
Mitchell's Row, Gardiner Street
Mitchell Street, Millfield
Model Farm, see Lisburn Road
Moffatt Street, Isabella Street
Moira Street, Ballymacarrett
Molyneux Street, Henry Street
Montgomery's Row, Ballymacarrett, Templemore Park
Montgomery Street, Chichester Street
Montray's Court, Caroline Street
Montpelier, see Malone Road
Moore's Place, Sandy Row
Moore Street, Lagan Village
Moreland's Row, see Castlereagh Road
Morgan's Buildings, Ballymacarrett, Thompson Street
Mornington Street, McClure Street
Morpeth Street, Westmoreland Street
Morrison's Court, Boundary Street
Morrow's Entry, Hill Street
Mosaphir House, see Cavehill Road
Moscow Street, Shankhill Road
Mossville, see Antrim Road
Mountain Bush, Cavehill Road
Mountcharles, University Road
Mount Collyer Terrace, see Limestone Road
Mount Eden, see Shankhill Road
Mount Ovid, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Mountpleasant, see Strandmillis Road
Mountpottinger Road, Ballymacarrett, Bridge End
Mountprospect, see Lisburn Road
Mount Street, Albert bridge Road
Mount Street Lower, Albert Bridge Road
Mount, The, see Albert Bridge Road
Mountview Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Mountvernon, see Shore Road
Mountview, see Crumlin Road
Mourneview, see Shankhill Road
Mullen's Place, Trafalgar Street
Murdock Street, Cullingtree Road
Murphy's Court, George's Street Little
Murphy's Lane, Verner Street
Murphy's Row, Barrack Street
Murphy's Street, Verner Street
Murray's Place, Lagan Village
Murray's Row, Lagan Village
Murray's Terrace, Fisherwick Place
Musgrave Street, Ann Street
Music Hall Lane, Arthur Street
Mustard Street, John Street
My Lady's Road, Woodstock Road


McAlister's Buildings, see Grosvenor Street
McAlister's Row, Beersbridge Road
McAdam Street, Sandy Row
McAreavy's Court, Verner Street
McBratney's Court, Lagan Village
McCavanagh's Place, Franklin Street
McClarnon's Court, Winetavern Street
McCleery Street, Henry Street
McClenaghan's Court, Mill Street
McClure Street, Ormeau Road
McConkey's Court, Brown Square
McConkey's Entry, Brown Square
McCracken's Place, Newtownards Road
McCully's Court, Peter's Hill
McDonnell Street, Grosvenor Street
McDowell's Place, see Oldpark Road
McDowell's Entry, Durham Street
McFarland's Court, Wesley Place
McGahen Street, Linfield Road
McGlade's Court, Mill Street
McIvor's Place, Wilson Street
McKenna's Place, Welsh Street
McKibben's Court, Kent Street
McKiller's Court, Nelson Street
McLarnon's Court, Institution Place
McLaughlin's Court, Shankhill Road
McMaster's Court, Millfield
McMillen's Buildings, Ballymacarrett, see Albert Bridge Rd
McMillen's Place, Durham Street
McMullan's Lane
McNamara's Court, Lodge Road new
McQuillan Street, Falls Road
McTier Street, Shankhill Road


Nail Street, English Street
Napier Place, see Sandy Row
Napier Street, Sandy Row
Napoleon Terrace, see Donegall Pass
Nassau Street, Beresford Street
National Provident Chambers, see Victoria Street
Nelson Court, Nelson Street
Nelson Place, Nelson Street
Nelson Street, Patrick Street Great
Nettlefield, Ballymacarrett, see My. Lady's Road
Newforge, see Malone Road
Newington, see Limestone Road
Newington Terrace, see Limestone Road
Newington Avenue, see Limestone Road
Newington Street, Limestone Road
Newtownbreda Manse, see Ballynafeigh Road New
New Street, Rowan Street
Newtownards Road, Bridge End
New Row, Berry Street
Nile Street, Nelson Street
Nixon Street, Conway Street
Nore Street, Shannon Street
Norfolk Street, Falls Road
Norman Street, Meadow Street
Northland Street, Wilton Street
North Queen Street, Donegall Street
North Queen Street Place, North Queen Street
North Street Place, North Street
North Street, Rosemary Street
Northumberland Street, Falls Road
Norton Street, Macaulay Street
Norwood Place, see Albert Bridge Road
Norwood Street, Windsor Street
Nottinghill House, see Malone Road
Nottinghill, see Malone Road


Oak Street, Donegall Pass
Oban Street, Gaffikin Street
Oberon Villas, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Odessa Street, Sevastopol Street
Oldpark Cottage, see Oldpark Road
Oldpark Crescent, see Oldpark Road
Oldpark House, see Cliftonville
Oldpark Road, Crumlin Road
Oldpark Terrace, see Oldpark Road
Omar Street, Falls Road
Orangegrove, see Malone Road
Orchard Street, Canning Street
Ormeau Cricket Grounds, see Ormeau Road
Ormeau Place, see Ormeau Road
Ormeau Road, Cromac Street
Ormeau Street, Ormeau Road
Ormeau Terrace, see Ormeau Road
Ormond Place, Ormond Street
Ormond Street, Ross Street
Orr's Entry, High Street
Orrington, see Lisburn Road
Orrington House, see Lisburn Road
Osborne Cottages, see Lisburn Road
Osborne House, see Osborne Park
Osborne Park, Lisburn Road
Osborne Street, Lawther Street
Osborne Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Osborne Villas, see Osborne Park
Outram Street, Havelock Place
Owen o' Cork House, see Beersbridge Road
Oxford Buildings, see Donegall Pass
Oxford Street, Annette Street
O'Haggerty Court, Boundary Street
O'Haggerty Street, Greenland Street
O'Kane's Place, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
O'Neill Street, Clonard Street


Pakenham Place, see Dublin Road
Pakenham Street, Dublin Road
Palmerston Street, Grosvenor Street
Panpark Street Upper, Cupar Street
Panton Street, Falls Road
Parker's Court, Gamble Street
Park Lodge, see Oldpark Road
Park Lodge, see Antrim Road
Park Place, see Ormeau Road
Parkmount, see Shore Road
Park Street, Carrickhill
Parkview, see Albert Bridge Road
Parkview, see Antrim Road
Parkview, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Parkview, Ravenhill, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Parkville, see Antrim Road
Patrick's Lane, Patrick Street Great
Patrick Street Great, York Street
Patrick Street Little, York Street
Patterson's Court, Patrick Street Little
Paxton Street, Templemore Park
Pebble Cottage, see Duncairn Street
Peel Street, Falls Road
Pepperhill Court, Carrickhill
Percy Street, Shankhill Road
Perth Street, Lodge Road Old
Peter's Place, Peter's Hill
Peter's Hill, North Street
Pernau Street, Snugville Street
Peveril Street, Ormeau Road
Pilot Place, Pilot Street
Pilot Street, Corporation Street
Pine Street, Donegall Pass
Pinkerton Street, New Lodge Road
Pitt Place, Newtownards Road
Pitt Street, Newtownards Road
Plough Buildings, see Corn Market
Plunkett's Court, Carrickhill
Plunkett Court, Union Street
Police Place, William Street South
Police Square, William Street South
Pool Lane, Sandy Row
Portland Place, Portland Street
Portland Street, George's Street Great
Posnett Street, Donegall Pass
Pottinger Cottages, see Albert Bridge Road
Pottinger Place, see Albert Bridge Road
Pottinger's Court, Pottinger's Entry
Pottinger's Entry, High Street
Pottinger's Terrace, see Albert Bridge Road
Pound Street, Durham Street
Powerscourt Street, McClure Street
Prim Street, Albert Bridge Road
Prince Arthur Terrace, see Crumlin Road
Prince Arthur Terrace, see Victoria Street Great
Prince's Court, Princes Street
Prince's Dock, Dock Street
Prince's Street, Queen's Square
Prospect House, Ballynafeigh Road New
Prospect Street, Elm Street
Prospect Terrace, see University Road


Quadrant Street, Albert Crescent
Queen's Bridge, Ann Street
Queen's College, see University Road
Queen's Elms, see University Road
Queen's Island, South Side of River Lagan
Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett
Queen's Square, Victoria Street
Queen Street, Mill Street
Queen Street Upper, Wellington Place
Quigley's Court, Verner Street
Quinn Street, Short Strand
Quinn's Place, Nelson Street


Radcliffe Street, Donegall Pass
Radnor Street, Woodstock Road
Raglan Street, Albert Street
Railway Cottage, see Colinview
Railway Street, McGahen Street
Rainey Street, Copeland Street
Raphael Street, Cromac Street
Ravenhill, see Old Ballynafeigh Road
Ravenhill Terrace, see Ballynafeigh Road Old
Rathowen, see Windsor Avenue
Rathbone Street, May Street Little
Rathvarna, see Antrim Road
Ravenscroft, see Bloomfield
Reid's Buildings, see Mountpottinger Road
Reid's Place, Boundary Street
Reilly's Court, Reilly's Place
Reilly's Place, Cromac Street
Reavey's Court, Frederick Street
Regent Street, Trinity Street
Renwick Court, Sandy Row
Renwick Place, see Sandy Row
Retreat Lodge, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Richmond, see Antrim Road
Richmond Lodge, see Cavehill Road
Richmond Crescent, see Antrim Road
Richmond Street, Woburn Street
Richmond Place, see Cavehill Road
Richmond Terrace, see Victoria Street Great
Richview House, see Blackstaff Road
Riga Street, Crimea Street
Ritchie's Cottages, Mountpottinger Road
Ritchie's Place, North Street
Riversdale Street, Christopher Street
River Terrace, see Rugby Road
River Terrace, see Short Strand
Rivoli House, see Crescent Lower
Robert's Court, Mustard Street
Robert Street, Talbot Street
Robie Street, Ballynafeigh Road Old
Rochelle Place, College Court
Rochford Place, College Court
Rock Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Rockview Buildings, see Shankhill Road
Roden Street, Grosvenor Street
Roden Terrace, see Limestone Road
Rooney's Row, see Lisburn Road
Rosebank, see Windsor Avenue
Rose Cottage, see Strandmillis Road
Rose Cottage, see Coyle Place
Rose Cottages, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Rose Lodge, see Stockman's Lane
Roseland Place, Blackstaff Road
Rosemary Place, see Rosemary Street
Rosemary Street, Bridge Street
Rosemount, see Antrim Road
Rosemount Terrace, see Albert Bridge Road
Rosetta, see Ballynafeigh Road New
Rosetta Avenue, Ballynafeigh Road
Rosewood Street, Pine Street
Rothesay Street, Glenpark Street
Ross Place, Albert Street
Ross Street, Albert Street
Rotterdam Street, Bridge End
Round Entry, North Street
Roundhill Cottages, see Albert Bridge Road
Roundhill House, see Albert Bridge Road
Roundhill Street, Albert Bridge Road
Rowallen House, see Oldpark Road
Rowan Street, York Street
Rowantree Court, Brown Square
Royal Botanic Gardens, see University Road
Royal Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Roy Street, Stanfield Street
Rugby Road, Botanic Avenue
Rugby Terrace, Rugby Road
Rugby Street, Rugby Road
Rumford Court, Rumford Street
Rumford Street, Downing Street
Rushfield, see Oldpark Road
Rushmere, see Malone Road
Russell Place, see Lodge Road Old
Russell Street, Cromac Street
Rutherford Street, Hopewell Street
Rutland Terrace, see Shankhill Road


Sackville Place, Sackville Street Little
Sackville Place Little, Sackville Street Little
Sackville Street Little, Sackville Street
Sackville Street, Melbourne Street
Sailor's Institute, see Queen's Quay
Sailor's Home, see Corporation Street
Salem, see Crumlin Road
Salem Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Salisbury Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Samuel Street Court, Samuel Street
Samuel Street, Winetavern Street
Sandcroft, Crimea Street
Sandhurst Road, University Street
Sand Quay, Queen's Bridge
Saunderson Street, Antigua Street
Sandymount, see Strandmillis Road
Sandy Row, Durham Street
Sans Souci, see Malone Road
Sarah Street, Frederick Street
Schoolhouse Place, Newtownards Road
Schomberg Terrace, see Bridge End
School Yard, Lagan Village
Scotchmount Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Scotchmount Court, see Lisburn Road
Scotchmount School, see Lisburn Road
Scotchmount Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Scotchmount, see Lisburn Road
Scotch Row, Newtownards Road
Scotch Street, Cullingtree Road
Scotland Street, Mill Street
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Buildings, see Victoria St
Scott's Court, Charles Street
Scott Street, Sandy Row
Scrabo Street, Bridge End
Seaforde Street, Newtownards Road
Seaview, see Shore Road
Seaview House, see Halliday's Road
Seaview Place, see Newtownards Road
Second Street, Howard Street North
Selina Street, Dickson Street
Sevastopol Street, Falls Road
Seymour Lane, Seymour Street
Seymour Row, Seymour Street
Seymour Street, Chichester Street
Shaftesbury Place, see Agnes Street
Shaftesbury Street, Court Street
Shandon Street, Annadale Street
Shankhill Road, Peter's Hill
Shannon Street, Oldpark Road
Sheaby's Yard, Middlepath Street
Sheals Street, Broadway
Sherbrooke Street, Peter's Hill
Shiell's Court, Carrick Hill
Shiell's Entry, Carrick Hill
Shipbuoy Street, Nelson Street
Shipbuilding Yard, Queen's Island
Ship Street Back, Ship Street Little
Ship Street Little, Fleet Street
Ship Street, York Street
Shore Street, Waterloo Street
Shore Road, York Street
Short Strand, Albert Bridge Road
Short Street, Pilot Street
Silvergrove Street, Elm Street
Singleton Street, Annadale Street
Sir Henry's Buildings, see Albert Bridge Road
Sixth Street, Howard Street North
Skegoneil Cottage, see Shore Road
Skegoneil, see Shore Road
Skipper Street, Waring Street
Skipton Street, Templemore Park
Slate Street, McDonnell Street
Smithfield, Berry Street
Smithfield Court, Smithfield
Smithfield Place, Smithfield
Smithfield Square, Smithfield
Smith Street, Lagan Street
Snugville Street, Shankhill Road
Solomon's Yard, Verner Street
Somerset, see Fortwilliam Park
Somersetter, see University Street
Somerset Villas
South View Cottages, Crecy Terrace
Southwell Street, Henry Street
Spamount, see North Queen Street
Spencer Street, York Street
Spinner Street, Falls Road
Springfield Cottages, see Springfield Road
Springfield Place, see Newtownards Road
Springfield Road, Falls Road
Springfield Terrace, see Falls Road
Springfield Village, see Springfield Road
Springmount Street, Hemsworth Street
Springview Street, Springfield
Spruce Street, Elm Street
Stamford Terrace, see Donegall Pass
Stanfield Court, Stanfield Street
Stanfield Street, Murphy Street
Stanhope Street, Lodge Road Old
Stanley Lane, York Street Little
Stanley Place, York Street Little
Stanley Street, Albert Crescent
Station Street, Bridge End
Staunton Street, Stanfield Street
Steammill Lane, Gamble Street
Steele Court, Hamill Street
Steele Street, Lettuce Hill
Steen's Row, Ballymacarrett, Beersbridge Road
Stephen Street Court, Stephen Street
Stephen Street, Donegall Street Little
Stewart Street, Macaulay Street
Stirling Street, Caledonia Street
Stockman's Court, Nelson Street
Stockman's Lane, Lisburn Road
Stormount Street, Frank Street
Strandmillis Cottage, see Strandmillis Road
Strandmillis House, see Strandmillis Road
Strandmillis Road, University Road
Strasburg Terrace, see Albert Bridge Road
Stream Cottage, Glenfield Place
Stroud Street, Sandy Row
Sturgeon Street, Linfield Road
St. Andrew's Square, Hope Street
St. Ann's Buildings, Donegall Street
St. Helen's, see Albert Bridge Road
St. Ives, see Malone Road
St. James' Parsonage. see Cliftonville
St. James's Street, Duncairn Street
St. Lawrence Street, Cromwell Road
St. Leonard's, see Newtownards Road
St. Thomas's Parsonage, see Lisburn Road
St. Oran's, see Fortwilliam Park
St. Paul Street, York Street
Sugarfield, Shankhill Road
Sugarhouse Entry, Waring Street
Suir Street, Oldpark Road
Summer Street, Landscape Terrace
Sunnyside, see Osborne Park
Sunnyside, see Windsor Avenue
Sunnyside Street, Ballynafeigh Road
Sussex Place, Joy Street
Sussex Street, York Street
Swift Street, Lagan Village
Sydney Street, Park Street
Sydney Street West, Tennent Street


Tait's Court, Millfield
Talbot Court, Grattan Street
Talbot Street, Donegall Street
Tamery Street, Ballymacarrett, Beersbridge Road
Tamworth Place, Comber Place
Tanner's Court, Millfield
Taylor Street, Norwood Street
Tea Lane, Sandy Row
Telfair Street, Ann Street
Templar Terrace, see Grosvenor Street
Templemore Avenue, Ballymacarrett, Albert Bridge Road
Templemore Street, Ballymacarrett, Albert Bridge Road
Tennent's Court, Patrick Street Little
Tennent Street, Shankhill Road
Terence Street, Short Street
Thames Street, Broadway
Theodore Street, Leeson Street
Theresa Street, Falls Road
Third Street, Howard Street North
Thomas's Court, George's Lane
Thomas Street, George's Street Great
Thomas Street North, York Street
Thomasville Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Thompson Court, Lodge Road
Thompson Place, Thompson Street
Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett, Short Strand
Thorndale, see Kinnaird Street
Thorndale Avenue, Duncairn Avenue
Thorndale Terrace, see Duncairn Street
Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett, Templemore Park
Thornhill, see Malone Road
Throne, The, see Antrim Road
Thronemount, see Antrim Road
Throne Villas, see Antrim Road
Tilly Street, Court Street
Tierney Street, Blackstaff Road
Tomb Street, Albert Square
Torrens Market, Hercules Street
Torrens Row, Hercules Street
Torwood, see Windsor Avenue
Townhall Street, Victoria Street
Townsend Place, Townsend Street
Townsend Street, Divis Street
Townsend Street Upper, Peter's Hill
Trafalgar Court, Trafalgar Street
Trafalgar Street, York Street
Trainfield House, see Lodge Road New
Trainview, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Road
Tramway Street, Lilliput Street
Trench Street, Short Strand
Trelford Street, Cullingtree Street
Trinity Street, Clifton Street
Troon Court, Northumberland Street
Tudor Lodge, see Tudor Place
Tudor Place, Crumlin Road
Tun Street, McDonnell Street
Turnley Street, Annette Street
Tyne Cottages, Ballymacarrett, see Castlereagh Street
Tyne Street, Percy Street
Tyrone House, see Malone Road
Tyrone Street, Stanhope Street


Ulswater Terrace, see Cavehill Road
Ulster Buildings, see Waring Street
Ulster Villas, see Lisburn Road
Ulster Chambers, see Waring Street
Ulster Street, Custom House Square
Ulster Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Ulsterville Lodge, see Lisburn Road
Ulsterville Avenue, see Lisburn Road
Ulsterville Cottage, see Lisburn Road
Ulsterville Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Union Place, Lancaster Street
Union Street, Donegall Street
Unity Street, Trinity Street
University Avenue, Botanic Avenue
University Road, Dublin Road
University Square, University Road
University Street Little, University Street
University Street, University Road
University Terrace, see University Road
Upton Street, Lodge Road Old
Urney Street, Shankhill Road
Urney Street Lower
Utility Street, Blackstaff Road


Valentine Street, Isabella Street
Ventnor Terrace, see Divis Street
Ventry Street, Dublin Road
Vere Street, Cross Street
Vernant Lodge, see Oldpark Road
Verner Lane, Verner Street
Verner Street, May Street
Vernon Street, Prospect Street
Vicinage Park, Cranburn Street
Victoria Chambers, see Victoria Street & Waring Street
Victoria Court, Durham Street
Victoria Place, see Victoria Street Great
Victoria Stables, Queen Street North
Victoria Street, Corporation Street
Victoria Street Great, Glengall Place
Victoria Street Little, Hope Street
Victoria Terrace, see Dublin Road
Viewmount, see Windsor Avenue
Vine Cottage, Ballymacarrett, see Castlereagh Street
Virginia Terrace, see Vernon Street
Virginia Street, Donegall Pass


Walker's Lane, Frederick Street
Wallace Row, Ballymacarrett
Walnut Place, Walnut Street
Walnut Street, Donegall Pass
Wall Street, Carrick Hill
Walpole Court, McTier Street
Walton, see Fortwilliam Park
Walton Place, Hillview Street
Walton Street, Crumlin Road
Wardlow Avenue, Lisburn Road
Wardlow Row, Lisburn Road
Wardlow Street, Hemsworth Street
Ward Street, Leeson Street
Warehouse Lane, Waring Street
Waring Street, Bridge Street
Warkworth Street, Percy Street
Warwick Terrace, see Woodstock Road
Warwick Street, Hemsworth Street
Washington Street, Frederick Street
Waterford Street, Falls Road
Waterloo Street, Shore Road
Water Row, Cromac Street
Waterproof Street, Byron Street
Water Works, see Duncairn Street
Watson Street, Linfield Road
Waugh's Court, Sandy Row
Weaver Street, Shore Road
Waverley Terrace, see Ashlay Avenue (Ashley)
Weir Street, Snugville Street
Wellington Court, Wellington Street
Wellington Park Cottage, see Wellington Park
Wellington Park House, see Wellington Park
Wellington Park, Malone Road
Wellington Park Terrace, see Wellington Park
Wellington Place, Fountain Street
Wellington Street, Donegall Square West
Wellwood Place, see Mountpottinger Road
Wellwood Place, Victoria Street Great
Wellwyne Street, Hemsworth Street
Welsh Street, Lagan Street
Wensley Street, Henry Street
Wesley Court, Wesley Place
Wesley Place, Dublin Road
Wesley Street, Albion Street
Westmoreland Street, Dover Street
West Street, Smithfield
Wheeler's Court, Carrickhill
Wheeler's Place, see Newtownards Road
Whitehall Court, Pound Street
White's Entry, Shankhill Road
White Street, Ballymacarrett, Thompson Street
Whitla Street, York Street
William Lane, Green Street
William's Place, Sandy Row
William's Place, see University Road
William Street, Church Street
William Street South, Arthur Square
Willis's Entry, Shankhill Road
Willowbank, see Antrim Road
Willowbank, see Falls Road
Willow Buildings, see Bridge End
Willowfield, see Woodstock Road
Willowfield Place, see Woodstock Road
Willow Street, Grosvenor Street
Wilmont Place, see Lisburn Road
Wilmont Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Wilson's Court, High Street
Wilson Street, Millfield
Wilton Place, see Shankhill Road
Wilton Street Lower, Cupar Street
Wilton Square North, Wilton Street
Wilton Street, Shankhill Road
Wilton Terrace, see Shankhill Road
Winburne Street, Hemsworth Street
Windsor Avenue, Lisburn Road
Windsor Park, Lisburn Road
Windsor Street, Victoria Street Great
Windsor Terrace, see Lisburn Road
Windsor Terrace House, see Wardlow Avenue
Winecellar Entry, Rosemary Street
Winetavern Street Place, Winetavern Street
Winetavern Street, Smithfield
Woburn Place, see Agnes Street
Woburn Street, Cromwell Road
Wolff Street, Cromwell Road
Wolsley Street, Cromwell Road
Woodburn Street, Downing Street
Woodbine Cottage, see Duncairn Street
Woodburn Terrace, Ormeau Road
Woodford Street, Peter's Hill
Woodstock Place, Woodstock Road
Woodstock Road, Albert Bridge Road
Woodstock Street, Albert Bridge Road
Woodville, see Malone Park
Woodville House, see Shankhill Road
Working Men's Institute & Temperance Hall, see Queen St
Wylie Place, Albert Place
Wylie Street, Stanley Street


York Lane, York Street
York Street Court Little, York Street Little
York Street, Donegall Street
York Street Little, Patrick Street Great
Young's Place, Newtownards Road
Young's Row, Ballymacarrett


Zetland Street, Maclure Street


Village Index

Provincial Index

Andersontown - Andersonstown
Whitewell & Glengormley
Counties -

Towns - 
Armagh City

Towns - 
Dungannon & Donoghmore (Donaghmore)
Laurencetown and neighbourhood
Moy and Charlemont
Strabane and Lifford
Waringstown and Donaghcloney

Omissions and Alterations



Barklie, Robert, F.C.S., The Laboratory, Working Men's Institute, Belfast
Berryhill, R. H., M.A., solicitor, 9 Rosemary Street, Belfast and 43 Dame Street, Dublin; residence, 3 Virginia Street
Berscia, Ernest, ladies' and gentlemen's hair cutting and shampooing rooms, 18 Arthur Street
Brett, George, Accountancy & Fire & Life Insurance Offices, 11 Chichester Street
Campbell, Jas., solicitor, Sydenham Park, Strandtown
Craig, James, manager, St. Helen's, Albert Bridge Road
Cuppage, Mrs., 2 Lower Crescent
Devlin, Thomas, Sons & Co., biscuit and lozenge manufacturers, druggists, etc., 17 Donegall Street
Dougan, R. & Son, managers Positive Government Security Life Insurance Co., 117 Victoria Street
Erskine, Pakenham, Carrickfergus
Erskine, Robert, manufacturer and importer of brushes, baskets and toys, 24 North Street
Foyle Collage, Londonderry, Maurice C. Hime, Head-master
Gillon, John & Co., preserved provision manufacturers and importers of French and American tinned goods, 8 Telfair Street; Works, Leith
Gray, Andw., miller, Ardmoulin Cottage, Dover Street
Gray, James, jeweller, 18 Bedeque Street
Halliday, J., Machine Depot, Ann Street
Harris, M. H., 10 Donegall Square South, Edinburgh Life Assurance Company; agent for Standard Fire Office
Hatcher, Seymour J., Royal Restaurant (late Parrock), 34 Arthur Street
Kelly, Wm., Richmond Terrace, Brookvale Avenue
Knox, Rev. Robert, D.D., University Square
Kuhner, Hendschel & Co., sole consignees for Dr. Seigert's Angostura Bitters, 8 Telfair Street
Love, Foster, & Co., drapers, 49 Castle Street
Major, Brothers, sewed muslin manufacturers, James Street South
Montgomery, C. (of C. Montgomery & Co., Linenhall), Quinnville Terrace, Holywood
McCashin & Co., wine and spirit merchants and rectifying distillers, Gordon Street
McConnell, W. R., barrister-at-law, Castlereagh House, Castlereagh
Nicholl, William, wholesale and retail confectioner, 178 North Street
Nicholson, Henry J., 12 Abercorn Terrace, Brookvale Avenue
Pagden, Elgar, Collector of Customs, successor to the late John Shelly
Pim, Barnett, & Co., 42 and 44 Upper Queen Street, linen and linen yarn merchants; stores, Donegall Square Mews
Robin & Houston, soap and composite candle manufacturers, 8 Telfair Street; soap works, Paisley; candle works, Glasgow
Robinson Brothers, mercantile and fancy stationers, engravers, printers and book binders, 25 Donegall Street
Robinson & Gill, drapers, etc., York Street
Robinson, John, 81 Ormeau Road
Robinson, M. A. (late D. Orde), millinery warerooms, 8 Castle Street
Robinson, W. A., stock and share broker and accountant, 67 High Street
Robinson, William A., & Co., general mill furnishers and commission agents, 6 Commercial Chambers, Telfair Street
Scott, John, carpenter, deal and scantling yard, 176 North Street
Scott, J. M. J., M.D., 44 Chichester Street
Smith, Rev. N. E., incumbent of Drew Memorial Church, 27 Victoria Place
Steele, Samuel, grocer, 202 North Street
Sterling, James, Hampden Villas, Rugby Road
The Erin Mineral Water Company, 122, 124 & 126 Cromac Street and 59 Foyle Street, Londonderry
Thronsen, Th., ship broker and commission merchant, 10 Prince's Dock; res., Brougham Street
Waters, Isabella, ladies' and children's outfitting warehouse, etc., 17 High Street
Waters, W. T., & Co., 15 Donegall Place, agents for W. F. Stone & Co., woollen and blanket manufacturers, Leeds
Wells, David (of Malcolm & Pentland), 10 Botanic Avenue
Whitla, Captain J. B., master of Belfast Union Workhouse
Wolfenden, Robert, commission and insurance broker, 5 Ulster Chambers
Wylie, J. & Co., grocers, etc., 5 Old Lodge Road



Founded in Belfast in 1863, and duly registered under the Friendly Societies Act in Ireland.
The objects of this Society are to dispense relief to members in sickness, burial of its members, and members' wives, and to assist members when in search of employment. The following Courts are in connection with the Belfast District:
Court "Belfast Royal Archers" (4173) - Opened in 1863 and meets every alternate Wednesday in the Odd Fellows' Hall. Dr. Warwick, M.D., surgeon; Wm. B. Goyer, secretary
Court "Star of the North" (4316) - Opened in 1863 and meets every alternate Thursday in the Odd Fellows' Hall. Dr. F. E. Beck, M.D., surgeon; W. J. Popham, secretary.
Court "Excelsior" (5438) - Opened in 1870 and meets every alternate Tuesday in the Odd Fellows' Hall. Henry Murray, M.D., surgeon; John Reid, secretary. The District meets every quarter to transact business. Thomson Branagh, D.C.R.; William McMullen, D.S., Shipbuoy Street, Belfast>
There are three Courts in Belfast connected with the Dublin District, having the same objects as the above.

Change of Residence

Armstrong, J. A. (of John Rowan & Sons Limited), 150 York Street, from 12 Dock Street
Baird, Gideon, 53 Ormeau Terrace, Ormeau Road, from Rosetta Avenue
Beringer Bros., 9 Old Lodge Road, from Peter's Hill
Ellis, J., stationer, 13 Old Lodge Road, from North Street
Grimshaw Brothers, wine and spirit merchants, 38 & 40 Castle Street, from Donegall Street
Hewson, Robert, 9 Lansdowne Terrace, Botanic Avenue, from 98 Grosvenor Terrace
Joy, Robert, Millmount, Banbridge, from Craigavad
Kingsmill, W. H., manager for Charley & Malcolm, 57 Apsley Terrace, Donegall Pass, from 41 Hamilton Street
Lockwood, F. W., architect, Brookhill Avenue, from 1 Upper Frank Street
Mackie, James, 38 Fitzroy Avenue, from 19 Virginia Street
Phillips, John H., 12 Dock Street from 36 Dock Street
Pim, Robert B., Granville Villa, Sandhurst Road, from Congleton, Strandtown
Scott, Cinnamond & Co., chandlers, grocers, druggists, etc., 127 Victoria Street, from Queen Street
Swanston & Bones, shirt and collar manufacturers, King Street, from 6, 7 & 8 College Square East

New Streets

Belgrade Street - off Albert Street
Bosnia Street - Raglan Street to Servia Street
Geoffrey Street - off Crumlin Road
Roumania Street - off Albert Street
Servia Street - off Albert Street

New Magistrates

County of Fermanagh - Captain William Collum, of Bellevue, Enniskillen
County of Londonderry - Captain Frederick Gage Heygate, of Bellarena, Magilligan
County of Monaghan - James McCullagh, of Glasslough, Esq.
County of Tyrone - John Byers Gunning Moore, Esq., of Loymount, Cookstown

Queen's Royal Antrim Rifles

Captain and Adjutant Hickman, of Royal Monmouth Militia, to be Adjutant
Lieutenant James Boyle to be Captain
Evan Annesley Hancock to be Sub-Lieutenant


Allen, Hugh, stock and share broker; house, land insurance and commission agent, 15 Donegall Place
Brown, David, general house, mill and railway furnishing ironmonger, 27 Castle Place; res., 2 College Gardens
Brown, David, Melrose House, Fortwilliam Park
Boag, Sir Robert, J.P., 6 Upper Crescent. Knighted 30th January 1877
Coulter, James, clerk and hardware merchant, Irish Street, Downpatrick
Cunningham, Josias & Co., stock and share brokers, 41 Waring Street
Goskar, James, pharmaceutical chemist (Carlisle Circus Apothecaries' Hall), 1 Carlisle Circus
Gowan, Samuel (of S. Gowan & Co.), 227 York Street (by mistake the word "auctioneer" got in at this name.)
Johnston, G., jun., general commission merchant and local manager for Patriotic Assurance Co. of Ireland, 18 Waring Street
Positive Government Security Life Assurance Co. Ltd., office, 117 Victoria Street, The Right Hon. Sir Richard Couch, 48 Linden Gardens, Bayswater, London (late chief justice of Bengal); Thomas Hughes, Esq., Q.C., 9 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn; William Macandrew, Esq., J.P., 29 Pembridge Square, London, Central Trustees

Armagh City

Provincial Bank - Charles Griffith, manager. Assistant, Mr. Erskine
Northern Bank - Thos. McDowell, manager
Presbyterian School, College Street - Sam. McCracken, head master
Archer, Rev. Chas., Abbey Street
Braydon, W. H., auctioneer and draper, Scotch Street
Chadwick, Rev. G. A., B.D., The Rectory
Reeves, Very Rev. Wm., D.D., The Library
Thacker, Rev. Robert, College Street
Slone, S., jeweller and watch maker, Scotch Street
Wolfe, Mrs., private school, Abbey Street
Sexton (St. Mark's) - Wm. Brians
Massey, Arthur G., portrait and landscape photographer, lithographer, engraver, copperplate printer, picture frame maker and insurance agent, Abbey Street