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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Page 543


List of Omissions and Alterations while Printing


To find any Place or Business at a glance, consult the Indexes, every department having one for itself.
Should any error be found in the List of Streets, examine the Alphabetical List of Professions and Trades  (Not Online)
Should the name of a Gentleman not be found in the County, please look in the List of Nobility and Gentry in the Towns of the same County

Omissions, etc.

Adams, James, Gentleman, 27 Victoria Place
Bulla, Henry, grocer, 77 Donegall Street
Girdwood, James, & Son, 9 Donegall Square West, res., Prospect, Woodburn, Carrickfergus
Kelly, Mrs., Chichester Cottage
Kirker, Gilbert S., clerk, 5 Lincoln Avenue
Munce, Mrs., 37 Bentinck Street
Robertson, William, warehouseman. (of Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co. Ltd.), Belmont, Strandtown
Shaw, James H., grocer, 117 & 119 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Smith, Mrs., 63 Spruce Street
Stewart, S. & W. J., general merchants and agents, 34 Waring Street

Places Omitted
Osborne Park

Reilly, John, clothier
Lecke, John Henry, linen merchant
Smith, John
Leathem, George D., wholesale grocer
Harvey, William, builder
                                                         Laurel Bank
Vacant House
Grubb, Cambridge, stock broker
Clarke, Martin W., draper
                                                       Osborne House
Anderson, Alexander, linen merchant
House in course of erection
                                                         Fairview Villa
Walker, George, linen merchant
                                                         Eleanor Villas
Meneely, James, accountant
                                                     Marlborough Park
Cinnamond, Arthur, linen merchant
Shanks, Thomas, foreman tailor
                                                       Richmond Villas
Macauley, Joseph E., com. traveller
Vacant Houses
Maguire, James, warehouseman
Squires, Edward, corn agent
Cronhelm, Henry, solicitor
Nixon, Randall, professor
Walkington, Dalway Bell, gentleman
                                                     Drumglass House
Musgrave, John R.
                                                      Blandon Park
Two Houses Vacant
Atkinson, Robert
Barbour, Samuel
                                                    Nottinghill House
Cowan, Edward Porter, J.P.
Yonge, Charles Duke, professor of modern and English literature
Charles Barnett, merchant
McKeown, W., M.D.
Workman, William, merchant
Gotto, I. C., merchant

Changes of Residence

Anderson, Eliza, 25 Wesley Place, from 12 Albion Street
Beck, Fred. E., F.E., F.R.C.P., Fitzroy House, The Plains, from Clarence Place
Bell, R. J. H., accountant, 3 Donegall Place Buildings, from 4 Donegall Square East
Boyle, George, wood carver, 30 Great George's Street, from 69 Corporation St.
Brown, The Misses, Ladies' School, 8 Cliftonville Avenue, from 6 Thorndale Terr.
Connell, James, clerk, 7 Richmond Place, Antrim Road, from 76 Macaulay Terr.
Douglas & Co., coal merchants, commission agents and ship brokers, 8 Corporation Street, from 54 Corporation Street
Firth, Thomas , & Sons, Railway Works, Middlepath Street, from Falls Road
Gaffikin, John, poulterer and flesher, 27 Ann Street, from Corn Market
Gowan, Samuel, (of Samuel Gowan & Co.), Duncairn Street, from 227 York St.
Harris, F. M., commission agent, 33 Corporation Street, from 23 Waring Street
Henderson, William, 297 York Road, from 26 Canning Street
Jones & McIlveen, Belfast Advertiser, office, Ulster Buildings, 33 Waring Street, from 19 Arthur Street
Kemp, D. C., Finnart, Antrim Road, instead of Castleton Park, as set out under the head of Andrim Road at page 98. (Antrim)
Kinnaird, Margaret, Wellington Park, from 27 Dunluce Street
Kingham, John, commercial traveller, Thomasville Terrace, Lisburn Road, from 13 Magdala Street
Lucas, Arthur, public accountant and insurance agent, 21 University Street, from Thorndale Avenue
Martin, T. S., Cyrene Villas, Clifton Park, from 33 Laburnum Terrace
McAuliffe, Geore, (George), estate agent, Scoutbush, Greenisland, from Ravenhill, same place
McCracken & Mogey, stationers, etc., Ann Street, from Corn Market
McDonald, William, draper, 44 Auburn Street, from 36 same street
McGaghey, D., professor of music, 5 Botanic Avenue, from No. 5 Great Victoria Street

Change of Residence continued from previous column

McNeill, William, iron monger, etc., 5 Telfair Street, off Anne Street (temporary premises), from Corn Market
Oldham, Mrs. A., 4 Elmwood Avenue, from 67 Botanic View
Pim, John, Bonaven, Antrim Road, instead of Castleton Park, as set out under the head of Antrim Road, at page 98
Reilly, Patrick, slater, 52 Dagmar Street, from 11 Hartwell Street
Robinson, Isaiah S., pawn broker, 20 Lonsdale Street, from 19 Fairview Street
Strain, John, flax and town broker, 2 Gosford Terrace, from Newtownbreda
Watters, Thomas, 1 Stanley Terrace, Lisburn Road, from 12 Elm Street

Armagh City

At page 34, under the head of Clergy, Gentry, etc., read after "Davidson, B. P., House and Land Agent, Meredith Place," the following:- Mrs. and the Misses Davidson, Principals, Educational Establishment for Young Ladies, Meredith Place

New Streets and Changes

Renwick Court changed to "Renwick Street,"
New Street from Atlantic Avenue to Oceanic Avenue, "Lothair Avenue."
Street from McDonnell Street to Jervis Street, "Countess Street."
Street from Ritchie's Place to Smithfield Market, "Gresham Street."
Street at Ardoyne, "Pailey Street."
Four new streets near Hillview Street, "Bourton Street," "Lebanon Street," "Jordan Street," and "Drure Street" street off Rowan Street, "Craigavad Street."
"Gainsborough Terrace," see Cromwell Road.
"Beaconsfield Terrace," see Grosvenor Street.
St. Jude's Avenue, off Ormeau Road
Fitzwilliam Avenue, off Ormeau Road
Dunlewey Street, off Falls Road
Dairy Street, off Falls Road

Societies and Institutions

The following were received too late to admit of their being classified under the proper heading :-
The "Belfast Benevolent Society of St. Andrew" was founded in 1867, and has been in active operation since. The object of the Society is "to alleviate distress, to further such charities as may be deemed worthy of support, and to afford opportunities for the promotion of friendly feelings amongst its members." Its members are Scotchmen or the sons of Scotchmen, but those who cannot be so defined are also received as honorary members. The yearly subscription is one guinea, and their annual re-union on St. Andrew's day has become one of the most agreeable and prominent gatherings of a non-sectarian character in Belfast. The Society includes 5 life members and 89 members, resident and non-resident. Mr. Robert Jamieson, 37 Donegall Street, secretary.

Ligoniel Horticultural and Ornithological Society

Inaugurated Sept., 1877, Secretaries, Messrs. James Lutton, James Douglas, and William Pedlow, all of Ligoniel.

Belfast Boat Club

President, The Duke of Abercorn, K.G. Vice Presidents, A. Chenevix-Trench, and J. G. Fennell. Captain, S. J. Moore, Elmund. Hon. Secs., H. Herdman, Donegall Square South, and G. Payne, Donegall Place. Hon. Treas., W. Crawford, jun., 5 Rosemary Street

Belfast Provident Institution

For Chest Diseases, 116b Donegall Pass, open daily (Sundays excepted), at eleven o'clock, Allen Carswell, Hon. Sec.

Belfast Dispensary

Committee meets second Monday of each month in the Boardroom, Barrack Street Dispensary. Chairman, Thos. H. Browne, T.C. Hon. Sec., John Coates, solicitor

New Deputy Lieutenant for Co. Down

Colonel Thos. Waring to be Deputy-Lieutenant of the Co. Down, vice Lord Roden, deceased

New Magistrate for Co. Down

McCance, Captain, John, Royal North Down Rifles, Clifden, Strandtown

New Town Councillors

Jury, W. J., vice William H. Braddell, deceased, elected for Smithfield Ward
Johnston, S., vice Elias H. Thompson, deceased, elected for Dock Ward

Clergyman Omitted from List

Wright, J. J., Unitarian Minister, 74 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger.


Bowden, W. J., D.D.S., 56 Upper Arthur Street


At page 54, under the head of "Shirt Collar and Handkerchief Manufacturers," read "Franklin Street Collar Co. Ltd., 2 Great Victoria Street," instead of "Franklin H. Callan & Co. Ltd., 2 Great Victoria Street."