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1894 Waterford Directory

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County Directory
City Directory



St. Mary's R.C. Parish Church

Rev. P. Casey, P.P., V.G.
Rev. F. C. Prendergast, C.C.
Rev. R. J. Casey, C.C.
Rev. P. O'Connor, C.C.

R.C. Parish Church, Abbeyside

Rev. Fr. Coffey, P.P.
Rev. D. Walsh, C.C.

St. Augustine's Church (Friary)

Rev. Father O'Brien, Prior
Rev. Father McCarthy
Rev. Father Hunt

Protestant Church

Rev. Mr. Bain, Rector


Captain W. E. O'Dell, J.P., Carriglea House
R. J. Ussher, Esq., J.P., Cappagh
J. Fitzgerald Lynch, Esq., R.M., Clonea House
G. Fitzgerald, Esq., J.P., Sea View
C. Nugent Humble, Esq., J.P., Cloncoskoran
Rev. Gyles Carew, Colligan Lodge
J. C. Holland, Esq., M.D., J.P., T.F., Meagher Street
J. C. Hackett, Esq., M.D., O'Connell Street
M. Flynn, Esq., M.D., Mountain View
J. C. Haines, Esq., Fortwater House
N. J. Power, Esq., V.S., Church Street


Christian Brothers Schools - Rev. Mr. Brennan, Superior

Convent of the Presentation Nuns - Mrs. M. B. Cahill, Rev. Mother

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy - Mrs. M. Gonzaga Flanagan, Superioress

The Augustinian Seminary - Rev. Father Fitzgerald, Master

Post Office (Grattan Square) R. Edward Brennan, Postmaster

Officials, etc.

Town Clerk - Thomas McCarthy
Sanitary Officer - Dr. Holland
Sub-Sanitary Officer - P. A. O'Connor
Commissioners' Rate Collector - M. O'Meara
Harbour Master - Capt. P. Curran
Borough Surveyor - Michl. Beary
Sub-Sheriff - John T. Hudson, Offices, T. F. Mergher Street
Clerk of Petty Sessions - R. T. Longan, South Terrace
District Inspector R.I.C. - D. Barry, Church Street
Excise Officer - T. Cranley, Abbeyside
Customhouse Officer - M. Curtin
Dungarvan Union - M. Condon, School Master; John R. Dower, Clerk; ? McKeigue, Master; J. Dee, Relieving Officer; R. E. Brennan and James Harty, Rate Collectors

Manufacturers, etc.

The Gas Works, Shandon - George Lennon, Manager
Murphy & Co., Brewers, Clonmel. Stores - The Old Brewery, William Meagher, Agent
Steam Saw Mills. The Old Brewery. William Dunlea, proprietor
Smithwick & Sons, Brewers, Kilkenny. Stores - Galwey's Lane, J. Dower, Agent
Baths - Turkish, etc. George Stokes, proprietor
Haines & Co. Ltd., Brewers and Maltsters, Fair Lane

Corn Merchants

A. Moloney, Stores - The Quay
Ml. Barry, Stores - Church Street
Wm. Dunlea, Stores - The Old Brewery
Williams & Co., Stores - The Quay

Coal Merchants

Abigail Moloney, Main Street
Williams & Co.,        do
John Scanlan,            do
James Noonan, O'Connell Street
Patrick Curran, The Quay
John McGrath, St. Mary's Street
Captain P. Sheenan, Main Street

Ship Chandlers

A. Moloney, The Quay
Patrick Curran,   do
Thomas Clancy, Main Street


Abigail Moloney, Main Street
Captain P. Curran, The Quay
W. Kiely, Church Street
Captain P. Sheehan, Main Street
Captain Clifford, Harbour View


Mathew Broderick, Main Street
Francis Stuart, Mitchel Street
Patrick Dunne & Sons, Main Street
John Broderick, The Quay
M. Dalton, O'Connell Street
Pat Sweeny, Mitchel Street
William Meade, O'Connell Street
John Dunne, Main Street

Boot and Shoe Warehouses

Thomas O'Connor, T. C., Main Street
Phelan & Co.,                         do
Merrick & Ruddell,                 do
Michael Wall, The Square
Michael Wall, Grattan Square
James F. Ryan, Main Street


Merrick & Ruddell, "The Irish Woollen Hall," Main Street
James F. Ryan, "The Irish Woollen Depot," Main Street
John Scanlan, Main Street
John V. Kiely,        do
James Cummins, O'Connell Street
Hannah Looby,                do
Daniel Fraher,                  do
Ellen Byrne,                     do

Wholesale Stout and Ale Bottlers

R. A. Merry & Co., Main Street
Thomas Power, O'Connell Street
Margaret Dee,              do
Peter Walsh,                 do

Mineral Water Manufacturer

Thomas Power, O'Connell Street

Woollen & Corn Mills

Cornelius Sheehan, proprietor
Fowl, Egg and Game Dealer
Cornelius Sheehan, Mitchel Street


George Stokes, Grattan Square
Patrick Whelan, O'Connell Street

Coach Builders

Thomas Meade, Fair Lane


L. Sheridan, Shandon Lane
Thomas Clancy, Main Street
John Griffin, Abbeyside

Tinplate Workers

Patrick Whelan, O'Connell Street
Eugene O'Sullivan, Main Street
John Atridge, O'Connell Street

Gun Smiths

Patrick Whelan, O'Connell Street
John Dee,                   do

Jewellers and Watch Makers

T. W. Cooke, Main Street
G. F. Power,         do


Edmond Keohan, Main Street
Kate Eastwood,            do


Thomas Power, Main Street
Michael O'Meara, Mitchel Street
John Crotty, O'Connell Street


Edmond Keohan, Main Street
Edmond O'Shea, St. Mary Street
Patrick Mulcahy,             do


"Devonshire Arms," W. Lalor, proprietor
Commercial Hotel, Captain R. Curran, proprietor
Hibernian Hotel, Mary O'Neill, proprietress


Edmond Keohan, Main Street
G. F. Power,               do

China Warehouses

Merrick & Ruddell, Main Street
Captain P. Sheehan,       do

Hardware Merchants

R. A. Miller & Co., Main Street
Reps. of Maurice Flynn, Main Street
Frank Williams, O'Connell Street
Mary Flynn, Square
Margaret Dee, O'Connell Street
John Scanlan, Main Street

Harness Makers, etc.

Thomas O'Connor, Main Street
John Scanlan,                 do
John Loughlin, O'Connell Street


Thomas Hoare, St. Augustine Street
John Hoare, O'Connell Street
John Dee,                do
N. Connors, Mitchel Street
P. Drohan, Abbeyside

Cycle Repairers

Pat Drohan, Abbeyside
Patrick Whelan, O'Connell Street

Veterinary Surgeon

N. J. Power, Church Street

Apothecary Shops

J. C. Hackett, M.D., Grattan Square
J. C. Holland, M.D., T. F. Meagher Street

Loan Offices

William Ryan, Main Street
T. O'B. Williams, T. F Meagher Street

Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer

Mary Walsh, Main Street


J. F. Williams, Offices, Main Street
E. P. Williams,   do  T. F. Meagher Street
Daniel O'Connell, Offices, T. F. Meagher Street

Hair Dressers

Branch of O'Grady's, Waterford, Main Street, Mr. O'Brien, manager
Peter Buchanan, O'Connell Street, ? Duggan, St. Mary's Street

Machine Printing Works

Brenan & Company


Edmond Keohan, Main Street
Brenan & Co., Grattan Square

News Agents

Edmond Keohan, Main Street
Mathew Walsh, O'Connell Street



Callahan, Owen, Carrickbeg
Rockett, Thos., West Gate


Anderson, Mrs. A., Main Street
Bourke, Miss Mary, Kickham Street
Burke, Edmond, Kickham Street
Cahill, Miss H., Kickham Street
Foran, David, Bridge Street
Kavanagh, Dd., Kickham Street
Laurence, James, Carrickbeg
O'Connell, David, Kickham Street
O'Brien, Thos., Kickham Street
O'Keeffe, Mrs. H., Main Street
Phelan, Wm., Carrickbeg
Power, A. & E., Kickham Street
Prendergast, Ml., William Street
Ryan, Margaret
Sheahan, Mrs., Kickham Street
Synott, Mrs. M., Carrickbeg
Walsh, James


National, Main Street; David K. Commins, manager; Richd. Dooly, accountant; Chas. A. Sprent, teller
Provincial, Main Street; William Wilson, manager; John G. McDonald, cashier and accountant

Barracks, Military

New Street: Sergt. Hickey in charge

Blacking Manufacturer, Chandler, etc.

Power, Michael, Main Street

Boat Builders

Keogh, Thomas, Carrickbeg
O'Brien, Wm., Carrickbeg

Boat Owners, Freight

Butler, Nicholas, Carrickbeg
Butler, Thomas, Carrickbeg
Callanan, John, Quay
Dowley, Edward, New Street
Healy, Mrs. A., Kickham Street
Howell, T. G., & Co., Suir Valley
Kenny, Nicholas, Quay
Murphy, John, Quay
Suir Steam Navigation Co., Quay

Boots and Shoes

Brennan, Patrick, Main Street
Cash, Robert, Main Street
Condon, Wm., Bridge Street
Dwyer, John, Cook Lane
Dwyer, Thos., Cook Lane
Hayes, Bridget, Main Street
Meany, John, Main Street
Organ, James, Cook Lane
Wall, John, Main Street

Brewers and Spirit Merchants

Feehan, Rd., Son & Co., Castle Street

Butter Market
Main Street

Mrs. Boyd, toll lessee


Loughman, John, William Street
Loughman, Patrick, New Street

Cattle Dealers

Butler, William, Kickham Street
Carroll, P., Main Street
Fitzgerald, Ml., New Street
Fitzgerald, Wm., New Street
Laurence, T. & Sons, Carrickbeg
O'Brien, Thomas, Kickham Street
Quann, John, Kickham Street

China and Glass

Hall, Miss A., Kickham Street
Murphy, Thomas, Kickham Street
Power, Miss E., Main Street


Catholic - Carrick-on-Suir - Rev. Maurice Sheehan, P.P.; Rev. Paul Power, C.C.
Catholic - Carrickbeg - Rev. E. Mooney, P.P.; Rev. F. McCann, C.C.; Very Rev. N. Baldwin, O.S.F.
Church of Ireland - Rev. Thos. Bell
Methodist - Services held every month in Castle by Rev. J. Carson, Clonmel
Presbyterian - Services held at Friends' Meeting House fortnightly on Tuesdays by Rev. John Hall, Waterford

Coach Builder

Drohan, Patrick, Castle Street

Coal Merchants

Butler, Thomas, Carrickbeg
Grubb, John & Son, Quay
Healy, Mrs. C., Kickham Street
Howell, T. G. & Co., Suir Valley
Kenny, Nicholas, Quay
Murphy, John, Quay

Commissioners for Affidavits

Kennedy, James P.
Peare, Charles H.
O'Sullivan, James F. M.


Bain, Mrs. A., Main Street
Lonergan, Mrs. M., New Lane


Butler, James, Carrickbeg
Butler, Martin, Carrickbeg
Daniel, Michael, Kickham Street
Fitzgerald, Ed., Carrickbeg
Hickey, Maurice, Carrickbeg
Phelan, James, Carrickbeg

Corn & Flour Merchants

Butler, Thomas, Carrickbeg
Doherty, Richard, New Street
Dowley, Edward, New Street
Duggan, William, Carrickbeg
Grubb, John & Son, New Street
Morrissey, Wm., Kickham Street
Walsh, Edmond, New Street
Walsh, Thomas, New Street


No. 1, Dr. E. A. Wall
No. 2, Dr. M. J. Moran


Bourke, P., Main Street
Curry, Miss A., Bridge Street
Daly, Thomas, Main Street
Drohan, Mrs. B., Main Street
Fleming, E., Reps. of Main Street
Kirwan, M. and T., Main Street
McKay, Mrs. J., New Lane
Malone, T., Main Street
Morrissey, Thomas, Main Street
Slattery, Mrs. M., Main Street

Druggists, etc.

O'Neill, John E., West Gate

Egg Exporters
* are Fowl shippers

*Aylward, Ml., John Street
*Dunphy, Edward, Kickham Street
Meany, Mrs. J., John Street
O'Donnell, Mrs. M., John Street

Emigration Agents

Landy, Richard, Main Street
McGrath, James, Main Street

Fancy Goods

Cusack, John, Bridge Street
Hall, Miss, Kickham Street
Haw, Miss M., New Lane
Power, Miss Mt., Main Street
Tobin, Johanna, Main Street

Flour and Meal

Ryan, Edmd., Kickham Street

Friends, Society of,

Meeting House, Green

Gas Works

The Carrick-on-Suir Gas Co., Geo. Anderson, lessee; Jeremiah Grant, manager; 6s. 4d. & 6s. 8d. per 1,000 feet


Marked (a) have retail spirit licences, thus (b) sell hardware, thus (c) are bakers

a Brennan, Patrick, Bridge Street
a Butler, Wm., Kickham Street
a Callahan, ?. Carrickbeg
a Carroll, Patrick, Main Street
a Carroll, Thomas, Main Street
a Cooney, John, Kickham Street
a Dowling, Miss A., New Street
a Dunphy, Miss K., Kickham Street
a Dwyer, Miss E., Main Street
ac Fleming, Miss E., Carrickbeg
ab Fox, Laurence, Main Street
ac Galvin, William, Bridge Street
a Grey, Rd., Main Street
a Harding, Mrs. M., Main Street
Healy, William, Carrickbeg
a Hearn, John, Bridge Street
a Hearn, Mrs. C., Carrickbeg
a Hurley, James, Main Street
a Kelly, Richard, John Street
ac Kiersey, Patrick, West Gate
Landy, Richard, Main Street
a McGrath, Thos. & Co., Main Street
Mackey, Thomas F., Main Street
ac Maher, Thomas, Kickham Street
a Malone, Michael, Main Street
Nugent, Thos. F., Main Street
a O'Brien, John, West Gate
a O'Connor, P. & Co., Main Street
a O'Neill, John, Main Street
a O'Neill, Mrs. M., William Street
a Phelan, Mrs. M., Carrickbeg
a Power, John, Bridge Street
a Power, Rt., Main Street
a Sheehan, Mrs. J., Main Street
a Sheehan, Mrs. M. A., West Gate
ab Tobin, Patrick, Main Street
a Walsh, Patk., Ballynacloona
a Walsh, Thomas, New Street


Cleary, Thos., Bridge Street
Carrol, T.
Mackey, T. F., Main Street


Phelan, Mrs. A., Main Street

Inland Revenue

John O'Gorman, Officer


William Peare, registrar

Medical Hall

Murphy & Co., Main Street

Millers, Seed Merchants, etc.

Dowley, Edward, New Street
Grubb, John, & Son, Quay
Walsh, Edmond, New Street
Walsh, Patk., Ballynacloona

National League

Thomas J. Lynch, Secretary

News Agents

McGrath, Jas., Main Street


Keeffe, Mrs. M., Greystone Street
Power, John, Town Wall
Power, Ml., Greystone Street

Petty Sessions

Carrick-on-Suir, fortnightly - Thursdays - James P. Kennedy, clerk
Carrickbeg, fortnightly - Mondays, J. P. Kennedy, clerk


Moran, M. J., New Street
O'Ryan, A., Castle Street
Wall, E. A., New Street

Post Office
Main Street

Miss Mary A. Purcell, P.M.

Printer (Typo)

Lynch, Thomas, Kickham Street


Burke, Edmond, Kickham Street
Cunningham, Mrs., West Gate
Fitzgerald, Rt., Carrickbeg

Osier Manufacturers

Boyd, William, Main Street
Butler, James, Carrickbeg
Butler, Martin, Carrickbeg
Butler, Thomas, Carrickbeg
Galvan, Wm., Bridge Street
Power, John, Kickham Street

Railway Station

? Connington, in charge
Jas. O'Neill, telegraph operator

Rent Agents

Gilfoile, Thomas, Greystone Street
Grubb, John & Son, New Street
Kennedy, J. P., New Lane
Peare, Charles H., Main Street

R. I. Constabulary

Barrack, Fair Green
Mr. Wansborough, D.I.


Barry, Patrick, New Lane
Delahunty, Ml., Bridge Street
Kelly, Patrick, Bridge Street
Morrissey, Thomas, Oven Lane
Walsh, James, Main Street

Saw Mill

Howell, T. G. & Co., Suir Valley


Christian Brothers, Rev. Bro. M. A. Nolan, Superior
Industrial, Presentation Convent
Ladies School: Sisters of Mercy
National schools: Presentation Convent and Sisters of Mercy
Parochial School (C.L.), Town Wall, Miss Lizzie Peare

Slate Quarries

Victoria Slate Co. Ltd.


Davin, Patrick, Main Street
Kenny, P. J., Castle Street
O'Sullivan, J. F. Meade, Bridge Street
Quirk & Quirk, Main Street

Spirit Retailers

Butler, Maurice, Slate Quarries
Cantwell, Ml., Lisadobber
Coady, John, Newtown F.
Dowley, Miss J., Carrickbeg
Drohan, Patk., Main Street
Dunphy, Mrs. M., Newtown F.
Foran, David, Bridge Street
Galvan, Miss E., Carrickbeg
Healy, Mrs. C., Kickham Street
Hearn, Wm., Mill Street
Higgins, E. & Son, Main Street
Hurley, John, West Gate
Kearney, Thos., New Street
Kehoe. Thos., Kickham Street
Larkin, Jerh., Ballydine
McGrath, Ptk., New Street
Meagher, Malachi, New Street
O'Connell, Thos., Carrickbeg
O'Shea, Ptk., New Street
Phelan, Martin, Carrickbeg
Power, Miss A., Carrickbeg
Torpy, Miss M., Carrickbeg
Walsh, Mee. Carrickbeg
Walsh, Patk., Glenbower


Cleary, Thos., Main Street
Purcell, Miss, Main Street


Power, Chas. W., Carrickbeg

Timber Merchants

Howell, T. G. & Co., Suir Valley
Morris, Samuel, Quay


Carroll, Jas., Kickham Street
Carroll, Jno., Kickham Street
Dalton, Ml., Kickham Street
Kehoe, Jas., William Street
Kelly, John, Greystone Street
Laurence, Thos., Bridge Street

Watchmakers, etc.

Dawson, Jos. W., Kickham Street
Worn, Jas. W., Castle Street

Woollen Manufacturers

Kenny, Nichl., Main Street
O'Brien, Mrs. M., Carrickbeg

Woollen Manufacturers Depot

Stephenson Bros., Main Street


Main Street

J. J. O'Sullivan, Medical Hall
? Boardman, Station Master, W. & T. Railway
John Moore, Esq.
Post Office
Miss M. Quin, grocer, vintner and Postmistress
Miss M. Quin, private house
Constable McNamara, R.I.C.
Edward Wardell, lodgings
C. Spinks, general warehouse
John Doyle, carpenter
Kate McGrath, vintner
William Lyons
Catherine Carroll
Bridget Murphy
R. Lyons, grocer and baker
Margaret Phelan, vintner
Michael Walsh, lodgings
Michael Walsh, vintner
Mrs. Toms, green grocer
Thomas Hanigan, shoe maker
Mrs. Duggan
Philip Morrissy, vintner
Sisters of Charity
Johanna Byrne, vintner
Mee Murphy, grocer & general warehouse
The Misses McCarthy, toy and fancy warehouse
E. Wardel, watch maker & stationer
Mary Cusack, vintner
Mrs. McCarthy
? Lawler, grocer
Daniel Walsh, victualler
Miss E. Kearney, draper
Miss L. Budd,       do
James Halley, victualler
John O'Shaughnesy
John McDonald, vintner
Mrs. Fitzgerald
William Leahy
Martin Lyons, boot maker
James Halley,          do
Miss Hennessy, bakery
Martin, Walsh
Catherine Sullivan, grocer, etc.
Mrs. Dunford
Mrs. Power, green grocer
Mary Anne Hayes, vintner
David McGrath
John Quinlan, process server
John Dunphy
Edmond Power
Anne Horton, grocer & provision dealer
James Keohan, coal merchants
Miss Anne Power
Methodist Church

Summer Hill

Thomas Hayes, Esq.
The Christian Brothers
J. H. McGrath, Ed. "Waterford Citizen"
Messrs. Power Brothers
Rev. Canon Byrne
Miss Brown
E. W. Kelly, Esq.
Mrs. Hanrahan
Patrick O'Brien, carman
The Misses Mullan
J. O'Brien, Summerhill Hotel
J. H. Lodge, general merchant

Sweet Briar Park

G. W. Withers, Esq., J.P.
James Budd, Esq.
Rev. Fr. Walsh, C.C.
? O'Donohoe, Esq., Supervisor Customs, Waterford
Ernest Thornton, Esq., Solicitor
J. J. Feely, Town Clerk, Waterford, Bellair
Patrick Power, Esq., Sea View
Convent Sister of Charity

Waterford Road

John Power, car man
The Villa, vacant
The Christian Brothers Schools
John Wilson, Esq., J.P., Spring Hill
Miss Leahy, Primrose Hill
Miss Dullard,        do
James Walsh, Esq., Spring Farm
J. R. Cox, Esq., East Lands
Mrs. Blake, East Lodge
J. Tobin, Esq., Rocklands
J. Atkinson, Esq.,    do
Henry F. Feely, solicitor  Rocklands
E. N. Power, Esq., Coroner, Tramore House
John McGreal, Constable R.I.C., Rose Cottage

Patrick Street

Mrs. Bateman
Mrs. Connolly
Mrs. O'Connor
The Misses Condon, Ladies' Seminary
John Halley
William McGrath
Mrs. Candledish
? Heneberry
Vacant house
Mrs. O'Meara
Robert Power, plasterer
Patrick Dunning
Patrick Murphy, tailor
J. P. Duffey
Mrs. Amos
Michael Phelan
Miss Phelan, dress maker
Maurice Fitzgerald
D. J. Keogh
Richard Power, car owner
Miss Mary Barry
James Ruth, mason
James Morrissey
Miss Edwards, Ivy Cottage
Mrs. Barnards, Ivy Cottage
J. Cotter, Esq., ex. D.I. R.I.C., The Lodge
P. J. Hay, Esq.

Gurteen Terrace

D. Carrigan, Esq.
? Walpole, Esq.
Miss Kent
W. H. N. Wheeler, Esq., Provincial Bank, Waterford, Gurteen Cottage

Queen Street

The Police Barrack
Mrs. Catherine McSweeney
Victoria Hotel
Richard Cahill
Thomas Corrigan
Racket Court
Murtagh Connolly, grocer, etc.
Constable Benjamin Whittaker
Mrs. Reidy, confectioner
James Jacques
Bridget Bolger
John Kirwan, provision dealer
Daniel Halligan
Edward Kirwan
Ellen Power, grocer
Bridget Murray
Kate Moore, vintner
John O'Brien, mason
Patrick Torpey, junr., painter
John Healy, Constable R.I.C.
James Jacques
Robert Winter, coal merchant
Mrs. Flanagan
Miss Lambert, grocer
George Haughten
Michael Keohan
Nicholas O'Connor, tailor
Mrs. Kirwan

The Cross

Waterford Hotel - Mrs. Quigley
Thomas Hayes, hair dresser
William Hoysted, vintner
A. Cusack, poulterer

Strand Street

Tramore Hotel - Mrs. Doyle
Tramore Club
Palace Square Restaurant
Palace Square private hotel
Mrs. Rogers
Mrs. Tracey
Mrs. Corbett, grocer & vintner
? Curran, baker & confectioner
Mrs. Fry
Railway Hotel - Edm. Morrissy
William O'Brien, vintner
Miss Ellen Hayden, vintner
Miss Mary Clancy, vintner
Wm. McEvoy, fancy warehouse
Cahill's Warm Baths
John Douglas, Bicycle Depot
James Woods
Turkish and Warm Baths - Philip Morrissy
Edmond Morrissey, lodgings
Mrs. Timmons,             do
Mrs. Pender,                do

Alexandra Place

Henry Grainger, restaurant
Mrs. Pender
Photographic Studio
John Phelan, Esq.
Burrow View, Mrs. Corbet
Palace Square Cottage
Acting-Sergeant Shannon

Turkey Road

William McEvoy
Miss Wade
Mrs. Taylor
Miss Doody
Marine Hotel - Miss Flynn

Lyon Terrace

Mrs. Fleury
Mr. Clampett
Miss Downey

Brownstown View

Miss Ridgeway
Mrs. O'Dwyer
Mrs. O'Flanigan

Maine Terrace

Mrs. Holmes
Mrs. Kidney
Mrs. Timmons
Railway Station

Terminus Villas

J. P. Hanrahan, Clerk Petty Sessions
John Ryan, Esq., J.P.


Edward Jacob, Esq.
The Misses Jacob
E. C. White, Esq.
Miss English

Power's Court

Henry Bell, Esq.

Branch House

T. W. Anderson, Esq., J.P.

Tivoli Terrace

Miss Brenan
Mr. Curtis
Mrs. Pender
Mr. Sheridan
Mr. O'Reilly
Mr. Fitzgerald
Miss Hunt
Mr. Waters
? Day, Esq.
C. H. N. Bor, Esq., Munster and Leinster Bank, Waterford
The Misses Clifford
T. D. Smyth, Esq.

Eaton Terrace

Isaac Jeffars, Esq.
Miss Peet

Branch Road

Mrs. Freeman
Miss Carew
Friends Meeting House

Rose Bank Terrace

Mrs. Pettegrew
H. E. Benner, Esq.
Mrs. Barnard
Miss English
Miss Labarte
Patrick Fitzgerald, Esq., Rose Bank Cottage
Billiard Room
Court House
Assembly Room

Bellevue Terrace

Miss Usher
Miss A. Wark
P. J. Kenny, Esq., solicitor
John Manning
L. C. Strange, Esq., solicitor
Miss Catherine Hart
Miss Quigley

Market Street

Mrs. Murray
Richard Murray, blacksmith
Miss Brown
Mrs. Mary Coady, vintner
Patrick Kenealy,       do
The Market House, W. Brown, boot maker
The Misses Lanigan, groceries, etc.
Henry Sinnott, carpenter
John Hayden,       do
M. Hayden, clerk R.C. Church
John McGrath, boot maker
Maurice Curran,        do
John Phelan
Richard O'Flaherty
Thomas Power, baker
Mrs. Croke, vintner
Mrs. Molloy
Mrs. Walsh
Miss Alice Farrell

Little Market Street

William Power, baker
Patrick Phelan, mason
Michael Brown
Robin Phelan
William Cahill
Thomas Duggan, mason
Walter Morrissy
Mrs. Dooley
Edmond Brown
John O'Connor, tailor
Great Hotel, Mrs. Kavanagh's

Hotel Square

Mrs. Kent
Mrs. Breen
Miss O'Keefe
The Misses Kelly
Mr. Frampton
Rev. P. McCarthy, P.P., Turret House

Atlantic Terrace

Henry Galwey, Esq., J.P.

Church Road

Michael O'Brien
Michael Fleming
Mrs. Mary Ryan
Michael Cantwell

Cliff Terrace

? Fennessy, Esq.

Cliff Cottage

The Misses Ridgeway

Doneraile Cottage

Thomas Kilcoyne


William Galwey, Esq., J.P.
Martin J. Murphy, Esq.

Atlantic View

Colonel Izod
Edward Gonnor, Esq.
Mrs. Hawe
? Heeny, Esq., manager Hibernian Bank, Kilkenny

Albion House

Patrick J. Gallwey, Esq.

Ebrington Terrace

Miss Eire
? Stephenson, Esq.
Mrs. Power
Miss Croly

The Rectory

Canon Toppau

Newtown House

P. J. Power, Esq., M.P. East Waterford
Denis Power, Esq., National Bank, Waterford
The Misses Power


? Murphy, Esq., W. & L. Railway, Seafield
John Sheridan, Esq.
? Ford, Esq.
Doctor Joseph White
Mr. Harding, Cove House

The Cove

Congreve Rogers, Esq., J.P.
Mrs. Mary Reynolds, vintner
Miss O'Brien
Patrick Noonan
Laurence Keohan, junior
James Keohan
Laurence Keohan, senior
John Kiely, carpenter
John Kirby
Patrick O'Brien
John Hoolahan
Charles Zone

Love Lane

The Coast Guard Station and Batteries
John Keohan
? Phelan, Esq.

The Terrace

Constable Thomas Healy
Mrs. Power
John Harty, Esq.
Mrs. Slaney
Miss Barron
Miss Lambert
Patrick Torpy, senior, painter
James O'Brien
John Joy
T. F. Spencer, Esq.
Miss Mary Power

Florence Place

James Ryan, Esq.
Mr. Lanyshier
Mrs. Scott
Mr. Cheater
Mr. Bailey

Priest's Road

P. Kenny, solicitor, Doneraile Terrace
Mrs. Kelly, Bella Vista
Rev. P. Mockler, C.C.
Father Quinn
Mrs. Maher
Thos. O'Malley, Esq., Sec W. D. & L. Railway
Michael Power
John Power

Richmond Terrace

Mrs. Mulcahy
? Pettegrew, Esq.
John Moloney, Esq., Doneraile Terrace
Doctor E. A. Stephenson
Maurice Murphy
Miss Anne Foristal
Father Hogan, St. Ledger Cottage
Mrs. Nash, St. Ledger Place
Miss Power

Doneraile Place

Mary O'Donnell
John Ryan, ex-sergeant R.I.C.
Frank Kent, Esq.
Robin Power
Mr. Taylor
The Miss Shannon
Miss Mulcahy
Patrick O'Keefe

Talbot Street

Keyran O'Brien, mason
Timothy O'Brien,   do
John O'Brien,       do
Mrs. Duggan
Mrs. Murphy
James Kirwan
James Keohan
Thomas Cooney
Bridget Walsh
James Power
Mrs. Flynn
Mrs. Sullivan
Patrick Walsh
John Joy
James Maher
Peter Kenny
Patrick Power


Mrs. Maryanne Parkinson
John Quann, P.L.G.
Denis Hanigan
Miss O'Donnell

Crobally House

Charles Ambrose, L.L.D.

Pembroke Lodge

Patrick Wm. Power, Esq., J.P.


Principal Inhabitants

Lord James Wandesford Butler, Cliff House
E. H. Alcock, Esq., Grove Lodge
Miss Kough, Altone
Mrs. Graves, Petra
Mrs. Alcock, Sunnyside
Dr. J. J. H. Jackman, 5 Wellington Terrace
Mrs. Gimlette, Cooleen
Rev. W. G. Gillmor, Rectory
Rev. Tobias Burke, C.C.
Rev. R. O. Thompson
Hon. Dudley F. Fortescue, Summerhill
The Earl of Carrick, Cooleen Lodge
Sir R. J. Paul, Bart., Ballyglan, Passage East
Captain Coghlan, Dromina, Passage East
Henry Morris, Esq., Belle Lake, Rossduff
Rev. M. Flynn, P.P., Kilcop, Passage East
J. Anketel Jones, Esq., Ballydavid, Passage East
Mrs. Malcomson, Villa Marina, Dunmore East
Dr. George Ivie Mackesy, Cove Cottage
Dr. William Mackesy, The Cottage
Lady Carew, Woodstown, Passage East
John Mosse Browne, Esq., Woodcliffe, Dunmore East

Principal Traders

John Walsh, car proprietor
Charles Galgey, vintner, bakery, car owner, etc.
Mrs. Cheasty, vintner & provision dealer
P. Harvey, vintner, bakery, car owner, etc.
John Hally, provision dealer
Nicholas Murphy, provision dealer and car owner
Miss Murphy, vintner
C. Cherry, vintner and provision dealer
Maurice Walsh, vintner, provision dealer and car owner


Principal Inhabitants

Rev. J. F. Long, P.P., The Parochial House
Rev. P. Power, C.C.,                do
Rev. J. Cantwell, C.C.               do
Rev. Charles Carroll, A.M., The Rectory
E. O'Ryan, M.D., Shanacoole, Clashmore
G. J. Kennedy, Ballinamultina House
John Curran, Cross
W. F. Russell, C.P.S., Clashmore
James Coughlan, Coolbagh
Richard R. Russell, Lackendarra House
George Dennehy, Laurentum
P. W. Coughlan, Knockbrack
N. Beresford, Ballynaclash
John P. Furlong, J.P.
D. Langstane
H. T. Dennehy, Coroner, Harbour View

Principal Traders

Joseph Pender
B. Kennedy
James Kiely
T. Hannan, N.S.
Messrs. Mullins (M. J. Power)
James Duggan
P. Cunningham