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1909 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Corrections, Removals, and Additions during Printing of Directory



Abraham, John T., from 2 Ulster Villas to 5 Hampden Terrace, Rugby Road
Adams, J. H., from 67 Kimberley Street to 20 Collingwood Avenue
Adams, Samuel, from 263 Antrim Road to 2 Cliff Villas, Glenburn Park
Agnew, Samuel, from 26 and 28 Kent Street to 42 Percy Street
Alderdice, E., from 20 Claremont Street to 8 Fountainville Avenue
Alexander, R. B., St. Alban's, Bloomfield
Allen, James, from Ardlin, Myrtlefield Park, to 3 Belgravia
Andreson, W. S., from 64 and 66 Cromac Street to 58 Bloomfield Avenue
Archer, J. T., from 40 Pacific Avenue to 81 Antrim Road
Archer, Robert, from 37 Sandhurst Gardens to 10 Stranmillis Street
Armstrong, G. A., Listollara, Old Cavehill Road
Arnold, J. F., from 122 Carsonville to 4 Windsor Avenue
Atkinson, R., from Aghavellan, Kingsmere Avenue, to The Tower, Knutsford Drive
Atkinson, W. N., from 76 Malone Avenue to 9 Upper Crescent
Austin, Capt. F. J., from 28 Trevelyn Terrace to Army Pay Office, Lower Castle Yard, Dublin


Balmer, Hugh, from Irene, Cliftonville Circus to 6 Eglinton Street
Bamford, L., from 136 Dunluce Avenue to 23 Botanic Avenue
Bamford, Samuel, from 192 Snugville Street to 269 Crumlin Road
Barbour, John J., from 206 Albertbridge Road to 239 Albertbridge Road
Barnes, T., from 24 Gresham Street to 137a Royal Avenue
Barr, H. A., from 160 Ravenhill Road to Glymeath, Cregagh Road
Beatty, John, from 663 Lisburn Road to 124 Stranmillis Road
Beatty, York, from 38 University Street to 16 Orient Gardens
Beck, E., from Myrtle Villa, Balmoral, to 3 Rugby Street
Belfast Citizens Association, Ltd/. from 35 Royal Avenue to 7 Chichester Street
Bell, Archibald, from 25 Ulsterville Avenue to 7 Malone Avenue
Bell, Robert, from 68 Carlisle Street to 4 Ponsonby Avenue
Bennett & Glover, from 24 Waring Street to 14 Howard Street
Berwitz, J., from 7 Grosvenor Street to 51 York Street
Black, J. R., from 33 Wellington Prak (Park) to Nashville, Malone Road
Blair, John H., from 27 Donegall Place to 44 Royal Avenue
Bluemer, H., from 37 Haypark Avenue to Visto, Glandore Avenue
Bogan, F. W., from 119 Fitzroy Avenue to 34 Botanic Avenue
Bogan, Miss, from 34 Botanic Avenue to 119 Fitzroy Avenue
Bonner, S., agent, 1a, 109 Donegall Street
Boyd, A., & Sons, from 61 Royal Avenue to 16a Lower Garfield Street
Boyd, D., from 10 Percy Street to 189 Agnes Street
Boyd, Hugh C. A., of Atkinson & Boyd, 17 Shaftesbury Square
Boyd, W., 10 Stranmillis Street to 144 Dublin Road
Boyd, W. P., from 57 Rosemount Gardens to 28 Newington Avenue
Boyd & Noble, bakers, grocer, and provision merchants, 144 Dublin Road
Bowe, Thos., from 16 Vicinage Park to 171 Oldpark Road
Bromley, Charlotte, from 17 Lothair Avenue to 32 Queen Victoria Gardens
Brooke, E. T., from 9 Clarence Place to 2 Claremont Street
Brooks, ?, from 29 Florida Street to 206 Albertbridge Road
Brown, J., from 17 Sandymount to 3 Cranmore Terrace
Brown, J. H., from Ulster Buildings to 29 High Street
Brown, Samuel, from 134 Shankhill Road to 46 Ambleside Street
Brown, Wm., from 27 Newtington Avenue to 14 Nursery Avenue, Coleraine (Newington)
Brown & Forth, from 10 Commercial Court to 33 Linenhall Street
Brownlee, T. D., from 79 Rugby Avenue to 27 Ardmore Avenue
Bryson, Wm., from 4 Corporation Square to 49 Waring Street
Buchannan, J., from 148 Duncairn Gardens to Warwick, Cavehill Road
Bunting, Allan, from 35 Pacific Avenue to 19 Clifton Drive
Burling, J. G., from 112 Ravenhill Road to 65 Ardenlee Avenue
Burns, Geo. F., from 55 Agincourt Avenue to 29 Delhi Street
Byers, D. P., from 82 Cromwell Road to 8 Stranmillis Gardens
Byrne, Jas., from The Glen to Louisville, Alexandra Avenue


Cairns, T. P., from 60 Raby Street to 33 Newington Street
Callen, W., from 171 Cambrai Street to 248 Cambrai Street
Campbell, Jas., from 8 Orient Gardens to 13 Hopefield Avenue
Campbell, J. H., from 30 Carlisle Street to 36 Landscape Terrace
Campbell, R., & Co., oil and colour merchants, from 35 to 52 Great Edward Street
Campbell, S. J., from 42 Auburn Street to 54 Silvergrove Street
Carlisle, D., from 91 Limestone Road to 11 The Glen, Limestone Road
Carlton, J. D., from 35 Ponsonby Avenue to 236 Woodstock Road
Carson, James, from 52 Woodvale Avenue to 107 Manor Street
Carter, Herbert R., textile engineer, 28 Waring Street
Caul, ?, from 26 Cooke Street to 32 Magdala Street
Charles, S., & Co., from 20 Victoria Street to 35 and 37 Gresham Street
Charley, H. M., from Thornhill Gardens to 6 Elmwood Avenue
Charlton, ?, from 11 Eia Street to 212 Duncairn Gardens
Charters, Hilda R., from 14 Eblana Street to 22 Landseer Street
Chippendale, R., from 168 University Avenue to 12 Rutland Street
Chism, R. G., from 23 University Road to 1 Cameron Street
Clements, W. C., from Castle Cooke to Ovoca Street, 84 University Street
Clendinning, J., from 13 Adelaide Avenue to 2 Chlorine Gardens
Clough, Mrs. L., from 51 University Road to 52 Botanic Avenue
Cochrane, S., from 246 Springfield Road to 11 Ponsonby Avenue
Cochrane, W., from 271 Ravenhill Road to Jocelyn Cottage, Woodstock Road
Collier, James, from Fernbank, Henderson Avenue, to Mountain Bush Cottage
Connell, K., from 6 Cavendish Terrace to 201 Albertbridge Road
Convery, Peter, from 301 Antrim Road to 54 Trevelyn Terrace
Cooch, James, from 620 Ravenhill Road to 29 Ardmore Avenue
Cooney, S. E., from 82 University Avenue to 66 North Parade
Core, Hannah, from 83 South Parade to 15 Clifton Drive
Corrigan, E. J., from 27 Clonmell Terrace to 19 Lonsdale Street
Cosgrove, John, 14 Marsh's Buildings to 8 Marsh's Buildings
Coulter, F. C., from 20 Woodlee Avenue to Dundela Avenue
Courtney, E., from 9 Avonbeg Street to 27 Summer Street
Cowan, L., from 41 Lothair Avenue to 45 Hatton Drive
Cranston, William, from Cavehill Road to Camlin, Ashgrove Park
Crawford, Hugh, accountant, Kenvara, Castle Park
Crawford, H. M., from 5 Lombard Street to 10 Arthur Street
Crichton, J., from 105 Everton Terrace to 25 Rosemount Gardens
Crivan, B., & Co., from 153b York Street to Cranburn Street
Crymble, Mrs. E., from 36 Twickenham Street to 77 Shankill Road


Daniels, T., from 10 Commercial Court to 33 Linenhall Street
Davidson, Jas., from 28 Waring Street to 36 Waring Street
Davidson, W. M., from Alameda Terrace, Falls Road, to Walmer, Andersonstown
Delaney, Charles, from 155 Upper Meadow Street to 56 Regent Street
Delury, ?, from 56 Regent Street to 13 Eglinton Street
Dickson, Jas., from 1 Annalore Villas, Ballygomartin Road, to 296 Donegall Road
Dillon, M., from 35 University Street to 16 Wolseley Street
Dixon, James, from 37 Dunluce Avenue to 24 Rugby Road
Dodds, A. E., from 46 Brookland Street to 13 Lisburn Road
Donaldson, David, from 632 Ravenhill Road to 6 Rosetta Terrace, Ormeau Road
Donaldson, S., from 59 College Park Avenue to 16b Wellesley Avenue
Douglas, J., from 3 Linenhall Street to 31 Linenhall Street
Dowling, Mrs. J. C., from 27 Hatfield Street to 14 Clifton Street
Dowling, M. A., from 316 Crumlin Road to 169 New Lodge Road
Downey, Richard, from 11 St. James's Street to 131 Antrim Road
Dr. Jerome Medicine Co., 20 Waring Street
Duncan, John, from 1a Glandore Street to Rardagh, Somerton Road
Dunlop, M. A., from 111 Oldpark Road to 2 Blackheath, Cliftonville Circus
Dunlop, T. W., from 82 Alexandra Park Avenue to 6 Carlisle Street
Dunn, Henry B., from 48 Donegall Street to 84 Willowbank Street
Dunn, Miss, from 8 Rosemount Gardens to 34 Mountcharles


Edgar, J., from Oakleigh, Osborne Park, to Richmond, Adelaide Park
Elliott, S. M., from 41 Wyndham Street to 78 Duncairn Gardens


Fair, Henry, from 82 Royal Avenue to 44 Royal Avenue
Falconer, Wm., from 5 Farnfad, South Parade, to Altmin, Knockbreda Road
Ferguson, Godfrey W., 365 Dunedin, Antrim Road, to 429 Glandore Park, Antrim Road
Fife, Wm., from 2 Glencar Villas, Henderson Avenue to 287 Cavehill Road
Finlay, J. F., from 51 Castlereagh Street to 221 Woodstock Road
Fisher, Ernest, from 14 Woodland Avenue to Glendives, Glencairn Road
Fisher, James, from 9 Ashley Avenue to 77 Malone Avenue
Fitzpatrick, H. D., from 50 Scottish Provident Buildings to 117 Scottish Provident Buildings
Flack, James, from 10 Richmond Square to 4 Camberwell Street
Foley, T., from 96 Stratheden Street to 22 Ponsonby Avenue
Foy, John, Ltd., from Garfield Street to 11 Castle Market
Fraser, A. S., district manager Commercial Union Ass. Co. Ltd., Thirlestane, Osborne Park
Frew, Ernest, from 4 Jaffa Street to 391 Oldpark Road
Frew, W., from 47 Manor Street to 391 Oldpark Road
Frizell, M., from 88 Eglantine Avenue to 6 Rosetta Terrace


Gageby & Denby, from 31 Victoria Gardens to The Retreat, Cardigan Drive
Galt, F., from 152 Ormeau Road to 145 University Street
Gardiner, J. S., from 42 Cromwell Road to 25 Lawrence Street
Garrett, John, from 37 Roe Street to 32 Eglinton Street
Gelston, Anna, from 133 Royal Avenue to 38 Castleton Street
Gibson, Frank, from 11 University Road to 120 Great Victoria Street
Gibson, F., from 27 Donegall Place to 24 Academy Street
Gill, A. B., from Woodvale, Deramore Park, to Claremont, Hawthornden Road, Knock
Glass, W. J., from 6 Union Street to 74 Royal Avenue (3rd floor)
Gleave, John H., from 20 Allworthy Avenue to 5 Willowfield Drive
Glover, H. S., from 141 Alexandra Park Avenue to 1 St. Aubyn's Terrace
Goldie, Jacob, from 84 Shankill Road to 4 Alloa Street
Gordon, A., from 4 Myrtle Terrace to 49 University Street
Gordon, Geo., H.M. Customs, 10 University Street
Graham, Edwin, from 35 Upper Canning Street to 67 Duncairn Gardens
Graham, T., from 181 Conway Street to 223 Conway Street
Graham, W. A., accountant at Ulster Bank, Carlisle Circus; res., 21 Brookhill Avenue
Graham, W. G., from 5 Malone Avenue to 82 Eglantine Avenue
Grant Bros., from State Chambers, 75 High Street to 81 High Street
Greeves, Ridgeway, & Co., from Hope Court to Ormeau Avenue
Gregg, G. V., from 4 Derlett Street to 37 Haypark Avenue
Griffin, Michael, from 102 Cliftonpark Avenue to 31 Newington Avenue


Hall, D. Lyle, 107 University Street to 40 Eglantine Avenue
Hall, Percy, Altmore, Cyprus Gardens, Bloomfield
Hall, S., from 24 Stanley Terrace to 19 Cromwell Road
Hall & Sweet, from St. George's Market to 15 Cromac Square
Hamilton, E., from 161 Albertbridge Road to 398 Upper Beersbridge Road
Hamilton, L., from 3 Manilla Villas, Downshire Avenue to 22 Willowbank Street
Hamilton, ?, from 318 Newtownards Road to 71 Tamar Street
Hanna, R., from 54 Rosemount Gardens to 18 Clondesley Square, London N.
Hargrove, S., from 203 Grosvenor Street to 232 Grosvenor Street
Harris, F. M., The Cottage, Wellington Park to 55 Malone Avenue
Harris, Richard, from 7 Canterbury Street to 86 Fitzroy Avenue
Harrison, Mrs., 429 Glandore Park, Antrim Road
Harrison, R. M. B., from 1 Glandore Park to Glasabreddon, Whitehouse
Harvey, N. B. G., timber merchant, Clonorill, Strandtown
Haslett, H. R., from 1 Princess Gardens to Dunseverick, Deramore Drive
Haslett, Wm., from 1 Breda Park to Alberta, Ravenhill Road
Hazelton, W. D., Dunseverick, Deramore Drive, to Old Forge, Dunmurry
Hazlett, R., from Deramore Park to Annaville, Duncairn Gardens
Healey, J. J., from 14 Lawrence Street to 78 Cromwell Road
Henesey, M., from 20 Cliftonville Avenue to Greenhaven, Malone Park
Henry, F. W., from Bisley, Chichester Park, to Strathmore, Fortwilliam Park
Herring, M., from 11 University Road to 133 University Street
Heskell, Wm., from 52 Sandymount Street to 127 Antrim Road
Hessin, Mrs. Henry, from 2 The Granges, Cliftonville, to Hesseline, Cliftonville Crescent
Hetherington, Thos., from 119 Fitzroy Avenue to 34 Botanic Avenue
Hetreed, Vincent J., D.I., R.I.C., Eno Villa, Falls Road
Hewton, E. J., from 23 Malone Avenue to 8 Elmwood Avenue
Hill, E., from 21 Rossmore Avenue to 44 College Prak (Park) Avenue
Hill, S., from 23 Castlereagh Road to 25 Strandtown Road
Holland, E., from 12 University Square to 33 Wellington Park
Hopeley, H., from 1 Windsor Terrace to 13 Melrose Street
Hopper, F., from 2 Alverton, Cliftonville Road to Oaklands, Chichester Park
Horrobin, Robt. J., 192a Upper Newtownards Road
Hueston, John, from 17 Clifton Crescent to 13 Clifton Crescent
Hunter, T. C., from 36 Sandhurst Gardens to 23 Landseer Street
Hutchinson, S. J., from 59 College Park Avenue to 13 India Street
Hutton, M. A., from Tullyroe, Deramore Park, to Cric-moa, Castle Park


Irwin, David, from 38 Surrey Street to 42 Lisburn Avenue
Irwin, James, from 13 Elmgrove Terrace to 107 Cliftonpark Avenue


Jackson, S., from 12 Adela Street to 90 Denmark Street
Jackson, W., from Harden Villas, Rosetta Park to 3 Ravenhill Terrace
Jacobs, Charles, from 7 Easton Crescent to 1 Cherrington Terrace
Jamison, Robert, from 39 Candahar Street to 30 Indiana Avenue
Johnston, A., from 145 Durham Street to 7 Colin View
Johnston, John, from 1 Regent Street to Tottenham, Balmoral
Johnston, Thomas, from 11 Cranmore Terrace to 29 Evelyn Avenue
Johnston, ?, from College Lane East to Ivyville, Madison Avenue


Kay, Woods M., from 28 Waring Street to 7 North Street
Kearney, F., & Co., from 3 Potato Market to 50 Upper Queen Street
Keller, Alex., from 18 Lonsdale Street to 3 Duncairn Avenue
Kenney, R., from 34 Ravenhill Street to 111 Rosebery Road
Kennedy, Mrs. E., Rathmore, Glenburn Park
Kerr, F. C., from 113 Eglantine Avenue to 32 Wellesley Avenue
Kerr, Joseph, from 48 Templemore Avenue to 68 Beechfield Street
Kerrien, H., from 67 Percy Street to 73 Ruth Street
Kidney, Miss, 81 Victoria Road
Kilpatrick, A., from 52 Old Lodge Road to 51 Hillview Street
King, A. G., from 4 Eileen Gardens to Springville, Cliftonville Circus
King, Geo., from 96 Fitzroy Avenue to 17 Ireton Street
King, Jane, from 10 Glandore Street to 21 Cliftonville Avenue
King, Thomas J., from Mosella, Osborne Park to Rubicorn, Lisburn
Kingsmill, J., from 61 Wellesley Avenue to 113 Wellesley Avenue
Kirkpatrick, R., from 5 Maryville Avenue to 66 Chadwick Street
Knabenshue, S. S., from Schomberg, Belmont Road to Deramore Drive
Knight, Wm., from 55 Rosemount Gardens to 26 Ashley Avenue
Knox, Andrew, from 2 Mount Edgecombe to 36 Rosemount Gardens


Lamont, R., from 214 Albertbridge Road to 235 Albertbridge Road
Lanigan, D. J., from 128 Castlereagh Street to 72 and 74 Castlereagh Road
Larmour, M., from 30 Indiana Avenue to 21 Ardmore Avenue
Lawrie, Mrs. L. G., from 144 University Street to 103 Cliftonpark Avenue
Lee, F. E., from 33 University Street to 15 University Street
Lee, J. H., from 41 Newport Street to 104 Oldpark Road
Leigh, Frank, from 3 Ravenhill Avenue to 259 Beersbridge Road
Lewis, T., from 70 Pernau Street to 108 Old Lodge Road
Lilburn, E., from 43 Orient Gardens to 3 Clifton Crescent
Linehan, B. M., from 35 Madison Avenue to 42 Trevelyn Terrace
Lochrie, A. M., from 175 and 177 Cromac Street to 140 North Queen Street
Logan, Edwin, from 1 Rosebery Street to 7 Glenbrook Avenue
London Drapery Co., from 8 to 14 Peter's Hill to 33 Alma Terrace, Crumlin Road
Lonsdale, H., from 10 Ashburn Street to 25 Dublin Road
Lonsdale, F. W., & Sons, from 25 Dublin Road to 113 Grosvenor Street
Loughley, Watson, from 14 Riverview Street to 8 Belvoir Terrace, University Avenue
Love, Andrew, from 49 Brookland Street to 51 Gainsborough Drive
Lyons, Percy, from Barrack Street to 106 Mountpottinger Road


Mackenzie, W. J., from 11 Rosevale Street to 25 Landseer Street
Mackintosh, T. & A., solicitors, 36 Arthur Street, and Newtownards
Macrory, E. M., from 68 Tate's Avenue to 10 Dunluce Avenue
Magee, C., incorporated accountant, 11 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Maginness, Jas., from 23 Donegall Place to 23 College Street
Magowan, J., from 41 Peter's Hill to 67 Harrybrook Street
Malcolm, E. J., from 37 Cromwell Road to 114 Eglantine Avenue
Malcolm, McFadden, & Wylie, now McFadden & Wylie, 1 North Street
Malcolm & Stirling, house, rent, land, and estate agents, and chartered accountants, 31 Donegall Street
Marr, J. R., com. traveller, from 12 Ardgreenan Drive to Inverary, Holywood Road
Marrison, Mrs. M. M., from 82 Eglantine Avenue to Ceara, Windsor Avenue
Martin, Joseph, from 187 Albertbridge Road to 203 Albertbridge Road
Martin, J. T., from 2 Richmond Villa, Balmoral, to Lynwood, Myrtlefield Park
Martin, L. J., from 15 Stranview Street to 52 Fairview Street
Martin, Mrs. E. J., from Castle Park, Cavehill Road, to 7 South Parade
Martin, Robert, from 248 Snugville Street to 163 Templemore Avenue
Martin, Samuel, from 5 Dunluce Avenue to 2 The Granges, Cliftonville Crescent
Mathews, E., from 77 Malone Avenue to 13 Upper Crescent
Maxwell, Geo. A., from 101 Crumlin Road to 1 Avoca Crescent, Avoca Street
Megaw, John, from 35 Royal Avenue to 7 Chichester Street
Megrath, W. J., from 32 Rugby Road to 70 Haypark Avenue
Meenan, F. W., from 8 to 14 Peter's Hill to 33 Alma Terrace, Crumlin Road
Mercier, W. & S., Ltd., Dufferin Flour Mills, Duncrue Street
Metcalfe, R., from 35 Victoria Gardens to 163 Duncairn Gardens
Milliken, W., from Laganvale House to 10 Fountainville Avenue
Minnis, D., from 134 Donegall Pass to 26 Cooke Street
Mitchell, Jas. J., from 139 Newtownards Road to 181a Albertbridge Road
Mitchell, Queenie, from 13 Castleton Street to 17 Orient Gardens
Mitchell, Thos., from 139 Newtownards Road to 36 Camden Street
Moore, Alex., from Kinvara, Ardenlee Avenue, to 3 Chichester Avenue
Moore, Mrs., from 34 Adelaide Park to 108 Eglantine Avenue
Moore, T. H., from 4 Lawrence Street to 139 University Street
Moore, Wm., from 35 Athol Street to 121 Agincourt Avenue
Moore, Wm., 23 Chestnut Gardens to 30 Alliance Avenue
Morton, Louis, from 101 Cavehill Road to 4 Clifton Terrace, Antrim Road
Moseley, J. C., from 7 Pisa Street to 2 Murray's Terrace
Moss, R. W., from 10 Easton Crescent to Ivydene, Kingsmere Avenue
Mulligan, L., from 20 Eglinton Street to 11 Twickenham Street
Mulligan, T., from 76 Chichester Street to 136 Divis Street
Munro, Wm., Ardross, Knockdene Park
Murdock, W. A., from Lauraville, Balmoral to Eastleigh Drive, Ballyhackamore
Murphy, Mary, from 221 Shankill Road to 260 Shankill Road
Murphy, P., from Tara, Glen Road, to 6 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Murphy, P. & M., from 149 Falls Road to Glenara, Norfolk Drive
Murray, John, from 57 Malone Avenue to The Elms, Kensington Road, Knock
Muscatt, R., from 11 Lonsdale Street to 11 Rosevale Street
Myers, M. A., from 52 Tomb Street to 13 Gamble Street


McBride, A. H., from 80 Eglantine Avenue to Shandon, Beechlands, Malone Road
McCandless, ?, from 94 Wellesley Avenue to 18 Chadwick Street
McCann, Patk., from 39 and 41 Wall Street to 39 North Queen Street
McClelland, A., from 17 Fitzwilliam Street to Rosapenna, Balmoral Avenue
McClughan, E., from 11 Fitzwilliam Avenue to 96 Castlereagh Road
McClure, R., from 29 Oldpark Avenue to 392 Oldpark Road
McClurg, Jas., from 9 Upper Crescent to 1a Landscape Terrace
McComb, A. A., from 4 College Street to 50 Upper Queen Street
McComb, A. A., from 50 Upper Queen Street to 21 College Street
McConnell, Alf. E., from 29 Rosemary Street to 35 Royal Avenue
McConnell, J. & J., from 74 North Street to 18 Donegall Place
McCormick, Thomas, from 41 Divis Street to 162 Falls Road
McCoubrey, Jas., from 153 Albertbridge Road to 33 Bridge End
McCue, Dick, & Co. (successors to Crawford & Brown, Ltd.), removed from 58 to 64 Corporation Street to Cromac Sawmills, Riley's Place
McDevitt, H., from 34 Ponsonby Avenue to Bath Tavern, Bankmore Street
McDonald, John, from 32 Agincourt Avenue to 44 College Prak (Park) Avenue
McDowell, J. C., from 37 Eglantine Avenue to Cromer, Cadoan Park (Cadogan?)
McDowell, M., from 21 Cavehill Road to 3 Hughenden Avenue
McFarlane, ?, from 13 Chichester Avenue to 12 Glandore Avenue
McGarry, John, from 27 Lawrence Street to 54 Shaftesbury Avenue
McGoldrick, ?, from 23 Pacific Avenue to 229 Antrim Road
McGowan, M., from 46 Harrybrook Street to Brantwood, North Road
McGrath, A., from 19 York Road to 50 Ruth Street
McKelvey, Sarah, from Kiama, Marlborough Park, to Kiama, Lansdowne Road
McKenna, J. F., from 137 Limestone Road to 40 Hopefield Avenue
McKeown, R. L., 38 Orient Gardens, to Coolgreany, Alliance Avenue
McKibbin, Fred., from 107 Cliftonpark Avenue to 23 Chestnut Gardens
McLaughlin, Mary, from Ardnaree House, Knockbreda Road, to 21 Annalee Street
McMillan, Clifford, from 79 Royal Avenue to 50 Upper Queen Street
McMullen, J., from 36 Havana Street to 221 Shankill Road
McMullan, Wm., from 22 Ponsonby Avenue to 11 Cavehill Road
McNally, Hugh, from 14 Spamount Street to 316 Crumlin Road
McNeill, Hugh, from 27 Summer Street to 13 Cambridge Street
McQuillan, A. H., from 4 Carnarvon Terrace to 2 McAlinden's Terrace
McQuitty, Robert, from 181 Crumlin Road to Kennett Place, Clifton Park Avenue
McRoberts, Andrew, from Whitehall Gardens to Ballymechan, Strandtown
McShane, John, from 50 Thorndale Avenue to 13 Marine Parade, Holywood
McVeigh, Hugh, from 2 Kerena Street to Ardoyne Cottage
McVicker, J. D., from 38 Redcar Street to Redcar, Cregagh Road
McWilliams, A., from 8 Hardcastle Street to 216 Old Lodge Road


Nash, R. H., from Cranmore Park to Rathmines, Dublin
Neill, D. R., from 285 Skegoniel Avenue to 13 Madison Avenue
Newell, Saml. J., from 15 Glenallen Street to 162 My Lady's Road
Nicholl, R., from Moygara, Whitehouse, to 7 Easton Crescent
Nicholl, T. L., from 1 Donegall Square West to 2 St. John's Park
Noble, Thomas, from 14 Derlett Street to 41 Rushfield Avenue
Norris, Annie L., from 48 Donegall Street to 37 Gresham Street


Officer, E., 11 Avonbeg Street to 54 Perth Street
Orme, T. S., from 42 Trevelyn Terrace to 228 Duncairn Gardens
Orr, W. J. J., solicitor, from 7 Lower Crescent to Westhaye, Marlborough Park
Osborne, John, from 18 Ponsonby Avenue to Glenfern, Ashgrove Park
Owens, James, from 11 Donegall Avenue to 153 Old Lodge Road
O'Leary, Rose, from 9 College Square North to 31a Wellington Place
O'Neill, W. P., from 9 South Parade to 16 University Avenue
O'Reilly, Gerald, from 16 Newington Avenue to Alverton, Cliftonville


Patrick, P. P., from 44 Surrey Street to 34 Great Edward Street
Patterson, C., from 175 or 160 Lisburn Road to 191 Lisburn Road
Pickering, G., & Co., from 35 High Street to 14 High Street
Patterson, J. C., from 7 Waring Street to 20 Millfield
Pearson, R., from 7 Mount Edgecombe to 59 College Park Avenue
Pelan, A., from 84 Peter's Hill to 123 Walmer Street
Phillips, S., from 123 Scottish Provident Buildings to 43 Chichester Street
Picton, J. A., from 105 Agincourt Avenue to 3 South Parade
Playfair, J. M., from 150 Duncairn Gardens to 14 Salisbury Street
Plunkett, P. G., from 40 Duncairn Gardens to 146 Duncairn Gardens
Pooley, H., & Son, from Castle Market to 43 Chichester Street
Poots, J. H., & Co., from 416 Shankill Road and 167 & 169 Lisburn Road to 130a Ormeau Road
Porter, F. A., from Elsieville, Cranmore Park to Earlsford, Stranmillis Road
Price, W. J., from 214 Albertbridge Road to 129 Albertbridge Road
Priestley, F., from Allworthy Avenue to 5 Kinnaird Street
Pringle, Wm., from 159 Templemore Avenue to 54 Beechfield Street
Prinn, P. A., from 76 Ainsworth Avenue to Tower Buildings, Ballysillan
Purdon, T. A., from Granville Buildings to 17 Union Street
Purdon, W. J., from 16 Garfield Chambers to 17 Union Street
Pyper, A. P., from 325 Newtownards Road to 12 High Street


Rea, H. G., from 2 Beneden Villas to 85 Cedar Avenue
Reaney, Ben., from 35 Kimberley Street to 2 Campbell Park Avenue
Reid, J., from 4 Vicinage Park to 16 Vicinage Park
Reid, Mrs., from 101 Agincourt Avenue to 8 Forth Glen, Ballygomartin Road
Rennie, Mary, from 13 Ashley Avenue to 100 Wellesley Avenue
Richardson, P. M., from 84 Cromwell Road to 16 Eblana Street
Ringland, A., from 6 Princess Terrace to Arnheim, Downshire Road, Cregagh
Ritchie, ?, from 67 Tate's Avenue to 17 Malone Avenue
Roberts, J. R., from 92 Stranmillis Road to 6 Eglantine Gardens
Robertson, J., from 30 Carlisle Street to 8 Fleetwood Street
Robinson, A., from 46 North Street to 16 Lower Garfield Street
Robinson, George A., from 159 Crumlin Road to 40 Clifton Crescent
Rodgers, J. W., from 1 Windsor Avenue North to Bank House, Magherafelt
Rogan, A., from 66 Roseleigh Street to 388 Oldpark Road
Rosenfield, S., from 45 Lonsdale Street to 53 Atlantic Avenue
Rowan, John, from 279 Albertbridge Road to 118 Rugby Avenue
Ruddell, F. E., timber merchant, Santa Cruz, Sandown Road, Knock
Ruddell, Harvey, & Co., timber, slate, and tile merchants, 58 to 64 Corporation Street
Russell, M., from 31 The Mount to 1 Prince's Terrace, Cregagh Road
Rutenberg, Lazarus (not Mark), 3 Vicinage Park


Salter Typewriter Co., from 123 Scottish Provident Buildings to 43 Chichester Street
Sandes, Wm., from 18 Chadwick Street to 14 Enniskerry Road, Dublin
Saunderson, R. H., from 7 Brougham Street to Winterdene, Cavehill Road
Savage, Thos. A., from 43a High Street to 20 Waring Street
Scott, Dr. W. R., from Deramore Park to Grindleswold, Cherryvalley, Knock
Scott, Henry, grocer, 23 Woodstock Road
Sephton, G. H., from 7 Cavendish Terrace to 18 Indiana Avenue
Service, Alf. M., from 25 Botanic Avenue to 35 Botanic Avenue
Sewell, Capt. E. P., 2 Ormskirk, Alexandra Gardens
Sherlock, P., from 171 Albertbridge Road to 98 Albertbridge Road
Shields, Hugh, from 42 University Road to 11 Camden Street
Shirlow, R., from 33 Prospect Street to 129 Dunluce Avenue
Simpson, John, & Co., from Franklin Street to 8 Elmwood Avenue
Simpson, J., from 8 Elmwood Avenue to 31 Botanic Avenue
Sinclair, Mary, from 39 Manor Crescent to 57 Manor Street
Sinclair, W., from 11 Academy Street to 46 Enfield Street
Sloan, J., from 8 Jaffa Street to 25 Dargle Street
Smith, Mrs. P., from 6 Elmwood Avenue to 10 Fitzroy Avenue
Smith, M. J., from 1 Windsor Gardens to 45 Botanic Avenue
Smyth, Brice M., from 63 University Road to Ulsterville House, Lisburn Road
Smyth, Margt., from 117 Albertbridge Road to 78 Alfred Terrace
Souter, M., from 40 Duncairn Gardens to 87 Parkmount Street
Stanard, F., from 72 Kansas Avenue to 8 Glandore Street
Stanley, ?, from 47 Agincourt Avenue to 29 Delhi Street
Storey, W. L., from 1 Castle Cooke to 1 Harden Villas
Strange, John, from 187 Upper Meadow Street to 5 Alexandra Avenue
Swann, M. A., from Lochview, Knockbreda Road to 4 Campbell Park Avenue
Swindell, F., from Loughview, Ballycorn, Purdysburn to 2 Jocelyn Avenue
Szegeliary, C., from 1 Mount Edgecombe to 18 Sandymount Street


Taylor, D. A., from Bertha House to Mingala, Windsor Park
Taylor, Thomas, from 5 Stranmillis Gardens to Ardlea, Waterloo Gardens
Taylor, W. C., from 30 Cedar Avenue to 65 Kansas Avenue
The Blic Kinderfer Co., Ltd., from 24 Waring Street to 14 Howard Street
The Irish Loan Company, from 137 Donegall Street to 8 Union Street
Thompson, E., from 117 Fitzroy Avenue to 60 University Street
Thompson, J. A., from 93 Maryville Street to 190 Wodstock Road (Woodstock)
Thompson, J. D., from 13 Clifton Crescent to 1 Rosenberg, Cliftonville Circus
Tibbs, William, from 168 Antrim Road to 10 Brookhill Avenue
Tierney, J. P., from 4 Haywood Avenue to 67 Cavehill Road
Todd, H., from 107 Donegall Street to 33 Eglantine Avenue
Todd, W., from 218 Salisbury Avenue to 188 Hillman Street
Torrens, D., from Manilla Villa, Downshire Avenue to 12 Belgravia
Torrens, H. R., from 12 Upper Crescent to Gorfin, Aghadowie
Troughton, James, from Lansdowne Villas to 12 Elmwood
Tully, E. & J., from 22 Lombard Street to 19 Gresham Street
Tyrrell, M., from 40 Avoca Street to 1 Bandon Street


Vivash, E., from 17 Ulsterville Gardens to 61 Ulsterville Gardens


Walker, Francis, from 19 Wilmont Terrace to 4 Windsor Park
Walker, H. J., & Co., from 20 Victoria Street to 793 Donegall Street
Walker, John, Fortairn, Donegall Park to Lynn Tara, Donegall Park
Walker, Samuel, from 34 Cromwell Road to 10 Westminster Street
Wallace, E. H., from The Drift to 45 Church Road, Brighton
Walters, John, from 190 Crumlin Road to 236 Woodstock Road
Ward, John M., from 44 Sandhurst Gardens to 80 The Mount
Ward, T. G., from State Chambers, 75 High Street to 81 High Street
Watkinson, R., from 93 Madrid Street to 58 The Mount
Watson, H., from 4 Mountdelphi, Antrim Road to 14 Woodland Avenue
Watson, J., from 38 Eglantine Avenue to 22 Mountcharles
Watt, N., M.D., from 71 Agnes Street to 50 Crumlin Road
Watters, Jas., from 65 Mill Street to 134 and 136 Divis Street
Weir, Annie, from 30 Carlisle Street to 23 Lisburn Road
Weldon, Thomas, from 25 Dargle Street to 24 Hardcastle Street
Werner, Louis, from 120 Antrim Road to 132 Antrim Road
White, Miss Ellis, from 61 Wellesley Avenue to 105 Malone Avenue
White, M. B., from Sunbury, Cadogan Park to 15 Wellesley Avenue
Whiteside, R., from 15 Lonsdale Street to 10 Claremont Street
Williams, J. R., from 10 Claremont Street to 105 Malone Avenue
Williams, R. V., from 5 Mountpleasant to Dunmurry House, Dunmurry
Wilson, John, from 52 Tate's Avenue to 12 Great Northern Street
Wilson, R., from 199 Springfield Road to 136 Madrid Street
Wilkinson, ?, from 45 Alexandra Park Avenue to 51 Magdala Street
Wine, Frank, antique and modern jewellery, 42b Church Lane
Woods, T. M., from 5 Richmond Place to 29 Botanic Avenue
Wright, Joseph, from 98 Albertbridge Road to 92 Portallo Street
Wynne, T., from 1 Kew Gardens, Maryville Park to 85 University Street

HIGH SHERIFF OF COUNTY ARMAGH, 1909, Mr. William McCrum, Milford, Armagh


Ahern, William, 23 Park Parade
Allen, Robert, M.D., 5 Queen's Elms
Bailie, James, 4 Kansas Avenue
Bell, Robert, Crieve, Cookstown
Birch, Thos., The Island, Gilford
Bones, Chas., Duneane Cottage, Toomebridge
Briggs, Andrew, 123 Shankill Road
Brown, Hugh, Beechgrove, Bristol Avenue
Brown, Rev. John, 2 Bath Terrace, Portrush
Browne, Dr. D. S., late 10 Carlisle Terrace
Burnett, Archibald, 4 Spamount Street
Calwell, John Young, Woodlawn, Strandtown
Campbell, Robert, 24 Antrim Road
Cargin, John, Rosemount Villa, Dublin Road, Lisburn
Carnaghan, John, Moorehead, Joymount, Carrickfergus
Carson, Thos. Greer, Bannfield, Coleraine
Chestnutt, Rev. Osborne, Ballyclog Rectory, Stewarstown (Stewartstown)
Christie, Samuel, 15 Emerson Street
Clarke, Dr., 4 Donegall Terrace, Antrim Road
Clarke, Samuel, 4 Walnut Place
Clawson, Wm., 44 Stanhope Street
Cooper, Thomas, 8 Donegall Place
Craig, William, 11 Roden Street
Crone, Robert, 17 Bridge End
Darragh, Archd., Ballyloughan, Cushendun
Davidson, Thos. W., J.P., Lisroyan, Moy
De Coban, E. S. W., Rollo House, Bangor
Dickson, Hugh, 60 Donegall Street
Edgar, Rev. Alex. Pollock, B.A., Ardglass
Emerson, George, Culcavey, Hillsborough
Ferguson, James, Plantation, Lisburn
Ferguson, Sally Dickson, Edenderry House, Banbridge
Foreman, James, Clara Avenue
Fiddes, Alexander, 4 College Park East
Gamble, John, 74 Dufferin Avenue, Bangor
Gray, Wm., 120 Ainsworth Avenue
Greer, Frederick, Killycolp, Cookstown
Hamilton, Robert T., 4 Mount Oriel, Bangor
Hamilton, Wm., 19 North Howard Street
Harris, John Fredk., Cairnduna, Strandtown
Henry, Patrick, J.P., Carnbuck, Loughgiel
Hope, John, sen., 88 Alexandrapark Avenue
Johnston, Robert, 28 Napier Street
Kelly, John, 3 Northland Street
Kirkpatrick, Archd., Dundrine, Castlewellan
Lamb, Wm. Watson, 35 Cliftonville Avenue
Lepper, Francis R., Elsinore, Crawfordsburn
Lepper, John, Barnageeha, Fortwilliam Park
Lilburn, William, 18 Thorndale Avenue
Luther, Abbey A., Mornington Park, Bangor
Lyons, Rev. A. S., Rockview Manse, Newry
Macrory, John, Willowbrook, Cregagh Road
Maitland, Thomas, 58 Jocelyn Street
Malcomson, Alex., Fern Villa, Neill's Hill
Mayrs, James Cooper, Belair, Windsor Avenue
Maze, James, Wellington Park
Megarrity, Wm., Park Parade, Lisburn
Mercier, Wm. Turpin, 5 College Gardens
Millar, Robert, 51 Victoria Terrace, Limestone Road
Montgomery, Matw., Beechmount, Ballymena
Morrison, Rev. Robt., Meriaith, Bangor
Murray, John, Ravara, Ballygowan
McClarnon, Hugh, 3 Cromwell Street
McClelland, Robert, 154 Ravenhill Road
McConnell, Wm., 6 Clonsilla, Antrim Road
McCrum, James, 102 Castlereagh Road
McCullagh, William, 12 Mary Street
McGuckin, Hugh, Carlisle Circus
McIlroy, Richard, 1 Donegore Street
McMaster, David, sen., 75 Mountview Street
McMechan, James, Elmsthorpe, Ballyholme Road, Bangor
McMullan, Thomas, 2 Kinnaird Street
McMurray, Thomas, 8 Empress Street
McNamee, Rev. P., Parochial House, Kildress, Cookstown
McVeigh, Neal, Wellington Street, Ballymena
Nelson, John, 81 Dunluce Avenue
Nevin, John, 63 Lawnbrook Avenue
Patterson, Alexander, 21 Agincourt Avenue
Patterson, Duncan, 89 Convention Street
Pinkerton, John, J.P., Seacon, Ballymoney
Reid, Henry, 98 Dunluce Avenue
Rickerby, John, 34 Vicinage Park
Roberts, John, Auburn, Dunmurry
Rodgers, John Walker, 1 Windsor Avenue North
Rolston, John B., Stranmillis Gardens
Rowan, William, Deveney Villas, Victoria Road, Strandtown
Scott, Saml., Brookvale House, Consbrook Avenue (Connsbrook)
Stafford, John J., Huncote, Malone Park
Stormount, Andrew, The Glen, Ligoniel
Stuart, Rev. Robert F., 25 Brookhill Avenue
Taylor, Hugh, 111 Cliftonpark Avenue
Thompson, David, 10 Dufferin Avenue, Bangor
Tierney, John, Chilworth, Stranmillis Road
Turkington, Richard, Newtownbreda
Watt, Rev. John Burns, Claremont, East Kilbride
Weir, Thomas, 163 Shankill Road
Williamson, Henry, Whitehall, Limavady
Wilson, David, sen., Nottinghill, Whiteabbey