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1843 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Streets Index & Streets A to GL

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Abbey Street, Peter's Hill
Academy Street, Donegall Street.
Academy Court, 33 Academy Street.
Adelaide Place, Donegall Square, South.
Albert Place, Donegall Pass.
Albert Street, off Durham Street.
Albion Place, Botanic Road.
Allan's Court, Peter's Hill.
Alexander Street, Lancaster Street.
Alfred Street, Upper Arthur Street.
Anderson's Place, Saltwater Bridge.
Anderson's Row, Millfield.
Anderson's Court, Shankhill Road.
Anderson's Court, 1 Millfield.
Annette Street, 16 Verner Street.
Ann Street, from Corn Market to the New Bridge crossing Church Lane.
Antrim Place, Antrim Road.
Arthur Street, west end of Ann Street.
Arthur Square, Corn Market.
Arthur Street, Upper, from Arthur Street to Alfred Street, joining May Street.
Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass.

Bank Lane, 39 Castle Place.
Back Lane, Weigh House Lane.
Bairn's Court, Curtis Street.
Balmer's Court, Curtis Street.
Balmer's Court, 5 Verner Street.
Barrack Street, from Mill Street to Durham Street and Falls Road.
Barnett's Court, 65 Peter's Hill.
Beatty's Entry, Mill Street.
Bell's Lane, Smithfield.
Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street.
Berry Street, Hercules Street.
Berry Hill Court, 76 Little Donegall Street.
Birch Street, 70 Little Donegall Street.
Birds' Court, Mill Street.
Black's Place, Hercules Street.
Blakely's Lane, Tomb Street.
Bluebell Entry, Waring Street.
Bogan's Street, Falls Road.
Boyd's Court, Dublin Road.
Botanic Road, Victoria Street.
Boyd's Court, Nile Street.
Boundary Street, from Falls Road to Shankhill Road & Peter's Hill.
Boundary Court, Boundary Street.
Bradford's Entry, Millfield.
Bradford's Lane, Ritchie's Dock.
Bradford Square, Tomb Street.
Bradbury Place, Botanic Road.
Bridge Street, Commercial Buildings.
Bridge Street Place, Bridge Street.
Brougham Street, York Street.
Brown's Row, Academy Street.
Brown's Square, Peter's Hill.
Brown Street, Millfield.
Brown's Entry, Mill Street.
Brunswick Lane, Edward Street.
Brunswick Street, Howard Street.
Burch Street, Little Donegall Street.
Byrt's Entry, East of High Street.

Caddel's Entry, High Street.
Calender Street, Castle Lane.
Campbell's Court, Carrick Hill.
Campbell's Buildings, Peter's Hill.
Cargill Street, Townsend Street.
Caroline Street, Great George's Street.
Caroline Court, Verner Street.
Carrick Hill, North Street.
Castle Lane, from Arthur Square, passing Calender Street, to 8 Donegall Place.
Castle Place, High Street.
Castle Street, Castle Place.
Castle Court, Castle Place.
Castle Chambers, Castle Place.
Catherine Street North, Little May Street.
Catherine Street South, Russell Street.
Catherine Court, Catherine Street, South.
Caxton Street, Robert Street.
Chapel Lane, Berry Street.
Charles Street, 21 Union Street.
Charlemont Street, Berry Street.
Charlotte Street, Donegall Pass.
Chichester Quay, High Street.
Chichester Street, from Great Edward Street to Donegall Square, North,
crossing Arthur Street.
Chichester Lane, Lime Kiln Dock.
Church Lane, 73 High Street.
Church Lane, Upper, Church Lane.
Church Street, 50 Donegall Street.
Clarence Place, Donegall Square, East.
Clark's Lane, Great Patrick Street.
Cliftonville, Antrim Road.
Cinnamond's Buildings, Malone Road.
Coates' Street, Townsend Street.
College Square, front of the College from King
     Street, passing College Street, Wellington Place
     to Fisherwick Place.
College Square North, King Street.
College Street, 9 Fountain Street, crossing Queen
     Street to College Square North.
College Street South, West of Howard St.
College Court, College Street.
College Place North, College Square North.
Cole's Alley, 29 Church Lane.
Commercial Court, Donegall Street.
Conley's Court, Samuel Street.
Conway Street, from Falls Road to Shankhill Road.
Cooney's Court, 17 Ann Street.
Corn Market, from Arthur Square to West end of High
Corr's Court, 48 Academy Street.
Coronation Place, 89 York Street.
Corporation Dock, Henry Street.
Corporation Street, from James Street to Garmoyle
Corporation Street Little, from 4 Corporation Street,
      crossing to York Street, in a line with Little
      George's Street.
Cotton Court, Waring Street.
Cricket Place, Verner Street.
Croaken's Place, Hercules Street.
Cromac, Newtownbreda Road.
Cromac Street, Great Edward Street.
Cromac Place, West of Cromac Street.
Crown Entry, 17 High Street.
Culbert's Court, Little York Street.
Cunningham's Court, Mill Street.
Cullingtree Place, Durham Street.
Cullingtree Street, Durham Street.
Cunningham's Court, Mustard Street.
Curtis Street, 23 York Street.

Dam Side, Millfield.
David's Lane, Lower Chichester Street.
Davidson's Court, 131 Durham Street.
Dock Street, Dunbar's Dock.
Dock Lane, Dock Street.
Domingo Place, New Antrim Road.
Donegall Lane, Donegall Street.
Donegall Pass, Cromac.
Donegall Place, Castle Place.
Donegall Quay, Waring Street.
Donegall Square East, Linenhall.
Donegall Square West, West of the White Linenhall.
Donegall Square South, South of Linenhall.
Donegall Street Place, Donegall Street.
Donegall Square North, Chichester Street.
Donegall Street, front of the Commercial Buildings.
Donegall Street Little, 19 John Street to Carrick Hill.
Downshire Place, Victoria Street.
Drake's Lane, Union Place.
Drummond's Court, Carrick Hill.
Dublin Bridge, Old Dublin Road.
Dunbar's Quay, Dock Street.
Durham Place, Durham Street, opposite Christ's
Durham Street, from Railway Road to Barrack Street
Earl Street, York Street.
East Street, Verner Street.
Edward Place, Edward Street.
Edward Street, from Robert Street to Great Patrick
Edward Street Great, from Cromac Street to Upper
     Church Lane.
Edward Street Little, Edward Street.
Elbow Lane, Bluebell Entry.
Eliza Street, 80 Cromac Street.
Eliza Place, Eliza Street.
Ellen's Court, Nile Street.
Elliott's Court, 21 Donegall Street.

Fall's Court, Falls Road.
Falls Court, Durham Street.
Falls Road, Barrack Street.
Ferguson's Court, Smithfield.
Fisherwick Place, College Square.
Fleet Street, York Street.
Forest Lane, 81 High Street.
Forcade's Entry, 41 Berry Street.
Fountain Lane, 5 Donegall Place.
Fountain Ville, Dublin Road.
Fountain Street, from 6 Castle Street to Wellington
Fox's Row, Durham Street.
Francis Street, Smithfield.
Franklin Place, Linenhall Street.
Frederick Lane, Frederick Street.
Frederick Street, York Street.
Friendly Street, Welsh Street

Galway's Entry, 21 Barrack Street.
Gamble Street, Tomb Street.
Garden Place, Cromac.
Gardiner's Place, Peter's Hill.
Garmoyle Street, Dunbar's Dock.
George's Court, Frederick Street.
George's Lane, Montgomery Street.
George's Place, Great George's Street.
George's Street Great, York Street.
Glengall Street, Durham Street.
Glengall Place, Great Victoria Place.
Gibb's Court, Alexander Street.
Gloucester Street, 25 Great Edward Street and 8
     Montgomery Street.
Gordon Street, Hill Street and James Street.
Grace Street, South of Cromac Place and West of
     Cromac Street.
Graham's Entry, High Street & Rosemary St.
Graham's Place, Little Patrick Street.
Grattan Court, Grattan Street.
Grattan Street, from Gordon Street to Green Street.
Grattan Place, Grattan Street.
Green Court, Green Street.
Green Street, Academy Street.
Greenland Street, Peter's Hill.
Gregg's Row, West Street.

Hagan's Entry, 14 Grattan Street.
Hamilton's Court, 57 High Street.
Hamilton's Entry, Durham Street.
Hamilton's Street, Cromac Street.
Hammond's Court, Corn Market.
Hanover Quay, East end of High Street, frequently
     called Custom House Quay.
Hannah's Lane, 124 Peter's Hill.
Harper's Court, Curtis Street.
Henrietta Street, West of Cromac Street and Joy
Henry Street, from Corporation Dock-gate to York
Henry's Square, Green Street.
Hercules Street, 102 North Street to West end of
     Rosemary Street.
Hercules Place, Castle Place.
Hill Street, 24 Waring Street to Talbot Street.
Hill's Court, Little Donegall Street.
High Street, from Castle Place to Chichester Quay.
Holmes's Lane, Verner Street.
Howard Street, Donegall Square West.
Howard Street South, Cromac.
Hudson's Entry, North Street.
Hughes' Row, North Street.
Hunter's Court, 30 North Queen Street.
Hudson's Court, Hudson's Entry.

Improvement Place, Lancaster Street.
Ingram Place, Donegall Pass.
Institution Place, Lettuce Hill.
Ireland's Entry, East end of High Street.

Jacobson's Court, 15 Queen Street.
James's Court, 112 Carrick Hill.
James's Place, Nelson Street.
James's Street, from Mary Street to Ritchie's Dock.
James's Street South, Brunswick Street.
Johnston's Court, Great Edward Street.
Johnston's Buildings, Shankhill.
Johnston's Court, 77 Millfield.
John Street, from 91 North Street to West end of York
John's Court, off James's Street.
Johnny's Entry, Talbot Street.
Joy's Street, May Street.
Joy's Court, Joy's Entry.
Joy's Entry, 31 High Street.

Kennedy's Court, 105 North Street.
Kennedy's Entry, Falls Road.
Kennedy's Place, Shankhill.
Kennedy's Row, Smithfield.
Kent Street, John Street.
King Street, College Square.
King's Court, Lancaster Street.
King Street Place, King Street.
King Street North, Brown Square.

Lagan Street, Cromac Street.
Lagan Street Upper, Lagan Street.
Lancaster Street, York Street.
Law's Entry, North Street.
Legg's Lane, High Street.
Lennon's Lane, 26 Great Edward Street.
Lettuce Hill, Barrack Street.
Lewis's Court, Brown Square.
Liddy's Court, Little Donegall Street.
Lilliput, North Queen Street.
Lime Kiln Dock, Waring Street.
Linenhall Street, South of Linenhall.
Linfield Road, Lower Malone.
Lodge Road New, North Queen Street.
Lodge Road Old, Peter's Hill.
Long Lane, 49 North Street.
Lynas's Lane, Great Patrick Street.

Magee's Lane, Great George's Street.
Malone Road Lower, from the Railway, Durham Street
     to Malone Gate.
Margaret Street, Union Street.
Market Lane, South of May's Market.
Marlborough Street, Princes Street.
Marquis Street, West of Smithfield.
Marshall's Court, Edward Street.
Mary Street, 60 Waring Street.
Mary's Market, Townsend Street.
May Street, from May's Market to Clarence Place.
May Street Little, from Alfred Street to 11 Cromac
Meadow Street, off York Street.
Melbourne Street, Brown Square.
Meetinghouse Lane, William Street.
Michael Street, Great George's Street.
Millar's Lane, Berry Street.
Millfield, from Barrack Street to North Street.
Mill Street, Castle Street.
Mitchell's Entry, 112 High Street.
Mitchell's Street, Gardiner Street.
Molyneux Street, Little George's Street.
Montgomery Street, May Street.
Montgomery's Market, Castle Lane.
Moreland's Court, Grattan Street.
Morrow's Entry, Hill Street.
Moses' Lane, Great George's Street.
Mullan's Lane, Trafalgar Street.
Murney's Row, Barrack Street.
Murphy's Street, Verner Street.
Murphy's Lane, Verner Street.
Murray's Terrace, College Square.
Mustard Street, 21 John Street.
McAdam's Court, Carrick Hill.
McAllen's Place, Shankhill.
McAuley's Street, Cromac Street.
McClelland's Lane, Peter's Hill.
McCoubrey's Entry, Mill Street.
McDougald's Court, 61 Academy Street.
McKenzie's Row, Townsend Street.
McKibbin's Court, 155 North Street.
McMaster's Court, Millfield.
McMaster's Court, 18 Stephen's Street.
McTear's Court, North Street.
McTear's Street, Shankhill.

Nelson Street, Edward Street.
Nelson Court, Nelson Street.
Neeson's Court, 60 Mill Street.
New Antrim Road, Donegall Street.
New Court, 40 Tomb Street.
New Row, Berry Street.
Nile Street, York Street.
North Street, from the Commercial Buildings to Peter's Hill.
North Ann Street, Corporation Street.

O'Hagarty Street, Boundary Street.
Ormeau Place, Newtownbreda Road.
Orr's Entry, 30 High Street.

Packenham Place, Bankmore Street, West
     of Linenhall Street.
Palmer's Place, Lower Malone.
Park Street, Stanhope Street.
Patrick's Lane, Patrick Street.
Patrick Street, Great York Street.
Patrick Street Little, from James Street to
     Lancaster Street.
Patterson's Court, Little Patrick Street.
Patterson's Place, Donegall Square East.
Pepper Hill Court, Carrick Hill.
Peter's Hill, from North Street to Shankhill.
Pilot Street, Dock Street.
Plunket's Court, 118 Carrick Hill.
Police Place, William Street South.
Poplar Court, Grattan Street.
Portland Street, 46 Great George's Street.
Portland Place, Thomas Street.
Pottinger's Entry, 49 High Street.
Poultry Square, May's Dock.
Pound Street, Barrack Street.
Princes Court, Princes Street.
Princes Street, East end of High Street.
Pump Entry, Millfield.

Quay Lane, 138 High Street.
Queen Street, Castle Street.
Queen Street Upper, Wellington Place.
Queen Street North, Donegall Street.
Quigley's Court, Cromac Street.
Quin's Entry, 11 High Place.

Rea's Court, Millfield.
Renwick Place, Lower Malone.
Richmond Street, Great Victoria Street.
Riley's Place, Cromac Street.
Ritchie's Dock, James's Street.
Ritchie's Place, 112 North Street.
Robert Street, Hill Street.
Robert's Court, Mustard Street.
Rosemary Street, Exchange Buildings to
     Berry Street.
Round Entry, Hercules Street.
Russel Street, Cromac Street.

Samuel Street, Millfield.
Sarah Street, Frederick Street.
Seed's Entry, North Street.
Seymour Lane, Seymour Street.
Seymour Street, May Street.
Shankhill Road, Old Antrim Road.
Sheal's Entry, 43 Carrick Hill.
Ship Street, York Street.
Ship Street Little, Ship Street.
Short Street, Pilot Street.
Sinclair's Court, 35 Smithfield.
Skipper Street, Waring Street.
Smithfield, North West from the Exchange.
South Mews, Fountain Street.
Southwell Street, Henry Street.
Spamount, East of North Queen Street.
Stanfield Street, off Eliza Street.
Stanfield Lane, Stanfield Street.
Stanhope Street, Lodge Road.
Stanley Lane, Little York Street.
Stanley Place, Little York Street.
Staunton Street, Verner Street.
Steam Mill Lane, Gamble Street.
Stephen Street, Little Donegall Street.
Store Lane, East end of High Street.
Suffern's Entry, North Street.
Sugar House Entry, Commercial Buildings.
Sussex Street, 60 York Street.
Sussex Place, Joy Street.

Talbot Street, 57 Donegall Street.
Tanner's Court, 60 Millfield.
Taylor's Row, Carrick Hill.
Tea Lane, Lower Malone.
Telfair's Entry, 25 Ann Street.
Tennent's Court, Little Patrick Street.
Thomas' Court, George's Lane.
Thomas' Street, Lancaster Street.
Thomas' Street North, Dunbar's Quay.
Thompson's Court, 35 Smithfield.
Thompson's Court, Donegall Street.
Thompson's Entry, Millfield.
Tomb Street, Lime Kiln Dock.
Torren's Market, Hercules Street.
Townsend Street, from Falls Road to Peter's Hill.
Townsend Place, Townsend Street.
Trafalgar Street, Corporation Street.

Ulster Railway, Great Victoria Street.
Union Street, from 133 North Street to
     Donegall Street.
Union Place, Lancaster Street.
Union Court, Union Place.

Verner Street, Lagan Street.
Victoria Street, Dublin Road.
Victoria Place, Victoria Street.

Walker's Lane, Frederick Street.
Wall Street, Carrick Hill.
Warehouse Lane, 12 Waring Street.
Washington Street, Frederick Street.
Waring Street, from the Exchange
     Buildings to Donegall Quay.
Waterloo Court, Cromac Street.
Welsh Street, Verner Street.

Wellington Place, College Square.
Wellington Street, Donegall Square West.
Weigh House Lane., 83 High Street.
Wellwood Place, Great Victoria Street.
West Street, North of Smithfield.
Wesley Place, Botanic Road.
William Street, Church Street.
William Street South, Police Place.
William's Lane, Green Street.
William's Place, Victoria Street.
William's Row, Henry Street.
Wills' Place, May's Field.
Wilson's Court, 27 High Street.
Wine Cellar Entry, 22 High Street.
Wine Tavern Street, Smithfield.

York Lane, 10 York Street.
York Street, 71 Donegall Street.
York Street Little, South and East York St.
York Road, York Street.
York Street Court, 5 York Street.

Names of the Inhabitants

In the  Principal Streets of Business and Residence in Belfast

Academy Street
63 Donegall Street

   2. Belfast Academy.
   4. John McDougal.
   8. Francis Wilson, Accountant.
 10. Miss McCracken, Lodgings.
 12. Hugh Morrison, Tailor.
 14. G. & A. McKibben, Merchants.
 16. Jas. Hutchinson and Co., Muslin Manufacturers.
 22. Samuel McConnell, Merchant.
 24. Bannatyne, Moir, & Co., Muslin Manufacturers.
 26. Parker, Preston, & Co., Merchants.
 28. Edward Parker, of Parker, Preston, & Co.
 30. Henry Moreland, Soap & Candle Manufacturer.
 34. Alexander Edgar, Joiner.
 36. John Armstrong, Painter.
 38. Francis Kean, Carver.
 40. George Pollock, Painter.
 42. William Eades, Joiner.
     . James Brown's Alabaster Manufactory.
     . St. Ann's Chapel of Ease.
 48. Charles Sheils, Pawn broker.
 50. George Harrison, Carpenter.
 79, 81 Charles Pelling, Sewed Muslin & General Commission Merchant.
 77. Mrs. Milliken.
 67. John Spence, Carpenter.
 63. Alexander Johnston, Painter.
 59. James Pelan, Grocer, Hotel and Tavern Keeper.
 57. William Sands, Builder.
 49, 51, 53, 55 Saml. Hart, Merchant.
 45. Mrs. Sinclair, Boarding House.
 43. Miss English, Dress Maker.
 39. John McKenna, Grocery, etc.
 37. William Higgins, Publican.
 35. John Ferris, Dealer.
 33. Thomas Gribbin.
 31. John Knox, Boot Closer.
 29. Bernard Macartney.
 27. E. McCormick.
 25. Charles McDade.
 23. Kennedy Stewart, Boot & Shoe Shop.
 19. Miss Johnston, Dress Maker.
 17. Miss Arthurs, Dress Maker.
 15. Mrs. McCammon.
 13. Thomas Bruce, Gas Fitter.
 11. J. Robertson & Sons, Sewed Muslin Manufacturers.
   9. S. McCabe, Carver & Gilder.
   7. Dr. Robert Bryce's Surgery.
   5. Alexander Riddell, Reed Maker.
   3. E. & M. Riddell, Dress Makers.
   1. Mrs. Orr, Servant's Registry.

Adelaide Place
1 Donegall Square, South.

   1. Henry Cooke, Collegiate School.
   2.. Mrs. Graham.
   3. James Ireland.
   4. A. Murray, Musician.
   5. Mrs. Moore.
   6. Miss Bell.
   6. John Pim Jackson.
   7. John Crauford.
   7. Mrs. J. Crauford, Boarding School.

Albert Place
Donegall Pass

John Wylie, Merchant.
Mrs. McNish.
Abraham Bell, Ship and Commissioner Merchant.

Albion Place
Botanic Road

   1. Edward Pim.
   2. John Workman, jun.
   3. George C. Pim.
   4. William Simms, jun., Esq.
   5. Misses Ross.
   6. George Withers, Merchant.
   7. Mrs. Blackwood.
   7. John Blackwood, Clerk.
   8. John McGowan.
   9. Miss Caughey.
 10. Freeman Hardy, Salesman.

Alfred Street
South end of Upper Arthur Street

   1. Rev. John Edgar, D.D.
   2. Alex. Mitchell, Civil Engineer.
   6. Samuel Thomson, Merchant.
   8. Mrs. Casement.
 10. Daniel Boyd.
 12. Henderson Black, Merchant.
 12. Christopher Black, Surgeon.
 14. Miss Burden.
 16. William Burden, M.D.
   Presbyterian Meeting House, Rev. J. W. Hunter, Pastor.
   Presbyterian Meeting House, Rev. John Edgar, D.D., Pastor.

Ann Street
Corn Market to New Bridge

     1. Edward Fitzsimons, Provision and Spirit Dealer.
     3. T. McKenny, Law Agent.
     3. Neal John O'Neill, Esq., Crown Solicitor.
     3. James Taylor, Musician and Bonnet Warehouse.
     5. James Glasgow, Grocer.
     7. Jas. A. Wilson, Cabinet Maker.
  13. John Cramsie, Smith and Ironmonger.
  15. Patrick McVeagh, Publican.
  17. T. & W. Haddock, Publicans.
  19. Robert Shaw, Hatter.
  21. McGee & Bradley, Painters.
  23. Samuel Campbell, Merchant.
  25. John Russell, Haberdasher.
  27. Robt. Lindsay, Provision Shop.
27b. John Wallace, Esq., Solicitor.
  29. J. Martin & Co., Merchants.
  31. Alexander Findlay, Chandler.
  33. William H. Milligan, Grocer and Tobacconist.
  35. William Hamilton, Grocer.
  37. Henderson, Black, Grocer and Tobacconist.
  41. William Gilmore, Baker.
  43. Robert Carson, Grocer.
  45. Samuel Cowan, Merchant.
  47. Andrew Clarke, Grocer.
  49. John Fetherston, Spirit Dealer.
  51. William Charnock, & Co., Glass, Oil & Colour Merchants.
  53. William McFadden, Leather Merchant.
  55. James Barry & Co., Grocers.
  57. Wm. Gamble, Spirit Merchant.
  59. William Palmer, Barber.
  61. Arthur Anderson, Tailor.
  63. Isaac Bailie, Shoe Maker.
  65. James Palmer, Shoe Maker.
  67. Mary Stewart, Publican.
  69. Charles Watson, Grocer.
  71. Hugh Toman, Painter.
  71. Joseph, Bailie, Eating House.
  73. J. Keenan, Highlandman's Inn.
  73. Donaghadee Coach Office.
75, 93 Jas. Murray, Rag Merchant.
  75. Robert Robinson, Publican.
  77. R. & J. McEntire, Merchants.
  79. Ulster Canal Carrying Company's Stores.
  81. Joseph Hindley, Agent to the Ulster Canal Carrying Co.
  83. William Miller, Grain Merchant.
  85. Martin & Agnew, Merchants.
  85. J. & J. Martin, & Co., Merchants.
  89. William Crothers.
  95. Mrs. Byrne, Publican.
  95. David Fee's Fire Brick Yard.
  95. John McDowell, Stabling.
136. Robt. Geddis, Butter Merchant and Publican.
134. T. Birkmyre, Baker.
132. H. Watterson, Esq., Solicitor.
132. William Thomas Watterson, Esq., Solicitor.
130b, 91. Ledlie Clark, Brewer.
130. James Fee, Publican.
128. James Giles, Confectioner.
126. D. McCullough, Shoe Shop.
124. Hugh Liddy, Ironmonger.
122. Ann Webster, Grocer.
120. Hugh Boyd, Publican.
118. Joseph Morrison, Grocer.
114. William Bell, Iron Merchant.
112. Patrick McCreanor, Publican.
110. Patrick Murray (Murry), Grocer.
108. James Shaw, Tallow Chandler.
106. John McKeever, Ship Master.
106. James Allen, Painter.
104. Robert Gilmore, Publican.
100. Sarah Ireland, Grocer.
  96. John Wightman, Grocer.
  84. James Sergison, Tin Smith.
  92. James Cosgrave, Grocer.
  90. Alexander Millin, Publican.
  86. George Patton, Grocer & Coal Merchant.
  84. Jane Gray, Confectioner.
  82. Thomas Burns, Shoe Shop.
  78. Martin Harper, Grocer and Tobacconist.
  74. George Milliken, Grocer.
  72. J. & E. McBride, Grocers.
  70. Amelia Bain, Grocer & British Wine Manufacturer.
  68. Hugh Millen, Spirit Dealer.
  66. Samuel Shaw, Hatter.
  62. David Moore, Boot and Shoe Maker.
  60. Robert Smith, Grocer, etc.
  58. Robert McMullan, Clerk, Bonnet & Plat Warehouse.
  56. E. & A. Heburn, Bonnet Warehouse.
  54. John Lynn, Painter.
  54. Wm. Graham, Leather Cutter.
  54. Mrs. Cottery, Day School.
  52. McKelvey & Crawford, Tailors.
  48. Thomas Archer, Comb Maker.
  46. Robert McClure, Boot and Shoe Shop.
44b. Robert Greenhill, Currier and Leather Merchant.
  44. Mary Hazelton, Haberdasher.
  42. Alex. Maguire, Shoe Maker.
  40. Jas. O'Neill, Printer and Stationer.
  38. Thomas Henry Aickin, Apothecary.
  36. Robert Reid, Grocer.
  32. John Kelly, Cabinet Maker.
30b. George Nelson, Haberdasher.
  30. William Hogg, Grocer.
  28. Hugh Graham, Grocer & Provision Shop.
  24. Moses Staunton, Room Paper Manufacturer.
  22. Hugh Allen, Tin Smith.
  20 Laurence O'Brien, Hair Dresser.
  18. Peter Garvey, Boot Maker.
  16. Samuel Boyle, Merchant.
  14. William Brown, Hair Dresser.
  12. J. Telford, Shoe Shop.
  10. Vindicator Office.
  10. K. T. Buggy.
  10. James McConvery.
     6. Samuel Edgar, Haberdasher.
     4. George McAfee, Boot and Shoe Shop.
  2b. Black & Kennedy, Solicitors.
     2. Mrs. Ryans, Ladies' Shoe Shop.

Antrim Place
Antrim Road

   1. John G. Beresford, Esq.
   2. Thomas Scott, Gentleman.
   3. Misses Berwick.
   4. Samuel Luke, Esq.
   5. George Clack, Ordnance Department.
   6. David Graham, Esq., Paymaster of Constabulary.
   7. Thomas Armstrong, Writing Master.
   8. Mrs. Fitzgibbon.
   9. S. Huston, of J. & S. Huston.

Antrim Turnpike

 Mrs. Thompson, grocer.
 Theodore Bozi, of Bozi & Co., Pebble Cottage.
 James Guy, Publican.
 John D. Roberts, Clerk.
 Adjutant General's Office.

Arthur Square
Corn Market

   1. James Young, Esq., Solicitor.
   2. John Kearney, Basket Maker.
   3. James Shubridge, Victualler.
   7. Robert Gaffikin, Carver.
   6. Michael Campbell, Grocer.
   8. Jane Charles, Bonnet Maker.
   9. William Dinnen, Victualler.
 11. Robert Milliken, Saddler.

Arthur Street
Arthur Square

   1. Theatre.
   3. John McVicker, Tailor.
   5. John Cinnamond, Boot and Shoe Manufactory.
 5b. General Assembly's Home and Foreign Mission Office.
   9. H. & A. Culloden, Baby Linen Warehouse.
 11. Hugh Davis, Dentist.
 17. Ann Bullick, Grocer.
 19. Alexander Moore, Painter.
 21. A. & J. Montgomery, Solicitors.
 23. Davis & Suffern, Solicitors.
 25. Matthew Black, Esq., and Adelaide Lodge, Malone.
 27. Wm. Arthur, Linen Bleacher and 12 Calender Street.
 29. John Green, Grocer.
 31. William Dillon, Esq., Solicitor.
 33. Cranston & Hall, Solicitors.
 33. Wm. Cranston, Esq., Solicitor.
 24. George Browne, Dyer.
 22. Thomas Blain, School Master.
 20. Crawford & Russell, Solicitors.
 18. Jas. Stewart, Wine Merchant.
 16. Samuel Browne, Surgeon, R.N.
 16. Miss Nocher, Bonnet Warehouse.
 16. Moses Staunton, Room Paper Warehouse.
 14. Merchant Tailor's Hall, Marshall & Osborne, Proprietors.
12b. Miss Lorimer, Miliner, etc.
 10. Robert Campbell, Baker.
   8. Mrs. Nicholl, Hair Dresser.
   4. M. & J. McClement, Milliners.
   2. E. & I. Kent.

Chronicle Place

Drummond Anderson, & Son, Publishers, Proprietors and Printers of the Belfast Commercial Chronicle.

Arthur Street, Upper.
11 Chichester Street

 24. James Gowdy, Gentleman.
 26. Mrs. Musgrave.
 26. Wm. Musgrave, Esq., Barrister.
 28. Mrs. Williamson.
 30. Miss Knowles, Day School.
 34. Mrs. R. Telfair.
 36. Charles Thomson, Esq.
 40. William Booker, Merchant.
 42. William Taylor, V. Surgeon.
   Music Hall.
59b. R. & J. Workman, Manufacturers.
 59. James Brown, Land Agent.
 59. John Boyd, Esq.
 57. William Williams, Builder.
 55. Major Gold, 53rd Regt.
 53. Mrs. Keith, Dress Maker, etc.
 51. Alfred Anderson, Surgeon.
 51. Drummond Anderson, Esq., of D. Anderson, & Son.
 49. J. & C. Macartney, Solicitors.
 47. Wm. Reid, Piano Forte Maker.
 45. Miss Mullan, Lodgings.
 45. Thomas Mullan.
 43. John Forsythe, Land Agent.
 43. Wm. Forsythe, Esq., Solicitor.
 41. Miss Grattan, Millinery Rooms.
 39. John Barnes, Accountant.
 39. Dr. Gordon, M.D.
 37. Miss McCormick, Boarding House.
 35. Robert McDowell, Merchant.

Arthur Place
14 Arthur Street

   1. Thomas Kennedy Lowry, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
   1. James Osborne, of Marshall & Osborne.
   3. J. O'Neill Falls, Esq., Solicitor.
   5. Office of R. T. Goddard, Esq., High Constable of the Upper Half Barony of Belfast, and Inspector of Weights and Measures.
   7. J. C. White, Writer.
   9. Ulster Times Newspaper Office.
   2. Andrew Clindinning.
   4. Office of Collector of Poor and Parish Rates.
   6. Arthur Taylor's Rectifying Distillery.

Aughton Terrace
Donegall Pass.

 John McVicker, Merchant Tailor.
 Lieutenant John George Victor.
 Mrs. Isabella Aughton.

Bank Lane
39 Castle Place

   1. J. Hartley, Esq., Notary Public and Master in Chancery.
   3. John Quin, Surgeon.
   5. Miss Carmichael, Dress Maker.
   7. Patrick Quin, Clerk.
 11. Patrick Quin, Lodgings.
 13. Matthew Dolan, Whitesmith.
 15. Daniel Murphy.
 17. John Donaldson, Baker.
 21. Patrick McCoy.
 23. William McCoy.
 25. Chas. Murison & Son, Maltsters and Brewers.
25b. William Murison & Co.'s Ale and Porter Stores.
 35. Robert Bell, Tailor.
 37. Elizabeth McCormick, Lodgings.
 42. Mrs. Gilmore.
 38. John McCormick, Boot and Shoe Maker.
 36. Hugh Kelly, Wine and Spirit Merchant.
 32. John Kirker, Tailor.
 30. Jos. Patterson, Picture Frame Manufacturer.
 28. William Reilly, Clerk.
 26. George Wilson, Tailor.
 16. Mrs. Magee.
 14. Mrs. Saunders.
 12. Charles McCann, Painter.
 10. Letitia Goodwin, Publican.
   8. Matthew Johnston, Shoe Maker.
   2. John Gillis, Esq.

Barrack Street
West end of Millfield.

   1. Mrs. Irwin, Grocery, etc.
   3. Rob. McClintock, Flour Dealer.
   4. William Ritchie, Mechanic.
   7. John Meek, Baker.
   9. Michael Hall, Plasterer.
 11. John Hayes, Dealer.
 13. William Hill, Dealer.
 15. Charles Nailor, Dealer.
 17. James Weir, Stabling.
 19. James B. Owen, Pawn Broker.
 23. Robert Byers, Dealer.
 23. Thomas Gribbin, Hair Dresser.
 25. Charles Hilland, Publican.
 27. Thomas Wallace, Skinner.
 29. James McCracken, Builder.
 31. Matthew Cummin, Plasterer.
 33. Temperance Hotel and Coffee House, R. Christie, Proprietor.
   Brown's Entry.
 35. Tobias McQuade, Huxter.
 37. Excise Office.
 39. J. Mackenzie & Co., Belfast Distillery.
 39. Alex. M. Shaw, of J. Mackenzie & Co.
 37. Hamilton McGuirk, Excavator.
 39. Arthur Galway, Pawn Broker.
 45. Ann Hogan, Lodgings.
 47. Phillip Hamill.
 49. Nancy Trolan.
 51. James McCurry, Dairy.
 53. Mrs. Conlin, Publican.
 55. Henry Rippet, Jobber.
 57. William Hughes, Pig Dealer.
 61. Hugh McCucheon, Cooper.
 65. John Dodson.
 67. William Green.
 69. Edward McQuillan, Shoe Maker.
 71. Alexander Spence, Dealer.
 73. Robert Williams, Dealer.
 75. Bernard McNally, Flesher.
 77. James Norret, Dairy.
 54. Henry Cochran, Dealer.
 70. James Donnelly, Dairy Keeper.
 66. Lawrence Coleman, Publican.
 56. William Feely, Dealer.
 50. Mrs. Dornan.
 48. George Rafferty, Publican.
 46. George Sibbins, Pawn Broker.
 44. Terence McGurk.
 43. William Millar, Publican.
 38. John Prunty, Grocer and Spirit Dealer.
 36. Hamilton, Trelford, Grocer.
 34. James Evans, Dairy Keeper.
 32. Sarah McCullough, Dealer.
 28. Thomas Cullen, Grocer.
 24. Joseph Marley, Shoe Maker.
 22. James McVernon, Jeweller.
 20. James Conlan, Publican.
 18. James Bracegirdle, Dealer.
 16. Alexander Withers, Grocer and Provision Dealer.
 12. John Boyd, Dairy Keeper.
 10. Hugh McShane, Publican.
   8. Henry Savage, Publican.
   4. William Daly, Entertainment.
   2. Stephen Hamilton, Grocer.

Berry Street
Hercules Street

   4. Thomas O'Reilly, Draper.
   6. H. Mallaghan, Clothes Dealer.
   8. Michael Graham, Clothes Dealer.
 20. James Fulton, Saddler & Clothes Dealer.
 22. Richard Lennon, Clothes Dealer.
 24. L. Skiffington, Clothes Dealer.
 26. Wm. Nelson, Clothes Dealer.
 28. Porter & Campbell's Wholesale Clothes Warehouse.
 32. James Trevor.
 34. William Bell, Baker.
36 & 38 John Byrne, Auctioneer.
 40. Arthur Aicken, Pawn Broker.
 53. James Stewart, Clothes Dealer.
 51. Patrick Doores, Clothes Dealer.
 49. Patrick Smith, Auctioneer.
 47. Eliza Hayes, Dealer.
 45. Thomas McAvoy, Law Clerk.
 43. George Ryan, Grocer and Spirit Dealer.
 41. James Griffith, Clothes Dealer.
 37. John Stewart, Clothes Dealer.
 35. Henry Barrett, Clothes Dealer.
 33. Ann Finlay, Grocer.
 31. Alexander Keenan, Tailor.
 29. Mrs. Morrison, Clothes Dealer.
 27. George Randall, Clothes Dealer.
 25. John Crawford, Grocer.
 21. John McKeown, Clothes Dealer.
 19. Geo. McGinley, Clothes Dealer.
 17. Mary Harkin, Clothes Dealer.
 15. Peter Harkin, Clothes Dealer.
 13. John Lynass, Clothes Dealer.
   1. Peter McGouran, Spirit Store.

Bridge Street
42 High Street

   4. Fryer's Fancy Bazaar.
   6. Belfast Basket Manufactory, R. Pelan, Proprietor.
   8. R. & W. Denvir, Hat Manufacturers.
 10. Alexander Mackay, News Letter Office.
 12. Benj. Bell, Tailor and Draper.
 14. Robert Marshall, Hosier.
 16. Robert Shaw, Watch Maker, etc.
 20. Wm. Rodgers, Auctioneer and Appraiser.
 22. Wm. S. Pim, Oil and Colour man.
   Bridge Street Place
 24. Booth, Brothers & Co., Hatters.
 26. Northern Hat Mart, James Wolfenden.
 28. A. McCracken, Boot Maker.
 27. George Phillips, Book Seller, etc.
 25. Thomas Ward, Sub-distributor of Stamps, and Agent to the Norwich Union Co.
 23. Sam. Colville, Woollen Draper.
 21. T. Chirmside, Woollen Draper.
 19. David Walker, Confectioner.
17b. W. J. Mills, Hosier, etc.
 15. John Craig, Ironmonger.
 13. R. Brown, Berlin Wool House.
 11. Taylor, Brothers & Co., Hatters.
7, 9 & 17. John Arnott & Co., Silk Mercers & Drapers.
   5. Miss Gillis, Baby Linen House.
   3. Malc. McCracken, Boot Maker.
   1. Cooke, Johnston & Co., Hatters.

Bridge Street Place
Bridge Street

   1. James Weir & Co., Merchants.
 1b. Jos. Wood, Wholesale Woollen Warehouse.
   3. J. Murphy ^ Co., Flax Spinners.
   7. Falls Mill Co., Flax Spinners.

Brunswick Street
South of Howard Street

2 & 6. J. Ewart, Manufacturer.
   4. Robert Collins, M.D.
   Ulster Female Penitentiary.

Calender Street
Castle Lane.

   1. Gordon & Crawford, Wine Merchants.
   1. R. F. Gordon, Esq., of Gordon & Crawford, Agent to the Royal Exchange Assurance Co. of London, Jas. Lipsey, Accountant.
   7. Day, Bottomleys, & Browne, Woollen Merchants.
   9. Sinclair & Cameron, Merchants.
   9. Stevenson, Curell, & Co., Merchants.
 14. W. Courtney, Land Surveyor.
 10. John Dunvill & Co., Wholesale Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchants.
   8. Ann Murray, Tobacconist.
   6. Northern Whig Office, Francis D. Finlay, Proprietor.
   4. Mrs. Tucker, Tavern Keeper.
   2. Weighbridge Market.

Castle Chambers
Castle Place.

 Northern Club Rooms.
 Wm. Page, Hair Dresser.
 Mrs. Kelly.
 John Henderson, Book Seller.
 Union Club Rooms.
 Clerical Rooms.
 Henry B. Magee, Proctor of the Consistorial Courts of Down and Connor.
 Richard Connery, Esq., Mercantile and Land Agent & Agent to the Scottish Sun Fire and Life Assurance Company.
 John M. Johnston, Clerk to the Trustees of the Falls and Malone Turnpike Roads, Master Extraordinary in Chancery, and a Commissioner for Affidavits and Special Bail in the Three Law Courts.
 Hugh Crawford, Esq., Solicitor.
 John Forsythe, Esq., Land Agent.
 Wm. Forsythe, Esq., Solicitor.
 Wm. Gardner, Esq., Agent for the receipt of rents.

Castle Lane
Donegall Place

   1. Miss Allen, Boarding House.
   1. Hamilton Dobbin, of Coleman & Dobbin.
   3. Braddel & Lyle, Agents to the Scottish Widows' Fund and Mutual Accommodation Society.
   3. G. W. Braddel, Notary Public.
   5. Frederick Joy, Esq., Solicitor.
   7. Sam. Holmes, & Son, & Co., Linen Warehouse.
 11. Garr McKeown, Publican.
 13. J. Lenaghan, Clothes Renovator.
 17. Theatre Tavern, James Stewart, Proprietor.
 21. Shakespeare Hotel, T. Frazer, Proprietor.
 20. Wm. Nocher, Tailor.
 20. A. Coates, Milliner.
 18. John Magennis, Esq., Solicitor.
 16. H. & J. R. Garrett, Solicitors, Agents for the Alfred Home and Foreign Life Assurance and Mutual Annuity Association.
 12. Jas. Paisley, English, Classical and Mercantile Teacher.
 12. Wm. M. Collins, Esq., Solicitor.
   8. James K. Jackson, Esq., Solicitor, Clerk of the Peace for the County Antrim.
   6. Samuel McDowell Elliott, Esq., Solicitor, Seneschal of the Manor Courts of Belfast, Castle Chichester and Island Magee.
   6. Daniel Britton, Registrar of the Manor Court of Belfast.
   4. Mary Trevor, Publican.
 A. Montgomery, Esq., Solicitor.
 Montgomery's Market.
   2. John R. Kennedy, Esq., Solicitor and Castle Street, Lisburn.
   2. John Devlin, Auctioneer, etc.

Castle Place
West end of High Street

   1. Samuel Hart, Bakery.
   2. Robert Galbraith, Hair Dresser and Perfumer.
   4. D. Moore, Surgeon and Medical Superintendant of Quarantine.
   4. James Moore, Surgeon, M.D.
   6. Jas. McCleave & Sons, Saddlers.
 10. Dublin and Enniskillen Mail Coach Office, F. Rae, Agent.
 10. John Rae, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, County Antrim.
 12. Wm. McGowan & Son, Saddlers.
 14. John Edgar, Trowser (Trouser) Maker and 66 Dawson Street, Dublin.
 16. William Quin, Surgeon.
 18. John & Robert Gray, Manufacturing Jewellers, Watch Makers and Silversmiths.
 20. E. H. Lamont, Book Seller, Stationer and Print Seller.
 22. James Currie, Perfumer, etc.
 24. Charles Keys, Hosiery, Glove and Shoe Warehouse.
 26. Andrew McEwen, Apothecary.
 28. T. L. Stewart, Esq.
 37. Mrs. Coates, Milliner.
 37. John Craig, Manufacturer, Haberdasher and Boarding House.
31b. George Hill Adams, M.D., E.
 31. Eliza Gardner, Muslin Shop.
27 & 29 Archer & Sons, Wholesale Stationers and Paper Makers.
 25. R. W. Dyke, Music & Musical Instrument Seller.
 23. Mrs. Martin, Milliner.
 21. Alexander McVicker, Boot and Shoe Maker.
 19. Wm. Page, Perfumer and Hair Dresser.
 17. Joseph Braddle, Gun and Pistol Maker, Patent Shot and Fishing Tackle Warehouse.
 17. Castle Chambers.
15b. John Henderson, Printer, Publisher, Stationer, Book Seller and General News Agent, Proprietor of the Northern Circulating Library and Publisher of the Belfast Directory.
 15. Lamont & Co., Watch Makers, Jewellers & Opticians.
 13. E. L. McIlroy & Sisters.
 11. Donegall Arms Hotel, J. Moore, Proprietor.
   7. G. E. Hyndman, Auctioneer.
   7. Manchester Life and Fire Assurance Office.
   5. Frederick Fletcher, Music Seller and Teacher of Music.
   3. Patrick Keenan, Jeweller.
   1. James Cochran, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

Castle Street
Castle Place.

   1. Northern Bank.
   3. Samuel Thompson, M.D.
   3. James Bristow, Esq.
   7. Rutherford's Stay Warehouse.
   9. Miss Mary Hill, Milliner.
 11. Eliza Barrett, Stay Warehouse.
 11. A. Sloan, Cabinet Maker.
 13. Jane Johnston, Dress Maker.
 15. John Maguire, Fancy Dyer.
 19. Samuel McCann, Tavern Keeper.
 21. Belfast Gas Company's Office, John Foster, Collector.
 23. Wm. Aldritt, Brass Founder, etc.
 29. Daniel Small, Cabinet Maker.
 31. James Plunket, Rent and House Agent.
 33. Robert Hamilton, Engraver, etc.
 35. D. Mitchell, Hardware Merchant.
 37. Francis Coates, Painter, etc.
 39. James Bell, Engraver.
 43. Mrs. Parker, Bonnet Maker.
 45. Miss Beatty, Milliner.
 47. Agnes Mundell, Milliner.
 49. Thomas Cunningham, Merchant.
 49. Josias Cunningham.
 28. Ch. Dalton, Piano Forte Maker.
 24. Robert Gavin, Rent Agent.
 22. William Miller, Engraver.
 20. Rev. R. Wilson.
 20. D. Carty, Coach Maker.
 18. Joseph Hart, Musician.
 16. John Russell, Agent.
 16. Mrs. Russell, Milliner.
 14. Thos. Coburn, Merchant Tailor.
12b. William McCune, Carpenter.
12b. J. Best.
 12. Wm. Coates, Brazier, etc.
 10. John Thompson, Engraver.
   8. Classical, English and Mercantile Academy, Lewis Harkin, Principal, Messrs. Fernachty, Mateer & Moore, Assistants.
   6. James Ross, Seal Engraver.
   4. John Thompson, Engraver.
   2. Miss Patterson.

Chapel Lane
North of Castle Street

1, 2, 12. James Magill & Co., Brewers and Maltsters.
   3. John Black, Publican.
   7. Richard Foy, Clothes Dealer.
 11. Frs. McDonnell, Clothes Dealer.
 13. James Major, Sexton.
 28. George Sibbin, Pawn Broker.
 26. Robert Hurst.
 26. Edward Daly, Academy.
 22. Anne Maguire, Family Grocer.
 20. Henry Maguire, Pawn Broker.
 18. Nicholas McCowl.
 16. Joshua Dyer.
 14. William Donaghy, Lodgings.
 10. John Finton, Precentor of R.C. Chapel.

Chichester Quay
East end of High Street.

   1. Joseph Hind, Broker.
   5. William Howard, Wire Works.
   7. John Hiram Shaw, Ship Broker.
 11. Robert Simms, jun., Merchant.
 13. Coast Guard Office.
 15. James Lemon, Merchant.
 17. Robert Gemmill, Merchant.
 19. William Newitt, Broker.
 23. William Foster, Ship Broker.
 25. Ballast Office, E. Getty, Ballast Master.

Chichester Street
Arthur Street

   1. John Patterson, Gentlemen.
   5. Misses Barclie, Milliners, etc.
   7. Henry McCormac, M.D.
   9. James Reid, Gentleman.
 13. John Cassidy, Dancing Master.
 15. John Grogan, Esq.
 19. Miss Sims.
 21. Richard Barnett, Dentist.
 23. Mrs. Drennan.
 25. Mrs. Wilson.
 27. Rev. George Hutton.
 33. Taylor's Repository and Veterinary Establishment, William Taylor, V.S., Proprietor.
 35. James Riley, Provision Stores.
 39. Mrs. Radcliff.
 41. John Brown, jun., & Co., Timber Merchants.
 24. John Kavanagh, Stone Yard.
 22. Archibald Reid, Coach Maker.
 12. Wm. Henry Haslett, Solicitor.
 10. William Cranston, Solicitor.
   8. Bernard Lennon, Solicitor.
   8. Mrs. B. Lennon.
   6. Miss Lambert, Boarding and Day School.
   4. Miss Auchinleck.
   4. James Weir, of J. Weir & Co.
   2. William McComb, Book Seller.

Chichester Street, Lower.
Great Edward Street

   4. Samuel Arrott, Surgeon.
   6. James Forneri, LL.D., Teacher of French, Italian, Spanish & German Languages, in the R. B. A. Institution.
   6. Miss McNeill, Bonnet Maker.
   9. Andrew Keating, Carpenter.

Church Lane
High Street

   2. Richard Palmer, Shoe Shop.
   4. Ann Johnston, Bonnet Maker.
   6. Cumine, Saddle and Harness Manufacturer.
   8. Alexander Faulkner, Shoe Shop.
 10. George Brodie, Watch Glass Manufacturer.
 12. William Fox, Haberdasher.
 16. John McCord, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.
 18. Raymond Kirner, Clock Maker.
 20. Miss Wallis, Milliner.
 22. Margaret Ryan, Haberdasher.
 24. Mrs. McCully, Haberdasher.
 26. Hamilton Fisher, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.
 28. William Long, Barber.
 30. Mrs. Patterson.
 32. John Allen, Brick Layer.
 34. Grace Ryans, Confectioner.
 36. James Noble, Muslin Manufacturer.
 38. John O'Neal, Ladies Boot and Shoe Maker.
 40. William Fisher, Wholesale and Retail Grocer.
 42. John Cuddy, Glass Warehouse, residence, Gasfield House.
 44. Charles Kirkpatrick, Wholesale & Retail Grocer and Seedsman.
 37. Charles Pollock, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.
 35. James Moore, Grocer.
 33. J. Dawson, Muslin Warehouse.
 31. James Munce, Grocer and Carpenter.
 29. James Crothers, Grocer.
 27. James Wilson, Grocer & Aerated Water Manufacturer.
 25. Hugh Rice.
 25. Mrs. Rice, Dress Maker, etc.
 23. Allen Watters, Baker.
 21. Robert Neill, Merchant.
 19. William Cowan, Grocer, Wine and Spirit Merchant.
 17. Entrance to E. Porter & Sons' Iron Store.
 15. Geo. L. Macintosh, Auctioneer.
 13. Dan. McVeigh, Feather Merchant.
 11. Wm. Trimble, Boot and Shoe Maker.
   9. James Yeates, Shoe Shop.
   5. John Mortimer, Boot and Shoe Maker.
   3. William Palmer, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.

Church Lane, Upper.
Church Lane

   3. William Young, Publican.
   5. William Corbitt, Publican.
   7. Hamilton & Russell, Tailors.
   9. Alabaster Mills and Roman Cement Stores, John Cuddy, Proprietor.
 11. E. Rogers, Carman's Inn.
 28. Dan. Dunlop, Painter & Glazier.
 22. Mathew McCalla, Carman's Inn.
 20. Hugh McLorinan, Builder, residence, Lorian Terrace.
 18. James Low, Inn Keeper.
 16. James O'Neill, Lodgings.
 14. John Graham, Publican.
 12. Matthew Gillespie, Publican.
 10. Bernard Peak, Dealer.
   8. George Huston, Entertainment.
   6. William Shaw.
   4. Halloway Hayes, Timber Merchant.

Church Street
Donegall Street

   1. Coleman & Dobbin, Wine and Spirit Merchants.
   3. James Maxwell, Cabinet Maker.
   5. John Davis, Entertainment.
   7. Robert Clements, Publican.
 11. William Bell, jun.
 13. William Stewart, Manufacturer.
 17. Richd. Thompson, Wine, Spirit and Tea Merchant.
 17. Richard C. Dobbs, Solicitor.
 21. William Hutton, Shoe Maker.
 16. Public Bakery.
 16. John McKean, Clerk.
 14. Mrs. Magee.
 12. James Caughey, Manager of Mont de Piete, etc.
 12. Mont de Piete and Loan Fund Society.
 10. Bible Depository, B. Neely, Lib.
   6. E. D. Gribben.
   4. Magherafelt and Londonderry Hotel, J. C. Clarke, Proprietor.

Clarence Place
West end of May Street.

   1. Thomas G. Folingsby, Merchant.
   2. William McGee, M.D.

College Place, North.
College Square, North.

   Fortescue Gregg, Esq.
   James Sim.
   James Pratty, C.H. officer.
   Jane Macartney.
   James D. O'Connor, Agent.

College Square, East.

   1. John Preston, Merchant, of Preston, Wark & Co.
   2. Robert McCarson, Merchant.
   3. James Cochran, Merchant.
   4. Wm. Patterson, General Merchant.
   5. Rev. Dr. Cairns, Professor of Logic and Belles Lettres.
   6. James Green, Esq.
   7. Miss Barklie.
   8. Jas. Keegan, of J. & P. Keegan.
 12. John Clarke, Esq.
 13. Mrs. Bradshaw.
 16. Rev. J. Scott Porter.
 17. Robert Brown, Merchant.
 18. James McAdam, Merchant.
 18. Miss McAdam.
 18. Miss Jane McAdam.
 18. Robert McAdam, of McAdam, Currell & Co.
 19. James McIntyre, of Simms & McIntyre.
 20. Jackson S. Stevenson, Commission Agent, etc.

College Square, North
West of College Street.

   1. Thomas Chermside.
   2. Rev. Dr. Hanna.
   3. Robert Patterson, of R. & D. J. Patterson.
   4. Miss Tennent.
   5. Jas. Campbell, of Jas. Boomer & Company.
   6. George Suffern.
   7. The Museum.
   8. Dr. Drummond.
   9. Saml. G. Fenton, Esq., J.P., of Saddler, Fenton, & Co.
 10. Mrs. George Sloan.
 11. John E. Sloan, Banker.
 12. James Forsythe, M.D.

College Street
Queen Street

   4. Mrs. Dunlop, Boarding House.
   6. James Bell, Engraver.
 10. Mrs. L. M. Bristow, Professor of Music.
 12. The Misses Bryson, Dress Makers.
 16. William Scott, Excise Officer.
 18. Misses Sueters, Stay Makers.
 18. John Sueter.
 22. Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institution, Charles Rhind, Teacher.
 27. Miss M. Stavely's School.
 25. Mrs. Lyons.
 23. Matthew Allen, Clerk.
 21. Mrs. Sproull.
 15. Mrs. Rogers, Lodging.
   3. Mrs. Dowling.
   3. Denis Dowling, Law Agent.

College Street, South.
West of Howard Street.

   1. Rev. Matthew Tobias.
   2. Mrs. Dillon.
   3. Miss Mason, Day School.
   4. Miss Curell.
   5. Lieutenant Calder.
   7. John R. Neill.
   Covenanters' Meeting House.
   8. James McConkey, Gentleman.
   9. Mrs. Ralf Richardson.
 11. Fielding Giveen, Esq.
 13. John Boyd, Flax Spinner.
 17. Thomas Semple, Esq.

Commercial Buildings.
Waring Street

 Samuel Bruce, Notary Public, etc.
 Society for the growth of Flax.
 C. B. Grimshaw, Atlas Assurance Office.
 James F. Hojel, Solicitor.
 Water Commissioners' Office.
 Jackson S. Stevenson, Bill Broker and Commission Agent.

Commercial Court
27 Donegall Street

   7. Clark & Drummond, Merchants.
   9. Jas. Hart, Muslin Manufacturer.
 11. W. Webb, Muslin Manufacturer.
 20. Robert McIntosh, Upholsterer.
 22. John Young, Muslin Manufacturer.
 18. Maxwell Sanders, Merchant.
 16. Joseph Lowery, Comisn. Agent.
   4. Robert Brown, Linen & Linen Yarn Merchant, Stores, 29 Fountain Street.

Corn Market
Arthur Square to West end of High Street.

   1. John Dowdall, Home and Foreign Fruit Warehouse.
5, 7. Plough Hotel, George Davis, Proprietor.
   9. Armagh, Portaferry and Banbridge Coach Office.
 11. Andrew Dowling, Poulterer.
 13. Thomas Gaffikin, Butcher.
 15. Thomas Bell, Cutler.
 17. James Ireland, Ironmonger.
 19. J. Fehrenbach, Clock and Watch Maker.
 21. M. Silo, Carver and Gilder.
 25. David Suffern, Saddler.
 25. John McLaughlin, Boot and Shoe Maker.
 27. Cigar Divan & Fancy Snuff Shop, L. M. Prince, Proprietor.
 27. L. M. Prince, Furrier & Skin Merchant.
 29. John Aickin, Surgeon.
 32. William Halliday, Spirit Dealer.
 30. J. Whitaker, Shoe Maker.
 28. William Yeates, Baker.
 26. George Pelan & Co., Glass and Colour Merchants.
 22. Hugh Clarke, & Co., Printers.
 22. Miss Carpenter, Teacher.
 20. Charles Blackwood, Flesher, Poulterer, etc.
 18. John Mullan, Book Seller.
 16. William Linden, Confectioner.
 14. William Carson, Merchant.
12, 10. Grattan & Co., Apothecaries and Chemists.
   6. Marcus Ward, Stationer, Book Binder, Lithographer, etc.
 6b. R. F. Ward, Printer.
   4. Matthew Heron, Confectioner.

Corporation Street
From James Street to Garmoyle Street.

   2. Harvey & Co., Ship Chandlers.
   4. Gustavus Heyn, Prussian Consul and General Merchant, and Agent to the Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance Co.
6, 14. Nicholas Fitzsimmons, Merchant.
 10. William Williamson, Merchant.
 12. James Harper, Ship Master.
 20. Hugh McAlister, Muslin Manufacturer.
 22. Isabella Madill.
 30. Isaac Gordon, Clerk.
 32. Mrs. Dupatrick.
 34. Archibald James Galbraith, Ship Master.
   3. Misses Ritchie.
   1. Alex. McClean, Ship Builder.

Cromac Road
Cromac Street

 William Barlow, Manager of Gas Works.
 Patrick Lindsay, Coal Factor.
 Robert Henan, Cloth Lapper.
 John Burns.
 John O'Connor, Publican.
 William Donley, Shoe Maker.
 Mrs. Keown.
 Mrs. Smith.
 Mrs. Ewart, Publican.
 Henry Garrett, Esq., Solicitor.
 James Wolfenden, Hatter.
 Lewis Morris, Gas Inspector.
 Miss Moreland.
 H. C. Morrison.

Cromac Street
Great Edward Street

     1. Mrs. Ann McAuley, Inn Keeper.
     3. Mary Strain, Wash Woman.
     5. Thomas Copeland, Carpenter.
     7. Henry McCann.
     7. James McCann, Hair Dresser.
     9. William Todd, Baker.
  11. William Nivins, Painter.
  13. Samuel Robinson, Hardwood, Timber, Deal and Scantling Yard.
  15. John Williams, Haberdasher.
  17. Thomas Kirkwood, Grocer.
     2. Richard Atkinson, Publican.
     4. Samuel Pearson, Flax Agent.
     6. John Clark, M.D.
     8. David Patton, Ship Master.
  10. James Napier.
  14. Miss Heyland.
  16. William Quigley, Grain Merchant.
  18. S. Quigley, Baker & Grain Merchant.
  20. James Steed, Grocer.
  22. John McAreavy, Dealer.
  24. Richard Jennings, Publican.
  26. William Hull, Publican.
  28. Mrs. Macartney, Grocer.
  30. Henry Hull, Law Messenger.
  34. James Hanna, Publican.
  38. W. J. Thompson, Grocer.
  40. Nathaniel Duncan, Publican.
  44. Hugh Graham, Carpenter.
  46. John Campbell.
  48. John Medley, Dealer.
  52. Mrs. Hunter, Dealer.
  54. Robert Beggs, Pawn Broker.
  60. Patrick McAuley, Brick Maker.
  64. John Newell, Academy.
  66. William McCoubrey, Carpenter.
  72. James Smith, Coach Wright.
  74. T. Richards, Saddler.
  78. James Lowry, Dealer.
  78. W. Tannihill, Grain Merchant.
  80. James McConnell.
  82. Francis Pinkerton.
  84. Thomas McKelvey & Co., Brewers.
   Arthur Quigley, Accountant.
  92. James Loughran, Car Keeper.
  94. John Marnow, Labourer.
  98. Courtenay Ireland, Tinsmith.
102. Constabulary Station.
104. J. Pinkerton, Tax Collector.
110. Abraham Matthews, Grain Merchant.
112. Margaret Davis, Grocer.
  65. Alex. Williamson, Publican.
  61. James J. Hannan, Merchant.
  59. William Moffat, Excise Officer.
  55. Thomas McKelvey, Brewer.
  53. Malcom Johnson, Coal Merchant.
  51. Peter Keenan.
  51. George Brown, Dyer.
  49. James Smith, Pawn Broker.
  47. William Linus, Chandler, etc.
  43. Jane Wilson, Milliner.
  41. Sarah Hamill, Grocer.
  39. John Abernethy, Engraver.
  39. John Abernethy, Butter Buyer.
  37. Archibald Kirker, Bakery Establishment.
  35. John Owens, Seminary.
  31. Francis McGaughey, Travelling Clerk.
  29. William McBride.
  27. William Haffernan.
  25. Mrs. Spiller.
  23. James Stewart, Librarian of Linenhall News Room.
  21. Mrs. Fitzgerald.
  19. Cunningham McTear, Clerk.
  17. John Hamilton, Gentleman.

Dock Street
Dunbar's Dock

   1. Wm. Maine, of N. Maine & Co.
   3. John William McCracken.
   5. John Young, Merchant.
   5. William Sheill, Supervisor of Excise.
   9. Mrs. E. Molyneux.
 13. Samuel Marshall.
 15. William Cairncross, Gentleman.
 17. M. Diamond, Publican.
 19. ? Anderson, Surveyor of Customs.
 21. Robert Finlay, Master Mariner.
 25. William Conliffe.
 29. Miss Jane Beggs.
 31. William McNeill, Sail Maker.
 31. Wm. McNeill, jun., of H. & W. McNeill.
 22. Rev. Robert Wilson.
 18. Owen Murphy, Boatman.
 16. Neill McAuley, Ship Master.
 14. Miss Kirwan.
 12. T. Casement, Ship Carpenter.
 10. Rev. David Hamilton.
   8. Alexander Forrester.
   6. Mrs. Reford.
   4. John Galbraith, of J. Galbraith & Co.
   2. Mrs. Hanlon.

Donegall Pass

   Mrs. Boyle.
   Mrs. Scott.
   M. Porter, Accountant.
   Edward Magee, Auctioneer.
   Mrs. Kerr.

Donegall Place
Castle Place

   3. J. & D. Lindsay & Co., Silk Mercers, Woollen Drapers & Haberdashers.
   5. J. & A. Henry, Drapers.
   5. John Vance, Merchant.
   5. Edward H. Clarke, Esq.
   7. Rev. William Batt.
   9. Arthur Forde.
 11. Richard Davison, Esq., Solicitor.
 13. William Todd & Co., Linen & Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers, etc.
 15. James McDonnell, Esq., M.D.
 17. Patrick Lynch, M.D., Surgeon.
 19. Mrs. Tomb.
 19. Henry Tomb, Esq.
 21. Thomas Batt, Esq.
 23. William McClure & Son, Wine Merchants, Office & Stores, Fountain St.
 28. John F. Ferguson, Esq.
 26. James Crawford, Esq., of Gordon & Crawford.
 24. J. A. & R. Arthur, Solicitors.
 24. John McNeile, jun., Esq.
 22. Bank of Ireland Office.
 22. British and Irish Fire and Westminster Life Assurance Office.
 22. James Goddard, Esq.
 20. Col. Thompson, R. Engineers.
 18. Mrs. William Sinclair.
 18. Mrs. Edward May.
 14. J. N. Richardson, Sons, & Owden.
 14. J. G. Richardson, of J. N. Richardson, Sons, & Owden.
 16. John Bottomley, of Day, Bottomleys, & Browne.
 12. James Coey, Northern Boot and Shoe House.
 10. Miss Allen.
   6. Scott and Crossan, Silk Mercers.
   6. James McKown, Tailer & Draper.
   4. M. Taggart, Bonnet Warehouse.
   2. David Walker, Confectioner.
   2. R. & J. Lucas, Tailoring Establishment.

Donegall Quay
Waring Street

   1. John Harrison, Merchant.
   3. Robert Grogan's Bonded Store.
   9. Jasper Macaulay & Co., Merchants and Agents.
 11. John Gaussen & Co.
 13. James Heron & Co., Merchants.
 15. T. G. Folingsby, Merchant.
 15. York and London Fire and Life Office.
 25. Robert Henderson, Broker, etc.
 29. William Williamson, Commission Agent and Broker.
 33. George McTear, Merchant and Shipping Agent.
 35. Joseph Allen & Co., Merchants.
 37. John Blackley, Publican.
 39. Nicholas Mayne & Sons, Merchants.
 41. Joseph Abbott.
 45. Sinclair & Boyd, Merchants.
 53. Hill Charley, Merchant & Shipping Agent.
 57. Francis Flood, Tavern Keeper.
 59. A. Mearns, Tavern Keeper.

Donegall Square East
East of the Linenhall

   1. Alexander S. Mayne.
   1. Monsieur Brassy du Moisy, Professor of the French Language.
   1. James Seaton Reid, M.D.
   2. James McKissack, Merchant.
   3. F. D. Finlay, Publisher of the Northern Whig.
   4. Rev. John Davidson.
   5. Wesleyan Preaching House.
   6. S. Hunter, M.D., and Surgeon.
   7. John Dunvill, Merchant.
   8. Mrs. Ashmore.
   9. John Workman, Esq.
 10. Mrs. Martin.

Donegall Square North
North of Linenhall

   1. Thomas Maclurcan, Surgeon.
   2. Mrs. James Cunningham.
   4. George Dunbar, Esq., Mayor of Belfast.
   Kern's Royal Victoria Hotel, Post Horses, Barouches, etc., Livery Stables, Funerals supplied.
   A. A. Gamble, Esq., Seneschal.
   5. Michael Baker, Clothier from Dublin.
   6. Miss Smith.
   7. Miss Mateer.
   8. Edward Campbell, Merchant.

Donegall Square South
South of Linenhall.

   3. Mrs. Andrews.
   3. Thomas Andrews, M.D.
   4. Adam McClean, Esq.
   7. Edward O'Rorke, Esq., Solicitor.

Donegall Square West
West of Linenhall

   1. Mrs. Thompson.
   1. Robert Thompson & Co., Flax Spinners.
   2. Charles Lanyon, Civil Engineer.
   3. Mrs. Edward Shaw.
   4. John Sinclair, Merchant.
   5. Thomas Reid, M.D., & Surgeon.
   6. R. J. McEntire, Merchants.
   7. Robert McGee, Esq.
   8. T. Gaussen, of John Gaussen & Co.
   9. John Shaw, of Mackenzie & Co.

Donegall Street
Front of the Commercial Buildings.

     1. Robt. Waring, Woollen Draper.
     5. J. & J. Marshall, Drapers, etc.
     7. Arch. MacBlair, Lithographer.
     7. A. Crookshank, Esq., Attorney.
     9. George Hannay, Merchant.
  11. Greer & Oakman, Warehousemen.
  11. Miss Jane Linn, Milliner.
  11. J. Richardson & Co.
  13. Hugh H. Hannah, Wholesale Warehousemen.
  15. James Mewha, Manufacturer.
  15. Mrs. Margaret Martin.
  17. McGeagh & McGill, Calico Warehousemen.
  19. James Young & Co., Drapers.
  23. George May, Watch Maker.
  25. Wm. McConnell & Co., Wholesale Warehousemen.
  27. James Moore, Stationer and Account Book Manufacturer.
  29. Henry Ledwich, Linen and Yarn Merchant.
31 & 33. John McAdam, Drug Merchant, etc.
  35. Miss. McKenna, Stay Warehouse.
  37. Echlin Gordon, Tailor.
  39. Wm. Hicks, Muslin Manufacturer.
  39. Wm. Moffat, M.D., Surgeon, etc.
  39. Peter D. Moffat, Surgeon.
  41. H. Lattimore, Cabinet Maker.
  43. E. Bloomfield, Brazier, etc.
  45. Robert Millikin, Saddler and Ironmonger, etc.
  47. James Cameron, jun., Plumber. Lead Merchant, etc.
  47. James Cameron, sen.
  49. Graham Lemon, Confectioner.
  51. Mrs. Ann Wilson, Silk Mercer, etc.
  53. Robert King, Merchant Tailor.
  57. Wm. Skelton, Cabinet Maker.
   St. Anne's Church.
  59. John Smyth, Esq., Solicitor.
  61. John Walker, Confectioner.
  63. James Bryce, Esq., M.A., F.G.S.
  63. Rev. J. Bryce, LL.D., Principal of the Belfast Academy.
  63. Robert Bryce, Esq., M.D.
65 & 75. Robinson, Kelly & Brown, Stone Marble Yard.
  65. Post Office.
  67. Jas. Dickey, Esq., Post Master.
  69. Moses Crothers, Tea and Coffee Dealer, etc.
  71. Bernard Hughes, Baker & Flour Merchant.
  73. George Smith, Esq., Civil Engineer, Engineer to the Corporation for preserving and improving the Port and Harbour of Belfast.
  75. P. Macauley, General Commission and Insurance Agent, etc.
  77. Charles Hurst, M.D., Physician and Surgeon.
  79. T. B. Ferguson, of Molyneaux & Ferguson.
  81. Mrs. Gill, Lodgings.
  83. Thomas Thomson, M.D.
  85. James Carlisle, Builder.
  87. John Brown, Stone Cutter.
  89. James Macnamara & Co., General Merchants.
  89. James Macnamara, Esq., J.P.
  91. F. McCracken, jun., Cotton Spinner, Office, 8 York Lane.
  93. William McCracken.
  95. B. T. Magenis, Merchant.
  97. Right Rev. Dr. Denvir, Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor.
   Rev. Patrick Dorrian.
   Rev. George Crolly.
   Rev. Thomas Kearney.
   Rev. Patrick Curoe.
   Rev. George Pye.
  97. Rev. James McChrystal.
101. Alex. Crookshank, Attorney.
103. Robt. Gilmore, Pawn Broker.
105. William Taggart.
109. Rev. Charles Oulton.
109. Rev. Richard Oulton.
111. John Black, Merchant.
110. Belfast Foundry, S. Boyd & Co., Proprietors.
106. George Emerson, Gentleman.
104. Mrs. Jamison.
102. Mrs. Wilson.
100. A. Rutherford, Muslin Manufacturer.
  98. John Wilson, Surgeon.
  94. Miss Bell, Boarding House.
  92. Mrs. McCully.
  92. Horatio Stewart, M.D.
  88. Maxwell Saunders, Merchant.
  88. J. M. Sanders, M.D., Surgeon.
  82. Royal Engineers, Office for the Ulster District.
  76. James Coleman, of Coleman & Dobbin.
  74. David Dalzell, Tavern Keeper.
  72. Jane McQuillan, Children's Dress Warehouse.
  72. William Carlisle.
  70. Mrs. Robinson, Milliner, etc.
  70. R. Robinson, Land Surveyor.
  68. E. Dorrian, Surgeon.
  66. William Pirrie, Merchant.
  64. John Small, Leather Merchant.
  60. James Andrews, Solicitor.
  58. Thomas Wilson, Linen and Damask Warehouse.
  58. John Finlay, jun., Commission Agent, Flax & Yarn Merchant.
  56. William Purdie, Boot and Shoe Maker.
  52. James Gaskin, Painter.
  50. D. McHenry, Publican.
  48. Samuel McBurney, Surgeon.
  46. Arch. Ferguson, Watch Maker.
  46. William Speckman, Tailor.
  44. John Williams, Family Grocer.
  42. D. McDonnell, Solicitor, Master in Chancery and Commissioner for taking Affidavits.
38b. Edward Hunter, Confectioner.
  38. Robert Gibson, Brass Founder.
  36. Provincial Bank of Ireland.
  36. James Guthrie, Esq.
  34. John McDougall, Cabinet Maker.
  32. John Purdy, Boot and Shoe Maker.
  32. Henry Montgomery, Tailor.
  30. R. Ewing, Manufacturer.
  28. John Holden & Co., Manufacturers.
  26. Simms & McIntyre, Book Sellers.
24b. Samuel Douglass & Co., Linen Drapers.
  24. William Ewart & Son, Linen, Cotton and Sewed Muslin Manufacturers & Merchants.
  20. Brown Linenhall.
  18. Robert Roddy, Linen and Damask Manufacturer and Bleacher.
     6. J. & T. Mulligan, Wholesale Warehouse.
     2. Charles Howden, Seedsman.

Donegall Street Place
Donegall Street

   1. McConkey & Howie, Bleachers.
   3. Banner of Ulster Office.
   4. O'Neill & McReynolds, Manufacturers.
   5. Alex. Moncrieff, Manufacturer.
7 & 9 John Cuppage & Co., Merchants.
   8. Wm. McNeill, Esq., Solicitor.
 10. Joseph Taylor & Co., Hatters.
   William Hicks, Manufacturer.
   James McClean, Clerk.
   Sussex Club Rooms.

Domingo Place
New Antrim Road

   Hugh Smyth.
   John Mark, Teacher.
   Mrs. Graham, Curds and Cream House.
   Harley, Clerk.
   William Williams, Builder.

Dunbar's Quay
Dock Street

   Jas. Ritchie, General Bonded Stores.
   Heslop's Hotel.
   M. Douglas, Publican.
   Pocock's Patent Asphalt Roofing and Sheathing Manufactory.
   Belfast Steam Saw Mill, Neal Boag, Proprietor.
   Thompson & Kirwan, Ship Builders.

Eagleson's Place
Antrim Gate

   Constabulary Station.
   James Copeland, Clerk.
   Richard Eagleson, Gentleman.
   Mrs. McCammond.
   Patrick McCraig, Servant.
   James Coulter, Boot and Shoe Maker.
   Robt. Hainen, Stucco Plasterer.
   Mrs. Dougherty.
   Denis Wilson, Publican.
   John Hunter, Manufacturer.

Earl Street
York Street

   2. James Pierce, Iron Founder.
   4. Pat. McGowan, Custom House Officer.
   6. James Barrett, Custom House Officer.
   8. Arthur McStay.
 10. James Brown.
 14. Moses Hutchinson, Grocer.
 16. William Pearce, of Holden & Pearce.
 18. John Carnell, Ship Master.
 20. James Rodgers, Ship Master.
 22. Thomas Barkley.
 28. Robert Wilson, Ship Master.
 30. William Coalpie, Custom House Officer.
 32. Wm. Adamson, Manufacturer.
 34. Wm. McMullan, Ship Master.
 36. Mrs. Bigger.
 38. Mrs. Garr.
 40. Samuel Lockhart.
 27. Samuel Alexander, Builder.
 25. Captain Pardy, 53rd Regiment.
 23. Edward King, Apothecary.
 21. David Andrews, Clerk.
 19. Robert Wilson, Ship Owner.
 21. James Daly, Joiner, etc.

Edward Street
Great Patrick Street

   3. James O'Neill, Shoe Maker.
   3. Joseph Bailie, Shoe Maker.
   4. Andrew Doogan, Boot Closer.
   7. Robert Lithgow, Shoe Maker.
 11. Henry Magee, Mariner.
 13. Daniel McCarty, Rag and Waste Merchant, Wholesale Stationer and Paper Dealer.
 15. John J. Mulholland.
 17. Alexander Matthews, Salesman.
 19. H. N. J. Goldie & Co., Sewed Muslin Manufacturers.
 21. Robert Hall, Tailor.
 23. Hugh Gregg, Shoe Maker.
 25. James Caldwell, Tailor.
29 & 31 Joseph Scott, Haberdasher and Delf Warehouse.
 33. Samuel McConnell, Merchant.
 35. James Caley, Ship Joiner.
 39. William Vance, Joiner.
 41. Thomas H. Linden, Gentleman.
 43. Samuel Blair, Brick Layer.
 45. Ann Rea.
 49. James Rowan, Builder.
 51. John Bole, Publican and Car Keeper.
 53. Thomas Coleman, Butter Merchant.
 55. Randall McMurtry, Merchant.
 52. Samuel Graham's Cooperage.
 50. Thos. Coleman, Butter Merchant.
 58. Robert Adams, Pork Cutter.
 46. Clements Bell, Merchant.
 44. James McDonnell, Confectioner.
 42. T. Hughes, Mahogany Carver.
 40. Hugh Neill, Clerk.
 38. Mrs. Lawson, Upholsteress.
 36. John Knox, Letter Carrier.
 34. Thomas Farrelly, Publican.
 32. James Brown, Publican.
 28. Joseph Hanna, Boot and Shoe Maker.
 26. Mrs. Alexander.
 24. Jas. Thompson, Letter Carrier.
 22. Mrs. Campbell.
 20. Mrs. Welsh.
 16. John Scott.
 14. James McAreavey, Dealer.
 12. Mrs. Thompson.
 10. Margaret Close.
   8. Wm. Bell, Boot and Shoe Maker.
   6. Edwin McMaster, Teacher.
   4. Thos. McMullan, Shoe Maker.

Great Edward Street
Cromac Street

   2. John Ewell.
   4. Rhoda McCullough, Bonnet Maker.
   8. Robert Donnelly, Confectioner.
 10. Robert Martin, Dealer.
 12. Samuel Prince, Stabling.
   1. Henry Kelly.
   1. Mary Ann Kelly, Bonnet Maker.
   2. Mary Wilson, Grocer and Spirit Dealer.
   2. ? Bailey, Veterinary Surgeon.
   4. G. Nelson, Entertainment.
   6. Jane Chambers, Entertainment.
   8. James Martin, Entertainment.
 10. Thomas Quigly, Dealer.
 12. John Stavely, Stabling.
 14. William Stavely, Carman.
 16. James Brady, Flesher.
 18. John Skillen, Flesher.
 20. James Stewart, Flesher.
 22. John Stavely, Spirit Dealer.
   McNeilly's Lane
 26. Gilbert McLeery, Spirit Dealer.
 28. James Lennon, Brick Manufacturer.
 32. Daniel Brown, Grocer.
 36. James Warnock, Grocer, etc.
 38. Wm. Bell, Baker and Grocer.
 40. Andrew Bingham.
 42. James McCann, Barber.
 39. Sam. Hawksett, Portrait Painter.
 35. James O'Neill.
 33. Charles Dickey, Horse Shoer and Jobbing Smith.
 31. Dennis Smith, Publican and Repository for the Sale of Horses.
 27. David McIlveen, Tallow Chandler.
   Gloucester Street.
 25. Jane Anderson, Publican & Ballynahinch & Castlewellan Coach Office.
 21. John Scott, Flesher.
 19. Hugh Kerns, Entertainment.
13 & 15 John McIlroy, Stone Cutter.
 11. Mrs. Shaw, Publican and Stabling.
7 & 9 Bernard McCann, Brass Founder, Brass Plater & Gas Fitter.
   5. James McMeekan, Stone Cutter.
   3. William Williams, Builder.
   1. Richard Bell, Stone Cutter and Publican.

Elliott's Court
21 Donegall Street

   4. S. K. Symmonds, Yarn and Commission Merchant.
   8. Daniel McKeown, Manufacturer.
 10. James & Thos. Kennedy & Co., Muslin Manufacturers.
 13. Samuel Gelston, Cabinet Maker.

Exchange Buildings

   Scott Brothers, Nursery and Seedsmen.
   Graham & Co., Hatters and Manufacturers.

Falls Road
Barrack Street

   1. John McAuley, Publican.
   3. Wilson Davis, Dealer.
   5. Hugh Kerr, Car Driver.
   7. James Young, Shoe Maker.
   7. Charles Tonner, Smith.
 11. John Trainor, Dairy Keeper.
 13. Archibald Williamson, Distiller.
 17. Allan McCleave, Clerk.
 19. James Fordyce, Brewer.
 21. Thos. Kirker, Grocer and Spirit Dealer.
   James Boomer & Co., Flax Spinners.
   Boundary Street
   Wm. McIlwrath, of Wm. McIlwrath & Co.
   Tobias Porter.
   J. Alexander & Co., Flour Millers.
   John Charters of Falls Mills Co., Ardmoulin.
   Hull Wilson & Co., Flax Spinners.
   Falls Mill Co., Flax Spinners, Millview.
   Forsythe & Orr, Flax Spinners.
   J. Kennedy & Son, Flax Spinners.
   Conway Street.
   William Jones, Grocer.
   Henry Boyd, Overlooker.
   Mrs. McCance.
   J. McClure, Manager Falls Mill Co.
   Nicholas Parker, Flax Buyer.
   James Campbell, Publican.
   John Nimon, Millwright.
   Robert Howie & Co., Bleachers.
   John Curell, Esq.
   Lunatic Asylum.
   George Milliken, Publican.
   John Wilson, Publican.
   Robert Milliken, Grocer.
   James McConnell, Publican.
   James Trainor, Publican.
   John Rooney, Grocer.
   Edward Savage, Publican.
   Wm. Ross of Campbell & Ross.
   Mrs. Getty.
   James Ross, Brick Layer.
   Robert Ross, Brick Layer.
   James McQuillan, Teacher.
   James Lemon, Grocer.
   Isaac Waugh, Grocer.
   J. Devlin, Tailor.
   James Beattie, Toll Collector.
   John Burrowes, Miller.
 22. Thomas Hammond, Dairy.
 18. Henry McGowan, Dairy.
 16. Felix Loughran, Publican.
 14. Ann Dillon.
 12. Michael Curran.
 10. Robert Teuton, Tailor.
   8. James Bracegirdle.
   6. John Tandy, Tailor.
   2. Patrick McCann, Labourer.

Fisherwick Place
College Square East

   1. Miss O'Neill, Teacher.
   9. Samuel Gelston, Merchant.
 11. Mrs. Greer.

Fountain Lane
Fountain Street to Donegall Place

   2. John Vance, jun., & Co., Merchants & Cotton Spinners.
   6. Denis Dowling, Law Agent.
   8. Henry Seeds, Esq., Solicitor.

Fountain Street
Castle Street

   8. Peter Clark, Cabinet Maker.
 10. George Ferguson, Tailor.
11 & 12 A. Law, Brass Founder.
 14. John Best, Law and Rent Agent.
 16. National School.
 24. Hugh Wallace & Co., Solicitors.
 24. Stamp Office.
 36. Wm. McClure & Son, Merchants.
 38. Miss Burris, Dress Maker.
 27. Wm. Clarke, Painter.
 25. Mrs. Mattier, Boarding House.
 23. John B. Kennedy, Attorney.
 21. Miss McCune.
 19. Henry Allen.
 15. Gymnasium National School.
 13. Flanagan & Duprey's Coach Factory.
 13. H. Duprey of Flanagan & Duprey.
   3. James McCune & Co., Builders and Plumbers.

Franklin Place
Linenhall Street

   1. Charles Keys, Merchant.
   2. Thos. Verner, Esq.
   3. Mrs. Emerson.
   4. Robert Simms.
   5. John Bates, Esq., Solicitor.
   6. Major Bailie.
   7. Robert Corry, Gentleman.

Frederick Street
22 York Street to North Queen Street

   2. John Murphy, Stone Cutter.
   4. Thomas Major, Esq.
   8. John Orr.
 10. J. Devlin, Book Seller.
 14. John Craig, Blue Manufacturer.
 16. Rev. Daniel McAfee.
   Wesleyan Chapel.
 18. Molyneux & Ferguson's Stores.
 20. J. & J. Gardner's Stores.
 22. Mrs. McCormick.
 24. John McDowell, Mariner.
 26. James Dickson, Publican.
 28. Thomas Sheals, Porter.
 30. David Adgey.
 32. Mrs. Brown.
 34. Hamilton Johnston, Cooper.
 36. Alfred McMahon.
 38. Jas. Thomson, Cabinet Maker.
 30. Mrs. Stockman.
 42. A. Sloan.
   John Boyle, Lithographer.
   John Hall, Stone Cutter.
   Lancasterian School House.
   Belfast Fever Hospital.
   Friends' Meeting House.
   1. James McKeown, Labourer.
   3. John Christy & Co., Grocers and Starch Manufacturers.
   5. Wm. J. Leathem, Shoe Maker.
   7. Mrs. Nicholl.
   9. Wm. Crozier, Street Inspector.
 11. Bernard Telfair.
 15. Mrs. McMaster, Grocer.
 15. Thos. Greer, Grocer.
 19. Eliza Milliken, Grocer.
 21. R. D. Kirk, Publican.

Gamble Street
James Street to Donegall Quay.

   1. John McTear, Publican.
   3. Michael Hall, Entertainment.
   7. D. Murphy, Grocer and Spirit Dealer.
   8. T. C. Hamilton, Provision Merchant.
   9. Wm. McNeill, Sail Maker.
 11. Mrs. Gillis, Publican.
 17. W. Muirhead, Glasgow Tavern.
 19. James Young, Tavern Keeper.
 21. Edw. Coey, Provision Merchant.
 25. Edw. Gilmore, Provision Merchant.
 34. Samuel Gibson & Co., Merchants.
 30. Crown Inn, T. Clay, Proprietor.
 30. C. Keys, Grocer.
 24. R. Brown's Rob Roy Tavern.
 20. John McSally, Publican.
 18. T. Tottenham, Grocer, etc.
 16. Thomas Sawney, Publican.
 14. J. Armstrong, Lodgings.
 10. Eliza Davy, Publican.
   6. James McLorinan, Barber.
   4. Edward Hamsie, Caravansary.
   2. Henry Maguire, Pawn Broker.

George's Street Great
North and South of York Street

   1. W. T. Harvey, Merchant.
   3. F. H. Lewis, of T. Corbitt & Co., Timber Merchants.
   3. Thos. Corbitt & Co., Timber Merchants.
   5. James & Hugh Wardlow & Co., Timber and Slate Merchants.
   Presbyterian Meeting House, Rev. Thomas Toye.
   7. Rev. George Goodall.
 11. John Murphy, Builder.
 13. Robert Boyd, of Sinclair & Boyd.
 15. John Craig, Merchant.
   2. James Charnock.
   4. P. McFadden, Custom House Officer.
   6. Edward Coey, Merchant.
   8. William Gelston, Merchant.
   8. Wm. & J. Campbell, Provision Merchants.
 10. Charles Connell, Ship Builder.
 16. Pearce & Holden, Iron & Brass Founders & Machine Makers, Phoenix Foundry.
 18. John Neill, Machine Maker.
 20. John Hill, Inn Keeper.
 22. Robt. Sharp, Collector of Excise.
 28. Thos. Lattimore, Spirit Dealer.
 30. Thomas Carray, Ship Master.
 30. John Taylor, Livery Stables.
 32. Abraham Leishman, Coppersmith.
32b. Wm. Clark, Jobbing Smith.
 34. Michael Kerr, Publican.
 38. Joseph Ruddell, Green Grocer.
 40. Alexander Wilson, Saw Maker.
 44. William Atkinson.
 46. John Donnelly.
 50. Mrs. Cooper.
 52. Robert McKibben, Gentleman.
 56. James Scott, Provision Merchant.
 58. Miss Milford.
 60. John Blackham, Gentleman.
 62. Thomas Mairs.
 64. Mrs. Moody.
 66. Mrs. Leonard.
 70. James Welsh, Publican.
 72. Robert Dickson, Watchman.
 74. Edward Johnson, Labourer.
 76. George Downing, Cork Cutter.
 78. William Montgomery, Grocer.
 80. David Warr, Painter.
 82. James Farriday.

Glengall Place
West of Howard Street

   1. John Murphy, Flax Spinner.
   2. John Fisher, Flax Spinner.
   3. John Herdman, Flax Spinner.
   4. James Stirling, Merchant.

Glengall Street
North of Railway Entrance.

   1. William Moore, Architect.
   2. Rev. Thomas Ridgway.
   3. Rev. Joseph Hunter.
   7. Robert Orr, of W. Orr & Co.

Gloucester Street
25 Great Edward Street

   1. Jas. Anderson, Grain Merchant.
   3. John Brown, Builder.
   5. Thomas Hume, General Merchant, Office and Stores.
   9. Mrs. Robinson.
 13. Jane Doe, Boarding House.
 15. Francis Higginson, Lodgings.
 17. J. McConnell, Iron Founder.
 19. Mrs. Anne Arnold.
 21. Vaughan Montgomery.
 23. Rev. Thomas Browne.
 23. Miss Browne, Boarding and Day School.
 25. George Harrison, Book Binder & Stationer.
 30. Wm. McKenna, Veterinary Surgeon.
 30. Blackie & Son, Publishers & Book Sellers.
 30. James McDonald, Agent.
 28. Mrs. John Neill.
 24. Thomas Hume, Merchant.
 22. John Worthington, Accountant.
 20. William Miller, Coach Builder.
 18. Northern Coach Factory.
 16. William Mullen, Clerk.
 14. George Druitt.
 12. Miss Clark.
 10. Mrs. Huston.
   8. Joseph Fisher, Writing Clerk.
   2. John McGrigor.

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