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1843 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Advertisements at the back of the book

Begs to acquaint the Public in general, that he carries on the Bookbinding Business at the above Establishment, where parties may rely on having their Work neatly and carefully executed on the


Begs to intimate to his Friends and the Public that he has REMOVED his ROOM-PAPER WAREHOUSE, from No. 24 Ann Street, to

(Ten doors from the Theatre, on the opposite side)
A large Concern, well adapted for both the Wholesale and Retail departments of his Business, where the following Stock will be regularly kept up, viz.:- 10,000 dozen BEDROOM PAPER, 4,000 doz. HALL and LOBBY; 1,000 doz. OAK PAPERS; 5,000 doz. PARLOUR and DRAWING ROOM. And, as M. S. is making 3,000 dozen weekly for the English and Scotch Markets, Customers may rely on being supplied with most novel Designs, newly made Papers, and good lasting Colours; also, a Further Reduction in Prices, commencing at 5 1/2 d. per Dozen.
M. S. is determined to sell on Lower Terms than any other house in the trade; and no exertion on his part will be wanting, not only to sell the Common Sorts Cheap, but also to make a General Reduction on the Finer Sorts of Room Papers, so as to plainly show a difference in value on all descriptions of Papers, for Cash Payments.
Observe, 16 ARTHUR STREET, Ten Doors from Theatre.
A quantity of Laminated Lead, for Damp Walls.




Returns his grateful acknowledgments for the Patronage with which he has been favoured for the last Fifteen years, and, by adhering to the system of First rate Workmanship and Moderate Prices, combined with Punctuality in the execution of orders, he looks forward with confidence for a continuance of tat support which he has so amply experienced.
T. S. wishes to announce, that he is Agent for the Fashions, and for
With which he can supply the Trade on the Shortest notice.
The Newest Fashions Always On Hand.


The Subscriber begs most respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of Belfast, and the Public in general, that he has succeeded the late Mrs. McAlister in that old and respectable HOTEL and TAVERN


and hopes, by unremitting attention to the comfort of those who may favour him with a call, to merit that patronage which has been conferred on this Establishment for upwards of Thirty Years.
To Commercial Gentlemen, this House offers decided advantages, being central between the Quay and Railway Station, and, in the immediate vicinity of all the Coach Offices.

on the most Reasonable Terms.

N. B. - J. B. has always on hands a large supply of the Best OLD WINES.
Every accommodation for Gentlemen's Meetings, or Private Parties.



Established by Act of Parliament in 1834.
Division of Profits among the Assured.
Honorary Presidents
Earl of Errol   -  Earl of Courtown   -   Earl Leven and Melville  -  Earl of Norbury   -  Earl of Stair   -  Earl Somers   -   Lord Viscount Falkland  -  Lord Elphinstone  -  Lord Belhaven and Strenton.

James Stuart, Esq., Chairman  -  H. De Castro, Esq., Deputy Chairman  -  Samuel Anderson, Esq.  -  Hamilton Blair Avarne, Esq.  -  E. Lennox Boyd, Esq., Assistant Resident  -  Edward Boyd, Esq., Resident  -  Charles Downes, Esq.  -  Charles Graham, Esq.  -  F. Charles Maitland, Esq.  -  William Railton, Esq.  - John Ritchie, Esq.  -  F. H. Thomson, Esq.

Surgeon - F. Hale Thomson, Esq., 48 Berner's Street.
Secretary - Patrick Macintyre, Esq.

This Company, established by Act of Parliament, affords the most perfect security, in an ample paid-up Capital, and in the great success which has attended it, since its commencement in 1834.
In 1841, the Company declared an addition to the Shareholders of one half of their Stock; and also added 2 per cent., per annum, from the date of the policies, to those parties who had insured with Profits.
The Premiums, nevertheless, are on the most moderate scale, and only a moiety need be paid for the first five years, where the Insurance is for life.
The amount of bonuses added to policies, since the commencement of the Company, in March, 1834, to the 31st December, 1840, is as follows :-

Sum Assured

Time Assured

Sum added to Policy


6 years, 10 months
4 years
3 years
1 year   

   136   13    4
       80     0    0
       60     0    0
       20     0    0

Every information will be afforded on application to the resident Directors, EDWARD BOYD, Esq., and E. LENNOX BOYD, Esq., of No. 8 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London.
FREDERICK HALE THOMPSON, Esq., Surgeon, 38 Berner's Street, attends at the Office daily, about half past Two o'clock.
Belfast - Thomas McCammon, King Street
Dublin - J. E. Hyndman, College Green.
Cork - Thomas Babington, Esq., 3 Marlborough Street.
Listowel - Edmund Barnett, Esq., Stamp Office.
Tralee - Daniel Supple, Esq., jun., Solicitor, and W. I. Neligan, Esq., Solicitor.
Sligo - R. D. Robinson, Esq.
Limerick - W. H. Hall, Esq., Land Agent.
Carlow - G. Fitzmaurice, Esq., Solicitor.


Incorporated by Royal Charter
Capital, Five Millions Sterling
Property, real or personal, of every description, may be insured on the most advantageous terms, common Insurance of the First Class, at the reduced rates, and property involving more than ordinary hazard, at rates of premium, commensurate with the value of the risks.
All losses, when satisfactorily ascertained, are immediately paid, and the Directors of this Incorporation can, with confidence, refer to the liberality and promptitude which has hitherto marked their settlement of l claims upon the Company.
This Incorporation effects Life Insurances, either of moderate rates with participation in profits, or at reduced rates, without profits.
Participation in Profits.
Two Thirds of the profits are returned at regular periods, without being subject to any reduction of charges of management, and Additions are made to Policies, or corresponding reductions of Premiums at the option of the insured.
The General Accounts are open to the Insured, but the Individual transactions are held as strictly private and confidential.
The following is a specimen of the Annual Premiums, payable during the whole continuance of the life of any healthy person, for insuring 100 sterling, with the participation in the profits.

age next birthday

annual premium

age next birthday

annual premium


1   18    5
2     9  11
2   16    9


3     5   0
3   15   1
4     7   9

Persons whose present circumstances are limited, and future prospects favourable, will find much convenience in adopting the Increasing Scale, while the decreasing scale possesses many advantages for those whose present incumbrances are slight, with the prospect of their increase.
Reduced Rates Without Profit.

age next birthday

annual premium

age next birthday

annual premium


1   15    8
2     6    1
2   12    5
3     0    3


3    9    8
4    1    7
5   1   11
6    7   10

Moderate Rates are demanded for Insurance against the contingencies of Foreign Countries, Military or Naval Service, and Voyages to distant countries, and for Persons of all ages afflicted with Gout, Asthma, Rupture, or other serious maladies.
No Entry Money, nor additional charge of any description, is made beyond the amount of Premium, excepting the Policy Stamp.
Prospectuses, containing a more detailed description of the various Tables of Rates for Fire or Life Assurances, may be had at the Head Office, George Street, Edinburgh, or at any of the Branches.
Scottish Union Office - Suthd. MacKenzie, Manager.
4 Corporation Street, Agent for Belfast.


Published by
and sold by all Booksellers in Belfast.

Belfast and its Environs, with a Tour to the Giant's Causeway, containing a Map, Plan, and Numerous Illustrations on Wood. Small Svo., 3s. 6d., cloth.
Dublin and its Environs, with a Map and Plates, 7s. 6d., cloth.
Plan of Dublin, Coloured, in cloth, 2s. 6d.
Plan of the Environs of Dublin, including the greater part of the County Wicklow. In cloth, coloured, 2s. 6d.
Guide to the County of Wicklow, By James Frazer, author of "A Hand book for Travellers in Ireland." With a Map and Numerous Illustrations. Small Svo., 3s. 6d. cloth.
Guide to Killarney and Glengarriff, with Illustrations. Small Svo., 5s. cloth.
Sketches in Erris and Tyrawly. Post Svo., Map and Illustrations, 10s. 6d., cloth.
Tour in Connaught, with Illustrations, Small Svo., 7s. 6d., cloth.
Sketches in the North and South of Ireland, especially Donegal, Cork and Kerry. Second Edition, small Svo., 6s., cloth
Hand Book for Travellers in Ireland, By James Frazer, New Edition, with a General Map of Ireland, Crown Svo., 12s.
The Same, with the addition of Sixteen Beautiful Maps of the Principal Roads, 16s.
Travelling Map of Ireland, with the Direct and Cross Roads carefully marked. Coloured, in Case, 3s. 6d.
Maps of the Roads from Dublin to Belfast, Cork, Limerick and Wexford, Neatly done up for the Pocket, 1s. each.


Terms for Advertising
Six Lines and Under  -  3s. 6d.
Seven to Ten Lines  -  5s.
Each Line above Ten  -  4d.
Half a Column  -  16s.
A Column  -  1. 8s.
On Open Page  -  3. 3s.
The Christian Examiner is a Stamped Work, published on the 1st day of each month, by Wm. Curry, jun., & Company,
9 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin.
Annual Subscription, Six Shillings.
Advertisements received up to the 24th day of the month by the Publishers, and by Mr. C. Mitchell, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London.


sold by
Castle Place, Belfast.
The COMPLETE BILL BOOK, embracing, in a Series of Columns, every necessary detail connected with
Inland or Foreign Bills.
The plan has been the result of experience, and the neatest in execution that has yet been done for the Public. Prices according to Quality of Paper, Thickness, and Style of Binding.
The TRADESMAN'S BILL BOOK, so condensed that the general Entries connected with Credit Settlements, Payable and Receivable, are embraced in a range of spaced columns from left to right.
The TRAVELLER'S BILL BOOK. Pocket Size. To contain the Notes of Credit Settlements, pro and con, while on the Journey. Price 1s., 2s., and 4. 6d.
For entering Goods despatched by whatever conveyance, with columns for the insertion of every necessary particular connected with Parcels. This Book, or some one such, is indispensable in every business despatching goods by land or water carriage. Price, from 2s. 6d. to 6s.
J. H. has always on hand a most complete assortment of
For Home Consumption or Exportation, consisting of Large and Small Posts, Finest and Secondary Qualities, Single and Double, Glazed, Foolscaps, and Pot.
Quills of the Finest Qualities, most carefully selected, from 2s. to 21s.
per Hundred.
Ledgers, Journals, Day-Books, and Cash-Books,
various sizes and forms of ruling,
Sederunt Books.
Copying & Scroll Letter Books, Subsidiary Books,
Blue lined, Ruled, or Plain ; Folio, Quarto, and Octave.
Bookbinding, Printing, Lithographing, and Engraving,
Done in the Very Best Style.
The REGISTER-BOOK FOR CHURCH MEMBERS. The plan on which this Enrolment-Book is prepared has been approved of by the best judges, and is being generally adopted. Stoutly half-bound in Vellum, with full Index, 12s., 16s., 20s.
The ELDER'S OR DEACON'S DISTRICT ROLL-BOOK,  Pocket Size, in Cloth. Price 1s.
COLLECTION AND DISBURSEMENT BOOK, Arranged in a series of Columns, which show at a glance the pecuniary transactions of the year - the objects, Religious and Charitable, and the amount to each.


Beg to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public of the North of Ireland, that their Establishment combines every advantage which can be offered, and that they have at all times on hand a large and well-selected stock of
Which they are enabled to dispose of at considerably Reduced Prices, and with that strict regard to Quality, which has secured them so extensive a patronage at their OLD ESTABLISHED
100 High Street, (Opposite St. George's Church.)
Will be found every article in general demand. The following are selected, as being sold at VERY LOW PRICES :-
Cold Drawn Castor Oil, various qualities and prices.
Indian Arrow Root.
Pearl Sago.
Bicarbonate of Soda.
Cream of Tartar.
Puruvian Bark.
Essential Oils and Essences of Peppermint, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs, etc.
Spirits of Wine and Aether.
Genuine Barbadoes Aloes.
Genuine Turkey Rhubarb.
Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs, Jamaica Ginger and other Spices.
Spanish Annatto.
Cudbear, Turmeric, and Dye-stuffs of every description.
Antimony, Saltpetre, etc.
Peppermint, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cayenne, Hippo, and other Lozenges.
Refined Liquorice, etc., etc.
Are well supplied with the most Select Preparations, viz.:
Balsam of Aniseed.
Black Drop.
Cephalic Snuff.
Dalby's Carminative.
Frampton's Pills.
Blair's Gout and Rheumatic Pills.
Hooper's Pills.
Hunt's Pills.
Harvey's Bark and Quinine Pills.
Henry's Magnesia.
Holloway's Ointment.
James' Blister.
James' Fever Powder.
Moxon's Aperient.
Marshall's Cerate.
Murray's Solution of Magnesia.
Poor Man's Friend.
Singleton's Eye Ointment.
Seidlitz Soda, and Ginger Beer Powders.
Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla.
Indelible Marking Ink, in cases.
Tooth Powder.
Superior Lavender Water.
Eau de Cologne.
Brown, Windsor, and Palm Soap.
Huile Antique.
Cold Cream.
Preston Salts, etc., etc.

(Which are distinct from the others)
are always well stocked with
Genuine Spermaceti Oil.
Pale Seal Oil.
Refined Rape, Olive, Linseed, Train and Foot Oils.
Spirits of Turpentine.
Fine Salad Oil.
Prepared Furniture Oil, of superior quality, in bottles.
White and Red Leads.
Brunswick and Emerald Greens.
Chinese Vermillion, in packets.
Crimson, Scarlet, and Purple Lakes.
Finest French Carmine.
Flake White.
Chrome and other Yellows.
Lamp and Ivory Blacks, etc.
Mastich and Spirit Varnishes.
Fine Copal Varnish.
Gold, Silver, Blue and other Bronzes.
Stock and Ground Brushes.
Fine Stock and Ground Brushes.
Mexican Black Lead, etc., etc.

Contains an Immense Variety too Numerous to Particularize.
The Following may be mentioned :
Sir Robert Burnett's superior pale pickling Vinegar.
Argand and other Wicks.
English and Dutch Chamber Lights.
Lamps for Nurseries.
Patent Portable Lights.
Congreve and other Matches.
Pink and Blue Saucers.
Smelling and Toilette Bottles.
Tooth Brushes.
Breast Pumps.
Improved Brass and Metallic Domestic Apparatus.
Trusses of all kinds, at very low prices.
Scales and Weights, Glass Measures. Funnels, etc., etc.
Parchment Cuttings.
Putty Powder.
Dutch Metal, etc., etc.

always on hand.
carefully dispensed, and
In the Compounding Department,
Which is always under the Immediate Superintendence of One of the Proprietors.
Supplied with Drugs, Oils and Colours,
at the
100 High Street.


Just Published, in a Sealed Envelope,
Price 3s., and sent free, on receiving a Post Office Order, for 3s. 6d.:
The Cause of Its Premature Decline
with plain directions
Addressed to those suffering from the destructive effects of Excessive Indulgence, Solitary Habits, or Infection ; followed by Observations on Marriage and the Treatment of Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, etc., Illustrated with Cases, etc.
By J. L. Curtis & Co., Consulting Surgeons, London.
Published by the Authors, and Sold by Bolster & Co., Cork ; Hadden, Wexford ; Galbraith, Limerick ; Fannin & Co., 41 Grafton Street, Dublin ; Mirror Office, Waterford ; Blackham, Newry ; and
John Henderson, Bookseller, Castle Place, Belfast.
And Sold in a Sealed Envelope by all Booksellers.
This Work, a TENTH Edition of which is now presented to the public, 10,000 copies having been exhausted since its first appearance, has been very much improved and enlarged by the addition of a more extended and clear detail of general principles, as also by the insertion of several new and highly interesting cases. The book, as has been already stated, is the result of very ample and daily increasing experience in a class of diseases, which, for some unaccountable reason, have been either altogether overlooked, or treated almost with indifference, by the ordinary medical practitioner. We feel no hesitation in saying, that there is no member of society by whom the book will not be found useful, whether such persons hold the relation of a Parent, a Preceptor, or a Clergyman. - Sun Evening Paper.
The rage for books in all departments of science, literature, and the arts, was, we believe, never so prevalent as at the present time. The unavoidable consequence of this is, that we meet a very considerable proportion of indifferent, useless, and even bad books. With the force of this prejudice on our minds, we with no little reluctance were induced to peruse Messrs. Curtis's work, entitled MANHOOD. The scientific views taken by the authors of the source and origin of many of the most distressing effects of certain depraved habits, fully establish their claim to the character of experienced and judicious surgeons. The result of our careful perusal of the work, has been to impress us with a thorough confidence in the talent and skill of the authors, and to satisfy us that those entrusted with the care of youth are not a little indebted to them for furnishing them with a means of preventing some of the most frightful maladies to which flesh is heir. - Old England.
Messrs. Curtis's work entitled MANHOOD, is one of the few books now coming before the public on such a subject which can lay claim to the character of being strictly professional, at the same time that it is fully intelligible, to all who read it. The moral and medical precepts given in it, render it invaluable. - Magnet.
This is a work that we fear there exists too much need for, to cause us to hesitate to recommend it for general perusal. Every branch of those frightful maladies, whether the result of immoral habits or secret vices, is here succinctly treated, and divested of all medical technicality ; plain and easy directions are given for the best mode to be pursued in all cases, however complicated or apparently hopeless. To the married as well as the unmarried, this little work alike affords consolation and cure in peculiar cases, and we are doing a service to society in recommending it to general notice. - Essex and Herts Mercury.
Messrs. Curtis and Company, are to be consulted daily at their residence, No. 7 Frith Street, Soho Square, London.
Country patients are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases ; the communication must be accompanied by the usual consultation fee of 1, and in all cases the most inviolable secrecy may be relied on.


Having received employment and encouragement sufficient to warrant him in devoting his whole attention to the business of Public Accountant, Estate, Rent, and Commission Agent, requests your support and patronage.
Books brought up, balanced, and kept up by the year,
Either at his own Office, or at the places of Business of the Parties.
Partnership Accounts, Bankrupt and other Estates Arranged.
And the Interests of all Properties placed in his charge faithfully
attended to.
Any communications addressed to him, at his Office, 20 Queen Street, will meet with prompt Attention.
Messrs. Stevensons, Robert McDowell, A. McDonnell and Co., Davis and Suffern, Solicitors, Daniel Curell, jun., and Co., James Gibson, Alexander McLaine, John Gaussen and Co., R. and J. Baxter, J. & J. Martin and Co., Adam McClean, James McClean.
Belfast, 20 Queen Street.


3 Orr's Entry,
(off High Street)
Most respectfully returns his sincere thanks to his Customers and the Public in general, for the very liberal encouragement he has received, and now wishes to inform them, that he has made arrangements for the execution of orders in the shortest possible time ; and trusts, from his unremitted attention to business, to merit a continuance of that support he has hitherto received.
All the Newest Fashions received regularly.


Brass Founders, Gas Fitters, etc.,
40 King Street, Belfast.
Desk, Pew, Counter Railings, and Lattice Work.
Window and Door Plates made of Brass and Zinc ; Gas Ornaments and Fittings, Pulpit Branches and Chandeliers ;
Steam Fittings, Brass Ornaments Cleaned or Bronzed.
Cocks of all Sorts, Bells of all Sizes.
Castings in all Kinds of Brass and Bell Metal.
Pumps, Valves, Etc.,
Manufactured at Moderate Prices.


52 Ann Street, Belfast.
Take this opportunity of returning thanks for the very liberal encouragement they have received since their commencing the above
and beg to intimate thatthey continue to execute all Orders in the


The Proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the Military and other Gentlemen of Belfast, to the following list, of which he has at all times a large supply on hand, which for quality cannot be surpassed by any other establishment.

Best Havanas
Best British Havanas
Best Woodvilles
Best Regallias
Best Trabucas
Manillo Cheroots
Bengal Cheroots
Mexican Cheroots


Lundy Foot
Prince's Mixture
Morton's Mixture
Hamilton's Mixture
London Brown
Black Rappee
Brown Rappee
High Dried Welsh

He has also on hand as large assortment of
Real Mersham Pipes, Dutch Pipes, Cigar Tubes and Cases,
Fancy Snuff Boxes, and Magic Lights,
Besides other Fancy Articles, too numerous to insert.
Attached to the Shop is a Coffee Room, with the London and Provincial Newspapers.
Country Dealers and Hotels supplied at the London Wholesale Prices.


The only Fur Manufactory in the North of Ireland.
Respectfully announces to the Ladies of Belfast and the North of Ireland, that he has always on hand a large assortment of Skins and Furs of every description, of his own manufacture, and which he can with confidence recommend.
Furs Cleaned and Altered to the most predominate Taste and Fashion,
on the most reasonable terms
Skins Dressed Up and Made Up


Established by Royal Charter.
A.D. 1720, 1721, for
Assurance of Houses and Goods from Fire,
and for
Assurances of Lives
Empowered also,
To Grant and Purchase Annuities
Life Assurances,
with Participation in Profits.
Two-thirds of the nett profit which shall appear to have separately accrued on British and Irish Insurances, effected on and after the 1st day of January, 1842, for the whole term of Life, will be apportioned, septennially, among those Policies of each class, respectively, then subsisting, on which at least Three Annual Premiums shall have been paid.
This Bonus will be applied, according to the option of the persons effecting the Insurance, in either of the following modes, viz.:-
1. By addition to the sum to be paid by the Company, at the extinction off the Life Assured.
2. By an equivalent reduction in the Premiums payable by the assured, subsequent to the septennial investigation.
The Fund available for such Bones will be charged with only a moderate share of the expenses of management, and the Large Participation of Profits,
enjoyed by the Assured, will involve them in no Liability in the nature of Partnership, or of charge for guarantee of capital. The Capital Stock of the Corporation, its long experience, and the prudent management of its financial resources, afford the strongest guarantee, that the important objects of Life Insurance will be fully realized by those for whose ultimate benefit they may be intended.
The Public will, accordingly, perceive, that those who effect Life Insurance with this Corporation will enjoy the combined advantages of undeniable security, and Profit without Liability.
Fire Insurance continued to be effected as heretofore.
Tables of Rates and all other information, may be obtained by application to the Company, or to its appointed Agents.
Agent For Belfast, R. F. GORDON,
1 Calendar Street.


of London
Instituted 1808, and Empowered by Act of Parliament of
54th George I I I.
Capital, One Million Two Hundred Thousand Pounds
Life Department
Persons assured for the whole term of life, for 100 and upwards, will have an addition made to their Policies every Seventh Year, or an equivalent reduction will be made in the future payments of Premium, at the option of the assured.
The Third Septennial Bonus has been declared and communicated by circular to the Assured. Policies effected and in force through an Agent in Ireland, for the Seven Years ending at Christmas, 1837, on an average, have additions amounting to nearly seven per cent. on the sum assured, being a return of from 20 to 26 per cent. (according to the age) on the Premiums paid.
The next valuation will be made at Christmas, 1844, and Policies effected before that date, will participate in proportion to the time they may have been in force.
Policies may also be effected for the whole term of life, by a limited number of yearly payments.
Fire Department
Assurances are now effected by this Company, except in special cases, at the following rates, viz.:- for risks of the First Class, 1s. 6d. per cent.; Second Class, 2s. 6d. per cent.; and for the Third Class, 4s. 6d. per cent.
On all Policies for 300 and upwards, continuing in force for Five Years, the Assured will be entitled to participate in the Surplus Premiums to be ascertained at that period.
In addition to the benefit of the Returns, this Company offers to Assurers the advantage of an allowance for the loss of rent of buildings rendered untenantable by Fire.
Farming Stock can now be Insured at this Office, at Two Shillings per cent. and exempt from Duty.
N. B. - A Fire Engine belonging to the Company is kept in the Town Engine House, William Street, Belfast.
Henry Desborough, Secretary,
Cheapside, London,
C. B. Grimshaw, Agent for Belfast and its Neighbourhood,
2 Piazza, Commercial Buildings.


Robert Galbraith
Hair-Cutter, Perfumer, and Wig Maker,
2 Castle Place, Belfast.
Returns his sincere thanks for the very liberal support he has received from his numerous Friends and Patrons since his removal to the above Establishment. He hopes, from strict and personal application to business, to merit a continuance of their support.
R. G. begs to call attention to his New and Varied Assortment of British & Foreign Perfumery, just arrived
Combs and Brushes in Great Variety
Also, Ornamental Hair, and Ready-made Wigs, of every description and shade.
Orders executed with the utmost punctuality & despatch


Next the Theatre Royal, Belfast.
The Proprietor announces to his Friends and the Public that, at great cost, he has altered and beautified his Establishment, which, without vanity, is nulli secundus in the North of Ireland.
The Coffee Room
is appointed in a very elite manner. On the tables are distributed all the principal London, Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Belfast Newspapers without charge !
The Viands, Wines, Spirits, and Cigars, are selected with undiminished judgment. Coffee and Confectionary ready at all hours.
an ordinary every day in the
Commercial Room,
at three p.m., and on Sunday at Four p.m.
The lovers of Music will find
Attached to the Hotel, elegantly decorated, and as Select as the House of Lords, - where
Music prevails with its celestial swell,
and mirrors bright reflect each face full well,
This is a cup of pleasure's best refection,
Best glass of all, for it will bear reflection.
The entire Establishment is modelled and conducted after the most approved London plan, combining advantages that, to be justly appreciated must be seen.


Castle Place, Belfast.
John Henderson, Printer, Publisher, Bookseller, Wholesale, Retail Stationer.
Book Societies and School Libraries supplied on Very Advantageous Terms.
Library Books forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom.
John Henderson, Proprietor.
Those who have not yet favoured this Establishment with a visit, are respectfully informed, that its distinguishing features are
Low Prices, Good Articles, & Punctuality.
Subscribers to the Library have the privilege of selecting from one of the best collections of Standard Works in the kingdom, and are supplied with all the New Publications immediately as they appear. As every work of general interest in the various branches of Literature published for the last Twenty Years, as numerous copies of each of the New Works are added, and as First, Second, and Third rate Subscribers on the Country, are allowed an extra allowance of Books, this Library, will be found to offer advantages to Subscribers, Country Clergymen, and Book Societies, which few Circulating Libraries possess the means of doing.

First Class Subscribers at

2   10   0
1     6   0
0   14   0
0     5   0

per year
half year

Are entitled to Four Sets of Books at a time, or Twelve Volumes, and to the first perusal of all the New Books.
Second Class Subscribers at
2     2   0
1     2   0
0   12   0
0     4   0
per year
half year
Are entitled to Three Sets of Books at a time, and to the first perusal of the New Books.
Third Class Subscribers at
1   10   0
0   16   0
0     8   6
0     3   0
per year
half year
Are entitled to Two Sets of Books at a time, and to an early perusal of the New Books.
Fourth Class Subscribers at
1     0   0
0   10   6
0     5   6
0     2   6
per year
half year
Are entitled to One Set of Books at a time, but not to any of the New Books till 12 Months after Publication.

J. Henderson has recently been making some very valuable and most important additions to his extensive Stock of Books (now far above 20,000 in number !) to which he respectfully begs the attention of his numerous reading and book buying friends. A New Catalogue is now ready, embracing all the recent editions. This Catalogue is sent (by authority, free per post) to all applicants.
Supplied with the utmost despatch, and at the London Prices.
Daily Papers - Times, Post, Chronicle, Herald, Advertiser, Public Ledger, Sun, Standard, Globe, Courier, Shipping Gazette.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Evening Mail, Evening Chronicle.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - St. James's Chronicle, English Chronicle.
Monday - Observer, John Bull, Bell's Messenger, County Chronicle, Mark Lane Express, Farmer's Journal, Magnet.
Monday and Thursday - Record, Patriot.
Wednesday - Colonial Gazette, Watchman, City Chronicle or Tea Dealer's Journal, Non-Conformist.
Saturday - Age, Argus, Athenaeum, Atlas, Bell's Life, Bell's Messenger, Britannia, Court Journal, Court Gazette, Conservative Journal, Courrier de L'Europe, Dispatch, Era, Examiner, Gardener's Gazette, Gardener's Chronicle, Journal of Commerce, Jurist, Justice of the Peace, John Bull, Literary Gazette, Mining Journal, Naval and Military Gazette, New Bell's Messenger, Northern Star, Planet, Railway Magazine, Times, Spectator, Satirist, Sunday Times, Statesman, Tablet, United Service Gazette, Weekly Chronicle.
Irregular - Anti-Slavery Reporter, Christian Examiner, Ecclesiastical Gazette, Medical Times.
Price Currents - London New (Tuesday and Friday), Mercantile Price Current (Tuesday only), Mercantile Journal, Prince's Price Current (Friday only), India News (Monthly)
The London News - Vol. 1., bound in Cloth, for One Guinea, gilt edges, a most splendid drawing room table volume, also, Vol. II, price Eighteen Shillings.
Cheap Stationery
Mr. H. can particularly recommend the following articles :- Fine Post Paper, 5d. per quire, or five quires, 2s.; Superfine Post, 8d. per quire, or five quires for 3s.; Note Paper, at 1s., 1s. 6d., etc., per five quire packet ; Envelopes, 6d. per 100. For further particulars, ask for
Henderson's Catalogue of Cheap Stationery
Playing Cards
The usual extensive supply (warranted free of Cotton) now on Sale, consisting of Reynolds & Sons, Royal Gold Enamel Back Playing Cards, also those of the superior manufacturer of De La Rue, Cresswick, Hunt, & Son, including Old Costume, New Costume, Ecarte, etc., etc., with Ivory, Pearl, and Bone Counters, Card Boxes, Card Cases, Backgammon Boards, etc., etc., etc.
Magazines, Periodicals, New Publications, Foreign Books, etc.
J. H. begs to intimate, that particular attention is paid to all orders for Magazines, and the various Periodicals and New Books of the Day. He receives a parcel by Mail, which regularly leaves London every Saturday evening, containing all the New Publications of the Week, and, in addition to the above, he has an express parcel once a Month, which leaves London on the first instant, containing all the Magazines, Reviews, Music, etc., of the Month. By these conveyances orders for London and Foreign Books are executed in a few days, and delivered to the parties at the same price as charged in London, free of all charge for carriage and commission. Visiters to this Establishment will see the largest collection of Periodical Literature in the kingdom, including Science, Mechanics, Medicine, Fine Arts, Belles Lettres, etc., etc.
Account Books
Ledgers, Journals, Day Books, Cash Books, Letter Bill, and Memorandum Books, etc., etc. All kinds of Writing, Printing, and Lapping Papers, Manufactured by the Best Makers, and offered on the most Moderate Terms.
Bookbinding elegantly executed, Cards Engraved, Letter Press Printing of every description executed, and every article in the Book and Stationery Trade of excellent quality and at moderate prices. All the London Newspapers regularly supplied. Book Societies supplied on advantageous terms.
The Lowest Price in Every Instance is Stated at Once.


Threadneedle Street, London.
Founded in the Year 1710
Edward Harman, Esq., Treasurer

Charles Boulton, Esq.
The Hon. P. Pleydell, Bouverie.
William Burnie, Esq.
James Campbell, jun., Esq.
Harry Chester, Esq.
John Cockerell, Esq.
John Drummond, Esq.
Charles B. Ford, Esq.
William R. Hamilton, Esq.
Joseph Hoare, Esq.
Felix Ladbroke, Esq.
H. F. Shaw Lefevre, Esq.
The Hon. Hugh Lindsay.
Charles Littledale, Esq.
Henry Littledale, Esq.
George Warde Norman, Esq.
Brice Pearse, Esq.
Charles Richard Pole, Esq.
Henry Rich, Esq.
Henry Stuart, Esq., M.P.
C, George Thornton, Esq.
George Smith Thornton, Esq.

John Richards, Esq., Secretary.
This Office, which has now been established One Hundred and Thirty-four Years, and the First in the Empire for quantity of business done, Insures against loss by Fire, all descriptions of Buildings and their contents, the Premiums charged are as low as the long experience of the office has found to be compatible with the nature of the Risks, and a prompt and liberal adjustment of losses.
The Rates have lately been much reduced, and are now on Common Risks, 1s. 6d. per cent.; Hazardous Risks, 2s. 6d. per cent.; and Doubly Hazardous Risks, 4s. 6d. per cent. Since the Reduction of Rates, Twenty-three Offices, chiefly those lately established, have discontinued Insuring against Fire.
Persons insured in this Office are not liable for any calls to make good losses.
To show the high estimation in which the Sun Fire Office is held in England and Scotland, the Stamp Office Official Returns are referred to. Copies of which may be had on application to the Agent.
Richard Baxter, 4 Queen Street, Belfast.
Sun Duty for 1843, 163,812.
N.B. - Every information and facility given to Persons desirous of effecting Insurances, and their Policies (regularly signed and sealed in London by three of the Directors,) will be delivered to them immediately on Receipt, free of all expense.


20 Hercules Street,
James Darby
Takes the liberty of informing the Wholesale Grocers, etc., of Belfast and the North of Ireland, that he continues to Manufacture
Blacking and Congreve Matches,
Which, on trial, will be found to be of the very best description, and which he is enabled
To Sell at Prices,
that he defies any English or Scotch House to compete with.


14 Mill Street, Belfast.
James Lewis
Begs respectfully to inform the Mill Owners, Manufacturers, and the Public generally of Belfast and North of Ireland, that he has constantly on hand an extensive variety of
Gas Lustres, Brackets, Pillars, etc.
And that he continues to fit up and furnish Gas Fittings of every description, as hitherto practised by him.
Old Lustres, etc. Cleaned and Lacquered equal to new ; also, Lustres altered to the New.
Water Joint Principle,
Which has hitherto given such general satisfaction.
Those trusting him with a share of their favours, may depend upon the work being executed in the most workmanlike manner, and on very reasonable terms.


Published by S. J. Machen,
28 Westmoreland Street, and 6 D'Olier Street, Dublin.
and sold in London by Houlston and Stoneman, H. Washbourne, etc.; Edinburgh ; J. Menzies ; Liverpool ; G. Philip, and all booksellers.
Principals of Schools, etc., approving of any of the following works, and anxious to introduce them for the advancement of their pupils, will oblige by communicating with the Publisher, who will be happy to make such arrangements as will be to their interest, and perfectly satisfactory to parents, etc., who frequently complain of the expense of new School Books.
Psalms of David (First Twelve) in Hebrew with an improved Latin Translation, and Pronunciation according to the vowel points, with an extensive Praxis. To which is appended a Hebrew Grammar, by the Rev. W. Baillie, LL.D. Svo. cloth, pp. 264, 14s.
This work is admitted to be the best ever published on the subject and includes many of the modern improvements of Gesenius and others, not to be found in "Bythner's Lyra." An easy Hebrew Grammar is added, which renders the study of this language comparatively simple. From the general complaint of their being numerous errors in some editions of "Bythner's Lyra," the publisher has spared no expense to render this work as perfect in every respect as possible.
Darley's (Rev. J. R.) Grecian Drama, being a Treatise on the Dramatic Literature of the Greeks, Svo., cloth, 12s.
Darley's (Rev. J. R.) Treatise on Homer, with Miscellaneous Questions, etc. 12 mo., cloth, 5s.
King's (Rev. L. W.) Elements of the Greek Language, comprehending the Principles and Definitions of Universal Grammar, with a Copious Syntax, etc., 12mo., bound, 2s. 6d.
Eton Latin Grammar, Revised and Corrected by R. Galbraith, T.C.D., Editor of the School Virgil, etc., a new edition, 12mo., bound, 1s. 6d.
In this edition of the Eton Grammar several inaccuracies of former editions are removed ; some of the definitions amended ; and carefully selected Notes have been added to the declentions, etc. For the Latin rules of the Eton, the excellent syntax of Ruddiman, with additions, has been substituted - the conciseness and judicious arrangement of which have justly procured for it a preference in most classical schools.
School and College Virgil, by R. Galbraith, H. Owgan, H. Edwards, G. B. Wheeler, etc., etc., Containing the Bucolics, Georgics, and Aeneids, complete, with Copious English Notes. Selected from all the ancient and modern commentators.
Now Ready, Part 1, containing the Bucolics and Georgics, Illustrated by English Notes, partly from previous commentators and partly original ; with Prologomena, by H. Owgan, Ex-scholar T.C.D., etc., Revised by G. B. Wheeler, Ex-scholar T.C.D., etc.
French Teacher, (first series,) being an easy Word or Phrase Book, with literal translation opposite the French. Second part, containing a selection of interesting and amusing Stories, with a more elegant translation, and giving directions where the consonant is to be carried on to the next vowel, where e is silent, and the vowels long or short - difficulties insurmountable to beginners. By Desire Pontet, Ex-professor of Modern Languages, at the Ecole Royale des Mines de Paris, and author of several works on Education. 18mo., 1s.
By The Same Author.
French Teacher, (second series,) or, L'Echo Des Salons, containing upwards of 5,000 familiar Phrases used daily in polite conversation, and a Dictionary at the end of more than 4,000 words (with pronunciation based on English sounds) with directions where the consonant is to be carried on to the next vowel, where e is silent, and the vowel short or long, etc. 12mo., bound, 3s. 6d.
"Knowledge of French is as necessary to every educated Englishman as his native tongue. There is no 'royal road' to learning French, and the only way to be really bilingual, is to learn French according to the method laid down in this publication - by the free and perfect use of the colloquial idiom. It is the best 'French Treatise' we have yet seen. In a dictionary appended to the work, the Author has superadded the pronunciation of all the French words based on English sounds. This is a great advantage to the learner, and a great improvement on the old system, which based the pronunciation on French sounds, with which the English pupil must be unacquainted. We earnestly recommend this work on the above account, as well as the care with which vulgar expressions, not used in good society, are excluded." - Court Gazette.
In the Press, a Key to
L'Echo Des Salons ; or, Translating English into French at Sight made Easy, with a Dictionary of all the Words in the work, Grammatical Observations, etc.
General Tables of the French Verbs, regular and irregular, by which the formation of any tense or person enquired may be immediately found. 12mp., cloth, neatly coloured, price, 2s. 6d.
Young's Pronouncing and Etymological Spelling Book, adapted for Junior and Senior Classes, to the purposes of Liberal Education, in which the Principles of Pronunciation are gradually developed, and the Greek, Latin, and French roots of several thousand words added, together with Etymological Exercises, Critical Observations, etc. By Townsend Young, LL.D. The first Part, containing 120 pages, price, 1s., bound, or the two parts bound together, 1s. 6d.
"We strongly recommend all persons engaged in teaching to see this work, as we feel confident they will approve of it, and, by their using it, tend to the advancement of youth, and their own reputation, as it is unquestionable the best spelling book published." - Statesman.
" This indeed is the production of a polite and accomplished scholar, and is perhaps the first of the kind which has ever been presented to the juvenile world by an author of research and judgment. Dr. Young has established the highest claims to these qualifications, in this useful aid to the most essential part of elementary education. Every page displays his deep and thorough knowledge of the language, and we are convinced that no one has, since the days of Johnston and Walker, examined it more successfully. Of the former, he is a worthy follower in the accuracy of the interpretations, and is vastly superior to the latter in ascertaining and simplifying the principles of correct pronunciation. It is our duty to recommend this little volume strenuously. There is no intelligent instructor that will not, by a moment's comparison, perceive that its predecessors are all stamped with vulgarity or incompetence, while Dr. Young's Pronouncing and Etymological Spelling Book manifests elegant taste, rare abilities, and vast experience." - Warder.
" This spelling book is a great improvement on those already published. The division of the words into syllables such as they are pronounced, removes much of the difficulty to the learner, who, by the old division, was obliged to spell the word in one way, and pronounce it in another. At the end is a considerable addenda of words derived from Foreign Roots, yet so well arranged, that the English as well as the classical pupil, will be at no loss to comprehend them." - Dublin Library Journal.
"This is an admirable work. Instead of pointing out the particular pronounciation of each word, by marks as mysterious as the pronounciation itself, the author has given a series of rules, by which the learner cannot mistake his way. Dr. Young has greatly benefited the learner and the teacher by his admirable work." - Cork Examiner.
Gregory's Complete Course of Engineering, etc., intended as a Text-Book, for the use of Civil Engineers, County Surveyors, Engineering Colleges, Private Seminaries, Land Proprietors, and Agents. By John Gregory, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo., 10s. 6d. each vol.
The Hand Book of English Grammar, comprising in a concise and simple form, the substance of all the most approved English Grammars extant, with questions for Exercise, and copious Examples for Parsing, etc. Also an Extensive Glossary of the principal words made use of in this Treatise, pointing out the roots and meanings of those derived from the Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and French Languages, with a reference to the pages where the words first occur in the Treatise, so as to show their application more clearly, and to supply the student with a selection of Greek and Latin terms, with their meanings in English, that will contribute to render his future introduction to the study of these languages comparatively easy. 18mo., bound, price, 1s.
" This work is, in our opinion, one of the best elementary books yet given to the public. It comprises in a concise and most simple form, the substance of all the most approved English grammars extant, divested of all those difficulties which, in so many instances, present an almost insurmountable barrier to the tyro's progree. The questions for exercise, and the examples for parsing are most copious, and the glossary at the end of the treatise, pointing out the roots and meanings of the several words derived from the Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and French languages, will contribute to render the pupil's introduction to the study of these tongues comparatively east." - Waterford Mail.
Compendium of Modern Geography, compiled from the most approved authorities, and peculiarly adapted to the capacities of children. By the Rev. Edward Groves. Fourth Edition, considerably enlarged and improved, by the introduction of the latest Geographical discoveries. In 18mo., price, 6d.
European Geography Made Interesting, or, the Pupil's Companion to the Map of Europe, being the Geography of this important division, conveyed in a pleasing form by inductive interrogation, wherein much Biographical, Historical, and Statistical information is incidentally conveyed, conformably with the method of teaching practised in a school eminent for the cultivation of this popular study, interspersed with copious Notes. To which is prefixed, Questions on General Geography. By James Gaskin. 18mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.
An excellent pupil's companion and manual of European Geography for schools, and to the latter we specially recommend it. The instruction is conveyed in the best form, viz.; the interrogative system, and the questions and answers are lucidly arranged so as to fix the geographical facts and definitions indelibly on the memory of the scholar. In the most unqualified sense of the title, it is what its name imports, "Geography made interesting." - Court Gazette.
New and Improved Editions of Standard School and College Books preparing for publication.


Surgeon Harkin respectfully intimates, that he continues to Manufacture
Carbonated Lemonade, Soda Water, Ginger Ale,
Solution of Magnesia,
Of the same Strength and Purity, which have obtained for his Preparations the high position which they occupy in public estimation.
In his Carbonated Lemonade and Soda Water, in particular, he freely challenges competition with any other, whether Imported or Manufactured in Belfast.
Agent for Griffin and Company's Chemical Apparatus.
Persons in the Trade liberally treated with, Prices may be known on application, at his
Medical Establishment, 5 Hercules Place, Belfast.


14 Arthur Street.
The Subscribers respectfully intimate that they correspond Monthly with the most Fashionable West-end London Houses, and that from Eminent Manufacturers they receive
Quarterly Supplies of Every Article Suited to Their Trade.
The permanency of Colour and Durability of their
Black Cloths and Cassimeres
Especially, they are prepared to warrant, and, as Quality is the only true criterion of price, they with the utmost confidence assert, that by no house, here or elsewhere, can the business be conducted on terms more favourable to the Purchaser.
This is all they consider necessary to say, to an intelligent community.
Marshall and Osborne,
Tailors & Drapers


Instituted in the Reign of Queen Anne, A.D. 1714,
and Empowered by Act of Parliament to grant Annuities, and make Insurances for Lives, and Against Fire.
Having been appointed Agent for Belfast and Vicinity, to the above Company, I beg leave to solicit my Friends and the Public, for
The Large Capital, as well as the Long Standing and Respectability of the Company offer the very best security in Insurers, and their Charges will be Moderate.
William Simms, jun.


New Bookbinding Establishment,
Account Book Manufactory,
4 Hamilton's Court,
(off High Street.)
Messrs. Martin and Grenan beg to intimate to their Friends and the Public, that they have commenced the above business at No. 4 Hamilton's Court (off High Street), where every description of Binding and Ruling will be Executed with Neatness and Despatch,
on very Moderate Terms.
Merchants' Account Books, Rentals, Music Books, etc., Ruled and Bound to any Pattern.
Libraries Carefully Repaired.
From long practical experience in every department of the Trade, they feel confident that a trial will give satisfaction.
Fancy Boxes for Sewers and Muslins made to order ; Maps, etc. mounted on rollers and varnished.


now selling, for ready money only, by
The Scottish Board for Bible Circulation,
at their Head Repository, Coldstream,
and may be had from
John Henderson, Bookseller, 15b Castle Place,
who has been appointed Agent for the North of Ireland.
The principle on which the following prices are charged is, that those intended for the poor, in common bindings, shall be sold at cost prices, while a profit, though a very moderate one, is exacted on those in superior or elegant bindings, which may be expected to be bought by persons in better circumstances, for enabling the Board to defray the expenses necessarily incurred by its establishment.

Pocket Bible, Pearl, 24mo.

Plain Sheep, with Psalms, etc.,
Coloured Sheep, 1s. 2d., or with Psalms, etc.
Embossed Roan, Gilt Edges, 1s. 4d., or with Psalms
Morocco Tooled, Gilt Edges, with Psalms

    1    0
    1    4
    1    8
    2    8

Minion Bible
Morocco Tooled and Gilt

    3    6

Crown, 8vo. Bible, with Reference
Embossed Roan Gilt Edges
Morocco, Gilt Edges

    6    6
    7    6

Royal 4to. Family Bible

With all Brown's Marginal References, and very valuable Notes, by the Messrs. Patterson, his Grandsons ; Cloth, Lettered,
Calf, Plain
Morocco, Gilt Edges

  11    0
  16    0
  20    0

School Bible, 12mo.
Plain Sheep, 1s. 4d., or with Psalms,
Coloured Sheep, 1s. 6d., or in Basil,

    1    8
    1  10

Small Pica Bible, for the Aged.
Plain Sheep,
Coloured Calf, Marbled Edges,
Morocco, Gilt Edges,

    5    3
    7    6
    9    6

Reference Bible, 18mo.
Embossed Roan,
Morocco, Gilt Edges,
Turkey Morocco, Gilt Edges, with Maps,

    4    6
    6    0
    7    6

The Analytical Bible
Foolscap 8vo.,with 50,000 Marginal References, and an Historical Analysis appended to each Book.
Roan, Embossed, Gilt Edges,
Turkey, Morocco, Gilt Edges,

    6    0
    7    6

Portable Commentary, Foolscap, 8vo.,
With most approved Marginal References, and Explanatory Notes, etc., Illustrated with Nine Coloured Maps.
N.B. - The Edinburgh Patriot strongly recommends the Portable Commentary, as well for its surpassing beauty as for its intrinsic value.
Roan, Embossed, Gilt Edges,
Turkey Morocco, Gilt Edges,

    7    6
    9    6

School Testament.
Sheep, 8d., or with Psalms, etc.,
Coloured Sheep, 10d., or with Psalms.,

    0    9
    1    0

Pocket Testament.

Embossed Roan, Marbled Edges, 5d., with Psalms and Music,
Embossed Roan, Gilt Edges, 6d., with Psalms and Music,
Morocco, Gilt Edges and Sides,

    0    6
    0    7
    1    6

Testament, 8vo., Large Type, very Beautiful,
Plain Sheep,
Coloured Sheep,
Coloured Sheep, Marbled Edges,
Coloured Calf, Gilt Edges,

    2    6
    3    6
    4    0
    5    6

Testament, 32mo., with Marginal References, Maps and Notes.
Roan, Gilt Edges, 1s. 4d., with Psalms,
Morocco, Gilt Edges, 2s., with Psalms,

    2    0
    2    6

Psalm Book, 18mo., Large Type.
Coloured Sheep,
Coloured Sheep, Gilt Edges,
Embossed Roan, Gilt Edges,

    0  10
    1    0
    1    6

Psalm Book, Minion, 32mo.
Coloured Sheep, Lettered,
Coloured Tuck, Gilt,

    0    8
    0  10

Psalm Book, 32mo.
Coloured Sheep,

    0    6

Psalm Book, thin Diamond.
Cloth, Gilt Edges,
Roan, Gilt Edges,

         0    2 1/2
         0    3      
         0    4       

Shorter, in Cover,
Shorter, with Scripture Proofs,

            0    0 1/2   
   0    1

J. Henderson begs to intimate, that in addition to the above, he has always on hand a Large
Assortment of Church Prayer Books,
Church Services, in Plain and Elegant Bindings,
at unusually Low Prices,
And that his Stock of Bibles (now above 2,000) is not limited to the above, but embraces all the different editions.
For Pulpit, Pew, and Pocket.
with every size of Type, and Style of Binding adapted for all classes of society, from the prince in his palace to the peasant at his plough.


48 High Street, Belfast.
(an Emblem with is like a circular belt, with buckle, and a Prince of Wales feather on top, a ribbon saying 'Ich Dien' with the name J. G. McGee & Co.,
48 High Street, Belfast, in the centre of the belt.)
J. G. McGee & Co., beg respectfully to inform the Public of Belfast and the North of Ireland, that the above Establishment is now Re-Opened, with an
Entirely New and Fashionable Stock
Hats, Caps, Beaver Bonnets,
etc., etc., etc.,
(The Old Stock having been Sold out by Auction,)
and that they have REDUCED the PRICES fully FIFTEEN per CENT., and are now selling the
Very Best London Beaver Hats at 20s.,
and other Qualities in Proportion.
J. G. McGee & Co. have also to announce, that in addition to the above, they have opened the Extensive Warerooms over the Shop, in the
Ready-Made Clothing,
Tailoring Woollen Drapery, & Outfitting in all its Branches.
The want of such an Establishment having been long felt in the town of Belfast, and the Proprietors would here state that nothing shall be wanting to place it on an equal footing with regard to Style, Quality and Moderate Prices, with the first Houses in London.
The Stock is now complete with every article of Dress, in all Sizes, and in Qualities suitable for every rank of Society.  -  The following list of Prices is respectfully submitted, which may be selected out of Stock or made to measure ;-

First Quality.


Second Quality.

Dress Coat, any Colour,
Frock Coat, any Colour,
Riding Coat, any Colour,
Black Dress Trowsers,
Coloured Trowsers,

2   18    0
3     8    0
3     0    0
1     8    0
1     6    0
0   14    0

2     8    8
2   18    0
2   10    0
1     4    0
1     3    0
0   12    6

1   16    0
2     5    0
1   18    0
1     1    0
0   18    0
0     8    6

Contracts by the Year.
Two Suits in the Year,
Three Suits in the Year,
Four Suits in the Year,

8     4    0
12     0    0 
15   12    0  

6   15    0
9   15    0
12   12    0  

5   10    0
8   10    0
10   10    0 

Each Suit to be returned on receipt of its successor. Gentlemen contracting for three or more Suits, are allowed Two Suits in wear during the whole Term.
Liveries got up to order in first-rate style.
A Large Assortment of Shooting Coats,
Chesterfield Wrappers,
Linen Blouses, Dressing Gowns,
Warehouse Coats, Spanish Cloaks,
Children's Tunic and Hussar Suits,
Engineers' and Mechanics'
Working Suits, etc., etc., etc.
Terms ; One Price, Cash on Delivery.


William Gilbert,
Jeweller, Silver-Smith, and Watch-Maker,
15 High Street, Belfast.
Importer of Geneva Watches, Clocks, Music Boxes, Accordians, etc.
Best London-Made Watches, Bardin's Globes, Optical Mathematical and Philosophical Instruments.
Superior Sheffield Plate, Finest Steel Razors, Table and Other Cutlery.
W. G. Respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry and Inhabitants of the North of Ireland generally, that he has opened the above Concern with an
Assortment of Articles of First-Rate Quality & Newest Fashion.
employing Workmen of Superior Talents, and sparing no expense to make his Establishment equal to any in the Three Kingdoms. Having purchased his entire Stock for Cash, and being determined to Sell for a Moderate Profit, he respectfully solicits a share of Public Support.
In Silver-Plate :
Silver Tea Sets, Elizabethan, Eagle, Melon, and other Patterns,
at From 35 to 50 Per Set, including Coffee Pot.
Table Spoons, per dozen............10 10
Table Forks, per dozen................10 10
Beautiful New Pattern Electro Plated Tea Sets,
from 15 to 18 18s. Each.
The advantages of the New Patent Electro Plating are - first, the Article being manufactured on precisely the same principle as Silver Goods. The Ornamental Borders, Handles, etc., not being filled with lead, but with solid hard metal, cannot be bruised by wear, or injured by heat, and can be re-plated at any time at a moderate expense.
Gold and Silver Watches,
of the most approved Escapements, Manufactured expressly for this Establishment, in London and Geneva.
A Guarantee given each for Twelve Months.
from Paris and London, of the most Chaste and Novel Designs, varying in Price, from 3 10s. to 10 Guineas. All Warranted.
Rodger's, Sanson's, and Mappin's Table and other Cutlery ; Superior Pen-Knives, Razors, etc.
Musical Boxes, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 Tunes ;
Accordians, with all the Improvements,
Large Sizes, with Deep Tone of the Organ.
A Large Quality of
Simpson's Accordian Instructors,
Price Two Shillings,
by which any Lady or Gentleman can teach themselves to play on the Instrument in one hour, although previously unacquainted with Music.
Work-Boxes, Writing-Desks, Dressing-Cases, Walking-Sticks, Glove-Boxes, Fancy-Cases, etc., etc.
In the stock of costly Jewellery are ;
Brooches, Rings, and Pins,
in Fine Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Opal, etc.,
finished in the most approved style, to suit the present Fashion.
Gold Ear-Rings, Seals, Watch Hooks, Brace-Lets, Shirt Studs, Gold Chains,
of the best Quality and Workmanship.
A Cask of Jewellers' Melting Pots, Just Received.
A Lapidary Employed on the Premises.
The Trade supplied at Manufacturers' Prices, for Cash ; Orders for Exportation attended to with carefulness and despatch.


Hercules Place, Belfast.

Have the pleasure of announcing that they have again added to their Establishment an extensive variety of
of the very best and most beautiful description.
All orders for fine Letter-Prefs Printing, such as Pamphlets, Reports, Catalogues, Invoices, Cards, Circulars, Pawnbrokers' Tickets, Posting and Hand Bills, Delivery Notes, Deeds of Indenture, Leases, Rentals, Receipts, Charter Parties, Custom-House Entries, Grocers' Package Wrappers, Law Forms of every description, Linen and Muslin Manufacturers' Receipt Tickets, Security Bands, etc., etc., together with,
Every Description of Book Work,
are solicited, and will be executed with that Expedition and Neatness, which has gained for their establishment such liberal patronage, and for which, they take this opportunity of returning their grateful acknowledgments.
Always on Hand,
Process Servers' Books, and Law Forms of Every Description.