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The Derry and Antrim Year Book 1941

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Coleraine Building Society
Est. over 75 years
A sound investment
for 76 years the Society has paid its Shareholders 5 per cent. per annum.
No Shareholder has ever lost any of his or her Capital.
Sums from 5/- to 5 per month may be invested.
For larger sums deposits are received at 3 per cent. interest.
Robert F. Steedman, F.C.I.S.,
Secretary, 28 New Row, Coleraine

Established over a Century
H. McCurdy Hamilton Ltd.,
Ladies' and Gentlemens' Tailoring, Dressmaking, Millinery and General Drapery.
At this old-established firm you can buy all your clothing needs and household requirements with the assurance that you are purchasing dependable goods at lowest prices.
The largest and most up-to-date stocks of Ladies', Gentlemens' and Childrens' clothing in Provincial Northern Ireland.
Everything your Boy or Girl requires for Dalriada, Ballymoney Technical & Bushmills High Schools wear kept in Stock
Church Street, Ballymoney

The Commercial Insurance Company of Ireland, Ltd.
Head Office 10 Donegall Square South, Belfast

Chairman ; The Right Hon. Lord Glentoran
General Manager; John B. Hirst
Branch Office; 10 Foyle Street, Londonderry.

Local Directors;
Senator Sir E. C. Herdman, K.B.E., H.M.I.
James Ballantine, Esq.
Arthur Phillips, Esq., M.B.E.
John McVeigh, Esq., J.P.
Local Manager : J. A. U. Gregg, A.C.I.I.

Can meet your requirements in goods suitable for Wedding, Presentation and Seasonable Gifts...Household Utensils...Oil and Electric Lamps, Sporting Guns and Cartridges, Tennis & Badminton Requisites, Travelling Cases.
over 100 years of satisfactory trading
H. & T. Bellas, Ltd.
Ironmongers, Builders' and Plumbers' Merchants
Church Street, Coleraine

There is a Difference!

a vast difference.....
in deliciousness, appetising goodness and food value....in porridge made from
White's Wafer Oats
Milled to perfection from the choicest home-grown oats, by exclusive processes which preserve the whole natural goodness of the cereals, White's Wafer Oats is the world's best breakfast food.

White, Tomkins & Courage Ltd.

J. R. Watt & Son Ltd.
Coal Importers and Ship Owners,
Coleraine & Portrush

Best English, Scotch Coals and English Coke in Stock. Also Anthracite Fuels, including Coal, Beans, Aga & Stovesse Nuts.

A Good Chemist
Who has everything of the best you may require
Pure drugs and chemicals
Veterinary Preparations
Patent Medicines
All photographic necessities
Toilet preparations - enormous variety
Surgical and Sick-Room requisites
Bring your Private and National Health Insurance Prescriptions here..
A. W. McDowell, M.P.S.N.I.
The Prescription Chemist
8 Church Street, Coleraine

Established 1859

Sherrard & Son

Auctioneers, Valuers and Cattle Salesmen

Catherine Street, Limavady



Money saved is money for the Bank!

The Pioneer of Cheap Fruit in Coleraine
All orders promptly attended to
Hotels, Colleges and Schools specially catered for
Only first-class goods stocked
Lundy's Fruit Markets
Abbey Street and King's-Gate Street

Wreaths and Spreads made on Premises
Vegetables and Flowers arriving daily

The Best Place to buy...
Wedding Presents


General Household Goods

is at

R. McIntosh & Co.'s
Church Street, Coleraine
Their motto is 'Good Goods at Moderate Prices'

The Corner House
is always first with the latest style in

Ladies' and Gents' ready-to-wear garments
Complete Funeral Furnishers
All orders turned out on the premises on shortest notice

only best material supplied

The Corner House
Main Street and Market Street, Limavady

Anderson & Co.
Electrical and Wireless Engineers
Church Street, Coleraine
Agents for Murphy, H.M.V., G.E.C., Ferguson

Milk Cocktails
Delicious Ices - Hot Soups
Horlicks - Bovril - Teas
Home-Baked Bread and Cakes
Fresh Milk, Eggs and Cream Daily
The Kingsgate Street Milk Bar
Kingsgate Street, Coleraine

Is it Groceries? Yes! Well then try -
J. Smyth & Co.
4 Main Street, Ballymoney

Where you will find everything to your satisfaction. It is our aim to make it so. Only goods stocked of first-class quality at keenest prices. Out Teas are unsurpassed. Bird Fanciers can get leading brands of Food and Seeds.
We cater for Farmers

Hello! Exchange, Give me Portrush 2332
This is the number to call when ordering your

Wines and Spirits

Prompt attention given to all orders

Ask for prices - delivery free

P. Bradley
(opposite Railway Station)

C. Porter & Co. Ltd.

52 York Street, Belfast

and Foyle Street, Londonderry

Wholesale Newsagents, Stationers and Printers
We invite Retail Newsagents to give us a trial
WE specialise in prompt deliveries and punctual attention to orders:

Write for lists and items