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This page is for items found in
Bangor Action Cancer Charity Shop in Market Street, Alan Leslie very kindly gives them to me in the hope that we can find the owners, most items are found in old furniture that is donated, they don't always know who owned the furniture as people bring it in and don't leave their names, if you see something on this page that you recognise, a photo or item or if you think you may know the owners please email me Mary at streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

 RED returned to owners   -   GREEN still lost

Mulligan - Maralyn and Davey - Lurgan Hockey Team - Signed Photo - Photos Elliott - Violet Parker

Violet Parker
(still lost)

This envelope contains a manuscript sent to Violet Parker, 23 University Avenue, Belfast 7 from Charles R. G. MacClure aka Reggie - if you know either please direct them to this page - streets (at) marylennon.co.uk

Lost Photos - Mulligan
found 2014 returned 2014

the photos on this page were found in a Bangor charity shop inside a piece of furniture, I asked in a group on Facebook, "Bangor Through the Years", if anyone recognised any of the faces, luckily enough someone did, Bee Harrison thank you for spotting a familiar face, the photos have now been returned to the rightful owners, the 2 sports photos are here because they are of local interest, if you recognise any of the faces please email me Mary

Mr. and Mrs. Mulligan

spot any familiar faces?
Maralyn and Davey
(still lost)
Found 2014 on site Jan 2015

recognise anyone, is this Maralyn?

To Maralyn, Happy Birthday Sweetheart and many more, all my love Davey

Maralyn Cre? 1B

Maralyn Love Davey
Brunswick Brenda Lee
Lurgan Hockey Team
(still lost)
Found 2015 on site Jan 2015

recognise any faces?
Signed Photo
(Still lost)
Found 2014 - on site Jan 2015

photo is a print but signed on the back by Lisa, Alison, Rosie and Clare 3/3/93
Photos Elliott Gordon Wilson
(still lost)
Found June 2013 on site Jan 2015

J. Sterritt Circular Road N'Ards           Johnny Wilson                    View out window of plane         

Nt. Ards Mr. Gordon

photo bottom left, see reversed reflection in window       Belfast   Dublin

Fox Studios Falls Road, Belfast Mr. Baxter

Crescent Hotel I.O.M.

hard to make out M.C.R. Telecomm???? Belfast Harbour

any familiar faces?