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Lost - photo albums Downer
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1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

          Hal 1927 (taker of a lot of these photos)        Eric Christopher Downer M.R.L.S.               
other names on back of Eric photo - M. M. Wright (L.A.R.L.S); J. W. Newell (M.R.L.S.); S.? Rait? (F.R.L.S.); C. H. Wright (?.R.L.S.)

Eric C. Downer and Margarita              Margarita, Eric and Josephine 1927                           Marguerite 1884         
1927 Ballachulish                                                                                                                                    
on back - my grandmother                on back - Emile? Aunt Ro, Stewart-Baskin          
Margaret Downer                        my father and grandma Downer, Glenavy      
Aunt Ro, Stewart-Baskin, my Father, Grandmother Downer    My Grandmother Downers house, Rosemary Square     
by Hal                                                                                 Roscrea
on back - Image 1 - Gravestone at Roscrea, A. Jebb? in memory of Thomas S. Downer (grandfather) and Frances Downer his mother - by Hal
Image 2 - In Loving Memory of Thomas Smallman Downer, Frances Downer, Charles Christopher, Thomas Smallman

W. H. N. Downer, Margaret Downer, Grandma Sarah and Rosamond Downer
"Eyes right - Colonel!!"

on back - W. C. Bamford    169B
Betts Thompson & Hal,  Islandmagee 1909           Taken at Roscrea Summer 1912 by Hal         
          Xmas Postcard Aunt Ro and Stewart - Baskin                  Mabel McDonald Osborne and her
                                                                                                brother-in-law Frank McDonald
Roscrea 1912                                                   Tennis at Annandale, Glenavy

"Jimmie's Smile" on "Bobbies Wedding Day"         Jim Johnson's wedding
I think these 2 guys look like the same person???
Tom Scott?, Crumlin?                              in youthful meditation fancy free
"The Laird o' Cockpen - he's proud & he's great"                                                                                     
The Shepherd & his sheep                                          Jimmie's meditation  Jim Johnson

who hit him?  Alfie Johnson     My Lady's Smile  Noltee McConnor?                      Bow Wow                                    
                         Stewart Baskin     "Loo-Loo - I Love You"              Wishing Mr. Bamford a very Happy New Year
                                                                                                                   Downer 1887

Benaghmore House, Roscrea

                 'just one more'                     Baronet - Mr. W. J. Goulding is                   Twelfth of July
                  chairman of the Great Southern
                 and Western Railway of Ireland
           Bluebeard, ??                myself (Hal?) outside the Officers
                                                          Mess at Gosport
"Oh Jerusalem - they made me one of the family"           The Sugarloaf 1790
"Britannia rules the waves"   Launch of the Oceanic                     "Bow wow"  Master Law?
                           Annandale, Glenavy                          "All in a garden fair"   The tennis court and South wall
             Over the Raliny? Tree                           Lochwood 14 Mount Eden Road, Donnybrook, Dublin
on the Mill or Hill track? at Annandale                        (home of Mrs. S. Baskin aka Stewart-Baskin)       

                                                        on back - whatever that says? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^                  

a rock or coal??      on back - 13th September 1902
  water chuting at Cork                                                   we are ????
The Sands o' ??                                                  my dusky Southerns? (Stewart & Rosamund)

help   help !!!!!!
             Three girls & a Boat                                                    Rescue the Perishing!
"her eyes are loadstars" (lodestars)                            Fine Apples - four a penny        
Stewart Baskin                                                    Rosamund Downer
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eric and Hal

Hal   "You're my little true lover"
waiting for tea                                                        is it never coming?



Rosamund and Inda Watson

Inda Henderson (nee Watson)

Rosamund and Inda

How do you like us here? Essie                                                   20/5/38                                              

The Quaint Old Jacobean Church of Ballinderry Associated with the Ministrations of Jeremy Taylor
The church, which was founded by Jeremy Taylor, "the Shakspere of Divines," has just been restored, the architect, Mr. William J. Fennell, having followed the old lines with strict exactness.  ~ Welsh, Belfast

London, November 5th, 1902
     Many of us remember certain lines of Emerson on "Taylor, the Shakspere of Divines," that concluded with the words :-
Not for all his faith can see
Would I that proud bishop be.
     The church of Ballinderry, co. Down, that is much associated with Jeremy Taylor, has not much suggestion in it of pride. It was in the neighbouring woods of Portmore that Bishop Taylor found shelter during the time of Cromwell's dictatorship of Ireland, and it was in Ballinderry that he officiated in an older church, before he had founded the one of which I give these illustrations. A funeral hatchment in the style of the period, designed and painted with the arms of the bishop, the date of his birth, consecration, and death, is suspended on the wall opposite the pulpit as a record of the founder. It will be remembered that Jeremy Taylor, the author of Holy Living (1650) and Holy Dying (1651) attended Charles I. at his execution, and that the King gave him his watch as a memento. After the Restoration Taylor was made bishop of Down and Connor, and in 1661 he was consecrated in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.
     This church has many associations with Taylor, for after he was a bishop it is recorded that one of his shepherds at Portmore, David Hunter by name, was visited by an apparition, and that the bishop examined into the whole question and came to the conclusion that the said apparition was genuine. His biographers further tell us that he prayed many times for translation to an English bishopric in consideration of the fact that he suffered from ague, due to the marshy character of his residence at Portmore. He died at Lisburne in 1667, his last words being, "Bury me at Dromore," and the great bishop was in consequence buried in Dromore Cathedral. The present inhabitants of Portmore are, however, more proud of their associations with Bishop Taylor than he evidently was of them, for they have, as I have said, restored the church with great care and conscientiousness.
     Jeremy Taylor has had many interesting things said of him. I have quoted Emerson, but Thomas Arnold, Heber, and a score of others have praised him. But there surely never was such a eulogy as that which was pronounced by George Rust in his funeral sermon on the great bishop, in which he declared that Taylor possessed - "the good humour of a gentleman, the eloquence of an orator, the fancy of a poet, the acuteness of a schoolman, the profoundness of a philosopher, the wisdom of a chancellor, the sagacity of a prophet, the reason of an angel, and the piety of a saint."

Wedding of Miss Goulding and Capt. Henry

On ??????28th, at the Church of St. Michael and All ????????????????Co. Kildare, Ireland, a marriage was solemnised between ???? Arthur Henry, J.P., of Firmount, Sallins, Kildare, and Miss Eileen Goulding, eldest daughter of Sir William Goulding, Bart., and Lady Goulding, of Millicent, Sallins?, same county. The celebrants were the Lord Bishop of Killaloe, the Rev. J. M. Walker, vicar of Evesham, and the Rev. Canon Sherlock, vicar of St. Michael's, Clane. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore white chiffon over silk, flounced with handsome Irish lace, and a smart little lace coat with sleeves tight to the arm, fronted with folded chiffon, and worn over a white satin waistcoat with paste buttons. The train was of white velvet with deep flounces of lace, and the veil of Carrickmacross was worn over a coronet of orange blossoms. The bridesmaids were the Misses Ada, Kathleen, and Ida Goulding (sisters of the bride), and Miss Rachel Morgan (cousin), wearing rose-tinted chiffon dresses, made with full plait skirts and swathed bodices, caught with large gilt buckles; white gauzy stoles, and pale yellow picture hats with brown velvet crowns and velvet strings of the latter colour, looped beneath the chin with brown and pink roses. They carried bouquets of autumn foliage, and silver-bound prayerbooks, the gifts of the bridegroom. The best man was Mr. Arthur Henry, of Ballinacarney, Co. Wicklow (brother of the bridegroom). Lady Goulding held a very largely attended reception at Millicent after the ceremony, and when leaving for her honeymoon the bride wore dark-blue rolled with blue velvet and faced with embroidery on a light blue ground, and a black picture hat. Lady Goulding, mother of the bride, was dressed in cream lace with touches of rose, and a Toreador ??ot of rose chiffon. The presents numbered two hundred and thirty, and were very beautiful and varied

Fashionable Belfast Wedding - Watson - Clarke

     A very pretty wedding took place at St. Thomas's Church, Belfast, last week, when Miss Edyth Marie Watson, second daughter of Mrs. E. H. Watson, of Malone Avenue, Belfast, was married to Mr. Herbert Montague Sydenham Clarke, second son of Colonel Sydenham Clarke, of Claremont House, Hersham, Surrey. The church was beautifully decorated, and the service was choral. The bride looked exceedingly pretty in a lovely gown of white duchesse satin, handsomely trimmed with Limerick lace, the gift of her mother. Her tulle veil fell from a wreath of orange blossom. She carried a lovely bouquet of white lilac, carnations, and lily of the valley, and wore a gold and opal bracelet, gifts of the bridegroom. She was attended by her sister, Miss Inda Watson, who made a pretty picture in a lovely gown of white embroidered Egyptian muslin over blue silk, with sash of blue, and large white picture trimmed with chiffon and feathers. She carried a bouquet of pink carnations, and wore a gold pendant and chain, gifts of the bridegroom. The ceremony was performed by the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, assisted by the Rev. William Dowse, M.A., rector of the parish. The best man was Mr. John Henderson, junior. After the ceremony a reception was held at Chetmar, Malone Park (the residence of the bride's uncle), by the bride's mother. Mrs. E. H. Watson was in brown voile over silk, with large brown hat trimmed with brown feathers, and carried a bouquet of yellow daffodils.  Miss Sydenham Clarke, sister of the bridegroom. wore a blue face cloth coat and skirt, large black picture hat, and white feather stole. Mrs. Archdall was in a violet velvet gown, with fur toque to match. Others present at the reception were the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore; the Rev. Wm. Dowse, M.A.; Colonel Sydenham Clarke, father of the bridegroom; Miss Emilie Watson, Miss Nancy Clarke, Mr. Harry Watson, Mr. Lionel Watson, Miss Stewart, Mr. Hope-Johnston, Misses ???? Marie Johnstone, Mr. John Johnstone, Mr. and Mrs. W. Henderson, Mrs. Henry Thompson. In the evening the newly married couple left for Dublin, enroute for London and Paris, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride's going-away dress was of sapphire blue cloth, with handsome embroidery, large white beaver hat, and white stole.

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