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Lost Album - Collins

1805 - 1806 - 1807 - 1808 - 1819 - 1843 - 1852 - 1861 - 1868 - 1877 - 1880 - 1890
1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Hylda Mary Collins               Mr. F. C. Collins, Duncairn                              M. Collins        
            W.A.A.F. 1943                      Ladys Mile, Holywood                    52 Demesne Road, Holywood
Masonic Lodge 5th May 1945, Thompson's Restaurant, Donegall Place
Officers for 1945 :- W. Bros. F. McCall, W.M.; W. G. Wyman, S.W.; E. H. Foster, J.W.; R. Warner, Treas.; F. C. Collins, Secretary; N. Magee, S.D.; W. McMillan, J.D.; E. Gifford, I.G.; W. Goodwin, I.P.M.; Rev. H. Lindsay, F.R.G.S., Chaplain; J. Simms, S.S.; S. Poole, J.S.; S. Lindsay, Organist; V.W. Bro. W. McCall, D.C.
Auditors: V. W. Bro. W. McCall & W. Bro. R. R., Butler
Representatives: Inspection Committee: W. Bro. W. Goodwin
Provincial Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes: W. Bro. H. Lindsay
Belfast Masonic Widows' Fund and Charity Fund: W. Bro. H. McKee & V. W. Bro. W. McCall
The Following Brethren will contribute to the Harmony: Bros. A. Dempster - W. Bedford - J. Arbuthnot - E. Lockhart - H. Beattie - C. Allen - S. Pierce - E. Gifford ~ The Ascot Singers
Bro. R. Maguire, Entertainer; Bro. H. Gracey, Accordionist; Bro. J. Bennett, Tenor; Bro. R. D. W. Cupples, Violinist; Bro. J. Morrison, Bass; Also Master James Glenn; Accompanist, Bro. J. Arbuthnot

on back Billie's grave Aug. 22nd 1934
what I can make out - In Loving Memory of William Edward and (something something) of Ada Elizabeth Collins
(can't make out the rest)

on back Moira Kathleen Collins             on back Mrs. Collins               
                  age 1 year 10 months             Ginger & Mike at their wedding                  

        to Mrs. Collins, Misses M. & D., E. McG?                    to Mrs. Collins from Stanley
                                                                                              taken in Kiel Germany

Inns of Court Officers Training Corps - Souvenir of Dinner given at the Crown Hotel, Berkhamsted by Irish Members of the Corps on St. Patrick's Day, 1916
Committee: Lance-Corporal J. C. Fagan, Chairman; Private E. ? O'Kelly, Vice-Chairman; Lance Corporal D. P. Kelly, Secretary; Private P. L. McGrane, Treasurer; Lance-Corporal W. H. Pearse; Private J. J. Nugent; Private T. S. Reid; Private M. J. Lee, Private D. R. Lambkin

Fred. C. Collins

Yours Fred on back Feb. 21st 1920                          Fred on board Lealandic (White Star)                            

on back - Khaki Hat with Cherry band & black peak; khaki uniform Sam brown belt & straps
lighter khaki breeches, brown boots & brown leggings

Zoological Gardens, Rangoon

                      E. A. Barr                          Muriel 15th April 1920                        Cheerio Biddy                        

                   both photos taken in Londonderry                                 on back - Vincent Leslie Mullo???ey
on back - Muriel May Jennings Boag              on back - age 7 months                         age 6 months                           
?Mr. Alec Ewart? to her or his Aunt Minnie    taken 12th July 1903                                                                                

Vincent at the "Lodge" Ballywalter June 1922

                    Gun boat in Tigris at Mohammerah?                                  sunk by Turks on Tigris to impede
                                                                                                                British Advance

Fly boat on Tigris Mesopotamia                                     Pilot boat Irawaddy River, Burmah           

digging a ???? fit for ones tent

a Paddle Boat stuck in river

7th September 1940              December 1945               October 1940

yours truly J. Taylor ?Brod_?  21/7/15

???nd band formed in connection with Derry Cathedral Sunday-school, taken in 1889. In the centre are the late Rev. Alphert and the late Mr. Thomas Boag

'Father'      82 years of age

...............................ridge which is held by Turks

...........Aeroplane came down with ............. next flight it came down and killed ........................

..............................Pagoda, Rangoon

F21611    L.D.V. Castlereagh   Lewis Gun

F21613    L.D.V. Castlereagh

F21612    L.D.V. Castlereagh  Inspecting

F21610    L.D.V. Castlereagh  Marching

                                                                                                  McCulloch & Co. Grocers & Provisions
                                                                                                 and next door Robertson

? Norah A. ................ ?

Native School

1933 - 34

Women's Bright Hour - Campbell Street Mission

                                                                   Dorothy, Geo. Clarke, Sister Boggs


                                          taken in Liverpool                                                

                                                                                                              Jess Eva

Londonderry                       Londonderry                                   Belfast                               Belfast     
                                                   Belfast                                  Belfast                        Coleraine

    Belfast                              Belfast                                   Glasgow/Belfast                         Belfast     

            Belfast                                       Armagh/Monaghan                                    Armagh            

            Belfast                                     Belfast                                 Belfast                            Belfast/Dundalk        

             Glasgow/Belfast                                           Belfast                                     Belfast                   

                    Belfast                                                                                                                  Belfast                       


Punjabi Racing Club Programme for Thursday, 25th July 1918
(in a small separate album)

Dorie & James November 1955

Fred and Ina Orr - Acre Gospel Mission

                                  Joan and Jack Maudsley                                              Ardcarron, Saintfield Road
                                                                                                                           July 1959
Anne McWhinnie (left Mission 1964)                    Susan W. Scott                                 Hedley G. Murphy               
76 Napier Crescent                                     S.R.N.  S.C.M.                                                               
Dumbarton, Scotland                                       Nov. 1964                                                                     

Missionaries Son Dies - The three-year-old son of Belfast missionaries Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buick, of the Elim Pentecostal Movement, has died in a hospital at St. Die Vosges, France.  Mr. and Mrs. Buick had only recently returned to St. Die Vosges after a leave spent in Belfast, when their son, Paul, was taken to hospital, where he died as a result of poisoning.  He has been operated on for a twisted intestine.  Mrs. Buick is expecting another baby next month. Her other son, Samuel, is five years old.
Samuel & Jacqueline November 1964 - taken just after Jacqueline's first Birthday!

Mr. & Mrs. Buick - baptising one of our Christians in the River Meurthe? July 1961

1958 Mollie going on board on her way back to Brazil                  Mollie at Boca de? Acre January 1959                    

Mr. Allen Loney, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Loney, Loneystone House, Richhill, leaving Edenderry Presbyterian Church, Portadown, with his bride, Miss Ada Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith, The Old Rectory, Portadown, after their wedding. The bridegroom returns to Brazil, where he is a missionary, with the bride, who also has been engaged in missionary work in England

Victor & Audrey Maxwell April 1965                                Jean Govan                         
             42 Bangor Road, Holywood                                                                                     

           Jim & Alice Finlay, Emmaus                                          Gertrude & Hugh Montgomery
3 Demesne Road, Holywood                                                                                
                   Miss C. Lyne                      Rebe Firth, 10 Beechgrove Drive, Belfast  

The Central Japan Pioneer Mission Family February 1953
Standing: Mr. Wilson, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Morris, Mr. Corwin
Seated: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Cooke and David; Miss Parr, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Corwin and Paul; Miss Pat O'Connor, Miss Thelma Sterry
Front Row: Miss Doris McKay, Miss Betty Slichter and Kathy Corwin; Michael and Ruth Cooke; Miss Emmi Schyndrig and Mary Corwin