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1805 - 1806 - 1807 - 1808 - 1819 - 1843 - 1852 - 1861 - 1868 - 1877 - 1880 - 1890
1901 - 1907 - 1908 - 1910 - 1912 - 1918 - 1924 - 1932 - 1939 - 1943 - 1951 - 1960
1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Great Grandmother Rainey                         Great Grandmother Rainey
            Aunt Lucy                              Hamilton's Mother  (Allen)?
Great Uncle Willie Rainey                                        Thomas Rainey                 
Sammy Patterson                                            W. J. Patterson          
With Love Yours Percy                                            Hamilton Allen                       
Miss Magowans                                      Mrs. Wilson (Emma)

Mrs. Jordan     Kathleen Jordan

Phoenix Park June 1923
left to right :- L. Bateman; W. Goodwillie, Q. or G.R.C.SeI. or 1; M. Hu or i??-Lyons
Aunt Maggie                                                         Aunt Maggie
Mother                                                    Miss Martin  
Lizzie                                                          Aunt Nellie

on back it says a name which I can't make out McCann maybe?
62 Park Road, P'down (Portadown)
Jim 8 years & 4 months                                                                                        
Jamie 6 years & 1 month                                                                                       
September 1899                                                                                          

Lord & Lady McQuoid at Blackpool

Framed by W. J. Moffett, 53 Bridge Street, Portadown.  Name: Miss Martin

taken 1921 Meg, Cherie & Winnie
also says Master? Cherie Winnie
Eddie Graces? husband
scored out Grace Megs sister
Grace Megs Sister (not scored out)
Husband Eddie


                                                                                                                                           photo taken by
                                                                                                                                            Bangor Photographer

On the Receipt of my Mother's Picture

O that those lips had language life has passed
With me but roughly since I heard thee last
Those lips are thine - thy own sweet smile I see
The same that oft in childhood solaced me

Voice only fails else how distinct they say
Grieve not my child chase all thy fears away
The meek intelligence of those dear eyes
Blest be the art that can immortalise

My mother when I learn'd that thou was't dead
Say was't thou conscious of the tears I shed
Hover'd thy spirit o'er thy sorrowing son
Wretch even then lifes journey just begun

Perhaps thou gav'st me though unseen a kiss
Perhaps a tear if souls can weep in bliss
Ah that maternal smile it answers yes
I heard the bell toil'd on thy burial day

I saw the herse that bore thee slow away
And turning from my nurs'ry window drew
A long, long sigh and wept a last adieu.
(added at the bottom)
But was it such where thou art gone
Adieus and farewells are a sound unknown
May I but meet thee on that peaceful shore
The parting sound shall pass my lips no more

M.S.D. Sales Force 1949 Mayflower? Hotel, Hereford

Representatives' Conference - December 1950
A. J. Binder, (Export); A. A. Aspin, F. C. Kavanagh, D. S. Colley, I. A. Hector, B. Brown, J. Gallagher, H. D. Mills, B. F. A. Kavanagh
J. V. Walters, D. A. Brewer, J. S. McKie, E. Hardcastle, F. P. Eatch, F. A. Roebuck, E. M. Bradbury, G. W. Crane, F. Daniells
F. E. M. Ainslie, (Accountant); W. E. Willmott, (Analytical); J. J. Carroll, O. A. Phillips, John H. Fingerhut, (Sales Manager); G. J. Britton, M. T. Finigan, J. E. Day, (Medical Information); J. Craig
N. J. Blunsom, E. McCann, C. A. Ashwell, C. D. Buzza, (Production); A. L. Bowen

Carrig Eden 12 - 19th Aug. 67
(a ? after the word means its not clear)
F.? Gibson? (Apsley? Street)
Wilfred Hodge (Bethany Hall)
Mr. Williamson & Family (Cahorey?)
Mr. & Mrs. Adams (Sutton Coalfield)
Mr. Parkinson & Family (Dollingston? Lurgan)
Dr. Calvert & Family (Belfast)
Dr.? McGuire (Larne)
M. Knox & Family (Antrim Road)
Louis Knox (Great Victoria Street Baptist)
Ruth Hutchinson
T.? Carroll (Antrim Road Baptist)
Mr. & Mrs. J. Hutchinson & Family (Dundonald)
Lowry & G??? (Oldpark)
Jim Brown (Funeral Undertaker)

CLICK to enlarge - stamped on back Ernest McCann, 3 Lead Hill Park, Belfast

CLICK to enlarge - stamped on back same as above also 'Photo by Bishop Marshall, "Eversley Lodge" Park View, Hoddesdon, Herts.'

CLICK to enlarge - on back, Ernest McCann, 3 Lead Hill Park, Belfast, also Photograph by Bishop Marshall & Son, 17 High Road, Broxbourne, Herts.

Sharp & Dohme Ltd.
Representatives' Conference, October 8th - 10th 1952
FIRST ROW (left to right): J. V. Walters, M. T. Finigan, O. A. Phillips, G. W. Crane (Assistant Sales Manager), Con. M. Hewitt (Manager Export Field Operations, S. & D. Inc.), Thomas W. Rayner (Managing Director), John H. Fingerhut (Assistant Managing Directory), Dr. E. W. Tapley (Medical Information Department), Douglas S. Colley (Area Detail Manager), G. J. Britton, J. J. Carroll
SECOND ROW (left to right): D. Hackney, V. J. Wiggin, J. Gallagher, A. G. Canning, Francis C. Kavanagh, H. D. Mills, V. J. Parsons, E. N. Coates, J. B. Dyhouse, James Craig, A. A. Aspin, N. J. Blunsom, F. A. Roebuck, A. L. Bowen
THIRD ROW (left to right): John S. McKie, E. E. Hart, G. J. Cronk, R. Trevithick, W. D. Musther, Iain A. Hector, E. McCann, H. McDonald, G. M. Jackson, E. M. Bradbury, S. Harris, David C. Gander
BACK ROW (left to right): L. J. Royster, John L. Dingley, A. J. Naul, Brendan F. A. Kavanagh

CLICK to enlarge - Sharp & Dohme Ltd. - Annual Conference 1954
(Reading from left to right) [stamped on back - Ernest McCann, 3 Lead Hill Park, Belfast]
K. J. Ibbetson               
Back Row :  A. H. Jones, David Jones, D. C. Gander, M. McDonald, W. G. Shaw, L. N. Cooke, R. T. Blandford, S. Foster, A. J. Ruff, E. E. Hart, E. F. Seaman, W. R. Laird, F. C. Kavanagh
Centre Row : J. Gallagher, P. Brophy, V. J. Parsons, H. Velt, J. B. Dyhouse, M. W. Cheeseman, N. J. Blunsom, S. A. Knight, W. D. Musther, D. A. Rider, A. G. Canning, G. J. Cronk, J. V. Walters, E. G. Bosward, J. S. McKie, K. Brooker, G. Miller
Front Row : J. J. Carroll, M. T. Finigan, J. Craig, O. A. Phillips, John H. Fingerhut, T. W. Rayner, Dr. E. W. Tapley, D. S. Colley, F. A. Roebuck, E. McCann, A. A. Aspin