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James Risk Farish of Wallasey with Belfast Connection

Letters from James to his 'little Jean' on Page 2

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James Risk Farish born 23rd April 1879 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire - Died Christmas Day 1924
2 Coronation Avenue, Liscard, Cheshire - mothers address
5'  6"  Dark Hair and Blue Eyes
First Class Engineer
Father - William Farish (draper) deceased 1901? amount to James 238. 3. 8. on 22nd July 1901
Charles Hall's daughter Sarah Hall Farish (1850), mother of James Risk Farish and Mary Florence Vernon (who is living at 23 Chlorine Gardens in Belfast in 1934) (wife of Horace Vernon, 1 Colenso Parade, Belfast)
James Risk Farish had 2 daughters, Helena Sarah born 19th May 1914 and Jean Mary Farish born 16th August 1918
James wife Helena (Ellen) (nee Fagan) (died age 37 15th July 1921) married 4th July 1911 had a brother Henry, father James Fagan, 10 Lennox Avenue, Liscard (Licensed Victualler) (deceased in 1911)
Teresa Fagan is maybe Helena's mother? Sarah Farish (died 1934) lived 64 Wellesley Avenue, Lisburn Road in 1932 and Miss J. M. Farish (Jean Mary) lived at 23 Chlorine Gardens, Malone Road in 1987
Miss Jean Farish, 653 Lisburn Road, Belfast in 1968

                                                     on back 'Farish'                             June 1912

26th August 1916                                                                       June 1912


to Mrs. Farish, 2 Coronation Avenue, Liscard, Cheshire from Margaret
Mother & I came on Monday just for a week. We are enjoying the change so much. Mother is ___lting in the garden. Love to Ellen & dear little 'girlie'. Much love from us both.

dog licence 1876 Sarah Hall

"Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me"
In Loving Memory of Mary Beatrice, The Beloved Child of Charles and Henrietta Mawer, who died July 2nd, 1882, ages 3 years - Interred Grimsby Cemetery

In Affectionate Remembrance of George Frith, who died on the 15th August 1873, aged 26 years and was interred in St. Oswald's Church Yard, Old Swan, the 17th August 1873

"Not lost but gone before"
In affectionate remembrance of Elizabeth, the beloved Wife of Benjamin Hall, who died November 22nd, 1870 or 79, Aged 27 years, and was interred at the Congregational Chapel, Rahe Lane, Liscard November 25th 1870 or 79

In Affectionate Remembrance of Francis Henry Richardson, Died November 30, 1879, Aged Four Years
In Affectionate Remembrance of Hephzibah Richardson, Died December 5, 1879, Aged Three Years

Death Certificate of Helena Farish, wife of James Fisk (Risk) Farish, Marine Engineer (Merchant Service), 15th July 1921, 2 Coronation Avenue, (1) Sub-acute infective endocarditis (2) Valoulitis ulcerative. Certified by Basil N. Murphy, M.R.C.S.  Informant - Henry Fagan, brother 10 Lennox Avenue.  County of Wallasey

Registry of Marriage for James Risk Farish (32 years) 12 Nelson Street, Liscard to Ellen Fagan (27 years) 10 Lennox Avenue, Liscard on 4th July 1911

Birth Certificate of Helena Sarah on 19th May 1914, Parents: James Risk Farish and Helena Farish formerly Fagan, 2 Coronation Avenue, Liscard

Birth Certificate of Jean Mary Farish on 16th August 1918 (Parents - James Risk and Helena Farish)

Mrs. Farish, 149 Victoria Road, New Brighton, Cheshire
Mrs. M. Vernon, 2 Coronation Avenue, Wallasey, Cheshire 1925

Sarah Hall (15) was confirmed at Wallasey Church by the Lord Bishop of Chester on the 29th of September 1865 R. D. Fowell Minister Wallasey Church

Will of Charles Hall of Bronallt Bala 1917

Sarah Farish Will 1925
Masonic Installation Dinners 1940 and 1944
this is a separate lot that came with the Farish items

Masonic Lodge 432 1940 Officers:- W. Bros. Thomas Moore, William Laird Doggart, William John Allen, Thomas Wilson, Robert Macrory; Bros. Percy Northcote Frederick Harrison, Thomas James Larmour Crawford, John Burford Leonard, Robert George Hamilton, Edward Marr Larmour, Herbert Phillips Moulton, Frederick John Gamble, Herbert Victor McMullan, Charles Hope Johnston; R. W. Bro. William Bel-Burrowes, P.G.T. (Down); V.W. bro. Captain John Storey, B.A., M.B.E., F.F.S.G.W., Chaplain
Table Plan - Addison, Anderson, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Bailie, Baird, Barry, Belford, Boyd, Boath, Briggs, Brown, Burrowes, Burn, Clarke, Cassidy, Caughey, Caldwell, Cather, Charlesson, Christian, Christie, Chew, Craig, Crawford, Church, Corry, Dalton, Deering, Doggart, Douglas, Edwards, Erwin, Fawcett, Ferguson, Finlay, Forsythe, Gamble, Gault, Glass, Goodall, Grant, Haig, Hamilton, Harrison, Harding, Henry, Hillary, Hogg, Innes, Irwin, Johnson, Johnston, Kerr, Kelly, Knox, Larmour, Leonard, Long, Mackintosh, Maltman, Macrory, Manning, Martin, Maxwell, Moore, Mollan, Montgomery, Moulton, McConnell, McCaugherty, McCormick, McDowell, McElree, McGran, McIntosh, McMaster, McMullan, Petherick, Porter, Price, Ross, Renshaw, Robinson, Salter, Sayers, Scales, Shannon, Shaw, Sheen, Storey, Streath, Stronge, Spratt, Taylor, Thompson, Wallace, Whysall, Withers, Wilson, White, Woods, Wonnacott, Welch, Wright

Masonic Lodge 432 1944 Officers - Edward Marr Larmour, David Russel Anderson, Herbert Phillips Moulton, Frederick John Gamble, William Bel-Burrowes, Joseph Johnston Brown, William John Allen, Herbert Victor McMullan, Lt.-Com. John Edward Sayers, R.N.V.R.; James Henry McMaster, Alexander Boath, Andrew Semple, James St. C. Finlay, Capt. John W. Storey, B.A., M.B.E. (Mil.) P.P.S.G.W.; James Henderson Church, John Burford Leonard, David Russel Anderson, William Henry Knox, Joseph Johnston Brown, Bruce Falconer Proudfoot

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