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Small PC Collections

George Farrell -

PCs & Drawings from George Farrell the Holywood Artist

1) 2nd August 1937 Postmark Port Erin, Isle of Man to Miss S. Wilson, 18 Sullivan Street, Holywood, Co. Down, Ulster - Dear Sadie, Having a good time here, the weather is great. Hoping to see you soon. Cassie W.

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1) 5th October 1940? Postmark Portstewart to Mrs. W. Glen, 98 Church Road, Holywood, Co. Down - Dear Mrs. Glen, We are having a lovely time here. Weather has been glorious. Mr. & Mrs. Coughlan
2) 22nd September 1941 Postmark Warrenpoint to Miss M. Gradwell, Belfast MV? Hospital, Women's Ward, Purdysburn, Belfast - Just to let you know we are here. ? of you to ask S. to let me know if ? ? small parcels ????
3) July 1943 Postmark ? Station, Belfast to Miss S. Wilson, "S" Dept. (cutting room) W. J. Jenkins & Co. (B.) Ltd., 58 Bedford Street, Belfast - I am finishing my holiday on the Island, the weather has been glorious this week. I don't feel like coming home. I won't need suntan anyway, hope you had a good time. Love K.
4) 19th July 1945 Postmark Bun ??? Eire to Miss Sadie Wilson, 2 Sullivan Street, Holywood - Having a nice time here, hope to see you all on Monday, don't work too hard. Alice
5) June 1946 Postmark Portrush to Miss Rainey, 26 Lavinia Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast - Brittasby, Glenshesk Road, Ballycastle. Having a great time here. Some lovely walks both sea & country. Hope you had a good holiday. E. M. M.
6) 16th July 1948 Postmark Ballycastle to Miss B. Smith, 56 Agnes Street, Belfast - Having a very nice holiday down here, to day it is lovely. Hope you are all keeping better. Jeanie H.
7) 27th August 1948 Postmark Ballycastle to Mr. & Mrs. H. Gardner, 48 Lavinia Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast - We've had a lovely tour but the weather hasn't been too good. However the scenery, food and company have more than made up for lack of sun. Hope to see you soon & hear your French. Best love Pat & Jack
8) 2nd October 1949 Postmark Portrush to Miss Winnie Farrell, 7 Sullivan Street, Holywood, Co. Down - Having a good time, the weather is fairly good, if breezy. Hope everything is O.K. Love Jean & Jim

21st July 1955 Postmark Bangor to Mr. J. Smyth, 56 Agnes Street, Belfast - 164 Seacliffe Road, Bangor. Will be home Sat. evening. Tell the milk man to leave 3 bottles of milk Sunday morning. I wrote to Mr. Williamson for car to come down. But you might call & remind him to be down at Seacliffe Road about 8 o'clock on Saturday. We are enjoying it all very much. Belle

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1) 23rd September 1952 Postmark Portrush to Mr. G. Farrell, 17 Church View, Holywood, Co. Down - Corrymeela, Ballycastle Dear George & Kathleen, I am having a lovely time here, weather not too bad, we are going to Glens of Antrim by bus on Tuesday, on Thursday we are going to Portrush, the food here is excellent, some English visitors also, here we had a concert on Sat. night last, it was great fun. Love Mina
2) 11th September 1957 Postmark Port Isaac, Cornwall to Mr. & Mrs. G. Farrell, 41 High Street, Holywood, Belfast - This is a delightful place to spend a holiday and I am sure you would enjoy the beautiful scenery around this part of the world. The weather of course could improve. Love Wyn? Thule?
3) 18th July 1958 Postmark Cill Airne to Miss Lynda Campbell, 20 Pier View, Holywood, Co. Down - How would you like to play on this strand. We came from Glengarriffe today and are on our way to Killarney. Love Auntie Nellie
4) 24th July 1958 Postmark Gail Limh to Miss Geraldine & Lynda, c/o Campbell, 6 Pierview Terrace, Kinnegar, Holywood, Co. Down - Hope you girls are behaving yourselves, we all had a nice swim to-day. Love from Mammy & Auntie Bebe or Bety xx
5) 15th July 1959 Postmark Dun Laoghaire to Mr. & Mrs. George Farrell (next door to Post Office) High Street, Holywood, Co. Down, N. Ireland - George would love it here, the scenery is gorgeous. It's quiet in Dun Laoghaire itself but there's plenty of life in Bray & Dublin. Kathleen would enjoy the crack and the 'booze' (we do). We had high tea in the Gresham Hotel yesterday and its true that curiosity killed the cat. I can hardly afford the stamp for this card. Love Jean Weather warm but dull.
6) 8th July 1963 Postmark Dun Laughaire to M-s Kerwoods (Holywood) Ltd., High Street, Holywood, Co. Down, N. Ireland- Sunday. I arrived here about 3 o'clock yesterday. Last night I went to Bray and saw the chairlift up the mountainside. Today I went in for a dip. The beach was stoney, and the water quite cold. The scenery is very mountainous and steep with many Embassys built on the bay shore. Victor

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