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original photographs are not my property and are not available

UPDATE:- from Geraldine Black - I was very interested to come across your webpage and to find that you have postcards addressed to relatives of mine.
My grandmother was Maud McCambley of Bessbrook and lived at 25 Charlemont Square. 

I have been researching my family history and would love to have copies of the following and am particularly interested to read them :
Mrs McCambley is Maud's mother and my great-grandmother.  She was born Trustwell, so Willie Trustwell would have been her brother or nephew.  My grandmother's brother
James McCambley was training at Seaford Camp in 1915 with the 36th Ulster Division.  He was a corporal with the Royal Irish Fusiliers and was posted to France at the end of that year, only to die on the first day of the Somme - 1st July 1916 and another brother George McCambley also fought in WW1 but survived.
Violet McCambley, granny's younger sister, married Lawson Honeyford, so the Honeyfords are distantly related also.

all one lot at auction, main names are Wm. H. Wylie Honeyford Hunniford, Sadie McCambley Alice McCamley Kathleen McCambley
there are many postcards and lots of photos

Xmas 1924 Royal Ulster Constabulary & Special To Sadie from Willie

The Charge of the Ulster Division at Thiepval - July 1st, 1916
Words by Samuel K. Cowan, M.A.
Music by W. Hamilton Burns
Walter Burns & Son, 24 Church Lane, Belfast

Was ever a Charge in the world like this?  Shall ever a son of Ulster miss
A fame that is wholly and solely his - A fame of sublimest splendour?
The lads who laughed in the face of Death!  Above the roar of the cannon's breath
Singing their sacred shibboleth  Of "The Boyne!" and "No Surrender!"

Giant strong, with the strength of Right -  Fired, by the souls of their sires, to fight -
What cared they for the foeman's might,  Or how many cannons thundered?
Face to face with a hundred Huns, Half-a-score of Ulster's sons
Silenced the thunder of the guns - Ten - a match for a hundred!

Nought could stay them: nought could stop:  Athirst for blood to the last red drop,
Charging along on the topmost top, Of the waves of Fire that bore them!
On, with a thirst that nought could quell, Thro' a hurricane shower of shot and shell,
To fight - or fall, as their Fathers fell, In the doughty days before them!

Merrily - every mother's son - Laughing, as tho' they fought for fun,
With a song and a cheer they charged the Hun, Marring his Maker's image!
Chaffing, as tho' each shell might be, The whistle call of a Referee!
And the bloodiest tussle in History, Only - a Football scrimmage!

Into the Hell of "No Man's Land,"  Thro' poisoned air, at their soul's command,
And a shrapnel storm that none could stand,  Charging, in wild derision,
Past Sentry Death, who, wondering, kept,  His vigil there - on, on they swept,
Where never a man could live - except,  Ulster's divine Division!

Flinging his fun in the face of Death - Above the roar of the cannon's breath,
Singing his sacred shibboleth, Of "The Boyne!" and "No Surrender!"
Wherever a son of Ulster is, Honour and Glory shall aye be his!
Was ever a fight in the world like this, Or a charge of sublimer splendour?

ruc4.jpg (1351695 bytes)

CLICK to enlarge - 2nd Battalion South Down Regiment U.V.F.

A.S.C. "Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense"

Windsor Hill Girls' School, Newry, School Fees,
For Quarter ended 30th day of Sep. 1924
Pupil's Name, Wylie Honeyford, Paid 8.10.24 M. McC.

Union Jack Club

Frederick Hunter Shaw, Churchwarden of Glencraig, 1890 - 1919~
Died 18th October 1919 - from the Glencraig Magazine, Nov. 1919

no information

1914  -  1919
To the Glory of God and In Honour of
Those who fell and those who served in the Great War
Killed or died on Service


Allen, W. T.
Baxter, A.
Beamish, B. (Surgn.)
Beamish, D. (Surgn.)
Beamish, G.
Bell, A.
Bell, S.
Bell, W.
Booth, E. (M.D.)
Brown, C.
Bunton, T.
Bunton, R.
Carney, Robt.
Carney, Richd.
Carroll, R.
Chambers, C. H.
Chambers, W. J.
Cleland, W. J.
Cleland, F. M.
Cloughley, D.
Cowan, W.
Cox, S.
Cox. T.
Creighton, D.
Creighton, G.
Crook, S.
Cunningham, R. A.
Curlett, J.
Dudley, L. V.
Erskine, R. M. (Surgn.)
Erskine, W.
Ferguson, T. B.
Gracey, D.
Gracey, I.
Gracey, S.
Gracey, W.
Grandy, R. (Jr.)
Gray, T.
Griffin, J.
Griffin, P.
Griffin, S.
Harvey, C.
Harvey, J.
Harvey, Jn.
Hughes, D.
Hughes, C.
Hunter, R.
Irvine, C.
Irvine, T.
Labrom, C. R. H.
Labrom, R. F.
Labrom, W. J.
Littlewood, W. J.
Lowans, J.
Lowans, S.
Lynas, W.
Lynas, W. (Jr.)
Mallaghan, H.
Mallaghan, W.
Mann, A. H.
Marks, R.
Marshall, S.
Marshall, T.
Moore, A. V.
Moore, G. B.
Moore, T. F.
Moore, W. A.
Moorhead, C. H.
Murphy, J.
McCague, S.
McCague, T.
McCague, W.
McCann, W.
McClements, T. G.
McCullagh, J.
McCullagh, W.
McCaughey, G.
McIlroy, J.
McIlroy, Jr.
McIlroy, W. J.
McCommack, J.
McCommack, S.
McKee, S.
McKnight, W.
Nelson, E.
Nelson, P.
Patterson, W.
Rigby, C. F.
Rigby, C.
Smith, Ross P
Smith, S. J.
Scott, J.
Scott, W. J.
Taylor, A.
Taylor, C.
Taylor, C.
Taylor, J.
Thompson, H.
Thompson, H. H.
Thompson, H. S.
Toase, G.
Topp, J. H.
Uprichard, T.
Warrington, S.
Wilson, R.
Wright, A.
Wright, F.
Wright, G.

Edith, Allen   Jane Brown   Eva M. Erskine   Jeannie Littlewood   Katie Moore
Mary Isobel Toase   Mary S. Thompson

This Memorial Tablet was unveiled by the Right Hon. Francis Charles 4th Earl of Kilmorey, D.L. Captain 1st Regiment of Life Guards 24th April 1921
Samuel Melville Hankey, Rector
W. R. H. Hennessey, R. C. Mann, Churchwardens


H.M.S. Tiger

                                                   on back of middle photo - Lillie McCombe, Eileen Irwin, Jack Irwin Newry Sept. 1951      on back of right photo - October 1950

on back - This photo taken on Return from the I.O.M. by J. Aikin July 1954
Downshire Road Sunday School Cradle Roll

To William Hunniford from M. ?. McClelland 

Wm. H. W. Hunniford
Born 9th September 1919
Tuesday morning 20 past 2 o'clock

Lily Hunniford
Born 3rd April 1922
Monday morning between 7 and 8 o'clock

Winnie Hunniford
Born on 2nd March 1925
Monday morning 15 minutes past 11 o'clock

25th 1927

The Ulster Volunteers

1st Photograph from Armagh, Newry, Dundalk or Warrenpoint - 2nd Charles Howell, Official Photographer, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool - 3rd no info

                              John Wylie                                      October 1950                                 Winnie Hunniford, 2 years, 1927           this is Lily's oldest son John Commens       

With Best Wishes for the Year 1929
From Your Friend and Minister Phineas McKee

on back - Baby Craig
Photographer in Surbiton

Amalgamated Engineering Union, Branch Holywood, Name: Hunniford, W. H. W.
Instrument Maker 1954
Secretary's Name: W. E. Russell, "Holmlea" Downshire Road, Holywood

A Short History of Downshire Road Presbyterian Church, Newry
1761 - 1944
Rev. Nathaniel Small (Present Minister)


THE OPEN WINDOW: An Annual of Literature and Popular Year Book

Mr. M. J. Magee

     No apology is necessary for introducing Mr. Magee's portrait in The Open Window!  Since his participation in the public life of our Town - and it is of very recent date -
he has rendered the community signal service.  His work as Chairman of N.R.C. (No. 1), in connection with the co-operative movement, alone would entitle him to the hearty
thanks not only of the farmer, but of every resident in the County. Gratitude has, however, a wider basis: when the unfortunate mistake of reducing the Union Clerk's estimate
for 1896 was made, it entailed the loss of almost 700 a year on the Union (since that became the standard financial year in connection with the Agricultural grant). Several
unavailing efforts to remedy matters were made. It remained for Mr. Magee, by his individual effort, to recover the lapsed sum.* Through his influence, too, the Down County
Council (of which he is a member) raised its contribution to the Newry Fever Hospital from 200 to 400 per annum; and if ever the contemplated railway from Newry to
Newcastle become an accomplished fact, we will have Mr. Magee is great measure to thank for that also. No one can dispute Mr. Magee's services, and it is very gratifying
that this feeling culminated during the year in a public testimonial. This took the form of a beautifully illuminated address and purse containing 100 guineas.
     That Mr. Magee has decided to use his ability (which is of a high order) for the benefit of his native town is evident, and deserves the utmost commendation, especially in so
young a man.  In doing so he has entered on a by-no-means east career. In pursuance of it his motives will, from time to time, be assailed, and his unselfishness......
(I'm afraid there was only this one page, sorry - Mary)
* The misapplied zeal of the Guardians in power reduced the estimate for '96, consequently when the New Local Government Act came into operation, the Newry Union only
received half of the reduced amount, instead of half the originally fixed amount. Mr. Magee, after long and arduous effort, induced the authorities to amend, by taking as the
criterion the actual expenditure of the year, instead of the mistaken conjectural calculation of the Guardians. This resulted in half of 1,297, in addition to the amount already
decided upon, being allowed - a clear gain of 648 10s. per annum.
on back of the above page...

Part II. - Local - Reading and News for Home and Abroad
An Historic Tale: A Faithful Steed and a Devoted Wife
A Newry Relic of '98

     In the great volunteer movement of last century Newry played an important part, and to the Society of United Irishmen, founded in Belfast in 1791, Newry also contributed
her contingent, In this connection we find it recorded that on the "28th of May, 1797, the following persons from Newry were brought to Belfast in a coach-and-four, escorted
by a detachment of the 22nd Light Dragoons, viz.:- Messrs. John Gordon, David Lawson, Isaac Glenny, Thomas Morris, Luke Babe and John Walker.  Mr. Glenny has since,
we hear, been admitted to bail and Mr. Gordon expects also to be liberated upon the same terms."  Four days later we are informed by a Belfast correspondent that, "since our
last the following prisoners have been brought into the Artillery Guard-room, viz.:- Peter Leacy, William Reilly, James Jones, Robert Brown, and Robert Maxwell, from Newry;
and Hugh McEvoy, Edward Fagan, Matthew Savage, Laurence McEvoy, and Stephen Byrne, from Sheepbridge - all charged with seditious practices." Immediately upon his
arrest, the wife of Mr. John Gordon, well knowing the summary manner in which justice was administered in those troublesome times, and being ardently devoted to her husband,
 at once mounted her horse and started in pursuit of the escort which brought him and his fellow-prisoners to Belfast. There, we are told, she arrived close upon their heels, never
having drawn rein, nor partaken of refreshment, from the moment she left her residence at Templegowran till she arrived in Belfast, where she took steps, which proved successful,
for the vindication and release of her husband. With the poor steed, however, it fared very differently - next morning he was found a corpse. The memory of such a faithful servant
was not, however, destined to perish. Mrs. Gordon shortly afterwards returned to Templegowran, accompanied by her husband and the tail of her gallant steed. Mr. Gordon
remained at Templegowran up to his death, at the age of 84 years, on the 22nd March, 1833.  Anne Gordon, his widow, survived him, and died in July, 1840, aged 80.
     As for the "tail," it has, so far as we can ascertain, been faithfully preserved at Templegowran up to the 14th of December, 1898, when it was presented to me by Mr. R. Cooper
the present occupier of the interesting old spot.
                           FRANCIS C. CROSSLE
[We present our readers with a photo, of this historic tail. Dr. Crossle has had it placed in a neat frame, and the record of the event printed that it may be read through the glass, and
will present it to the Town Commissioners for preservation in the Board-room of the New Town Hall. The tail is in an excellent state of preservation, and bound at the top with a fine
leather band. It was a gallant ride. Templegowran lies east of Newry, about two miles, and Mrs. Gordon, who was then about 37 years of age, had to cover 32 Irish miles without
halting for a single moment.]

There are several post cards, here are the names on them, and a few of the fronts that I thought were good :o]
Miss Alice McCambley - McCamley, Charlemont West
Miss A. B. Wylie, 103 Canal Street, Newry
Mrs. McCambley, 25 Charlemont Square West, Bessbrook, Co. Armagh
Miss Kathleen McCambley, same address as above
Miss V. & K. McCambley, address as above
Miss A. McCamely, Power Loom Office, Winding Dept., Bessbrook
Miss Violet McCambley, same as others
Willie Trustwell, 253 Cupar Street, Belfast
Mr. & Mrs. W. Hunniford, 3 Kilmakee Park, Gilnahirk Road, Belfast
Miss L. Parry, N. Wales, can't make out address
Miss Daisy Greenland, c/o Mr. Nash, Ark Terrace, Bath Road, Melksham, Wilts
Mr. & Mrs. Hunniford are Wylie and Flo, she calls herself wee Flodie on some of the cards


*** Having been contacted by the great grand daughter of this man, I now know the initials are G. R. C. Labrom,  (George)