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Christ Church
a collection of items that came altogether from one source relating to the above church

Cinnamond - Armstrong - Deighan - Drew - Hannay - Kelly - Kerr - pulpit
Ganaway Lyre 1936
Godfrey Montgomery - Moore - Kane - Shannon - Strand Cinema

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

H. James, Wholesale Fish Merchant, 332 Woodstock Road, Belfast. Stores: 1 Portallo Street
Mrs. Armstrong, 1st April 1937 - 1st May 1937

Protestant Orphan Society, 4 Clarence Place, Belfast
Albert Edward Gordon, 9 Brunswick Street, Belfast
F. J. Kennedy, 4 Clarence? Place, Belfast

(Form No. 2) - Church of Ireland
Protestant Orphan Society for the Counties of Antrim and Down
This Form (No. 2) is to be used for Children whose Father is dead, and who are to be left under care of Mother or other surviving relative.  The old Form (No. 1) is to be used in future only for Children who are Total Orphans, and who are to be placed with nurse.
N.B. - No child admitted whose age exceeds ten years. Application should be made for the eldest of the children under this age. Certificates of Marriage of Parents, Baptism of Orphans, and Death of Parents, must accompany this Petition.
I respectfully solicit that the following orphan being under ten years of age, may be received under the care of this Society :- 1. James Cinnamond born November? 28th 1894    2. Joseph Henry Cinnamond born January 25th 1896
The Father died on 4th day of April in the year 1900 he was in Religion a Protestant Episcopalian and attended Christ Church.  By occupation he was a Fireman.  The Mother or Relative in whose charge the child or children are to be left, attends Christ Church.  She is by occupation a Char? woman and earns weekly five shillings.  The other children in the family are Mary Catherine aged 16 months resides with her mother.
And I agree that, if elected, the said children shall be under the control of the Committee of this Society, with whose rules and directions I promise compliance, in the guidance of all my household.  Dated this 23rd May 1900
Residence 80 Mountcollyer Road

The mother is a very deserving person. She was a Roman Catholic but now attends the protestant Church.  She is bringing up the children as members of the Church of Ireland.  23rd May 1900  J. W. Henry? Curate of Christ Church

20th April 1967 Mr. Deighan - Trevor I.? Allen, LL.B., Solicitor, Arthur Street

Sermon preached before The Orangemen of Belfast in Christ Church, Belfast on the evening of The Twelfth of July 1857, The Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne by the Rev. Thomas Drew, D.D., G.C.G.O.L. of Ireland

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Sermon, By Rev. Dr. Drew, Addressed to the Members of The Orange Institution, July 1st 1866

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Position and Prospects of the Church of Ireland. A Sermon Preached in Christ Church, on Sunday, March 15, 1868, by the Rev. Robert Hannay

November 1st 1934, John Kelly, Esq., rent of his holding in 22/44 Dunmore Street due to Exous? Robt. O'Neill, Oed. or Ded.? James Smyth, Estate Agent, Castle Street, Belfast

Mrs. M. Kerr, 24 Mount Street, Greencastle, Newtownabbey 9th July 1979 from Kirkcaldy Fife
Mrs. Kerr, 1087 Shore Road, Whitehouse, Belfast 26th March 1959 from Coventry? Warwickshire?

Mrs. Mary Kerr, 1087 Shore Road, Belfast 8th June 1954 from Belfast
Mrs. Kerr, 1079 Shore Road, Belfast 26th June 1961 from Belfast

Mrs. Kerr, 1087 Shore Road, Greencastle, Newtownabbey, 4th February 1965 from J. Kerr, P.O. Box 1174 Crater Aden

Hospital Adam Godfrey 1096, No. 4 Troop C. Squadron, North Irish Horse, 3rd Division 5th Corps. British Expeditionary Force, France 9th November 1915 from Belfast
M. Montgomery, 14 Trelford Street, Grosvenor Road, Belfast November 9th 1915
Dear Adam, just a few lines hoping to find you still well as this leaves me at present.  I sent you a P.C. and handkerchief on Saturday, let me know if you get it alrite. I hope you do. I have no letter from you this week yet and I am thinking long but I suppose I will get one tomorrow. God help you these cold nights in the trenches in the wet and everything, it is awful. I wish it was over and you were home again for good. I hope Mother and Father are still well. I never see your brother and I be watching out for him any time I am in Sandy Row. This is all I can think of now till I hear from you again. I have never got that photo yet. I am yours always in love. Minnie M. G. (Montgomery) God be with you till we meet again Good-bye xxxxxx rite soon

Rev. A. Moore, Curate of Christ Church, Durham Street

there was nothing written on the back of this to identify who wrote it
The present pulpit in Christ Church is the 3rd one and all the same height covering 55 years without any complaint does any sane man think that by loving? (moving) it you would make any improvement either in seeing or hearing

In Memoriam. Sermon on Death of Rev. R. R. Kane, LL.D. by Rev. R. Crawford Johnson, D.D., Grosvenor Hall
3rd December 1898


Death of the Rev. Richard Rutledge Kane, M.A., LL.D., T.C.D., Rector of Christ Church, Belfast
Memorial Services, Held in the Church, On Lord's Day, 27th November 1898

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1936 Ganaway Lyre
(Newspaper article is dated 1956 but should be 1936)
The Ganaway Lyre Staff resume 'work' after their 51 weeks holiday up in Belfast City
"HERE WE ARE AGAIN, AS HAPPY AS KEN BE" Welcome to all our readers - old and new -  The Ganaway Lyre emerges from its annual hibernation to serve an expectant clientele.  Bigger! Brighter! and Better than ever !!!  Readers will note our change in name from the Camp Lyre to the Ganaway Lyre.  We would like however to point out that the policy remains unchanged.  Our motto, since this paper made its debut fourteen summers ago IS AND SHALL BE "THE TRUTH  THE WHOLE TRUTH  AND ANYTHING BUT THE TRUTH"

Ganaway Lyre (no date)

Christ Church, Belfast Mr. Wm. Shannon, Trelford Street May 1919 Received by George Watson
ditto June 1920

                         as above December 1919                                Ministry of food sugar registration card
                                                                                                 Wm. Shannon, 23 Arundel Street, Belfast
                                                                                                 signed Crawford, 52 Elizabeth Street,
                                                                                              Sub District Roden Street

Strand Cinema, Holywood Road, Strandtown, Belfast Directors: Sir Phillip Warter, Chairman; Robert Clark, M.A., LL.B.; Eric G. M. Fletcher, LL.D., M.P.; C. J. Latta (U.S.A.); Edward Maloney, F.C.A.; Secretary - F. W. Adair, F.C.I.S.  27th April 1951
Dear Brian, Sorry for the delay in sending you this book but I have been very very busy.  We removed to a new house on Wednesday last and it is very comfortable.  It is on the Garnerville? Road. i.e. where the City buses turn on the Holywood Road.  The house is one of the Aluminium type houses.  They are very modern inside and everything is up to date.  I hope yourself and Geraldine are both well.  Whenever you see her tell her that I will write during next week. Now study hard and let us all see what you can do! Yours sincerely David? & Pat