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Pallin - Royal Horse Guards

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

24th December 1918 to Col. Pallin, D.D.V.S., 3rd Army, B.E.F. from J. L. C. Jones Field Post Office D.N.

17th August 1921 to Mrs. Pallin, Flat 11, 35 Buckingham Gate, London S.W.1 from (niece) Dorothy in Bournemouth

Damas - Fouilles de Hananiyeh
kindly translated by Diane - thank you :)

Beirut - 8th May 1926

Dear Uncle and Aunt, I am surprised not to have heard from you for more than a month since I wrote to you. Don’t you know my address? I hope that you are still well. Here I am fine, except that it is warmer than at home. The heat is torrid. I think that you’ll return to France soon, at the beginning of the winter I believe, except for myself, it will be at the beginning of March, another 295 days to go in this country of Bedouins. It’ll happen one day. Send me your news, support (?), Because I have the blues there are only letters to console me a little. Everyone in France are well, I often get letters. I am enclosing a picture of families from Damascus, it is a very pretty country to visit, and there are a lot of English people on car trips.
I’ll finish because I do not have much space, and in the hope of receiving your news soon, I send you my best wishes
 (kisses).       Raymond
39th Regiment de Aviation, Camp du Maréchal des Togis Gey, Levant S.P. 600

These Flowers came from Bethlehem, May the 1920th Anniversary of the First Christmas here bring you both its full meaning of happiness. from Ralph Woodcock. Holy Land Xmas 1920

No. 701, December 2, 1914 The Tatler
Our Gallant Guards
These photographs were taken just before the Guards went to the front, since when there have been, alas! many gaps in the ranks of the brave fellow whose pictures are shown below, gaps as great as the honour this crack corps has gained on the field.
The Officers of the Royal Horse Guards
from left to right are: Back Row - Major Pares, Mr. Harford, Hon. F. Lambton, Mr. Mackintosh, Captain H. Wilson, Captain Harper?, Hon. A. Coke, Marquis of Anglesey, Captain Harrison, Duke of Roxburghe, Major Pallin;
middle row - Lord Northampton, ? Gerard, Captain Molyneux, Captain FitzGerald, Captain H. Brassey, Colonel G. Wilson, Lord Tweedmouth, Lord A. Innes-Ker, Captain E. P. Brassey, Captain Foster, Captain Meyrick;
front row - Lord Worsley, Lord V. Paget, Lord Sutherland- Leveson Gower, Lord A. Compton, Mr. Portal, Mr. Wilson

A Group of Five Sets of brothers in the Royal Horse Guards
from left to right are: Back row - Lord Compton, Captain E. Brassey, Captain H. Wilson, Duke of Roxburghe, Lord Victor Paget;
front row - Lord Northampton, Captain H. Brassey, Captain G. Wilson, Lord A. Innis-Ker, Marquis of Anglesey

Officers of the 1st Life Guards
from left to right are: back row - Captain Tagg, Captain St. George Clowes, Lieutenant C. D. Leyland, Lieutenant Sir Philip Brocklehurst, Captain the Hon. A. Stanley, Lieutenant the Marquis of Tweeddale, Lieutenant Sir Richard Sutton, Lieutenant A. St. George, Lieutenant the Hon. H. Denison, Captain W. L. Wyndham, Captain and Quartermaster Garton, Captain Viscount Newry;
middle row - Captain the Hon. C. C. Felllowes, Major Sir F. Carden, Captain L. H. Hardy, Captain Lord H. Grosvenor, Major E. H. Brassey, Colonel H. H. the Duke of Teck, Lieutenant Close Brooks, Captain the Hon. E. H. Wyndham, Lieutenant Hon. G. Ward, Lieutenant R. C. Bingham;
front row - Captain D. Kelly, Lieutenant Lord Althorp, Lieutenant Sir R. Levinge, Lieutenant Lord Somers, Surgeon-Lieutenant Anderson

#1 Mess Annexe with Eric Scott, Capt. Waldron Scott, Lieut. Jones, Mons. Jacquet
#2 Veterinary officers quarters 49 M.V.S. Montieres

Mens bathing hole made with a 20 ft. sq. tarpaulin, duck boards & left & force pump on the banks of the Somme at the Gravel Pit 49 M.V.S. Montieres

#1 - Mt. St. Eloi from Crossroads 15.5.20
#2 - On Vimy Ridge 6.4.20
#3 - Canadian Memorial Vimy Ridge 6.4.20

#1 Birds eye view of 49 M.V.P. camp, Montieres
#2 Vimy Village from the Ridge 6.4.20

#1 Hulluch  19.3.20 
#2 British Cemetery Laurencourt, Somme, 20.3.20

24th December 1909 - from S. F. G. P. Barky in Daventry to Le Capitaine W. A. Pallin, A.V.C., Bennett House, Kildare, Ireland (Royal Horse Guards)

4th August 1919 from France

4th Queen's Own Light Dragoons - from Freda & Thomas Pragnell

Presentation of New Standards by His Majesty the King (Colonel in Chief) to the Regiments of
Household Cavalry 24th June 1927

1                   2                 3                    4
The Royal Procession - Captain R. A. F. Thorp, The Life Guards (1st and 2nd)
Four Troopers, The Life Guards (1st and 2nd)
His Majesty the King; H.R.H. The Prince of Wales; H.R.H. The Prince Henry
Field-Marshal H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught; H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connaught
Field-Marshal The Viscount Allenby (Gold Stick in Waiting and Colonel, 1st Life Guards)
Major-General Hon. Sir Cecil E. Bingham (Colonel, 2nd Life Guards)
Firld-Marshal The Earl Haig (Colonel, Royal Horse Guards)
Master of the Horse: The Earl of Granard
Equerries in Waiting to His Majesty: Colonel Clive Wigram - Major R. H. Seymour
Military Members of the Army Council: General Sir G. F. Milne (Chief of the Imperial General Staff)
General Sir W. P. Braithwaite (Adjutant-General to the Forces; Lieut.-General Sir W. H. Anderson (Quartermaster-General to the Forces); General Sir J. F. N. Birch (Master-General of the Ordnance)
(2) A.D.C. General to His Majesty: General Sir A. J. Godley
General Officer Commanding London District: Major-General The Lord Ruthven
Crown Equerry: Colonel A. E. Erskine; Silver Stick in Waiting: Lieut.-Colonel H. C. S. Combe, Royal Horse Guards
Field Officer on Brigade Waiting: Lieut.-Colonel M. E. Makgill-Crichton-Maitland, 3rd Bn. Grenadier Guards
As.D.C. to His Majesty: Coloenl A. E. W. Harman, Colonel B. B. Fisher
Equerry to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales: Major Hon. P. W. Legh
Equerry to Field Marshal H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught: Lieut.-Colonel Sir Malcolm Murray
Staff of the G.O.C. London District: Major A. F. Smith (General Staff) - Major F. H. Witts (D.A.A. & Q.M.G.) - Captain C. H. L. F. M. T. Chamberlayne (A.D.C.)
Indian Orderly Officers: Major C. A. L. Howard, 13th Duke of Connaught's Own Bombay Lancers (Officer in Charge)
Risaldar-Major Udham Singh, 7th Light Cavalry
Silver Stick Adjutant: Lieut. H. A. Smith, Royal Horse Guards
Adjutant in Brigade Waiting: Lieut. and Adjutant R. B. R. Colvin, 3rd Bn. Grenadier Guards
Four Troopers, Royal Horse Guards
(3) Troops on Parade - In Command of the Parade: Lieut.-Colonel Hon. G. V. A. Monckton-Arundell, D.S.O., O.B.E., Commanding The Life Guards (1st and 2nd)
The Life Guards (1st and 2nd); Royal Horse Guards; King's Life Guard, furnished by The Life Guards (1st and 2nd); Band of The Life Guards (1st and 2nd); Band of the Royal Horse Guards; Brigade of Guards
Royal Army Chaplains Department: The Rev. A. C. E. Jarvis, Chaplain-General to the Forces and Chaplain to the King; The Rev. O. S. Watkins, Deputy Chaplain-General to the Forces; The Rev. H. Tower, Officiating Chaplain for the Church of England Troops of the Windsor Garrison; The Very Rev. Canon S. Longinotto, Officiating Chaplain for Roman Catholic Troops of the Windsor Garrison
(4) The Life Guards (2st & 2nd)
Colonel-in-Chief: The King
Colonels: Major-General Hon. Sir Cecil E. Bingham, K.C.M.G., C.B., C.V.O.; Field-Marshal The Viscount Allenby, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., LL.D.
Lieutenant-Colonel: Lieut.-Colonel Hon. G. V. A. Monckton-Arundell, D.S.O., O.B.E.
Majors: Majors (Brevet Lieut.-Colonel) L. H. Hardy, M.C.; Hon. E. H. Wyndham, M.C.; W. W. S. Cuninghame, D.S.O.; S. G. Menzies, D.S.O., M.C.
Captains: Capts. E. J. L. Speed, M.C.; R. C. G. Vivian; Hon. A. M. A. Baillie; R. C. H. Jenkinson; R. L. Loyd, O.B.E., M.C.; J. A. G. Emmet; R. A. F. Thorp (Adjutant); E. O. Crosfield
Lieutenants: Lieuts. Hon. B. A. A. Ogilvy, M.V.O., M.C.; R. J. Hardy; G. Greenall; T. A. Fairhurst; A. H. Ferguson; R. E. S. Gooch, J. P. Whiteley
Second-Lieutenants: 2/Lieuts. P. G. Yorke; F. E. B. Wignall; F. F. B. St. George; The Lord Dormer; H. J. Duggan; Sir J. G. F. Fuller, Bt.
Quartermaster: Captain W. N. Dearnley, O.B.E.
Medical Officer: Surgeon Lieut.-Colonel E. J. H. Luxmoore, M.C.
Veterinary Officer: Vet.-Major B. R. Body
Director of Music: Lieut. W. J. Gibson

New Standards of The Life Guards (1st & 2nd)
New Standards of Royal Horse Guards (The Blues)

1                    2                    3                     4                     5
Royal Horse Guards (The Blues)
Colonel-in-Chief: The King
Colonel: Field-Marshal The Earl Haig, K.T., G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E., D.C.L., LL.D.
Lieutenant-Colonel: Lieut.-Colonel Lord A. R. Innes-Ker, D.S.O.
Majors: (Brevet Lieut.-Colonel) H. C. S. Combe, D.S.O.; A. C. Turnor, M.C.; R. Evans, M.C.
Captains: F. B. de Klee; J. A. Hernert; The Viscount Moylneux; K. G. W. Shennan; S. A. Gollan; Hon. C. G. W. Weld-Forester; H. R. Broughton
Lieutenants: R. G. Shaw; H. A. Smith (Adjutant); W. M. Sale; Sir Peter Grant-Lawson, Bt.; F. G. W. Jackson; The Marquis of Waterford; E. J. H. Merry
Second-Lieutenants: F. Francis; R. C. G. Cotterell; The Lord Stavordale; R. E. Laycock; B. T. Brassey
Quartermaster: Captain S. P. Keyworth; Medical Officer: Surgeon-Major E. D. Anderson, M.B.; Veterinary Officer: Vet.-Major G. B. C. Rees-Mogg, O.B.E.; Director of Music: Lieut. J. M. Bilton
(2) Order of Ceremony
(3 & 4) Form of Service for the Consecration of the Standards
(5) Programme of Music

Royal Horse Guards (Blues) Comrades' Association 1920

1                      2                    3                    4
(2) Toasts
(3) Entertainment - Impersonations, Mr. Tom Stuart; Songs at Piano, Miss Edith Eatherley; Soprano, Miss Dorothy Waring; Irish Entertainer, Mr. Jerome Murphy; Comedienne, Miss Haidee De Rance; Vocalist, Mr. W. A. Peterkin; Songs at Piano, Mr. Melville Gideon; Entertainer, Mr. Warwick Pryce; Comedian, Mr. Walter Walters; Ventriloquist, Mr. Charles Conyers; Ragging on Violin, Miss Eva Evalda & Violet Barton; Comedienne, Miss Dorothy McVane; Pianist, Mr. Leo. Conrish. - The String Band will play selections during Dinner, under the direction of Lieut. Manuel Bilton, Director of Music
(4) President, Lieut.-Colonel Lord Tweedmouth, C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O.
Vice President and Hon. Treasurer, Major Sir Samuel Scott, Bart., M.P.
Hon. Secretary, Major C. E. Harford, M.C., D.C.M.
Asst. Hon. Secretary, Regtl.-Qr.-Mr.-Corpl.-Major F. Price
Committee: Captain and Adjutant J. Herbert; Regtl.-Corpl.-Major W. Barber; Regtl.-Corpl.-Major W. Glading; Corporal F. Watmough; Squad.-Qr.-Mr.-Corpl. E. Veasey; Trooper R. Dixon; Squad.-Qr.-Mr.Corpl. A. Taylor; Trooper J. Dickenson; Corporal-of-Horse W. Weaver; Trooper A. Myles; Mr. W. Lord; Mr. D. Eastaugh