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Sports Programmes

Open Championship of Ireland 1949 - Ireland vs England 1946 - Ireland vs Wales Rugby 1948
International Ulster Trophy Races, Dundrod Circuit, N. Ireland, 7th June 1952 - Boxing Review 1949

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
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Golfing Union of Ireland - Open Championship of Ireland 1949
Belvoir Park Golf Links, Belfast - Official Programme Friday 29th July 1949

Championship Committee:- A. S. G. Adams, Hon. Treasurer, Golfing Union of Ireland
J. McWhir, Hon. Secretary, Ulster Branch, Golfing Union of Ireland
W. A. Menton, Secretary, Golfing Union of Ireland
R. W. Ferguson, Belvoir Park Golf Club - D. L. Blaine, Belvoir Park Golf Club
Competitors:- F. Bullock, R. Lytham St. Annes;  J. McGonigle, Co. Sligo;  E. W. Jarman, West Lancs.;
E. C. Pope, City of Derry;  Fred Daly, Balmoral;  John Panton, Glenkervie;  J. McKenna, Douglas;
Mr. B. C. McManus, Mourne;  J. J. Busson, Pannal;  W. Lyle, Clober;  Dai Rees, South Hants;
G. W. McIntosh, Ringway;  P. G. Boomer, Sunningdale;  Stanley Black, Knock;  John Burton, Hillside;
Eddie Bradshaw, Delgany;  J. H. Rudd, West Derby;  Harry Bradshaw, Kileroney;  S. Bacon, Rossmore;
P. G. Stevenson, Royal Portrush;  A. H. Padgham, Sundridge Park;  Christy Kane, Royal Dublin;
H. E. McNeill, Swinton Park;  F. Van Donck, Waterloo, Belgium;  Mr. W. A. McNeill, Royal Belfast;
Eric Green, Huyton and Prescot;  W. Shankland, Templenewsam;  Dick Ferguson, Lucan
W. G. Robertson, Belvoir Park;  A. D. Locke, Vereeniging, S. Africa;  J. C. McCluskey, Balmoral
Mr. R. Pattinson, F'well Heath;  Jack McLachlan, R. Co. Down;  C. Greene, Portmarnock; A. J. Lacey, Birkshire
Joe McCartney, Cliftonville;  S. L. King, Knowle Park;  W. J. Clarke, Lisburn;  Jack McLean, Malone
J. Carroll, Grange;  G. Graham, Fortwilliam;  Adam Whiston, Dun Laoghaire; J. S. Williamson, Downpatrick

Previous Results:-          Date          Venue          Winner          Runner-up          Best Amateur

1927, Portmarnock, Geo. Duncan, Wentworth, T. H. Cotton, Langley Park, Major C. O. Hezlet, D.S.O., Royal Portrush
1928, Newcastle, E. R. Whitcombe, Meyrick Park, A. Compston, Unattached, A. W. Briscoe, Castlerea, J. D. MacCormack, Hermitage
1929, Portmarnock, A. Mitchell, Private, A. Compston, Coombe Hill, Major C. O. Hezlet, D.S.O., Royal Portrush
1930, Portrush, C. A. Whitcombe, Crew's Hill, A. Mitchell, Private, F. P. McConnell, Royal Portrush, H. S. Sheals, Balmoral
1931, Dollymount, E. W. H. Kenyon, West Lancs., W. H. Davies, Wallasey, W. J. Gill, Sutton
1932, Cork, A. H. Padgham, Royal Ashdown Forest, W. H. Davies, Wallasey, J. D. MacCormack, Grange
1933, Malone, E. W. H. Kenyon, West Lancs., A. H. Padgham, Royal Ashdown Forest, J. Burke, Lahinch
1934, Portmarnock, S. Easterbrook, Knowle, W. H. Davies, Wallasey, J. C. Brown, Waterford
1935, Newcastle, E. R. Whitcombe, Meyrick Park (after tie), R. A. Whitcombe, Parkstone, J. C. Brown, Waterford
1936, Dollymount, R. A. Whitcombe, Parkstone, W. H. Davies, Wallasey, A. D. Locks, South Africa
1937, Portrush, Bert Gadd, West Cheshire, Jas. Adams, Royal Liverpool, J. Bruen, Jun., Muskerry
1938, Portmarnock, A. D. Locks, South Africa, T. H. Cotton, Ashridge, J. Bruen, Jun., Muskerry
1939, Newcastle, A. Lees, Dore & Totley, R. A. Whitcombe, Parkstone, J. Bruen, Jun., Muskerry
1940 to 1945 NO MEETINGS
1946, Portmarnock, F. Daly, Balmoral, A. D. Locks, South Africa, J. B. Carr, Sutton
1947, Portrush, H. Bradshaw, Kilcroney, F. Van Donck, Belgium, S. M. McCready, Royal Portrush
1948, Portmarnock, D. J. Rees, South Herts., N. G. Von Nida, Australia, J. B. Carr, Sutton

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Ireland vs England 28th September 1946 Windsor Park, Belfast

Twelve Months Ago - Record of Inter-Association Matches 1882-1945

Ireland :- Russell, Linfield;  Gorman, Brentford;  Ahearne, Belfast Celtic;  Carey, Manchester United;
Vernon, Belfast Celtic;  Douglas, Belfast Celtic;  Cochrane, Leeds United;  McAlinden, Belfast Celtic;
Walshe, West Brom. Albion;  Doherty, Derby County - Captain;  Lockhart, Linfield

England :- Langton, Blackburn Rovers;  Mannion, Middlesbrough;  Lawton, Chelsea;  Carter, Derby County;
Matthews, Stoke City;  Cockburn, Manchester United;  Franklin, Stoke City;  Wright, Wolverhampton Wanderers;
Hardwicke, Middlesbrough - Captain;  Scott, Arsenal;  Swift, Manchester City.
Reserves:- Welsh, Charlton; Shimnell, Sheffield United;  Finney, Preston

Team Bios The Rose and The Shamrock

Ireland's Idol - Peter Doherty - Derby County F.C.

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Ireland vs Wales - Ravenhill on 13th March 1948
Referee Mr. Malcolm Allen (Scotland)
Irish Team :-
J. A. D. Higgins, Full Back, Civil Service;  B. O'Hanlon (R. Wing), Dolphin;  W. D. McKee (R. Centre) N.I.F.C.;
P. Reid (L. Centre), Garryowen;  B. Mullan (L. Wing), Clontarf;  J. W. Kyle (Stand off), Queen's University;
E. Strathdee (Scrum), Queens's University;  A. A. McConnell, Collegians;  K. Mullen (capt.), Old Belvedere;
J. C. Daly, London Irish;  C. Callan, Lansdowne;  J. E. Nelson, Malone;  J. W. McKay, Queen's University;
D. J. O'Brien, London Irish;  J. McCarthy, Dolphin.  Touch Judge: Mr. W. E. Crawford, B.L. (I.R.F.U.)
Welsh Team :-
A. F. (Full Back), Cardiff;  E. K. Jones (R. Wing), Newport;  D. W. B. Cleaver (R. Centre), Cardiff;
C. B. Williams (L. Centre), Cardiff;  B. L. Williams (L. Wing), Cardiff;  F. G. Davies (Stand off), Army & Pontypridd;
G. H. Tanner (Scrum) - captain, Cardiff;  H. C. Davies, Cardiff;  I. M. James, Cardiff;  J. E. Davies, Aberavon;
K. R. Stephens, Neath;  L. J. A. Gwilliam, Monmouth and Cambridge;  M. L. Manfield, Cardiff;
N. O. Williams, Llanelly;  O. G. Evans, Cardiff.  Touch Judge: Mr. Ivor Jones (Welsh R.U.)


Ireland v. Scotland at Lansdowne Road, Dublin, 28th February, 1949 Ireland 6 points; Scotland 0 points
back row (left to right) - Mr. I. Mahony, Tough Judge;  A. A. McConnell (Collegians);  W. D. McKee (N.I.F.C.);
C. Callan (Lansdowne);  J. E. Nelson Malone);  D. J. O'Brien (London Irish);  J. W. McKay (Queen's University;  Mr. C. Gadney, Referee
sitting - J. C. Daly (London Irish);  B. O'Hanlon (Dolphin);  B. Mullan (Clontarf);  K. Mullen (capt.) (Old Belvedere);
M. O'Flanagan (Lansdowne); J. A. D. Higgins (Civil Service); J. McCarthy (Dolphin)
in front - H. de Lacy (Harlequins);  J. W. Kyle (Queen's University)

Quest for the Triple Crown - After Fifty Years
Programme of Music by The Band of the Royal Ulster Rifles
Team Bios - Irish


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Ulster Automobile Club - News of the World
Meeting for the International Ulster Trophy Races, Dundrod Circuit, N. Ireland, 7th June 1952

Officials of the Ulster Automobile Club for 1952
Patron: His Excellency Vice-Admiral The Earl Granville, K.C.V.O., C.B., D.S.O., Governor of Northern Ireland
Vice-Presidents:  Harry Ferguson;  Captain R. L. Henderson;  F. M. Heyn;  Commodore C. A. R. Shillington
P. C. Welsh
Chairman:  J. W. Haughton   -   Vice Chairman: C. E. Robb  -  Honorary Treasurer:  H. H. Cowzer
Honorary Press Secretary: J. L. Dowling  -  Honorary Secretary: C. G. Neill;  Secretary: Miss V. Hegarty
Council: H. A. Bryson, H. J. Catchpole, J. E. Dowling, S. J. Harrison, D. G. Johnston,
C. F. C. Lindsay, T. C. Richmond, H. C. Reid, W. H. Wilson

1                      2                     3                   4                     5                     6                     7
1 - Foreword by The Prime Minister The Right Honourable Sir Basil Brooke, Bart., C.B.E., M.C., D.L., M.P.
3 & 5 & 7 - Officials



Her Majesty the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret discuss the Race with the late Sir J. Milne Barbour, at that time President of the Club. - "News of the World" - Photo

1                     2                      3                     4                    5                   6  
1 & 2 Dundrod 1952 About the Races
3 About the Course
4 Random Thoughts on the Rules by Wm. A. McMaster
5 The prime Minister, Sir Basil Brooke, and Reg. Parnell congratulate the winner of the 1951 race - G. Farina

1                    2                    3                     4                     5                  6
1 & 2 Lap Speed Table Dundrod Circuit
3 Scratch Race
4 Lap Score Sheet for Scratch Race

Entries for Handicap Race
Lap Score Sheet

History of the Drivers - Fangio, Argentine; Moss, British; Gonzales, Argentine; Biro, Siam;
Etancelin, France; Giraud-Cabantous, France; Rosier, France; Claes, Belgium; Kelly, Eire;
Griffin, Eire; Baird, Ulster; Graham, Ulster; Flockhart, Scotland; Fagiolo, Italy; Somervail, Scotland;
Moore, England; Hawthorn, England; Richardson, England; Whitehead, England; Wharton, England

Previous Races 1946 - 1947 - 1948 - 1949 - 1950 - 1951 - Safety - Traffic Directions

Y. Giraud-Cabantous fits his big Talbot round a fast corner near "Quarry"

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Boxing Review February 1949 Vol.2 No. 2
The National Magazine of the Ring

1                     2                      3                     4                      5                     6
1) The Editor Comments
2) "Boxing Review" Correspondent in Chicago
3) British Ratings
4) From My Corner by Rupert Rice
5 & 6) Northern Commentary by Johnny Best (Junior)

7                    8                    9                   10                   11                    12                   13
7, 8 & 9) Up In Scotland with Sandy McGregor
10) Northern Ireland Ratings
11) Unlucky Marino May Yet Get Tilt at World Title by Rex Waters
12 & 13) Northern Amateur Newsreel by Rupert Rice

14                  15                 16                 17                18
14 & 15) Tom Gordon's Column. With the Amateurs in Scotland
16) Spotlight on the Ulster Amateur
17) Advertisement
18) Advertisements