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Thomas Canning

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Mr. Thomas Canning

Death of Mr. Thomas Canning
From the "Belfast Evening Telegraph," 4th December 1894

          Much regret will be felt for the death of this estimable citizen of Belfast, who died this afternoon (Tuesday, 4th December, 1894).  It was indeed a sudden death, as Mr. Canning, who had reached the ripe age of 75 years, was at his accustomed employment in Messrs. William Ewart & Sons, Bedford Street, yesterday, and afterwards attended a Committee meeting of Christ Church in connection with the erection of new schools.  He complained of illness on the way home, and had to be assisted to the residence of Dr. McQuitty, College Square East.  He was subsequently got home, and died amidst some of his sorrowing family at about two o'clock to-day.  Mr. Canning was born in 1819 in Belfast, and having been baptised in St. George's Church, was, probably, the oldest citizen connected with that ancient parish.  In early life he was apprenticed to the linen trade at Glenbank, Ligoniel, and afterwards occupied an important position at Greymount.  Coming to Belfast in the year 1860, he joined the firm of Messrs. William Ewart & Sons, Bedford Street, with whom he has been ever since.  As a consequence he was well known amongst those engaged in the staple industry of the city, and was highly esteemed by all who knew him.  The deceased gentleman took a great interest in church work.  For over 30 years he was Superintendent of Christ Church Sunday School, and was rarely absent from his duties in connection therewith, or from Divine Service.  All the concerns of Christ Church were specially dear to him, and he took a very lively interest in the religious, educational, and missionary schemes of the Church of Ireland.  It may be truly said that whatever his hand found to do he did it with all his might.
          Hard work never deterred him from the accomplishment of duty.  One of the original members of the Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, he manifested a continued interest in its progress and development, and rejoiced at the good work which it accomplished in the city.  Numerous other societies also engaged his attention and received his support and influence.  Failing health caused him to retire from his position of Superintendent of Christ Church Sunday schools in 1892, and on that occasion the congregation and the teachers and scholars presented him with a handsome testimonial as a token of their high regard.  Mr. Canning was a staunch Conservative, and on every occasion when work work was required to be done on behalf of the Conservative cause, or in recent years on behalf of the cause of the Union, his active aid could be relied on.  Only yesterday he voted at the election for City Assessors.
The funeral took place on Friday, and the place of interment was the family burying-ground at Carnmoney.

Funeral Service by the Rev. D. Kane