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WW1 Postcards - Lens - France (before and after)

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Lens Avant et aprés la Guerre

LENS, before the war, was a town counting 50,000 inhabitants (the most important coalery center of France).  About 4 millions tons of coal were extracted every year from the sixteen pits belonging to the Lens' Coalery Company. After three years of life under the german's thrust, quite near the front, the inhabitants have known exile after having obliged to give up their homes.  The TORTURED TOWN is no more, but an immense heap of rubbish,  In spite of it all, love for the native land as brought back to this day, three thousand inhabitants, who are living in the caves or else in shelters which they built themselves.  The Government of the Republic rewarded just has the city for its noble attitude before the enemy by dignifying it with the Legion of Honour.
CITATION - Heroic city which can be quoted as a paragon of heroism and patriotic faith.
Fallen under the German's power, since the first hour 1914's invasion; has been during four years alternatively the witness of the stake of a merciless fight.
Organized by the enemy in a formidable retreat of defence; partly freed by an allied offensive; mutilated and crushed during incessant fights, has never doubted of the country's fate  (War Cross)

Zillebeke Hill 60 - The Battlefield                                 St. Julien 1914-1918 Road to Ypres

Ypres     General View of the Town                                           Passchendaele    The Ridge      

              Gheluvelt   The Shelters after the Battle               Zillebeke-Hooge   The Battelfield - Tanks cemetery

                  Poelcapelle   View of the Village                      Zonnebeke   The Trenches from the road to Ypres

              Moorslede   General View                                         Langemarck   The Church and Place

Arras - Champ De Bataille de L'Artois

Arras (aprés)   The Bell Tower and the little Square                                  Entrance of the Cathedral                  

Arras (avant)   The Bell Tower                                              The front of the Cathedral

Arras (aprés)   The great Square                                              The great Square               

          Vimy   The Canadian's memorial                            Lens (aprés)   The great Square and the Church

Lens (avant)   Great Square and Church                                      Lieven (aprés) The Castle       

N.-D. de Lorette (aprés)   The Chapel of the ridge                          Ablain-St-Nazaire   Sugar Works            

Ablain-st-Nazaire (aprés)   Entrance of the Church                          N.-D. de Lorette - The Chapel                           

Latargette   English Cemetery                                                  Dug-out Petain the kitchen
    Latargette  Entrance of the dug-out Petain                Ste-Catherine   The Christ of the Cemetery

Before and After - Head Square and the Church

Before and After - Interior of the Station - The Quais

Square of the Station and Station Street

Before and After - Paris's Street and the Theatre

Before and After - Boulevard des Ecoles - Schools' Bulwark

Before and After - Lille's Street

Before and After - The Church

Before and After - The superior Schools Condorcet and Campon

Before and After - The Place of the Cantin

Before and After - Tennis Court and the Ste-Barbe Church - The Mill's City

Before and After - The Channel

Before and After - Street of the Battle

Before and After - Schools' Bulwark

Before and After - Head Offices of the Mines of Lens

Before and After - The Station's Street

Before and After - Pit No. 1 (Sainte-Elisabeth)

Before and After - Pit No. 4

Before and After - Pit No. 5 of the Mines of Lens

Before and After - Pit No. 9

Before and After - The Cemetery

Before and After - Street and Ruins of the Hospice

Before and After - The Saving bank and the Firemen's Hotel

Before and After - The Church's ruins of the Lens' coalpits No. 12

Before and After - The Old City Hall and Ruins of the new