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GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION - Saturday, 15th October 1955
The Mount Masonic Hall, Belfast

Constituted, Consecrated and Dedicated, 15th February, 1906, by the Provincial Grand Master of Down, R. W. Bro. Col. R. G. Sharman Crawford
initials at top of front cover G.R.J.


We remember with gratitude our Brethren of 1905, whose ideals and inspiration made possible this celebration in 1955.


Worshipful Master

Senior Warden

Junior Warden



Senior Deacon

Junior Deacon

Inner Guard

Director of Ceremonies


W. Bro. N. Helsby

Bro. A. R. L. Clarke

Bro. G. A. H. Smiley

W. Bro. V. H. Spry, P.M.

W. Bro. W. J. Kinnear, P.M.

Bro. W. Campbell

Bro. R. B. McMillen

Bro. W. H. Clyde

W. Bro. J. Irwine, P.M.

W. Bro. J. E. Cassidy, P.M.


I. P. Master


Mount District Charity Committee

Committee of Inspection

W. Bro. N. Black, P.M.

W. Bro. W. H. Wood, P.M.

W. Bro. G. Hulatt, P.M., P.G.S.C.
W. Bro. J. Irwine, P.M.

W. Bro. V. H. Spry, P.M.


Worshipful Master

Senior Warden

Junior Warden



Senior Deacon

Junior Deacon

Inner Guard

W. Bro. H. McMillen

Bro. W. A. Irwin

Bro. J. Keith

W. Bro. G. W. Payne

W. Bro. M. MacDonald

Bro. D. Porter

Bro. W. H. Mann

Bro. J. F. McCue

1906   H. McMillen

1907   W. A. Irwin

1908   D. Porter

1909   W. H. Mann

1910   J. F. McCue

1911   E. R. H. May

1912   R. Keith

1913   G. F. Conroy

1914   W. E. Moorhead

1915   F. W. L. May

1916   G. W. Hanna

1917   W. H. Agar

1918   W. H. McMillen

1919   J. McCaw

1920   H. J. McMillen

1921   R. P. Kelly

1922   J. R. McIlroy

1923   J. A. McComish

1924   T. J. B. McComish

1925   F. R. McMaster

1926   D. A. McKinley

1927   J. G. Shaw

1928   R. W. Ferguson

1929   W. Stewart

1930   S. B. Johnston

1931   W. T. Osborough

1932   J. N. McMillen

1933   W. J. Nicholl

1934   T. Mahood

1935   A. T. McMillen

1936   J. P. Savage

1937   W. R. Kerr

1938   R. Martin

1939   W. Crone

1940   R. Simms

1941   R. Love

1942   T. M. Parke

1943   G. Hulatt

1944   T. Blundell

1945   F. B. McClure

1946   R. N. Cross

1947   J. G. Shaw

1948   V. H. Spry

1949   H. G. Lamont

1950   W. J. Kinnear

1951   W. McLardy

1952   J. E. Cassidy

1953   J. G. Dunlop

1954   N. Black

1955 N. Helsby


"Here let us feast and to the feast be joined
Discourse the sweeter banquet of the mind"







"Blest be that spot where cheerful guests retire
To pause from toil and eat their evening fare"


"Blest that abode where mirth and joy repair
And every brother finds a ready chair"



The Most Worshipful The Grand Master and Officers of The Most Worshipful The Grand Lodge of Ireland

The Right Worshipful The Provincial Grand Master and Officers of Right Worshipful The Provincial Grand Lodge of Down and All Other Provincial Grand Lodges in Fraternal Communication Therewith

Freedom Lodge of Freemasons No. 394

Absent Brethren

Our Benevolent Institutions

Our Guests

Our Musical Brethren

"Wives, Sisters, Mothers, absent from our table;
If any wait, haste home while you are able;
The house is late, so, Brother, on your way;
Peace, love and harmony should end the day."


G. W. Payne

J. McCaw

D. A. McKinley

W. Stewart

W. T. Osborough

S. B. Johnston

F. B. McClure

T. M. Parke

V. N. Spry

1906 to 1921

1922 to 1927

1928 to 1930

1931 to 1932

1933 to 1941

1942 to 1945

1946 to 1953



16 years

6 years

3 years

2 years

9 years

4 years

8 years

1 year


M. MacDonald

E. R. H. May

W. E. Moorhead

W. H. McMillen

E. R. H. May

D. L. Kirkpatrick

J. R. McIlroy

R. P. Kelly

R. W. Ferguson

J. P. Savage

J. Irwine

J. P. Savage

W. R. Kerr

W. J. Kinnear

1906 to 1913


1915 to 1918



1921 to 1932

1924 to 1927

1928 to 1935

1936 to 1937

1938 to 1941

1942 to 1945

1946 to 1948

1949 to 1950


8 years

1 year

4 years

1 year

1 year

3 years

4 years

8 years

2 years

4 years

4 years

3 years

2 years


          The original Warrant No. 394 was issued in Dublin on 7th April, 1763, to Bros. Thomas Read, Robert Turbitt and John Gaddis, authorising them to hold a Lodge of Freemasons at Lurgan, Co. Armagh, and in 1800 the Lodge removed to Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh.  Exact details are difficult to ascertain for early periods, but it is known that a further move to Loughgilly, Markethill, Co. Armagh, was made in 1803, by which time it is recorded that 45 Members had been registered.  For a number of years little is known, but, by 1825 81 members had been registered, and in 1838 this figure had risen to 96 members.

          In August, 1842, permission was sought and granted to transfer the meeting place to Craigmore, Co. Armagh (near Newry), but it would not seem that the Lodge enjoyed a very flourishing time.  No new members are recorded thereafter until the Warrant was returned and cancelled on 5th July 1856.

          During the latter part of  1905 twenty-eight Brethren, sitting in various Lodges in the City of Belfast, conceived the idea of forming a new Masonic Lodge.  Accordingly they applied to the M.W. Grand Master and the Grand Lodge for a Warrant and Charter of Constitution, the three main signatories being Hugh McMillen, W. A. Irwin and James Keith.

          The suggested venue for the meetings of the new Lodge was the Suidhe Masonic Rooms, which had been dedicated about three years earlier.  The request being granted, the ceremony of Constitution, Consecration and Dedication of Freedom Lodge No. 394 took place on Thursday, 15th February, 1906, and was carried out by R.W. Bro. Colonel Sharman Crawford, then Provincial Grand Master of Down, assisted by the Provincial Grand Officers.

          The first Worshipful Master of the lodge was W. Bro. Hugh McMillen, and it is gratifying to record that he continued as an enthusiastic and active member throughout his life;  five of his sons were initiated in the Lodge, and four are recorded in our list of Past Masters, whilst in this year of our Golden Jubilee, his grandson is our Junior Deacon.

          Of the foundation members, we believe that only one survives, W. Bro. E. R. H. May, and we are pleased and honoured to have him with us.

          The first Honorary Member of the lodge was R.W. Bro. Colonel R. G. Sharman Crawford, and the first candidate was Richard Keith, W. Master of the Lodge in 1912.  It is interesting to note that, having been proposed in the Lodge at the Constitution Communication on the 15th February, 1906, he was balloted for on the 13th March, 1906, and elected, and being in attendance and prepared for admission, received the E.A. Degree.  The custom of initiating on the night of ballot seems to have continued until the formation of the Ballymacarrett Committee of Inspection in 1908.

          The membership commenced with twenty-eight, and to date one hundred and eighteen members have been registered.  from these figures it will be seen that at no time has the Lodge had a superfluity of members, but what we have lacked in numbers, we believe we have more than made up in enthusiasm.  At the present time there are fifty-seven members on the roll, a position comparing favourably with any time in our history.

          The Lodge has been honoured on two occasions with Provincial Grand Honours.  Our first Secretary, V. W. Bro. Malcolm Macdonald, occupied the position of Provincial Grand Secretary with zeal and distinction for the years 1913 - 1925.  W. Bro. G. Hulatt, a past Chairman of the Charity Board and President for the present year, served as Provincial Grand Steward of Charities for the year 1951, and has been further honoured this year by his appointment as a Provincial Grand Inspector.  In addition to his labours on behalf of Provincial Grand Lodge, he has shared with W. Bro. James Irwine, our Director of Ceremonies, the major burden of the negotiations leading up to the purchase of the Suidhe Club, and the formation of the present Mount Masonic Hall Co. Ltd.

          Our Benevolent Institutions have always found generous support both from the Lodge as a whole and from individual members.  It is our pride that even when times were lean we have always remembered those who were worse off.

          In both World Wars Brethren answered the call of their country, serving with distinction, and we record with sorrow that the supreme sacrifice was made by Bro. F. L. May when serving as a Captain in the Royal Irish Rifles at Messines in June 1917.

          The ritual of our ceremonies has always had our care, and we have been fortunate in having a succession of brethren who have proved worthy exponents.  The festive board is regarded as an integral part of out functions, serving to cement friendship and further the spirit of brotherhood, which is such an important tenet of our Order.  "Freedom" without a full quota of visitors is unknown, and the regularity of their appearance is our reward.

          Of the past we are proud, for the present we are thankful, and for the future we look with confidence to our more junior members to uphold our traditions and to go on from strength to strength.

Signatures (as many as I can make out, see images below)
Samuel Courtney
H. G. Lamont
W. W. Lamont
S. B. Johnston
Philip Jordan
J. Irwine?
J. G. ?
James ?
J. S. Baxter?
S. Moore
R. Love
S. Black
J. McGurk? (adibad 650)
J. S. Coulter
W. H. Wood
Jimmie Gillespie
W. R. Kerr?
George Smiley?

A. J. Hollywood
Joseph Marmion?
Ernest Robinson
? W. McGlaughlin
William L. McGlaughlin (531)
Wa?ing Brown

H. J. McMillen (W.M.1920)
F. Martin? Morston?
F. W. Postame? 179 S.G.W.
Jackson McMillen, W.M. 1932
George Hulatt W.M. 1943 P.P.G.A.C.?
? P.M. ?
W. T. Osborough W.M. 1931
N. Helsby W.M.
W. ? Price P.??
Richard ? P.S.S.U.?
W. J. Kinnear (Sec. 394)
? (5196 EC?)
J. Hill (51)
W. J. Jefferson
? P.M. 1949
? Capt? ?

up the middle W. C. H. Gibson?

R. S. Brown
W. Robinson
Wm. H. Clyde?
? Clark?
? Nickels
R. ? Taylor
S. W. Castle?
L. McClure?
J. ? Cassidy
R. J. Ruddy?
Wm. Marshall?
Wm. Campbell
James Crawford
? Cawley? Corley?
D. G. Wilson, P.G.??
F. B. McClure?
J. K. McClure