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Lost Photos
Oates - Marriot

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original photographs are not my property and are not available

All these photos came together at auction

Wikipedia - Captain Laurence Edward Grace Oates

any ideas what the VDG or C stands for and what the ribbon is?
Thank you to Emma Thompson for this link explaining what the VDG is, it's for the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards - Mary

on the back:-
McDowell Cup - Grocers Assistants League - Years 1912 - 1913 it then lists all played, won, lost, drawn for against and points table for those years, it also lists the teams names
Arcade United - West Belfast - East Belfast - Butchers' - Lisburn 1st - Co-operative - Chemists - Lisburn 2nd - illegible - North Belfast, Arcade had the highest points with 18 games played, 17 won and 34 points, I'm assuming this photo is Arcade?

27th Inniskillings R.A.T.A. Shield "F" Company Winners 1909-10

Cr. Sgt. F. Bleakley - Pte. J. A. Chambers - Bn. J. E. Clarke - Pte. A. Skinner - Lt. & Qr. Mr. W. A. Morris
Bn. J. Stone - Pte. J. Fox - Bn. A. Nash - Pte. J. Brolly - Pte. A. H. Parry
                                                   Pte. D. McClelland - Serg. J. Russell - Pte. F. Hanvey                                              Malta

Boxing Class - 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - Cairo Egypt - 1907

Xmas Day - Members of the Canteen Fancy Dress Football Match - 1924

no information

Watergate - Kevin Flood
John Marriot

By Lieut. Colonel H. Teesdale, Commanding his Majesty's 4th Royal Irish Regt. of Dragoon Guards whereof Lt. General Staveley is Colonel.
These are to certify, that the Bearer hereof John Marriot, has served in the aforesaid Regiment for the Space of 6? years and six months is, for the reason below mentioned, discharged from the said Regiment, he having received his Pay, Arrears of Pay, Clothing of all Sorts, and all other just Demands, from the Time of his enlisting into the said Regiment to this Day of his Discharge
He is Discharged by Order of His Royal Highness The Commander in Chief, having provided three Substitutes.
And to prevent any ill Use that may be made if this Discharge, by its falling into the hands of any other Person Whatfoever, here follows a description of the above said John Marriot he is aged about twenty seven years, five feet, nine inches high, of a Ruddy Complexion, Grey Eyes, Round Visage, Well made, and brown Hair, born in the Parish of Altuc...... in the County of Derry by Trade a ?

Given under my Hand, and the Regimental Seal, at Manchester this First Day of Sept. 1807.
To all concerned Henry Teesdale, Lt. Col. 4th Drgds.

I Do acknowledge to have received my Pay, Arrears of Pay, Clothing of all forts, and all other just demands, from the time of my enlisting into the within-mentioned Regiment to this Day of my Discharge.
Witness my Hand at Manchester Barracks this First Day of September 1807
Notarys Present
John Marriot
Henry? Richardson? Adjt. 4th Drguards

Queen's (Belfast Contingent) University Training Corps (T.A.) R.E. Sub Unit Annual Camp, Ballyedmund, 1952

Back Row - Sprs. C. S. Robinson; W. Gregg; C. Young; T. H. Farrell; L/Cpl. D. Moore; L/Cpl. C. H. McDonald; Sprs. P. C. Spillard; W. I. McKibben; R. P. Beattie; C. L. Mitchell; W. F. Madden; T. W. R. Clarke
Third Row - Sprs. T. E. C. Morrow; T. O'Hara; D. M. Patton; J. A. McLean; J. W. Kelly; H. Marsden; C. W. Williamson; J. R. Lees; H. B. Williams; J. McK. Alexander; R. Knox
Second Row - Sprs. D. W. Scott; B. D. M. Campbell; D. B. M. Chestnutt; W. McCullough; W. J. McKendry; L/Cpl. C. A. H. Kinkead; Spr. A. Dinsmore; Cpl. J. A. I. McCurdy; Sprs. J. McK. McKane; W. N. Grant; G. T. Jones; C. E. Weir
Front Row - Cpl. C. I. R. Greer; Cpl. E. B. Hall; S.S.M. A. R. McFarland; S.S.M. S. E. Taylor; Lt. R. C. R. Ritchie, Major H. M. Gaffikin, D.S.O.(O.C.); Capt. E. D. Jackson, Capt. W. S. Caskey (Adjt.); R.S.M. T. Keery; Sgt. R. M. Catherwood; Cpl. A. C. Grant; Cpl. R. D. McClure; Cpl. B. R. Lambert