Old Items

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 (CB Radio) cards from 1932 onwards

Rosemary Radio Leaflet

Aide Memoire - McDonough

Tommy Walls Morse Flasher

Inglis' Bread Advertisement Card

Gott Mit Uns

Old Car Bulb Holder

Lost Luggage D.B.L.

Pipe belonging to Thomas Dean 1840

Embroidery by Agnes Boyd 1816


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The Tommy Walls Morse Flasher

"The Royal Likeness"
Inglis Bread, Belfast, June, 1911

Someone went to all the trouble to pick and press these flowers, they were amongst postcards from the early 1900's, aren't they lovely :o]

Looks like an ashtray
and that's a crown in the centre
C B Radio Cards


Murphy Radios - Rosemary Radio & Electrical Co. Ltd., 31 Rosemary Street, Belfast

Aide Memoire - Mrs. McDonough, R.I.C. Barracks, Gorey, Co. Wexford, late of Antrim, Co. Antrim

Old Brass Car Bulb Holder early 1900s

Luggage with the initials D.B.L. left at Victoria Coach Station many years ago, contains 2 tapestries and 2 photographs
none of which were in the case when it was bought at auction

To Jim from Grand Ma Brown xmas 1941 - T. Dean is your G. G. Grandfather
This was Thomas Deans pipe 1840

The Rose – by Cowper
The Rose had been wash’d, just wash’d in a shower
Which Mary to Anne convey’d,
The plentiful moisture incumber’d the flow’r,
And weigh’d down its beautiful head.

The cup was all filled and the leaves were all we[t]
And it seem’d to a fanciful view,
To weep for the buds it had left with regret,
On the flourishing bush where it grew.

I hastily seized it unfit as it was
For a nosegay so dripping and drown’d,
And swinging it rudely too rudely alas;
I snap’t it it fell to the ground.

And such I exclaimed is the pitilefs part
Some act by the delicate mind,
Regardlefs of wringing and breaking a heart
Already to sorrow resign’d.

This elegant rose had I shaken it lefs.
Might have bloomed with its owner a while,
And the tear that is wiped with a little addrefs
May be follow’d perhaps by a smile.

Agnes Boyd
Lisburn, October 15th