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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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County of Armagh

County of Cavan

Armagh, an inland county in Ulster Province. Boundaries - N., Lough Neagh; E., Down; S., Louth; W., Monaghan and Tyrone. Greatest length, N. and S., 32 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 20 miles; comprising an area of 328,086 acres; of which 265,243 are arable, 35,117 uncultivated, 8,996 in plantations, 778 in towns, and 17,942 under water. The surface is hilly, rising into mountain in the S.W., where the highest point of Slieve-Gullion is 1,893 feet above high sea level. The Newry canal skirts the county on the E., the Great Northern Railway is extended from Belfast to Monaghan. The soil is fertile, with much bog. Combined with agriculture is the weaving of cotton and linen, but the latter has been long the staple manufacture. The county is divided into 8 baronies, 28 parishes and parts of parishes, and 970 townlands, having a population in 1871 of 179,260, or 36,247 families, inhabiting 4,439 houses. It is mostly in Armagh archdiocese. The principal towns are the county town, city, and Parliamentary borough of Armagh; population in 1871, 8,946, and a part of the Parliamentary borough of Newry, having a population of 5,321, and the remaining portion, with 8,837 inhabitants, is in the County Down. The county returns 3 members to Parliament - 2 for the county at large (constituency, 1879-80, 7,005, with 16 polling places), and 1 for Armagh city (constituency 626). The county is in the North-East circuit. The Assizes are held at Armagh, and Quarter Sessions at Armagh, Ballbot, Lurgan, Markethill and Newtownhamilton. There are 16 Petty Sessions Courts in the county. The Poor Law Union of Armagh is partly in Armagh and Tyrone, and that of Lurgan partly in Armagh, Antrim and Down. The constabulary force in the county consists of 6 officers and 179 men. The county is within the Belfast military district, having barrack stations in Armagh and Newry, and with the Counties Cavan, Louth and Monaghan, forms No. 65 sub-district, the brigade depot being at Armagh

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
The Right Hon. Charles Baron Lurgan (1846), K.P., Brownlow House, Lurgan ; Kildare Street and Sackville Street Clubs, Dublin ; Brook's and Boodle's Clubs, London ; and Ulster Club, Belfast

High Sheriff, 1880
Major William Hall, Warrenpoint

Members of Parliament for the County
Edward Wingfield Verner, J.P. (1873), The Aske, Bray ; Carlton Club, London.
Maxwell Charles Close, D.L., J.P. (1874), Drumbanagher, Newry ; Carlton Club, London.

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy-Lieutenants and Magistrates marked thus (a) have served the office of High Sheriff in this County.

a Atkinson, Joseph, Crowhill, Loughgall
Blacker, Major Stewart, Carrickblacker, Portadown
a Bond, Joshua Walter MacGeough (was M.P. for Armagh, 1855-57, 1859-65), The Argory, Moy, Drumsill House, Armagh, Sackville Street Club, Dublin, Carlton and Army and Navy Clubs, London, S.W.
a Close, Maxwell Charles, M.A., M.P. for the County Armagh, Drumbanagher, Poyntzpass, Carlton Club, London, S.W., Sackville Street Club, Dublin.
a Cross, Colonel Wm., Dartan, Killylea, Armagh
Gosford, Earl of, K.P., Gosford Castle, Markethill, 59 Grosvenor Street, London, W., White's Club, London, S.W.
a Hamilton-Jones, Thos. Morris, Jonesborough House, Flurrybridge, Moneyglass House, Toome, Co. Antrim, Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Harden, R. J., Harrybrook, Tandragee
a Harris, Hugh, M.A., Ashfort, Tynan, 3 Mountjoy Place, Dublin
a Johnston, Jas., Carrickbreda, Forkhill, Dundalk
a Stronge, Col. Sir Jas. M., Bart. (was M.P. for Co. Armagh, 1864-74), Tynan Abbey, Tynan, Mulnavar, Drumquin, Co. Tyrone, Carlton Club, London, S.W., Kildare Street Club, Dublin
a Synnott, Mark Seton, Ballymoyer, Newtownhamilton
a Wilson, Joseph, Lissidian, Stillorgan, County Dublin, 15 Upper Temple Street and Sackville Street, Dublin
County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions
William O'Conor Morris (1880), Gartnama, Tullamore, 25 Rutland Square North, Dublin


Alexander, Robert Quin, Caledon, Co. Tyrone
a Armstrong, H. B. W., Killylea House, Armagh
Armstrong, Thomas, Eden Hall, Portadown
a Atkinson, Joseph, D.L., Crowhill, Loughgall
Atkinson, J., Summer Island, Loughgall
Bell, Samuel A., Bellevue, Lurgan
Beresford, G. D., M.P., The Palace, Armagh
Biggar, J. J. E., Falmore Hall, Dundalk
Blacker, Major Stewart, D.L., Carrickblacker, Portadown
Bond, Jos. W. McGeough, D.L., The Argory, Moy, Drumsill House, Armagh
Bowen, George E., Portaferry
Boyd, R., Tassagh Lower, Armagh
Boyle, Hugh, Charlemont Place, Armagh
Brady, Denis, Caulfield, Newry
Brooks, H. G., Castleblaney
Brush, Richard C., Benburb House, Moy
Carvill, Patrick George, Moygannon, Rostrevor
Chambre, Meredith, Hawthorn Hill, Newry
a Charlemont, Earl of, Roxborough Castle, Moy
Cleland, Captain James Vance, Milltown, Maghery
Clermont, Right Hon. Lord, Ravensdale Park, Newry, Clermont Park, Dundalk
a Close, Maxwell Charles, M.A. (Oxon), D.L., Drumbanagher, Poyntzpass
a Cope, J. A. M., Drumilly, Loughgall
a Cross, Col. Wm., D.L., Dartan, Armagh
Dobbin, Lieutenant Colonel Geo. Miller, Armagh
Douglas, John, Mountain Lodge, Keady
Doyle, J. B., Bessbrook, Newry
Erskine, James F., Newry
Fforde J., Raughlan, Lurgan
Gosford, Earl of, D.L., Gosford Castle, Markethill
Greer, John W., Woodville, Lurgan
Grey, George, Glenanne, Markethill
a Hamilton-Jones, Thos. M., D.L., Jonesborough, Flurry Bridge, and Moneyglass House, Toome
Hamilton, Thomas
Hancock, John, The Manor House, Lurgan
a Harden, R. J., D.L., Harrybrook, Tandragee
Henry, J. Q., Newry, Mourne Abbey, Kilkeel
Heron, Denis Caulfield, Q.C., 7 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin
Hoey, T. D'A., Newry
Horner, F., Strathmore, Rostrevor
Irwin, Captain Wm. A., Carnagh House, Castleblayney
Irwin, Henry, Mount Irwin, Tynan
a Johnston, Jas., Carrickbreda, Forkhill, Dundalk

Johnston, John, Ball's Mill, Crossmaglen
Johnston, John, Lurgan
Kaye, William B., Q.C., 16 Gardiner's Place, Dublin and Armagh
Kidd, Joseph, English Street, Armagh
Kirk, William Miller, Darkley, Keady
Liddell, William, Lurgan
Lochrane, F., Armagh
Macdonagh, Francis, Q.C., 41 Rutland Square, Dublin
Malcolm, James, Lurgan
a Manchester, Lieutenant-Colonel His Grace the Duke of, Tandragee
Mandeville, Viscount, Tandragee Castle
Meade, Francis, Q.C., 22 Mountjoy Square, Dublin
Murphy, E., Dunfanagher
Murphy, Joseph, Lurgan
McClure, Sir T., Bart., V.L., M.P., Belmont, Belfast
McCrum, R. G., Milford, Armagh
McGeough, R. J., The Argory, Moy
McMaster, H. D., Dunbarton, Gilford
Newry, Viscount, M.A., Mourne Park, Rostrevor
a Obré, Ralph Smith, Clantilew, Loughgall
O'Brien, C. W., Tandragee
O'Brien, John, Stacpoole, Parkview, Tandragee
O'Hagan, J. J., Newry
Palmer, Wm., Roxborough, Newtownhamilton
Quinn, Peter, The Agency, Loughbrickland
Reed, John, Rahans, Carrickmacross
Reilly, John Temple, Scarva House, Loughbrickland
Shelton, R. B., The Argory, Moy
Shillington, T., Portadown
a Simpson, Col. Thos., Ballyards House, Armagh
Sinton, T., Laurel Vale, Tandragee
Small, A., Markethill
Stanley, Charles, Roughan Park, Dungannon
a Stronge, Colonel Sir James Matthew, Bart., D.L., Tynan Abbey, Tynan
Stronge, John Calvert, Northland House, Dungannon
a Synnot, M. S., Ballymoyer, Newtownhamilton
Synnot, Parker George, Lurgana, Newtownhamilton
Templer, Robert B., Edenvilla, Loughgall
Tenison, Major W. C. O'B., Portnelligan, Tynan
Thomson, H., Newry
Wann, William, Markethill
Waring, Major T., Waringstown
White, T. H., Orangehill House, Tandragee
Winder, John Gervais, Armagh
Wybrants-Phipson, Captain, Dunlow, Moy, Co. Tyrone
Resident Magistrates
Appointed under 6 William IV., cap. 13.

McCullagh, John, Newry
Miller, William M., Armagh
Whelan, Wm. Edward, Portadown

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown and Peace - George G. Tyrell (1876-78), Crown Office Armagh, 30 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin
Registrar Civil Bill Court - J. McKinstry, St. Mark's Place, Armagh
Crown Solicitor - John Kilkelly (1867), 46 Upper Mount Street, Dublin
Sessional Crown Solicitor - Edwd. Greer (1870), Newry
Treasurer - Acheson St. George (1854), Woodpark, Tynan
Secretary to the Grand Jury - John Gervais Winder (1846), Armagh
County Surveyor - Henry Davison, Armagh
Assistant Surveyors - Messrs. James Atkinson, John White Henderson, Samuel Greer
Sub-Sheriff - H. Boyle, Armagh
Sheriff's Returning Officer - William Hardy, 42 Mountjoy Square South, Dublin
Coroners - Richard Garland, Newry, Thomas George Peel, Armagh, Edward D. Atkinson, Tandragee
Inspectors of National Schools - Robt. Petterton, LL.D., Armagh, James Brown, A.M., Lurgan

Stamp Distributor

Head Distributor for the County - Thomas A. Prentice, Scotch Street, Armagh

Her Majesty's Prison
Visiting Committee meets the second Saturday each month

Hancock, John, J.P., Atkinson, Joseph, D.L., Stronge, Sir James M., Bart., Boyle, Hugh, J.P., Close, M. C., J.P., D.L., M.P., Blacker, Major Stewart, J.P., D.L., Cross, Colonel Wm., J.P., D.L., Mark, S. Synot, J.P., D.L.
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. T. Thacker, A.B.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Jackson Smyth
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Hugh McOscar
Surgeon - Joseph M. Palmer, M.D.
Governor - William Wills

County Lunatic Asylum
Board of Governors meets second Monday in each month

His Grace The Lord Primate
Lurgan, Right Hon. Lord, K.P.
Stronge, Sir James M., Bart., D.L.
Hancock, John, J.P.
Boyle, Hugh, J.P.
Close, M. C., D.L., M.P.
Brady, D. C., J.P.
Greer, J. W., J.P.
Hughes, John
Kidd, Joseph, J.P.
Atkinson, Joseph, J.P.
Johnston, James
Templer, R. B., J.P.
Blacker, St. John
Charlemont, Right Hon. Earl of, K.P.
Elliott, Rev. John, J.P.
McGettigan, Most Rev. Archbishop, D.D.
Beresford, George D. La Poer, M.P.
Resident Medical Superintendent - Robert McKinstry, M.D.
Visiting Physician - Thomas Cuming, M.D.
Matron - Mrs. Eliza Bright
Clerk and Store Keeper - Samuel Parks

County Infirmary

Treasurer - James Gardner
Surgeon - J. Mansergh Palmer, M.D.
Apothecary, Registrar and Medical Assistant - H. Fraser
Secretary - Samuel Gardner

Poor Law Unions
The county is comprised in two Unions - Armagh and Lurgan - which see under their respective heads


Armagh Light Infantry (75) - Facings, Grey
Hon. Colonel - Hon. Edward Brownlow, late Captain Scots Fusilier Guards
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant - William Cross, late Capt. 68th Foot
Majors - Edwd/ Stanley, late Capt. 62nd Foot, Thomas Simpson, late 52nd Foot
Captains - Mark Seton-Synnot, Albert A. E. Coote, Matthew B. Bredon, R. H. Home, G. H. J. Alexander
Lieutenants - M. V. Blacker, Grattan G. Lemon, H. C. Seymour
Second Lieutenants - S. G. Radcliffe, G. G. O'N. Ray, M. W. Beresford
Adjutant - Charles Pakenham, Capt., late Capt. 101st Foot
Surgeon - J. Marshall Lynn, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon - Philip Lavery

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - Robert James Ramsbottom, Armagh
Sub-Inspectors' Stations :-
Armagh - E. W. Bailey
Newry - W. J. Greene
Newtownhamilton - James T. Brooke
Portadown - Thomas Hayes

Baronial High Constable

Armagh - H. Boyle, jun.
Fews, Lower - H. Atkinson
Fews, Upper - W. J. Donaldson
O'Neiland, East - Robert Calvert
O'Neiland, West - John Walker Redmond
Orior, Lower - William B. Bennett
Orior, Upper - Thomas Rantin
Turenny - William Gamble

County of Cavan        top

Cavan, an inland County in Ulster Province. Boundaries - N., Fermanagh and Monaghan ; E., Monaghan and Meath ; S., Meath, Westmeath and Longford ; W., Longford and Leitrim. Greatest length, S.E. and N.W., 51 miles ; greatest breadth, N. & S., 28 miles ; comprising an area of 746 square miles, or 477,360 acres ; of which 375,473 are arable, 71,918 uncultivated, 7,325 in plantations, 502 in towns, and 22,142 under water. The surface is undulating, with mountainous ranges in the N. There are indications of coal, iron, copper and lead, and numerous mineral springs, of which that at Swanlinbar is the most celebrated. The soil is light and poor, except along the courses of the rivers. Lakes are numerous, many highly picturesque. The occupations are chiefly agricultural. The linen trade was carried on here extensively, and there are still many bleach greens. The County is divided into 8 baronies, 36 parishes and 1,986 townlands, with a population in 1871 of 140,735 or 27,267 families, inhabiting 26,364 houses. It is chiefly in Kilmore diocese. The county returns two members to Parliament, constituency, 1879-80, 6,196, with 18 polling places. The Assizes are held at Cavan, and Quarter Sessions at Baillieborough, Ballyconnell, Cavan and Cootehill. There are 18 Petty Sessions districts in the county. The Poor Law Unions of Cavan and Baillieborough are wholly within the county, Bawnboy Union partly un Cavan and Leitrim, and Cootehill Union partly in Cavan and Monaghan. The constabulary force of the county consists of 7 officers and 298 men. The County is within the Dublin or Northern Military District, and forms part of No. 65 sub-district, in conjunction with the Counties Armagh, Lough and Monaghan. The brigade depot is at Armagh. There are barracks in Cavan and Belturbet.

Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum
The Right Hon. the earl of Lanesborough (1876), Lanesborough Lodge, Belturbet ; 8 Great Stanhope Street, London W .; Swithland Hall, Loughborough ; Carlton Club, London, S.W.; and Sackville Street Club, Dublin.

High Sheriff 1880
Major General Charles Coote, Berks, England

Members of Parliament for the County
Charles Joseph Fay, (1874), Clarinda Park, Kingstown, Co. Dublin ; 9 Merchants' Quay, Dublin ; Cootehill, Co. Cavan.
Joseph Gillis Biggar, (1874), Belfast

Deputy Lieutenants
Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates marked thus (a) have served the office of High Sheriff for this County.

a Beresford, George de la Poer, M.P. for Armagh City (1875), Awbawn, Killeshandra, and The Palace, Armagh
a Burrowes, Robert, Stradone House, Stradone, and Carlton Club, London
a Butler, Hon. H. Cavendish, Innisrath, Lisnaskea
a Clements, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Theo., Ashfield, Cootehill ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin ; and Carlton Club, London
Clements, Theophilus Henry, (late Capt. Leitrim Militia), Rakenny, Tullyvin ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin
a Hamilton, James, Castlehamilton, Killeshandra
a Headfort, Lieutenant Colonel, the Marquis of, (J.P. for  Westmoreland ; was M.P. for Westmoreland, 1854-1870), The Lodge, Virginia ; Underley Hall, 

Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmoreland ; 24 Grafton Street West ; Carlton Club, London, S.W., Sackville Street Club, Dublin
Maxwell, Somerset Henry, Arley Cottage, Mountnugent
a O'Reilly-Dease, Mathew (was M.P. for County Louth, 1868-74), Dee Farm, Dunleer, and Ravenswell Bray, County Dublin
Quin, Lord George, Quin's Borough, Sixmilebridge, and 15 Belgrave Square, London, S.W.
a Saunderson, Major Edward James, Cavan Militia (was M.P. for County Cavan, 1865-74, Castle Saunderson, Belturbet ; Brook's Club), London, S.W.
a Vernon, John Edwd., Mount Merrion, Booterstown, County Dublin ; Erne Hill, Belturbet ; and 1 Wilton Place, and Kildare Street Club, Dublin

County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions
S. McCurdy Greer, Esq., Q.C.


a Adams, Benjamin S., Shinan House, Shercock
Babington, William, Fortview, Cavan
Battersby, George, Q.C., LL.D., Judge of the Porbate Court, Dublin ; Loughbawn, Collinstown ; and 20 Leeson Street Lower, Dublin.
Battersby, Thos. G., LL.D., Newcastle House, Oldcastle
Benison, James, Slieve Russell, Ballyconnell
Benison, John Joseph, Ballyconnell
a Beresford, G. de la Poer, Awbawn, Killeshandra ; The Palace, Armagh
Bracken, James, Toam House, Blacklion
Brady, John, Johnstown, Clones
a Burrowes, Robt., D.L., Stradone House, Cavan
Burrowes, R. J., Stradone House, Stradone
a Butler, Hon. H. C., D.L., Innisrath, Lisnaskea
Carson, John, Corrard House, Dowra
Caulfield, Captain John
Challoner, Richard, Kingsfort, Moynalty
a Clements, Lieutenant Colonel Henry T., D.L., Ashfield, Cootehill
a Clements, T. Henry, Rakenny, Tullyvin
a Cumming, Major R. J., Crover, Mountnugent
De Burgh, Richd. B., Woodville, Dring, Granard
Dickson, Robert S., Bailieborough ; and 40 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin
Enniskillen, Right Hon. the Earl of, D. C. L., Florencecourt, Co. Fermanagh
a Erskine, Robert, Cavan
Farrell, John Arthur, Moynalty, Kells ; Archerstown, Killucan, Kildare Street Club, Dublin, 31 Prince's Gardens, London, S.W.
Fay, James Henry, Faybrook House, Cootehill
a Fay, John, Moynehall, Cavan
a Finlay, David, Brackley House, Bawnboy
Fitzherbert, Henry Corry, Shantonagh, Castleblayney
Fitzpatrick, Rev. Fredk., B.A., Cloone, Mohill, Co. Leitrim
Godley, Archibald, Killygar, Belturbet
Gormanstown, Right Hon. Viscount, a Commissioner of National Education, Gormanstown Castle, Balbriggan, Whitewood, Nobber, Co. Meath, Kildare Street Club, Dublin
Gosselin, Captain Nicholas, Adjutant Cavan Militia, Cavan
Greville, Right Hon. Lord, Clonlyn Castle, Devlin, Clonhugh, Mullingar, Clonteen Lodge, Drumsna, 34 Grosvenor Square, London, W.
a Hamilton, J., D.L., Castlehamilton, Killeshandra
Hamilton, Claud Cole, Kingsfort, Moynalty, Co. Meath
Hamilton-Jones, Thomas M., Moneyglass House, Toome; Jonesborough House, Flurrybridge
a Headfort, Lieutenant Colonel, Marquis of, The Lodge, Virginia; Underlay Hall, Kirkby, Lonsdale, Westmoreland; 24 Grafton Street West
Humphreys, Armytage E., Ballyhaise House, Ballyhaise
Humphreys, J. Winter, Ballyhaise House, Cavan
Johnston, Henry, Corville House, Bawnboy
Ker, Andre A. M., Newbliss House, Newbliss

Knipe, Thomas F., Belturbet
Lauder, Rev. Matthew N., A.M., (T.C.D.), Laudersdale, Co. Leitrim
Leslie, C. E., St. Laurence, Corravan, Drung
a Leslie, William, Cootehill
Lynch, John ., Roebuck House, Mountnugent
a Montgomery, Nathaniel, Swanlinbar
McManus, Eugene, Lakeview, Gowna
McManus, John, jun., Gurteen House, Edgeworthstown
Maxwell, Somerset Henry, D.L., Arley Cottage, Mountnugent
Moore, William Armytage, Arnmore, Cavan
Mortimer, David Atkinson, Lakeview, Mullagh
Murray, William, Monaghan
Nesbitt, J. A., Forthill, Drumasladdy, Belturbet
Nixon, John, Killyglasson House, Blacklion
Nixon, William, Thornhill, Gortahill, Enniskillen
Nugent, Geo., Greenville, Ardlogher, Ballyconnell
Nugent, Richard, National Club, London, S.W.
Nugent, Col. St. G. M., Farren Connell, Mountnugent
O'Brien, Robert F., Rockfield, Killeshandra
O'Connor, Matthew R. W., Baltrasna, Oldcastle
a O'Reilly-Dease, Matthew, D.L., Dunleer
a Pratt, Mervyn, Cabra Castle, Kingscourt
Roe, Capt. George N., Ballyconnell House, Ballyconnell
Ruxton, William, Ardee House, Ardee
Sanderson, James, Cloverhill, Belturbet
Sauderson (Sanderson/Saunderson), Samuel Winter, Cloverhill, Belturbet
a Sankey, Alex J. W., Fort Frederick, Virginia
a Saunderson, Edward J., D.L., Castlesaunderson
a Saunderson, Llewellyn T. B., Drumkeen House, Cavan
Simpson, Hugh Kidd, The Vale, Bailieborough
Small, James, Helenvale, Bailieborough
a Smith, Edward, Bellamount Forest, Cootehill
Smith, Philip, Artina Cottage, Cootehill
Smith, Philip, Castlecosby, Crossdoney
a Storey, James, M.A., (Cantab), Errington, Kilskerry, Enniskillen ; and Ture, Belturbet
Tatlow, John G., Rocks, Crossdoney
Tener, Ed. Shaw, Kilnahard, Mountnugent
Thompson, Theophilus, Ford Lodge, Cavan
Tottenham, A. L., Glenfarne Hall, Enniskillen
Townley, Capt. Dawson, Tullyvin House, Tullyvin
Trench, Arthur, Essex Castle, Carrickmacross
Turville, Sir F. F., Bosworth Hall, Rugby
Venables, Rev. E. B. White, Redhills
Vernon, Fane, Earlsvale, Cavan
a Vernon, John E., D.L., Mountmerrion, Booterstown; Erin Hill, Belturbet
Vesey, Major Geo. W., Derrabard House, Omagh
Wrench, F., Lurgan Brae, Lisnaskea
Resident Magistrates
(Appointed under 6 Wm. IV., cap. 13.)

Dillon, John Theobald, Killeshandra
French, Thomas William, Moynalty, Kells
Waring, Captain Holt, Bailieborough

County Officers

Clerk of Crown and Peace - Edward McGauran, Cavan, and 58 Mountjoy Square, W., Dublin
Crown Solicitor - John D. Garde (1865), 6 Leeson Park, Dublin
Sessional Crown Solicitor - Hugh P. Kennedy, Cavan, and 76 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin
Treasurer - The Provincial Bank, Cavan
Secretary to Grand Jury - John G. Tatlow, J.P. (1860), Rocks, Crossdoney, and Court House, Cavan
County Surveyor - Frederick G. Deverill, Drumbar, Cavan
Assistant Surveyors - Thomas Mathews, George Frazer, and Richard Strong
Sub-Sheriff - John Maxwell James Townley, Clonervey, Cavan
Sheriff's Returning Officer - Barry Collins, 17 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin and Cavan
Inspectors of National Schools - J. B. Skifflington, Bailieborough ; M. Meek, M.A., Cavan
District Registrar (Cavan) - Court of Probate, Theophilus Thompson, J.P., Ford Lodge
Coroners - J. McFadden, M.D., Cootehill; Jas. Berry, Killeshandra
Head Stamp Distributor for County -  Sinclair Gunning, Enniskillen

Baronial High Constables

Castlerahan - Thomas Fagan, Tullylough, Cavan
Clonkee - John Bartley, jun., Bailieborough
Clonmahen - James Reilly, Lacken, Ballinagh
Loughtee Upper - E. T. Lindsay, Drumand, Cavan
Loughtee Lower - James Fegan, Swellan, Cavan
Tullygarvey - Robt. Bowden, Cortober, Cootehill
Tullyhaw - Richd. Netterfield, jun., Ballyconnell
Tullyhunco - Robert Davis, Killeshandra

District Lunatic Asylum
(See Co. Monaghan)

Her Majesty's Prison - Cavan
Visiting Committee meets first Tuesday in each month

Samuel W. Saunderson, J.P., Chairman ; W. A. Moore, J.P.; John Fay, J.P.; Theophilus Thompson, J.P.
Church of Ireland Chaplain - Ven. Archdeacon Shone
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. James Carson
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Patrick Brady
Physician & Surgeon - A. Mease, M.B., F.R.C.S.I.
Governor - T. A. Young
Matron - Miss J. Simonds

County Infirmary - Cavan

Surgeon - Andrew Mease, M.B.
House Surgeon - A. L. Mease, M.B., L.R.C.S.I.
Secretary & Treasurer - Rev. W. H. Hutchinson, LL.D.
Matron - Miss Ladley

Poor Law Unions
The county is comprised in four Unions - Bailieborough, Bawnboy, Cavan and Cootehill - which see under their respective heads


Cavan Light Infantry (101) Facings, Black
Hon. Col. - Marquis of Headfort
Lieut. Col. - H. L. Saunderson
Majors - E. J. Saunderson, Gerald A. Dease
Captains - Hon. M. James Kerr, John B. Lynch, W. H. Leslie, F. J. Beresford, H. Humphreys, W. A. O'Brien, S. H. Maxwell, L. Saunderson, late 11th Hussars
Lieutenants - Thomas Mawhinny, Robt. S. Tuite, Robert A. Hodson
Sub-Lieutenants - G. H. Armstrong, E. J. C. Dease, H. L. Murphy
Adjutant - N. Gosselin
Quartermaster - John Fraser
Surgeon - William Malcolmson
Assistant Surgeon - Mark Moore

Royal Irish Constabulary

County Inspector - John Joseph Jones, Cavan
Sub-Inspectors' Stations :-
Bailieborough - W. Bigley
Ballyjamesduff - Henry A. Allen
Cavan - Joseph S. Hume

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