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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory


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County Donegal        County Down      County Fermanagh

County Donegal

Donegal, a maritime county in Ulster province. Greatest length N. E. and S. W., 85 miles; greatest breadth, S. E. and N. W., 41 miles; comprising an area of 1,865 square miles, 1,183,443 acres, of which 393,191 are arable, 769,587 uncultivated, 7,079 in plantations, 479 in towns, and 23,107 under water.  The islands are numerous; seventeen are inhabited; the principal are Innistrahul, North Arran and Tory.  On Innistrahul there is a lighthouse, showing a light revolving every two minutes; there are other lighthouses, showing fixed lights, on Tory Island, at Fannet Point, W. of Lough Swilly, Rathlin, O'Beirne's Island and at Saint John's Point, Killybegs.  The surface is mountainous and boggy.  The lakes are numerous, but small; the most remarkable is Lough Derg, 3,214 acres, having in it what is called St. Patrick's Purgatory.  The population in 1841 was 296,448.  According to the census of 1851, the total population of the county was 255,160, being a decrease of 41,288.  The occupations are chiefly agricultural; the linen manufacture is now reviving and that of woollen stockings is increasing; the habitants near the coast are much occupied in the fisheries.  The county contains Raphoe diocese, and parts of those of derry and Clogher, consisting of fifty-one parishes.  The principal towns are Ballyshannon, population in 1851, 3,697; Letterkenny, 1,947; and Ramelton, Donegal and Killybegs, which are seaports and carry on trade.  The county returns two members to Parliament; constituency in 1859, 4,307.  The Assizes are held at Lifford, where the county prison is.  There are Bridewells there, and at Donegal, Buncrana, Letterkenny and Glenties.  Quarter Sessions are held at Buncrana, Donegal, Glenties, Letterkenny and Lifford.  The County Infirmary is at Lifford; the District Lunatic asylum, to which it sends eighty-five patients, at Londonderry.  There are Union Workhouses at Ballyshannon, Donegal, Dunfanaghy, Glenties, Innishowen, Letterkenny, Milford and Stranorlar.  There are artillery stations at the forts of Rathmullan, Knockalla, Macomish, Dunree, Inch and Ned's Point; and at Greencastle, on Lough Foyle; there are barracks for infantry at Ballyshannon and Lifford.  The head quarters of the Constabulary force, consisting of 275 men, officers included, are at Letterkenny; those of the eight districts, comprising forty-eight stations, at Ramelton, Raphoe, Buncrana, Ballyshannon, Killybegs, Glenties, Dunfanaghy, and Carndonagh.  There are several Coast-guard stations, having a force of 7 officers and about 130 men.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum - The Marquis of Abercorn (1844), Baron's Court, County Tyrone and London.

High Sheriff (1861-62) - Wm. John Forster, Esq., Derry.

Members for the County - Thomas Conolly, D.L. (1849), Cliff, Ballyshannon and 19 Hanover Square, London;  The Viscount Hamilton (1860), Baron's Court, Newtownstewart, Chesterfield House, London.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions - Robert Andrews, Esq., LL.D., Q.C. (1860), 26 Mountjoy Square East, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Boyd, J. R., Ballymacool House, Letterkenny.
Brooke, T., Lough Esk House, Donegal.
Connolly, Thomas, M.P., Cliff, Ballyshannon.
Conyngham, Marquis of, K.P., Mount Charles.
Folliott, J., Woodbrook, Boyle.
Hamilton, J., St. Ernan's, Donegal.
Hart, G. V., Kilderry, Londonderry.
Harvey, J., Malin Hall, Carndonagh.
Lifford, Lord Viscount, Meen Glas, Stranorlar.
Mansfield, Francis S., Ardrummin House, Ballymakeel, Strabane.
Montgomery, R. G., Convoy House, Raphoe.
Murray, Stewart Horatio Granville, Whitehouse, Killybegs.
Olphert, W., Ballyconnell House, Falcarragh.
Sinclair, J., Hollyhill, Strabane.
Stewart, Alexander, J. R., Ards, Cashelmore.
Stewart, Sir J., Bart, Fortstewart, Ramelton.
Stewart, J. V., Rockhill, Letterkenny.
Style, Sir T. C., Bart, Cloghan Lodge, Stranorlar.
Todd, Daniel, London.
Young, G., Culdaff House, Carndonagh.


Allingham, E., Stonewald, Ballyshannon.
Adair, John George, Glenveagh, Letterkenny.
Archdall, Mervyn, Castle Archdall, Lisnarrick.
Ashe, W. H., Ashbrook, Derry.
Atkinson, T. J., Cavan Garden, Ballyshannon.
Baker, Captain James Swayne, Milford, Ramelton.
Barton, F. W., Pettigo, Clonelly.
Barton, H. W., Waterfoot, Kish.
Bate, Thomas, Roshine Lodge, Dungloe.
Batt, Thomas, jun., Rathmullan.
Beers, J., Leslie Hill, Manorcunningham.
Bowen, J. G., Burt House, Spinogue, Derry.
Boyd, J. R., D.L., Ballymacool House, Letterkenny.
Brady, George Frazer, F.R.C.S., Duncarry House, Strabane.
Brooke, T., D.L., Lough Esk House, Donegal.
Cary, G., White Castle, Moville.
Chambers, J., Foxhill, Letterkenny.
Charley, John S., Aranmore, Dungloe.
Clements, Najor Hom. C. S., Milford, Ramelton.
Colhoun, Charles King, Leslie Hall, Manorcunningham.
Colquhoun, Thomas, Inch House, Island of Inch.
Connolly, T., M.P., D.L., Cliff, Ballyshannon.
Considine, James (Resident Magistrate), Buncrana.
Cox, Rev. M. Bell, Glenties.
Cunningham, John, Pettigo.
Darcus, Solomon, Gardenmore, Larne, County Antrim.
Dillon, Theobald A. (Resident Magistrate), Gweedore.
Dogherty, J. S., Redcastle, Derry.
Donegall, Marquis of, London.
Fenwick, W., Greenhills, Raphoe.
Fenton, George S., Conroy, Raphoe.
Ferguson, J., Castle Forward, Derry.
Foster, A. H., Bell Isle, Ballintra.
Hamilton, A., Coxtown, Ballyshannon.
Hamilton, John, D.L., St. Ernan's, Donegal.
Hamilton, J., Brown Hall, Ballintra.
Hamilton, Rev. E. M., Drumconrath, Ardee.
Hamilton, R., Fintra House, Killybegs.
Hart, G. V., D.L., Kilderry, Derry.
Hart, Thos. Bernard, Glenalla Ray, Strabane.
Harvey, John, D.L., Malin Hall, Carndonagh.
Haslett, William, Derry.
Hastings, Rev. A., Lurgvale, Letterkenny.
Heard, Richard, R.N., Killybegs.
Humphreys, B. G., Cavanacor, Strabane.
Humphrey, J. K., Broomfield, Strabane.
Humphreys, J., Milltown House, Strabane.
Humphreys, W. D., Milltown House.
Irwin, Burton, Ray, Rathmelton and 17 Longford Terrace, Salthill, Dublin.
Irwin, Pechell, Rosebank, Moville.
Johnston, C., Tullybrook, Donegal.
Johnston, J., Kinlough House, Bundoran, Strabane.
Johnston, J., Summerhill, Stranorlar.
Knox, Geo., Prehers, Londonderry.
Knox, A. F., Urney House, Strabane.
Labatt, Rev. Edward, Roxborough, Killybegs.
Letrim, Earl of, Lough Rynn, Mohill.
Lethem, Henry, Ramelton.
Lifford, Lord Viscount, D.L., Meen Glass, Stranorlar.
Lloyd, Minchin Perry, Summerhill, Derry.
Mackay, Captain Thomas, Muff Lodge, Londonderry.
Macky, J. T., Belmont, Derry.
Marshall, Henry O., Fahan, Derry.
Maxwell, Rev. P. B., Birdstown, Derry.
Miller, J., Leinsfort House, Buncrana.
Montgomery, Robt. G., D.L., Convoy House, Raphoe.
Murray, Stewart, H. G., Whitehouse, Killybegs.
Nixon, Rev. A. B., Heathfield, Falcarragh.
Norman, Thos., Glengollen, Fahan, Londonderry.
Olphert, W., D.L., Ballyconnell House, Falcarragh.
Patterson, T., Gortlee House, Letterkenny.
Pratt, Col., Cabra Castle, Kingscourt.
Rankin, Samuel, Tirnaleague, Carndonagh.

Russell, Robert, Salt Hill, Mount Charles.
Shiel, Simon, M.D., Ballyshannon.
Sinclair, W., Drumbeg, Donegal.
Smith, Com. George T., Cleather, R.N., Spamount, Dunkeneely.
Smyth, John, Gortgower, Moville.
Sproule, John, Ramelton.
Stewart, A. J. R., D.L., Ards House, Cashelmore.
Stewart, John, Loughveagh House.
Stewart, J. V., D.L., Rock Hill, Letterkenny.
Stewart, Rev. c., Hornhead House, Dunfanaghy.
Stewart, Sir J., Bart., D.L., Fort Stewart, Ramelton.
Style, Sir T. C., Bart., D.L., Cloghan Lodge, Stranorlar.
Style, W. H. M., D.L., Glenmore, Stranorlar.
Symes, Wm., Downhill, Ballina.
Thompson, John N., Bridge Cottage, Carndonagh.
Todd, Daniel, D.L., London.
Todd, Major, J. H., Westbrooke, Buncrana.
Tredennick, J., Camlin, Ballyshannon.
Tuthill, Rev. J. B., Belleek Glebe, Ballyshannon.
Wilson, G. V., Whitehouse, Killybegs.
Wood, G. J., Castlegrove, Letterkenny.
Woodhouse, J. O., Carrowkeel House, Ramelton.
Wray, G. C. G., Ardnamore, Donegal.
Wray, W., Oak Park, Letterkenny.
Young, Robert G., Culdaff House, Carndonagh.
Young, G., D.L., Culdaff House, Carndonagh.
Young, W., Mount Hall, Killygordon.

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown - Vesey Daly (1852), Lifford, Stranraer, Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace - J. Cochran (1829), Crogan House, Lifford.
Crown Solicitor - Thos. Fitzgerald (1856), 2 Fleet Street, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor - W. Barrett (1840), Killybegs.
Treasurer - Fras. Mansfield (1836), Ardrumman, Strabane.
Secretary to the Grand Jury - S. Sproule (1843), Ramelton.
County Surveyors - N. Div., John Fraser, C.E., Ramelton; S. Div., Wm. Harte, C.E., Donegal.
Sub-Sheriff - Saml. J. Crookshank, Derry.
Sheriff's Returning Officer - Henry J. Day, Esq., 2 Morgan's Place, Dublin.
Coroners - C. H. Swiney, Ramelton;  F. G. Long, M.D., Newtowncunningham;  J. O'Donnell, Summy, Ardara;  George H. Mitchell, Millfield, Buncrana;  Saml. Crawford, Ballyshannon.
Head Stamp Distributor for County - H. E. Peoples, Letterkenny.

Donegal - The Prince of Wales' Own {102}

Hon. Colonel - Viscount Hamilton.
Lieut-Colonel Commandant - Lord C. Hamilton.
Majors - James Henry Todd, late Captain 40th Foot;  Jas. Hamilton.
Captains - Francis S. Mansfield,  Solomon Darcus,  John G. Tredennick,  Chas. Maturin,  R. Patterson Elliot,  John A. Donnelly,  Andrew F. Knox, late Tyrone Militia;  Wm. D'Arcy, late Captain 67th Foot.
Lieutenants - Andrew Atkinson,  Valentine S. Griffith,  Thomas Benison,
Bennett Hume,  A. M'C. Hamilton,  William M. Mackenzie.  Joseph E. Alexander,  George E. M'L. Mason.
Ensigns - Robt. H. Maturin,  J. McC. Hamilton,  Wm. L. Bailie,  George Searle,  Joseph Lecky,  George S. Murphy,  Thomas R. Belton,  H. O. L. Bucknall.
Paymaster - A. Nesbitt Gillespie.
Instructor of Musketry - Lieutenant Valentine S. Griffith.
Adjutant - Captain Joseph Hayes, late Lieutenant St. Helena Regiment.
Quartermaster - John R. C. Mason, late Lieutenant E.I. Army.
Surgeon - Richard H. Courteney.
Assistant-Surgeon - J. V. McCormick.
Facings - White.
Agents - Cane & Sons.

Donegal Artillery - The Prince of Wales' {8}

Hon. Colonel - Sir James Annesley Stewart, Bart.
Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant - Robert Roe Fisher, R., H.P., Royal Artillery.
Major - Robert G. Montgomery, late CAptain Donegal Infantry.
Captains - Thomas Patterson, Jas. Butler Staveley, Mervyn T. Vesey.
1st Lieutenants - Nathaniel A. Bailie, ActingPaymaster; Thomas W. Lodge, William G, MacCullagh, Currell M. Hopkins.
2nd Lieutenants - Thomas A. Hopkins, Hans C. Fitzgerald, Henry a. Herbert.
Adjutant - R. A. Robertson, Captain, late Royal Artillery.
Quartermaster - John Kelly.
Surgeon - R. M. Taggart, M.D.
Facings - Scarlet.
Agents - Borough, Armit & Co.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - Timothy MasMahon, Esq., Letterkenny.
Ballyshannon - William Henry, Esq.
Buncrana - Edward Dunsterville, Esq.
Cardonagh - R. Griffin, Esq.
Dunfanaghy - J. F. Cruice, Esq.
Killybegs - Jeremiah S. Murphy.
Dungloe - E. P. Coffey, Esq.
Glenties - John Croker, Esq.
Letterkenny - John Corr, Esq.
Milford - John Studdard, Esq.
Raphoe - John Montgomery, Esq.

County Jail, Lifford

Inspector - Samuel John Crookshank.
Governor - Captaon Samuel Searle.
Protestant Chaplain - Rev. A. Smyly.
R. C. Chaplain - Rev. Wm. Brown.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. W. McCrea.
Physician - Robert Little, M.D., F.R.C.S.I., Lifford.
Apothecary - Mr. Gillespie.

County Down

Down, a maritime county, in Ulster province. Greatest length, N. E. and S. W., 51 miles; greatest breadth, N.W. and S.E., 38 miles; comprising an area of 967 square miles or 612,495 acres, of which 514,180 are arable, 78,317 uncultivated, 14,355 in plantations, 2,211 in towns and 3,432 under water.  On the coast are Carrickfergus Bay, Strangford Lough, or Lough Cone, Killough, Dundrum and Carlingford Bays; and at a short distance from it are the Copeland Islands, on the lesser of which is a lighthouse, showing a fixed light; there are also four others, namely, at Hawlbowling Rock, off Carlingford Bay, showing a fixed light; on the South Rock, off the Ards, with a light revolving every minute and a half; at Ardglass Harbour; and one revolving light at St. John's Point.  The surface is hilly, rising into mountains in the South; the highest, Slieve Donard, being 2,809 feet above high sea level. The fishery districts are Donaghadee, Strangford, Newcastle and Carlingford, together comprising 139 miles of maritime boundaries, which had, in 1853, 1,468 registered fishing vessels, employing 4,642 men and boys.  The population in 1841 amounted to 361,446; of which 323,807 were in the rural, and 37,639 in the civic district.  According to the census of 1851, the total population of the county was 328,754, being a decrease of 32,692.  The county is divided into eleven baronies - Ards Lower and Upper, Castlereagh Lower and Upper, Dufferin, Iveagh Lower and Upper, Kinalarty, Lecale, Mourne and Newry Lordship; and contains seventy parishes &c.  It is in the diocese of Down and Dromore, with a small portion in that of Connor. The county returns two members to Parliament; constituency, in 1859, 11,367. The Assizes are held at Downpatrick, where the County Prison is. There are Bridewells at Newry and Newtownards. Quarter Sessions are held at Downpatrick, Hillsborough, Newtownards and Newry; Petty Sessions in twenty-four places. The County Infirmary is in Downpatrick; and the District Lunatic Asylum, to which the county can send 124 patients, is at Belfast.  The Union Workhouses are at Downpatrick, Banbridge, Kilkeel, Newry and Newtownards. The head quarters of the Constabulary force, consisting of 255 men, officers included, are at Hillsborough; those of the six districts, comprising forty-three stations, at Newtownards, Downpatrick, Rathfriland, Newcastle, Banbridge and Ballynahinch.  There are twenty-four Coast-Guard stations, consisting of 17 officers and 149 men.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum - The Marquis of Londonderry, K.P., P.C. (1845), Mountstewart and Chesham Place, London.

High-Sheriff (1861-62) - Alexander John R. Stewart, Esq., Ards House, Cashelmore.

Members for the County - Lord A. Edwin Hill (1845), Norwood Park and 24 Belgrave Square, London;  Lieutenant-Colonel W. B. Forde (1857), Seaforde, Clough and Carlton Club, London.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions (1829) - Theophilus Jones, 18 Harcourt Street, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Annesley, the Earl of, The Cottage, Castlewellan.
Bailie, J., Ringdufferin, Killyleagh.
Bangor, Viscount, Castleward, Strangford.
Bateson, Sir R., Bart., Belvoir Park, Belfast.
Batt, R., Purdysburn, Belfast.
Browne, Major P., Janeville, Killough.
Coates, James, Eastwood, Kilkeel.
Corry, Isaac, Newry.
Crawford, W. S., Crawfordsburn.
Crommelin, S. A. D., Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee.
Douglass, Chas., Gracehill, Lurgan.
Dufferin and Clandeboye, Lord Clandeboye, Holywood.
Forde, Lieut-Col. W. B., M.P., Seaforde.
Gordon, R., Florida Manor, Killinchy.
Hall, Roger, Narrow-water Castle.
Johnson, Sir W. G., College Square North, Belfast.
Ker, D. S., Montalto, Ballynahinch.
Maxwell, Robert P., Groomsport, Donaghadee.
Maxwell, J. W., Finnebrogue, Downpatrick.
Meade, John, Burrenwood, Castlewellan.
Montgomery, A. H., Tyrella House, Clough.
Montgomery, Hugh, Rosemount, Greyabbey.
Mulholland, Andrew, Springvale, Ballywalter.
Nugent, Major A., Castleward, Strangford.
Reilly, J. T., Scarva House, Scarva.
Roden, Earl of, K.P., Tollymore Park.
Stewart, A. J. R., Ards, Cashelmore.
Ward, R. E., Bangor Castle, Bangor.


Allen, J. R., Mountpanther, Clough.
Allen, Wm. J. C., Belfast.
Andrews, John, Comber.
Anketell, W. R., Ballynahinch.
Annesley, Earl of, D.L.
Bailie, J., D.L., Ringdufferin, Killyleagh.
Bangor, Viscount, D.L., Castleward, Strangford.
Barron, W. N., Kinghill House, Rathfriland.
Bateson, Sir R., Bart., D.L., Belvoir Park, Belfast.
Bateson, T., Belvoir Park, Belfast.
Beauclerk, Aubrey De Vere, Ardglass Castle, Ardglass.
Batt, R., D.L., Purdysburn, Belfast.
Binney, Rev. R., Bangor,
Black, William, Newry.
Bowen, G. E., Laurencetown House, Banbridge.
Bradshaw, H., Culcavey Cottage, Hillsborough.
Bradshaw, Rev. Joseph, Milecross, Newtownards.
Brady, D. C., Newry.
Browne, Major P., D.L., Killough.
Brush, George, Dromore.
Burrowes, Waldron, Lagan Lodge, Dromore and Kingstown, Dublin.
Charley, William, Lambeg.
Cleland, James, Rubane, Kirkcubbin.
Cleland, John, Stormont, Belfast.
Coates, Jas., D.L., Eastwood, Kilkeel.
Coates, William, Glentoran.
Corry, Isaac, D.L., Newry.
Cosby, William, Hillsborough.
Coulson, Robert, R.M., Omagh.
Cowan, Andrew.
Crawford, Major James S., Redemon, Crossgar.
Crawford, John S., Crawfordsburn.
Crawford, T., Ballydown, Banbridge.
Crawford, W. S., D.L., Crawfordsburn.
Crommelin, Nicholas D., Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee.
Crommelin, S. A. D., D.L., Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee.
Delacherois, Daniel, Manor House, Donaghadee.
Delacherois, Nicholas, Ballywilliam, Donaghadee.
Despard, P. H., Killough.
Dolling, R. H., Derry.
Donegal, the Marquis of, K.P., G.C.H., Ormeau, Belfast.
Douglas, Charles, D.L., Gracehill, Lurgan.
Downshire, Colonel, the Marquis of, K.P., Hillsborough Castle.
Dufferin and Clandeboye, Lord, D.L., Clandeboye, Belfast.
Doyne, James Livingstone, Moira.
Dunbar, Geo., Woburn, Donaghadee.
Dungannon, Viscount, Brynkinalt, North Wales.
Dunville, Wm., Richmond Lodge, Belfast.
Echlin, Rev. J. R., Carnavon, Wales.
Fenton, S. G., Belfast.
Filgate, Fitzherbert, Hillsborough.
Forde, Lieut-Col. W. B., D.L., M.P., Seaforde.
Fluton, J. W., Lisburn.
Gordon, Rev. J. C., Delamont, Downpatrick.
Gordon, R. F., Hollymount, Downpatrick.
Gordon, R., D.L., Florida Manor, Killinchy.
Gordon, Robt., Highlands, Seaforde.
Gordon, R. A., Summerfield, Dundonald.
Gracey, Thomas, Ballyhossett, Ardglass.
Greer, James, Corbally, Ardglass.
Greer, William, Portaferry.
Greg. Thomas, Ballymenoch, Holywood.
Gregg, William, Lisburn.
Grimshaw, Robert, Belfast.
Halliday, Alex. H., Carnmoney, County Antrim.
Hall, Major, Moygannon, Warrenpoint.
Hall, Roger, D.L., Narrow-water, Warrenpoint.
Hamilton, C. T., Tamnaharry.
Hancock, John, Lurgan.
Harrell, David, Downpatrick.
Harrison, Henry, Holywood.
Hastings, John, Downpatrick.
Hayes, R., Millmount, Banbridge.
Henry, T. G., Newry and Mourne Abbey.
Heron, Denis Caulfield, Q.C., 7 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin.
Heron, R., Ardigon, Killyleagh.
Higginson, H. T., Carnalea House.
Hill, Lord Edwin, M.P.
Hore, Walter, Saintfield.
Houston, John B., Orangefield, Belfast.
Innes, A. C., Dromantine, Newry.
Irvine, Hill, Dromalane, Newry.
Jocelyn, Hon. John, Bryansford.
Johnston, H. T., Hollypark, Killinchy
Johnston, Rev. G. H., M.D., Ballywillwill, Castlewellan.
Johnson, Sir W. G., D.L., Belfast.
Kennedy, Henry, Cultra, Holywood.
Keogh, Lieut-Col. John H., Resident Magistrate, Dundrum, Clough.
Keown, W., Ballydugan House, Downpatrick.
Ker, D.S., D.L., Montalto, Ballynahinch.
Kilmorey, Earl of, Mourne Park, Rostrevor.
King, Arthur, The Lodge, Seaforde.
Leslie, E. F., Donaghadee.
Leslie, Francis Charles, Ballyward.
Lowry, Thomas K., LL.D., Q.C., Ballytrin House and Dublin.
Lurgan, Lord, Brownlow House, Lurgan.
Lyle, Godfrey C., Bangor.
McClenahan, James Martin, Rathfriland.
McClure, Thomas, Belmont, Belfast.
McLeroth, Thos., Killynether House, Newtownards.
McMaster, J. W., Gilford.
McMinn, A., Herdstown, Donaghadee.
Magennis, Roger, Ballely, Dromore.
Maguire, Denis, Newry.
Maxwell, J. W., D.L., Finnebrogue, Downpatrick.
Maxwell, Robert P., Groomsport, Donaghadee.
Miller, H. R., Ballyatwood.
Moore, J. S., Shannon Grove, Kilkeel.
Montgomery, A. H., D.L., Tyrella House, Clough.
Montgomery, Lieut-Colonel Fras., Newtownards.
Montgomery, Hugh, D.L., Rosemount, Greyabbey.
Mulholland, A., D.L., Springvale, Ballywalter.
Mulholland, John, Craigavad, Holywood.
Mulholland, St. Clair K., Eglantine House, Hillsborough.
Murland, S., Woodlawn, Castlewellan.
Nicholson, Rawden H., Stranmore House, Gilford.
Nicholson, R., Balloo, Bangor.
Nugent, Major A., D.L., Castleward, Strangford.
Parsons, William, Greyabbey.

Pollard, George A., Rostrevor.
Posnett, George, Brynkinalt, Wales.
Potter, R., Ardview, Killinchy.
Price, Wm. Blackwood, Tonaghnieve, Saintfield.
Quinn, Jas., Dromore House, Dromore.
Read, A. H., Donnybrook, Ballymackey.
Reilly, J. T., D.L., Scarva House.
Richardson, Jonathan, M.P., Lisburn.
Richardson, Jonathan Joseph, The Island, Lisburn.
Robinson, James, Lisburn.
Roberts, John, Collin.
Ross, David, of Bladensburg, Rostrevor.
Ruston, John F., Hilltown, Rathfriland.
Scott, Thomas, Rathfriland.
Senior, Colonel H., Glassdrummond, Annalong, Kilkeel.
Skinner, Captain C. G. McG..
Stannus, Walter T., Lisburn.
Stewart, Alexander J. R., D.L., Ards, Cashelmore.
Stewart, Alexander, Ballyedmond, Rostrevor.
Stone, Guy, Barnhill, Comber.
Tennent, J. T., Belfast.
Tennent, R. J., Rushpark.
Tennent, Sir J. E., Tempo Castle, Tempo, London.
Thelluson, Ernest, Isle of Man.
Thomson, Robert, Castleton.
Thomson, John, Lowwood, Belfast.
Trevor, E. H., Lisnagade, Loughbrickland.
Verner, Thomas Captain, Belfast.
Vesey, Wm. M., Bagnalstown.
Ward, Robert, D.L., Bangor Castle.
Waddell, Robert, Moira.
Walkington, Thos., Oakland Cottage, Ballinderry.
Waring, Major Henry, Newry.
Waring, Richard, Newry.
White, John, Divernagh, Newry.

Resident Magistrates

Watson, Wm., Aghavilla Lodge, Warrenpoint.
Waugh, William, Banbridge.
Wylie, John J., Loughbrickland.

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown (1832) - Clotworthy Macartney, 38 Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin.
Deputy Clerk of the Crown - Jas. K. Jackson, Belfast.
Clerk of the Peace (1831) - R. Craig Laurie, Myra Castle, Downpatrick.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace - John A. Ward, Downpatrick.
Crown Solicitor(1830) - Maxwell Hamilton, 5 Kildare Street, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor - J. M. Magee, Newry.
Treasurer (1841) - A. H. Montgomery, Tyrella, Clough.
Secretary to Grand Jury (1835) - Robert Gordon, Downpatrick and Highlands, Seaford.
Solicitor to Grand Jury - James Murland, Downpatrick.
County Surveyor - Henry Smyth, C.E., Downpatrick.
Sub-Sheriff - Wm. M. Nelson, Downpatrick.
Sheriff-s Returning Officer - Andrew Craig, 19 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin.
District Registrar, Court of Probate for Antrim and Down - John M. Higginson, Belfast.
Coroners - George Tyrell, M.D., Banbridge and John A. Ward, Downpatrick.
Agents for Lloyds - Robert Boyd, Belfast;  Leonard Waterson, Warrenpoint;  Wm. Russell, Strangford.
Head Stamp Distributor at Downpatrick - C. Knox.
Head Stamp Distributor at Newry - Andrew Jennings.

North Down Royal Rifles {77}

Colonel - Marquis of Londonderry, K.P.
Lieutenant Colonel - Fras. O. Montgomery, late Major 45th Foot.
Major - Octavius Latouche, late 14th Foot.
Captains - Craig John;  Keown H., late Captain 15th Light Dragoons;  William Matthew Forde;  Gilbert H. Howe;  John Harrison;  Edward George Moore.
Lieutenants - Alexander Allan Hunter;  I. A. M. E. Stacpoole;  James Trail Hall;  Brown, James Greer;  Henry L. Muloch;  James W. Ievers.
Ensigns - Thomas Henshaw, W Shirley Cordner.
Adjutant - Captain G. Conyngham Stewart, late Captain 75th Foot.
Quartermaster - Joseph Henshaw, late 65th Foot.
Surgeon - John S. Armstrong.
Assistant-Surgeon - R. H. Cross.
Facings - Scarlet.
Agents - Borough, Armitt & Co.

Royal South Down Light Infantry {112}

Colonel - Marquis of Downshire.
Lieut-Colonel - William Brownlow Forde, late 67th Foot.
Major - Peter Rutledge M. Brown, Captain unat.
Captains - Charles A. Forde, Thos. Waring, F. W. Norman, late Lieut. 91st Foot;  George Shuldham Peard, late Captain 20th Foot;  John White,  Douglas Hamilton, late Captain 1 Lanark Militia;  Henry B. Hunt,  Andrew N. Davoren.
Lieutenants - Stapleton Hawker,  Richard R. Nelson,  Edward Lloyd Trevor,  Robert M. Borthwick.
Ensigns - Desmond Fitzgerald, Craven Goeing, Charles A. Kinahan, Joseph Baldwin.
Adjutant - James Balcombe, late Captain 57th Foot.
Quartermaster - John Magroarty.
Surgeon - George Croker.
Assistant-Surgeon - J. R. Kirkpatrick, M.B.
Facings - Blue.
Agents - Cane & Co.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - Michael B. Kelly, Hillsborough.
Sub-Inspector's Stations - Banbridge, Henry L. H. Owen;  Hillsborough, P. D. Ireland;  Ballynahinch, Augustus W. Stafford;  Downpatrick, Richard Singleton;  Newcastle, Castlewellan, F. W. Janus;  Newtownards, Louis John Anderson;  Rathfriland, W. Wray.

County Jail, Downpatrick

Board of Superintendence meet on the last Saturday in every month.
Local Inspector - David Harrel.
Governor - George F. Echlin.
deputy-Governor - J. Waterworth.
Chaplain - Very Rev. T. Woodward, Dean of Down.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. Wm. White.
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. B. Macauley.
Physician - John K. Maconchy, F.R.C.S.I.
Apothecary - S. K. Parkinson

Bridewells and Keepers

Newry - John Matthews.
Newtownards - Alexander M. Matthews.

County Infirmary, Downpatrick

Treasurer - William Keown, Ballydugan.
Surgeon - John K. Maconchy.
Apothecary and Registrar - Samuel K. Parkinson.

Barony Cess Collectors

Ards Lower - J. Boal, Newtownards.
Ards Upper - T. Gracy, Ballyward.
Castlereagh Lower - Peter Barry, Tullygirvan, Saintfield.
Castlereagh Upper - Robert Morrow, Legacurry Mills, Lisburn.
Dufferin - Alexander Martin, Killyleagh.
Lower Iveagh, Upper half - Daniel Munro, Drumbane, Moira.
Lower Iveagh, Lower half - John Patterson, Backnamullagh, Dromore.
Upper Iveagh, Upper half and Upper Iveagh, Lower half - Wm. Rowan, Moneyslane, Rathfriland.
Kinalarty - Matthew Blackwood, Drumnakelly, Seaforde.
Lecale, Upper half - James Roney, Ballykindler, Clough.
Lecale, Lower half - Robert Cultra, Ballybranagh, Downpatrick.
Mourne - P. McKay, Drumcrow, Kilkeel.
Newry - J. Sloan, Finards, Ardaragh.

Coast Guard Stations and Officers.

Inspecting Officers - Captain Geo. A. E. Ridge, R.N. (1856), Newcastle
Lieutenant J. B. Hockley, R.N. (1855), Strangford.
Annalong - Wm. Morrow (1821)
Ardglass - Rivoire Maingay, late E.I.C.S.
Cranfield Point, Kilkeel - Lieutenant Chas. A. Petch, R.N.
Newcastle - Lieutenant W. H. Goslin, R.N. (18540
Roddens, Ballywalter - Wm. Withercombe, Esq. (1860)

County Fermanagh

Fermanagh, an inland county in Ulster province.  Greatest length, N. W. and S. E., 45 miles; greatest breadth, N. E. S. W., 29 miles; comprising an area of 714 square miles, or 457,195 acres, of which 289,228 are arable, 114,847 uncultivated, 6,155 in plantations, 210 in towns and 46,755 under water.  Lough erne, its most attractive feature, extends from one extremity to the other for forty-five miles in a N. W. direction, it bisects the county and is divided into Upper and Lower.  The Upper extends from Wattle-bridge to Enniskillen; the Lower from Enniskillen to Rosscor, where its waters are contracted and form the River Erne, which extends to the County Donegal and falls into the sea at BallyShannon.  It is navigable through its whole extent to the fall at Belleek, within three miles of Ballshannon; and a steamer of 20 horse power plies between Enniskillen and the Ulster canal at Wattle-bridge.  The soil is variable heavy and retentive of moisture, light and friable and moorish.  Coal and iron ore are found in small quantities and there is sand and limestone in abundance.  The trade in butter is considerable;  and the linen manufacture, of a coarse description, chiefly for domestic use, is carried on to a small extent.  The population in 1841 was 156,481, and in 1851, 116,007, being a decrease of 40,474.  It is chiefly in Clogher diocese, with a small portion in that of Kilmore.  The only large town in Enniskillen.  The county returns three members to Parliament - two for the county; constituency in 1859, 4,672; and one for Enniskillen borough, constituency, 234.  The Assizes are held in Enniskillen, where the County Prison is.  Quarter Sessions are held at Enniskillen and Newtownbutler;  Petty Sessions in twelve places.  The County Infirmary is in Enniskillen; and the District Lunatic Asylum, to which the county is entitled to send twenty-one patients, is at Omagh, County Tyrone.  The Union Workhouses are at Enniskillen, Lisnaskea and Lowtherstown. There are barrack stations at Enniskillen and Belleek.  The head quarters of the Constabulary force, consisting of 191 men, officers included, are at Enniskillen;  those of the five districts, comprising twenty-five stations, are at Enniskillen, Derrygonnelly, Kesh and Lisnaskea.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum (1840) - The Earl of Erne, Crom Castle, Lisnaskea and London.

High Sheriff (1861-62) - Nicholas Archdall, Esq., Crocknacrere, Enniskillen.

Members for the County - Captain M. Archdall (1840), D.L., Castle Archdall, Lisnarrick;  Hon. H. A. Cole (1855), Florencecourt, Enniskillen and Carlton Club, London.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions - Patrick James Blake, Esq., Q.C. (1860), 14 Fitzwilliam Street North, Dublin.

Deputy Lieutenants

Archdall, Captain M., M.P., Castle Archdall, Lisnarrick.
Archdall, E., Riversdale, Enniskillen.
Barton, F. W., Clonelly.
Barton, H. W., Waterfoot, Pettigo.
Bloomfield, John C., Castlecaldwell, Belleek.
Brooke, G. F., Ashbrooke, Brookborough.
Crichton, Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. S.. Knockballymore, Clones.
Enniskillen, Earl of, Florence Court.
Johnston, James, Magherameena, Belleek.
Jones, Michael, Kingstown, County Dublin.
Lendrum, J., Magheracross, Enniskillen.
Madden, John, Hilton, Clones.
Madden, J., Rosslea Manor, Rosslea.
McClintock, John, Drumcar, Dunleer.
Nixon, Captain Alexander, Carneyhill, Enniskillen.
Perceval, Philip, Sligo.
Porter, J. G. V., Bellisle, Lisbellaw.
Richardson, H. M., Rossfad, Enniskillen.
Tennent, Wm. W. Emerson, Tempo Castle.


Archdall, Captain M., M.P., D.L., Castle Archdall, Lisnarrick.
Archdall, Edward, D.L., Riversdale.
Archdall, Major Edward, Clifton Lodge, Lisnaskea.
Archdall, R., Dublin.
Archdall, W. H., Dromard, Kesh.
Atthill, Edward, Ardvarney, Kesh.
Bailey, Thomas, R.M., Buttevant.
Barton, F. W., D.L., Clonelly.
Barton, H. W., D.L., Waterfoot, Kesh.
Belmore, Earl of, Castlecoole and London.
Benison, James, Ballyconnell.
Bloomfield, J. C., D.L., Castlecaldwell, Belleek.
Brackenridge, George Charles, Ashfield Park, Clogher.
Brady, John, Clones.
Brooke, G. F., D.L., Ashebrooke.
Bunbury, Captain William B. McC., R.N., M.P., Lisneveagh, Carlow.
Butler, Captain A. Sloe (Resident Magistrate), Enniskillen.
Butler, Hon. H. Cavendish, Innisrath, Lisnaskea.
Cole, Lieut-Colonel, H. A., M.P.
Cole, Hon. John, Florence Court.
Crichton, Hon. H., Knockballymore, Clones.
Crowe, C., Bundoran, County Donegal.
Cunningham, J., Pettigo, Donegal.
Dane, Paul, Killyhevlin, Enniskillen.
D'Arcy, H. M., Irvine, Necarn castle, Lowtherstown.
Dickson, Thomas W., Innishmore Hall, Lisbellaw.
Echlin, Henry, Enniskillen.
Enniskillen, Earl of, D.L., Florence Court, Enniskillen.
Evatt, S. R. B., Mount Lousie, Monaghan.
Frith, B. G., M.D., Enniskillen.
Graham, Francis J., Drumgoon, Maguire's Bridge.
Hall, R., Innismore Hall, Lisbellaw.
Hamilton, J. P., Oakfield, Clones.
Irvine, C. C., Dublin.
Irvine, Captain J. G., Killydeas, Enniskillen.
Irvine, Rev. A. H., Kilshery, Omagh.
Johnston, J., D.L., Magherameena, Belleek.
Johnston, John, Swanlinbar.
Jones, T. M. H., Belcoo, Blacklion.
Jones, W. C., Lisgoole Abbey, Enniskillen.
Lendrum, J., D.L., Magheracross, Enniskillen.
Leslie, B., Forfey, Lisnaskea.
Little, John, Newtownbutler.
Loftus, Rev. Lord A., Ardglass Glebe.
Madden, J., D.L., Rosslea Manor, Rosslea.

Madden, John, D.L., Hilton, Clones.
Maguire, Edward, Gortoral House, Swanlinbar.
Maude, M. C., Chanter Hill, Enniskillen.
Nixon, A., D.L., Carneyhill, Enniskillen.
Nixon, Captain Thomas, Fermanagh Militia.
Nixon, Montgomery Downes, Lakeview House, Enniskillen.
Ovendon, C., Whitepark, Brookborough.
Ovendon, W. C., Enniskillen.
Patterson, W., Fivemiletown.
Porter, J. G. Vesey, D.L., Bellisle, Lisbellaw.
Porter, Rev. J. G., Kilskerry, Trillick.
Reade, Rev. L. G., Levalley, Enniskillen.
Richardson, H. M., D.L., Rossfad, Enniskillen.
Richardson, Rev. J., Summerhill, Clones.
Sankey, M. H., Brookborough.
Smith, D., Lakeview, County Monaghan.
St. George, Capel, Aughinver, Kesh.
Taylor, J. E., Cranbrook, Fivemiletown.
Tennent, Sir J. E., Tempo House, and 66 Warwick Square, Pimlico, London.
Tipping, G., Rossferry, Lisnaskea.
Tredennick, J., Camlin, Ballshannon.
Tuthill, Rev. J. B., Glebe, Belleek.

County Officers

Clerk of the Crown (1852) - C. Brady, 54 Upper Leeson Street, De Vesci Terrace, Kingstown, Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace (1845) - Richard Hamilton, Enniskillen.
Crown Solicitor (1856) - W. H. Magrath, 9 Merrion Street, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor (1841) - Thomas Macken, Brookborough and Enniskillen and 50 Middle Abbey, Dublin.
Treasurer (1858) - H. M. Richardson, Rossfad, Ballycassidy.
Secretary to Grand Jury (1848) - Wm. A. Dane, Enniskillen and Belvidere Place, Dublin.
Surveyor - R. Gray, Enniskillen.
Coroners - J. Armstrong, Brookborough;  Montgomery D. Nixon, J.P., Lakeview, Enniskillen.
Sheriff's Returning Officer - Richard Henry, Esq., 26 Arran Quay.
Head Stamp Distributor - Patrick McGinn, Enniskillen.

Constabulary Officers

County Inspector - Wade Foott, Enniskillen.
Arney, Florence Court - James Roa.
Derrygonnelly - S. H. Stephens.
Enniskillen - F. G. Patterson.
Kesh - Thomas Ross.
Lisnaskea - T. D. Maxwell.

Fermanagh Light Infantry {71}

Colonel - Earl of Enniskillen.
Lieutenant Colonel - Hon. S. Crichton.
Major - Edward Archdall, late Captain 14th Foot.
Captains - A. Nixon, late Lieut. 27th Foot;  John G. Irvine;  Thomas Nixon;  Arthur D'Arcy;  Charles Barton:  John M. C. C. Richardson.
Lieutenants - Alexander W. Bailey;  Henry Haire;  Roderick Grey;  B. T. Winslow;  Arthur St. George;  John Oldham Ellis.
Ensigns - Adam L. Tottenham;  Sir R. Gethin, Bart.;  W. P. M. W. Benson;  Charles T. G. Ormsby;  Thomas Chapman.
Paymaster - C. St. George.
Instructors of Musketry - E. L. Francis, Captain, Worcester Militia;  A. W. Bailey, Lieutenant.
Adjutant - H. B. Sawrey, late Brevet Major 88th Foot.
Quartermaster - Wm. Baker.
Surgeon - G. D. Mansfield.
Assistant Surgeon - J. Rutherford.
Facings - Buff.
Agents - Borough, Armitt & Co.

County Jail, Enniskillen

Board of Superintendence meets on the first Thursday in every month.
Inspector - Samuel Clarke, Enniskillen.
Chaplain - Rev. Wm. Bradshaw.
Presbyterian Chaplain - Rev. A. C. Maclatchy.
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. D. Boylan.
Surgeon - W. C. Ovendon, M.D.
Apothecary - George Mahood.
Governor - James Jeffers.
Deputy Governor - H. Morrison.

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